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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  December 27, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a break in more like something you would see in a hollywood movie, thieves burst through the wall of one business to get the cash next- door. two fires in an urbana neighborhood have neighbors on edge. and a blind man missing 11
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days after his family put him on a train. hear from one passenger who saw him get off the train before reaching his final destination. but we begin tonight with a fox 5 news alert out of woodbridge, virginia. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm wisdom martin. thieves took the back way through a woodbridge bank busting through the wall of the business next-door. fox 5's bob barnard is live with the story. reporter: you can see a prince william county police officer has been assigned to watch this bank. this is the branch that was robbed by what would appear to be a modern day hole in the wall gang. the bank has been closed for two days now. customers turned away from the navy federal credit union branch at ashdale plaza on dale boulevard in woodbridge. what were you coming here to do? >> deposit money. it's my checking account. reporter: what did they tell you? >> that there was a communications problem with their corporate office. reporter: that is what the sign says that's taped to the front door.
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>> communication problem. reporter: prince william county police tell a different story. they say sometime between christmas eve night and early christmas afternoon what was likely a team ofback bank robbers stole all the money from navy federal's twin atms. >> i'm disappointed. christmas is supposed to be the time of year of, you know, giving and i'm disappointed that that. what. reporter: but wait till you hear how they did, it by breaking in through the backdoor of the vacant store next-door, then blasting a hole into the wall adjacent to the bank. once inside they tore open the atms and stole all of the cash. >> i'm just curious how much money they got. i mean think about it. there's got to be thousands of dollars, especially with the christmas weekend because people were going to use money to go shopping. so i guess that was a good time to hit it. reporter: that's not the end of it. police say the bank robbers
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disarmed the alarm system and also cut the feed to the bank's surveillance cameras before breaking in. cain burn is also a navy federal customer. >> people are professionals. reporter: sounds like, it doesn't it? >> yeah, it does. >> that would be my great ernest now as a customer, if your security system can't protect you to protect my money, then maybe i need find another bank. reporter: we've reached out to the credit union's corporate executives for comment. so far they have not returned our call. >> i've been banking at navy federal for almost 20 years. this is the strangest thing i've ever seen happen here. reporter: that last shot you saw one of the workers inside the bank repairing a very significant hole in the wall and basically the backs of the two atm machines were ripped apart. someone who saw it said it looked like a chain success of taken to it. prince william county police -- chainsaw was taken to it. prince william county police
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will be consulting with other law enforcement agencies. we've heard reports of a similar case in fairfax county and one last summer in the district where the same kind of thing, wisdom, the bandits apparently went in from a vacant store, bore through the wall next-door, but in that case they tripped the alarm and were gone by the time police got there. this time there was a lot of planning done and they got away with pay lot of money. a lot of money. >> thank you very much, bob, for that report. now the fires that destroyed two garages in urbana overnight appear to be work of an arsonist. they could be linked to a number of other crimes that have been plaguing the community for week. audrey barnes is in the newsroom now with more. >> those two fires caused an estimated $130,000 damage to the garages of two homes just blocks apart. investigators have uncovered some key evidence that they hope will lead them to the people responsible. the first fire was reported at about 10:45 last night on
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singleton terrace. the detached garage and all of its contents went up in flames. within minutes a second call came in about a garage fire on addison woods road a few blocks away. the homeowners there lost two of their cars in the blaze. investigators say they haven't determined the exact cause, but it does appear that both fires are linked and they were both deliberately set. >> i feel like i feel bad. >> there's no way that. had to be premeditated i think. >> i just spoke with the lead investigator on the case, corporal jason west. he says detectives found the caps of marine flares, the time used for distress signals -- the type used for distress signals, all over the neighborhood and they may have been used to start those fires and are now part of the investigation which also includes some shrubbery fires and other neighborhood vandalism. we'll have much more on those fires tonight at 11:00
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including a firsthand account from a woman inside the home when the fire broke out. back to you. everyone is safe after a fire broke out on board a ride- on bus in bethesda this afternoon. there were passengers on the bus when the fire started in the area of massachusetts avenue and goldsboro road. they reportedly got off the bus safely. the driver was checked out on the scene and is doing fine. investigators shut down roads to determine what caused the fire, but so far they haven't announced a cause. the search for a blind man who disappeared on a train trip to alabama 11 days ago continues tonight. his grandmother says he requested special assistance from amtrak to help him on his trip from union station to alabama. fox 5's beth parker talked to a woman who saw mitchell smith aboard the train. reporter: mitchell malik smith needs help getting on and off an amtrak train. now his family needs your help finding out what happened to him. >> we don't anything.
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we want to know where, what, if he's okay and that's what's so surprising to me. if he is okay, why hasn't he called? reporter: mitchell is legally blind. his grandmother in maryland and the rest of the family spent christmas worrying. back on december 16th relatives dropped mitchell off at d.c.'s union station for a trip home to alabama, a route he'd taken many times. >> there seemed to be a little bit of a problem. the woman who was from amtrak was talking to him. it seemed that he wanted to go to alabama, but the train we were on didn't go there. reporter: jane campbell lives in woodbridge, virginia. she was on that train headed to atlanta. she said an amtrak employee told mitchell that he could get off at the train station in charlotte, north carolina, and wait five hours for a different train to alabama. >> i thought it was too bad that it had happened that way, that it was not the right train
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and wondered how that could have happened and i also thought to have to get off there at night like that was kind of hard. reporter: campbell says mitchell sat across from her as they headed to charlotte. she said an amtrak employee assisted him. >> they made sure they came to let him know when it was time to get off. reporter: campbell went on to atlanta for a holiday visit with family and didn't think much of it until days later. >> i saw it on the news and was so startled because i said to my husband why, we saw that man on the train. reporter: since the news story said to call police, she did. amtrak says they are in communication with charlotte mecklenburg police, too. a spokeswoman told fox 5 we've reached out with them to work with them. >> well, i'm very sorry because i just can't imagine how difficult that must be. so i certainly hope he gets
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found soon and that it has a good ending. reporter: now mitchell's grandmother says he was signed up for what's called special assistance. that means it was amtrak's responsibility to make sure he got on the right train. somehow that didn't happen and an amtrak spokeswoman told me today that they are unable to comment on any particular passenger. beth parker, fox 5 news. an agreement reached between district council member harry thomas and the district attorney's office, a judge ruled the public does have the right to that information. thomas owes $16,000 in unpaid loans. the ward 5 councilman is currently under investigation for funneling thousands of dollars of city money for personal use. turning to the republican presidential race, one week from today voters in iowa will caucus and put their stamp on a race that some say is still divide open. the candidates are in the
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hawkeye -- wide open. the candidates are in the hawkeye state making a final push for votes. fox's jennifer davis has more. reporter: newt gingrich swings by a dubuque golf club. rick santorum is hunting for votes and perches. a number of candidates -- pheasants. a number of candidates have traded in cars for giant campaign buss and iowa's air waves are pack -- buses and iowa's air waves are packed with one political ad after note. the battle for the top spot is between ron paul and mitt romney, but analysts say the stakes are highest for romney as if he does not have a strong showing. the fight between the other candidates is over conservative credentials. >> there's a huge difference between the philosophy of a supply side conservative and the kemp/reagan tradition and the philosophy of the
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massachusetts monarch. >> why should you settle for anything less than an authentic conservative who will fight for your views and values without an apology? reporter: analysts say there are some who are fighting just to keep their campaign in the game. >> who finishes third and fourth and there you've got a real battle between gingrich, perry, and santorum. reporter: it's not just candidates descending on iowa, but occupy proteases are, too. in washington general -- protesters are, too. in washington jennifer davis, fox news. >> what started off cold and rainy, it's still cold but luckily it's not raining anymore. >> that's the good part of this. gary is going to hopefully tell us the rain is going to go away and come again another day, right, gary? >> for the most part the rain is out of here. we'll start with the big picture to show you all the heavy stuff we had today has
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moved well off to the northeast. now coming around on the backside of this i can see a little bit of perhaps a slight sprinkle here or there and it's probably not touching the ground, but anyway you can see a couple returns there coming into the d.c. area. really what we have here, clearing skies overnight tonight. the winds will be picking up in places just a little bit. the temperatures have dropped off. still in the mid- to upper 30s now to the west of us. actually winchester earlier this evening was down in the upper 30s, may have come up a little bit, temperature of around 41 degrees or so. there's a little bit of wind out there as well and that kind of keeps things warmer. a few wind gusts, quantico 18 miles per hour, fredericksburg 16 miles per hour. it will be a little bit breezy overnight tonight. we'll have a few clouds out there, temperatures here in the city eventually getting down to about 38 degrees or so. now for tomorrow sunshine returns, but the wind comes back as well. full forecast coming up.
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it is one of the most important places inside the u.s. capitol building but it doesn't include a single tribute to d.c. what lawmakers are doing to change that. 
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is one of the most majestic spots inside the u.s. capitol. statuestauary hall. soon a new statue will be coming there but not from the district. reporter: it is a beautiful historic spot, statuary hall inside the u.s. capitol is where you'll find many of the state statutes of important figures in american history. this room is where the house of representatives once gathered, but you won't find a statue from the district of columbia here. >> it reinforces that we are not yet fully a part of the union. reporter: congresswoman eleanor holmes norton has been pushing lawmakers to accept two statues from d.c., one of
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frederick douglass,. those statues are ready to go and currently sit inside one judiciary square. >> we should have the same place as every other state. reporter: recently congresswoman norton steveed a partial victory when republican representative -- received a partial victory when republican representative daniel landgren had each state receive one statue each inside the building. >> we take one statue and go back and get the next one at another time. reporter: norton does support a move by house speaker john boehner to place a statue tore bust of winston churchill -- so tie or bust of winston churchill, hope -- statue or bust of winston churchill hoping the other two statues are permitted soon. >> i feel it gives us an opening to approach the speaker to ask that our bill come forward of. reporter: at this point no word on where the winston
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churchill statue or bust will be placed inside the u.s. capitol. that will be left up to the office of the architect of the u.s. capitol. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news. sexual assaults appear to be on the rise at the nation's military academies. a new report shows 65 incidents this year compared to 45 last year. the pentagon says it's encouraging victims to report the crimes and that could explain the higher number. they are home from the battlefield, thousands of u.s. service members back from iraq and afghanistan looking for work, but the unemployment rate among veterans is higher than the national average and one senator is trying to change that. reporter: as thousands of troops return from overseas, many will be finished with their service poised to enter civilian life in an already pressured job market. >> our troops are coming home and we need to be ready. the unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans in 2010 was
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11.5%. reporter: senator michael bennett, a democrat from colorado, proposed legislation calling for the formation of a national veterans foundation to address those figures. >> we have other congressionally chartered foundations like the national parks foundation, for example, that make it very easy for people to support the national parks. we don't have the same sort of thing for veterans. reporter: many existing organizations do good work in helping veterans. bennett's idea would create a central clearinghouse to coordinate the opportunities and ensure vets don't fall through the cracks. >> young men and women who are on the three, four, five deployments and near returning and bringing a lot of problems back with them and they need help. their families need help. their children need help. reporter: this proposal is modeled after a fairly new program in colorado springs, a city that is home to five major military installations. it's created a web-based resource, one stop shopping for both public and private
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assistance currently available to returning vets. >> and the ability for them to look in one place to get whatever service they may need whether that's employment, dealing with mental health issues, working through family challenges when they come back from being overseas. reporter: veterans and their spouses say the colorado springs model is very helpful. >> all the unemployment fair dollars coming up plus the fact that he keeps updating the site so he knows i can attend this job fair. reporter: the foundation would serve to educate the public about the need to serve those who serve us. several republicans are currently looking at bennett's bill considering whether to cosponsor it. iraq war veterans may not get a ticker tape parade to mark the end of the war. officials in new york and washington say they would be happy to hold a celebration, but pentagon officials say they haven't been asked to plan one.
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many iraq war veterans may end up redeployed to afghanistan. we now know what sparked a deadly fire that killed five family members in connecticut. hear the frantic 911 calls from worried neighbors on the night of the tragedy. it's the perfect time to find great deals
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a richmond man accused of a christmas eve double murder and kidnapping was arraigned today. jamaal clemons is accused in the deaths of edward bowmer jr. and robin clapp. investigators say he stole an suv running in the street with a 2-year-old inside. the suv was later found abandoned with the child unharmed. clemons was released from jail one day before the murders. he's been previously convicted on drug, identity theft and assault charges. the fire that killed three connecticut children and their grandparents christmas day was caused by fireplace embers that were too hot. the embers were still smoldering when they were
10:25 pm
discarded inside the house. neighbors say they heard screams around 5:00 sunday morning, but couldn't do anything to save the people inside. >> stamford 911. >> hi. the house down at the bottom is on fire. >> yeah. we got it everyone is coming. thanks. >> 911, what's the address of the emergency? >> it's on chapin point. it's a fire. >> we have the fire department en route, sir. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> the homeowner is now planning funerals for her parents and children. she and a friend are the only survivors. some virginia drivers are being irked for something that's not even against the -- ticketed for something that's not even against the law. a local lawyer is here to help us break it down. dozens of sears and k-marts are closing their doors for goods, why these stores aren't attracting customers. úo
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virginia police officers
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have wrongly been ticketing drivers for driving without proof of insurance. turns out it's not against the law. motorists in several counties including prince william county have been fined more than $100 for failing to produce an insurance card during a traffic stop. attorney palama money is here to help explain this -- paul malone is here to help explain this law. explain to us what this proof of insurance law is and what it requires drives to do. >> there's not really a requirement in -- drivers to do. >> there's not really a requirement in virginia that we be insured. so we have a law that says you have to pay $500 if you want to be uninsured. there's kind of a traditional thing where a cop pulls us over and asks for license and registration. a lot of state police have been asking for license, registration and proof of insurance. they get in the habit of doing that because the first thing they want to know after an accident is who is your insurance company and it's good to tell them your insurance company and that's it. there's really no law that says we have to carry proof of insurance with us.
10:30 pm
we have to either be insured or pay a 500-dollar uninsured motorist fee. >> just to make this clear, if you are pulled over, you do not need to produce that little proof of insurance card to show the officer. >> well, the way the law is written there's no requirement we carry the little card with us, that's right. >> do you think the officers handing out the tickets were just confused a little by the language that's actually in the law? >> i think some officers are confused and think you're required to carry it. i think there's other cases where people say oh, i don't have insurance and get written up for it. >> explain this again. you say in the state of virginia you're not required to have insurance, but the law says that you have to either carry liability insurance or you pay $500 uninsured -- what is that called, $500 uninsured motor vehicle fee? is ha what that is? >> that's right. it's -- is that what that is? >> that's right. it's called the uninsured motorist b and the code section is 42.2-707, failure to pay the
10:31 pm
uninsured fee, but the officer on the side of the highway doesn't have any means to verify that and they don't have any requirement that they should be looking into it unless there's an accident. >> bottom line, what's your advice to motorists who might get pulled over and an officer says let me see your proof of insurance card? >> you night as well have your card with you, but -- might as well have your insurance card with you, but if you don't have it, talk to somebody before you go in and pay that fine. >> maybe an attorney. >> maybe an attorney in fairfax, virginia. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight. for many retailers this holiday shopping season has been a big success. not so for sears and k-mart and today the parent company of these two chains announced it will close at least 100 stores. we have more. reporter: more than 100 sears and k-mart stores will be closed around the country, sears holdings corporation announcing its plan to shut down the stores after poor sales during the holiday
10:32 pm
shopping season. the company says as many as 120 stores will be closed to raise cash. >> necessity have 4,000 stores in -- they have 4,000 stores in north america, so it's still a drop in the bucket, but it is the largest number of store closures for them since 2005 since they merged with k-mart. reporter: sears which has a 125 year history has been struggling with falling sales while its rivals like wal-mart and target continue to grow. >> i think sears is picking up on the fact people just aren't picking up big ticket items. so when people aren't buying appliances, which are big for sears, they've got to cut back now before it's too late. reporter: some analysts say another problem is that sears has not invested in remodeling leaving its stores uninviting. the company says fourth quarter adjusted earnings will be less than half the $933 million it reported for the same quarter last year. >> they've had 18 quarters of below average performance with the stock and it's just not
10:33 pm
enough, not enough. reporter: sears' decision comes less than two weeks after the governor of illinois signed legislation giving sears corporation $15 million in tax brakes. in tacks breaks. in tax breaks.'s managing editor looks back on 2011 today on fox 5 morning news. >> let's talk about what happened in 2011. we saw 29 days where the closing gain or loss was 2% or more. usually we see about five of those days in so 29 of those da through november of 2011. we're still counting. when you put that into context for say a near retiree with about let's just a $1 million in their nest egg, a 2% loss in a day is $20,000, 4% $40,000. you start to put those days together, one, two, three days in a roy, you can understand
10:34 pm
how panic starts to -- row, you can understand how panic starts to set in. i think people are still scarred from 2008, really afraid of seeing that big loss of 30% or more. when they start to see 5 or 10% losses, that's when the panic selling comes in and they're really just locking in losses at that point. smarter buyers are coming in and profiting when those stocks go back on the upswing. >> people should not sell he says while in panic mode. he supports a buy and hold philosophy. the clock is ticking for hundreds of people who worked at ground zero and got sick after the 9/11 attacks. they have to decide within the next week whether to file lawsuits over their health problems or waive their right to sue and accept the government's health. fox's heather brown with the latest. reporter: in the days, weeks and months after the towers fell 40,000 people worked among the soot. in the next few years many would get sick, respiratory problems, asthma, even cancer. they say it's from working on the pile. manufacture them sued. many settled -- many of them
10:35 pm
sued. many settled. now 1,600 are left. now january 1st they must make a decision. should they continue with the lawsuit or drop it to be able to apply for compensation from a government fund? legally they can't do both. >> this is the rest of their life and this is probably the hardest decision they've had to make since they made that decision 10 years ago to go down to ground desire row and help this city and this great -- ground zero and help this city and this great nation of. reporter: over the next few months a committee will help decide how much money each applicant can get. under the law respiratory problems, scarred lungs and asthma is covered. cancer is not but many believe it will be soon. >> i had a chance to talk with the special master for overseeing the 9/11 fund today and she said while she understands that this is an important decision, she says it really should come as no surprise. dropping that lawsuit is actually a statutory requirement she said, part of the bill that was passed by congress earlier this year. she said within the year the first people should start seeing their money. >> to be here talking about a
10:36 pm
lawsuit in the bill that's going to compensate these men and women, it should have been done a long time ago. reporter: heather brown, fox 5 news. harassment of a young girl in israel over how she dresses is sparking outrage across the country, why it's causing tensions to escalate between secular and orthodox jews. the first good news as consumer confidence rises. >> the holiday cheer giving shoppers a little cheer. consumer confidence surging in december, more americans starting to feel better about their financial future, but confidence is still well below the level that indicates a strong economy. don't tell that to shoppers looking to click and buy. online shopping on christmas day spiking more than 16%. a lot more people are using their mobile devices to build up those holiday sales. meantime the cost for a home keeps getting lower, home prices falling in a majority of
10:37 pm
big cities across america, foreclosures still putting pressure on the housing market. not even the kardashian clothing collection could get people excited about shopping at sears. the retailer saying it will close between 100 and it un20 sears and k-mart stores, its holiday sales falling from last year forcing the company to cut costs. that's business.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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a 9-year-old israeli girl sparked an outcry that even has the israeli president talking. she said a man spit on her and called her a name as she passed him on the way to school because he didn't approve the way she was dressed.
10:41 pm
now her community is demanding an end to what they call the rigid intolerance of the ultra conservatives in the area. israeli president shimon peres is speaking out about thiness dent. >> we are all citizens -- about this incident. >> we are all citizens of this land. >> the man who spit on the girl was ordered to leave town for a week. funeral services are reportedly underway for north korean president kim jong il. mourners wept openly over the carve. the former dictator's body -- casket. the former dictator's body will be driven through the city tomorrow. his son kim jong eun is now the nation's new leader. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 when the hpv vaccine was first made available to girls, some worried it would encourage them to become promiscuous. researchers did a study and we will tell you what they found.
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a scuba diver said he discovered a historical treasure at the bottom of the atlantic. we've got a closer look coming up. ththththththis is an rc robotic claw.
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from deadly tornadoes to paralyzing winter storms, there were plenty of wild weather stories in 2011. fox meteorologist danys dean takes take look -- janice dean takes a look back at the year that was. >> mere nature hitting the u.s. with -- mother nature hitting the u.s. with plenty of surprises this year, the headlines in 2011 filled with stories of wild weather and natural disasters. a busy year for firefighters in the west and southwest, triple digit temperatures and dry conditions sparking thousands of wildfires in texas. the most devastating blaze in the state's history, the bastrop wildfire, destroying over 30,000 acres. >> oh, no. what it destroyed. >> and a deadly year for
10:46 pm
tornadoes, dangerous twisters ripping across the south back in april reducing thousands of homes to rubble and killing more than 300 people across seven states. in alabama alone more than 200 people were killed. >> oh, we got one. >> then in may a powerful ef5 tornado touching down in joplin, missouri, completely destroying the small town and killing about 150 people. in august hurricane irene slammed states all along the east coast. the storm destroyed homes, flooded roads and knocked down power lines. irene also creating a messy situation in maryland. check out ocean city and this reporter completely covered in foam. am. >> oh. >> and in vermont a dam is compromised causing hundreds to leave their homes. it was insult aed to injury for arizona -- added to injury for
10:47 pm
arizona as a giant dust storm and record breaking temperatures doesn't across parts of the state, in august temperatures reach -- isn't across parts of the state, in august temperatures reaching 117 degrees. filthy clouds of dirt known as haboob believing residents lungs with debris, dirt and spores. the mighty mississippi cresting at levels not seen in decades. april showers leaving a massive path of destruction along mississippi, louisiana, and tennessee. for many residents it will be a long time before the floods of 2011 are a distant memory. old man winter striking with an icy fist back in february, snow and ice walloping much of the u.s. from texas to new england making it one of the biggest and worst winter storms since the 1950s. the windy city receiving the brunt of the storm was more than 20 inches of snow making this the third largest snowstorm on record to hit chicago.
10:48 pm
hundreds of thousands of people losing power, schools shutting down, businesses closed. and an unusually powerful october nor'easter dumped heavy wet snow from maine to maryland. millions of people in new jersey, massachusetts and connecticut left without power for several days. the record breaking storm blamed for three deaths including a 20-year-old man in massachusetts who was electrocuted. and that was the year in wild weather. we can only hope that old man winter goes a little easier on us this year. in new york janice dean, fox news. a family is thankful they are alive to tell their story of a miracle rescue. that is a car right there packed in snow. a couple and their 5-year-old daughter crossed into mexico last monday when their suv got stuck. they had food and water but were stuck in their car unable to dig out. oh, my goodness.
10:49 pm
look at that. >> yeah. >> we had even mentioned to each ocean you know, do we have enough air -- each other, you know, do we have enough air in this car? is it possible to run out of air? it's one of those things we never wanted to say but we both knew we were in trouble, but all we could say is i love you and we'd pray, you know, and if this is god's will, it's god's will. >> wow. higgins eventually used his cell phone to call his brother who notified police. rescuers came and dug the family out wednesday. higgins' wife is recovering from pneumonia but is expected to be okay. my goodness. >> great ending to that story. not a good beginning or middle, but the ending was great. >> the great thing about that story is that even though they got caught out, they were brand. they had something to drink and they had something to eat and, of course, you know, who knows why they thought they weren't going to have air, but that probably just goes to their state of mind when you're stuck out in the middle of nowhere in
10:50 pm
a snow drift. >> no snow here, rain out of here? >> no snow. the rain is for the most part out of here. there's a couple echos on the radar. i don't think it was a big deal at all. we talked about this last night. this is the moon, a little crescent moon. >> that little slit right there is the moon? i don't have any glasses on. i can't see it. >> it's a different time than what we were looking at last night and i guess way down there. let me look in hd. thanks, malt, for pointing that out to me -- matt, for pointing that out to me. you can see the outline of the moon. it's not a full month, but it's earth shine. -- full moon, but it's earth shine. it's the sun shining on the earth and the earth -- what's the word i'm looking for -- bouncing the light back up to the moon. matt is helping me out tonight. he's doing the floor tonight. if it wasn't for him i wouldn't know anything. look in the western sky just
10:51 pm
after sunset and you'll be able to see the moon and venus, too. reagan is 55 degrees the high today. no. dulles was 46 degrees and bwi marshall 54. it was colder out in our western neighborhoods all day long from i-95 to the east temperatures jumping to the 50s. it was close to 60 degrees for annapolis. so just kind of depending where you were today in terms of what your temperatures were. same thing now, 44 in the city, gaithersburg 43, dulles 42, in the 30s along i-81, winchester, temperature coming up out there. the win is rolling a little bit -- wind is rolling a little bit and that's mixing things up. there's a few clouds out there as well coming around from west to east. culpeper is 45 and winchester 46 degrees. cool, not extremely cold this time of the year back up to the northere is the setup. all the rain has kind of moved out of here quickly. on the backside of this system we still have precipitation
10:52 pm
because we're looking at some rain here, a little mixture of rain and snow coming through west virginia there and occasionally we see a little i co coming across -- echo coming across the mountains very light and i think probably at the surface fairly dry now. so whatever is trying to fall from that is probably evaporating before it hits the ground. from time to time tonight we'll have some clouds moving through. the winds are still going to kick up a little bit overnight tonight. that will keep the temperatures nearly steady primarily mid- to upper 30s or so. so anything that does come across and perhaps if we get a sprinkle or two overnight, don't worry about it freezing because i don't think most of the locations will be down around freezing, but pretty good snow on the backside of that storm system. now listen, the storm track, the jet stream has changed a little bit. instead of taking this pig deep bend down to the south and -- big deep bend down to the south and bringing up gulf of mexico gulf of mexico moisture, things are changing a little.
10:53 pm
this storm track is coming up farther to the north here. it's still locking most of the cold air up into canada, but since we're right along the storm track here in d.c., i think for the next several days we're going to be basically playing hit and miss with some clouds out there and there's a couple of chances for maybe a little bit of light rain or potentially a little light snow for us depending on the timing of the day or night when these little impulses come through on the storm track. so overnight tonight generally partly cloudy, breezy. the winds will kick up a little overnight. it will be breezy tomorrow and watch out tomorrow. it's going to be middle 40s with a mix of clouds and sun, but the winds tomorrow will be sustained at 15 to 20 miles per hour and we'll have some gusts there at about 30 to 40 miles per hour for the afternoon hours. when the gusts get up around 35, 40 miles per hour, i always think maybe some trees might come down, some loose branches. so we could have a little power
10:54 pm
outage problem. i know pepco has been working hard to remedy some of those. we'll just wait and see. keep in mind tomorrow it is going to be very, very windy out there. forgot to push the button for five-day. matt should have done that for me, too. >> he's the mvp tonight. >> he is. did you see that five-day forecast? i think they only left it up about three seconds. generally upper 40s to lower 50s for the next several days, mixture of clouds and sun. new year is looking pretty good at this point. speaking of new year, final preparations are underway for the most famous new year's eve celebration. workers hoisted and bolted 2,600 crystal panels to the famous ball in new york's time square. if you've never been here for this, just once. organizers say this year's design pattern features friends holding hands around the world. it is a wild night. do you own a twitter account? think again. how a court decision could change the rules of social media for everyone.
10:55 pm
i'm dave feldman in the newsroom where the pro bowl was announced tonight and guess what? your redskins have -- well, i'm not going to tell you, but i know you're thinking london fletcher should go, lorenzo alexander, brian orakpo. did they make it? find out. the news edge at 11:00 comes up soon. today's foods is brought to you by your local -- today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
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a truck rider in oakland california is being sued by his former bosses. they say he took 17,000 twitter followers with him when he left the company. fox's alex savage has the story. >> just the new. in. reporter: locked in a legal fight over his twitter followers, blogger noah kravitz is being sued by his former employer during his five years with the company kravitz said he started a twitter account phone dog
10:59 pm
noah. the tweets were both professional and personal. >> it's my account. we agreed it was my account. they agreed it was my account. reporter: but a few months after travis left the company he was hit with a lawsuit. even though he changed his twitter handle to simply noah kravitz, is still asking to be compensated for the thousands of followers he left with. the company used his twitter list as a customer list and in their suit they ask for $340,000. >> if you use their valuation and applied it to lady gaga's account, you would have a valuation that far exceeds the gross national product. >> the gross domestic product is many nations on its. reporter: in a statement said we intend to aggressively protect our customer list and confidential information including intellectual property. so. >> so if it turns out that my case can help set some rules, as long as the rules make sense, you know, i'm all for it. reporter: kravitz calls this a cautionary tal


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