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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 14, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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elmo, join us in studio, to talk about a sesame street show in our area. they will be super sized. >> i can't wait to see that. now that i am involved in all things mommy hood that is my new world i am looking forward to this. looking forward to today, the weather yesterday, brilliant today, just as good isn't it tucker barnes in the weather center there >> you got it maureen. in fact temperatures back in the 50s. alison, thanks for the heads up about cookie monster i have cookies here i will leave them. >> he will steal them. >> i know he will he is big on the cookies. temperatures regan national 40s. temperatures will jump, looking at our weather station, 44 northwest washington. regan national, 41, 36 winchester, and in ocean city, as maureen mentioned, should be a decent day nice and mild temperatures in the 50s more cloud cover than yesterday. mostly cloudy this afternoon,
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and if you are watching well out to the west, west virginia, western maryland, light sprinkle and showers, there is your sentinel sat rad a warm front that bring us warmer air, eventually rain showers associated with it, during the day tomorrow as a cold front moves through. a day of transition. not perfect temperatures in the 50s. mittle of december no complaining. -- middle of december, no complaining. 50 your daytime high, 52 officially the daytime high. more details, on the weather here in just a minute back to you. tucker thanks, big story on capitol hill senate expected to vote on a payroll tax extension bill house of representatives approved a bill but it is unlikely the senate will approve the bill one is a
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requirement to build an oil pipeline between canada and texas if this issue regarding the payroll tax doesn't get resolved democrats say they won't pass a new spending bill needed to prevent a government shut down. government runs out of money friday at midnight if nothing is done. iowa caucuses are now less than 3 weeks away former house speaker newt gingrich appears to be in a commanding lead according to the newest gallup poll. they lead president obama in 12 potentially decisive swing states. romney is trying to define gingrich as an unworthy member. tomorrow, 9:00 p.m. on fox news you can see the republican debate, from iowa, and this morning the moderator and anchor of special reports, fred bare joins us from sioux
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city thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> good morning. newt gingrich the man to beat, concerns, they remain what some call his lack of discipline, what does he have to do to show otherwise and how do you thing the other candidates might try to capitalize on that perception >> i think this will be a big moment for the race we have seen each of these debates have an impact on this race but this debate in particular is the last debate in which candidates will be on stage together before the iowa caucuses january 3rd. the last time they will kind of have to make their mark. newt gingrich has been very effective in these debates and formats but he will probably come under fire i would guess from other candidates on the stage. >> he is a matserful debater that is one of his -- masterful debater that is one of his stronger points, newt refused to go in the ads. >> it is a smart move to talk
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about that, but tough to not respond to attacks in a negative way we saw him do it the other day about governor romney. i think it will be tough the big story here in iowa really is congressman ron paul he is surging in recent days a poll out yesterday, maureen had him back 1 percentage point. i was going to say, iowa is big and ron paul's strategy, campaign strategy overall and he has been surging the poll did you see his dark horse situation coming up where ron paul becomes the front runner after the debate tomorrow night. >> there is not a dark horse scenario he has been up here in iowa at the top of the polls for awhile and he has the best organization on the ground he could win iowa and most analysts will tell you that is a good thing for romney down the road in a long term strategy to be able to win the republican nomination a lot can change and the biggest thing we
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are seeing in polls in recent days, two thirds of iowa caucus goers say they have not yet decided and will likely decide within the 7 to 10 days before january 3rd. that makes thursday a really big thing if people have questions they want to send in, suggested questions, tweet, go to twitter at brett bare. i want to get this in real quick mitt romney, and that wager, betting $10,000 how can he get past this tomorrow night. >> a lot of democrats will use that in ads down the road as far as this news cycle, don't know if the $10,000 thing will come up, as far as being a big factor, it might come up in what candidates -- other candidates mention on the stage they will want to make points against romney. moderating the debate
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tomorrow night thank you so much abegan we want to remind people that debate is 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night on fox news, the fox news channel. viewers are urged, brett told you to suggest debate questions via twitter here is his twitter handle. so we've got that 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night thank you so much, brett for joining us tonight, this morning via satellite. >> moving on, donald trump will no longer moderate a debate for the republican presidential hopeful he gave up after only two candidates agreed to the event. they said they would show up but republican strategists feared it would be more like a trump centered circus. trump who said he would not run for president now says he wants to preserve his right to run as an independent. another big story we are following this morning federal regulators pushing state lawmakers across the country to
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ban cell phone use by drivers entirely. stacy cohen has details now. ntsb, federal agency responsible for investigating some of the most cataclysmic collisions that happen in this country in trains with aircraft and now they are recommending, a drop in all cell phone use while driving. according to ntsb it is simply dangerous whether you are texting, e-mailing speaking on a hands free device, at least 1 in 100 of us are texting while driving the agency is recommending a total ban. they are not completely focused even though you know where you are going you are still driving. >> it is a great temptation, when you get a message you want to respond to it i try very hard not to although i wonder what is the alternative do you pull off somewhere. >> do you think it is a good
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idea? >> absolutely. >> why? >> i feel like it is really dangerous. >> really dangerous. but i did see you talking on it. >> that last woman is not alone being some body we have seen someone drive up here talking on the phone interestingly although everyone we spoke with agreed using a cell phone while driving is dangerous everyone admitted to having done it at least once themselves as well. thanks stacy. ctia the group representing the wireless industry released a statement on the ntsb recommendation the president and ceo says the wireless industry agrees safety should be number one priority but believe it is decision should be left up to state and local lawmakers. protestors worldwide who changed the face of history in 2011 are given a big acknowledgement time magazine named the protestors the person of the year. times cites the arab spring protest as well as the occupy movement here in the u.s.
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speaking of which, occupy protestors in dc are accused of damaging mcpherson square. california representative sent a letter to the interior secretary pushing for national park service to enforce the no camping rule. just last year more than $400,000 in taxpayer stimulus money was spent refurbishing mcpherson square demonstrators are not camping by law if they are not sleeping in tents. baltimore's inner harbour is clear of occupy protestors. they removed occupy protestors from a downtown plaza yesterday morning. they had been camping out there for months. the major said the city would protect individual's rights to protest but cannot use public parks as a permanent camp ground. in new york, hundreds of people arrested during occupy wall street demonstrations are expected to pack a new york
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city courtroom starting today majority of protestors were arrested back in october on charges of disorderly conduct. the price of taking a cab in dc could skyrocket how much could fares go up and how soon. >> coming up after the break, jerry sandusky waived his right to a hearing on child molestation charges, so what is next for the former assistant football coach. an attorney will join us live, to break down the penn state child sex abuse case. 9:10 a.m., we will be right back state farm. this is jessica.
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing?
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penn state child sex abuse scandal shifts the focus on two university administrators, they will be in court friday, charges of purgery and failure to report under the child protective services law. yesterday, jerry sandusky waived his right to a preliminary hearing it was in part to avoid testimony from
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some-his alleged victims, jacob pringle, of a pa firm, will join us now to talk about the latest in the case. please give us the name of the firm please. i should have trusted myself on that one. it is good to see you. we are talking about the fact that even this waived preliminary hearing is becoming news. i think media was set to report on something and then almost immediately, jacob sandusky's attorney waived his right or used his right to waive his hearing. that was the expectation more in public and media, with all the anticipation there was going to be the opportunity to hear from the victims. typically it is not until trial you have the opportunity to do so. i appreciate the way the criminal process is structured
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within pennsylvania, no matter where you are, the grand jury itself is a confidential proceeding. so all we and the public have been able to do so far is read what the victims have said, and what the graduate assistants have said to the grand jury, that then is presented to the court as a presentment, is what they call it for the court, ultimately to allow charges to go forward. so here there was an expectation well in advance of an ultimate trial if in fact there will be a trial, granted they are saying they will fight this case to actually hear what the victims themselves will say. any time you are talking about a storied athletic program, this case, penn state. >> perhaps one of the most stories. >> absolutely. >> coaches with reputations, at least in the athletic world, have considerable stature, when you have that level of a fall from grace, everybody wants to hear what accusers have to say.
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>> right would that be then the primary reason why joseph would have waived this, sandusky's lawyer, because they did not want to hear right now from witnesses or victims. >> they knew from the grand jury what they were going to say. i think there was a lot of strategy involved here one consideration when going to fight the case, speaking of someone having been a prosecutor now a defense lawyer when you have a high profile case you are concerned about a fair jury fair trial. with all the national trappings local excitement over interest in this case, to have the victims speak publicly, that in and of itself is attention grabbing they know what the witnesses are going to say i think there was a certain amount of mind games played here. put all of these potential victims and witnesses in that stress you may now have to tell your story it is not even going
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to count yet. i think that came into play. >> we might be talking, strategy, sort of crazy like a fodon't understand or follow what his lawyer might be doing here including, letting sandusky speak earlier i think that shocked a lot of people. might in all be strategy jacob. some times lawyers, in cases such as this, someone who has a profile, do have trouble controlling their clients it is very important, that clients or that those accused, not speak unless they are very calculated statements. i know it is on a completely different note but what we were talking about before, ultimate lesson in how do you carefully prepare from making a public statement. we are seeing that on capital hill nothing to do with this case. >> but words are important. >> right about how do you speak as you indicated before, those
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who did speak to the grand jury, two other penn state officials, their preliminary hearing is scheduled friday where the issue is did they report and did they lie to the grand jury. what people say when you are talking about criminal accusations is very much, central to prosecution, and the ability to impeach witnesses. >> we will definitely be talking more about that we will have you back in studio to get details straight in this attention grabbing case thank you. maureen back to you. >> thank you alison. deadly attack on a crowd of holiday shoppers just one of the big stories making headlines this morning. >> former illinois governor rob blagojevich has more time before he has to report to prison. more on that on the other side of the break. >> annie yu is hanging out with a unique team in college park annie. >> maureen we will find out more about these competitions
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that the racing team participates in. three every year, three for each car we will find out what it is like to be in the drivers seat and more impurer pantly, who get -- importantly who gets to drive it. maybe me i don't know. >> looking good. first off today's trivia question, how tall is sesame street's big bird? is he 7'6", 8'2", 8'6", or 9'0" tall. the answer coming up fox 5 morning news back after this short break 
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the search for answers as to why a man in belgium threw grow fades into a group of holiday shoppers and opened fire. four people including the gunman killed more than 120 injured, all in the city of
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lege. police found the body of a woman in the suspect's home the suspect had spent time in jail for previous gun and drug offences he was under investigation in a sex abuse case. a man charged with trying to assassinate president obama is expected to appear in court this morning. he has been found competent to stand trial accused of firing several rounds from a semi automatic weapon at the white house. one bullet did crack a protective window in the residence. rob blagojevich will have an extra month of freedom a judge agreed to give him more time to help his family move into a new home he is due to report to prison march 15th the judge agreed to let him serve out his sentence at inglewood in littleton colorado, 15 miles southwest of denver but the bureau of prisons makes the final decision that will take several more weeks. you can soon be paying more
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for a cab ride in the district taxi cab commission approved a proposal to increase fares. details coming up fox 5. colin firth sitting down with one of our movie reviewers, kevin mccarthy he will talk about his latest role stay with us we are back after this ♪ [ music ] >> we are the grimon family from germany >> i would like to wish my brother in maryland a happy holidays. >> merry christmas yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
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>> taking a taxi cab could soon cost more proposal to raise fares and introduce credit card payment options by next fall. there are other changes the drivers say could ruin business. wisdom martin with more now. >> this city is small. not only small more so far business is just around downtown. >> reporter: the way dc cab drivers do business in the city could change. the taxi cab commission approved a proposal to increase faremake other changes to the ride the base fare would remain $3 per mile rate would go up to $2.16 the wait time would increase from $15 to $25 an hour. it sounds like a winning proposal for cab drivers but. >> it is a lose lose situation for us. >> reporter: here is why. proposed changes would also eliminate additional fees for additional passengers cab drivers say that is a
9:29 am
devastating blow for business. >> when they find out it is free for five people, there are five people jump in the van. pay less and that is not how we make a living out here. >> it is not to advantage of the cab drivers and as a proposal it is not acceptable. >> good deal for consumer, passengers but probably not the greatest deal for the drivers. >> i think it is good. i mean i always take a cab with like five plus people so, it will be good to keep a group together instead of having to pay extra. >> proposal eliminates fees for luggage, pets, emergency fuel surcharges. some drivers were saying they were already suffering from when the meter system went into play 2008 and income went down 30% then if this proposal takes place they will lose more money. >> cab drivers are already hurt this proposal, hurts the cab drivers more. >> wisdom martin fox 5 news.
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>> earliest these new rules could start would be february, entire meeting january 11th will be specifically for public comment. all right. let's talk about our weather mr. tucker barnes what a great day it will be for anyone wanting to do anything outside. bad combination. popcorn and coffee. >> oh. >> not good. >> yeah, i shouldn't have tried it. >> maybe popcorn and hot chocolate. >> no. >> well, -- well, what would you do. >> hot toddy. >> well, obviously. >> not in the morning. >> can't do that at work. and another thing [ talking with something in mouth ] [ laughter ] all right we are open to suggestions but coffee and popcorn that doesn't work. maybe just one or the other. all right temperatures decent day, a little off
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subject, 43 washington we will warm up low 50s later today, so should be a mild afternoon, and, again, our average day, mid-40s. so temperatures trending well above normal not only today but tomorrow as well. temperature in town 44 annapolis, southern maryland, 45 degrees, yeah, 45 and leonard town, and manassas holding on to the cold, earlier this morning you were at 30, you are now 36, 39 the winning number in the mountains, might be a sprinkle or shower out to the west. you could see a light shower or sprinkle as our system gets closer. there you go really good picture of it for the rest of us here washington area, 95 corridor, just clouds this afternoon. sentinel sat rad warm front streaming on through bringing with it shower activity this is why our temperatures will be up again later this afternoon and as we get into the night time hours it will just not cool off a whole lot. overnight lows back only 40s. there you go. warm front cold front out
9:32 am
towards the west, chicago that will come rolling through tomorrow during the day and cool us down and bring us the possibility of showers around here during the afternoon tomorrow and then cooler weather behind that front for the weekend. here is another look at it again, not so bad this afternoon mild temperatures but clouds will move in, but you see future cast suggesting we will be dry at 5:00 p.m. today. that is good news still a lot of clouds around. clouds stick around showers get in here tomorrow, scattered showers not looking at a wash out but will have scattered showers around maybe a 10th of an inch of rain expected as this pushes east again the cold front comes through later in the afternoon. 52, more clouds and sun. mild afternoon winds out of the north, 5 miles per hour. later tonight cloudy skies overnight not as cold, 43 your overnight low city, upper 30s if you are off to the north and west, and there winds out of the south, 5 miles per hour. upper 50s tomorrow, we might flirt with 60 degrees. 60 in a few spots.
9:33 am
hard to believe it is december cooler weather behind the front, saturday and sunday's daytime highs mid-40s. should be dry saturday and sunday. >> all right alison, maureen back to you at the desk. >> thank you tucker. he is known for his roles in historical dramas, comedies too and gotten some of the best reviews of his career for the king's speech. powerful film there. colin firth is co-starring in long anticipated screen version of the best selling spy novel, tinker taylor, soldier -- tailer, soldier spy he talked with kevin mccarthy. you played so many great characterses throughout your career, intense characterses, do any of those stay with you? do you ever find yourself in a daily life and a characters might come back to you. >> something like that happens to every actor, without
9:34 am
becoming psychotic about it there is some very pro sic reasons for that the no because of how profoundly immersed we are, great integrity i just think if you train yourself to do something or change your habit or speech pattern or the way you walk that is how it sticks with you. people learn sports and to play instruments through repetitious exercise. if you do that for a characters, part of it may stay with you forever. >> there is a lot of twists and turns as an actor you read the scripts you know exactly what is going to happen where the twists and turns will be when you played these sequences out, without giving anything away, do you ever feel, giving too much away. >> it does cross your mind. once you are in a moment inhabiting it it has to be about the moment. one of our jobs is to suspend this belief to create a moment in time which is virtual we all
9:35 am
know it is not really that moment for that person but for all intents and purposes you have to occupy it as if it is. the reality of that moment has to, if possible, be all important, and anything that happens, out of that has to come as a surprise even what you yourself say might be a surprise that is where you have to to if you can. particularly something like tinker tailer where i only show up five times and have 5 minutes screen time. important. >> everybody everything that gets said down to the last hand gesture is a great significance the film is so delicately poised. did you ever see the pg 13 kings speech. >> no i can't imagine what that looks like. >> good stuff there. >> kevin. always gets the big names. >> we are continuing to
9:36 am
decorate the fox 5 christmas tree. run on butter? yeah, wait until you hear why one country is facing a shortage. >> >> first, another look at today's trivia question, how tall is the lovable big bird onuses knee street? is he -- on sesame street is he ... we are counting like the count does on sesame street. or d, 9'0" tall the answer coming up when fox 5 morning news continues after the break. 9:36 a.m. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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dow is now down 40 points u.s. stocks expected to be on the downward trend because of word the federal reserve would not take action to counter
9:40 am
europe's debt crisis. u.s. stocks ended if the red yesterday after the fed kept rates unchanged. and an auction featuring elizabeth taylor ' jewellery has taken in $116 million more than double the record for a single correction. her belongings went on sale at christy's in new york last night. some highlights include add 33- carat diamond ring and charm bracelets like to have a piece of that >> i heard one of her pearl necklaces richard burton gave her went for $12 million >> unbelievable. >> can i get a guy -- >> their love affair is beautiful. >> yeah, but it was tumultuous but crazy love. >> yeah. >> crazy love. >> some times just crazy. >> it is. yes, it is. holiday cooking might take a
9:41 am
backseat in norway. the country is facing a butter shortage. norwegians facing it on a low carb fab diet butter is such a hot item it is selling on norway's top auction site the going rate for 250-grams, $13. that is four times its normal price authorities detained a russian citizen monday who they said was trying to smuggle 200 pounds of butter from germany to norway. >> good grief. >> hot christmas item >> apparently. >> time to head over to studio b. take a look the special ornaments from iliana in centerville she says these are hand cut fused glass and she fused them especially for us. thank you so much, you are very talented that is one beautiful ornament, once that tree is all decked out with your ornaments,
9:42 am
we will donate the tree, ornaments everything to a worthy group here in the dc region. sorry. >> no, >> i am just trying to put -- i am working the university of maryland has several popular sports teams there is another team getting attention this morning coming up next on fox 5 morning news, we will introduce you to a unique team that specializes in designing race cars, annie yu is live in college park. >> very special guests in house,. >> ah. cookie monster. >> elmo live in studio b in town for a special show this weekend, more on the way when fox 5 morning news continues,. >> hi guys state farm. this is jessica.
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hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ]
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look at today's my fox half off deal. $99 will buy you a night's stay in annapolis an overnight for two, gourmet breakfast, wine tasting session at crush winehouse. now this would normally cost you $216 get it all for $99 great great deal especially this time of year. look for the deal on the right side of our home page. >> all right. when you think of teams university of maryland you thing football, basketball. but annie is meeting a unique team that specializes in designing race cars a great ride so far this morning. >> reporter: it has been really fun and definitely unique you don't expect a college to have a racing team. these students are engineering
9:47 am
students they work really hard at student life but also here working on these race cars they have three competitions every year one for each vehicle here to talk more about it is cj, and cj how are you? >> good thank you. >> we are sitting in these cars it is cool. talk about these competitions you have three they are all one after another. >> yeah, all the competitions we complete in take place late spring early summer each one is 70 teams come out from all around the world, japan, germany, brazil, pretty much any country that has a team. >> how cool is that. as far as ranking goes, you guys have been successful, talk about your success. >> teams -- yeah, they have done very well we placed first place this year, nationals nebraska, team hasn't placed worse than 4th place in the past five years and among the world ranks we have placed 8th.
9:48 am
>> wow : i know you guys get a budget here but as far as fundraising goes, how do you raise money for these competitions. >> it takes a tremendous amount of money all these parts are custom we get a little bit from the university everything else we have to go out to sponsorpartners within the school and ask them to see if they want to sponsor the program. that is a lot of work how successful are you guys as far as sponsors go? >> when it comes to sponsorship generally speaking the economy is a little tough but we have done a good job trying to reach out to machining sponsors and those who provide us material we could always use a little more cash. >> cj you have been enjoying driving this thing around this morning how do you go about selecting the driver for the competitions. >> we give everyone a chance at driving some of our smaller model cars, and those that show promise in the competition, get a chance to drive this car and we have a second selection
9:49 am
process who is fastest. does weight play a factor in it? >> it does, but it hasn't limited us so far just something we do keep in mind. >> yep well, you guys have trusted me to sit here and take this little baja for a ride steven can you help me suit up here what is involved with the whole process. >> first we will put on your lap belt. >> safety first. >> lap belt. >> okay. >> shoulder belt. >> really interesting. >> oh, my gosh. >> and harness. >> really i will be safe even though this thing goes how fast. >> 30 miles per hour. all right. >> okay. >> clipped in. >> after that put on the helmet. >> you get out. >> okay. >> how do we start this puppy up. >> i will pull it starlets like a lawn mower -- starts like a lawn mower. >> okay. >> put on the brake system. >> which one is the brake.
9:50 am
>> okay. okay oh, mimeoedness. >> you ready? >> -- oh, my goodness. >> you ready? >> yep i'm ready. >> hit it hard, hard, hard. >> woo, oh, my gosh. oh, wow. this is such a neat experience. wow. all right so if you want to find out more about university of maryland racing team log on to back to you in studio. >> go annie go. just be careful. annie be careful. >> cookie and elmo say go annie go. >> look who is in studio. some fun, furry famous friends are in studio and dc to promote a fantastic show that features timeless lessons for all ages that is why we love sesame
9:51 am
street. sesame street live is going on at patriot center, we are getting a sneak peek with the stars. good morning nice to see you and i am sure you know this big guy in blue cookie. hi cookie monosister you might not know lisa, she is with the show of course -- cookie, monster, you might not know lisa, she is one of the performers, what is it like to travel around with these guys. >> fun like travelling around the country with all your best friends. >> i am going to get big hugs at the end i am really excited and going to do this interview and waiting for my big hugs tell us about the show. >> it is a broadway style performance, full of lights and sounds and song and dance, featuring all of your favorite sesame street characterses including elmo, cookie, bert, ernie. >> if you watch the show you know ernie was my number one
9:52 am
boyfriend back in the day. i am so glad ernie is also in the show. and bert all of our friends from our favorite street. >> all of them from when i was growing up probably you growing up to new characterses such as abby coo dad by. -- cadabby. >> tell us about elmo makes music. >> it is full of favorite classic songs such as the who are the people in your neighbourhood. >> yes. >> sunny days, the sesame street theme but classics that adults will recognize and new songs as well. >> awesome. elmo we all do love you i have on the show maybe said some times who is elmo he is new he wasn't there when i was watching back in the 60s and 70s but i have grown to love and appreciate you you are now one of my favorites. >> now back to the interview. let me also say, you have some kind of special seating there
9:53 am
is an opportunity to meet characterses some times too. >> in addition to all our seats we have the sunny seats, where, our patients can come in and get an opportunity to have a meet and greet with two friends. and sit front row. >> right. >> that is the best we are looking forward to that. we want to hear or see a performance from the show what are we going to see today. >> just a little snip pet from our opening number called sunny days, they will sing for you and dance for you and i hope you enjoy it. >> all right see you on the other side of the a let's you a here is cookie and elmo. ♪ [ music ] ♪ sunny days, sweeping the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet, can you tell me how to get, how to get to sesame street ♪
9:54 am
♪ come and play, everything's a okay ♪ ♪ friendly neighbors there's where we meet, can you tell me how to to get, how to get to sesame street ♪ >> wow, all right. the show is tomorrow through sunday, george mason university patriots center of course starts again, on tonight and go to our website for all of the information. i got my elmo hug now i got to get some cookie loving. you are the best. stay off the cookies we said we were going to eat some more broccoli. elmo thank you very much. we will be right back ♪
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go to contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. >> another shout out to our facebook fan of the day. colleen's cable was out yesterday she was watching online and got a behind the scenes look at the show she said it was interesting watching alison do her make up and steve eating crackers during commercial break. all the stuff you learn from the behind the scenes camera. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day search us on facebook watching fox 5 morning news, and post a comment under colleen's photo. and, our gang -- our friends from sesame street stuck around to help with this trivia answer. here was the question how tall is big bird?
9:59 am
the answer is 8'2" tall. >> wow. >> huge. >> big bird has lived in that nest on sesame street since the show pre mered back in 1969. >> holy. >> you guys knew that. >> i would like to thank you cookie for dressing like me. >> thank you elmo for dressing like me. >> we like to make this work. >> shows how much we love this show. >> welcome to dc. okay tucker. >> where is oscar when i need him. quick look at the 5 day forecast later today clouds temperatures 50s, if you are headed to sesame street tomorrow you will need a rain jacket showers around and sunny and cool. >> always sunny on sesame street tucker remember the show is tomorrow december 15th, th


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