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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  December 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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these floats will be recycled for next year's parade. the news keeps coming tonight. maureen umeh is in now with the news edge at 11:00. >> off the top tonight now that christmas is over the race for the republican nomination for president is kicking back into high gear. with just days until the first caulks one hopeful may be breaking -- caucus one hopeful may be breaking free from the pack. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is how the race is shaping up. >> we are now one week away before iowa republicans will make their choice and the iowa caucuses will either one candidate closer to this nomination or throw this already turbulent campaign into further question, but one thing is for sure. after a brief christmas break all of the candidates were back on the campaign trail. with congress on christmas break washington is hardly the capital of politics right now. for that you'd need to go to iowa. mitt romney and newt gingrich may have been getting all the press, but in iowa texas
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congressman ron paul is out front. >> there could be some surprises in iowa. for example, ron paul seems to be surging. he's got a base of support. reporter: american university professor leonard steinhorn says if mitt romney wins iowa, he'd gain momentum going forward. >> if mitt romney wins iowa, he will probably win new hampshire and go on to win this nomination. mitt romney way be trying to win iowa secretly without setting high expectations. reporter: on tuesday, romney, bachmann, perry and gingrich all began iowa bus tours while rick santorum toured iowa conservatives. the winner of the 2008 caucuses said weather could hold the details. one week after iowa the action shifts to new hampshire on january 10th. the boston globe poll has romney up by double digits
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followed by gingrich, paul and jon huntsman who may be fighting for his survival. >> there's john huntman, too. unless he shows well in new hampshire, he's finished, too. reporter: now for his part newt gingrich remained in front in many national polls, but recent missteps like missing his filing deadline in virginia have taken some of the steam out of the former speaker's frontrunner status. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. we are counting down for everything you need to know for the presidential primary. according to the latest gallup tracking poll 47% of americans approve of the president's job performance. 45% say they disapprove. it's the first time the numbers are in positive territory since this summer of. the news edge now on maryland -- summer.
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the news edge now in maryland, a 23-year-old man shot and killed while walking near an oxon hill apartment complex. fox 5's reporter: quintin perry sr. said he was shocked crist mats day when he got a call telling him -- christmas day when he got a call telling him his son had been shot. 23-year-old quintin perry jr. was on his way home from the store. around 11:00 in the morning police found perry in the road at this intersection. he was suffering from several gunshot wounds. he was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> he was a laid back person. he'd do whatever he can. he loved to help everybody. reporter: donovan perry is quinn in it jr.'s younger brother. he was -- quintin jr.'s younger brother. he was with him the night of the shooting. >> the last thing i said to him before he left, i love you brother. be safe. reporter: tonight the perry family is making apply for
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witnesses to come forward and help bring quintin's killer to justice. >> it's a terrible thing when you lose a child. reporter: wisdom martin, fox 5 news. also in maryland police are looking for three men suspected of molding up at least three prince george's county business -- holding up at least three prince george's county businesses. they were caught on individual ya camera robbing a burger -- video camera robbing a burger king december 5th. one of them had a gun. one of them jumped over the cash register. >> we're just hoping someone looks at the video and recognizes one of these guys. we don't know what will happen next. the guy is armed. somebody armed with a gun can be dangerous. >> it's believed the trio held up a wendy's last month and a family dollar last week. tonight the search is on for a maryland han who boarded train for alabama 10 days ago and disappeared during his trip. mitchell malik smith is blind and his family is worried sick. fox 5's roz plater with the
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details. >> he boarded the train at union station on the 16th. he had a ticket to birmingham, but that evening he somehow got on a train bound for new orleans. a virginia woman who sat across the aisle from him tells fox 5 she heard amtrak employees tell him he could get off at charlotte and catch another train hours later to birmingham. the passenger said she watched workers help him off the train in charlotte. police visitingors say in confusion he asked to take a train -- investigators say in confusion he asked to take a train back to d.c., but no one has seen him ever since. >> in order for him to get on or off the train, he has to have assistance. we assumed it was amtrak who helped him on and off. >> the knowing anything, you want to know -- not knowing anything, you want to know where, what, if he's okay and as i say, that's what's so surprising to me. if he is okay, why hasn't he
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called? >> a spokesperson from amtrak says they will look into, it but so far there has not been a formal report filed. the family has counted on investigators in charlotte getting camera footage from the train station. a news alert out of florida, a helicopter carrying a heart surgeon from the mayo clinic crashed today killing all three people on board. the surgeon and procurement technician were flying to retrieve later for a transplant in jacksonville. no word on what caused the crash. a mayo clinic spokesman says the heart cannot be used in another transplant because its separate expired. the patient who was supposed to receive it is now back on the transplant list. next on the news edge the hanger group anonymous has -- hacker group anonymous has struck again. we've got the details.
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have you checked your bank account or credit card statement in the last 24 hours? a major security breech at a u.s. intelligence think tank has left thousands of customers vulnerable and a notorious group of hackers saying they're behind it. fox's doug mckelway has the story behind it. reporter: the hacking group
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stealing thousands of credit card numbers and other personal information from a security think tank. anonymous claims they pulled it off because the agency didn't bother to encrypt it. thousands of statfor sub describers notified of a -- subscribers notified of a breach christmas day. >> i got a notice last night there's been a security breach. check your e-mail. check your credit cards online to there are any unauthorized charges of. reporter: anonymous claims to have 200 gigabytes of secret data which it claims will be released through the coming week. statfor's website is now shut down and many think there's a tough road ahead trying to find out who the hackers are. >> my understanding it's a very loosely formed group and some people who do this label themselves as anonymous, so they may take on the title. so it's not clear exactly who this is. reporter: statfor provides
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political, military and economic intelligence with top tier clients like lockheed martin and bank of america. some didn't think it would be possible to hack into the high profile think tank. >> this is a pretty serious invasion. someplace like statfor which is the sort of super secret community around the world is getting hacked into, then you kind of wonder is anything safe? reporter: one hacker says the goal is to steal $1 million from victims' accounts citing on an internet blog. that person says hackers want to distribute that cash to organizations like save the children and the american red cross. doug mckelway, fox news. up next on the news edge did you get great card to of a store you don't like this year? we'll -- a gift cashed to a store you don't like this year? -- gift card to a store you don't like this year? we'll tell you how to cash it in. thththththththis is an rc robotic claw.
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taking a look back at the year in politics, 2011 was a tough year in the nation's capital from economic woes to sex scandals. fox's craig boswell takes a look back. reporter: 2011 started off on a somber note in washington. just three days after being sworn in by newly minted house speaker john boehner, arizona representative gabrielle giffords was shot in the head outside of a grocery store in tucson. >> a shooting at the safeway of. reporter: six others died in the attack. bystander tackled the suspected gunman 22-year-old jared loughner. >> we've seen in the past few
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days washington has the ability to focus when there's a timer dirking down. reporter: within days of raising the debt by $2 trillion standard & poor's downgraded the united states credit rating to aa plus from its aaa rating. a possible second downgrading is feared after the congressional supercommittee failed to reach an agreement over how to cut 1.2 trillion from the u.s. budget deficit. >> i'm in this race to make america stronger. >> i'd like to be the nominee and the person who wins the campaign. reporter: as the year winds down it's shaping up to be a two-man race between mitt romney and newt gingrich. 2011 had many ups and downs on the campaign trail. >> if the people of iowa would thed to have a champion for their voice -- wanted to have a champion for their voice of. reporter: michele bachmann's popularity waned as republican primary voters shopped for a candidate with each taking a turn at the top of the heap. >> we will get our country working again. >> we need to fix stuff rather
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than continue to talk about stuff. reporter: the last few weeks of the year herman cain found himself fending off sexual harassment allegations and denying a 13 year extramarital affair. >> i didn't want to do this, but it was something i felt was the right thing to do. reporter: despite the denial the claims proved too much in the end. >> with a lot of prayer and soul searching i am suspending my presidential campaign. reporter: the sex scandals weren't limited to the presidential race. democrat anthony weiner resigns after a bizarre sexting scandal in which weiner admitted to sending naked photos of himself to several women. >> once i realized i posted to twitter i panicked. i took it down and said i had been hacked. reporter: 2011 marks the last time for some heavy hitters in congress including representative barney frank
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you said wednesday was going to be icky, too. >> sunny, but windy, breezy, kind of cold but not wet. >> i got you looking at the bright side of things. >> always half full. >> i love that. >> seems to work out better. did you see early thissier? >> tell me about this. >> this is the -- this earlier tonight? >> tell me about this. >> this is the western sky and this is venus and the moon. the moon is only a crescent moon, but you see how it looks full. >> yeah. >> this was taken from just a plain old camera, zoom lens, and while you're seeing the moon there almost full, it's picking up earth shine. >> that is pretty cool. >> yeah. the sun shining on the earth and you end up with it shining back on the moon and so you can see it. you wouldn't be able to see it that way with your naked aircrafts but if you used
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binoculars or a -- naked eye, but if you used binoculars or a zoom lens, you could see that. i would encourage you to check out the sky guy's blog on our website because he is great. he knows it all in terms of what's going on out there. he loves the moon, the meteor meteorites and might yores and things like that. that's the western -- meteors and things like that. that's the western sky. tomorrow if it cheers out in the evening, you'll be able -- clears out in the evening, you'll be able to see that. not too terribly cold anywhere. we just have an absence of real cold air. it looks like basically that trend will continue now right in through the end of the year into next week, too. we'll have some cold days, but nothing extremely cold in the offering at least that i can see. a lot of rain coming up from
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the deep south, though. we're anticipating now it looks like some of this will be in by early tomorrow morning. look at these heavy storms moving into alabama, huntsville about to get more heavy rain and birmingham. this has been thunderstorm activity, some spotty severe thunderstorm down there and you see here we are in d.c. it's getting closer to us and now it's looking like by as early as tomorrow morning for the commute we could have some showers starting to move in. that's a bit of an update in the forecast. so cloud overnight. the rain will hold off overnight tonight. it will just be cloudy, temperature in the city pretty much where we are now. we may be able to fall a couple more degrees, but with the clouds coming in, it looks like temperatures will hold steady overnight. clouds and some showers in by as early as 7:00 in the morning, 8:00 in the morning, not for everybody. it will definitely be wet at noon and wet at 5:00. temperatures upper 40s and then once the rain gets going good we'll cool off a bit into the
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middle 40s. in terms of the rain all this big swath of rain coming in, any thunderstorm activity will be to the south of us. we could have as much as 1/2- inch of rain, maybe some isolated areas up to 1 1/2 inches before it's all said and done. so again rain tomorrow, that's our wet day. now it's going to be breezy and cold wednesday. i think it's going to feel like it's in the 30s wednesday, clouds thursday, 45, not quite as breezy, clouds friday and new year's eve looking pretty good, still kind of a mixture of clouds and sun, right around 50 degrees. stick around. dave feldman is coming back. the wiz is back out tonight. nba started here in town. he'll have all the details, stay with us. edge will continue. 
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this is your local nissan dealer sports desk in hd with dave feldman. >> good evening. the washington wizards opened up their new abbreviated season tonight at home against the new jersey nets. the two teams combined for 47 wins last season and neither made any really big offseason advantages. john wall looking for big things in season two for him. early 1st half wizards move the ball. wizards up 16-5. later in the 1st quarter john wall drives inside and gets a tough lay-in
11:26 pm
to go plus the foul. i mixed the free throw. wizards built a -- he missed the free throw. wizards built a 21-8 lead. darren williams to anthony morrow who hit the open three. nets with their biggest lead eight points. final seconds wiz down three but they have time. john wall got the ball. he should but he shouldn't do that, turns it over, fourth of the game. wizards squander a huge lead and fall to the nets 90-84. >> our blessing was our curse. getting up by 20 so early and easy was a curse for us because then guys started to get relaxed and then the guys started doing one on one basketball and that's not the type of team we were. >> when you get up big like that, sometimes guys say maybe i'll take a chance. maybe it's my turn instead of we played the right way to get up 20. the rest of the way we played the wrong way. now we got to play the right
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way. hockey, last friday the caps rallied from a 3-0 deficit in the 3rd and salvaged a point in a shootout loss to the devils. tonight the caps faced a greater deficit in buffalo. 1st period, they feed jason palmerville who fields michal neuvirth. 1-0 sabres. in the 1st later the sabres feed christian erhoff. sabres built a 4-0 lead. nick backstrom, alex ovechkin, a wrist pass ryan miller for his 12th goal of the year, but that was all the scoring. caps are beaten by the sabres 4- 2. the redskins conclude their season next sunday on new year's day at philly against the he'ses. mike shanahan needs a win to match -- eagles. mike shanahan needs a win to match his score. any momentum from the giants
11:28 pm
two weeks ago are taken. running back adrian peterson for the majority of the 2nd half are out but still managed the win. the redskins finished with a 2- 6 home record. today mike shanahan was asked if turning around the redskins has taken longer than he thought it would. >> i, yeah, a lot longer than i first anticipated. we had less depth than i thought and we are a little bit older in a few different positions and i thought we might keep those players a little bit longer than we did, but that's not a negative. you just got to evaluate your squad on a dayday basis, year to year basis and put the best football team together and i think that's what we're doing. >> a win over the eagles would give the redskins a 3-3 record in the nfc east, a one-game improvement over last season. i'm dave feldman. that's your sports. maureen, back to you. >> thank you, dave.
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now you have the news edge. of course, the news is always auto take care.


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