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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  December 10, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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good evening. thanks for joining us at 6:00. the suspect, a student at nearby radford university. fox 5's john hanrahan spent much of the day in spot sylvania county where the suspect grew up. >> people want to say what happened but they can't. he was a good student, quiet young man. he won scholarship money. for some reason, he stole a car, killed a police officer and committed suicide. it is a very sparsely populated
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part of spot sylvania county, virginia. neighbors and a teacher confirmed that he played football at at the high school. one classmate said she barely remembered the young man in part because he was so quiet. billy joe phillip worked in the middle school cafeteria when ross ashley was a student there. >> you could tell that he was not outgoing, and a group of them hung around and they got in a little bit of mischief, stuff like that, but none that would indicate that this kind of stuff would take place. >> reporter: what kind of mischief? >> in trouble with the law, taking things. >> reporter: as an adult, ross t. ashley apparently had no
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published criminal history other than a speeding ticket in radford, virginia, where he was attending college part time he attended radford and made the dean's list according to the collegiate time at virginia tech. a neighbor of ashley said that the young man recently shaved his head. he stole an suv mercedes at gun point on wednesday. the slain officer is crouse. tina crowles. at the home in which the accused shooter, ross ashley grew up, his parents, the last 24 hours, have posted a note
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that reads no trespassing. >> the family is back but clearly don't want to be interviewed. the five no trespassing signs were nailed at the door of their driveway this morning. the only other tid bit that we know is the ap quoting a student saying that ross ashley broke up with a girlfriend this past summer. friends at radford said the news aim si that he never actually hinted at violence. i best we're going to have to find out -- i guess we're going to have to find out more if police ever figure out why. >> thousands of people gathered on the virginia tech campus last night to remember officer crowles. there was a cage-of-candlelight vigil and then a moment of silence. they came to show appreciation for the sacrifice he made. a fox 5 news alert in
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maryland. police are on the scene of an officer-involved shooting in takoma park. it happened near rigs and metsarate road. we are live from adelphi with details tonight. audrey? >> reporter: i'm at the scene that you mentioned at riggs road in al delphi, maryland. take a look at some of the video that we have been able to get since we arrived here. we believe that the victim of this police-involved shooting was driving that red overturned vehicle that you see. there also was what appears to us to be an unmarked suv beside it. we were told that we were involved in a police chase in an earlier incident at east- west highway. we are told that was a stabbing. on the way to this scene, we stopped by this scene. we believe that's when the whole incident began. if you take a look at the video at east-west highway, this took
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place at a sunoco gas station there we were told there was a stabbing. there was a porch with a bloody rag. the driver of that vehicle was stabbed and has been transported to the hospital. now, from witnesses, we are told that a takoma police officer was near that scene at the sunoco station, saw the stabbing and then took off in pursuit of that suspect. he pursued him through takoma park and that's how he ended up here. the suspect crashed his vehicle here at rigs and metserata. metserad. he was able to get out of the vehicle and was shot. witnesses saw an officer giving cpr to the suspect. he was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. i saw at least 12 different police vehicles out here at the scene of this police-involved shooting in adelphi. we're going to stay on top of it and valentine latest information for you as it becomes available. will? back to you in the studio.
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>> you audrey, i know that you will continue to connect the dots out there we'll see you at 10:00. the trooper who was shot is hospitalized. he got into a shootout in his own police car after arresting a suspect. the suspect grabbed his gun and shot hammer in the leg before hammer fired back with another wept possibility wheeler died a short time later. to the district where police are investigating an overnight deadly shooting. this is what happened on being road, northeast. police saw 24-year-old stefan emanuel way suffering from a gunshot wound. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. a 16-year-old girl was also wounded but she is expected to survive. >> take a look ti. notice something different at the u.s. navy memorial? look closely. some time overnight, there it is, someone switched one of the flags with an army flag. again, the navy memorial.
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it appears to be a prank corrected to today's army-navy football game. president obama was at the game today and we're going to have highlights coming up later in sports. they have a sense of humor about that. >> that ace big rivalry. >> but it a memorial. big-time boxing is back in d.c. >> tonight, light weight claim amir kahn takes on a local, lamont peterson who is hoping for the hometown advantage. dave ross is excited. he better be. he should be. he is there at the armory. >> reporter: i'm very excite. s to not make much for me to get excited. what an event. 10,000 people are expected to be here. they're going to open up the doors in about 20 minutes and let the fight fans in. they are doing some last-minute preps. that's where we got pretty good seats. there are going to be nine fight here.
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the last two will be seen on hbo live. the last one is mayhem mitchell. he is 23-0-1 and he is looking to take out t-more braggamoff. foe wins that fight, he could be in line for a championship bout in 2012. the main event, amir king kahn coming to us from england. he is take on lamont peterson, yes, our d.c.'s own lamont peterson. lamont against amir. i talked to lamont yesterday. he is ready. he is tired of talk. he just wants to fight. amir kahn seems to like the limelight a little bit more. should be a very interesting main event. let's go back to studio. at 6:30, barry, the trainer will join us. he is going to join us hours before they get set to get it
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on here at the convention center. >> see you then. >> he does have a front row seat, doesn't he? >> he does right there. this time of the year, really any time, kids dream about going to the north pole at christmas. see the fantasy flight coming. >> i lived in california. i had no dream about being that cold. and these wreaths had to take a long journey. i was born in canada. i'm used to that cold. you know what, we have plenty of cold days ahead in our forecast but we have the sunshine. aisleey have the details. we'll be back after the break. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever.
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and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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a guy yet christmas at arlington national cemetery. volunteers laid tens of thousands of wreaths. people came from caravan. the united airlines is getting into the christmas spirit. the airline hosted a fantasy flight at dulles airport. 130 cade from eight area auspices got on board a 737 and took off before arriving at gate d-29. can, that there is d-29 decorated like the north pole. for many of the kid, it was their first time on an
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airplane. >> the children come in. we fly them for 30 minutes to the north pole and then they enter our festivity here at the north pole whereverry child gets to visit with santa and go home with good gifts. >> i love this, every year, such a good treat. united teams up with the u.s. army for the fantasy flight glmplet remember a controversial display on leesburg courthouse lawn, got a lot of press. the atheist group got out to put up another round of their christmas display. the skeleton tressed as santa placed on a cross got a lot of criticism. the county current policy is that the county can't regulate any display. 
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this-the-time is running out for congress to extend the payroll tax cut. lawmakers continue to debate how to pay for the measure and house republicans hope that a controversial pipeline can provide the key. fox's peter doocey reports. since the senate failed twice this week at extending the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance benefit, the house is now taking a crack
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at it. speaker boehner says that the key will be the keystone pipeline. en wants it built sooner rather than later. you heard president obama says that the american public can't wait to take action on jobs. well, keystone is the very definition of an idea that the american people can't wait for washington to take action on. >> the senate's top republican says this about the middle class tax relief and job creation. unlike the previous proposal from senate democrats, this bill was designed to act by phasing out job killing acts. but democrats disagree with the reap canals. >> keystone pipeline is a completely separate issue. >> and the president says that
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republicans are like cartoon christmas villains if taxes end up going up for 160 million americans bit end of the year. >> no one should go for the holiday. tell the congress, don't be a grinch. expect voting on this early in the week n washington, peter doocey fox news. republican front runner is in hot waters. he called palestinians an invented people. gingrich said that policians were never a people because they never had a statement he said that the evident by president obama to treat palestinians the same as israelis is dangerous. >> watch the debate tonight
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sponsored by abc news. when i was out for brunch, i was saying to my friends, it feels like the first day of winter. it just got cold and got into your bones. >> it was seasonal. and it was windy. it made it worse. >> it is december per. we have been lucky. take a look at the beautiful shot outside. we can't complain about the sky conditions at all. a beautiful shot of the national cathedral. skies are clear and they're going to remain clear into the course of the night and that's because of what is in control of our weather right now. that's high pressure. ridge of high pressure is in control, dominating our weather pattern and will do so for quite a bit. plenty of shine in the foonchts we will have some chilly days and very cold nights and as we move to the later part of the week, we'll have unsettled weather that we're going to be talking b wind were gushing today. 26 miles per hour wind gusts. baltimore, 24 and 25 miles per
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hour wind gusts. the wind are gradually subsiding and will continue to do so in the course of the evening. it's currently a chilly 47 degrees at national, the same at baltimore, 46 degrees at dulles and we are not alone in terms of the cold conditions across the area. right now, this is not quite right. this is 39 at national. we do have a light northerly wind flow and that is going to continue into the course the night. take a look at the temperatures here across the great lakes. into the 20s. i'm glad that we are not there the warmer air well down to the south and that's because of a dip in the jet stream. that cooler air is settling in over the lake. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. the pacific northwest, right across areas into the northern plains very chilly as well with temperatures only into the 30s and the 40s. the cooler air is really settling in. improvement in the wind, definitely. right now, 32 miles per hour wind gusts at dulles, 16 at frederick. you can see, already, we do are plenty of improvement across the area.
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split radar composite showing skies are clear because that ridge is keeping things under control in terps of the sunshine and that's just going to continue. for tonight, though, chilly with temperatures into the 20s. low 20s in the burbs. so make sure that you bundle up if that's where you are. ridge of high pressure once again will hang around right through until the middle of the week. sunny days but chilly. done be fooled by the sunshine. you're definitely going to need a sweater or a jacket. tomorrow, day planner, by mid day, about 41 degrees. no shortage of sunshine at all. tonight, clear skies and very much on the cool side. 29 degrees overnight low. tomorrow, we'll hit a high only about 43 and guess what? it will be a struggle to get to the 40s. wet weather moves in with a system only towards the end of the week. looks like thursday night, we could see that as another system heads in from the central plains. until then, dry conditions, cool but funny. >> but, gwen as -- thank you, gwen. as you can imagine, it's been a tough few months for
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joplin, missouri. and people have made sure that people are not forgotten. we have gone on two mission trips last summer and field up two 53-foot trailer of donations, just a group us friends who wanted to help in joplin. all of these kids do not have homes or toys or anything, and they are still in need down there. >> the toys will be presented tomorrow during a holiday party for the kids. certainly can't underestimate the value of a present for kids, especially if they are going that you something like that. >> a couple gets a dumb dose of happiness in sunny miami. >> army specialist came home from iraq and before he could give her a hug, he dropped down to one knee and asked. the couple lives in oh, but the he flew to miami to meet her
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family which soon will be his family. >> that does not just look yes for tv cameras. i think the two love each other. >> i would say so. and dave ross joins us live from the d.c. armory. and army-navy clash in our open backyard. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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is thehere a prize in the? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ glrntion good evening, i'm lipped see murphy. today marks the 112th game in
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the rivalry between army and navy. the midst look for a 10th straight win in the series. president obama and vice president bide en were one of the 82,000 people in attendance. navy leading 7-0. chris proctor to alexander peach. midst up 14-0 but this game was tied at the a third quarter, army down by a score. trent stillman to malcolm brown over the middle for a 25-yard touchdown. again, the game is knotted up 21. fourth and inches and army is called for an offsides penalty. that is the killer. it gives navy the first down and it allows the midst to run down the clock. they finish the season 5-7. college hoop. georgetown playing as a 16 seed. hoyas break the press.
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georgetown scored the game's first 17 points they led 30-17 at the half. second half we go. howard rallies. mike phillips. the spin and the bank shot. two of his game high 14 points. the deficit was cut to 2 late in the game. howard with a wild shot just to beat the shot clock but it does not go too well. it there goes the rebound, the no-look pass to otto porter. journell defeat howard 62-48. they improve to 8-0 versus the bison. well, we have talked about it all week long here on fox 5. championship boxing is back in our nation's capital and no one is happier than our own dave ross, right, mo? davis at the convention center. what's more exciting for you, dave, christmas morning or fight night? >> absolutely fight night. no offense, mom. fight night is like christmas all wrapped in one.
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our very own dave hunter is stuck in traffic. if you are coming here, come early. people are starting to know about it. we are right at the rink here. people are starting to file in. it's only 6:20. the main event won't begin for about four hours. there are nine fight, murph, on this card. just about every fight has a maryland or inia connection. the top two that we are looking for, seth mayhem mitchell, a friend of fox 5. 23-0-1. if he wins tonight against abramhoff, he will be in line against one the klitchko boys. and again, the main event is
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amir kahn against lamont peterson. amir a little bit more glib, ready to go, taking things in stride. lamont is tired of talking. look, he does not want to talk. i've been ready for months. >> you know i'm going to be talking about this. >> this was a pretty tame staredown. i'm disappointed it was not like your boy big money >> you know, these guys like each other. there is no bad blood here. actually, lamont peterson said that if we were not be fighting these guys, we would be hanging out with these guys. but there will be no pleasantries once they step into that squared circle at about 11:00 here at the convention center. >> i was going to say they are not going to be friends in a couple of hours. who do you have winning the fight, buddy? >> you're going to put me on the spot?
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>> i think amir will win the fight but lamont will give him everything he's got and more. it will not be because of a lack of evident on lamont's part. i'm taking kahn in a late round win. >> so it's going to go the distance. >> maybe. maybe an 11th round knockout. >> have fun. i'm going to join you if i can. save me a seat. >> bye >> he could probably get all of us tickets. >> he's going to get blood on him. >> all right. let's talk about that five-day. >> we can't say weather is keeping them from getting to the fight because it's a clear night and very cold. take a look at what we are talking about. we've got sunshine for most of the week. plenty of sunshine for your sunday. 43 degrees is the high but i have to tell you, folks, we're going to struggle to get to the 40s for to. and then temperatures dipping
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into the overnight lows into the 20s. we are headed to some wet weather by the time we hit thursday night. the rest of the week is dry and not all bad. >> you can point that the temperatures are low but the wind makes it even worse. >> we'll see you tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. s than ever. et are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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