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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  December 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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coaler and just as recently as c about 20 to 30 minutes ago. ween were still seeing temperatures close to 70 degrees and through southern maryland. the winter weather advisories are posted and that including loudoun and montgomery county. you will have to get west in the counties to get a small accumulation. what a wet night, the wind is picking up, too, and i think i sense the temperature beginning to drop a bit. >> anddr you mentioned the nt temperatures at set degrees and in salisbury, the temperature is 69 degrees and to the west of rehoboth, the temperature is 70. you saw the numbers there on i- 81 already down into the lower 40s and let me show you the big picture yoof the storm. that does have a big footprint i and a lot of g rain coming up a when you're talking about 70 degrees g areas, there is a top
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of available moisture and that is what happened. that is why we're getting the e heavy to moderate rain and to r roanoke, another band of heavy rain and some thunderstorms un through central north carolina o and that has to come through later this evening. once that comes through, that is when this begins to shift into more of a winter storm for us and this is sentinel radar here. still some very, very moderate to heavy rain in the yellows s and some organizations there and to prince georges. that is the evening commute and more details on this and a look at the evening forecast and when some of this will switch over to snow and where we think that there might be accumulation by tomorrow morning. >> and looking forward to hearing the details. thank you. and tonight, d.c.'s thsnow team is hitting the streets at midnight and to ststay on top oo possible problems. the pgood news, they will focu
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on bridges and -- bridges and overpasses and over the potomac and anacostia receivers. the crews reare concerned about the possibility of freezing on the elevated structures. stand for continuous update log on to and we have a live radar map and a ling. click the weather tab at the top of the page. tonight, dozens of protestors have been arrested and that started when demonstrators took over k street and they were chanting and marching e and shutting dowt the streets there. some etare from occupy d.c. and others are independent activists, clergy, and union organizers from all over the country. beth parker is live at mcpherson squire with the latest. what is -- square with the latest. what is happening? >> reporter: you look back haov my shoulder here, beyond the bus and that is on through the intersection. this is as normal aste k street and all afternoon. for several hours, the h
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protestors managed to shut down k street and, in fact, mtd put the unusual step of holding over officers, keeping them past their shifts. all officers, to deal with the protests. they were able to get everyone out of the k street and that is bite time rush hour rolled around. can you bet commuters and cars and folks s on metro buses are going to be running late getting home tonight. tear down mek street. in fact, occupy d.c. set up shop in the middle of washington's most powerful street. some motorists grew frustrated with the road closure. protestors visited some of downtown d.c.'s best edaddresse as they approach this building s on g street. watch closely. one protestor pushes towards the door and a espolice officer shoves him back this is the
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group, onehi of washington's mo powerful lobbying firms. >>you still remember. >> we all still remember. [ indiscernible ] they started. >> reporter: david davies watched from across the street. >> generally they're being successful. >> and eyso you agree with what they're e say something. s >> 100%. >> you wouldn't necessarily want to be living in a park. >> in the livein in a park. i'm too ole for that. >> and show me what it looks like. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> the system is about making a profit and creating a semi prosperous economy and leaves an the working folk and the middle class behind. >> s if you look at the change the national conversation the last few months, it's clear we have effected real change. for example, democrats the first time, are talking about taxiing the rich without being ashamed of it. >> and the process is taxiing
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d.c. resources. those who stood their ground were arrested and mostup affiliated with occupy d.c. c.j. hawkins is a methodist ministerm in chicago and in d.c. for a few days. >> and in the tradition of dr. king, you have to drawta to injustice and that is in the same christian spirit i am out here today. >> reporter: he delivers pizza e for a living. today, ahe delivered a message. >> and a they're not the inspec and do not have a crew. >> they call themselves the 99%9 but i don't feel like i am part of the 99% or the 1% and i'm i just trying to pay my bills. >> we're back here at the occupy d.c. encampment and we should tell you methat we did reach out to the progressive ro group -- the group and no one returned our phone call. we know of 11 individuals arrested and fewin here in occu d.c., most came for a few days
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of protesting and protesting pr out of the capital yesterday. as we said earlier, they are activists andha is who got arrested and that is entirely peaceful. their protests will continue and they having stops, av including the white house. they have much more work to do tonight. i'm beth parker, back to you. >> and i guess anyone who thought the rain would quell the protests were wrong. bethwe parker, thank you. montgomery county, maryland, police detectives want to question two high school students in connection with coa stabbing. a a 17-year-old girl is recovering after she was stabbed last night. the police say she was trying to help a friend when she was hurt. paul wagner is in our newsroom with the story. paul. montgomery county police say students from montgomery blair ntand kennedy were attending a boy's basketball game at northwood when they left the building and got into a fight d in the parking lot
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outside the way police tell it, the girls got into a dispute last week. when they ran into each other, , they decided to take it outside. >> and that is not a rivalry of groups but ari -- of schools bu a small group of girls who know each other. >> reporter: a letter to eathe parents said no northwood students were involved. the letter said the game was still going on when the stabbing occurred in the back parking lot of the school. >> the detectives learned from e witnesses there was an attack going on. the victim tried to quell that assault and then became a victim herself. >> reporter: fox 5 learned the n name of the teen and tried to contact her family today but no one was home when we called. police say investigators are still trying to sort out exactly what happened. >> right hnow, these are allegations. victims have to be reinterviewed as well as witnesses. >> reporter: a wispokesperson from montgomery county schools said an internal investigation
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is underway and if charges are lodged cagainst any student in relation to the assault, they st could be expelled. e police say there was no gang activity wainvolved in last night's fight. the six ghor seven girls involv all new each other and investigators believe the assault stemmed from a dispute that had been brewing for a week or more. shawn. >> paul, are police talking toeo the students that were involved or are they trying to get this contact with them? >>wi reporter: well, what we understand is that they believe that two suspects, they're calling them, are from kennedy high school. and according to thehi month groomery county school spokesperson, unthey know who they are and that they didn't show up at school today. sc it's unclear as to whether or not they're able to make contact from the girls and le question them any further. >> paul wagner, thank you. out of chicago, a federal judge has sentenced former illinois governor rob blagojevich to 14 years in
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prison and he was covehicled onc 18 charges, including trying to use his power to pry to profit from president obama's vacated seat. he apologized and asked for the judge's mercy. outside of court, he made a brief statement. >> this stis a time to fight through adversity. this is a time for me to be strong for my children, be strong for patty, and this is also a time for patty and me to get home so we can explain to our kids, our babies, amy and annie, what happened, what that means and where we're going from here. >> reporter: frblagojevich becomes the second illinois governor in a row to go to prison. he can end up in the same prison as former governor george ryan, who is also serving a sentence for corruption. former penn state football coach jerry nte sandusky is in after not being able to post $250,000 cash bail. the police carrested him today on new charges of sexually abusing two more young boys.
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sandusky is charged with 40 counts of abusing young boys over a 15-year span. -y if released, he must submit to electronic monitoring. on he claims his innocence and the lawyers hope to raise enough money to get ishim out of jail. now, the investigation of a former syracuse university assistant basketball coach. a prosecutor claims unevidence may put one case against bernie fine in doubt and he said fine abused him in 2002 on a trip to pittsburgh. pi the team turned over records to the defense. the records will show e that he is lying. thomaselli himself is charred with molesting a boy in maine. the prosecutor revealed that fine can't be charged eain the cases for two brothers who accused him of sex abuse because the statute of limitations has expired. fine denies all s allegations. l >> a day that will live in infamy. coming up, never-before-seen footage emerging on this,th anniversary of pearl harbor. >> it took rlme two years to gea he's back. these heare my son's dog tags.
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they wore dthese when he took four rounds of 7.62 ammo from about three feet. >> thank thyou, chairman. , 92. and a father comes to washington to testify go about the growing threat of home- grown terrorism. eateand an actor from one o tv's most successful shows passed away. >> and thank you, sslaura. a lot of rain today that is a big story and more rain to come this evening. s probably going to end up being a slightly bigger story and we're going to get snow. we'll talk about this first look at the forecast coming up. stay with us on this wet night. that is a picture of northwest d.c., it looks like. don't see much of it. the rain and the gray skies and the fog setting n. stay with us, fox s5 news at 5 continues [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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>> today marks the 70th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor, a day of honor and remembrance as the nation pays homage to the men and women who lost their lives in that assault and it's a day that some worry will be forgotten. ansly air hart has a closer look. >> reporter: on december 7th, 1941, japanese aircraft bombed the american naval base in hawaii. the attack thrust the united states into the second world war. nearly 2400 americans died in that attack alone. the number of survivors are
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dwindling. still, some veterans have begin arriving in hawaii ahead after a ceremony honoring the setth anniversary of that attack. the survivors taking a moment out to remember the fellow troops. >> picked up some oranges and going to take them down to my buddy who went there the day before. >> and when the bomb hit, it went on the deck side close to -- [ indiscernible ] and he didn't make it. >> reporter: at least one survivor's concerned the historic event will be forgotten. >> they teach the children in school about the war of 1812 but don't teach -- you don't hear them teaching anything about pearl harbor. >> reporter: and decades later, never-before-seen footage surfaced, shot at pearl harbor on that day. the owner of the video is hoping it will be used as a learning tool. >> today, kids report getting the education. maybe i got her and if we can get them 10 minutes of education, on american history.
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>> that was fox's eyewitnessly air hart. president obama named december 7th national pearl harbor remembrance day. >> a pearl harbor whelm region planned at the world war ii memorial in washington had to be cancelled because of the weather. the rain didn't stop a special ceremony on pennsylvania avenue northwest. take a look. [ playing "taps" ] the u.s. navy band and ceremonial guard took part in the wreath-laying ceremony. pearl harbor vets were there to share their story. survivors and veterans gathered in hawaii for an event at the pearl harbor visitor center. they looked directly out to the uss arizona memorial, sitting a half mile away in pale harbor. everyone in the -- in pearl harbor. everyone in the crowd boyed their heads at 7:55 a.m. local time, the exact time the bombing began 70 years ago. >> emotional testimony from the victim's father and a hearing on homegrown terrorism.
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a joint session of the senate and house homeland security committee looked for the attacks on the armed forces in the united states. the father of the soldier killed at an arkansas recruitment center in 2009 is upset his son's accused killer is not being charged with terrorism. >> he slept on the battlefield. took me two years to get these back. these are my son's dog tags. he wore these when he took four rounds of 7.62 ammo from about three feet. >> senator susan collins of maine criticizeed the defense department for classifying the massacre as workplace violence and suggesting political correctness is placed ahead of that. harry morgan died, best known for his portrayal of colonel potter on can the m.a.s.h. "and became one of the successful primetime series earning him an emmy in 1980. the career included nining tv series, 50 films and the
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broadway stage. the actor died at his home in brentwood today after battling pneumonia. he was 96 years ole. time now for another check on the forecast. we saw sue outside earlier and it's raining buckets all day long. >> i can imagine the havoc this is reaching on the evening commute and looks like a lot of lights out there, huh, gary? >> and you see why and make sure you have the umbrella. quickly, we have a lot of rain coming in and this is a miserable commute out there. the rains are getting heavier and look at that sharp snow line. this is just west of i-81 out there and into west virginia and extreme western sections of maryland. the temperatures dropped off dramatically as we bring you in on sentinel radar. all of that yellow and orange coming up off of i-95 and that
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is moderate to heavy rain and in terms of doppler estimated rainfall amounts here, basically south of the metro and that is over an inch, an inch and a half to the west and that is just estimates. 52 here in the city now. temperatures are dropping and look, pittsburgh, 33. , peckly, 32 -- beckley, 32. the cold air is coming on through and the rain at 7:00; rain at 9:00. notice the temperatures trending down and by about ref:00 to midnight here in the metro, we expect this to go over to a little rainy mixture and more on the forecast coming up. >> still ahead, a viral video that outraged people in our region. a transgender woman beaten in a mcdonald's there. find out why the victim is in legal trouble of her own. plus, a local doctor accused of inappropriately touching patients and has his day in court. the details are next. 
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>> the transgender woman beaten in a maryland mcdonald's in april is facing charges of her own. this video shot by a restaurant employee shows two teenage girls beating her. she called police over the weekend to report her purse was stolen. that is when they say she got into an argument with an officer and started shouting obscenities. she was charged with disorderly conduct. >> a woodbridge doctor pleaded no conduct to charges that he inappropriately touched his patients. he will not go to jail. the judge sentenced him to 12 months with all jailtime suspended for good behavior. he will remain free as long as he doesn't contact any of the patients who accused him of abuse. the virginia board of medicine suspended his medical license. he was arrested in february. a fairfax virginia man pleaded guilty to secretly receiving millions of dollars from pakistan's spy agency lobbying congress on the disputed kashmir territory.
5:24 pm
he ran the d.c.-based ckashmirian council. he pleaded to two counts of conspiracy and impeding the interpial revenue service and faces up to eight years in prison. sentenceing is set for next march. and sentenceing day for blagojevich. at the bottom of the hour, live reaction from chicago as the former governor prepares to go to prison for a very long time. and a surprise move by the nation's health secretary as the fda decides whether the morning after pill should be over the counter. er. >> this is sergeant first class andrew [ indiscernible ] currently stationed in korea. i would like to wish my wife christina, my daughters kaitlin and megan, and my two sons nicholas and zachary a very merry christmas and a happy new year. i hope you're all doing well there in fort belvoir, virginia. [ female announcer ] at,
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>> now for the latest developments in the rob flago jeff itch corruption scandal. a judge sentenced the former illinois governor to 14 years in prison. craig wall is live with the latest. thank you so much for joining us. we know his lawyers ask for a shorter sentence. what was the reaction inside the courtroom today when the judge handed down that sentence? >> the biggest reaction probably came from his wife patty who cried when the judge handed down the sentence. blago leaned over and said i loved you. he talked about that and they came here to this area where we're standing and he talked about, you know, it's time for them to be strong and to deal
5:29 pm
with this adversity. they talked about going home and talking about their daughters and explain to them what this means and what this will mean for their family. and rob blagojevich more contrite the last few days than we have seen him through much of the proceedings and didn't have a lot to say. and now he's got a lot to deal with. we're looking at 14-year sentence. he will have to serve 12 years of that, 85% and he's got to report by february 16th. the next 90 days, he's going to have a lot of planning to do for his family. >> reporter: let me ask you. what is the reaction from the people of illinois? this is what, the second governor in a row to be sentenced to prison? >> reporter: yeah, and the last five years. the interesting part of this, the former governor george ryan was sentenced to 6 1/2 years. rob blagojevich was in office when that happened. his sentence is more than twice that. the message sent that political corruption doesn't pay for george ryan was not learned
5:30 pm
between now and then and some of the analysis we're hearing is that this may send a message with it being a harsh sentence for rob blagojevich. the interesting part, a number of the jurors who presided over the trial were here and they wanted to see this through. they listened to rob blagojevich in the courtroom when he spoke for 20 minutes asking for leniency, apologizing. one of the things they didn't hear from him was a real accepting of the fact that he did something wrong. he talked about how he agreed the jury found him guilty and apologized and that they didn't sense the true coptrition from him. -- contrition from him. it will be interesting to see how this plays out over facebook and twitter as people sound off on this. >> and apparently the judge didn't hear that contrition either. thank you for theup date from chicago. we appreciate it. the faa has a new leader. the number two official is now in charge at the agency. after administer babbitt
5:31 pm
stepped down. michael huerta was promoted to acting chief and is expected to serve through next year. babbitt resigned yesterday following his arrest on charges of er the weekend. he was in the post since 2009. it's turning into a major political showdown. the senate expected to vote today on the nominee to head up the new consumer financial protection bureau. republicans say, though, they will reject richard even though he's qualified and argue the agency as it's structured, will burden businesses with unnecessary regulation. >> it's shocking as this economy continues to sputter along that there are millions of people losing jobs and seeing their homes foreclose upon. the republicans are tieing their votes and their support to not main street but to wall street. the big financial concerns. >> and if republicans continue to stand against him, they could prevent his nomination from reaching the floor for a vote. as we get closer to the end- of-the-year, there is some good news in the world of consumer
5:32 pm
credit. delinquency rates are down, credit card companies have more money to lend, and there is a new effort to simplify your card agreements further. fox 5s mean reporter melanie alnwick explains. >> reporter: that's right, demand for credit is increasing and that is a good thing as well. it means the consumers are slowly starting to feel more confident about the economy and there is a lot of competition out there for the business the credit squeeze is beginning to ease and that is some good news. >> they realize how important that is to have consumers with excellent credit in their portfolios and they're competing fiercely to get the consumers on their books. >> reporter: the ceo of said that that means amazing offers in the year ahead. >> and when things were going well, we haven't seen that. >> reporter: we're talking
5:33 pm
zero% for 21 months or 500 bucks cash back and he said more people are able to qualify for those now. >> and almost 50% of u.s. consumers have excellent credit with delinquency rates going down and with unemployment rate going down and that is a natural thing. >> reporter: still, it's important to know all of the terms. >> the responsible providers of credit across the board are interested in their customers knowing what they're getting into. >> reporter: the consumer financial protection bureau is looking to make credit card disclosures even easier to compare. the bureau's proposed standard form is two pages compared to the average 5,000-word document most consumers are given now. the pentagon federal credit union is first to try it out. >> and this form blows away what we currently provide in terps of the ease of use and the ability to understand what is written on it. >> reporter: the credit outlook
5:34 pm
is getting brighter and that should continue as long as the economy keeps inches in the right direction and most of the complaints that it gets about credit cards stem from the hard- to-read credit card agreements. go to the website. still ahead here, the surprise move that is keeping the morning after pill off of your shelves. plus, alec baldwin versus american airlines, why the sitcom star is involved in a public feud.
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>> some good news about breast cancer prevention. a new study shows that we can control mean of the -- many of the risk factors for the disease. a report from the institute of medicine said that women should worry less about environmental risks and more about lifestyle
5:38 pm
factors like weight, drinking, and using menopause hormones and there is not enough evident to know if chemicals pose a breast cancer risk. >> the government won't make a morning after pell available without restrict. cathleen sebeleus overruled her own expert's recommendation. right now, only those 17 or older can buy plan b without a prescription. they planned to change that to allow it to be sole freely. she's concerned about young teenagers using the pill without guidance from an adult. and it's not the way you want to end the season. coming up, how one football player's celebration cost his team the state championship. feldy. and we know the players were suspended the rest of the season. today, reaction from the teammates and the head coach and what they said might surprise you. laura. and thanks, feldy. in some areas, seeing snow overnight. the question is how much?
5:39 pm
gary's back with the latest. l
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>> two redskins players are suspended the rest of the season after violating the nfl's drug policy. the teammates are reacting to the news and dave feldman has more. >> reporter: trent williams and fred davis apologized to the teammates this morning. mike shanahan said both players made bad decisions and they're paying the consequences for it. trent williams and the fourth- year tight end fred davis developd into two of the redskins most promising offensive players and this season, davis maturing into one of the nfl's top threats as a tight end and williams establishing himself as the anchor of the offensive line and today their teammates had
5:43 pm
this to say. >> they feel bad about it and they talked to us today in a team meeting and letting us know they're remorseful and that they're apologetic about it, you know, and they feel bad enough that, you know, this is a tough situation for them and they know they made a mistake and know they have to pay. some pretty harsh consequences for it. >> and they grown men. everyone makes mistakes and i know -- . >> and that is something tough, especially when you're young or a guy like fred and having one of the years you're having and trent in the second year and that is to be one of the best tackles in the game is out of the door. >> and to be there for the wrong reasons and not like anything with the injuries, something like that that you can't control. this is something they can control. >> both players failed multiple
5:44 pm
drug tests and would likely be suspended for a year if hey test positive again. shape. >> and hopefully they learned lessons there. thank you. and check this out. it was a crushing disappointment for a massachusetts high school football player. his brief celebration cost his team a state championship. take a look here. at the top of the screen, you will see the quarterback here, matthew owens, take off for a go ahead touchdown and raises one arm there in celebration. and that is against the rules. players are prohibited from celebratory behavior whole scoring a touchdown. the referee called the penalty, the touchdown didn't count and catholic high school lost. 16-14. >> i think that is outrageous. >> you will never forget that. >> i think it's absolutely, positively ridiculous. >> i do, too. something similar happened in the maryland 4-a state championship. they didn't take the touchdown away. >> uh. >> they tacked it on to the extra point. >> uh. >> and unfortunately for quinn orchard, the kicker from the other team was able to make a
5:45 pm
38-yard extra point and made it. >> yeah. >> and that is kind of -- it's kind of crazy. i know we'll talk about weather but it's unfair and natural. >> i don't have to talk about the weather. there are lots of things i can talk about. i can wax poetically about a lost other issues. >> we know you can. >> and i knowen does. >> has it tarted snowing yet? >> and not here and in the city, you may not see anything more, just witness and a lot of it, too and sueel to me we set a record officially at national for rainfall and that is about 1.9 inches of rain and that is until 5:00 and we have more and that is before it's all said and done and we'll wait to see
5:46 pm
what happens and this is sentinel radar and the rain is from the south and that is not too terribly heavy in the city now and that area of rain to the south and you travel 81 there and to winchester and to the south, to i-81 and the harrisonburg area and then farther back out to the west and we have reports, frostburg, they have gotten two, three inches of though out there and that colder air is lurking to the rest of us and that is the rain there on i-81 and another area of heavy rain, and this is traveling down south. and to prince william county and spotsylvania county and that is some good rain and that is going to continue to be wet
5:47 pm
and back out, southern secs of charles county and -- in is saint charles here and to port royal, montrose, southern maryland getting heavy, heavy rain, too and can you follow this into southern section of virginia. the heaviest of the rain up and down i-81 and as we bring this out a bit more, we will colorize it for you and that is snowing. you jump the front and that is all snow there and into west virginia. and that is comings our direction and let me take to you north carolina. you see the swirl here and that is the storm system and that is coming up here and as that travels to the north and east, as it gets here later on this evening, it will quickly draw in the colder air and that is when we think we're going to get a changeover to snow. not old now, though, 52 degrees in the city and that is getting colder for frederick, 46;
5:48 pm
dulles, 48 and again, along i- 81, the temperatures are dropping off. companyber lap right now is 37 degrees -- cumberland is 37 degrees and fredericksburg, 54. this is the setup for the evening, rain at 7:00, moderate to heavy in places. rain at 9:00, moderate to heavy in places and 44 degrees and notice the temperature is trending down by 11:00, we expect to see a brief, rainy mix here in the metro and look temperature is not going to support anything actually sticking on the ground. there is a lot of winter weather advisories in place here. not for the district, but just up to montgomery county, loudoun county, frederick county to howard county. carol county, too, and parts of the northern section of faulkier county and along i-81. really the accumulating snow looks like it's going to be to the northwest and we may get snow briefly on the grass for the metro. that is more likely to get a little bit of snow on the grass for northwestern sections of
5:49 pm
the metro and that is probably more like montgomery county, howard county. the eastern side of loudoun county and, again, you start to get farther back to the west and you get more snow accumulating and this is the setup on on future cast, tonight at 9:00, heavy rain here on i-95 and beginning to see the change jove route to the west and at 11:00, the cold air quickly fills in to the storm, this is when we think we may get a changeover here in the metro and make -- may be a quick one to two inches to the north and west and by 9:00 tomorrow morning, this is out of here. accumulating though to the northwest of the city and back out to the northwest and in this light blue, we can see between one to three inches of snow, a coating of three inches of snow and no more than that. the heaviest is farther back to the north and west. the rain to snow tonight, give the, very gusty winds and watch out for a quick early slick spot tomorrow morning. primary before 8:00 a.m. and blustery at noon, blustery
5:50 pm
at 5 and that is going to be much, much colder tomorrow and if you look at the five-day forecast, this is -- i'll get out of the way. this is a big change now from what we have had the last few days as temperatures drop into the 40s and they're in the 40s to stay. stew comes up with more information on theem at 6:00 and now -- the edge at 6:00 and we're going to the web center. we're going to find guests in the web center. laura's down there and is probably with sarah. >> i am. and we're talking hot topics. we have sarah frazier here with us and we're talking about a slight flap involving actor alec baldwin and a dancing with the stars champ back on the market and controversy surrounding a christmas tree. so, we're going to start, obviously, as you know, hot 99.5's sarah frazier is here and start with alec baldwin. he's in a very public flap, feud with a majorrarily. >> american airlines. >> -- major airline. >> american airlines. >> what happened? >> they updated their facebook
5:51 pm
people and they're sticking by their story. long story short, alec baldwin gets on the flight and is playing a game on his phone. they're saying they asked him to stop and he never did. when that -- when he ended up turning off his phone, he went to the bathroom, slams the door so loud, the cockpit was concerned. the pilot goes back in and they ended up booting him off. >> oh, no. >> it's great. words with friends is the game they actually ended up posting on their website actor alec -- >> this is his tweet. >> right. >> he was public about this. >> absolutely, he is basically saying the flight attendant on american airlines reamed him out for playing words with friends and they were not moving. he was complaining. oscar de la hoya, they caught up with him. he was getting ready to shut off his phone, but -- . >> meanwhile, hash tag, no wonder american airline is bankrupt. >> ongoing. [ laughter ] >> that is so funny and light talk about the dancing with the
5:52 pm
stars champ who is canceling a wedding plan. >> yes, karina smirnoff, it's so over. she and brad peppy, playing for detroit, a pitcher there, they have been engaged for over a year. lots of rumors started circulating months ago when they postponed it. no, gamed anding about to do that later and that never happened. >> uh. >> and after that, basically, it's done. >> okay. >> they're getting ready to make the official announcement and she's devastated to make it public yet. >> that is coming. >> oh, that is sad. she'll be dancing -- . >> i am sure she'll find another hot. >> yeah. >> and. all right, talking about a controversiy that is brewing over a rhode island official tree in the statehouse and the names of the official tree. >> the governor there refers to it as a holiday tree and a lot of people are not happy. the catholic bishop not showing up, they do a tree unveil there in the capitol of rhode island and a lot of people are not happy. >> and calling yet a holiday
5:53 pm
tree not to be exclusionary. >> right, that is what he's standing by. >> sure. >> a lot of people are saying it's a christmas tree. >> yeah. >> and should ongoing. >> uh-huh. >> there is so many stories this time of the year what is politically correct and what is not. this is coming on the hills to michigan. there is a teacher there, the school there getting rid of deck the halls, they edited the lyrics and people are not happy about that. you know. very sensitive time of the year. >> it is. >> a holiday tree. >> okay. the controversy continues. >> yes. >> sarah frazier, thank you very much. shawn yancy has a preview of what is coming up at 6. >> ahead on the news edge at 6, the rain is not enough to stop downtown protestors and they're heading toward the white house. we'll be there with the latest following dozens of arrests. and then the republican presidential candidates head to d.c. the belle of the ball is someone not running. highlights from the jewish republican conditions. and some of the -- conference. some of the youngest survivors of pearl harbor are living in virginia.
5:54 pm
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iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >> netflix is facing new competition. and wal-mart and dish offers subscription packages including internet video. verizon could enter the market. it's in talks to introduce an internet streaming service next year in markets where it doesn't sell tv and some video packance. a stunt on the the show mythbusters went wrong. the mythbusters team was using a cannon ball at the almaida county sheriff's department. it was supposed to go through a water and into a concrete wall. instead, it hit the wall and took a bad hop and went sailing through the air.
5:58 pm
>> and that is bounced on the other side, hit the concrete, kept going, went across and down the street and into that parked car. >> no one was hurt and people were sleeping. they week up -- woke up when they saw the dust settling on their faces. the home is $700 feet from that range. thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. >> more than 60 protestors arrested and marched through downtown d.c. the next stop? the white house and we'll take you there live. the rain soaked a service at the navy memorial and word that that may get worse around here the next few hours. check out the snow in
5:59 pm
western maryland, this is the hen house restaurant near frostburg and find out if it's headed our way. sue palka is on the way with more. sue? >> reporter: we're going to get some snow. between now and when the snow arrived, we have more rain to g. we have already set a daily record here in d.c. with almost two inches of rain at reagan national. we can get another inch in the next hour or five hours and then we're going to so a little little little bit of though into the picture. and light start with vipir. we have an area of low pressure down near the roanoke area and you can so that circulation with it and on the west side, we have snow and that is rain coming in our direction. we expect to get more heavy rain between now and 9:00. the snow will begin to mix in and change over between 9 and midnight and let's give you weather headlines here. right now, we think this forecast is going to be all about


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