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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 7, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the downpour combined with wicked whipping winds made for a tore rend us commute home and it's not over yet. we -- for a horrendous commute home and it's not over yet. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. a winter weather advisory is in effect for some areas and flooding is a major concern tonight. we have team coverage on the winter weather, but we'll begin with sue live in northwest. what are conditions like right now? >> reporter: so much colder, a good 20 to 30-degree temperature drop around the region. it's all now about the whipping wind. just about 15 minutes ago it looked like a winter hurricane was going through. as we like behind us, it's still raining here, but that really intense rain even though it looks intense here, trust me, it is a lot lighter, but this produced a lot of flooding. we've had reports of 1 1/2 to 3 inches of rain across the region. with that dropping temperature we know a lot of you want to know if we've still got some
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snow coming and yes, we do expect this to change over to a bit of snow. we sent one of our photographers to hagerstown to see what it looked like out there. we're chasing the snow for you. lights look that the picture and guess what? not a -- let's look at that picture and guess what? not a lot of snow in hagerstown, mostly rain. do we have any reports of snow anywhere? we've got 1 to 3 inches, hightown in highland county about 7 inches, but toward win chest are a trace -- winchester, a trace. it does not look like it's going to produce a lot of snow for most of the metro area, maybe a rain/snow mix. we want to talk about the map. these wind gusts will stick around. it's gusting to 20 miles an hour now at d.c. earlier we had a gust of 50 at st. mary's county where they also had some thunder and lightning and a severe thunderstorm watch on the lower portion of the
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delmarva where temperatures were near 70 today. the wind gusts will continue, but this storm is actually rapidly going to move out. give you a little idea as we continue with some heavy rain, the worst of it now has just pushed a little north of d.c., the tremendous reports of flooded roads. now we continue on because winds will gust over 40 miles per hour tonight. so expect that. temperatures are going to be falling into the 30s. they're already there in a lot of places and yes, this will end as a little bit of wet snow probably by 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. take a quick look at those winter weather advisories. the national weather service is considering dropping some of these counties out. loudoun and howard county are in it, too but the possibility of a small amount of snow, we don't think it's going to be enough to cause huge problems. nevertheless those temperatures are going to be a big deal. gary is standing by to talk about the radar and the flooded roads which is a big part of this story and so dangerous at
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night. >> reporter: absolutely. we still have a flood warning in effect for the majority of the area. we'll get to that in a second, but this is going to be more wet now than white. it looks like very little snow. we'll get a little mixture, but in terms of even getting coverage out there, there's going to be minimal amounts of snow accumulating. let's go over to vipir and see the big picture here. the heaviest of the rain finally moving out a little bit. the snow mainly confined to western maryland, northwestern sections of maryland now and up into pennsylvania. we bring you a little closer to home now with our max hd radar. this gives you an idea from annapolis to severna park and out towards the bay, that's the heaviest of the rain and it continues to move off to the east and northeast at a pretty good clip. that is the heaviest of the rain. there's a little bit of moderate rain back over from loudoun county, montgomery county, but it looks like the back edge of this is only
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probably two to three hours way. winchester is starting to dry out. those communities along i-81, you can see a little lingering snow, westminster, northern sections, carroll county, northern sections frederick county into parts of washington county, but right now again this looks like it's going to be mainly wet. we'll make some adjustments to some of our potential snowfall totals coming up in a few minutes when sue joins you back here with the full forecast, but again thank goodness the heavirain is moving out. we have a large chunk of the area under a flood warning worried about rivers and streams, not flash flooding, a little bit different there. sue? >> reporter: that's for sure, seeing a lot of ponding on roads. we'll address the morning commute. don't think snow will be a big problem in the morning, maybe a couple slick spots for a few of you. if you have some snow, please send us your pictures to we'd love to see it in case we don't get any here in the district. more details on the forecast.
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by the way, the cold is not going anywhere in a hurry. we'll talk about the cold when i join you inside. of. people in rosslyn new mexico are dealing with snow. we are not used to this right now. for many people -- roswell new mexico are dealing with snow. 3 of they are not used to this right now -- they are not use to this right now. a similar scene in tennessee causing backup commutes and even shut down several stores. all over a developing story in d.c., occupy protesters taking their message to the supreme court tonight. earlier today this video here. they filled the busy streets of d.c. creating chaos chanting, marching. they shut down the streets. dozens were also arrested in all the action. 60 two of them to be exact, some of them part of the occupy
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occupy d.c. movement. fox 5's wisdom martin is outside the supreme court tonight with the very lathes. >> reporter: there are a group of protesters that marched here to the supreme court about an hour and a half ago. theft and went back to their original location. they chanted for a while here and left. let me give you some numbers. they had from the entire march taking place today, all the protesters today, the metropolitan police department said 61 people were arrested for obstructing the street and then one person who was arrested for assaulting a police officer. let me give you background on the group that was here today. that group was called our d.c. they were part of the take back the capitol movement. as we look at some of the video from them tonight here at the supreme court, they got here at the supreme court and stood here and chanted some channels for about say an hour -- chants for about say an hour with no problems and left. earlier tonight, though, they were at another location near the white house where they were doing the same thing, standing
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out and chanting. they stood there about an hour, also standing, you know, things about the government as well. this was a very busy night as far as protesters are concerned. let's look at the occupy d.c. protest right now from earlier in the day. in the day. they set up in the middle of the street and caused some traffic problems because there were a number of streets blocked off. so some drivers were really frustrated by what was going on. also on g street we caught this video. it is video of a protester pushing toward a door and an officer pushing back, so things getting a little contentious. we told you about some of the arrests earlier. now let's hear from some of the protesters from occupy d.c. we talked to them earlier today. >> the system has become so much about making a profit and so much about creating a semi prosperous economy and leaves working folks and the common folk and a lot of the middle
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class behind. >> if you look at the change in the national conversation in the last two months, it's very clear we have affected very real change. for example, democrats for the first time are talking about taxing the rich without being shamed of it. >> reporter: there's a lot of talk about the 99%. the congress should represent the 99% and not the 1% of richest people in the country, so they say that was their focus, although tonight when we tried to talk with them, they did not want to talk to the media at all. laura, back to you. fox 5 news alert, new information on the mishandled remains at dover air force base. the washington post is reporting tonight that the air force dumped more ashes of fallen troops than they originally admitted in a virgin air landfill. the air force knows of at least 20047 troops whose partial remains were dumped between 2004 and 2008.
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an investigation that started back in may of 2010, the office of special counsel found parts of unidentified remains in that landfill in king george county. tonight police try to question two montgomery county high school students about a stabbing last night after a boys basketball game. a 17-year-old girl was stabbed while trying to help out a friend. fox 5's paul wagner has the latest. >> reporter: the police tell it the girls from montgomery blair in kennedy had gotten into a dispute last week and when they ran into each other at a boys basketball game, they decided to take it outside. >> it is not a rivalry of schools (a small group of individuals who are again -- schools. it is a small group of individuals who are again known to each other and had problems in the past. >> reporter: a letter to parents said no northwood student were involved. the letter said the game was going on when the stabbing occurred in the back parking lot of the school. >> detectives have told us that they've learned from what witnesses that there was an
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attack going on. the victim tried to quell that assault and then became a victim herself. >> reporter: fox 5 learned the name of the teen and tried to contact her family today but no one was home. police say investigators are still trying to sort out exactly what happened. >> right now these are just allegations. victims have to be reenter viewed as well as witnesses. >> reporter: -- re-interviewed as well as witnesses. >> reporter: internal investigations are underway and if there are charges, they could be expelled. there was no gang activity involved in the fight. the detectives believe all the girls knew each other and this dispute had been brewing for a week or more. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagger in. wagger in. a wood ridge doctor pleaded no contest to charges he inappropriately touched his patients. a judge sentenced him to 12 months with all jail time suspended for good behavior.
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he will remain free as long as he does not contact any of the patients who accused him of abuse. the virginia medical board suspended his license since he was arrested in february. new charges of the penn state coach at the center of a child sex abuse scandal, why he's once again sitting in a jail cell tonight. plus undercover cops on the hunt taking down thieves at metro station. just how effective are these sting operations? our followup to a fox 5 investigation. u.s. soldiers in afghanistan left cold and hungry, what the mother of a local fallen marine is doing to make sure u.s. service members in the front line are taken care of coming up later in the news edge at 11:00. 
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fox 5's monitoring metro tonight and we have a look at how undercover officers bait criminals to strike. we've learned that they're having success doing it. fox 5's will thomas shows us how metro is sending a message to crooks to watch out. >> undercover metro transit officers working in roving
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crime suppression teams are setting up decoy operations to get thieves the moment they strike. it is an aggressive program that started in late october this year. concept pretty simple. metro wants to catch these guys, have them prosecuted to keep them away from us. this is metro transit police video, two men caught stealing a $3,500 bait bike at the prince george's county plaza stop, but undercover officers move in fast. they don't get far. >> you never know where we might be. >> reporter: the officers use an expensive bike to lure thieves because the high value makes stealing it a felony. the idea? get these guys locked up before they target the public. >> it happens everywhere. it happens on the train, the platforms, on the buses even and what everybody needs to realize is they need to have situational awareness about who's around them. >> reporter: metro transit police are also using electronic devices to reel in
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the bad guys. officers act distracted as victims often do and wait for the robbery to occur. in just the month of november metro reports 407 arrests, people caught -- 47 arrests, people caught stealing bait bikes, iphones and ipads. >> it happened to my co-worker and my cousin on the met tomorrow. >> reporter: what was stolen? >> their iphones. >> hopefully it's discouraging. >> reporter: we're in the gallery place station right now. metro transit police actually have undercover officers deployed right now. we don't know who they are. it could be anyone. we observed many riders doing what's said to be risky so focused on electronic devices they may not see a thief approaching. hey there, i'm with channel 5. how are you? could i ask you a quick question. didn't mean to startle you. >> the social networks normally have me busy, but i do watch around at the same time. >> i should be more aware, but i don't have an iphone either. so i figure my phone is less
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attract. it. >> reporter: police say be aware -- tract. it. >> reporter: police say be aware, put -- attractive. >> reporter: police say be aware, put away your electronic devices. undercover officers made an arrest last night at the columbia heights station during a bait operation using an ipad. police say most of these bad guys are in groups of two to three but maybe as many as five to six, 13 to 17 years old on average. >> always good to be wear of your surroundings. a -- to be aware of your surroundings. a new report shows license plate cameras in parking lots do very little to stop crime. research showed from 2003 to 2009 cameras didn't keep thieves from stealing carrs or breaking in. the -- cars or breaking in. the agency will continue to use them. remember you can always help us
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monitor metro. if you spot a safety concern, trouble on the tracks, problems with metrobus, e-mail us your pictures, story, video. send them to fox 5 metro at virginia tech officials are fighting a $55,000 fine stepping from the mass shooting there more than four years ago. the school was fined for waiting too long to tell students there was a gunman on campus, but university officials say they did follow protocol and requested an appeal. 33 people were killed. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is in jail tonight after being arrested on new charges of child sex abuse. sandusky was reportedly unable teapoys the $250,000 cash bail -- to post the $250,000 cash bail. >> reporter: new sex abuse charges against jerry sandusky, the former penn state assistant football coach arrested again today after two new accusers requested by grande jury, both alleged victims saying they met
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sandusky through the second mile charity which he founded in 1977 to help disadvantaged children. one victim claims he was assaulted in 1997 when he was 10 years old. the other said the incident happened in 2004 when he was 11 or 12. the pennsylvania attorney general issuing a statement saying as in many of the other cases identified to date the contact with sandusky allegedly fit a pat inch of grooming victims. sandusky -- pattern of grooming victims. sandusky was already charged of 40 counts of sex abuse. the 607-year-old ex-coach maintains his -- 67--year-old coach maintains his innocence. a background check vealed a high school was investigating sandusky on -- revealed a high school was investigating sandusky on sex abuse investigations. >> the school had done due diligence and bake ground check. >> reporter: sandusky is skeg -- a background check. >> reporter: sandusky is scheduled to appear in a preliminary hearing next tuesday. he may face some of the alleged
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victims at that hearing as some of the young men reportedly plan to testify. david lee miller, fox news. the latest in the child sex abuse investigation of a former syracuse has ant basketball coach bernie fine. fine cannot be prosecuted for allegations he sexually abused two boys in the 1980s because the statute of limitations has run out, but the d.a. said he thought fine's accusers were credible. federal authorities are now investigating accusations made by a third accuser. fine denies all allegations. a fairfax, virginia man was secretly receiving millions of dollars from pakistan's spy agency while lobbying congress on the disputed territory. today an in alexandria federal court he pled guilty to two counts of conspiracy and eluding the internal revenue service. american airlines tonight
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firing back to alec baldwin after the actor was kicked off a fight and now baldwin is apologizing, sort of. the latest twist in the bizarre dispute next. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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emmy winning actor harry morgan has died. morgan was best known for his role colonel potter on mash. the show went on to become one of tv's primetime series. his showbiz career included nine other series, 50 films and the broadway stage. the actor died in his home in brentwood today after battling pneumonia. harry morgan was 96 years old. alec baldwin issued an apology to fellow passengers on the american airlines flight he was kicked off of yesterday, but he's not saying sorry to the airline or flight attendant involved in the incident. baldwin was booted from the plane after refusing to turn
10:25 pm
off his cell phone. he claims others were using their phones, too. the airline has a different story to tell. fox's rick levinthal explains. >> reporter: aleck, can you tell us what happened? a chaotic scene at jfk airport friday night, alec baldwin arriving on the east coast after being tossed off an earlier american airlines flight from los angeles. quiet for the cameras but vocal on twitter, he accused a flight attendant of reaming him out for a game highways cell phone. >> the flight attendants -- on his cell phone. >> the flight attendants were mean to him he says and others say he was irate. >> reporter: american airline saying baldwin slammed the lavatory door so hard the cockpit crew heard it and became large, corroborated by some passenger sneeze was on his phone and didn't want to get off -- >> he was on his phone and
10:26 pm
didn't want to get off the phone and then he was in the bathroom, caused us to be delayed, wasn't very considerate. >> reporter: the carrier said baldwin was extremely rude to the crew calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language. baldwin was put on later flight with american but says he'll never fly them again. >> he was very vocal about saying he would not fly american airlines anymore. he was angry and felt he was treated unfairly and really wouldn't let us do anything else. >> reporter: baldwin's initial tweets ignited a firestorm on social media, but his twitter account has been temporarily suspended. so the 53-year-old can focus on his tv show. in new york rick levinthal, fox news. mark zuckerberg exposed, a security flaw on facebook this week allowed the public to see private pictures of the social network's founder and ceo. the company is blaming a software error and says this has been fixed, no word if other users were affected. zuckerberg's pictures did not
10:27 pm
reveal anything inappropriate. in fact, they showed zuckerberg eats, cooks and spends time with his significant other just like the rest of us. from the very beginning he claimed he was innocent, these headlines -- made headlines with bizarre behavior and appeared on celebrity apprentice. now governor rod blagojevich is heading to prison, what he said after sentencing today and jurors' reaction next. hi, i'm stationed in south korea and i'd like to say merry christmas to my daughter in gainesville, virginia. hi, it's dave. [ robotic voice ] if you are satisfied with your message --
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really? [ male announcer ] kate uses her citibank debit card because kate knows there are some things you shouldn't be charged for. refill? i'm ok. [ male announcer ] so does that guy. the citibank debit card with no monthly fee. easier banking. standard at citibank. a illinois governor rod
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blagojevich is going to prison for 14 years. he was convicted on 18 charges including trying to sell president obama's vacated senate seat. blagojevich apologized even asking the judge for mercy. outside the courtroom he made a brief statement. >> this is the time to fight through adversity. this is the time for me to be strong for my children, be strong for patty and this is also a time for patty and me to get home so we can explain to our kids, our babies amy and annie, what happened, what all this means and where we're going from here. >> jurors found blagojevich's corruption trial -- at blagojevich's corruption trial say they agree with the stiff sentence. >> i think it's time to finally change things and we keep sending messages and keep sending messages and we keep having corrupt officials and it's time to say we're tired of this. we want a different illinois. >> blagojevich is now the second governor in a row to go
10:32 pm
to prison. he could end up in the same prison as former illinois governor george rian wallace also serving time for corruption. the faa has grande new leader tonight following administrator randy babbitt's resignation. michael huerta was promoted yesterday took the chief of the faa. he's expecting to serve through next year. babbitt resigned yesterday following his arrest on drunk driving charges. he'd been at the post since 2009. in the newsroom with sports director dave feldman and feldy, you were at the park today and had the first opportunity to talk to the players about the suspension of two key players. what do they have to say? >> trent williams and friend davis who were suspended the -- fred davis who were suspended for the final four games of the season violating the substance abuse policy. players are upset because they kind of let them down because it was the third time testing
10:33 pm
positively reportedly for marijuana. they feel ace disappointed because these were -- disappointed because they of these were two good players. mike shanahan said the apology from the two players this morning sounded sincere. either way it's a big loss for the redskins team who have struggled throughout the season. the second year left tackle williams and the fourth year tight end davis had developed into two of the most promising offensive players for the redskins. williams established himself as the anchor of the offensive line. today their teammates had this to say about losing them to four-game suspensions. >> i know they feel bad about it. they talked to us today in a team meeting just letting us know that they're remorseful and that they're apologetic about it and they feel bad enough that, you know, this is a tough situation for them.
10:34 pm
they know they made a mistake and they have to pay some pretty harsh consequences for it. it. >> everyone makes mistakes, you know. i'm not saying think should be punished for what they did. i don't know anything about the consequences, but i think they hurt themselves more. >> it's something tough, especially when you're young and a guy like fred, especially when you're a guy like trend trent only in the second year and the potential to be -- like trent only in the second year and the potential to be one of the best tackles in the game is out the door. >> it's difficult without having those guys out there for the wrong reasons, you know. it's not like something happened like we said the other day with an injury or something you can't control. this was something that they could control. >> davis and williams were not available today. they left. they did not make themselves available to the media. the coaches and players said they sounded very sincere in their apology and mike shanahan said today and we'll hear from him later on in sports look, i don't know what's going to happen with these guys. we'll see because one more offense and near out a year.
10:35 pm
they test positive again -- they're out a year. they test positive again they're out a year. >> that's the last thing this team needs right now moralewise. is there any talk about long term what's going to happen to these two players? >> fred davis is a free agent. so the end of this season is open market and he's hurl his value because now he's become a question -- hurt his value he's he's now become a question mark. trent williams probably has a safer future, makes more money, has a longer term contract, was also the first pick by mike shanahan. fred davis was already on the team when mike shanahan inherited it. >> tough situation. thanks. shawn, back to you. local x-factor finalist marcus canty hopes to survive the cut tomorrow. coming up his sister joins us to talk about his performance tonight. an special gone wrong for a tv show, how a cannonball ended up landing on a house. >> we are also track the wet winter weather moving through our area. but first here's fox
10:36 pm
business network's neil cavuto. >> the donald leaving the white house door open telling me he's not ruling out a run for the presidential nomination in the republican party even as he's planning to moderate a gop debate in iowa just one week for the caucus. mortgage applications meanwhile rising last week and action for buying homes hit their highest mark since early august. the chevy volt might be burning, but the nissan leaf is blooming big time. the japanese automaker expanding sales of its own electric car to some seven more states. it will be selling in all 50 states by next march. the leaf outselling the volt this year by more than 40%. and martha stewart with a major holiday sale and part of her empire. j.c. penney is buying a nearly 17% slice of the domestic maiden's
10:37 pm
company, the retail chain planning to open mini martha stewart shops within its department stores that, news a good thing for shareholders, martha's stock up over 30% on the deal. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ♪
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gop presidential candidates squaring off in front of the jewish republican federation today and there was no question that newt gingrich is planning ahead. he talked today about how if he were elected president he would name former u.n. ambassador john bolton secretary of state. long time presumptive nominee mitt romney stuck with a stump speech talkias a governor and businessman and both men played up their
10:41 pm
insistence on allegiance to israel. >> this one-sided continuing pressure that says it's always israel's fault no matter how bad the other side is has to stop. >> when the opportunity a rose to defend freedom, he's either been late to the game or failed to show up at all. >> tonight gingrich is leading in the iowa poll, but romney is ahead in new hampshire which is the first state to hold a primary. what started as a way to boost troops morale overseas is actually taking care of some of their most basic needs, the drive to keep our soldiers warm and fed coming up near on the news edge at 11:00. plus a superhero is caught acting like a bad guy, the crime committed by this spider- man is very real and the suspect is very much wanted by police. we'll be right back. ♪
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as we get closer to the end of the year, there is some good news in the world of consumer credit. delinquency rates are down,
10:45 pm
credit card companies have money to lend and there is a new effort to simplify your credit card agreement. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick explains. >> the credit squeeze is beginning to ease and that's good news for many consumers. >> good credit companies realize the recession, how important it is to have consumers with excellent credit in their portfolios. so they are competing extremely fiercely to get those consumers on their books. >> reporter: the ceo of says that means some amazing offers in the year ahead. >> when things were going well, we hadn't seen such competitive offers. >> reporter: we're talking 0% for 21 months or 500 bucks cash back and more people are able to qualify he says for those now. >> almost 50% of u.s. consumers have excellent credit with delinquency rates going down, with unemployment rates going down. it's just name thing that credit scores will also rise
10:46 pm
of. >> reporter: still before signing on the line -- rise. >> reporter: still before signing on the dotted line it's importantton all the terms the consumer financial protection bureau is looking to make credit card disclosures even easier to prepare. the bureau's proposed standard form is just two pages compared to the average 5,000 word document most consumers are given now. pentagon federal credit union is first to try it out. >> this form blows away what we currently provide in terms of its ease of use and the ability of somebody to understand what's actually written on it. >> reporter: the credit outlook is getting brighter and that should continue as long as the economy keeps inching in the right direction. the consumer financial protection bureau says most complaints about credit cards step from the hard to understand agreements. -- stem from the hard to understand agreements. you can go to our website for more information on those card
10:47 pm
offers and new initiative. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. . >> we saw you outside earlier and the rain looked pretty bad. >> it did. it's getting better, though. this thing is almost out of here. the wind will stick around and the cold. i don't think snow will be a big deal. probably won't even see a flake. it's pulling out of town without a lot of snow and we've had some major changes to the winter weather advisories and as in most of them got canceled a bit ago. as we thought that would happen, talking about that at the beginning of the newscast, bits certainly very wet out there, camera -- but it's certainly very wet out there, camera shaking a little bit. for your morning commute, cold, blustery, maybe a couple wet spots in a few areas or a sheltered spot that's a little slick, but we think the winds will dry everything up and the storm is just about out of here and good thing, too. it provide do used 2 to 4 inches of rain -- produced 2 to 4 inches of rain across the
10:48 pm
region. there is a little snow up to the north a bit east of hagerstown, but i think it will be confined with rain/snow mix north and west and it's just about over everywhere else. let me show you the weather maps, going to back up because i want you to see something very quickly and that is that these winter weather advisories which had included loudoun, montgomery and howard county, those got dropped a little while ago, still in effect until 1 a.m. for frederick and washington county and the panhandle in west virginia and that's it. i really don't think you'll get much up there either. now we had some measurable snow in the mountains, 3 to 5 inches, frostburg 1 to 3 inches, but this is really pulling out as our area of low pressure now is coming up through central virginia and that's going to begin the process of shutting off the rain, but it continues to pull in the cold and the big wind. this is an idea of our rain totals over the last 24 hours. these are estimated by doppler, but doing a pretty good job,
10:49 pm
charles county, you still have a flood warning, you've had 3.3 inches of rain. your flood warning goes till 1:30, same for st. mary's county, 2 1/2 inches in some of these regions, most of the area still under a flood warning because of small stripes and creeks filling up rapidly -- streams and creeks filling up rapidly. a little lighter up to our north. we have had a record breaking day in terms of rain at reagan national, 3.04, a new daily record. centreville, virginia, 2.33, a new record set at dulles. this is really going to be about the rain and flooding potential, but look at these temperatures, down to 37 degrees and we're in the 20s and low 30s on the other side of the mountain, so definitely a cold night and a cold thursday. meanwhile earlier we were at 60 degrees. we've had a huge drop in temperature. some parts of southern maryland and over to the beaches were close to 70 degrees today and some of you saw thunder and lightning as this very dynamic storm came up from the south. these are the wind chills we're
10:50 pm
looking at and with those winds gusting to 25 miles an hour, it definitely feels pretty chilly out there. actually those are the temperatures and these are the wind chills, 27 is what it feels like in d.c. tomorrow 44 degrees, dry, blustery, 48 degrees on friday, saturday 45 and another front comes through and sunday 41 degrees, but at least we're going to be talking about drier conditions and yes, you'll have school team most places unless you're far to the west where -- tomorrow most places unless you're far to the west where you in a have had 3 or 4 inches up in the mountains. there's the sunshine. we'll keep a cold run going. this is actually now below normal which is 49 degrees. we're up and we're down, but we're not going to be too stormy the next several days. today was gravy of great and there are still many road closures. how about this?
10:51 pm
the stunt on myth busters went wrong. the team was using a con none built at a nearby bomb range. the cannonball was supposed to go through water filled barrels into a concrete wall. instead it missed the barrel completely, hit the wall and went sailing through the air. when it hit a house it woke up the people inside but fortunately, no one was hurt. ♪i sing so naturally we found marcus canty lighting up the stage on x- factor tonight with his version of ain't nobody loves me better and while mark us was on stage we had his family here at fox 5 cheering him on. hot 99.5 sarah fraser talked with them after the performance. >> i am down here tonight with marcus canty's entire family, his sister, aunt and cousin who, oh, my gosh, did he not bring it back tonight or what?
10:52 pm
>> he was absolutely amazing. we sore proud of marcus. >> as if they're going -- we are so proud of marcus. >> as if they're going to go no, actually we're not. we were talking earlier who do you any is marcus' biggest competition and who will be voted home tonight? >> marcus' biggest competition is himself and who's going home is chris renee. >> collectively we all decided we're done with chris renee. >> what did you? who made you nervous for him tonight? >> well, i think chris play. josh i love, but tonight it -- chris renee. josh i love, but tonight it was a little difficult. rihanna was so awkward. josh just didn't look control doing the -- >> i don't think he was comfortable with his performance at all. >> oh, my. so i've been tweeting nonstop. so you can tweet and start calling and you have promised your brother how long are you
10:53 pm
going to be calling? >> two hours 9:30 to 11:30 i'm on the phone. >> one last question. after he wins that $5 million, where are we all going? >> we're all going dinner. >> having a big party. >> have you already got the money spent? >> no. >> thank you, lady, so much for joining us and marcus, we'll find out tomorrow, but i'm very excited. i think he was awesome tonight. back upstairs to you guys. >> we are all rooting for you. up next some of the youngest survivors of the pearl harbor attack live in virginia. 70 years later they share how they made it out alive. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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create shortcuts like automatically syncing while you sleep. instinctively shape-shifting from a music stream for your workout to newsfeed during breakfast, then a gps for your morning commute. powered by verizon 4g lte, this droid is too powerful to fall into the wrong hands. auto a memorial ceremony for those who died at pearl harbor 70 years ago today.
10:57 pm
about 120 survivors joined the secretary of the navy and other military leaders for a moment of silence this morning. today in a virginia retirement village a few survivors shared with us their memories of the attack. john henrehan has their story. >> reporter: betty kenealy, bud clause and hugh nguyen now live in the retirement community in springfield -- but on december 7, 1941, these people were at or near ground zero in pearl harbor hawaii when japanese forces heavily damaged the american fleet. betty was 9 years old at the time live ago jaunt to the airfield. her father -- living adjacent to the airfield. her father quickly evacuated her family. >> we found people were killed on the airport right after whet. the highway had been machine -- we left, the highway had been machine gunned and some of the housing was machine gunned. >> reporter: betty has a copy
10:58 pm
of the hawaii printed extra which far underestimated casualties. more than 2,400 people died. the editors got one thing right. the surprise attack meant the u.s. was going to war. hugh nguyen was a 25-year-old landscape architect for the defense department on pearl harbor day and remembers everyone being pressed into service. >> i know on the route there were two or three guys with machine guns. they were civilians and had never shot a machine gun. they had a boxful of ammunition and they were to shoot back. that only lasted one night. clearer heads reigned. >> reporter: but claus was only 14 years old when the attack on pearl harbor occurred. he became an instant orderly in a makeshift hospital helping severely burned sailors. >> one of the guys couldn't use their hands, so i fed them. >> reporter: these three survivors will never forget pearl harbor and hope future
10:59 pm
generations of americans remember the cost of the surprise attack. >> it's a mistake we made because we were asleep. >> reporter: should americanrbo >> if they don't, shame on them. >> reporter: in springfield, virginia, john henrehan, fox 5 news. ws. the news keeps coming. shawn yancy now with the news edge at 11:00. the winter weather mix hitting our area, but will this heavy rain turn to snow until let's get right to sue palka with the very latest models. a few changes you say? >> what we think is changing is the storm is moving out now and there will be little, if any, snow for the metro. you can see this storm departing. there's definitely snow across northern maryland up into pennsylvania, but it's really going to pull out here and the cold air didn't make it in in time to change a lot thatch rain over. you're going to have school -- of that rain over. you're going to have school in


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