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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the council member, but the scene grew emotional when friends of the thomas family showed up. >> and what i'm saying to -- . >> i think you're -- seems to be that you approach someone that you don't know. >> reporter: the dispute was separate from the search, but proof of growing tension in a city stuck with multiple investigations involving political leaders. all right, we were just getting a live picture. thomas' attorney fred cook emerged from the household and has been in there all day. he's approaching the cameras and is about to talk to the media. we're going to listen to what he has to say and we'll make sure we bring that to you in the 6:00 hour if not before. back to you. >> do we know if he's expected to be charged with anything, harry thomas? >> i can tell you that is probably going to be the first question we ask of his attorney. when we spoke to the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office earlier today, they were clear this was a search warrant and that there was not an arrest warrant involved, but that has been the lead question today and we'll find out more about that and i'll bring you the
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latest just as soon as we have it. >> all right, go ahead and join the press conference. thank you. >> meantime, the fbi raid caught many of thomas' d.c. council colleagues by surprise. bob barnard has more on their reaction to today's developments. bob. >> reporter: out in the community, shawn, there is outrage with some calling for council member thomas to resign, others saying he should go to jail. emotions more reserved among his council colleagues,y this not all expressing their full support. inside the wilson building today, the harry thomas scandal could hardly be avoided. >> clearly, it's a serious situation. i think there has been a lot of angst in this building that the u.s. attorney proceed with the investigation. i am hopeful that we will get to closure very quickly. >> well, i am sad that it's reached this point, and my feelings, i have been thinking about council member thomas and his mother and his family and
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how terribly impactful this really must be for them. >> are you still calling for his resignation? >> based on the previous -- what happened with the 300,000 with the attorney general yes but in terms of this, i don't have any new information. and at that this time i have no comments. >> reporter: harry thomas was at the wilson building for a world aids day event on thursday. >> i think harry thomas should resign immediately. >> reporter: he's now the subject of a recall movement. >> the citizens of d.c. need to take the government into their own hands and if he doesn't step down, we're going to recall him. >> reporter: late today, chairman brown called for a meeting of the d.c. city council to discuss the thomas situation. they had to cancel the meeting. not enough members able to attend. chairman brown said they will try again on monday, shawn. >> all right, bob. thank you. we're going to continue to follow the developing story throughout the next 90 minutes and we'll have the latest on the press conference that
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stacey cohan has coming up. -- went to coming up. another big story, the bold robbery of a postal worker outside of the downtown d.c. post office. that might be the continue of the iceberg. postal investigators think the same two men might be responsible for the robberies of nine other postal employees. john henrehan has the details now. john. >> reporter: postal authorities believe a pair of men might be responsible for a string of robberies that occurred either inside or near post office buildings and robberies of letter carriers, who are confronted while delivering the may. a fairly sizeable post office truck had pulled up to the curb in front of the t street post office which, is on 14th street on thursday around dinnertime. the driver just finished loading and securing all of the outgoing packages and had with them the daily cash from the t street post office. and an intruder stepped on the rear lift gate of the truck. >> he glanced around and at that point, he saw the suspect with a hood over his head and
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only seeing his eyes and he displayed a handgun. >> what did the suspect say? >> he said give me the money. >> reporter: the postal employee complied. the robber stuffed the money into a black backpack, jumped out of the vehicle and latched the truck's door from the outside. the victim called postal police with his cell phone. they opened the truck about 20 minutes earth. -- later. the postal authorities are offering an award that could amount to $50,000 because since august of 2010, there have been eight armed robberies in and around post offices in d.c. and prince georges county. >> we have had a few where our drivers have been robbed like this incident. we have also had a few where some of our clerks have been robbed procedure to the post office opening. and then we have also had a couple where they actually are coming to the counter line and robbing the counter line during business hours. >> reporter: d this's incident involves one visible suspect, but authorities say midwest of the time it's two men -- say most of the time it's two men.
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the securityvo caught the pair in august of 2010 gin, apparently wearing -- 2010, apparently wearing postal uniforms as they strolled in the heights office before robbing it. so far, neither postal employees nor customers have been harmed during the armed robberies. in addition to the robberies in or near the eight-hour post offices, two d.c. letter carriers have been robbed while walking their routes. a reward of up to $50,000 is being offered by the postal service for information leading to an arrest and conviction. we're posting the phone number tip line on our website, >> john henrehan in the newsroom, thank you for. that. if you're take metro this weekend, you'll have to prepare for delays. they're closing six red line stations for track work. the brooklyn, tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont stations will shut down starting at 10 tonight and won't be back open until
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tomorrow morning. the shuttle buses will be running between the glenmont and rhode island avenue stations. >> i can't understand what they said. well, today is a special day for fox 5. we continue our 10-year-old tradition for the stuff-a-truck food drive. wisdom martin is live at the giant in hyattsville station. we begin with sue palka at the greenbrier station in fairfax. how's it out there? >> reporter: it's traffic. we're delighted that it's a comfortable day like last night for the lighting of the christmas tree. we have chantilly high school's touch of class here. they're lending some beautiful music to get the tag of the shoppers here at the -- the attention of the shoppers here at the greenbrier shopping station. the food bang needs your donations. we're collecting and they're distributing. they have only four boxes full right now. we have a ways to go. we're getting donations there and that is traffic. i wanted to talk more -- that is terrific. i wanted to talk more about the
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greated in in this area. joining us is amy hendricks. tell us what you do and the surprising statistics you told me about for this area? >> sure. i'm the northern virginia kids catholic coordinator, working with a program that provides at- risk youths food after school. we're one of the wealthiest counties in the country, fairfax and louden county and still one in six childrennia in hunger. their is a tremendous need, a lot of children are going to bed hungry. we serve 2,000 children in the region every day, serve healthy after-school snacks and suppers. we have a lot of kids on our waiting list. >> wow. >> and we need more space, more trucks and more child-friendly foods. >> you know what? we have a bill beg military presence in this area, too. you're telling me we're getting a lot of military asking for help with food, too? >> yes, we started a mobile pantry at one of the military bases in the area. there is significant need there as well. our client comes from all lines of work, and there is need throughout the area. >> unbelievable. well, we want you to remind to
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you bring your donations here to greenbriar between now and 11:00. we have a ways to go. someone put in two big boxes of naval oranges. they do use produce, but we would prefer your non- perishable items, although they're put to good use and the money donations are very badly needed here. the capital area food bank sibs the entire region, right, amy? >> yes, we served d.c., maryland, and northern virginia. >> we appreciate that and if can you get out here and help us out with a bag of food, we have a long way to go. we thank giant food for having us here and thank the chantilly high school touch of class. last year's national award winner from parade magazine. that is fantastic. they're wonderful. now, wisdom martin is standing by out at hyattsville station. wisdom, how are things going out there? are you filling up the boxes? >> reporter: well, sue, the weather is nice. i guess we can thank you for that, for the nice prediction on the weather. thank you, sue. >> you're welcome. >> and they're busy, busy out
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here. right now, we have two crates full, takes about eight or nine to fill up the truck. again, we know what this is about. this is about getting food to the people who need it in this region. we had the workers and volunteers here putting all of the food inside of the crates, getting ready to load them up on the truck to get to the people who are in need. they also take donations, we take non-perishable items. we want to encourage you to come out and donate to the worthy cause. the weather is spectacular, compared to the way it was last year. >> and that is true. it was freezing last year. >> this is mark mccaffrey, the coo of the capitol area food bank. where why is it important? >> reporter: the economy is in a bad state. we have 650,000 of our friends and neighbors who don't know where the next meal is coming from in our region. here in d.c., one in two kids don't know where the next meal is coming from. if that is in the heartbreaking, i don't know
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what is. we're collecting food here and the food drive. last year, we generated 54,000 pounds of food ander ounce -- every ounce went to those in need. >> and we want to make sure woo try to -- we try to outdo what we did last year. >> exactly, keep pushing for the 100,000 pounds. >> reporter: thanks again, marc. the volunteers are here, i'm here and we're at the hyattsville at the giant, who else is involved? a lot of people are involved in this. >> yes. >> that is a bad name. all right. [ laughter ] it's a good cause and come on out. >> andha is for nothing else, to go and to see wisdom martin. >> right, high five. >> wisdom martin, thank you very much. can you help us stuff a truck in any of the four likes and
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there they are on the scream. we'll accept donations and donate until 11:00 tonight. and speaking of checks this is a live look at the stuff-a- truck phone bang. can you opiate by calling (202)895-3307. any little bit that you can give helps this time of the year. we encourage you to dig deep and help out. >> a big dip in unemployment numbers today. >> the news may not be all good. why the numbers are a bit skewed. gary? >> nice outside right now. >> reporter: feels good. the good news, not many changes are made and no changes have been made to the weekend forecast and that is a great evening out there. it's going to be chilly later on and stay with us. we'll have more news after the commerce. 
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>> following developing news from herman cain's campaign. the embattleed gop presidential hopeful will make an announcement on saturday on the future of his candidacy. he would not elaborate further today and is expected to talk to his wife the first time today since the woman came out and said she had a 13-year affair with him. november 's jobs report appears to be a positive one. or is it? the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in more than 2 1/2 years and included in that
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number, people who gave up the job hunt and are no longer countedas unemployed. here's more. >> reporter: the nation's unemployment rate is and as concern's about europe's debt sparks market volatility, appears the u.s. might be heading to a recovery. unemployment in november fell to 8.6%. the private sector added 140,000 jobs last month and while the government shed 20,000 jobs, the count i have still adding to the workforce. taken at face value, the drop in the unemployment rate is good news for the economy and behind the headline number, there is a troubling statistic. according to the report, 315,000 americans left the workforce and that means they gave up looking for a job altogether. some see the number as a positive. >> we had 279,000 people in november who said they were employed and were not in october and over 1 and a quarter million people over the
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last four months in the household survey say that they're employed. >> reporter: it appears the unemployment crisis might be easing, another statistic points to a slow, drawn-out recovery. the labor department said that those americans unemployed have been out of work an average of 41 weeks, the longest stretch on record. log on to for more. we're watching your money on fox business, giving you the power to prosper. new york, i'm robert gray. the fox 5 stuff-a-truck food drive is in full swing. wisdom martin is live at the hyattsville station. how is it going with the collecting now? >> reporter: things are picking up. we have all -- and some hard work and volunteers. waiting for everyone to come on out? >> yes. >> we'll talk about that later.
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[ laughter ] and weep to you come out and donate. we have hundreds of thousands of people in the area needing food and we need to you come out and bring your non- perishables out and donate. help us stuff a truck. if you come out, not only do you get to meet all of the wonderful volunteers but you get -- . >> you get a shopping, reusable shopping bag. >> we caught you off guard with that? >> yes, did you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: come on out and make sure you donate to stuff a truck. these volunteers have been out here and work hard all year log. they brave the cold even though it's not that cold and normally it's cold, right? yeah. >> everyone at the station is dogging me out and that is okay. it's for a good cause. is that okay? >> and we have people here donating and i'm going to get out of the way and back to you. come on out and visit us here.
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>> and we're loving the peanut gallery there and in accordance with everything and that is a great job. >> okay. stuff a truck, we have four likes in our area and they're accepting donations until 11:00 p.m. and let's hope every location you go to is there. >> and if you can't make it out to one of the likes, call our stuff-a-truck phone bang and look at the ladies now. they don't look busy enough. give them's call and make the phones ring. the number is (202)895-3307. your donation will help local families in need. of course, all of our stuff- a-truck volunteers and talk about a wonderful day. >> and that is beautiful. >> is it officially winter? >> a prodigal winter. mete logical winter. >> yes.
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>> and not winter for the common folk yet. >> and that is winter to you. right. >> and that is right. >> is this -- . >> and i don't know what that means. >> is this going to continue as folks continue to donate until 11:00? >> going to get cooler and that is -- and wigsdom should be out there. right? >> and -- . >> he looks great. absolutely, gary. >> exactly. and this is going to be good and check on the numbers now. 54, it's holding up and probably like 53 degrees this hi-- in hyattsville. cooler where sue is in fairfax and the temperatures are dropping into the 40s and quantico, 50 degrees and in culpeper, the temperature is 45 degrees and mostly clear at 750 in town and colder in the suburbs. 49 degrees by 9:00 and clear skies by ref:00 and a temperature of 43 and there is -- 11:00 and a temperature of
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43 and there is no changes made to the weekend forecast. looks like it's going to be real, real good through the weekend and a little on the cool side. keep in mind, it's meteorological winter and that is supposed to be on the cool side and chilly in the suburbs. we'll have more in just a few. shawn? >> thank you, gary. >> a fairfax county high school band is about to take the trip of a lifetime. >> how they're getting ready to play in the first-ever pearl harbor remembrance day play. p >> this is -- martin -- [ indiscernible ] in south korea, i want to say i had to all of my friends and family in d.c. have a good holiday. see you when i get back. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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>> did you know that more than 640,000 d.c. area residents are at risk to be hungry? 200,000 of them are children. if you have -- call our stuff-a-
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truck phone bang. call 202-89-5330y is. that is (202)895-3307. and get the ladies something to do. shawn said in our last segment, they can use your help. thousands of families are hungry this season and every day. and you can definitely help by giving the numbers there a call. it's the chantilly high school marching band and they're ready to take the show to hawaii. it's one of eight bands in the county who will play. december 7 marks the continuing anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. the mighty marching chargers leave for hawaii on monday. >> this is a fantastic opportunity for our students to perform and commemorate an important moment in american history. and any time you can
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participate is pretty important because to carry on the memory of all people who lost their lives and all of the families who were affected. >> by the way, they still need to raise some money to pay for the big trip before they leave and so reach out to them and donate if can you. a maryland man is accused of preying on the most vulnerable. >> how he targeted his victims, taking them for thousands of dollars.  [ screaming ]
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[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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>> this next story will probably make you angry police say someone has been preying on the mentally and physically handicap. >> the suspect took thousands from people who didn't have it to give it all. beth parker has the story.
5:29 pm
>> reporter: the police say deshawn johnson met his victims in public places like here at the wheaton metro and ago here at the silver spring station. all of the victims had something in common and could be viewed as an easy target. >> that thing uses a human shirt and looking for easy prey. >> reporter: a human shark, how victims describe this man, 50- year-old johnson from riverdale, maryland. he took about $10,000 from people with physical and mental disabilities, people like edward jones. >> and made feel stupid. >> reporter: he was disabled in a car accident. has one part-time job and searching another. johnson approached him and said he could get him a job as a school janitor. he had to hand over money for a uniform and fingerprints. >> he said his boss worked for
5:30 pm
a deputy uniform and also, i maded to have my fingerprints taken to have a background check. >> reporter: jones can't believe now that he handed over hundreds of dollars. >> the whole time right -- were going down i spent all day looking for the job and i thought this was too good to be true. it was. >> reporter: police say one of johnson's victims has alzheimer's, another mentally disabled and a huge redskins fan. johnson offered him a job with the skins. >> and saw he was a die-hard redskins fan. >> reporter: the officer handled the investigation. >> it did have a little impact on it. personally. >> reporter: he solved the case. to edward jones, the officer is? >> a guardian angel. >> reporter: most of deshawn johnson's alleged victims are in maryland. there is at least one over the line in d.c. johnson is locked up tonight in jail in
5:31 pm
montgomery county. beth partner, fox 5 news. >> we're continuing our coverage of our annual stuff-a- truck food drive. let's check in with sue palka in fairfax at the green briar giant. how's it looking now? >> hey, maureen, things are stepping up here at the greenbrier shopping center. we have had more donations since talking at 5:00. again, four boxes full and have on you shan telly show choir with us. still delightful. i want you to see the young ladies bringing over their deanation. thank you for what you did today? >> you're welcome. >> what are your names? >> yosett. >> and jasmine. >> do you understand why we're collecting food today? >> yes, we're collecting them for the poor kids who don't have anymore any food. >> is there a lot of people? thank you very much for being generous to share your donations today and i hope you have a happy holiday. >> you, too. >> ah, thank you, you're so cute. this stuff-a-truck campaign is one of the biggest food drives that we do for the capital area
5:32 pm
food bank, and they got 54,000 pounds of food out of the campaign last year. and this would not be possible without the cooperation of giant foods, which giant food is a fantastic corporate partner in all of this. paul is the general manager here at the giant in green briar. what do you have to do to get ready for the campaign? >> we coordinate with the local businesses that get owning as -- donations for the tents and tables and the community steps up when we have events like this and that is an effort on everyone's part. >> i know you had to allow us a lot of your parking and we're grateful for that, too. >> from quarter to 6 this morning until tonight, we'll be here taking and all donations the community wants to give and they have given big. >> thank you very much, and we have a lot of folks watching and tell everyone to come on out.
5:33 pm
we want your donations of food, non-perish believes are traffic and we'll check as well and chantilly, the touch of class show choir, they will serry need you while we're at it. wisdom, how are things at hyattsville? >> reporter: business is picking up. we have the hyattsville fire department. how about this? they came tn. they brought the trucks and they're at work making donations to the very worthy cause and we have a lot of people in need. also, a couple of area foodbangs and this is inspect .1 -- 99.1 also here. we have the sign. there you go and on the shirt. there is your sign. how important is this for you to be a part of it? >> thank you. >> and this is very, very important and we're with thity and show the support all of the time. we love to come and we're grateful that everyone supports us back, so. >> cool. >> and we have volunteers all around here working hard to
5:34 pm
make this work. also, we have people coming up and donating all of this food on a worthy cause. the weather is nice, a nice crowd here and nice volunteers. right, guys? having a good time? >> yeah! >> and we're doing some salsa dancing, all sorts of things. look at this. this is where you have a good time. come on out and they will show you how to salsa dance and you make a donation, all right? all right? come on out. maureen, you see this? >> i do see it. >> you take notes. >> oh, my goodness. >> too much fun out there. >> and you're cutting the rug, too? >> and back to you. >> oh, my gosh. stop. [ laughter ] >> and wisdom, don't ever do that again. stuff a truck. we have four likes in our area and they are accepting them until 11:00 tonight. you have plenty of time to get off work and have fun, too. while doing good for the community. >> he looked good out there. >> cutting the rug. >> he looks good.
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go down there. maybe he will salsa dance with you and -- . >> that is something. yes. another story that could owe you. ticket master could owe you mean. why the ticket giant is being forced to pay up. >> and the sky is the limit for digital music. how the clouds will help you take your tunes wherever you g. .
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>> in recent weeks, the music industry has undergone a makeover. amazon, goggle, and apple have introduced cloud music storage. how does it work? you take the music you own, store it online in a remote storage space, which will stream or download your music to your device. you have to upload your music from your computer to the amazon and google services, which can take time. so, word to the wise, itunes, they match service. itunes match service, does it
5:39 pm
differently. >> they just scan your computer, your. >> i joy tunes, see what -- . >> reporter: >> i tunes and see what song they have. they match them with the 20 million they have the rights to and, boom, they populate a looker with the music you own. >> the prizes vary. ticket master may owe you some money. if the class-action lawsuit is approved, the company will be forced to use all customers -- and the website the last 12 years. plaintiffs sued saying ticketmaster was profiting off of the transaction fees. the celtmet will take place next may. this next -- settlement will take place next may. did you know britney spears is 30 today? we're talking live to tmz folks about how she's celebrating her big day. just kidding. and that makes me about 50 if she's 30 years ole. >> is that right? >> yeah, something like that. >> okay. >> 52, 53. >> okay. >> and that was probably high temperatures for today. and it will be high
5:40 pm
temperatures for tomorrow, too, what we call a segway. the weekend weather forecast is coming up. not a good one, shawn? >> yes, i liked it. stay with us, the weather's coming up. up. >> here's a live look at the stuff-a-truck phone bang. call two tomake a donation. did you know that one in five children in the d.c. region is at risk of experiencing hunger that is more than 200,000 children, including 50,000 alone in the district. call in and make a donation. hundreds of thousands of families will benefit. we'll be right back. 
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>> welcome back, everyone. our annual stuff-a-truck food drive continues and let's check in with sue palka live at the greenbrier giant in fair tax. we have had christmas carols and everything else going on
5:44 pm
out there. what is going on now? >> reporter: this is what we'll call breaking news from the capital food bang here, shawn. we have a traffic donation that is about to be made to the capital area food bank. we have michael goldman with us. tell us about your company, mike? >> sure. yrci is a federal contractor and we provide operational support for human resources and contract management. >> here in fairfax? >> we are. >> and will you tell us how much you're about to donate? >> sure. on behalf of yrci, the partners, myself and others, i would like to present a check for $101,000. >> whoa! >> may i touch this? >> that is -- congratulations. you're surrounded by your employees here, too. this is incredibly generous. this is going to mean so muchitol cap -- to the capital area food bank. elissa is one of the senior food bank directors. this is terrific, isn't it? >> it is.
5:45 pm
the eighth year on the road that yrci has been our manor sponsor of stuff a truck and everyone else is supportive to us. >> and what will the money do for the capital area food bang? >> well, basically, what the money is going to do for every dollar we raise, we can turn that into three meals we give back to the community. $100,000 provides a lot of meals to our community. >> and that is wonderful. we were chatting a little bit ago about not only children's needs for hunger, one out of every six even in fairfax county, we understand, are hungry. didn't we talk about the fact that senior citizens need a lot of support right now? >> yes. the seniors are also really, and there is a great need for senior citizens. a lot of seniors are supporting the children, their grandchildren and have another program at the food bang and provide at least 300 bags of food a month to seniors in northern virginia a lope and a lot of times, the social security or snap benefits won't make it until the end of the month. >> and this is a big deal then and this is an easy thing to
5:46 pm
do. we're here. this is amazing, mike. everyone working at yrci. thank you very much for your hard work, unabling the company to make this donation eight years in a row? >> and over a half million. >> that is incredible. i know people can donate in addition to the fact that you need food. it's okay for people to write a check, right? >> and absolutely. the phones are open right now. the phone number is -- . >> the text to give number. >> i am sure they have it at the station. >> yeah. and we would love your support. so, stop by one of the giants or drop off a donation and thank you very much, everybody, to be -- who has been so helpful to us here in the community and the neighborhood. >> it's a great cause. i'm going come on out from behind the check. let's check our boxes here. we have one full, two full, three. how are we doing?
5:47 pm
i know i'm going into the dark place. we're about halfway through our fourth box. we have to fill the boxes, at least six need to get on the trucks and we'll take anything. get out here to greenbriar shopping center in fairfax and we'll happily take your denyition -- deepation. and the food bang will take your check, too. shawn, $101,000. is that amazing or what? >> that is incredible. we should put it out there as a challenge to anyone watching tonight. come on down and see if can you help us help them beat the number. we really appreciate it. sue, yrci, everyone else down there. and, as we said, we invite to you stuff a truck at any of the four food bank donations. we'll accept until ref:00. the number can you call in case can't get down there is (202)895-3307 and our volunteers are standing by to take a call.
5:48 pm
-- your call. >> that's right and there is gorgeous weather. it was spectacular. >> hard to imagine it gets better and i think we should say yrci10 more times -- times. >> for $100,000? that is awesome. >> by my math, 300,000 meals they're going to provide? >> wow. >> and wisdom does. sue hasn't done it in awhile. >> show hasn't. >> okay. >> i think she needs to do it every year. >> gary said it, not me. >> and that is nice. she's doing a great job with everyone down. there she likes people so much. a great place for her. i'm killing time. there is in the a lot to talk about and this is going to be nice. the temperature in the city is 54 degrees. colder to the north and to the west as it typically is and it's 46 for frederick; gaithersburg, 46; baltimore is sitting at 54 degrees and atlas, 50; leonardtown at 45 degrees and culpeper is 43. mostly clear for us in town at
5:49 pm
7:00, 50 degrees and mostly clear at 9. clear skies at 11 and temperatures dropping through the 40s and chilly this evening. 52 tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be as nice as today and on sunday, to be perfectly honest with you, there will be more clouds on sunday and i am not sure how much in the way. maybe on sunday and not a lot of sunshine. by the afternoon, we see good amounts of sunshine. this this is why. this is future cast tomorrow. and as we go into sunday morning, ignore this rain, don't worry with that and that is some cloud cover there and this is sunday morning, the newest information coming in to our model here. as we progress through the day on sunday, by 4, 5:00 on the afternoon, we should be mostly clear and that is how it looks and looks like more cloudiness on sunday than what we will have for tomorrow and that does not mean it's going to be a bad
5:50 pm
day. the high pressure in control and that reportal system, the -- frontal system, the weak one comes on through and that is some colder air for us and later next week. it's not going to be too bad. another chilly overnight, 37 in town. we're talking lower 30s to insome upper 20s in the suburbs and that is a which willy start. sunny at noon and 5:00, the temperatures are a lot like today making it into the lower to in some places, mid-50s. enjoy that and some more clouds on sunday and that is going to be more cloudy on monday. sixty degrees, the temperature, and even the clouds on monday. looks like we'll have showers by tuesday and a little cool or wednesday, but still wet next tuesday and wednesday and we're going to clear out after that. >> okay. >> and -- . >> exactly. >> thank you, gary. and to the talk of the town on tmz. happy birthday to britney
5:51 pm
spears. harvey ref sin live in -- harvey levin is live in l.a. britney is 30 years old? what did he do to celebrate? >> reporter: she's on the down low. we made phone calls today. she's doing it privately. it's serious with her and jason trawick. the big thing, shawn, i have to tell you and i am going to be honest. when we started up tmz in 2006, we watched britney spears. by 2008, it didn't look look she would make it to her 30th birthday. s worried he re shape and her was going to get a call from the cor owner one morning. britney spears turned it around in a robert downey, jr., sort of way and her dad, jamie spears s the hero in this. he stopped his life, went in there and saved her and she's thriving again and it's a remarkable story. >> and that is good news. i am glad we're not seeing her splashed all over everywhere for her 30th birthday.
5:52 pm
keep it quiet and stay below the radar. >> and talk about someone who is, we don't hear trouble, christy brinkly and trouble with uncle sam some what is going on there -- uncle sam? what is going on there? >> i was shot. she's the hottest debtor ever. she owes $531,000 to the irs. >> whoa. >> this is a woman who made a fortune with infomercials, modeling, real estate, all sorts of things and we have not been able to find out why she's behind in the money, maybe she'll challenge it, i don't know. there is a lien out to her on that tune of more than a half million dollars. >> that is a lot of money. we'll be waiting to see what you pick up and thank you very much for the update. have a great weekend, harvey. we'll see you here at 6:30 for tmz on tv. >> let's go to brian bolter and what is next on the news edge at 6. the d.c. councilman raided by the pheds. we have the first reaction from
5:53 pm
harry thomas' team after he's accused of pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars. an illegal drug takedown, businesses accused of pushing bad drunks all over fairfax county. and don't be surprised if you get frisked. the details on the new security policy that could make the entry process longer. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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>> welcome back, everyone. our 10th annual stuff-a-truck food drive continues. we have crews and personalities at four different likes and giant stores throughout our region. if you can't make it, pick up the phone and call one of the ladies here at the stuff-a- truck food drive phone bank. they waiting to hear from you. the member is (202)895-3307. every dollar you donate goes to help a d.c. area family who was
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desperately in need. pick up the phone, give us a call at (202)895-3307. ♪[ music ] i don't know y listen to your heart of about you tell me goodbye. >> oh, look at the emotional mic on her. a 14-year-old girl was sent home after her song. -- [ indiscernible ] also in the bottom two but the judges kept him on. one bright spot to drew, her idol is justin bieber and he said, quote, keep your head up. i lost my first competition, too. this is just the beginning for you. 15-year-old rapper astro was sent home last night. >> that is cool she got the tweet from bieber. >> yeah. >> who knows. >> i have a feeling she's going
5:58 pm
to do well. >> i do, too. she's going to do well. >> we're sorting -- supporting him here. >> yes, we are. thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. developing tonight, a d.c. councilman under major investigation. the fbi and irs have searched the home of harry thomas. they took away bags of evident and towing his suv and motorcycle. he's accused of spending thousands of city money on himself. here's more from his fellow council members and we're starting off with stacey cohan live in thomas' home in northeast where it was a scene today. >> reporter: well, brian. we have been out here since around 9:00 a.m. and authorities got here around 8:30 a.m. that were here all day hours and hours and searching and scouring. for those of you watching during our 5:00 hour, finally
5:59 pm
after waiting all day, we saw thomas' attorney walk outside to the news cameras. when we ran over there, he had just a brief statement and walked away. when asked if he could repeat what was said, i could tell you that we told him we were on the air. he repeated and turned to the cameras and said i know. and clearly timing his remarks for when the news media is engaged in our show. i will recap what he'd in a moment. first, the e -- he said in a moment. first, the events of the day. 830time this morning, law enforcement, we're talking about the fbi and u.s. marshals here inside of harry thomas' home, several bags stuffed with documents and other items were removed. an su have, a gray thahe, harry thomas' tahoe was searched and confiscated and there was a red motorcycle loaded on to the tow truck with the tahoe and towed out of here. this is part of an ongoing


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