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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 8, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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winchester, 32 degrees. might be a few slick spots off to the north and east, of course, we had some snow mix in during the overnight hours. check out the wind chills, winds out of the north and west gusting to 28. feels like 28 in washington, 28 in baltimore and 22 in the mountains out to the west. winchester feels like 22. it will be a chilly day. and, again, with bright sunshine, we're only expecting highs to be in the mid-40s, actually a few degrees below normal. haven't done that much this month. storminess now north and east of boston, really raced out of here overnight and we should be in for a couple of quiet this afternoons, although chilly this afternoon and chilly into the weekend. details on that in just a minute. 46 the daytime high, breezy conditions expected with winds out of the west 10 to 15 miles per hour. allison, tony, i'll toss it back to you guys. more details coming up. >> thank you, sir. while we did not get a lot of snow in our immediate region last night, the heavy rain we got is still affecting the morning commute. >> water street, the aptl-named
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water street in upper marlboro is flooded an closed this morning. our own stacey cohan is there live now. what's the latest, stacey? reporter: the latest is the water is still here, it's not going anywhere. it is just as full and beautiful, sparkling right across the roadway as it has been all day. we just saw a car go into the county courthouse. you are able to enter it if you're coming from downtown upper marlboro into the county courthouse now although there is a sign that says road closed, i've seen they've allowed a couple of cars in this way. if you are trying to access the courthouse, water avenue, the route 4, pennsylvania avenue, that's not happening for you. the water, as you can see, is just completely wiped out the roadway. now, it's interesting. you can see there's a bridge somewhere underneath that water and as i was reporting all morning about work-arounds for this water, one young man challenged me with an interesting dilemma. here's what he had to say.
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>> can't get to work because i usually catch the bus here to the courthouse and i take the short 10-minute walk to the kfc. now as you see, it's pretty flooded and i gotta swim to make it. too cold for that. reporter: as much as i would have liked to have found an alternate route for walking across that pedestrian bridge, i have been able -- i haven't been able to come up with one. he's out of luck. for the rest of you, you can work around through route 301, route 202. there are alternate ways to get from point a to point b. this will be shut down until the water recedes. it's a common problem here on water street, and, boy, that tremendous amount of rain really washed this place out, at least for the morning. reporting live, stacey cohan, back to you. >> stacey, thank you very much. record rains in part of the area. the rains have been too much for the local sewer system
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as well. wssc reports overflow at station pumping one and that's caused overflow to a storm drain that leads to some local creeks. new this morning some scary moments, sky fox over a burned out prince william county school bus on the 10,000 block of butterfield street in manassas. it caught fire around 7:00 this morning with at least five students on board. fire officials say a good samaritan saw smoke and fire coming from the engine and told the driver. the students were quickly taken off that bus. no one was hurt. so far no word on what caused the fire. also new this morning, russian prime minister vladimir putin pute is accusing secretary of state hillary clinton of encouraging and supporting the protestors in his country. he says she motivated his opponents by describing russia's parliamentary elections as being rigged. putin is now issuing a new warning saying any foreign government trying to influence russian politics will be held
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accountable. there is another warning for europe from standard and poors this morning. the s & p is warning it could downgrade the rating of the entire european union, all 27 countries. that comes as european leaders are meeting today and tomorrow to find a way to solve the debt crisis. earlier this week the s & p put the 17 countries that use the euro on notice of a possible downgrade, including powerhouse germany. and a mail bomb is sent to a bank in germany. it has banks there in new york city on alert for other package bombs this morning. the mail bomb was addressed to the head of a bank there, josef ackermann at the bank's headquarters in frankfurt. the suspicious package was packed with explosives and shrapnel, but it did not blow up. here in washington both congress and the white house are trying to break a deadlock over extending a payroll tax cut as the end-of-year deadline
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rapidly approaches and christmas vacations are hanging in the balance. fox' doug luzader has more from capitol hill. reporter: the talks continue this morning, both at the white house and here at congress, but this could come right down to the wire. [ cheers ] reporter: the christmas cheer may be brightening the nation's capitol, but it only goes so far when it comes to taxes. republicans in the house are meeting today to figure out where to go next. democratic leaders will huddle at the white house to do the same thing. and from the president a warning shot. >> if the payroll tax cut is attached to a whole bunch of extraneous issues, it's not something that i'm going to accept. reporter: the tax cut has been pushing more money into nearly all of our wallets since it was first passed as part of a white house stimulus plan. it expires at the end of the year. one problem with extending it, that tax is supposed to fund social security. >> the concern about the payroll tax cut is this, is that we're taking money out of
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the social security trust fund. we have a trust fund that we all know is going broke. real work needs to be done to preserve the social security trust fund. reporter: and even democratic plans to raise taxes on the wealthy to offset the tax cut don't replace the lost social security funds and republicans are having trouble coming up with their own plan to slash spending. but christmas may help focus minds here. members of congress want to go home, president obama wants to go back to hawaii, a trip that may now be in jeopardy. and the president is planning to leave for hawaii next week to start a 17-day vacation. it's looking more and more likely that he's going to have to push that back. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. and on to some of the other top stories we're following. at least 70 protestors including some from the occupy d.c. movement were arrested when they converged on k street yesterday. k street, of course, considered the symbolic hub of the lobbyist industry. many of those detained formed a
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human chain in the road, shutting down the area around mcpherson square. protestors also went to the white house and supreme court. some were arrested for refusing to leave the steps of the supreme court building. more trouble for the air force's mortuary at dover air base. it seems a lot more remains of american soldiers were dumped in a virginia landfill than the military first admitted. the "washington post" reporting that the remains of 274 troops were sent to the landfill in king george county. the air force says it has no plans to alert the families of the dead that their loved ones were dumped there. and in maryland police arrested a 17-year-old for stabbing another teen at school. brianna funez is being charged as an adult. police say the stabbing happened during an argument between girls from montgomery blair and kennedy high schools. this outside a boys' basketball game at northwood high in silver spring on tuesday.
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the victim is expected to survive. attorney general eric holder will face some tough questions today about the government's fast and furious program. he will appear before the house judiciary committee. the justice department's program was supposed to trace guns that went from the u.s. into mexico, but allegedly ended up putting weapons into the hands of criminals. guns from the operation were linked to the death of a u.s. border patrol agent last year. jon corzine returns to capitol hill today. he was subpoenaed to appear before a senate committee to explain how mf global collapsed into the eighth largest bankruptcy in u.s. history and why $1.2 billion in client money is missing. the former new jersey senator and governor was trying to help build a firm into a wall street powerhouse. corzine is expected to invoke his fifth amendment right to avoid potentially damaging questions. former illinois governor rod blagojevich is headed to prison for up to 14 years.
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he was convicted on several corruption charges, one of those crimes was trying to sell president obama's old senate seat. blagojevich turns 55 on saturday and under federal guidelines, the 14-year sentence means he'll serve at least 12 years behind bars. he spoke out after the sentencing, but declined to answer any questions. >> this is a time to fight through adversity, this is a time for me to be strong for my children, be strong for patti and this is also a time for patti and me to get home so we can explain to our kids, our babies amy and annie, what happened, what all this means and where we're going from here. >> blagojevich is now the second illinois governor in a row to go to prison. he could end up in the same facility as former governor george ryan who is also serving time for corruption. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is behind bars this morning. he was arrested on new sex abuse charges and apparently could not post a $250,000 cash
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bail. two new accusers told a grand jury they met sandusky through the second mile charity that he founded. according to the judge, if sandusky does make bail, he will be under house arrest and subject to electronic monitoring. don't let the holiday shopping send you into the red. there are plenty of personal finance sites that can help you organize your accounts and start the new year off on the right foot. we're going to take an in-depth look at one of them when we head to "the smart phone zone." ahead later this hour, from hashtags to news of the world, a look at the top twitter trebleds of 2011. we'll be right back, it's 11 minutes after 9:00.
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it is a grand opening at grand central and just in time for christmas. the newest apple store will start selling products to the public tomorrow. it's one of the biggest stores in the world and is located in
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one of the most recognizable commuter areas and the new store is sure to get lots of foot traffic. hundreds of thousands of people pass through grand central station each and everyday. >> love grand central station. >> so smart to go in there. >> yes, it is. holiday shopping can cause a major dent in the bank account. today we're taking a look at a way you can get organized and keep your finances in good shape as you head into the new year. >> fox 5's lauren demarco has more now right here in "the smart phone zone." hi, lauren. reporter: hey, guys. there are several personal finance websites out there and they can really help you get a handle on things. i spoke with an executive at about their website and apps for smart phones and tablets. >> we make it easy to get started. [ no audio ] reporter: i can
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tell you all about it. late not worry about it. so it's called, there are the website and, of course, there's apps for android and iphone and there's also an app for the ipad. it's very cool. you can set up a budget, you can set goals for yourself. they also kind of give you advice, so, like, say you have a credit card, the one example that he gave us, the executive who we spoke to is that if you have a credit card that doesn't earn you points for gas but most of your money is going toward gas, they'll sort of recommend one for you, that's actually how they make their money through the advertisers, but they do assure us that all of it is done based on what the consumer needs. of course, you don't have to take their advice, but it is helpful. so definitely something to think about as you head into the holidays. we've got all of the information actually already for you on so if you just head to the morning zone -- pardon me, to the morning stage and look for the smart phone zone, we have all of that there for you. >> it's something that people
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-- i mean, i have to admit even i myself at times have been afraid to analyze my spending because you kind of want to spend, but it's a smart thing to do. reporter: it's funny, our producer at 6:00 a.m. said, oh, my gosh, i can't do that because if i do that i won't go holiday shopping at all. and i thought, well, i guess that's kind of the point. it is helpful. the other big thing is privacy. so if you're concerned about privacy, they do say that they don't use your social security number, they don't even have your name. you do link through your bank account, but apparently they keep it all sort of confidential so they don't have access and they can't move money. you can't even move money on you are only able to look at your account and see where you're spending. they use a lot of pie charts and visual aids, so it's kind of helpful to give you an idea of where your money is going every month. >> lauren, thank you very much. useful information as always. thank you, lauren. coming up we have a look at some of the top medical stories that are making headlines today. plus he was dressed like a superhero, but he is wanted by
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police. details on a bank robbery here in our area. and then annie yu is live at the national theater. annie, good morning. reporter: good morning. the jersey boys are in town at the national theater and that is where we are live this morning. and of course this is the award- winning musical and we can't let the morning go without talking about the music and the timeless i conic songs, right? that's what we're talking about later this morning. we'll speak to the conductor and a major, major person in the entire show coming up right after this. >> thanks, annie. >> those children in the show, i don't recall them being in the show. here's today's trivia question, love it. the nfl game with the most lopsided score ever occurred 71 years ago today. it was the league -- i know you know it, tucker, it was the league championship game between the chicago bears and the washington redskins. what was the score, was it 82- 10, 65-3, 73-0 or 92-7? the answer is coming up later this
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hour. we'll be back.  [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. state farm's got you cover. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state.
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back now with a health alert about a potential major breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer. studies show two new medicines significantly delay the time until a woman with vapsed cases get worse. -- advanced cases get worse. one experimental drug is pertu gr umab, held cancer at bay for a medium of 18 months and then given with standard treatment it did that, and that's six months longer than those given with the usual treatment. another drug long used an organ transplant called affinitor also kept cancer in check longer. the fallout may just be beginning over the order by health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius to stop the morning after pill from over-the-counter sales. for now plan b will stay behind pharmacy counters, available without a prescription only to those 17 and older.
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but major doctors' groups are stunned because they argue that over-the-counter sales could reduce unplanned pregnancies. sebelius says that young girls shouldn't be able to buy the pill on their own. making headlines today, a deadly helicopter accident in nevada. the helicopter was taking passengers on a luxury sunset tour of the las vegas strip and hoover dam when it crashed into a mountainside near lake meade. the pilot and four passengers were all killed. an american citizen is spending the next 2 1/2 years in a prison in thailand. a thai court sentenced 55-year- old joe gordon who was born in thailand for insulting thailand's royal family. he translated parts of a biography about the king which was ban inside thailand and posted links to the biography when he lived in colorado. the case is raising questions about freedom of speech and applying thai law to acts committed outside of the country. well, police are still
9:23 am
searching for spiderman. surveillance images show a person dressed like the superhero robbing the bb and t bank on livingston road in fort washington. police say the suspect passed a note to a teller, showing a gun. spiderman got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. >> apparently he drove off in a chevrolet which is very unspidey-like. we've got a special -- i'm sorry, this is you. >> you go ahead. >> we have a special ornament from a viewer. i'm hiding it right here, from a viewer. we'll place it on the fox 5 christmas tree coming up. plus kevin mccarthy sits down with patton oswald. he stars along size charlize they areon in a new hit movie. fox 5 morning news will be back with that and more. >> merry christmas and happy holidays to vanna and granddaddy, david, morgan, kristen, tyler, madison and henry and all of our family and friends in northern virginia
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how does it look? >> beautiful out there, but it's cold. >> okay. sunny. >> feels like christmas, though. starting to feel like christmas. >> sure is. >> are you going to get the ornaments on the tree? >> we gotta get the tree first. after yesterday, 36 and sunny, i'll take it. >> you're absolutely right about that. after the deluge we had around here and even parts of the area getting the snow, today a lot quieter. it is going to be on the cold side, not only today but right through the weekend. going to the redskins game? >> no, i am not. i have other things to do. >> i understand. late get right to the numbers. we'll talk about the redskins
9:28 am
later. >> okay. are you going? >> not this weekend. i've been to two games this year. >> i gotta go. >> you do, you're obligated. >> 37 at reagan national, we are on the chilly side, we're going to be chilly later today, and you know what? we're going to be down right cold tonight as these temperatures are going to fall back. there you go, 37 in the city, 41 in quantico. off to the north and west we go, places like winchester still at the freezing mark, 32 for you, 34 in martinsburg. let's see, fredricksburg 39 degrees. so it is cool out there, mix in these winds, look at these winds, they've really been blowing overnight. in fact, overnight they were gusting at times to around 50 miles an hour in a few spots, still here out of the west and northwest gusting to about 25 here in washington, 25 in gaitersburg. you got it, we're bringing back the wind chill. remember the old wind chill? the wind chill map is back and temperatures generally feel like upper 20s and low 30s right now. and even this afternoon with highs in the mid-40 wind advisory a pretty good wind here out of the west, it'll feel like 30ed much of the day. bottom line coat weather here to stay this afternoon. and as mentioned we're going to be cold tonight.
9:29 am
our storminess from yesterday that brought us the deluge brought us record rains for the month of december, over three inches of rain at reagan national. that is outta here and really racing off to the north and east. early this morning the last bands of it were still in new york and boston. look at that racing north and east right now through maine so it's outta here. looking at much quieter weather. we've got sunshine in the forecast for the next several days. i think we'll have a few more clouds tomorrow as we get a clipper system approaching from the north and west. but all that is going to kind of do is reenforce the cool. we're not expecting any rain with it late tomorrow afternoon. a few clouds and then some cooler weather for the weekend. kind of steady as she goes here, not expecting any temperature extremes, although it will be a lot cooler than what we've had around here the last several days, sunshine, breezy this morning, windy, really, winds out of the west, gusting to 26. it'll feel like 40s for much of the day. level on the -- definitely on the brisk side. radiational cooling tonight, 43 in the city. i think most of the area will
9:30 am
be at or below the freezing mark tomorrow morning and here's your five-day forecast, again, going to be a nice couple days, tomorrow 49. weekend lots of sunshine, dry conditions. i mentioned the redskins game. if you're going, should be just fine, but it will be cool. high temperature only about 43 degrees sunday afternoon, and then we'll start a warmup early next week. but a lot of sunshine in the forecast the next couple of days allison, that's a look at the weather, we'll toss it back to you. >> thanks. it's a good bet you recognize him from his standup comedy or his role as loveable spence on the sit-com "king of queens," but patton oswald is now pairing with charlize they areon in the new comedy called "young adult" opening next weekend. he talked with kevin mccarthy about the challenges of playing a character that's both funny and deeply sad. >> you're very funny, but you're also very serious in this movie. i wanted to ask you when you go down both of those routes, what's the harder route for you as an actor? is it harder to be funny or
9:31 am
really dramatic? >> they're equally hard because you're drawing on that same sort of energy, when you're trying to be funny and you're drawing on, well, i'm trying to draw on something tragic or absurd seem heurms or palatable and when you're being dramatic, you are basically trying to recreate something that is very, very painful, but in a manageable way so that it doesn't destroy you while you're doing it. so i know that didn't sound like it made a lot of sense, but i am drawing -- i'm drawing on the same source of emotion just using different techniques. >> one thing about this movie i think jason does really well is he really, really does a good job of making the audience feel really awkward. >> yes. reporter: and i don't want to give away the scene we're referring to, but there's a very intense scene. without giving that away, tell me where you went epotentially when you did that sequence? >> it was a really tough scene, without giving too much away,
9:32 am
what happened really that was scarier for both of us in the scene is that we are so beyond words at that point and so the cement of our relationship up to that point in the movie has been clips and jokes and banter and stuff like that and now those are gone and what's left, do we even exist, you know, will she still be here, will i still be here for her, so there's that real fear of i don't even know if the one person i have in my life right now, i don't know how real that is and since we're both at the end of our ropes, that's what made it really scary. i think at that point in the filming, we were so into our characters that we were more attuned to that fear of loss than we were to the actual awkwardness of the situation. >> when the camera shuts off, can you go back to yourself, is there a period when you have to adjust? >> it takes me more time to dismount. charlize who is on such an advanced level than me can bounce back to charlize, but that's because she's such a proand has so much more experience at this than i did.
9:33 am
i need more rampup time, i needed more dismount time. i could do it, but it took a little more time. >> very serious actor right there. >> he's very funny, but i guess this is a dramedy. supposed to be funny, but he's talking very seriously about the role. >> kevin will join us in the studio during our 6:00 hour tomorrow morning as he does on fridays to review this week's releases releases. before we go to the break, i have to say something and it's an apology, really. i was supposed to a few moments ago before the weather hang our most recent ornament that someone sent to us on the tree. suzette young, if you're watching, you made a beautiful ornament, very delicate. >> gorgeous. >> we had it back here, as i mentioned, i hung it on the tree as a practice hang and we talked about it. when i took it off the tree i dropped it and broke it.
9:34 am
it's shattered. these are the remnants of the ornament. and suzette hand makes the ornaments. you know what? we shouldn't even show this. this gives you an idea of how beautiful the ornament was. all of this was encased in glass, made for a very nice scene. suzette, i'm very, very sorry. we thank you for sending it. if you want to send another, we'll have someone else handle it. >> i'll do it. >> i really do apologize. we thank everyone who's sending ornaments. to send one, send it to fox 5 at 5151 wisconsin avenue northwest, washington d.c., 20016. >> you're feeling lucky. >> if you're feeling lucky. >> he feels so bad. >> i do. >> it was really pretty, like a whole scene. and it was a small cube and all of this in there. it was really very beautiful. >> you know what? if she sends another one, she might not, but if she does, we'll show it to you compared to this. we'll show you how beautiful it
9:35 am
was. you've probably found some loose change under the couch cushion, maybe even a couple of dollars in the pocket of an old pair of jeans. >> i love it when that happens. >> me too. how do hundreds of millions of dollars go unnoticed. officials in one state are explaining after the break. from news of the world to the hollywood elite, we're going to take a look at the top twitter trends of 2011. first another look at today's trivia question. if you're a redskins fan, you know this one, the nfl game with the most lopsided score ever occurred 71 years ago today. it was the league championship game between the chicago bears and the washington redskins. what was the score? was it 82-10, 65-3, 73-0 or 92- 7? the answer is coming up in just about 20 minutes.  hey guys, what can i get for you?
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now you can add some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today.
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checking wall street now, the stock exchange in new york, of course, now open.
9:39 am
here's a live look at the big board. shows the dow is down 23 points. the european central bank cut interest rates overnight. this morning the weekly unemployment numbers showed a lot less people applying for jobless benefits. again, the dow is down 21 points right now. tony. here's a head scratcher. the state of indiana unexpectedly found nearly $300 million. the money electronically collected from corporate taxes since 2007 has been going to the wrong account. an auditor recently found the mistake. the money is now being moved to indiana's general fund. >> the state always had the money, the state always earned interest on the money. it was just sitting in this account and was not attributed to the general fund. >> so the new found money will give the state a surplus of $1.6 billion. so they were going to have a surplus anyway. that is more than 10% of the overall budget. that triggers a newly-passed
9:40 am
mechanism in that state that sends nearly half of the $300 million to the teachers' pension fund and the other half to a taxpayer fund. wow! very good. >> i wish i could just find that money too. >> i'd be happy to find $30. >> me too. >> great. >> fantastic. more and more social networking is having a bigger impact on the way news is delivered and received. >> yes. twitter is out with the year- end review list of some of the hottest topics in 2011. topping world news, the resignation of egyptian president hosni mubarak in february after 18 days of demonstrations, the transformation in egypt also made it the most popular hashtag. the number one reference for football dallas. boo. >> charlie sheen got top spot in the actor category for his seemingly endless drama. it ended, though. >> thank goodness. >> elizabeth taylor for actress. she passed away in march. >> very interesting. a personal touch to holiday decorations. coming up next on fox 5 our
9:41 am
garden guru derek thomas is here to show us some do-it- yourself centerpieces and garlands. and, allison, you're going to do that segment. >> yes, butter fingers, i will. and then the story of frankie valley and the four seasons has been charming those on broadway. now the jersey boys are here in d.c. we are taking you behind the scenes after the break. q you disgust me.
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prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed.
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when you are decking your halls, don't forget to add that personal touch to your holiday decorations. ed good news is you don't have to be a pro to make your own centerpieces and own garland. our garden expert derek thomas with thomas landscapes joins us to tell us how we start to do this. hi. >> it all begins, you talked about the artificial greenery. >> i must admit i have fake
9:45 am
garland in my house. >> it's not that hard. the garland actually comes prewrapped now so you can have that scent and many times if you go to the tree place you can get from the trimmings of other people's trees fresh bough for your mantle or whatever. >> there's nothing like it. >> there's nothing like it. what we're talking about is taking simple things in your landscape. this is a u you may have in your garden. this is actually an artificial green and been decorated out with the red little balls and we've taken simple candied apples that i was able to get at target, and we hung them on there so it's become a bit festive. l.e.d. lights have become all the rage. >> yes, they have. >> these l.e.d. lights illuminated and suddenly the ewe that has spent its entire season in the front of your house is now decorated out because you've added your little personal touch. this takes a couple of minutes to do.
9:46 am
>> and it's quarter of the price of buying something like that. >> that's the thing, it's quarter of the price. what about the vase that you have that sits on the mantle piece? these boughs you can put in here, the vase suddenly becomes a wonderful, wonderful part of your holiday ornaments. now, if you don't want to buy these premade, what you can do is take the spray glue, not the spray glue, rather the spray snow and spray it onto some boughs that you collect in your landscape and suddenly you have a great mantle piece or wherever that vase has been, it now fits into the holiday theme. >> sure does. >> what about if you've got just a silver serving tray, perhaps this has got other cochskies in it during the season. i found these pine cones and spread them out and suddenly it's a wonderful, festive center piece for your holiday table. >> perfect.
9:47 am
>> wreaths, you know, everyone wants to have a great wreath for their holiday, door or what have you. this is one that was premade and i want you to help me allison with the eucalyptus. this is eucalyptus and what we're going to do is take the bigger piece, stick it in there in the direction that the wreath is going. the wreath is usually wrapped in one way, stick it in there like that and suddenly what you've done is you've added a bit of excitement and pizzaz to a store bought wreath and you put in your personal touch. you can get the red eucalyptus if you want to make it more festive. >> about a minute left. >> perfect. this was actually something that i found -- i found this basket, allison at one of the craft stores, it was broken. i got it for less than a buck. this is our comparison basket. this one costs over $20. these are all greens that we've harvested, i've got some greens in there already and i'm going to show the viewers for how
9:48 am
under $3, i just harvested them, for under $3 we can create a centerpiece that is actually a lot more decorative and, you know, $20 -- yeah, get a little bit more. maybe do some greens if you want. >> derek, let me also say that i love magnolia trees and that you incorporated that in there is so wonderful. >> isn't that fabulous? and the one that we're copying, like i said, over $20, yours is twice as big, just as festive and for $1.50 because the handle was broken at the craft store, you've got the perfect holiday centerpiece. >> so keep your eyes open and you can do this. i think i can do this so i know you can do it. derek, happy holidays. we'll see you again before. >> absolutely. we have other great ideas coming out. >> as if ever he has a bad idea. tony, over to you. >> beautiful, beautiful. thank you both. fox 5's annie yu is at the national theater in northwest d.c. this morning where you can see the hit musical "jersey
9:49 am
boys" now through january 7th. annie, i don't know if you've seen the show. it is a great show. you're very lucky to be there. reporter: i haven't seen it, but i've talk today a lot of people who have and they say it's a great show. i plan to come out and see it. tony, there are 33 songs in the entire 2 1/2 show and the neat thing is everything is live. so they have a live band and there's a lot of work that goes into it. and that's why these gentlemen join me now. we're talking to the conductor of the show, john, good morning. and we have buck. buck, you play norm waxman and 10 other characters and play the guitar and the drums. >> that's right. reporter: show off. >> i try. i couldn't do nothing else, so i had to do this show. reporter: john, let me start with you. how tough is it to pool this whole thing together? >> i always call it a swiss watch because everything is very timed out. we have, like you said, 33 songs, we have music constantly going through the show, underscoring, the a actors have
9:50 am
-- the actors have to fit their scenes into this underscoring at times. it's a lot of work. but everybody is so professional and it's such a great cast and such a great band. we travel with our own band and it works very well. everybody does their job very well. reporter: and 22 songs from the four seasons are in this show, right? >> no, no. the 33 that you mentioned. 22 guitars. reporter: oh -- no, i thought there were 70 guitars. >> there are 70 guitars traveling. there are 22 we use for the show. reporter: oh, my gosh. that's amazing. i understand there's a spare for each guitar. >> that's right, for each guitar we travel with a spare because we might need it. reporter: buck, let me ask you, how tough is it to play all those roles during the show? >> it's a blast. one of our buddies in the show said he would know who he was by looking down at what he was wearing. as john said, the show is such a swiss watch, it's so well put together. every scene has a purpose that serves telling a story. it becomes a blast because you get to do more things in the first act than most people do
9:51 am
in the entire show. reporter: right. so at what point -- give us a little looksy into your world during that 2 1/2 hours. you're playing so many roles. what is it like? >> it's a lot of velco and snaps. reporter: how fast can you change? >> there's a scene without spoiling too much for people at home that i get really messy and i get really dirty in the scene and that's my quickest change and i think we do that whole thing in, like, 35 seconds. we do everything, i have to put on a whole new shirt, undershirt, lose a hat, put on a sport coat and pants and it happens right over there and it happens right over there. they have to sing while they change. reporter: you guys are clearly doing a lot of shows, conductor, you have so many roles, but you also have fatherly roles, right? >> true. reporter: we'll meet your families because they are out here with us. we've got to get cute little emma and gibson on. emma is 3 years old and gibson is 2. actually, gibson is a d.c. native because last time
9:52 am
the jersey boys were here, he was actually born here, right? >> that's right. alexandria. reporter: that's so neat. come on in, guys. so what are some of the challenges of having your families on the road with you? >> the biggest challenge, i think, is the support system because usually when you're in a home situation you would have more people to help care, so we have to sometimes plan ahead and look for some babysitting or nanny duties, so kim gets the brunt of taking care of emma. reporter: this is kim, everybody. >> this is mary. reporter: i'm sorry, this is mary, that's kim shriver over there. mary, you're clearly expecting a another little bundle joy. how do you bind all this together? >> it's actually not bad because he's home all day and he goes to work after gibson is in bed. it's actually good. i think it's a good deal. reporter: and what's it like for you with life on the road with a little one and your husband working so hard? >> i think the hardest part is
9:53 am
knowing that emma doesn't have a lot of kids to play with except for gibson and they're leaving us, so now she won't have any kids except people we run into in the mall. reporter: hopefully a good playground around here. before we go, i just want to present this to our holly morris, the jersey boys are giving her this little onesie, walk like a man. holly morris just had a baby, everybody, babe hayden. mommy and baby are doing well. she misses us and we miss her. everyone, we've had a really fun time out here. definitely come out and check out "the jersey boys." tony perkins is right, it is a great show, i plan to come out. you can find all of this information at back to you in the studio. >> annie, thank you so much. what a fun morning. tucker has a final check on the weather when we come back, plus we have the answer of today's trivia question, what was the score of the most lopsided game in nfl history, it happened at the 1940 championship game between the washington redskins and the chicago bears. and speaking of questions,
9:54 am
hey, it's thursday, tomorrow is friday and if you have a question you'd like answered, send it to me, head to, click on the morning tab for a link to ask allison. we do this friday mornings in the 9:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. answer questions on a variety of topics, but we love the family issue, relationship issues, we love to answer those, those are our favorite. again, we do it during this time on the show on fridays. we'll be right back. ♪
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[ male announcer ] get to a better state. we are back with the answer to today's trivia question. we asked what was the score of the most lopsided game in nfl history? it happened at the nfl championship game between the washington redskins and the chicago bears. you know it redskins, fans, the answer 73-0. unfortunately the redskins were on the losing end. the megaloss came just three weeks after the redskins had
9:58 am
beaten the bears 7-3 in the regular season. after that game the story goes that redskins coach george preston marshall called the bears crybabies. you don't do that. that apparently was enough to fire chicago up for the championship game. now check this out. this what you're about to see was the official program from that 1940 game played 71 years ago today at the old griffith stadium here in d.c. >> cool. >> that's amazing. >> maybe that's a good tactic, though, the coaches now can call the skins cry babies and they'll get all fired up and go out and decimate other teams. >> that's why you never say that about another team. 1940. >> what did you say? >> nice artistic work. it looks like a rat almost, a big rat. >> it's a bear. tucker. >> that's cool trivia, tony. there you go. sunshine, cool today with winds, it's going to feel like 30s all day.
9:59 am
coat weather here to stay. cold tonight. army/navy game on saturday, a redskins game on sunday. >> big weekend. one of our smart elik staff members brought this up and said you can hang this ornament on the tree since i broke the other one. >> that's not even funny. >> never mind. i'll do it tomorrow. please continue to send them in. >> i'm sorry. hi, we're the world famous radio city rockettes. we're here to celebrate the holidays on "the wendy williams show." how you doin'? >> it's time for "wendy." today, the very funny cheryl hines. plus, the outrageous "a list: dallas" cast. plus, lindsay's personal diary exposed. "hot topics," "inside scoop," and all your favorite stuff. now, here's


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