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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 9, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right off the top tonight new details on the man police say shot and killed an officer on the virginia tech campus. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm laura evans. >> i'm brian bolter. that gunman identified as 22- year-old ross ashley from
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spotsylvania county. police are trying to figure out what made him drive to the university and shoot the police officer. >> a dean's list college student turned armed robber of his landlord's office and then cop killer. that is how virginia state police are describing ross truett ashley, but what set him off is still a mystery. >> reporter: this is the face of a killer, 22-year-old ross truett ashley. he was a part-time student at radford university in virginia and now we're learning a day before the deadly shooting on the virginia tech campus ashley entered a real estate office in radford and at gunpoint stole a white mercedes suv from an employee. he later dumped it on the catch us of virginia tech sometime -- campus of virginia tech sometime before his delivered confrontation thursday with virginia tech campus police officer 39-year-old deriek crouse. so far police have not been able to determine a motive for the crime. >> the motive is the crux of the investigation right now,
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piecing together based on information gleaned from eyewitnesses, family, friends, anybody that knew him as well as what can be gleaned from the autopsy and other forensic evidence that we for the at both shooting scenes. >> reporter: ashery was from spotsylvania county virginia and attended spotsylvania high school. he played football there. his coach remembers him well and is shocked and saddened by the tragedy. >> he has family and it's sad it ended this way. >> reporter: the shooting brings back memories of april 2007 when a virginia tech student to oned 33 people. now many are waiting for -- who killed 33 people. now many are waiting for a reason why it happened again. >> we're learning funeral
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services will be monday on the virginia tech campus. >> maureen umeh tonight. thousands of people gathered at the drill field on virginia tech catch us tonight for a candle light -- campus tonight for a candlelight vigil there to remember officer crouse and his family. students said they appreciated his sacrifice. the hunt is on in baltimore for the person who shot and killed a 22-year-old morgan state university student. brandon hudson is originally from clinton, maryland, and was found dead in his apartment in the charles village section of baltimore last night. he was a senior at morgan state majoring in business. police there say there was no sign of forced entry, so hudson may have known his killer. his friends say they're stunned. >> he was a lively person. he's one if you were having a bad day, he's bound to say something that lifted your spirits. he was full of positive energy. he never was that type of person to want to put somebody down.
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he was always about everybody is big enough, everybody else trying to progress and do positive things in life. >> the shooting is the latest in a series of violent attacks in charles village. the man accused of shooting a virginia state trooper is dead. herbert wheeler died this morning after trooper michael hamer shot him. earlier officers had tried to pull wheeler over for reckless driving but he got away. hamer later spotted him walking on the shoulder, the two men struggled and hamer him on the leg. hamer was slightly wounded but returned fire and killed wheeler. shocking surveillance video of an armed robbery in the 3900 block of south capital last week. nine wearing black ski masks charged in, knocked items off the shelves and took cash from the register. police are looking for the suspects. days after her husband was sentenced to jail time leslie johnson asked for probation today in greenbelt. the judge said no.
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the former prince george's county council member was ordered to serve time in prison. fox 5's john henrehan has this story. >> reporter: according to federal prosecutors, former prince george's county executive jack johnson was corrupt for the entire eight year period he had the top job in the county shaking down developers and contractors for big money. leslie johnson, his wife, told a federal judge at her sentencing hearing i did not know anything about the criminal conduct that my husband engaged in. prosecutors call that claim ludicrous noting that as fbi agents were banging at the door leslie johnson flushed a $100,000 developer's check down the toilet and conspired with her husband on an intercepted phone call to hide $80,000 in cash. >> you got the cash? >> uh-huh. >> okay. put it in your bra or something like that and walk out of there. >> reporter: leslie johnson's attorney characterized the 80,000 in cash that was in the basement of their home as household emergency money. on the fourth floor of the
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federal courthouse in greenbelt the judge told leslie johnson you knew that money was tainted. you tried to conceal or destroy it. the judge handed down a year and a day sentence to the former county council member who ultimately resigned after pleading guilty. a couple dozen supporters expressed disappointment leslie johnson got any prison time. some prince george's county residents think a year not enough. >> honestly i think it's not stiff enough. $80,000. you know where the cash is and you shove it down your underwear? there's got to be something else going on there. >> she could get out in about 10 months. her husband jack johnson will begin his seven-year prison sentence in february. lisly johnson begins her period of incarceration in march. john henrehan, fox 5 news. glenn ivy was serving as prince george's county state's
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attorney when jack and leslie johnson were arrested last year. ivey appeared with us earlier. i asked him for his opinion about the sentencing. >> i think the community is glad it's over ready to move forward. i know there's agendas for economic development and things that will benefit from getting past the pay to play, the year that it unfortunately took place, and i think everybody is ready to get started with that. >> talk about the pay to play era, john henrehan talked about two dozen supporters of leslie johnson in court today. we talked to people on the street who support the johnsons and feel sorry for them. of course, there are a lot of critics, too but is there a since of tolerance that there's a level of tolerance in prince george's county for this kind of corruption that, people are saying it's okay? >> i don't think so. i think certainly by the point that she resigned, i think community was really ready for
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her to go. on the other hand, i think we're a community where there's forgiveness and reconciliation. there are a lot of people in prince george's county and everywhere else, for that matter, needing second chances. i think when the time comes for them, they'll have theirs when they come back. >> given all they had done for the community to serve the community, too perhaps that's in the minds of the supporters? >> yeah. they've done positive things. at the same time i think, you know, there was a time to come to justice for both of them and i think that time is now? >> i also have to ask you about the question over how much leslie johnson knew. we heard in john henrehan's piece saying that she claimed she thought the $80,000 in the base. was emergency money for the household. >> right. >> her attorney said she didn't know her husband was involved in any corruption. was that a risky strategy when now we've heard the phone call recorded that she knew about
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the $80,000? >> yeah. i think, you know, the tape kind of speaks for itself and you have a lot of surrounding circumstances and i think led the judge to conclude that was, in fact, not the case, that she did have none about what mr. johnson had been doing at -- knowledge about what mr. johnson had been doing at least with respect to the cash in the house at the time of the fbi raid. i think the sentence was probably based more on the view by the judge that she knew as opposed to not knowing. >> let me get your reaction, also to, jack johnson's sentence. i know you know the johnsons very well, seven years, three months. >> i think the interesting point out of that was he was facing 11 to 14 and he got the reduction based on two things, acceptance of responsibility, but most significantly, ongoing cooperation with the u.s. attorney and federal investigators. so that might mean there are other shoes that will drop out there soon. now to the fox 5 storm force, a live look outside. temperatures are falling. we're in for a cold start to
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the weekend. fox 5's gary mcgrady tracking the tumble from the weather center. >> it's interesting because some are falling, but some temperatures have come up a little bit in the last couple hours simply because we have a little cover out there in places. that's not going to be the case all night tonight, but case in point, frederick was 28 degrees a little while ago. now it's come out. the clouds have moved in a little bit, dulles 34, manassas clear there, 30 degrees and culpeper clear there, 32. look down to the south and southeast, though. a little bit more in the way of cloud cover, so temperatures are in the mid-40s now, even the lower 50s for some. so some cloud overnight, not everybody completely cloudy. we'll have some periods of he is mostly cloudy and some -- of mostly cloudy and periods of partly cloudy. here in down we're down to 36 degrees, wind north, northwest 5 miles per hour. with some clouds overnight tonight some of these southern temperatures will fall off to
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the 20s, going to be cold. here in town we'll settle down to the mid- to upper 30s. we'll have a few clouds tomorrow. we're still expecting a lot of sunshine this weekend. it will stay a little chilly, too. we'll have a look at that complete forecast for the weekend and beyond in a bit. he had been missing for years. tonight we're getting a first look at a former fbi agent kidnapped in iran. here his plea for help next. and he was trusted to protect and serve the children in a local community. tonight on the news edge what a former assistant principal had to sale as he was sentenced for disturb -- say as he was sentenced for disturbing crimes.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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newly released video of an american held captive in iran is leaving more questions than answers. the former fbi agent disappeared in 2007 and as fox's molly hennenberg reports, we still don't know who is holding robert levinson against his will. >> reporter: this still image taken from the videos shows retired fbi agent robert
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levinson worn and ragged but alive. for the first time the family is releasing the video threed from his unidentified captor -- received from his unidentified captors while making a plea. >> i am making a plea. my mother has received your messages. please tell us your demands so we can work together to bring my father home safely. >> bob, i will continue to do everything i can to bring you home alive. all i want is for our family to be whole again. we love you. we miss you every day. >> in the video which the family received in november, 2010 levinson pleads with the u.s. government to meet the demands of the people holding him but did not identify them. the associated press saw the video last year but did not immediately report it because the u.s. government said doing so would complicate diplomatic efforts to bring levinson home, but now those efforts appear to have stalled with relations between the u.s. and iran taking a turn for the worse.
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levinson's family now foregoing dip make the channels trying to appeal directly idtified kidnap despite a lengthy investigation the u.s. government has no evidence who is holding levinson. clues from the video and photos which arrived a few months later indicate levinson might not be in iran at all but rather pakistan or even afghanistan, this according to u.s. officials. some officials believe the iranian government routed the video through pakistan as a way to blame the disappearance on someone eliminates, possibly the anti--- else, possibly an anti-iran terrorist group, but the fbi has no proof of that either. it is a top priority of the president, extending the payroll tax cut. republicans and democrat say they want to get it done, but reaching a deal hasn't happened. earlier today house republicans came up with a plan to fund the extension and it includes several other stimulus
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proposals, but it also includes a provision for an oil pipeline to be built from the u.s. to canada. democrats say that would be a deal breaker. >> it's a tip designed to do away with the payroll tax cut. >> republicans say if the president were to veto the bill he might lose more than he would gain because taxes on middle class americans would go up. on the campaign trail the countdown is on to the iowa caucus in early january. in a new fox news poll newt gingrich has a sizable lead over mitt romney. romney is on an aggressive ad attack but now gingrich has a 13-point lead in the polls. >> the republican voters have been looking for somebody who is as smart and capable as mitt romney and more conservative. they think now for the moment they found it in gingrich. >> romney's new ad paints gingrich as an out of touch person be with his party. another recent romney ad shows
10:18 pm
him as a family man contrasting with gingrich being married three times. gingrich signed up for a debate moderated by donald trump, but most of the other analysts have resigned. here to talk about the numbers is wtop political analyst mark plotkin. >> i don't think anything is settled at all, brian. iowa caucuses, i've been to iowa in a former life working in campaigns and just ask john kerry in 2004 how fortunes can shift. he was way back in the pack. a caucus is different than the primary. you got to go to a church basement or somebody's house, take there for three hours and then cast -- stay there for three hours and then cast a ballot. it's not like a regular election. it means the most committed type of people and newt gingrich doesn't center a lot of organization. who -- have a lot of organization. who might surprise you is ron paul who has really done a lot of work in iowa and it really is a time for organization and
10:19 pm
gingrich is doing well in the polls, but i keep on saying this. no votes have been cast. no delegates have been selected and he very well might just be on momentum without actual organization. >> doesn't it seem like that closet has yet to be opened? newt gingrich has a lot of baggage. >> he sure does and i found it interesting in thed that you ran about mitt roll -- in the ad that you ran about mitt romney stressing his 42 years of marriage, saying that he's committed to the same woman, that he isn't a professional politician. they are trying to tardic drip as being unstable,er rat -- tar gingrich as being unstage, erratic and somebody you -- unstable,er racket and somebody you really can't trust -- erratic and somebody you really can't trust. he has to stop the momentum of gingrich and raise questions about his personal credibility. >> what about the debate this weekend? i hear donald trump is even
10:20 pm
pulling out now? >> donald trump is a joke, come on. let's just say. it it's ridiculous and all the candidates said no except for rick santorum who needs any publicity he can get and it looked kind of official and i think trump looked official and he realized that this wasn't going the way it should. but there is a debate in des moines on another station and all the candidates will be there and that might be once again -- that's what's made newt gingrich is his performance at the debates. we don't know whether he has the feet on the ground and the people in the various primary and caucus states in january. one thing romney does have is cash on hand. >> wtop political analyst mark plotkin, thanks for coming in. have a great weekend. nearly a dozen dogs taken from terrible conditions are now here in the district. plus this spotsylvania county couple's dog disappeared eight years ago and turned up all the way across the country. we have their heart warming
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new hope tonight for a hunting dog who had a rough time. the washington animal rescue league brought in 10 hounds seized from an illegal moonshine still in virginia. the dogs were malnourished and have skin and dental problems. the owners are being charged with animal cruelty. the league says it may time a little time, but the dogs will be ready for adoption soon. in spotsylvania county a family was reunited with their long lost dog. petunia ran away eight years ago. she was found in california and traced back to the pruitt family through a microchip. this morning on fox and friends the pruitts finally got their dog back. >> oh, hi. >> you remember us?
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for the first time in its 112 year history the army/navy football game will be played in the backyard nation's capitol. the game tomorrow fedex field both history making and a boost to the local economy. fox 5's dick krantz has this story. >> reporter: the army/navy game should be mandatory viewing for every politician in this town. both democrats and republicans could learn a lot, that a rivalry can be fierce, but you still must play by the rules and that you may be on different teams, but when the game ends, you still work together for the good of the country. those lessons were evident tonight at the army/navy gala where supporters of each military branch mick led in friend liangs of the -- mingled in friendly anticipation of the game tomorrow. >> my background is that my father, brother and sister served in the army and i'm the only one who joined the navy. i feel proud to root for the
10:30 pm
navy and it's always good to be rooting for the winning team. it's a way for me to poke fun fun at my family, but at the end of the day we're back on the same team. >> reporter: it's been nearly 10 years since harms won the game. some army supporters think -- army has won the game. some army supporters think this year is going to be different. >> it's obvious. i'm an army fan, always have been, always will be. they will win tomorrow. >> reporter: what makes you think that? >> because it's our turn. >> reporter: that, too is a good lesson for democrats and republicans. local politicians think the city is the winner in this game. >> it will be something millions of dollars in tax revenues that we'll get and again the tradition of having it here and when we build a new redskins stadium in the city, which we will do someday, that's where that game will be played. >> reporter: in the long history of this nation's capitol there's very few times you can say this is a first, but tomorrow we'll be able to
10:31 pm
say that washington d.c. has seen its first army/navy game. from the d.c. convention center, dick krantz, fox 5 news. the redskins have four games left on their schedule this season. >> i can't believe it. it's gone so fast. >> it really did. this sunday's match-up with the patriots will be one of the toughest to date. the patriots had a tough time here in the nation's capital to say the least. >> redskins are complete underdogs because the patriots are the best of the best. they are every year basically. the one thing the redskins have going is the patriots have never won in washington d.c. it's the only nfl city they've never won in. we need some homefield advantage. redskins have lost four in a row at fedex field. maybe this is the time the patriots continue their losing streak. so we'll see. sunday is the day to get back on track for the redskins. they have lost too many games at this point, so they cannot have a winning season. however, they can finish at
10:32 pm
.500 if they win their final four games. this weekend they have the patriots. their next game is the giants, then the vikings and they end their season against the eagles. so the skins have not had a winning season since 2007 under joe gibbs, but they also haven't lost their fighting spirit. >> how many guys wake up on sundays and love their jobs? so i look at it from their standpoint. we lose, yeah. it's probably the business you got to get better. winning and losing is the business. i'm still having fun what i'm doing. i hate losing more than anything, but i'm still having fun on sundays, that's important. >> we didn't get it done earlier. all we can do is what we can do with these games and make the best of it. whether it's all wins or not, you want to go out there and give yourself a chance to be able to turn this thing around the best way you can. >> we talked about the redskins. the best they can doss finish .500, no -- do is finish .500, no winning season since 2007.
10:33 pm
the patriots have now guaranteed themself an 11th straight winning season and that's tough to do in the nfl. so the fact the patriots have been able to do it so long is unbelievable. >> the redskins are having a really hard time. obviously they had a tough week with two key players suspended. what's morale like? >> fred davis and trent williams are two luge guys for this offense and the -- huge guys for this offense and the offense has taken a big hit losing chris cooley and tim hightower. i think off the field players are upset. it's not like an injury. these guys made conscious decisions to do it, got caught possibly three times. it's all about moving on. somebody has to step up and fill the shoes. it was an x-factor shocker, fan favorite rachel crowe getting the axe. hear from her coming up. plus two principals trading the cafeteria for the bakery, inside their career transformation. but first one of the
10:34 pm
country's biggest automakers issuing a recall. fox business network's neil cavuto. >> shoppers feeling that holiday cheer, consumer sentiment hitting its highest point in six months. that could be good news for retailers worrying about shoppers slowing down after black friday, but the news not so good at ford. atmaker is recalling over 120,000 -- the automaker is recalling over 120,000 of its mercuries and milans, defective wheels that might fall off. stocks rally but yet another budget deal in europe pushing the market up here again. no relief in sight for sky high food prices, government estimating the next year's corn surplus will be smaller meaning your grocery bills will be higher, food prices expected to jump around 3.5% in 2012. santa's helpers might not need to help at least fedex out. the shipping giant is bracing for a rush of holiday packages this monday, the busiest in the
10:35 pm
company's history expecting to ship more than 17 million packages. that's up from last year. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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a health alert tonight about raw cookie dough. eating it can make you very sick according to government researchers who say under no circumstances should anyone eat raw cookie dough whether it's homemade or bought in a store. scientists linked a 2009 outbreak of e. coli to cookie dough. nearly 80 people became ill and about half were hospitalized. not good for me. and a health alert for
10:39 pm
seniors who take vitamin d supplements. new research show it does not help prevent death from heart disease or cancer. it had been thought vitamin d increased their -- decreased their risk of dying from a heart attack. new research shows that's not the case. tonight at 11:00 more of what we've learned about a gunman that killed an officer at virginia tech. and this bizarre holiday display caused an uproar in one virginia city. turns out this may just be the beginning. the news edge up in 20 minutes.
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10:42 pm
from the classroom to the kiffin two principals who spent years in montgomery -- kitchen two principals who spent years in montgomery county in d.c. schools left their jobs for a sweet adventure. they're opening a cupcake shop
10:43 pm
in maryland. fox 5's audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: former d.c. principal adell cothorne is getting the education of her life. after 17 years in the public school system she's come up with a new recipe for success. >> i had to make a life decision, did i want to continue in education or follow a passion? so cooks 'n cakes was born. >> reporter: cothorne knew exactly who she wanted to help make her new bakery cooks 'n cakes a reality, another former d.c. principal bill kerlina who just like her was lured from montgomery county schools by former chancellor michelle reonly to find the school experience in d.c -- michelle rhee only to find the school education in d.c. less than satisfying. >> i'm not discouraging anybody from teaching, but at this time in my life it no longer fits. >> reporter: these two friends have 33 years in experience in public education between them and about a year's worth of business knowledge, but neither
10:44 pm
is worried. >> i said let me see what they taste like and sure enough, they are fantastic and there was no way i could give up an opportunity like. this. >> reporter: cothorne whose friends were constantly asking her to make cupcakes for their parties did her research and settled on route 40 in ellicott city, the nearest bakery is 10 miles away. after five months of preparations the grand opening is saturday. this location is perfect for a lot of reasons, but really what goes better with cupcakes than a cup of coffee from you know who just two doors down? >> my very first dream is that every customer that walks into the bakery walks out with the biggest smile on their face because it's the best cupcake they ever had. so that's my immediate dream. long term goals, i really would like to see cups n cakes become a franchise. >> reporter: how hard was it to close the books on all those years of education? >> at the end of the night you turn off the lights and just think wow, this place belongs
10:45 pm
to us. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> quite the surprise today for one d.c. teacher. take a look. ook. >> who is teaching you? >> ms. brown. >> is she a good teacher? >> yes. >> you know what? we think, so too. that's why we're all here because we are going to be together with you to let her know that she's been selected as the teacher of the year. [ cheering and applause ] >> moraya brown blackmon teaches in d.c. southeast and mayor vincent gray was there to deliver the news to miss brown- blackmon and her class. thank you so much for being here with us tonight. congratulations. what a way to end a year and a fabulous year at that. you just got married and and had a lot of really wonderful things going on. >> i sure have. >> so what makes a great teacher? >> somebody with passion and patience and who loves the
10:46 pm
children. you have to love the children and you have to love the families they come from and everything about them. >> mayor gray said that you are a shining example of not only how an exceptional teacher operates, but how exceptional teaching can be rewarded and i'd like to know if you would be very modest, but why did you get this? what do you do in the classroom that's so different? >> honestly i don't know because what i do is just out of my soul and my spirit. so i work with the kids every day. i have children of my own. so they're kind of like my own children when i'm teaching them. i make sure that they're participating in every and anything that i can give them. so every opportunity that comes across my way i present it to american and to the parents. >> they were saying -- to my children and to the parents. >> they were saying your innovative teaching style, hands on projects to stimulate classroom learning while
10:47 pm
creatively introducing students to science, math and technology. you're engaging these students keeping them excited. are teachers doing a good job these days of doing that in the classroom. >> the teachers that i know absolutely. they are engaging these children giving them everything from technology to science to hands on projects and we are a project-based school at langdon, animals in the classroom to get them into taking care of and caring about life at a young age, but most of the teachers in d.c. are really dedicated to what they're doing. >> you were surprised? >> i was absolutely surprised. >> tell me about it. >> well, i knew i was being observed today and it was kind of oh, friday afternoon, my kids, friday afternoon, but then i got it was like win being the publisher clearinghouse -- winning the publisher clearinghouse. everybody came this afternoon with the mayor leading them and my principal. i was in a state of shock. i did not expect to have as many visitors as i did.
10:48 pm
it was a very pleasant and lovely surprise. >> it was well deserved and i understand you get a $5,000 cash reward. congratulations. >> thank you. >> nice timing and you get to represent the district in a variety of educational capacities with the other state teachers of the year. >> yes. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> for a well deserved award. thanks for being with us tonight sharing your friday night. >> thank you. >> cruising in just like whiplash, you know. it was like raining one day and it's sunny the next. in between got some cold temperatures. >> it's going to stay chilly for a while, too. temperatures below normal i think for the next several days around here. we start off and show you today of really nice out there, loads of sunshine, temperatures managed to get up to 51 degrees for a high temperature in d.c. and lower 50s around the area, too. this is great, folks, always a beautiful sight especially in hd, right? you've got all this water coming down from the rain that
10:49 pm
we had and so when it's really high like that, it's very dramatic looking. sky fox captured that earlier today. let me show you now temperature for reagan national cooled down to 41 degrees, dulles 34, out in the suburbs cooler, bwi 36 degrees right now. you can see frederick back down to 28. it's kind of been bouncing around a little. farther west we had clouds coming across and clouds coming across out to the east of us, so leonardtown, stevensville and cambridge 46, salisbury 52. there's actually a couple showers towards the shore. we don't have to worry about that. we're kind of in a chilly dry pattern settling in and it will be with us the next several days right through the weekend, colder air. we're on the cold side of the nation now basically for this weekend. so the chilly air coming down out of canada, high pressure filling in and by the latter part of the weekend not only high pressure at the surface, but aloft. so especially sunday it's going
10:50 pm
to be real sunny. we'll have sun tomorrow but clouds, too, temperature 45 degrees, a little cooler than today. on sunday more sunshine, but ironically enough it's going to be even colder because that cold air coming around the north side of that high pressure. so we'll be a little chillier sunday with a high temperature only in the lower 40s. we'll have a bit of a breeze, too. so that's going to make it feel colder. look down here at the clouds kind of coming up. we're under this southwesterly flow and there's a lot of cloud cover in front of this frontal system. the front comes through overnight tonight. don't worry about the snow. it's gobbled up in this drier air. we won't have to worry about that, but we have seen a few showers east of us working up into jersey. again those will stay east of us so we'll stay dry, but tomorrow into sunday this high pressure comes in behind the front and that's going to dry things out nicely and take most of the clouds away. so some clouds out in the pushes and overnight tonight with 306 degrees here, a little
10:51 pm
cooler tomorrow -- 36 degrees here, a little cooler tomorrow, chillily breeze, high 45. it's not going -- chilly breeze, high 45. it's not going to feel like that when you consider the winds are blowing 10 miles per hour. lower to mid-40s tomorrow, feel like upper to mid-30s most of the day, definitely jacket weather. we'll have more sunshine in the afternoon, a little cloud cover in the first half of the day, plenty of sunshine sunday but colder, 43 degrees and we are stuck in the 40s. >> but sunshine. >> a lot of sunshine. >> that's not a bad thing. >> no complaints from me. >> me neither. >> not at all. it's hard to believe, but in just 25 days caucusgoers in iowa will be picking their choice for the republican presidential nomination and former house speaker newt gingrich is now leading the polls. earlier tonight i spoke with fox news sunday host chris wallace who said gingrich is doing very well. >> he has surged past romney. he's leading by double digits
10:52 pm
in iowa, south carolina and florida. the only state romney is still leading and it's shrinking is in virtually his homestate of new hampshire. so romney has decided in a way that he didn't win people like perry or cain took the lead that he'd really have to go after gingrich. so he's going negative. he and his surrogates and he's decided also to come out and do some of the in depth interviews he has stayed away from during this entire campaign. a week from sunday he'll have his first sunday show interview in almost two years on fox news sunday. >> one of the attacks against gingrich is for flip-flopping. is that a risky strategy for mitt romney? >> he's probably not the strongest person to make the case, but he's got to try to show it because the strength that gingrich seems to have against romney is that he's a more reliable conservative and i guess romney's saying he's no more reliable than i am. that's kind of an odd way to go
10:53 pm
at, it but it may be the best he has. >> is rick perry still in this race? i think he is. he's had a strange campaign. he obviously soared to the front in august when he got in, had some disasterous debate performances, went to single digits, but particularly in iowa is all in, spending millions on commercials, a 2 1/2 week bus tour right through the holidays up to the caucuses january 3rd and he's really making a strong pitch for the evangelical vote which in the republican caucuses in iowa is more than 50% of the vote. so he's up in the low double digits, but i think he does have a chance. >> you are continuing your one- on-one series of interviews with the candidates. you'll be interviewing rick perry this weekend, right? >> i think it's do or die in iowa. i'll also talk too mitch mcconnell about the payroll tax cut, is it going to be extended or lapse at the end of the year in, which case all of us will
10:54 pm
center to pay about 1,005 -- have to pay about $1,500 a year more in payroll taxes. >> we'll look for you on fox news sunday here on fox 5. it's the elimination that has everybody talking, x-factor darling rachel crowe is out, but it could be just the beginning. we'll go one on one with her next. on the news edge you'll have to hear who is buying up domain names, definitely not who you'd expect. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
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10:57 pm
it was a very emotional night on this week's x-factor as rachel crowe was eliminated, but it's not the end of the road for the teen songstress. here's a recap of the night.
10:58 pm
>> reporter: after the x-factor bottom two rachel crowe and marcus canty sang their song for survival, it was decision time. but judge nicole scherzinger chose to let america decide instead going to a deadlock. >> rachel crowe. >> i just said i would have brought my house. i remember when it went to deadlock we're through. probably that was the most surprised i've ever been. >> reporter: all are in agreement she can leave with her head held high. >> this is how performers wish they can leave a competition, giving it their best. >> it's bittersweet to see her lose and have to go home. having said that she's in great position. she's in the top five. she's a star. >> simon told me it's just the beginning and that it will be fine and hopefully he's right. >> we're going to be hearing a lot more about rachel crowe. give you my word.
10:59 pm
>> reporter: there's only one contestant left in the competition for brandon and he know how -- for simon and we know how e hates to lose. >> we have to trust -- he hates to trust the public. the public didn't vote for her on the 9th. i think it's a wakeup call for me and the contestants. >> reporter: over on the judges panel things can only get more heated as they judge for the top four. >> it's a competition and we do not put the gloves down. >> reporter: the x-factor final four takes the stage december 14th on fox singing songs chosen by the public. . news keeps coming tonight, brian bolter with the news edge now at 11:00. >> the face of a killer, police say 22-year-old ross ashley from spotsylvania county is the man behind the chaos at virginia tech yesterday. o


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