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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 28, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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dc. >> i am steve chenevey >> i am sarah simmons in for alison seymour let's say hello to gwen she is in for tony perkens who is a little under the weather. >> we wish him well today. we've got a pretty nice day today, plenty of sunshine. the only thing we will deal with are gusty winds. let's look at temperatures at our airports, 44 degrees national, 41 dulles, 42 baltimore airport and you know skies aren't too bad at all we are looking at plenty of sunshine a few flurries, a bit of snow over areas of the far west, allegheny, pendleton, mineral county saw snow. that is now starting to wind down. winds any where from 7 to 17 miles per hour gusts will continue to pick up over the course of today. 26-mile an hour wind gusts,
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martins burg, win chester, same as dulles. there is a chance winds could be gusting up to 40 miles an hour before it is said and done today once again sun will be bright temperatures low to upper 40s pretty much everywhere be prepared here is a look at your day planner bright skies, by midday 44 degrees by the 5:00 p.m. hour, 41 degrees but once again winds will be strong and they could be gusting up to 40 miles an hour. hang on to your hat pretty nice. 5 day forecast looking great details for you later on. check in now with lauren demarco. >> thanks gwen with high wind gusts watch for debris in the roadways, both hands on the wheel a couple things to report, great seneca highway for the wreck, mcarthur boulevard outside the belt way for the accident let's take a
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live look. 270, southbound off ramp to 124 blocked with a wreck. lanes looking good to problems to report as you head through rockville in towards bethesda. travelling here on the other side of town, belt way, near route 50, no problems for you route 50 itself, eastbound, still tied up the right side of the roadway an accident involving a truck that lost some of its contents, no problems buoy in towards the belt way. i-95 making the trip up northbound, across the occoquan, springfield, watch the wreck 7100, lake new port road. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. north koreans mourning the loss of their so called dear leader, kim jong il thousands
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lining the snowy streets most cried and clutched their chests as the dictators body wound it way through the capitol. no foreign delegation including the chinese were invited. >> funeral services will be held for a park police officer who died responding to a call he was trying to help a man who had fallen or jumped from the key bridge when he collapsed he later died at the hospital. a procession will head to u.s. park police headquarters downtown dc back to virginia to the fairfax memorial park cemetery. traffic will be impacted keep that in mind. national law enforcement officers fund releasing its annual fatality report numbers are getting e officer fatalities are up more than 13% from 2010 preliminary numbers show 68 police officers died in
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firearm related incidents 64 officers died in traffic related events 41 officers passed away of other causes a total of 173 police died in the line of duty this year. virginia bank shut down after an elaborate robbery, the thieves succeeded in stealing a lot of cash. >> the bank has been closed for two days, customers turned away from navy federal union branch in wood bridge. >> what were you coming here to do. >> deposit money. into my checking account. >> what did they tell you. >> there was a communications problem with their corporate office. >> that is what the sign says that is taped to the front door. >> communications problem. >> prince william county police tell a did i have aren't story, some time between christmas eve night and early christmas
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afternoon, what was likely a team of bank robbers, stole all the money from navy federal's twin atms. >> i am disappointed i mean christmas is supposed to be the time of year of you know, giving and i am disappointed that happened. >> but wait until you hear how they did it by breaking in through the back door of the vacant store next door blasting a hole see the wall adjacent to the bank. once inside, they tore open the atms and stole all the cash. >> i am curious how much money they got. sorry, because thing about it there has got to be thousands of dollars especially over the christmas weekend people are going to use money to go shopping i guess that was a good time to hit it. >> that is not the end of it the bank robbers disarmed the alarm system and cut the feed to the banks surveillance
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cameras before breaking in. cain burn is also a navy federal customers. >> these people are professionals. >> sounds like it. >> yeah, it does. >> that would be my gratest concern now as a customer if your security system can't protect you to protect my money maybe i need to find another bank. >> reporter: we've reached out to the credit union's corporate executives for comment so far they have not returned our call. i have banking at navy federal almost 20 years this is the strangest thing i have seen happen here. >> in the process of robbing the bank they cut the phone lines to other businesses at ash dale plaza disabling their security and credit card systems no word on whether this hole in the wall gang may be responsible for other bank break-ins across the region. the land over man suspected in a series of carjacking is to be in court today. police say he abducted older
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men from parking lots and tried to force them to with draw money from atms. bank surveillance camera captured a fourth victim who was able to get away. >> now christmas is over the gloves are off. iowa caucus less than a week away, gop candidates are beginning after each other with an onslaught of attacks and edgy sound bytes. sherry. >> well, as the clock tickets down to the iowa caucuses candidates are trading jabs, batting it -- battling it out by bus. candidates take your corners, a new politics poll of the iowa caucus shows ron paul inching ahead of romney slightly with gingrich in third with a first vote in 2012 republican nominating process days away gop front runners have come out swinging. >> ron paul's views are totally
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outside the main stream of virtually every decent american. >> gingrich who leads nationally and promised not to run a negative campaign slammed paul saying he wouldn't vote for the texas congressman if he were the party's nominee. >> i think the choice of ron paul or barack obama would be a very bad choice. ron paul spokesman said if dr. paul will have to soldier on without newt's vote so be it he called the attack a childish out burst and said he is a devie sieve big government liberal who is unelectable. gingrich who failed to qualify for the ballot in virginia was smacked by romney. >> more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory. you got to get it organized. gingrich is not the only one complaining rick perry pulling fourth in iowa did not qualify for the virginia primary ballot not only do you
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have to collect 10,000 signatures, 400 must come from each of the 11 congressional districts and all must be collected by someone who is a resident in the state perry is now suing the common wealth saying voters rights are being limited. sarah and steve. >> thank you. more political news, ben nelson announced he will not run for rere-election in 2012. casey speakle with a closer look. >> reporter: encouraging news for republicans, democratic senator ben nelson of nebraska announced he will retire. >> we have already moved this seat today from toss up to like hi republican. >> reporter: gop has 47 seats in senate they need to gain four to win majority out right. >> they have to worry about massachusetts and nevada where they are republican incumbents who might lose. >> reporter: they could prepare
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to run against democrat, bob carrie. >> they know he is their best shot even he is no better than a 50/50 chance. >> reporter: nelson knew he faced a tough re-election campaign. >> there is no question his vote for obama care, sent him from the heights of popularity, to the depths of unpopularity in nebraska he never really recovered from that vote and it probably would have been the critical factor in the 2012 senate race. >> reporter: but republicans claim nebraska and other states have tilted further right in recent years. this is the death of moderates you see these people one by one leaving congress. at the end of the day we are just not going to see senators or members of congress from extremely red states being democrats. >> nelson released a statement asking his replacement to look for common ground with both parties president obama recognized him for that
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thanking him for working with republicans and democrats on many issues. 7:11 a.m. on wednesday morning, veterans finding it harder and harder to get a job. one senator has a big plan to turn things around. a closer look when we come back stay with us [ child ] it's so cool!
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folks travelling through the airways in the northeast felt effects of yesterday's storm. these pictures from pennsylvania where wiped gusts, -- where wind gusts were more than 40 miles an hour. in new york, flights were delayed an average of 2 hours. wow. we could be dealing with those winds ourselves today. >> glad it is not snow coming down. >> me too. >> probably a not or more yesterday. >> well, we would have but we
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-- a foot or more yesterday. >> well, we would have but we had plenty of rain. the week doesn't look bad. temperatures right now as we start out this morning and at our airports currently 44 degrees national airport, been that temperature for the last hour or so. 41 dulles, 41 degrees at baltimore airport. skies not bad. a few high clouds giving way to plenty of sunshine before the day is over a few snow flurries across areas of our far west. fairly clear conditions just about everywhere. >> winds are the story today right now they have picked up we have wind gusts up to 23 miles per hour at dulles airport right now 26 martins burg. 23 winchester, 22 baltimore, 17 dc. the winds are going to continue to be strong throughout the course of the day we could see gusts up to 40 miles an hour if you are flying any where check ahead of time at the airport. a look at your day planner
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sunshine by midday, 44 degrees, dropping down to 41 for the 5:00 p.m. hour, but, there is another satellite radar composite for you our high today, that is what you call over clicking, our high today around 45 degrees a little chilly tonight, temperatures dropping into the 20s. so bundle up if you are heading out any where. winds improve by tonight as well. >> thank you gwen. >> let's check with lauren. hi lauren. >> hey, guys, park police remain at the scene. mcarthur boulevard where it is blocked because of an accident dealing with a wreck. great seneca highway. do watch for that, 270 southbound accident on the ramp to 124 move off to the side of the ramp. 270, to frederick down toward the split in bethesda you are in pretty good shape. belt way looks good, montgomery county no problems prince georges county your lanes are open as well.
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wreck, 7100, at lake new port road, 95 slowed briefly off and on northbound newington into springfield other than that nothing to complain about. route 50, john hanson highway looking good leaving the belt way headed east of annapolis near route 2 after the bridge, still dealing with accident clean ups right side of the roadway watch out for that westbound 50 no incidents for you. 395 near seminary. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. three security contractors released by the iraqi army after being held more than three weeks two are americans one from long island the other from georgia iraqi ministry of defense rejected paper work prepared on their behalf by the iraqi ministry of interior and held them on december 9th. home from the battlefield thousands of u.s. service members back from iraq and afghanistan now looking for work but the unemployment rate among veterans is higher than the national average one
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senator is trying to change that. >> reporter: as thousands of troops return from overseas, many will be finished with their service, poised to enter civilian life in an already pressured job market. >> our troops are coming home we need to be ready unemployment rate for post 9/11 veterans in 2010 was 11.5%. >> reporter: senator bennett from colorado proposed legislation calling for the formation of a national veterans foundation to address figures. >> we have other congressionally chartered foundations like the national parks foundation for example that make it easy for people to support the national parks we don't have the same sort of thing for veterans. >> reporter: many existing organizations do good work helping veterans, bennett's idea would create a central clearing house to coordinate opportunities and ensure vets don't fall through the cracks. >> young men and women on
7:19 am
three, four, five deployments returning and bringing a lot of problems back with them they need help their families need help their children need help. >> reporter: this proposal is modeled after a fairly new program in colorado springs a city home to five major military installations, it created a web based resource, one stop shopping for public and private assistance available to returning vets. >> the ability for them to look in one place to get whatever service they may need whether that is employment, whether that is dealing with mental health issues, working through family challenges when they come back from being overseas. >> reporter: veterans and their spouses say the colorado springs model is very helpful. >> all the unemployment fairs coming up, that is a site he keeps updating to make sure he knows okay i can attend this job fair i can attend this one. >> reporter: the foundation would also serve to educate the public about the need to serve
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those who serve us. several republicans are currently looking at bennett's bill consider willing to cosponsor it in. one of the biggest hurdles to landing a new job is getting your foot in the door. now help is on the way from the professionals, today high profile out placement firm, challengers, grey and christmas is providing free job search advice across the country call between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. the number on your screen (312)422-5010 we have that on our website for you as well 7:20 a.m. on wednesday morning, several fast food restaurants shutting down find out if they are your favorites when we come back. >> in our next half hour, annie yu will get a lesson in a growing trend cookie decorating sounds fun stay with us. time now 7:20 a.m. @@@
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>> this crazy scene at mall of america you can see people throwing chairs, the reason for the frenzy a rumour going around that rappers drake and lil wayne were at the mall apparently that was enough to trigger it. >> so you throw a chair >> apparently the brawl got out of hand in the video, mall security had to call local police officers to come help with crowd control. >> we are standing in front of holster and saw a bunch of people running at each other and saw fists fly people started going after each other i saw a chair get thrown at a girl hit her in the back of the head she fell to the ground the cops came in and broke it up after that. >> police eventually charged 9 people with disorderly conduct. the rappers were not shopping at mall of america after all. >> if you live in maryland you will see fewer war by's around the area, a franchise closed 10 restaurants they are being forced to shut down the
7:25 am
location because of financial difficulties brought on by the struggling economy. 7:25 a.m. on wednesday morning if you are just waking up you will want to stay tuned next we will check your top stories. >> also, closer look at the growing financial gap between voters and congressional representative and what is being done about it. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back 
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time for a look at today's top stories, a state funeral has begun for kim jong il. state television is showing tens of thousands lining the streets some crying others pounding their chests as north korea holds two days of mourning for the former dictator his son is taking part in this mornings funeral procession. you can expect big traffic delays, parts of northern virginia, several roads will be closed for the procession and funeral of a park officer. he collapsed helping with an investigation on the key bridge his funeral will be held at church of the nativity and it will then head to u.s. park police headquarters before returning to virginia for his
7:29 am
burial in fairfax. >> one of the candidates who did not get on the virginia primary ballot is suing in federal court. rick perry is challenging the rules in the common wealth several others failed to get the required 10,000 signatures, only ron paul and mitt romney qualified. hey, look at that. >> that is pretty >> gorgeous. >> nice sight after yesterday this is perfect. >> that is exactly what we will have today full sunshine i am happy to see it as it makes its way up the horizon. winds to be concerned with today. gusty winds will be outside be aware if you are driving any where or if you are walking as i call it hang on to your hat weather let's look at current temperatures right now, across our neighbourhoods, into the 40s. upper 30s. 44 degrees national airport this hour, that is the same at annapolis, 39 at hagerstown. 39 win chester, cumberland 36
7:30 am
degrees cooler, 43 degrees for manassas and 41 to frederiksburg to the south. skies not too bad we saw the beautiful sunset ridge of high pressure, sunshine over the course of the day, areas to the west they had a few snow showers over the mountain, that tapered off to light flurries there was an advisory but that has since ended. we are talking a very very bright day no complaints at all. winds will be a major factor today any thing you are doing outside just make sure you keep this in mind they have already started to pick up quite a bit any where from 7 to 18 miles per hour these are sustained winds, 10 at dc, 18 win chester, 18 hagerstown. 18 dulles look at the current wind gusts they will continue to increase as we head into the afternoon 22-mile per hour wind gusts baltimore airport, 17 dc
7:31 am
21 manassas. dulles 23, 26-mile per hour wind gusts winchester, martins burg, 21 winchester, 23 cumberland we could see winds pick up to 40 miles per hour before the afternoon is over so that is pretty strong wind. >> gesturing to the south of us, influx of cooler air northwesterly wind flow now, temperatures into the 40s we will hold that steady see the course of the next couple days or so. today our high expected to be 45 degrees all the sunshine tonight things are really going to cool down mostly clear skies, winds will start today min niche move in from -- today min niche, move in from the west. in the burbs at least mid-20s that is pretty cold bundle up if you are heading out. a look at the five day forecast. we hold steady in terms of dry conditions, by friday a few more clouds start to move in same story new years eve and
7:32 am
new years day partly cloudy skies, sunshine temperatures creeping up low 50s by the time we hit friday as well. a couple weak disturbances expected to move through over the course of the weekend right now it doesn't look like there will be any precipitation with it but could see winds once again get gusty. time to check in on traffic here is lauren demarco. >> just another reminder for folks at home, just waking up, watch for debris in the roadway and also both hands on the wheel across area bridges. we are dealing with a wreck, great seneca highway, montgomery county the good news, claire barton parkway at mcarthur, shut down has cleared out everything should be reopened for you. a live look from traffic land things look nice here at 95 earlier delays, as we head into springfield that has cleared out so pretty smooth sailing around town. no problems to report on 395 as you leave the belt way head up towards the district,
7:33 am
travelling the belt way here, leaving springfield, travelling the inner loop see the trip up to 66, this is route 50 eastbound, at route 2 after the bridge headed east accident clean up still there not causing much of a delay, westbound, rubber necking but other than that you look good heading in toward the belt way, harrison street northwest dc nice light volume today, want to show you a nice picture there. steve over to you. >> financial gap between americanrepresentatives in gone guess continue to widen and this growing -- congress continue the widen and this growing disparity calling for change. >> this got a lot of attention this week articles came out here in washington you guys were all over this months ago what is the disparity now. well, what you will find is
7:34 am
that americans household wealth is somewhere in the range of $100,000 average household total wealth including your home, for members of congress it is probably somewhere in the range of $700,000 that doesn't include their home. half members of congress are millionaires which is significantly larger number than the rest of the economy basically, congress is a place for people of means and that is a significant difference, than the people who they represent. >> but this gap has been widening over the years has it not >> it has. washington post did a story yesterday they basically explored over a period of 25 years or so and they significantly are richer now in congress than 1984 they thing back then it might have been half as bad. >> >> anything we can attribute this to or wealthier americans are running for office. >> wealthier americans are
7:35 am
running for office because campaigns are so expensive it is easier to run for office if you are already very wealthy. so what you see is candidates tend to be people who have significant means, so overtime the trend through congress is richer and richer. >> when you look at articles that you cite, median wealth when you attribute it to inflation of most americans has not grown much in congress it has grown substantially. >> that's right. part of the question people are looking at, are people in congress using their position in congress, to enhance their wealth. are they becoming richer because they are in congress. >> examples of that. >> well, it is really hard the prove we did a story about newt gingrich where newt came to congress with basically nothing and became a wealthy man through his tenure in congress but it couldn't anything nefarious he was writing books, giving speeches, congressional salary was significantly higher
7:36 am
than what his salary was as a teacher in georgia, so he amassed wealth and then of course gets out of congress and makes a lot of money as an alumna of congress basically, trading on the this is what i was and these are my connections. >> he is now a famous person through congress and able the cash in on that through the book deals there is nothing wrong from a legal stand point however there are some who make allegations some folks on capital hill are engaging in some trading when we look at the stock market this is a hot issue lately. >> it is hard to prove. we did a sisterry a few days -- a story a few days now nancy pelosi had one of her economic advisors, speaking on capitol hill, without mentioning the fact that he was also invested with her family in millions of dollars worth of companies, some of which might benefit from placement on the hill. you ask the question well, was then speaker pelosi making financial decisions based on what she knew about
7:37 am
legislation. we can't prove she was but easy to scratch your head. >> how deep do you thing that is on the hill? >> this is part of the question for the legislation trying to pursue, to ban insider trading how much do you and i know about legislation because we hang around capital hill and talk to people all day long can we make investments based on those informal knowledge tracking we probably can. do you want to limit that in some way it is hard to say what knowledge you have, that is unfair for you the use to your financial benefit. >> as you continue to study this, this wealth gap do we expect that to widen over the years, can we say this is the trend i guess as far as who is in office right now. >> for the time being you have to assume there will be rich people and richer people elected, each cycle. even past the tea party cycle last year, a dozen members of
7:38 am
congress rank among the 50 richest. >> is it possible for a joe every day america the make it in congress. >> it is conceivably possible, there are members of congress who show up without a great deal of wealth who still are in congress without a great deal of wealth and who are, what you call regular joes but they are a smaller and smaller proportion >> you have to wonder if people back home in their home states start to lose relationship with those folks assuming they well beyond their means. >> who has time to run for office who has the time and means to take the evening, weekeneds, months off travel, getting to know everybody probably people who have means to some degree that will separate them from constituents. >> paul singer with roll call read more online and we have a link at coming up 7:38 a.m. next we will check out other stories making headlines including what is happening with casey. >> open mouth, insert baby's
7:39 am
hand. in los angeles, more on that story coming up. 
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>> time for a look at stories making headlines, another seven eleven store in the district robbed it was targeted in the 800 block, maryland northeast, after midnight police are looking for two suspects at this point dc police are not sure if this is connected other than two other recent 7 eileen robberies in dc two -- eleven robberies in dc two were hit a week ago. >> still no sign of a blind man from maryland. he got. >> announcer: amtrak train in union station -- he got on an amtrak train in union station heading to birmingham but wound up in north carolina instead. he wanted to come back to dc. president barack obama and daughters spent time yesterday at one of the most popular snorkeling spots on the island of oahu released four green sea turtles into the water they spend every christmas in hawaii where mr. obama was born and
7:43 am
mostly raised. >> on christmas day the president spent time with marine families, in hawaii but a little baby made headlines that day. casey spiegel has more now from cooper wagner's parents. >> yeah, kids are quite unpredictable you never know what they are going to do. >> 8 month old cooper wagner wasn't crying on christmas, if president obama was santa cooper gave him a mouthful. >> holding his teeth his bottom teeth not just touching his face he had his teeth. >> it took his parents merideth and captain greg wagner a few minutes to realized where his five fingers ended up. >> i was so embarrassed i was like i am so sorry my heart was beating so fast i could barely breathe i thought i was going to cry >> they were busy smiling for the camera.
7:44 am
>> after merideth pulled coopers hand out of the president's mouth, they took another photo with us, because the first one was with the president's face all reared back. >> little cooper's parents plan to immortalize this picture personality moment. >> plan on getting them printed and framed we've got the newspaper printing the article for us and trying to you know make like a scrapbook or something for him so hopefully we can get it signed this trip or maybe another trip. >> president obama got a laugh when he told marines and their families he thought the baby just liked his quote big nose. >> in los angeles, casey spiegel fox news. that poor child for the rest of his childhood that is the story the parents are going to tell. but at the same time when he grows up he will be like yeah, that was me very proud. >> so cute >> it was cute.
7:45 am
>> at that age they don't know what they are doing. unexpected. >> the president was able to roll with it. >> he is always good with kids. >> plenty of sunshine no wet weather like we had yesterday but the winds are what you are going to have to keep an eye out. they are gusty and going the continue to get even stronger 44 degrees national airport, 41 frederiksburg same at dulles and martins burg, 39 win chester, 39 hagerstown. 44 annapolis, and 39 degrees at leonard town this hour. our sky conditions, well, not too much to talk about expecting plenty of sunshine across areas of the allegheny front and blue ridge a little bit of snow activity earlier today, now down to light flurries, areas sup as allegheny, mineral, grant counties, pendleton other than that, calm and quiet out through most of mid-atlantic. here is a look at current wind gusts, 22-mile per hour wind gusts baltimore, manassas, 23
7:46 am
dulles, 26 martins burg, 23 win chester there is a chance winds could gust you would to 40 miles an hour today be aware of that daytime temperatures expected to be low to upper 40s no shortage of sunshine for you 5 day forecast is not looking bad either i will have that all important new years eve look later as well. let's say hello the lauren demarco how are things looking? >> very good it is a nice week to do traffic there is always good news to report that is the light volume everybody celebrating the holidays this week a lot of folks still off work. we have one wreck montgomery county, great seneca highway, quince orchard road other than that, we are looking good. let's look at traffic land. mcarthur earlier accident cleared out, no real problems to report on the belt way outer loop to the left of your screen, volume, heading past coalsville road everybody is
7:47 am
moving. travelling the belt way in virginia, here we are van dooren as you head towards the wilson bridge to the right of your screen nothing in your way there, nice trip into prince georges county. 95, 395, no complaints for you heading across the 14th street bridge you are running at speed and things look good on the freeway as well. 66, heading from route 50, fair oaks towards 123, nothing to worry about there, the left of your screen inbound traffic you can see it is running pretty well. a check of your fox 5 on time traffic sarah. >> all right thanks, rfk stadium will be rocking tonight, airforce will face toledo in the 4th annual military bowl proceeds will go towards supporting the u.s., airforce has the second best rushing attack in the nation. vincente grey will be on hand to get some pregame remarks and be there for kick off. red skins released ryan
7:48 am
terrain days before the final game of the year, the third year running back rushed 135- yards in a touchdown 19 carries against the rams in week 4 gained just 65-yards, and limited action since. helu rushed 100-yards in three consecutive games, roister filled in for him and had 132- yards last week. >> one day in, already drama with the wizards. andre took to twitter, they blew a lead in the game monday night afterwards he said he wasn't being used to the best of his abilities then tweeted shut up i didn't call out my coaches or teammates. came after he was announced as team's new captain >> twitter and facebook. >> how about good stuff for facebook. >> time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, jaclyn says she loves sweets
7:49 am
and also loves horror movies maybe a good day to stay inside out of the wind to watch those too. thanks jaclyn. post a comment under her photo and tell us a bit about yourself. find us searching fox 5 morning news no space between fox and number 5. >> 7:49 a.m. on wednesday. cookie decorating what become quite a trend. >> annie yu is giving a lesson for us. >> we are here at cookies by design in bethesda we just got some really -- this is chilled dough, so we are now starting the process we will give you a cutting 101 coming up. >> i am going to roll this out really thin right? [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ]
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with flu complications. lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill over 50 germs on surfaces. this includes cold and flu viruses. so we recommend using lysol every day. so if you are hosting a new years eve party why not
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celebrate with festive cookies. >> annie yu is learning about cookies at the cookies by design store in bethesda marylandment how is all that sugar going. >> we've had some sugar already, we are now making some we are fulfilling a real order here so for whoever gets this, i helped make it it is a blossoming thanks bouquet. kim here is the owner of cookies by design in bethesda we are learning about new years eve cookies if you are holding a party this saturday then you can try this at home right kim. >> yes. >> so what is key if you are just starting off baking what are some supplies you should go out and get. >> obviously you need sugar dough it has to be chilled throughout, you want it very very cold, less touching is better. >> i see. >> good cutters, a rolling pin and flour. >> okay now you mentioned chilled dough why is that so important. >> for it to hold its shape.
7:54 am
>> how long should you refrigerate it. >> depending on quantity at least 24 hours. >> okay so lit's get started when am i -- the blossoming thank you set is this one. >> we need four of those. >> out of this? >> what you are growing to try to do is use the dough up as much as you possibly can that is why we laid this out to try to do a whole tray. >> while i am doing this tell us a little bit about cookies by design you do a lot of festive cooks >> it was started -- cookies. >> it was started by a lady in oklahoma, a single mom needed to make money had an idea for lollipop cookies and really just kind of went from there. >> so it has been 25 years, it became a franchise. >> so you do cookies for every occasion >> yes. you want to use over here. >> i have now run out of space here but would i use the excess dough or no. >> no, because it is weak you want to make sure there is no
7:55 am
mars in it. >> after we do this i have seen bakers take the excess and roll it up and reuse it is that a no no. >> depends how much flour you are using the less flour the better because you are taking away from the flavour of the cookie, our cookies are more of a short bread favour, mostly what you would buy or make at home is going to be sugar. so the flour tends to make it more gummy and less flavourful. >> i never knew that. >> because i always thought you need a lot of flour, so it doesn't stick but this kind -- this dough is not very sticky. >> right the colder -- as it gets warm it becomes sticky that is what you don't want you want to try to roll out if you are doing a quantity, a whole tray, and get it in the oven. >> so you obviously use the machine the roll out the dough to make it flat for those at home if you are using a rolling pin should it be this thick? >> depending what you are doing
7:56 am
if you are doing cookie favours, no, probably looking at maybe a quarter of an inch to a half inch, what we do are larger cookies we also do party favour sizes but maybe like three quarters of an inch. >> i see coming up we will do the icing that is the really fun part when we get creative and show you all the different varietyoptions you can do for you new years party this saturday. back to you in studio. >> thank you 7:56 a.m. looks good. it has been a year for scandal, hollywood to prestigious college program. this year's biggest shockers coming up. the washington post is out with its list of what is in and out in the new year we will look at that stay with us time now 7:56 a.m.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
tens of thousands of northkoreans lined the streets of the capitol to watch the
8:00 am
herse carrying kim jong il's funeral procession. >> a break-in out of a hollywood movie, thieves bust through the wall of a store to get cash. i am sarah simmons in for alison seymour enjoying time off over the holidays. i am in for tucker and tony we have a different day today than we had yesterday. yesterday it was a wet, cold kind of day, the cold rain came down today, i've got sunshine,. >> right. >> also wind. so, a little bit of a breeze or more i guess we will talk about, actually gusty wind to be quite honest with you, 44 degrees national airport, 41 dulles, 41 bwi. 40 degrees marker look at satellite radar composite not
8:01 am
much to show you here, we've got a ridge of high pressure giving you plenty of sunshine in the course of today across the mountains, light snow activity into this morning it prompted a winter weather advisory for allegheny, mineral, pendleton counties, that has since ended now they have light flurries winding right down and coming to an end. not a whole lot of activity up and down the mid-atlantic. sustained winds, 3 to 18 miles per hour, 10 at dc 18 hagerstown same at win chester, 12 dwi. gusts are what we are concerned about. 28-mile per hour wind gusts win chester, martins burg 25, 22 dc, 23 dulles there is a chance we can see winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour today be prepared our daytime high 45, plenty of sunshine however, the week doesn't look too bad with the 5 day forecast. >> good news.
8:02 am
>> let's say hello to lauren demarco the latest on traffic for us. a little bumpy? >> no, it is really smooth sailing today i've got to say light volume looking very good on most of our major arteries we still have delays reported northbound gw parkway between turkey run park and the belt way disabled vehicles. you can see nice light volume 66 as you head in toward the belt way, really no problems to report for you here once you get on to the belt way, nice easy trip around town. as gwen said we have high wind gusts be careful crossing area bridges both hands on the wheel be on the lookout for debris, fallen branches, problems to report, northbound 95, incident free american legion bridge looks great heading into virginia on the right side of the screen left, inner loop heading into montgomery county no problems to report for you, here we are other side of town the belt way, route 50, prince georges
8:03 am
county also getting the green light that is a check of your fox a on type traffic. we start overseas with our top story the state funeral for kim jong il in north korea tens of thousands of crying mourners lining the streets of the capital paying final respects to kim who died december 17th his son is expected to take over he participated in this mornings procession he has rapidly gained prominent and was given a new political post. a national memorial service scheduled tomorrow. >> funeral services will be held today for a u.s. park police officer who died responding to a call earlier this month he was trying to help a man who had fallen or jumped from the key bridge when he collapsed he later died at the hospital. today's funeral service will be held at the church of the nativity, then head to park police headquarters and then back to the fairfax memorial
8:04 am
cemetery. >> national law enforcement officers fund is releasing its annual fatality report officer fatalities are up more than 13% from 2010 preliminary numbers showed 68 police officers died in firearm related incidents 64 officers died in traffic related events, 41 officers passed away of other causes, 173 police died in the line of duty this year. >> virginia bank still closed days after police stole all the money from atm machines it happened between christmas eve and christmas afternoon in wood bridge like something out of a movie prince william county police say a team of bank robbers broke into the vacant store next door to the bank, blasted a hole in the wall, disabled the alarm systems and tore apart the atms and stole all the money. >> that would be my greatst concern if your security system
8:05 am
can't protect you to protect my money, then maybe i need to find another bank. >> so far credit union executives have made no comment the sign taped to the door said the bank was closed because of communication problems with the corporate office. pair land man suspect -- maryland man suspected in a series of carjackings expected to be in court. the 50-year-old is accused of three attacks at a wheaton shopping center prince georges county and one in montgomery county he abducted older men from parking lottried to force them to with draw money from atms he is being held on kidnapping and robbery charges. candidates are criss- crossing iowa voters there will be the first to decide which gop candidate is right for them. for more we turn to sherry lee. >> good morning. iowa caucuses are pivotal in the 2012 gop presidential campaign it is often a bell
8:06 am
weather for who remains in the race and who drops out. with days to go it is a mad dash across the hawk eye state mitt romney is neck and neck at the top of polls with ron paul while paul's new spotlight put him under increased scrutiny, plenty of voters in iowa haven't decided who to vote for making this race some say wide open, other candidates are now trying to make up ground in the final days hitting iowa's 99 counties, it could be make or break for republican contenders, though with so much at stake the gloves are off. >> to have some body who is a massachusetts moderate who said he did not want to go back to the regan bush years who voted as a democrat in 1992, campaigned to the left of teddy kennedy who re¢ly said i am a moderate pragmatic to have him run a commercial that questions my conservativism. >> i will be getting on a bus there and go up and down the state, talking about the vision
8:07 am
i have for america. >> this doubt iowa is a key state the only nonincumbent to win in iowa and then go on to become their party's nominee were president's george w bush and barack obama. what remains to be seen now is whether one candidate will come out on top and then deal a knock out blow to others or will this republican presidential campaign continue like it has for months with no clear front runner sarah and steve. >> thank you. major political development that could effect whether democrats hold on to the senate next year, ben nelson announced he will retire instead of seeking a third term he is 70 years old now and says the time is right for him to step away and wants to spend more time with his family republicans need four seats to take back the senate and have their eyes on nelson's seat. 7 minutes past the hour, sure has been a year for scandals hollywood, prestigious college football program and
8:08 am
capital hill. this year 's shockers coming up. >> and a look at other stories making headlines. >> unusual crime scene in a northern virginia home. 
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> montgomery county police need your help finding a missing teen from gaithersburg. she was last seen at her home monday the 15-year-old is hispanic, 5'1", weighs 130 pounds, and was wearing a black sweat shirt, blue jeans and has a pierced nose. warning going around about a police fundraising scam in virginia the form is being circulated through the mail, the mailer asks residents the give credit card information to give a donation the department said it did not solicit donations by the mail or phone. >> bizarre investigation in virginia a frederiksburg family says someone broke into their home before christmas and
8:12 am
opened all their presents, but, not a single one of them was stolen. the unwrappers got into the college avenue home breaking in through a window police have not released a motive for this one yet >> they didn't find what they were looking for. >> guess not. >> dispointing for them. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton topping a list of the most admired men and women of 2011. >> teff the poll surveyed over -- >> kef the poll surveyed over 1,000 people. the president topped the list, former president bush second and among the women, 17% of those surveyed said they admire secretary clinton first, oprah second followed by first lady michelle obama. >> over the gwen but before we do that we have something extra. >> something to make our day gwen every day at this time. >> this is our most admired and it is our cuteness factor of the day so it is time now for my first 5 photo of the day,
8:13 am
look at this precious little one. >> oh,. >> he is only 4 months old his name is dylan he loves to smile and laugh and dress right up like santa claus. my goodness. >> adorable. >> he is obviously this is his first christmas so, by the time he is 18 he will look back at this and go mom, dad why me. >> adorable though. >> just as cute as a button. look at that. >> merry christmas dillon. thank you for sending this that picture. >> to send us your child's picture go to click on mornings so we can show your little one's first 5 picture and be part of our cuteness factor of the day. well, as far as weather is concerned today, we've got sunshine for you, which makes my day as well, it will be pretty windy yesterday we had a cold rain today dry, winds will be out there. 44 degrees national airport same at annapolis, 43 degrees
8:14 am
manassas, 39 gaithersburg. 41 dulles and 41 degrees at martins burg. and the winds are the main factor today, skies not much going on, we've got plenty of sunshine a really clear day. earlier today, overnight into this morning, light snow that fell over areas of allegheny, pendleton, blue ridge, front light flurry activity not much else going on there. sunshine, no precipitation to talk about most of the mid- atlantic under the same influence of that ridge of high pressure it will be windy wind gusts 22 miles per hour dc 23 dulles, 25 martins burg. 28-mile per hour wind gusts winchester and these winds will continue to be strong throughout the course of the day we could possibly see wind gusts 40 miles an hour before it is all said and done be aware of that. your day planner, sunshine, by midday we should be around 44 degrees by the 5:00 p.m.
8:15 am
around around 41, daytime high 45 degrees, 5 day forecast isn't looking bad either hang on to your hat once again winds could gust up to 40 miles an hour. here is lauren demarco. >> we do have reports of a new accident in buoy, 301, at 214, central avenue watch for police on the scene of that wreck. >> also, dealing with the accident on route 50. take a live look from traffic land. that as you head eastbound 50, still seeing some of the clean up activity in the median, not causing delay, this is just past the bridge heading east. westbound traffic looks good. running at speed as you travel into buoy towards the belt way. belt way itself no problems prince georges or montgomery county as you head past new hampshire avenue. inner and outer loop running at speed. 270 looks good, all the way in towards the belt way reports of slow traffic, gw parkway northbound, turkey run park and the belt way delays there
8:16 am
because of a disabled vehicle. 95, as you travel here past 123, no major issues for you, things look good on 395 as well that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic steve over to you >> amazing year when it comes to scandal somethings you can laugh at others make you shudder here is the run down for fox's rick. 2011 a year of scandals ranging from the silly to sickening. there were plenty of surprises, and some ugly shock. >> charlie sheen claimed he was winning but he looked like hollywood's biggest loser after hurling violin cults at his -- vile, insults at his bosses. >> arnold negger and maria shriver, their 25 year marriage terminated after he admits, fathering the house keepers son. >> kim kardashians marriage
8:17 am
only lasted 72 days, dc competing with hollywood in sexcapades anthony weiner resigned after tweeting lewd pictures to women. >> john edwards indited on charges he used illegal campaign donations to hide his pregnant misstress he is pleading not guilty >> i am not going to be silenced and not going away >> republican candidate herman cain suspending his presidential campaign after denying sexual harassment allegations and infidelity. >> overseas, italian premier, caught in a string of scandals. including the charge he had sex with an accused under age prostitute. in new york, a hotel maid accused the head of the international monetary fund, dominic straws strauss-kahn of attempted rape. what are you going to do to
8:18 am
clean up this mess? >> scandals raged in operation fast and furious, federal agents lost track of more than a thousand guns they intended to trace from their illegal purchase in arizona until they reached drug cartels in mexico two lost guns were found back in arizona, where a u.s. border patrol agent died in a shoot out. attorney general eric holder called fast and four rows deeply flawed but knew little about it while it was under way. solindra the solar panel maker which went bankrupt after receiving a half billion in federal aid. president obama called it a bad bet but said green energy needs government support to compete with china. mistreatment of our war dead for years, the airforce was cremating park remains, and dump -- partial remains and dumping ashes inland fill with
8:19 am
families never knowing at dover airforce base and delaware. hedge fund manager sentenced to 11 years in prison the record for insider trading. i would just like to say one sentence, this is the most humble day of my life. >> a media giant under fire, rupert murdoch shuts news of the wormed, the paper accused of hacking -- world the paper accused of hacking the voice mail of a murdered teenager. murdoch news corporation is the parent company of fox news. schools for scandal, 180 teachers and principals in at happen at that accused of change -- atlanta, accused of changing answers, more than 8 to educators con -- 80 educators confessed. high schoolers in new york were charged with paying college students to take sats for them. bernie fine is fired after some men say he molested them as boys.
8:20 am
fine says he is innocent. >> jerry sandusky the former penn state assistant football coach charged with sexually abusing a number of boys he said he was mentoring. >> joe paterno and other top officials forced out after failing to alert police after an assistant told them he saw sandusky assaulting a child. >> stay with fox for the latest on penn state and all the scandals in 2012. in new york, fox news. caught on camera, a huge brawl inside the biggest mall in america, the mall of america, took police an hour to get things under control the video and theories what may have sparked that trouble in the first place. >> next half hour we will talk with annie yu. getting a lesson in a growing trend, cookie decorating. stay with us, 8:20 a.m. 
8:21 am
8:22 am
lili s s  idid lili s s m m baba llllllllllllraral,l,wawawawawaw  idid ununl l m m baba llllllllllllraral,l,wawawawawaw  vevet.t.t.t.t.t.veveouou
8:23 am
a chaotic scene at mall of america. check this out. chairs flying, casey stuff going on folks running around in -- casey stuff going on
8:24 am
folks running around in hysterics. apparently rappers, drake and little wayne were at the mall doing shopping. they weren't there. mall security called the local cops, police officers had to come help with crowd control in all, 9 people were charged with disorderly conduct rumors were not true the rappers were not shopping at the mall after all. >> all right. well, if you live in maryland you will see fewer arby's around the area a franchise is being forced to shut down due to financial difficulties, employees will get their final pay checks on friday. meanwhile some bad news for some sears and k mart stores as well the company that owns both chains, announced yesterday, it will close at least 100 stores, due to dispointing sales, sears and k mart merged back in 2005 closing the stores is expected to generate as much as $170
8:25 am
million for the company no word yet on which stores will close a lot of stores closing now. >> yep tough times. 8:25 a.m., so this morning the washington post has its list out, the list of what is in and out for the next year. we will look ahead to 2012. >> in our next half hour stay with us we will have more coming up fox 35 morning news -- fox 5 morning news over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year
8:26 am
with flu complications. lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill over 50 germs on surfaces. this includes cold and flu viruses. so we recommend using lysol every day.
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8:28 am
all right our friends to the north felt the effects of yesterday's storm wind gusts, measured more than 40 miles an hour in pennsylvania up to 50 miles an hour in new york. some arriving flights had to be delayed anafranil of 2 hours at newark and an hour and a half at la guardia. what a mess up there. >> really. >> glad we escaped that. >> we are getting the wind today. yesterday was like a cold rain
8:29 am
you know, today it is just windy but plenty of season shine at least, dry out there. >> that works. >> we will take it. >> look at how things are shaping up in terms of morning temperatures not bad at all, 44 degrees national airport, we have 41 degrees baltimore, and to the west, a little cooler, 37 cumberland, 38 hagerstown. 43 manassas and 41 degrees at dulles, our sky conditions really nothing to talk about, we've got clear skies going to see menty of sunshine into the course -- menty of sunshine into the course of the day. flurries pretty much but nothing to be too concerned with at allment wind gusts will continue to pick up into the course of the afternoon 23-mile per hour wind gusts dulles, 25 martins burg. winchester seeing winds gusting 29 miles per hour we could see winds pick up to 40 miles an
8:30 am
hour into the course of the afternoon. fair warning on that. here is a look at the jet stream allowing cooler air to set until across the region. 40s once again no shortage of sunshine, calm and quiet up and down mid-atlantic into the course of today, for today our high expected to be 45 degrees, really cold tonight, going down to 27 expect it to be mid-20s in the burbs as we move through into the rest of the week looking fairly nice partly cloudy skies, fair amount of sun, new years eve calm now, a few disturbances will move over the weekened doesn't look as though it will bring us precipitation. >> let's check with steve. all right thanks very much at the end of the each year the washington post releases the list the article that declare what is is in and out for the new year and those who put the list together are with us now,
8:31 am
monica and dan zach join us to talk about what is trending in 2012. it is fun to look ahead some of these things are fairly recent you say are on the way out but we look forward to things coming in next year. how does the process work? how do you put the list together? >> we start a month in advance and have some -- several sessions of pulling up with magazines, barnes and noble we mail everyone we can think of that knows anything about pop culture and science. >> soaking up what we can from magazines, internet, people we know and work with. >> as you said it is a hard balance because things that seem in now will probably be out next year and we are trying to look forward and be predictive and prescriptive not just looking at what is popular now. >> how many arguments were there trying to decide what makes the cut and what doesn't. >> i wouldn't say arguments more like obsessing over making sure we have every item just
8:32 am
right there is only so much space we have and want it to be perfect. >> you get a lot in there and coffer so many different categories -- cover so many different categories do you have any favorites, to doubt this is 100% certainty >> i covered the royal wedding earlier this year one of the surprise stars to come out of the royal wedding was pippa middleton and kate's sister and how lovely she looked in her form fitting bridesmaids dress there was fixation on her bum as we say on the list but this year we think because of some pregnancy rumors swirling around the duchess of cambridge the attention will be back on her, the bumps that we will be looking at will be in the belly region of kate not her sister. >> interesting, any favorites? >> i think we really like, we call alex owe czech ovechkin
8:33 am
in. lamont peter son, native of the southeast, won a light weight championship earlier this month in dc, a district native won it, he is like the new standard beer. and he has such a great story, growing up on the streets you can't go wrong with that. >> ryan goesling out. >> you are going to upset a lot of girls >> we already have. >> is that getting a lot of attention. >> it has but his only sin was death by over exposure. >> is that possible? over exposure. >> we like him a lot but we really did see a little too much of him this year and we like -- >> they are both very talented both in their 30s, and they both have the same brooding intensity but he is newer we think and. >> over exposed in his last
8:34 am
film. >> well, you can talk over exposure two ways. >> without a doubt. >> something else a recent phenomenon,ty slowing. >> when you lose to the buff -- tebowing. >> when you lose to the buffalo bills, it happened on christmas eve, it goes back to the whole over exposure thing. it was time to put tebow out. >> you mention buffalo i have to give props to my hometown you put pittsburgh on your sense in a good sense, portland out, pittsburgh in. >> portland is a great city but it has been having a ride for the past 4 or 5 years as the place that everyone wants to move if they are young and hip and 20 something with you thought the portlandia theory is pushing that over the top now everyone knows that is where you move we are starting to see some young people flock to pittsburgh for the same
8:35 am
reason. reasonably priced, beautiful city we think it has a lot for people to draw from. >> we have to talk politics you have regan on the way out. >> well, we are all about upsetting people with the list. you know, regan is envoked so often it means nothing to bring up his name any more especially with the republican presidential nominating process. after awhile it doesn't mean anything to bring up regan we put him out and thatcher in they were contemporaries, but thatcher has a big blockbuster movie going to be released next month with meryl streep we think people will be kind of lionizing her thatcher instead of regan. >> i think it is cool you have a lot of when we get to do it yourself things, you have that coming in when it comes to -- i love this lululemon out, hand me down sweat pants in are we
8:36 am
trending that way now? >> we hope so, some of what we do is as we say prescripted it is what we are hoping we will see but we do think there is a bit of a backlash with the recession we have been through people are realizing your downward dog should work just as well whether you are doing it in $80 yoga pants or not. we hope there will be a little bit of a realization that your yoga wear can be tempered. >> the feedback you are getting have you gotten any other feedback that surprised you so far. >> not yet the list went online last night washington list. apart from gosling fans we called adele out and she was huge this year on the charts almost the entire year probably going to win every grammy in sight next year but we think it was time to move to a new fad and you know she had to cancel concert dates had vocal
8:37 am
surgery. >> hasn't performed much at all. >> we are calling gary clark junior in and both adele and gary clark junior introduced us to old sound using new styles we think gary is kind of one to watch next year. >> great we appreciate you joining us this morning if nothing else check the list if you want to leave feedback you can do so check out the stuff you hope is in for the next year or you thing will be. we will put a link on our website. >> thanks for having us. >> we will take a short break on this wednesday morning if you are looking for work stay tuned not only are we going to reveal our job of the day we will tell you how to get from job search advice later today. stay with us back after this
8:38 am
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if you are looking for a job why not check out our job shop of the day. our job of the day is catholic charities looking for a program aid in its community companies program for people with developmental disabilities pay $11 an hour for more on this job and others go to click on the job shop tab on top of our home page. one of the biggest hurdles to landing a new job is getting your foot in the door, now some help is on the way from professionals, high profile out
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placement challenger grey and christmas is providing free job search advice to callers across the country call between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. number (312)422-5010 we have that information on our website it is 8:41 a.m. on wednesday morning you probably heard about steven spielberg's new movie war horse the boy's beloved horse is sold to the cavalry back in world war 1. >> fox 5s. movie reviewer, kevin mccarthy, sat down with the actors to talk a project more coming up annie. >> hey, say are we are having a lot of fun -- sarah we are having a lot of fun. take a look at these beautiful cookies i did all of these. all of it. no, i am kidding i really did this one isn't that pretty. we h show you how to decorate and how to get yes creative for that party saturday -- get key eye teff for that party saturday coming up
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. preparations under way for the country's most famous new
8:45 am
years eve celebration you know where that is, times square. workers hoisted some 1500 chris pal panels to the ball in new york city. this year's pattern features friends holding hands around the world. more than one million people are expected to be on hand to watch the ball drop saturday night. i will watch it from my couch. >> annie yu is out showing us creative ways you can entertain with cookies for your big new years eve bash and how easy it is to create that professional quality iced cookie. >> she joins us now from cookies by design in maryland. i saw your cookie nice try. >> sarah, that is not very nice. >> very nice annie. >> reporter: thank you. it is easy but you just have to be able to draw and be creative the concept is easy, kim joins me again the owner here at cookies by design once cookies are cut and baked and cooled down it is time to decorate and
8:46 am
glaze glazing is only thing i am sure people at home don't do. why is that important. >> we don't glaze all of our decorations but the ones that we can, it makes it more colorful, and simplifies the boarders and the glazing, or the decorating you do on top. >> it seems to give the real like professionally iced cookie look, that shine everyone is looking for. >> dries much much quicker. >> okay so what is this in here? >> what i have done is taken the icing that we used to use for decorating added a little bit of water, the consistency really depends how fast you are, because you have to move quickly. >> i see. >> you are adding the icing, room temperature. you are adding icing in the center and want to move fast you want to pull it from the center, all the way out, less strokes the better because you
8:47 am
don't want your strokes to show. >> so can people do this at home and make their own glaze? >> yes. >> take a simple icing. >> yes, take normal icing, and adding a little bit of water, let this dry and then you are going to add to your decorating on the top. >> that is not that bad, right? >> yeah, it is great. great all you have to do is trim the sides a little bit. >> oh, man, kim i don't believe you. so that is easy and that is something i am sure the kids could help you with and you can have fun with that even though you get a little messy. >> that is the whole point. >> once you do this what is the next process you let this dry. >> yes, let this dry it has a nice soft shell when you go to decorate on top of it, the colors don't blend, no bleeding, so then we go to our decorating. >> for that i am joining my friend, jaray duncans here she is a decorator. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> look at all the beautiful
8:48 am
cookies except for this one. >> sure. >> i am going to help you is this my cookie here. >> yes. >> what is key when decorating. >> key when decorating is your icing consistency when you are going to decorate you want to make sure your bag is full, no air pockets nothing like that, and you just go ahead and you want to twist your bag a little bit make sure all your icing is at the bottom and squeeze as you want to write whatever you want to do you squeeze until you are ready to stop. we will demonstrate a little bit. >> so, actually, i think practice makes perfect. >> yes. >> but my likes come out squiggly why is that? >> because of the a-- lines come out quickly why is that? >> because of the amount of pressure you put in. the more you put in the more will come out of your bag. the less pressure the less will come out. >> when you are designing should you have a concept in
8:49 am
mind. >> you can have fun with it and come up with your own design or get a decorating book and how to book and do some of those designs. >> but this is something i am sure that people can do from home but where do you buy some of this stuff. >> go to michaels, some of the specialty bakery shops they have disposable bags, icing the books everything you would need. >> here is my cookie. >> happy new year everybody. >> happy new year. >> let's show them the cookie cakes see what you can do, use this as a center piece for your party she did this all within like a minute. it is a lot of filling in and stuff. inspiration there. >> coming up, we will talk about ways you can gift these cookies once they have been made and decorated we will be talking about the packaging and creative waits to pull that all together back to you in studio. >> have you eaten more cookies than you made or made more than you've eaten. >> we have had our fair share here.
8:50 am
>> you redeemed yourself with this cookie i like this one better than the last one. good job thanks annie. >> let's talk films now, three popular films among the classics are going to be immortalized in the u.s. film registry, library of congress selected forest bump, bambi and silence of the lambs to be included among the nations treasures the most recent pick is forest gump the oldest editions are two, silent films from 1912. really 1994, forest gump? my gosh. >> still running. >> in the new steven spielberg mu surrey, war horse, the boy's beloved horse is sold to the cavalry. jeremy irvine has a great story. >> acclaimed actress. emily watson plays his mother, sat down with them, kevin mccarthy did, to talk about
8:51 am
shooting such an emotionally charged movie. >> this is a deep emotional film for both of you, you go through a wide range of emotions when that camera shuts off and the day is done, does that stick with you? does that emotional element stay with you? are you able to turn back to your normalselfs. >> i mean, especially yeah, yeah, i find, especially if i know i am about to spend a whole day doing -- i don't know you kind of find you are in that mind set already yeah, it takes a good night's sleep to shake that off i think. yeah >> i used to when i first started out, be very very in it and of it and stay in it and get very overwrought then i had a family and you can't do that. you have to let it go and you have to go home and make
8:52 am
macroni and cheese. i thought i was getting good at putting it down then you realize you have to take it into account allow for the fact that you might have been making it up but your body has been going through an emotional experience, and you have to recognize that and give it space. >> you need to make your macaroni and cheese. >> yeah, i always feel when you get home and i am sure you do long hours when you are filming but i always think why am i so exhausted i am not a doctor i have not been saving lives i have been playing make believe but i guess you have to go through whole days of crying and it takes a lot out of you. >> the whole element of this is the coming of age story going out into the world and essentially becoming an adult and realizing the pressures you have on your as a characters, what was the moment for you in your life where you feel this is the moment i am now an adult i am now responsible.
8:53 am
>> when my mom died losing a parent you suddenly go okay, i am in charge now. i can't -- yeah, i think that is a real moment. >> i mean, maybnot, i don't know,. >> i mean in a lot of ways no, i don't feel like an adult i know i am very old to say that but i don't. >> yeah, i mean, i am playing make believe for a living and playing dress up as well you know, that is pretty much what acting is getting dressed up and playing make believe. >> can i ask you about the auditions. >> yeah, did a lot of scenes with just the horse auditioning going on tape with the horse doing a lot of if i guess the monologues that i have, sort of you know, there are periods where it is just me talking to the horse it was three weeks into filming until i acted with another actor, but yeah, it was
8:54 am
crazy, at no point did i ever begin to imagine i would get this role. i wasn't even getting call backs for commercials never mind movies, it was just learning to audition experience and then one day i got a call saying can you come into the office we need -- my agent saying come into our office we need to go on tape he just wants to check your accent fine i went in gave me a camera, gave me a piece of script don't turn it over until we press action. i start reading i go joey joey, steven spielberg wants me to play albert, in the feature film of war horse. it was a hoax by my agent but a great way to find out. >> tomorrow kevin goes one on one with jj abrahms. >> looks like kim kardashian has competition when it comes
8:55 am
to time spent married, irish musician, sineak o'connor is getting divorced she only lived with her husband for 7 days, after their wedding. it will be the star's fourth marriage. >> publicity stunt maybe? >> seven days? a tough one. >> after 9:00 a.m. this morning, we and by we i mean sarah is going to check out the best champagne to ring in the new year with. a pint sized patriot bringing joy to military members coming and going to the middle east. stay with us, we will be right back  when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
8:56 am
i could use all the help i can get. like nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast, even whole-wheat waffles, for a breakfast that my kids love and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good.
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8:58 am
right now, cranky croc australian worker gets too close for comfort when the crocodile steals his lawn mower how he finally got it back and
8:59 am
why he had to go diving into that pond. >> crazy. >> just leave it behind. >> count down to new years eve final preparations under way in new york. plus ring in the new year with a glass of sparkly champagne 101 with yours truly. a pint sized patriot only 8 years old but making a big difference in the lives of soldiers find out how this little guy spends his free time. >> such a cute story don't miss that coming up. >> don't miss the weather either we will have sunshine outside, a little windy along with it too. >> plenty of sunshine, winds a factor, yesterday we dealt with a cold rain today just sunshine and plenty of wind. is the late radar composite showing you clear skies, sunshine in abundance areas across the west dealt with a little light snow earlier today that is now out of the way. temperatures not bad as we start this morning 45 degrees national airport, 46


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