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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 26, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a blind man from maryland boarded a train 10 days ago and hasn't been seen since. tonight his family is looking for answers from amtrak. we're just days from the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary. will there be a clear frontrunner after the votes are counted? and it's been seven years since the deadly earthquake and
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tsunami rocked the coast of india, how survivors are paying tribute to the thousands who lost their lives. we begin with a news alert. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm maureen umeh. the family of a disabled man said he got on an amtrak train in union station 10 days ago heading home to alabama, but never made it and no one has seen him since. roz plater is in the newsroom with more. >> this family learned two new clues, one from a virginia woman on that train, the other from a charlotte detective, but they don't know where he is and it's frustrating. mitchell malik smith is blind, has been missing for 10 days now and his family is plenty worried. >> not knowing anything, you want to know where, what, if he's okay and as i say, that's what's so surprising to me. if he is okay, why hasn't he called? reporter: relatives say they dropped him off at union station the evening of december 16th. he had a ticket to birmingham,
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a route he'd taken many times before. they turned him over to amtrak red caps who usually escort him to the train. >> in order for him to get on the train, he has to have assistance. for him to get off the train, he has to have assistance and we assumed it was amtrak who helped him on, it was amtrak who helped him off. reporter: but that evening something went wrong. smith wound up on a train headed to new orleans instead. a virginia woman who was a passenger on that train tells fox 5 she heard amtrak employees tell him he could get off in charlotte and wait several hours for the next train to birmingham. then the witness says she watched them help him off the train at the charlotte stop. now his family says a charlotte police detective is investigating another new lead. >> and he said that in the confusion mitchell finally said i want to go back to washington and amtrak is supposed to have put him back on a train to come here. reporter: but it's been 10 days. christmas has come and gone and the 33-year-old is still
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missing and his family wants answers. >> we have a human being missing and who is dependent, you know, on the help from others. so that's a little disturbing. i understand it's the holidays, but that does concern me as well. >> his family is hoping investigators can get their hands on surveillance footage from the train station that might help explain what happened. they've been told all of this has been delayed by the holidays. amtrak told us they would look into it, but at this point there is no formal missing report filed with amtrak police. >> let's hope that family gets some answers soon. thank you. the search is over for a man accused of killing two people in richmond and abducting a toddler. jamaal clemons was arrested this afternoon. investigators say he broke into edward bowmer's house christmas eve, then killed him and robin clapp. police say he then sold an suv with 2-year-old kaiden burnside sitting in the back seat.
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hours later the suv was recovered with the boy unhurt inside. virginia drivers ticketed for driving without proof of insurance, but it's not technically against the law. state law requires drivers to have liability insurance or pay a $500 uninsured fee, but several lawyers say it does not make it illegal to not have proof of insurance in your vehicle. thousands of people across our area hit the stores today to take advantage of post christmas sales and return the gifts they didn't like. fox 5's matt ackland tells us this is expected to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year. reporter: santa is long gone, just his empty share is left. here at the mall at prince george's santa was very busy up until the last moment and that typically is a good indication of how retailers are doing. >> a lot of last minute shoppers came in christmas eve and got santa photos. so that really pushed our sales up. reporter: although the malls were packed, you get mixed opinions when you ask about the overall holiday business. the manager at this jewelry kiosk says his sales were down
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10%. >> the crowd is here. the crowd was on the christmas eve, there was like full packed, but people were not spending money. reporter: that's not what you heard from many shoppers who said they're feeling better about the economy and this year decided to spend more. do you think that people are feeling better about the economy and spending? >> yes. i certainly do, yeah. reporter: how much more are you spending would you say? >> maybe 500, give or take, on one person. reporter: a poll conducted by consumer reports shows that about 40% of americans have after christmas shopping to do. although firm holiday figures aren't out yet, many are expecting the 2011 holiday season to be a good one. >> i think people do spend a lot more, but it is kind of cautious, too. reporter: don't worry if you miss those after christmas sales today. many of the retailers say they're going to keep those discounts in place until all the old inventory has been sold
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to make way for the new stuff. in columbia heights, matt ackland, fox 5 news. christmas wrapped up but the race for the republican nomination kicked back into high gear. with days left until the first caucus, one presidential hopeful may be breaking free of the pack. fox 5's tom fitzgerald tonight on how the race is shaping up. >> we're down to one week now before republicans in iowa will make their choice. the iowa caucuses will either push one candidate closer to the republican nomination or throw this already turbulent campaign into further question. either way the one thing for sure is that all the candidates were back at it today after christmas break. now ron paul is looking strong in iowa right now, in the lead, but mitt romney might have the most to gain or lose here. romney is trying to beat back a surge from former speaker newt gingrich. a loss in iowa could open up romney to more questions on whether or not republicans want him as their nominee when he
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heads off to new hampshire. a boston globe poll has romney up by double digits in new hampshire with gingrich, paul and john huntsman trailing, but a university of maryland professor tells us in iowa is where romney is looking to cool gingrich's hot streak. >> if mitt romney wins iowa, for the most part this nomination is over, okay? his most serious opponent right now really has to be newt gingrich because he has national name recognition even if he doesn't have the money or organization and that may not be a lot, but it's enough to keep him going for a while. >> as for newt gingrich, that remains to be seen how this fares out for him. he remains out front in many national polls, but recent missteps like missing the filing deadline in virginia's ballot and he stepped up attacks on his former opponents. president obama on vacation
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with his family in hawaii is keeping a low profile while trying to keep last week's momentum going. before leaving town the president signed into law a two month extension of the payroll tax holiday much to the chagrin of republicans who were fighting to get a year deal passed instead. >> he stayed in town for the payroll tax fight which was a clear victory and he's looking to a vied shots that has him on the golf course -- avoid shots that has him on the golf course or otherwise doing anything that imply anything other than full attention or to family or to business. >> the president took time out to strift a marine base on the island. he shook -- visit a marine base on the island. he shook hands and held some babies and one little guy got ahold of the president's mouth, but mr. obama didn't seem to mind. an intern faith rally today at home to call -- interfaith rally today at home to call intention no the holding of
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channel gross accused of being a speech gross -- alan gross accused of being a spy. his wife says he's lost 100- pound, is in severe pain with an untreated illness and with his mother and daughter battling cancer, his family wants him home now asap. >> we've gotten word that the cuban government is releasing 2,900 prisoners and alan gross is not one of them. we are standing in solidarity to ask that the cuban government release alan gross and make alan gross 2,901 because we believe that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. >> the group plans to rally every monday at noon until gross is released. stepped up security in iraq tonight after season people were killed in an attack aimed at the interior ministry, one of several in the last week pushing security officers to use explosives detectors and mirrors to search vehicles in baghdad. prime minister nouri al-maliki
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issued an arrest warrant for the vice president of iraq saying he ran a hit squad. pope benedict 16th is calling the bombing of a nigerian catholic church absurd. the explosion killed 35 people christmas day. islamist extremists took control of the church after a second year of attacks on the holy day. during the pope's post christmas address today he said violence lead only to pain, destruction and death and only respect and reconciliation can bring peace. season years ago a deadly tsunami devastated india's east coast in what's often called one of the worst days in modern history. 230,000 people were killed. earlier today family and friends, victims and survivors, gathered in prayer. fox's david lee miller has more. reporter: er is convenient waves crashing along the coast -- serene waves crash ago long the coast of india as these men and women throw flowers paying tribute to those lost in that
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devastating tsunami in 2004. >> we will not forgive and forget the memories, who have lost their children, families, mother, father, brother, sister. reporter: children and others in this fishing community standing in prayer silently holding candles. villagers are still struggling to get their lives back on track. this is the hardest hit region in india. >> on december 20th 6th of year fierce sue -- 26th every year fierce tsunamis come alive. reporter: death and destruction caused by a massive undersea earthquake off the indonesian island of sumatra triggering violent waves creating a toxic soup of splintered homes, cars and bodies and on that horrific day this girl separated from her mother. >> no, i don't remember. i don't remember what happened. reporter: now a touching reunion between a little girl
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lost and the mother who feared her to be dead for seven long years. >> i lost two of my daughters. all that time i was wondering where are they? are they alive? now that she has returned i am so. what. reporter: even now the disaster causing some governments to evaluate their preparedness, thailand's prime minister on sunday saying his country's warning system needs some work. david lee miller, fox news. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 the hacker group anonymous has struck again claiming to have stolen thousands of credit card numbers and using them to make donations to charity. we've got the details. it's the perfect time to find great deals
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if has certainly been a long 0 -- it has certainly been a long wait for wizards fans. it's a nice day after christmas present. sport director dave feldman
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joins us now with how the wizards fared in their opener. >> what if i were to tell you the wizards would lead the nets by 21 points in the 1st half and in that half washington really played unselfish basketball. is that something that might interest you? sadly the nba is a 48 minute affair, not 24. the face of the franchise john wall introduced. this is the season and home opener for the club. first stop, darren williams on the other team driving and rejected by javale mcgee. jordan crawford off glass. wizards built a 21-point lead and led by 8 at the half. 2nd half, wizards break, nick young is tripped up, more on that in a second. john wall and then williams, then goes the other way to kris humphries for the jam, game tied at 62. young was down but returned with less than two minutes left. williams then finds anthony
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morrow, hits the three. nets down at their biggest lead of 8. final 2nd wizards down 3. john wall has to have the ball and he does and he turns it over. he had four turnovers, 13 points, six assists. wizards fall to the nets 98-84 in game they definitely should have won. >> usually when you get up big like that in our league, teams are always going to make runs. it's how you respond to those runs and i thought we responded in a very selfish way everybody trying to say i'm going to do it myself rather than we got up 20 by playing team basketball and doing it the right way and we went way from that. >> washington's next game is wednesday in atlanta where they will look for their first win of the season. evidently the nba fans are keeping up with the car dashians. kris humphries who was married to -- kardashians. kris humphries who was married to kim kardashian booed before the game even started and it
10:18 pm
didn't bother him, but it made for some very creative taunts by the fans. >> good for him for working through it. why are they booing him? >> i know. >> he didn't call off the weeing? >> i didn't watch the show, but -- wedding? >> i didn't watch the show, but there were a lot of things i can't tell you what the fans said. some of the things the fans said is your wife cheated on you, you're a blank and kim kardashian is a blank but she's a better blank than you. >> oh, my goodness. >> i think the fans need to get a life. let those people whatever, you know. >> we requested to talk to kris humphries before the game. we were denied. >> no press no, comment. thank you, feldy. >> i'm with you. leave kris alone. of course, the start of the new nba season albeit two months late is good for business, especially down around the verizon center. fox 5's bob barnard is there live with that part of the story. reporter: a lot of happy faces down here along seventh street tonight, at least before the
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game. as it turns out, there will be only seven fewer wizards home games played this abbreviated season, not bad considering the alternative. the sidewalks and streets are buzzing, the nba is back in town. >> basketball is a big part of america. so i'm glad to have it back and we appreciate they settled the differences they had. >> wizards! wizards! reporter: fans once again heading to the verizon center and surrounding businesses. >> i'm more six than psched than you could put into words. >> let's just say we shopped, got coffee, dinner. >> we're very excited for tonight's opening game and on a monday night it wouldn't be as busy for sure in this neighborhood. reporter: selene is general manager of legal seafoods auto,
10:20 pm
cross the street from the verizon center. >> -- across the street from the verizon center. >> on a caps night we see like the sea of red in here on a caps night. it's absolutely like i would say 80% of our business on a home night from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on. a wizards night probably more like 50% of. reporter: nearly two months of the nba season was lost because of the lockout. instead of 40 this season there will be only 33 home games. for the roughly 200 who have jobs inside the arena. >> i don't think anyone has not been affected by the late start of the season. reporter: yet this night brian avar couldn't get in the door at his restaurant of choice, same story up and down seventh street. >> we're going to get really full in here, like packed, and we're going to have a wait list, a long wait list. reporter: just imagine if the wizards have a winning season? >> we're hearing a lot of good things this year about the wizards. so hopefully that will mean more business, more overall
10:21 pm
positive things of. reporter: sure, winning isn't the only thing in sports, but it's certainly good for business. >> we hope that they do a good job because the better they do, the better we all do, especially in chinatown. >> now we just hope for no snow in the months of january and february. reporter: so one down, 32 more to go. it could have been a lot different. back to you. >> indeed it could. thank you. an oregon woman was not about to let a tumor knock her off the saddle. more on the nine-hour operation doctors hope would get her back on her feet. the story is coming up next. 
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she was facing the prospect of never walking again, but an oregon woman beat the odds with a delicate surgery. a year after rehab she is once again doing the things she loves. fox's claudia cowan shows us. reporter: joanna newman is
10:25 pm
getting back in the saddle and it's nothing short of a miracle. >> that looks great right there. reporter: joanna found her medical miracle at uc san francisco where renowned neurosurgeon dean chow seemed to know just how to help her. >> when i was 19 years old, i was diagnosed with an interdural and i had one -- enterdral lipoma and i had one surgery and was told my tumor was inoperable. reporter: the 22-year-old was told she would never drive or possibly walk again because of a growing tumor and curvature of her spine. several doctors turned her down for surgery saying it was too risky, but the high school valedictorian and now oregon state student wouldn't take no for an answer. >> i just thought this can't be all there is. there's got to be more technology. there's got to be better doctors and i'm going to find it. reporter: her family launched a fundraising drive to get her insurance company to pay for
10:26 pm
the costly out of state procedure that was anything but routine. >> it was a very complicated surgery because it involves two of the most probably complex components of spine surgery that we do, which is no. 1 deformity and no. 2, removing tumors out of a patient. reporter: after a nine-hour operation last december and a year's worth of recovery joanna is now back on her feet and her horse. >> she was just a real champ going through a huge operation. reporter: joanna recently returned to california for one last checkup and to thank dr. chow and his staff. >> i consider them miracle workers, yes, because they had faith. >> i absolutely believe in miracles and i do think this is a miracle. reporter: her doctor says joanna will need to watch for signs of regrowth but doubts the tumor will return giving this family another reason to celebrate this holiday season. in san francisco, claudia cowan, fox news. montgomery county wants to get people out of their cars, what the county needs to kick
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montgomery county maryland is asking the state for a $1 million grant to launch a bike sharing program similar to the ones in the district and arlington, virginia. the idea is to give people an alternative for making those short trips. fox 5's dick krantz has the story. reporter: so many different transportation systems serve the washington region including a popular subway. traffic congestion gets worse every year. montgomery county is hoping pedal power will help cut congestion, pollution and energy consumption. >> we are trying very hard in this county to expand public transportation so that people can get around without having to drive. bike transit is the new step in that program. >> i think everyone benefits when there's one less car on
10:31 pm
the road whether you drive or not. reporter: he says the initial bike sharing stations would be located in communities inside the beltway such as bethesda, chevy chase and several spring. bike sharing has been in the district for about three years. here's how this works. let's say you're a student at american university and you take the metro to the tinley town metro stop. you could walk from there to american university. it would take well over half an hour, but instead of walking what you can do is you rent a bike at the bike share station. just ride it down nebraska avenue until you reach american university and drop it off at this bike share station. so instead of taking you half an hour or 40 minutes it's only taking you 10 minutes. pretty cool. two visitors from boston used a bike share, pedaled from the capitol mall to friendship heights. they called it a great experience. >> it gets more people on bikes
10:32 pm
and gets more people familiar with bikes being on the road which increases safety for bicyclists everywhere which is good. it encourages people to get exercise which is another good thing. >> it helps just give visibility to biking as a means of commuting. reporter: a recreational cyclist on bethesda's crescent trail said he favors the plan for montgomery county. >> because it's outside. it's healthy. it's convenient and it's good for you of. reporter: now we'll get a whole new mode of transportation based on pedal power. it just goes to show that everything old is new again. dick krantz, fox 5 news. some are accused at trying to break into cars at an annapolis cadillac dealership christmas morning. one of the men tried to get away climbing over the fence and got stuck. officers nabbed one and police are still looking for the other. new developments in the theft of a charity organization's van. the van was stolen from yale
10:33 pm
road last week. treats for troops was started a few years ago. there were about 50 pounds of treats in the van at the time and today police told her they found the van after it was involved in a crash in the district. four apparently ran from the van, not clear what might have been stolen from inside. investigators should know by tomorrow what caused a deadly house fire on christmas day in stamford, connecticut. three children and their grandparents were killed. fox's marianne rafferty reports. >> i've been on this job 38 years. reporter: three children and their grandparents have been killed in a christmas morning house fire in connecticut. >> it was absolutely incredible. you take the towering inferno, any of the worst things you've ever seen in the movie and it was by a factor of five, mine just flames shooting from the sky, not -- i mean just flames shooting from the sky, not just peeking out of the windows. reporter: two people were able
10:34 pm
to escape, a female new york ci her male quaint answer. neighbors wound up to screaming -- acquaintance. neighbors woke up to screaming. >> the develop, i heard her say my whole -- the woman, i heard her say my whole life's in there. reporter: firefighters knew the victims were trapped inside. >> first units on the scene attempted rescues within the structure. they were pushed back by intense flame and heat. reporter: the partially collapsed roof is all that's left. neighbors say the house was undergoing renovations and the male acquaintance was a contractor doing work on the home. firefighters don't know the cause of the fire and are working on trying to get into the home safely to look for answers. in new york marianne rafferty, fox news. in texas neighbors are trying to make sense of a suspected murder suicide. that claimed the lives of season people. it happened christmas day. investigators believe the shooter was dressed as santa claus and suddenly opened fire
10:35 pm
on other family members before killing himself. neighbors were stunned to learn what happened. >> there hasn't been any crime in this complex that they know of, not even a break-in. so to hear something like this it's just shocking. >> police have not identified the victims. they're awaiting autopsy results. the motive for the shooting is unclear. the man accused of shooting and paralyzing a soldier at his homecoming party from afghanistan is in custody now. ruben gerado turned himself into police today in california. he shot christopher sullivan after a fight was tried to be broke up. one bullet hit sullivan shattering his spine. a couple robbers wound up begging for mercy when the store owner they tried to swindle got the upper hand. the owner tackled him to the floor and the armed robber started pleading his case saying he was going to jail for
10:36 pm
life and asking the owner to let him go. he didn't budge and police arrived to cuff the men. up next a maryland mother gives her daughter a life saving gift for the holidays, why this mom says it was a simple decision to go under the knife to save her daughter. first if you're taking a road trip, expect to pay more at the pump. fox business network lori rothman has today's business report. >> the shopping frenzy continuing on mega monday, stores slashing prices. some retailers cutting prices as much as 80%. if all goes well, mega monday could be the third biggest shopping day of the year tying with black friday and christmas eve. tis the season to be disappointed in hollywood ticket sales down 4.5% compared to this time last year. a lack of blockbuster sequels and slow economy getting blame. to wall street the market closed monday with christmas.
10:37 pm
with only four trading days left in 2011, investors hoping it end with a rally. the national average -- ends with a rally. the national average is $3.21. that's business. i'm lori rothman. >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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a maryland mother gave her daughter another chance at life this christmas when she donated her kidney. sasha webster needed the transplant because of her diabetes, but there were 100,000 patients ahead of her on the wait list. her mother got tested, found out she was a match and donated her own kidney. >> the first thing i said to myself, i'm not going to let my daughter die. i am going do whatever it takes to get help for her. >> she gave me a second chance in life and that's something not too often you give somebody
10:41 pm
to. she's so brave to put herself under for the risky procedure. >> the women are both recovering from thursday's surgery at university of maryland medical center. even though they spent the christmas holiday in the hospital, they say this was their most special holiday of their lives. a 15-year-old american climbed into the record books in antarctica after making a monumental mark on the world. jordan romero is officially the youngest person to climb the highest mountains on each continent. yesterday he got to the top of mount vinson in antarctica. he summited mount kilimanjaro in africa five years ago. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 the hacker group anonymous struck again claiming to have stolen thousands of credit card numbers and using them to make donations to charities. and it's been a memorable year in politics. we'll look back at all the big stories.
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it has been quite a year for the stars to shine and fall. they've had their share of scandals, haven't they? meltdowns, romances and everything else in 2011. fox's adam housley takes a look back. reporter: attracting worldwide attention is never easy, but these two didn't have to try hard. an estimated 2 billion people tuning in at some point to watch prince william of wales turn the beautiful kate middleton into princess katherine. hollywood had its fair share of fairytale weddings, actress reese weatherspoon finding love with her agent and country singer leanne rhyme and miranda lambert and hopefully third time say charm for sir paul mccartney, but not all-stars are enjoying happily ever after, scarlet joe lan son and
10:46 pm
ryan reynolds calling -- joe -- scarlett johansson and ryan reynolds calling it quits and demi moore filed for divorce from ashton kutcher and it became a little too real for kardashian followers, mega reality star kim kardashian causing quite the pandemonium filing for divorce 72 days after marrying nba forward kris humphries, the announcement igniting a slew of rumors about the wedding's legitimacy. >> i think a lot of people are outraged because a lot of people spent a lot of time watching kim kardashian so invested in her journey to find love and then she get divorced 72 days after this multi- million dollar wedding. a lot of people were upset about. this. reporter: what's hollywood without some high profile scandals, arnold schwarzenegger's wife saying aust a la vista after he drops
10:47 pm
a bombshell admitting to fathering a child with the long time housekeeper. still in the headline for weeks, actor charlie sheen with a public meltdown appearing to have drank way too much tiger milk this year, getting fired from two and a half men and going on a public rant against the executives of the show. lindsay lohan proving this was not the year for her comeback going from house arrest to the slammer. a judge eventually slaps lohan with more than 400 hours of community service. more than two years after the death of michael jackson the king of pop's former physician conrad murray is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and later sentenced to the maximum four years in prison. tinseltown also having its share of good-byes. grammy award winning singer amy winehouse found dead in her london apartment from alcohol poisoning and the ever extravagant elizabeth taylor
10:48 pm
leaving us at the age of 79. and a new year delivers hollywood a bundle of new a list pops, actress natalie portman bringing home an oscar and baby boy, victoria and david beckham welcoming their first daughter. jessica alba welcoming her first girl and mariah cary going big with the birth of twins. the winner of american idol season 10. >> over on fox idol fans declaring country singer scotty mccreery as their season 10 winner. while former idol judge simon cowell brings his british hit singing show the x-factor to the states. >> melanie amaro! >> the sings seasoning. reporter: but they weren't the only ones winning big this year. this award season puts royalty back in the spotlight, the king's speech, the most nominated film of the year wins best picture at academy awards,
10:49 pm
best lead actor and natalie portman taking home best lead actress for her performance in black swan. country singer lady antebellum leaving with the most wards of the evening. ending on top of the box office is harry potter and the deathly hallows, part, the franchise's final film setting an all time record with close to $200 million in ticket sales. 2012 is sure to bring hollywood a bunch more weddings, babies, scandles and drama. some of the most anticipated -- scandals and drama. some of the most anticipated headlines, beyonce expecting her own bundle of joy. adam housley, fox news. maybe maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger will stay together av all. tmz reports shriver told friends -- after all. tmz reports shriver told
10:50 pm
friends her religious beliefs made her reconsider. the former governor cheated on shriver, even fathered a child with the family's housekeeper and keeping him a secret. shriver and schwarzenegger have four children together. >> time now to talk about the forecast, a nice day for shopping, but maybe not so much tomorrow. >> no, no. i had to make a few changes. >> okay. >> yeah. unfortunately i've had to make a few changes for us, but hold on a minute. >> the microphone thing. >> mold on. can you hear me now? >> we're -- hold on. can you hear me now? >> we're not going to fall with that. >> bobby says yes, so we can move on now. sorry about that. just a little thing, but it's so important. made some changes. unfortunately not necessarily good changes, but there is a glass half full in this forecast. >> okay. >> so bear with me. we'll talk about it. this evening out there it's been nice, it's been chilly. the clouds have already come in quite quickly this evening.
10:51 pm
our temperature here in the city has stablized at about 40 degrees. it may drop a little more, but some of the numbers out there in the countryside and suburbs, very cold. not today, though, reagan national 50, dulles 48 and bwi marshall 49 degrees, rain tomorrow, high in the upper 40s, pretty nice wednesday. we'll have some clouds. it will be colder, temperature 44 degrees, but keep in mind it will be breezy wednesday, so it's only going to feel like it's in the 30s and thursday again some sunshine, some clouds, temperature about 45 degrees, not so breezy thursday. so it's actually going to feel a little bit more comfortable thursday. so the temperature at national is 40. winds right now are call and probably will remain so pretty much all night long. they may be a little bit more, 5 miles per hour or something like that. now where the clouds have not come in all too thick and the temperature was able to drop down before the clouds cale over, it's cold, manassas 30,
10:52 pm
culpeper 32. it's already dropped in the upper 20s in frederick county. here in town again we're 40 degrees and these temperatures may drop off a little bit more before it's all said and done and as the clouds thick overnight tonight they ma actually come up a little bit before sunrise. now the changes to the forecast have been earlier we were anything that we would have a dry morning commute. now all bet are off for that. this is coming in a little bit faster. the clouds are already here. you can see them moving in. we can see a little precipitation out to the west trying to show up on the radar and all this due to this big area of high pressure. it's bringing up gulf moisture. so there's going to be a lot of rain tomorrow and at times i think we could even have a few heavy showers. again here's the area of low pressure, thunderstorms ahead half and the warm moist air down to the south. don't think we have to worry about thunderstorms tomorrow, but maybe as close as richmond
10:53 pm
out towards norfolk and along the eastern sections of virginia, maybe even southern maryland they can have a few thunderstorms tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon big area of high pressure out west. that's crueling that area and then we have another storm system coming into the pacific northwest, but again that's the rain that we're watching. overnight tonight the clouds will come in and chicken a bit more. it does look like during the overnight the rain is going to holeful on, but it looks like it comes in a little bit quicker. we have cloudy conditions tomorrow and rain. the big change here is i've put in the rain at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. it might not be for everybody, but i think we'll start to see some showers as early as 7:00 or 8:00, temperature 41 degrees, noon time 47 and the potential for moderate rain in the evening, maybe a few heavy spots, temperature of 45 or so. 5 a.m.
10:54 pm
we're dry on future car, but by 8 a.m. we're showing a -- futurecast, but by 8 a.m. we're showing dry. rain comes in earlier tomorrow and gets out quicker in the afternoon and evening. so we're quickly dry slotted. all the snow will stay well back off to the north and west and on wednesday chilly conditions that will be a little breezy, but we'll have some sunshine as well. keep in mind that wednesday temperature in the middle 40s, it'sen going to feel like it's in the 30 -- it's only going to feel like it's in the 30s with the winds blowing 10 to 20 miles an hour with a few gusts higher than that. comes in early tomorrow morning with the morning commute, the few of you that have the commute in the morning and gets out of here quickly tomorrow afternoon and evening. the rest of the week will be dry. we'll have some sunshine, clouds and temperatures for this time of year not too terribly bad. >> we would call this a mixed bag? >> certainly for the next couple of days.
10:55 pm
it's a face that's hard to resist. this polar bear cub from denmark has become an internet sensation. sticking his tongue out at you. thousands of people are following his every move. the cub has just opened its eyes for the first time. i was born a month ago and weigh -- he was born a month ago and weighed 7-pound. his mom was not able to make enough milk to feed him, so park rangers care for him around the clock. he had been left by his mother. well, this is certainly a christmas to remember for a local family. they hilt the jackpot. we're talking to the owner of the store where their winning lottery ticket was sold. a dramatic robbery in prince george's county caught on surveillance camera. police believe this isn't the only time the suspects have struck in the area ahead on the news edge at 11:00. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local
10:56 pm
dodge jeep and chrysler dealers.
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one person is $125 million richer tonight. saturday's powerball winner hasn't come forward yet. the winning ticket was sold at a store in elkton, maryland. the store owner will collect $25,000 for selling the winning ticket. >> one of my employees said i think they got the ticket here and he said in about two days i'll see you. i want everything to settle down a little bit. >> i don't blame him. this is the second time a winning powerball ticket has been sold in maryland. the christmas gifts have been opened. now it's time to get ready for the rose parade. float preparation is underway for next monday's big parade. this year's theme is just imagine. by parade time the notes will all be covered in flowers and most of the materials from


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