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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 15, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're following breaking news right off the top tonight, a police standoff putting a local college into lockdown for hours. >> police say a suicidal man with a began is inside a building next to the campus of northern virginia community college. fox 5 bob barnard is live on
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the scene. reporter: this thing may be wrapping up. we've just seen police pull off some crime scene tape. behind me is the lobbies of two towers. these are 26-story buildings, the skyline plaza apartments on george mason drive at route section in the alexandria section of fairfax county. you're seeing in the lobby there are dozens of people in there who have been out of their homes since 4:15 tonight. you can see the s.w.a.t. team here. an officer walking by a moment ago said this should be over soon. i'm getting the sense this may, in fact, be over. you'll look to the right here. this is the south tower of the kline plaza apartments on the eighth -- skyline plaza apparentlies and it's on the eighth floor that they had their -- apartments and it's at eighth floor that they had an incident this evening. the report of a man with the gun in his apartment on the
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eighth floor. his apartment faces away to the alexandria community camp us where it was on lockdown and they canceled evening classes and many dozens of people in this sky high rise condo building have been out of their homes coming up on six hours. we spoke to a couple residents a short time ago. >> i went through the garage and the signs are on all the doors you can't enter the south building. i live in the south building, so i can't get in. i'm tired. i'm about to get some information. i guess we can go in the lobby and ask what's going on now of. reporter: what floor do you live on? >> 22nd. >> i have a buddy on the first floor and i believe i can go to his apartment, but they're not letting anybody go upstairs and it's been going on for a long time. reporter: what do you think of this? what have you heard? >> i'll be true. i'm scared. i hope they find whoever it is. there's a lot of police out here. reporter: and i was inside the lobby a short time ago.
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this was cell phone video we fed back via skype to show you the many dozens of people, a diverse cross-section of community camped out in the lobby between these two very large towers. the problem was people were hearing wild rumors that there were hostages, that maybe someone had been killed. police say absolutely no. it was one person in his home, but because it's a high rise with many people living here and the community college across the way from his balcony inside his balcony that they went high -- i won't say overboard, but into might alert tonight because of this incident. if we come back live now, you can look. the police tape is now gone just as we've been talking to you and you see people milling about. we're not sure if they've allowed people yet to hit the elevators to go home, but it appears that this incident is pretty much over. >> bob barnard tonight on the scene. two news alerts just coming into the fox 5 newsroom, the first from george washington
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university where a case of meningococcal meningitis has been confirmed. the person lives off campus. it's not stated whether they're a student, staff or faculty member. about 35 people who have been in close contact with the person have been notified. the condition can be treated with antibiotics if found early. following a news alert out of chevy chase maryland tonight, a montgomery county police officer taken to the hospital after she flipped her cruiser at brookville road and thorn apple street, not clear what caused that crash. another big story right now, a dare devil stunt sends a woman to the hospital. she apparently tried to share chute, did parachute off the weta tv tower in arlington last night and got tangled in a tree. fox 5's wisdom martin has the latest. >> a witness says from his house's front steps he saw some
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men carrying an injured woman out of the park and put her into the car and then others come out of park with loads of gear. a few moments after that police found both people in a nearby shopping center. the injured person had just jumped off that daughter. it was around 10:30 wednesday night when -- tower. it was around 10:30 wednesday night when someone in this arlington neighborhood called police after seeing someone parachute from the sky. michael jones said his two dogs went crazy about that time. >> he was running back and forth to the door and wouldn't stop barking. reporter: five people climbed up the tower in arlington to base jump. 48-year-old kristen stewart of connecticut jumped off the tower. >> it's fool hardy and dangerous in a residential area where there's power lines and trees. reporter: stewart and her pair institute ended up crashing
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into -- parachute ended up crashing into a tree in the backyard of a man's house in the neighborhood. >> i'm totally shocked. reporter: police say she tried to cut herself free to climb down from the tree but fell. she was taken to the hospital with what police describe as non-life threatening injuries. mark krazinski, katherine san pedro and robin st. miller didn't jump but they were all charged with trespassing. >> i'm just surprised that they could get access to it because it is fenced in and the second question i have is why someone would take that risk. it just baffles me. reporter: it turns out all five were members of a group that travel around the country base jumping. >> a little shocking right there. i would never have thought somebody would parachute off a tower, especially this one. reporter: we tried to contact one of the jumpers from this area but he did not return our calls. >> do you have any idea high up on that tower she was able to
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get before she jumped and why did they pick that tower? >> investigators have not said how high she was able to climb and we do know that the height of that tower from the ground to the top antenna is about 450 feet. as far as why they picked that particular location, we don't know because we haven't been able to get in touch with them. there are lots of power lines there and trees. this is a neighborhood. so whatever went into their rationale behind picking it it wasn't a good idea and police agree it just wasn't a good idea to do this at night in that neighborhood anyway. >> probably not a good idea at all. how about that? >> no. >> wisdom martin, thank you. now to a steer you saw first on fox 5, a 25 -- story you saw first on fox 5, a $25,000 award is being awarded to a man called the boat make rapist. officials hope the wave -- potomac rapists. officials hope the wave of
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coverage will lead to the suspect. reporter: now 14 years after the last attack in georgetown in 1998 investigators have launched this website, potomac river and hope the same tools that helped them catch the east coast rapist will help them catch the potomac river rapist as well. investigators have known since at least 2004 the 1998 murder of christine mirzayan was linked with a series of chilling rapes in gaithersburg, rockville, bethesda, north potomac and silver spring. detectives have the man's dna and this composite sketch, but years of searching left them with an unfinished puzzle. who is this man and why did the attacks stop in 1998? >> it could be that our offender went overseas and is in a foreign country committing similar acts. it could be that our offender is dead. however, we still want that tip or clue that will lead to us that foreign country or will
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lead us to that deceased person. reporter: knowing the man could have moved out of the washington area and even changed his tactics, officials are using billboards and bus shelters in 14 states in hopes of informing the one person who might know who this man is. >> this individual used what we refer to as a blitz attack oftentimes attacking folks in their homes and other places, but people often or could change their modus operandi. reporter: this is one of the neighborhoods where the rapist was lying in wait for a victim in the '90s. he would show up in sweat suits with lettering, sometimes in jeans. he was known to break into the homes sometimes from the second story. he would disable alarms, cut telephone lines and always worked between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. police say he was confident enough to tell his victims that he was stalking them. investigators say his behavior could be chillingly sinister. >> after one of the cases the victim heard him leave the
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house and as soon as he went outside, she described he let out like a war scream or a war cry type of thing, just not something you run across every day. in another one of the cases he actually hid with a blanket over him making himself almost like a chair. reporter: the rapist's last known crime was the murder of christine mirzayan in a wooded area off the road near the campus of georgetown university. the 20-year-old intern was dragged into the woods, raped and bludgeoned to death with a large rock. >> the potomac river rapist has plagued this community long enough. please help us out and come forward. >> detectives are going through cases trying to find further links with this man and found one as recently as last year. detectives have eliminated hundreds of suspects over the years. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. >> taking it outside now, have you been out there lately?
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it's after 10:00 and the mile temperatures are still hanging around, really nice out there, very unusual for this time of year. of course, that can only mean one thing. changes are coming. sue palka is in the weather center with the details. >> you're a good observer of the weather, laura. you get a 63-degree 10:00 night in december, there is definitely something coming. last year it was 34 degrees for the high temperature, so what a difference this december, but there are some colder changes coming and we also have a few more showers to get through tomorrow night. let's start out with a look at those temperatures. this is more typical of late october or early november during the height of our daytime heating. it is still 62 in d.c., annapolis is 65 and quantico is 66 degrees. we know some colder air is coming. it's going to take a little while, so we get the rest of this night on the warm side. it's 39 in columbus, 37 detroit. that is not bitter. this is not arctic air, but there will be a cooldown in the cards for us and it's coming in
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a matter of hours, although we will see this slowly descending tomorrow. no real showers at this time. want to show you what we'll be watching tomorrow as we watched the last of the hours kind of departing the area ahead of the front. there is more to come and this moisture is going to ride up and along the front tomorrow afternoon and evening and that's going to pass by just to our south, but for tonight just partly to mostly cloudy, mild, breezy and colder air is to the way. would you believe i'm sitting here talking about a balmy december, but before the weekend is over some of you will see flurries. i'll talk about that when join you upstairs. following breaking news on capitol hill tonight, congressional negotiators reached a last minute agreement to prevent a government shutdown, a deal on a $1 trillion compromise spending bill reached late tonight. the house is expected to approve the measure tomorrow. the senate could follow suit possibly the same day. senate leaders say they're still working toward a deal on renewing the payroll tax cut
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and unemployment benefits for another year. caught on camera in the classroom, that could soon be a reality in one of the biggest school districts in our area, the crucial vote coming up. plus fake bombs snuck right past security at some of d.c.'s most high profile government buildings, the disturbing new report next. and on the news edge the massive new timeline feature is coming to your facebook page in a few days, how it will change the way you use the site at 11:00. ?
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alarming new report about the safety of d.c. government buildings shows police officers and recruits were able to get fake bombs through security check points at several places including city hall. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. reporter: security is taken seriously at the wilson building. there are x-ray machines and metal detectors in the front and rear. according to this report in one case a recruit was able to walk a fake cell phone bomb through the security checkpoint at the rear entrance. in another case the guard did detect a simulated pipe bomb at
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front entrance checkpoint, but according to the report had no knowledge what police action to take once the bomb was detected. another test here at one judiciary square didn't go well when a recruit with a fake cell phone bomb around his waist was ordered to put it through the x- ray machine. the recruit was then cleared, but security did react properly at police headquarters when a recruit tried to sneak through a simulated pipe develop and a metal gun. the guards -- pipe bomb and a metal gun. the guards took complete action. many of the security guards are not unionized and contreras believes security would be better if the guards were in the union. >> these are people who are well trained and happy on the job and just care more about the job that they do. reporter: in 2008 fox 5 exposed issues with d.c. security check points after
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whistleblowers told us the metal detectors were not working. our hidden camera test found the complaints were valid. matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> we're told the company that employ these security guards are fined each time for the failures, but they were also educated on what they missed and how to catch it in the future. more tax problems for d.c. councilman marion barry. the irs filed a new lien against him for three grand in unpaid income for 2010. two years ago the irs filed a separate lien against him for $15,000. barry blames a communication error between the irs and his representatives for this new problem. in a statement he says thousands of americans have serious federal tax challenges. i, too, have them and everybody knows that. the repayment plan is on schedule and working. the only thing new is this latest lien and it, too shall be taken care of. it's getting late but fairfax county school officials have not come to an agreement
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on surveillance cameras to be installed in the cafeteria and other high traffic areas. fox 5's roz plater is live at falls church with the latest on this controversy. reporter: this has been hotly debated three months or so and we expected it would be tonight. so far they haven't gotten to it. this meeting began at 7:00. they have six board members leaving. there have been a series of speeches and resolutions of picture takings before they get to the business at hand. as you recall, the idea of putting video surveillance cameras in the fairfax county high schools surfaced first earlier this year after a series of food fights, one involving as many as 100 students we're told. the idea is cameras might deter the behavior, make it easier to identify students responsible and free up staff who would normally patrol areas like the cafeteria and the current proposal would only allow surveillance in public areas like the hallways and cafeterias on a school by school basis. still some parents and school
10:20 pm
board members have said it's too much like big brother, but the superintendent defended the idea. >> a couple of things we're trying to do is first of all, prevent any kind of inappropriate behavior on the part of the students and we did have some dangerous food fights last year where some of our special needs children, in fact, were petrified and afraid to reenter the cafeteria. so we cannot tolerate that kind of behavior. reporter: now even if they adopt this policy tonight, it has to be done on a school by school basis and each school would have to open it up to the public to get their input. the earliest it might take place will not be until next year, that is, if it's approved. if we get that vote before 11:00, we'll let you know. a local beauty company becoming all the rage with military members. find out why. plus they went green and were promised green in return and now there's a catch. it's a big one. 
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn
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imagine you've been promised a rebate on a very expensive purchase and then you find out you may not get your money back for five or six years. that is the situation at least 500 homeowners in montgomery county are in right now. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick has the story. reporter: vicky keating said her house has never been more comfortable and she's paying a lot less for her power bill, too. >> i was tired of having $700 and $800 gas and electric bills because we were so inefficient. reporter: this past spring the keatings put in a geothermal situation underground. >> reduce our car boone footprint, save money and it was -- carbon footprint, save money and it was a goodening to do. reporter: it wasn't cheap, but -- good thing to do. reporter: it wasn't cheap, but local tax chiropractors made it
10:25 pm
more affordable -- credits made it more affordable. they applied for the $5,000 tax break by montgomery county. council county president voted to halt the program as of november. >> we basically said we can't take any new applicants because we're already six years behind in taking care of the people on the waiting list. reporter: what's puzzling to keating is that while she and the other 500 plus applicants are being told to wait a new county incentive program has popped up funded with $1 million in federal energy grants. >> the whole point of this new federal money was to create new jobs. reporter: so homeowners putting in the same system today will get a $2,000 rebate. keating is not eligible because her system has already been installed and she feels stuck. >> i can't tell my contractor i'm not giving him the $5,000 because i ran out of money, but the county did that to me,
10:26 pm
which i feel very misled. reporter: berliner says the county will keep its promises to pay all homeowners back and keating plans to keep on the heat to make sure of it. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. he received one of the highest military honors from the president himself. now one person says the medal of honor recipient wasn't totally truthful. that is as the nearly nine-year war in iraq comes to a close. what does this mean for the middle east? our experts weigh in next. @
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after almost nine long years the war in iraq is finally over. defense secretary leon panetta took part in a ceremony in baghdad today commemorating the end of u.s. involvement there.
10:30 pm
reporter: the iraq war ended with a simple ceremony at the baghdad airport. the iraqi president and prime minister had been invited but did not show up. the defense secretary officially ended the military mission, a ceremony to case the colors and to mark the completion of nearly nine years of war, nearly 4,500 u.s. lives were lost, more than 30,000 u.s. troops were wounded. 100,000 iraqis died as well. >> but those lives have not been lost in vain. they gave birth to an independent free and sovereign iraq. reporter: at 5:34 a.m. on march 20th, 2003, the bombs started dropping on baghdad. three weeks after the invasion u.s. tanks rolled into the capital. saddam hussein fell and on may 1st the president stood before a banner that declared mission accomplished, but it wasn't.
10:31 pm
the mission was soon marked by scandal and revelations of prisoner abuse by abu ghraib. saddam hussein was eventually found in a schnyder hole and in 2006 the dictator -- in a spider hole and in 2006 the dictator was hanged in. a year later 30,000 trochees were sent to -- troops were sent to end the surge in the war and it did. u.s. involvement in iraq has now ended. the iraq war is now over. jennifer griffin, fox news. >> what's next for iraq? larry johnson is a former cia analyst. perhaps more to the point, what's next for iran now that there's a vacuum of power in iraq? >> actually there's not a vacuum of power. what happened when we invaded iraq is we removed the one power that was helping contain iran. saddam hussein had been our partner for the previous 12 years in helping reign in iran. now he was not the best of
10:32 pm
partners and he certainly was a brutal thug, but we have to recognize when we deposed saddam hussein a sunni, replaced him with a shiite leadership, most of whom had sought safe haven and protection in tie ran, most of whom had -- in iran, most of whom had received financial support of iran, that over the last seven years iran has taken control mostly through intelligence of most of the major cities in iraq. what we have right now is an iran that expanded its influence and i guess i'm not quite amused because i don't think it's funny, but some of the same people who insisted we needed to go into iraq are now hollering with iran without understanding it was their idiotic decision to go into iraq that ended up enabling iran. >> why were we not people will ask greeted as liberators as we were promised? >> because we weren't lib rating them per se. look, saddam was a thug, but that was the nature of that regime.
10:33 pm
he also ruled over what was one of the most secular arab countries in the region, probably the most secular next to jordan. so the religious extremism was not prevalent then. what we have turned iraq into now is you've got the shiites and the sunnies and the kurds and they're going to continue fighting each other and carve up different sections of that country, but the shiites are the majority and are tightly linked to iran. what that means is iran no longer has to worry about how it would get from its country to say syria because it can easily transit iraq to send support, material into syria to back bashir assad, for example. controversy tonight surrounding the first living marine awarded the medal of honor. according to a new report, the marine corps exaggerated or made up the story. sergeant dakota meyer was credited with savings lives of 23 american troops and 14
10:34 pm
afghan sources in 2009. a journalist who survived that fight said while meyers was undoubtedly a hero, some of the details are not true. no response from the marine corps. researchers say smoking could give your kids a deadly disease. plus troops in the desert facing more than just human enemies, how a local woman's face cream helped our vets. but first a sliver of good news for the job narcotic. fox business network's adam sha here -- job network. business network adam shapiro explains. >> the 30 year record mortgage down to 3.9%. meantime a sliver of good news for the job market, fewer americans applying for jobless benefits last week dropping to the lowest level in more than three years, but the news not so good at morgan stanley. it's joining the ranks of investment banks announcing job
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a health alert on yet another risk of smoking, a new study shows children with fathers who smoke have a higher
10:39 pm
risk of developing leukemia. researchers studied more than 400 children with leukemia and found kids with dads who smoked around the time of conception were 15% more likely to develop the disease. researchers 3 rise the toxins in tobacco -- theorize the toxins in tobacco smoke could damage sperm. the federal government today says it will soon start cutting funding for medical and behavioral research programs that test on champ zes. the directive from the national -- chimpanzees. the directive from the national institute of health urges it be done only as a last resort. currently the government funding nearly 50 projects that use chimps to test vaccines in hiv research and see how they react to certain diseases. >> we didn't convene around mice or fruit flies and, of course, because of the genetic proximity of humans to churches we needed to convene around this question -- chimps we needed to convene around this question. there have been no policies
10:40 pm
that were universal for chimpanzees and so this was a very important moment to get a set of criteria we could recommend to nih to use. >> the nih director says chimps demand special consideration and respect because they are so similar to humans and are rarely needed any longer to help develop new medicine. a developing story tonight on the news edge at 11:00, people kept out of their homes for hours because of a standoff between police and gunmen. we're live at the scene with an update. plus cutting down on violence at metrobuses, what's being done to protect you and the bus driver at 11:00. [ female announcer ] at,
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should be left out in the cold. a local entrepreneur is giving comfort to troops thousands of miles from home. it all started in her kitchen with an effort to create a product that would help her skin. years later the product is in high demand among our troops overseas. fox 5's beth parker has the story. reporter: from the heat of a stove in silver spring a remedy
10:44 pm
for the blistering sun in iraq. sash ra demilio never planned to -- sarah demilio i never planned to be a hero. she was trying to cook up something to help her skin. she started giving the concoction she created to family and friends. the response, how do we get more? sarah spun into action. >> i took about 1,000 batches. it took a long time. you can't put pie rex directly on the flame. reporter: she started selling her skin can do products. >> a military wife sent it to her husband. two weeks later he wrote to me and said this is the best balm he ever rouge. they're having a huge problem with infect bites. please send more. >> i was honored. i was so excited this helped.
10:45 pm
this. reporter: sarah keeps this picture of customers fresh out of a sandstorm in iraq. when word started to spread about the lotion sarah began to get phone calls, first a few, then more and more, all from people wanting to help. it was overwhelming. it was too much. that was not going to happen. reporter: but they found other ways to help. veteran marlene hall talked it up and sent combat cream to a friend in afghanistan. >> the conditions are very harsh especially in iraq and afghanistan and they have a lot of dry skin stuff they put it on there, stuff like the bug bites, stuff like that. reporter: now you can send a care package of cream, soap or limb balm to a loved one or stranger who is -- lip balm to a loved one or stranger who is deployed. sarah writes a note and pays shipping. >> these guys are over there fighting for our freedom. reporter: kathy houston started taking combat balm to sporting events of her
10:46 pm
grandchildren. she always wondered whether her other monetary donation to the troops really benefited them. >> by the time everybody takes a share what gets to the front line? reporter: but sarah's kitchen got so busy she had to move out. so far she's sent 6,500 care packages. >> my favorite anecdote is hearing that there's a changeover and the new guy comes into his bunk and the old guy is leaving and he hands the balm to the new guy and says you need this. reporter: salons like emerald thor in silver spring need it, too. they're using it in every manicure. it's good in peace and war. in maryland beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the cold dry winter weather, although today wasn't exactly cold or dry, really i could use some of that balm. >> how did we get into this? >> my point is i need some of
10:47 pm
that lotion. >> we need lip balm. >> i missed the transition. >> we'll fill you in later. all you need to know is it's still really mild. we don't necessarily need the han cream tonight. >> no. >> it's crazy warm -- hand cream tonight. >> no. >> it's crazy warm, 65 in annapolis, 65 in d.c. and 62 degrees here. we've got a few more hours before cooler air comes in. it won't be bitter but it will feel different tomorrow and it certainly will over the weekend, but tonight we've got some breaks in the clouds and we don't have any showers showing up. we'll go straight toot headlines and give you the -- to the headlines and give you the big picture over the next 36 to 48 hours. for starters it's staying mile overnight, eventually closer to dawn -- mild overnight. eventually closer to dawn we'll drop to the mid-40s. there will be more light rain tomorrow south of d.c. a little wet snow could mix in in a few spots. i'm not sure the district will get in on this rain, not sure
10:48 pm
you will in northern maryland or even maryland, for that matter, but we'll keep an eye on that moisture. colder air is coming into town tomorrow night and the weekend. you'll see temperatures in the 40s by saturday and sunday. sunday morning in particular as well as late saturday night some of you could see flurries or snow showers, too. the quick moving disturbance will fly through the jet stream. you'll have to get up kind of early to see it. maybe they linger in midmorning on sunday. so your next three days look like this. 52 degrees tomorrow. we'll fall through the afternoon. clouds will increase rapidly, maybe a little sun in the morning. notice i'm showing some rain with a little snow mixed in. some spots may see this mixing with a bit of snow. i think you'd be hard pressed to have any problems from it because it's been so warm. so just something splattering on the windshield. back to the cool stuff saturday, 46 degrees. sunday morning we have a chance for some flurries or snow
10:49 pm
showers. our temperature will be 45 degrees, blustery on sunday. today's temperatures in contrast feeling like a blast from late october or early november. we do have a few breezes around as well, gusting to 23 at quantity coy, 16 gaithersburg, 22 dull -- quantico, 16 gaithersburg, 20 to at dulles. as this front comes through overnight with cooler air, we'll keep those breezes around. here in the district 62. i mentioned annapolis at 65. check out quantico 66 degrees. even as we look north and west we aren't finding colder temperatures yet, 58 hagerstown, 61 chunnel beer land. we have the clouds -- cumberland. we have the clouds around. on the very tail end of this front this moisture will catch a ride. this is the stuff we're watching down through dallas and arkansas and that will move in our direction. already the leading edge of that up to kentucky and
10:50 pm
tennessee will be passing just south of d.c. tomorrow afternoon. here's the setup in the atmosphere at the surface. the mild stuff ahead of the front. front comes through in the overnight hours. it starts bringing in the cooler air and along that front one last batch of showers tomorrow just south of d.c., a little bit of snow possibly mixing in here depending on the timing as that moisture passes by. it probably gets as close as fredericksburg, maybe into the southern suburbs of d.c. we have a lot of clouds around tomorrow. at 6:00 you can see what i'm talking about, maybe a few sprinkles getting close. a bit of snow could mix in in the higher elevations. we may see that lingering to about 11:00, but notice the whole thing eventually shifting out and saturday is a dry day for us. late saturday night check this out, a little disturbance coming out of pennsylvania, may try to throw a few flurries into the mix very early sunday morning, 6 average here, those would maybe linger -- 6 p.m. here. those would maybe linger till 8
10:51 pm
clock or 9:00 and temperatures into -- 8:00 or 9:00 and temperatures into the 40s sunday. we split the difference with the transition tomorrow, some showers down to our south and as we look toward next week monday, tuesday, we're back near 50 degrees again. our neck storm after the little disturb ans -- next storm after the little disturbances tomorrow and sunday we have tuesday and wednesday and it looks like a windstorm. some of the redskins youngest fans are treated to a shopping spree today. 50 students from prince george's county got a $100 gift card to spend in the team's hall of fame store thanks to the women of washington redskins and the skins charitable foundation. they also got a big discount while they shopped for themselves or for friends and family. >> we had two young ladies that did a fab husband job shopping frugal down to the pen -- fabulous job shopping frugal down to the penny and bought for grandparents down to themselves. >> the students get to spend christmas eve watching the skins play the vikings at fedex field.
10:52 pm
this is your local nissan dealers know your opponent. >> redskins hit the road this weekend to face the rival new york giants. >> you know i've been crushing shawn at this. >> you, yo haven't. she crushed you last -- no, you haven't. she crushed you, too. >> where's dave ross, a nonpartisan scorekeeper? >> last week brian won 1-0. >> thank you. >> ready to take the trip to the big apple, fox 5 sport director dave feldman is getting another player prepared for know your opponent. >> it's not about you, laura or shawn. it's about durrell young. he's coming ready to play today. durrell young used to live in new york. he's a fullback, not a household name. he's a good guy, good personality and was up for the challenge of a little thing we like to call along with laura
10:53 pm
and brian, know your opponent. >> it's time for another exciting episode of know your opponent. now here's your host dave feldman. reporter: know your opponent with durrell young from amityville long island, new york. >> that's me. reporter: were you the amityville horror? >> when i was in college. reporter: were there scary things going on? >> i haven't been in that house but i don't want to. reporter: why are the new york giants sometimes referred to as the new york football giants? >> no idea. reporter: because there was a baseball team there called the new york giants and they moved to san francisco and became the san francisco giants. >> really? i had no idea. reporter: this mode of transportation first debuted going the 11 miles between albany and schenectady upstate. i'll give you a clue. your three choices are train,
10:54 pm
car or airplane. >> train. reporter: that's right. it was the first steam railroad. what natural wonder forms the international border between the canadian province of ontario and the u.s. state of new york? >> niagra falls. reporter: correct. the giants and jets fuelly play in new jersey, east rutherford. what famous tv series was based on a mob family in new jersey residing at 633 north stag trail road in north caldwell, new jersey? >> i'd have to say sopranos. reporter: that's correct. good job, you're right. that's the only one you need to know. what former giants running back is in the hall of fame, is a former league mvp, losted monday night football from 1971 to 19-- hosted monday night football from 1971 to 1977, married kathie lee, former hall of fame running back. now on monday night football.
10:55 pm
the other way you could get there is if you ever watched regis and kathie lee, i don't know if you remember that show in the morning, what was kathie lee's last name? she married this guy. you will know when i say it. frank gifford. you didn't know it? >> no idea. reporter: you went 3-5. that's very respectable. >> yeah. 66%. >> well, durrell young went 3- 5. brian went 4 1/2 for 5. laura went 1-5. >> it's because i talked trash. that's why. i was just making it up. >> and you have the scorekeeper in your pocket. >> i was making you feel better. >> i will ultimately admit i wanted laura to win. you got to yell them out. >> i know. i wasn't so quick. >> laura, looks weak. >> just trying to make brian feel better. >> let's meet next time, not the answers, just a push.
10:56 pm
>> move on. >> happy to. this is not the last time you will see marcus canty. >> the end of the road for local x-factor contestant marcus canty. the bowie, maryland native was voted off tonight and that leaves chris renee, melanie amaro and josh crajic in the final 3. they will compete for the $5 million prize next week fox 5. check out what one homeowner found when he went down the stairs in his basement in new jersey. details next. the countdown is on for facebook to undergo a major makeover. we have what you need to know to manage your page on the news edge at 11:00. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by cal dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever.
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