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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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at reagan, winchester, they didn't have cold between the school and roads were treacherous. hagerstown dropped to 11. you mentioned the wind is not bad and they're not as significant and guess what, i want to show you one thing as we look beyond the windchill, which is about 28 degrees and a lot better than yesterday. we do see some warmer temperatures coming. we're 33 degrees and look off to the west. saint louis is 49; little rock, 60; warmer temperatures are going to be returning to d.c. but between now and then, we still may have to deal with some flurries. coming up in a few minutes, i'll show you radar and let you know when we may expect to see more flurries or snow showers, laura. i think we will so that later tonight. i will have more specific timing for you. >> can't wait for that, sue. >> thanks. >> me, too. part a developing story unfolding now in d.c.'s government. will harry thomas resign? the big question at city hall. the sources inside city hall
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say the ward 5 council member could give up his society as part of a deal he's making with federal prosecutors. thomas has been accused of using $300,000 in city funds to buy an expensive suv and other luxuries. matt ackland is live at the wilson building tracking it down. matt? >> reporter: brian, harry thomas told fox 5 last night that he did not have plans to resign, although sources here at city hall say that he is in the process of working out a deal with federal authorities and part of that deal would be his resignation. we're also hearing that it could happen soon. >> councilwoman thomas. >> reporter: council member harry thomas was a no show at today's city council meeting. at his office, his staff said he won't be in at all on wednesday. still, even in his absence, his future here at the wilson building was what everyone was talking about. >> and you haven't heard? >> i haven't heard anything at all. >> reporter: couple chairman brown said he knows of no plans for thomas to give up his seat.
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a similar statement from mayor vincent gray. >> mr. thomas is going to have to make the decisions. i understand, you know, the issues involved in this and some of us at the justice system want to move to get this settled. that is where it ought to be settled, that and hopefully we're close to a resolutions. >> reporter: a source inside city hall tells fox 5 that late last week, harry thomas started telling his staff to start looking for other jobs. another source said that between christmas and new year's, council member thomas had another discussion with the federal prosecutors and part of the deal he was making with them would include thomas resigning from his council seat. meanwhile, no one coming or going from council member thomas' home in northeast on wednesday. remember, this is where the fbi raided his place last month removing vehicles and items from inside the home.
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and fox 5 attempted to reach harry thomas' attorney, fred cook. we called his office and stopped by his office in person. so far, cook has not given us comments. all right, within the last hour, my colleague, bob barnard, was at harry thomas' home in northeast. his wife pulled up and bob asked his wife if she could comment about the talk of resignation, but she would not comment about this, brian. once again, we should say that harry thomas told us last night that he was not resigning, so we shall see. >> and he's never admit good wrongdoing and agreed to pay $300,000 back to the city. he missed a payment yesterday. any update on that? >> reporter: yeah, brian. he owed the city $50,000. at 5:00 yesterday, that was the deadline and never made it. i checked in with the attorney general's office in the last hour. that payment has not been made yet. >> matt, is that perhaps part of the plea agreement? that they will forgive some of the debt if he gives up his
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seat? why would they be so interested in harry thomas resigning? >> reporter: yeah, brian. i just don't know. don't know the answer to that question. that is the attorney's office, remember. the u.s. attorney is the one that is pursuing this deal that we're hearing. the attorney general, that was the civil suit. it's the u.s. attorney that is pursuing the latest issue with harry thomas. >> it's confusing for sure. matt ackland tonight. >> uh-huh. the field of republican presidential candidates shrunk by one today after a late-night photo finish in the iowa caucus. mitt romney won the iowa contest by eight votes over rick santorum. now as the focus shifted to the next election, both supporters and their votes are up for grabs. fox 5s tom fitzgerald has been following all of this. michele bachmann dropped out of the race today. who will that help? >> reporter: you know, laura, she finished last among the candidates who did campaign in iowa, and while she does have her supporters clearly here, there were not enough to keep
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her going in this race. right now, it appears that rick santorum who finished second last night, could land a lot of her conservative supporters. she didn't make an announcement or endorsement on who show will eventually supporting. the candidate who did get an endorsement today was mitt romney, who appeared with the man who had defeated him in new hampshire four years ago, senator john mccain. and romney is well-ahead in the new hampshire polls. the primary in that state would be held in less than one week. the former massachusetts governor is looking to follow up the razor-thin eight-vote win in iowa with a big win in the first primary state and on this day after iowa, the fallout from last night's results are still being felt out on that campaign trail. >> wow, what a big night we had last night. or what a big morning we had last morning, this morning in iowa. what a squeaker and it's nice to have a win. i'll tell you.
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>> and i'm really here for one reason and one reason only and that is to make sure we make mitt romney the next president of the united states. >> reporter: now, at one point, it looked like we might have two candidates dropping out. rick perry said last night he was heading back to texas to assess his campaign, which fueled speculation throughout the day he was going to drop out of the race. instead, laura, perry now appears to be focusing all of his efforts on south carolina's primary at end of the month. >> looking back last night, romney won by eight votes does. that help him or hurt him? >> it's a bit of a mixed bag, laura. if you look at how much mitt romney and his romney superpack spent in iowa, it was a tremendous amount of money for not much of a victory. and rick santorum came within eight votes of sweeping or getting the race last night.
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as he moves into new hampshire now, romney is looking at a much different picture. there were more of his voters, with the governor of the state next door, and it's expected he's going to do well in 234- 5678. still, they spent a lot of money in iowa for not a big victory last night. >> and thank you very much, tom fitzgerald. three more presidential hopefuls have joined rick perry's lawsuit against virginia. they are challenging the state's ballot access law. perry foiled a suit after not getting the signatures of 10,000 registered voters necessary to make it on the ballot. a u.s. district judge today allowed newt gingrich, john huntsman and rick santorum to join the lawsuit. right now, mitt romney and ron paul will be on the ballot in march. a hearing is set for january 13th. president obama hit the road today to talk about the economy, appearing before a crowd in cleveland and ohio and called on congress to return to the hill and pass the payroll extension for good. they passed it before breaking
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for the holidays. >> when congress returns, i am going to urge them to extend the tax cut all the way through 2012. with no drama, no delay. due dothe right thing. it's a no-brainer. let's get it done. >> washington, there is always drama. both sides will return to the table this month for what many in washington say will be another showdown. i have been negotiating a full one-year extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits. >> a victory for president obama. he's appointing a national consumer watchdog, defying senate republicans who have been blocking the move for months. richard will be named to the post using a recessed appointment. they have the power to appoint people who need confirmation while the senate is in recess. republicans claimed the watchdog will burden business. it veteran -- a veteran d.c. firefighter is growing out over a -- speak outing over a problem over the uniforms.
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paul wagner is in the newsroom with the details you will so on fox 5. paul. >> reporter: brian, firefighters, paramedics, and emts have to wear a lot of gear. now, the department has a new logo and under a new directive, fire chief kenneth ellerby said employees will be disciplined if they wear any gear with the old logo. the chief said last night on fox 5, the department supplies employees with the right clothes, something one firefighter said is not true. so, he's decided to spoke out. >> how long you had chest pains? >> reporter: lieutenant robert alvarado spent 11 years responding to emergencies and fires in the district of columbia. last april, he was severely burned with three others in northeast. the lieutenant said he loves his job but has a problem with the chief. >> all we're asking for is to be dealt with fairly. if you want us to wear a certain item of clothing, issue it us to and we'll gladly wear
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it. instead of expecting us to come out of pocket to meet his agenda. we're sworn order takers, we do what we're told, but make it fair and give us the tools to do that. >> reporter: what has angered many firefighters is the direct testify have this new patch on all of their hats, coats, sweatshirts, and jackets. the cost not being reimbursed by the city. and then, last night on fox 5 news at 5, the chief said this. >> it's expensive, though, and we have to say. i mean, winter wear is expensive to buy. if you're talking about buying a whole new set of uniforms. >> they don't have to buy a new set of uniforms. we supply uniforms. we supply over $5,000 of outer wear and equipment for our employees. what they're talking about is purchasing sweatshirts and t- shirts that have the dcf cms on it and not the outer wear we provide. >> we get $5,000 worth of gear. the majority of that is spent on structural fire fighting gear that we use to go into burning buildings.
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it's a complete outright lie that we're issued outer wear. we're not issued outer wear. i am basically, as far as clothing, wearing exactly what we were issued. >> reporter: lieutenant alvarado decided to spoke out on his own after seeing the chief on fox 5. he knows he's sticking his neck out and will likely be disciplined n. the response to the lieutenant's comments, the chief issued this statement. the outer wear i was referring to is the running coat the firefighters were issued. i would think the reference to the cost would have indicated what coat i was referring to. not following orders is insubordination. not having the proper uniform if we don't have it to issue, it's not. if you look closely, you will see the firefighters and ems personnel working on a patient outside of truck 13 today were not wearing outer wear with patches. there was nothing identifying them as being first responders. with d.c. fire and ems. lieutenant alvarado tolds that you some civilian ems personnel and higher-ranking officers were issued new outer wear and
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paid for by the city. he would have a tough time disciplining his man for not complying because of that. the chief confirmed the story saying the department had extra money and decided to make the purchases. brian? coming up, monitoring metro. passengers delayed after the cold air causes problems on the rails. we're going have the details on that. . the kitchen at the okay boy site of mcpherson square is closed. the d.c. government said it will perform a health assessment here on thursday. saying goodbye to incan dessent bulbs and labels. i'll tell you what you need to know. 
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. >> inspectors have visited both occupy camps in the city to check on kitchen cleanliness, among other issues. the kitchen has been shut counsel at one of the sites. -- shut down at one of the sites. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: the story is changing, right now, by the way. one of the kitchens is voluntarily shut down after d.c. health inspectors visited both and the other is operating. we'll explain why and the change in the story is, for most of the day today, d.c. officials told us, let me name the name, roberts, the spokesman for the d.c. department of health, there would be a further inspection tomorrow, thursday and now show said there is no formal
5:16 pm
inspection planned for tomorrow but there will be ongoing assessments. >> reporter: dozens of protestors at the two occupy sites in d.c. are staying put. and about half of freedom plaza remains covered with tents and most of mcpherson square remains wall tow wall tents and northbound merchants are growing weary of what they consider on to be an unclean park. >> you can't encourage the stage and smell. and that is smoky. >> you want them gone? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: some have complained of an increasing rat population. and some demonstrators concede the rodents are around. >> this is rat-infested. there is rats coming through here. like crazy. you know. i don't want to get bit by a
5:17 pm
mice or rat, you know, and get sick. >> reporter: organizers of the kitchen voluntarily shout down the cook facilities after a visit by d.c. health department inspectors on tuesday. some of the protestors say they will try to reopen. >> and there have had says to be people in place responsible for it and that -- and hot and cold, you know. who knows what they doing. >> reporter: the city health inspectors visited the more orderly encampment at freedom plasra where the inspectors liked what they saw in the kitchen tent and in the cleanup tent and demonstrators said they got a 98% score from the health inspect jersey and my paper plates and my vegetables right here and -- nie tomato sauce and my serial is right here. >> reporter: so, where does this stand? d.c. said earlier today, d.c. told us that at 1:00 tomorrow,
5:18 pm
they would start inspecting both of the camp sites, both mcpherson square and freedom plaza. now, they say there are no scheduled inspections tomorrow, but there are ongoing assessments. what does this mean and why? it may have to do with the fact that d.c.'s health department doesn't have authority, the kitchen closed voluntarily and d.c. health can close a restaurant. they're not restaurants but beam camping out on federal land. ultimately, the natural park service would make a decision and earlier, they said we'll get the reports and they can decide what to do and my guess is that that will happen bah but may not starting tomorrow. >> thank you. meantime, we're monitoring metro during the extreme change in temperature and metro is blaming the cold for a crack in the yellow line on the bridge between pentagon city and the plaza. that caused single tracking on the yellow line and delays on the blue and green line this morning. everything was running normally
5:19 pm
by 10:30. a smaller crack was discovered outside of the tacoma park station on the red line. they were finished by 9 a.m. >> the cold of the day of the year. i didn't check the record books. and sue palka ran this morning at 5:30 and took a picture of his screen saver, 17 degrees. >> oh. yeah, a lot of places into the teens and some single digits last night, too and you're right, brian, this is the coldest air of the season and that is tieing with the coldest from last year as well and signs of a warm-up are coming. temperatures yesterday, we were saved by the fact that we didn't have the big wind and windchill to deal with and already, because of the clouds that are out there, we do not think that it will be as cold tonight as last night and you
5:20 pm
would think that we would have flurries overhead right now. the air is so very dry. the snow that is aloft is not able to hit the ground and is drying up before. wait, there is more. there is another disturbance that we're watching back to west virginia and that may slide through here. there could be in ours in the mountains and if you get one -- could be snow showers in the mountains and that could be vigorous. we're calling for a temperature of 31 degrees; and if we see flurries around here, it will probably wait until or 11:00 and with that temperature of 30 degrees. warmer news is on the way. >> see you in a bit. coming up, national park makes plans to move forward following the death of a ranger with ties to the d.c. area. and a local family refuses to give up hope years after the loved one went missing. the latest on the search for bell when we return. urn. .
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. >> a renewed search for the body of a woman missing for more than 15 years. d.c. police resumed their search for shaquita bell in fort washington. they believe they have not searchad a wide enough area and needed to get permission to cut down trees. bell disappeared in june of 1996. and in 2007, the former boyfriend, michael dickerson, admitted he killed her behind his moment on g street and showed police where he buried her body in a wooded area in fort washington. officers couldn't find her and police have not said how long this search will last. d.c. police have made an arrest in a deadly stabbing from last month. the suspect is no stranger to violence. the 47-year-old elaine coleman was stabbed to death on the 500 block of 23rd place northwest on december 4th. yesterday, the police arrested the 46-year-old john william smith jr., charged him with second-degree murder. fox 5 learned that smith was released from prison where we
5:25 pm
was -- where he was serving an eight-year sentence for manslaughter. mount rainier park will reopen this saturday after a park ranger was killed there. the 34-year-old margaret anderson was shot to death on sunday while trying to stop a car that failed to pull over a car at a checkpoint. anderson once worked here in the d.c. area on the cno canal. authorities say a 24-year-old iraq war veteran shot her and he was later found dead. the president of a local university is getting a new mansion. the pricetag, $7.2 million. find out who is raising the red flag. and new energy-efficient rules means some lightbulbs are being pulled from store shelves. we'll break it down at the bottom of the hour. and find out why analysts say it could be a rough 22 hours for one of the biggest retailers around. ound.  ♪
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. >> a joke about how many people it takes to change a lightbulb. changing a light bull subno simp -- not simple anymore. the choices can get overwhelming. here to shed light on the subject is fox 5s money reporter melanie alnwick. i'm glad you're doing this story. >> reporter: me, too. i learned a lot of useful stuff, something that i love. you know, starting this month, 100-watt incandescent bulbs will no longer be manufactured. the stores can sell the existing stock. trust me, there are plenty of sales out there on the old bulbs. as for the rest of the lighting aisle, it's not uncommon for people, namely me, to go in and try to buy a lightbulb and stand in front with no idea of what they need. so, i went to the experts to help simplify it. 133 years ago, thomas edison invented the lightbulb. now in 2012, the standard incandescent fading out as edison's technology is being replaced with more energy-
5:30 pm
efficient options. >> we have over 100 different bulbs just energy efficient lightbulbs and this is confusing and overwhelming. >> reporter: his job at home depot is to help guide customers to the right choices. >> and here it is. the first thing is the type of area they need to cover. be it living areas, kitchen, work lights. >> reporter: location, the first l. you have to know where you need it before you know what to get. mema, the association of lighting manufacturers, said the second l is limen. >> lime -- luming en. >> well, umen is a measurement of brightness. >> reporter: the brightness in this 100-watt ballb -- bulb equals 1600lumen. halogen, incandescent and cfl have a lot less output for -- and a new fact box on the packages will tell you how much
5:31 pm
each bulb saves. >> and saving energy is saving money in this case. people can choose the type of light they prefer and at the same time, saving money on their energy bill. >> reporter: learning the new labels is a third l. it has an important factor. light appearance. >> the scale from warm to cool. >> the higher the number, the warmer the light color. newer bulbs cost more and last longer, to. l.e.d.'s are the most expensive. this is $25. and it's also the most efficient, rated for 23 years, almost as long as your mortgage. >> a lot of customers will take the lightbulbs with them. >> remember the ls, location, lumens and label so you don't have to be in the dark anymore. >> and the average price came down to $2 and that is competitive with the halogen bulbs. they're rated to last between 1 to three years and the compact fluorescence can last between six to 10 years, laura.
5:32 pm
back to you. >> i learned a lot, melanie. thank you. is this picking up for -- business is picking up for automakers. the city economic disaster, general motors sales rose 13% last year as gm sold more than 2 1/2 million cars. other carmakers reported strong sales, chrysler up 26%, ford jumped 11% when the economy tanked. gm and chrysler nearly collapsed. the u.s. auto sales hit the lowest level since 1982. both companies needed a government bailout to stay in business. two major airlines say their prices are about to go up because of new rules on another continent. delta and lufthansa said it's due to the regulations in europe. the difference is $6 for a round-trip ticket and only if you're flying to europe. they haven't announced how much more they will charge. and in tonight's consumer alert, reports that best buy might be in trouble. forbes magazine predicting a tough 2012 for the retailer and anticipating bankruptcy the next few years.
5:33 pm
fox's tom leyden has the story. >> reporter: best buy is quickly looking like a retail cautionary tale. a big buck store where people love to bruise and -- browse and buy somewhere else. >> you don't necessarily buy it there. you may go online if there is a better deal. >> you won't admit to doing that, though? >> i won't on camera, though. >> and make sure it's durable and go online to find it. >> reporter: it's not just online sales. at the mall of america, the apple and window stores were bright and brisk. upstairs, best buy looked kind of empty, dark, and sad. the future looks so dim, that today forbes, which only a few years ago named best buy the company of the year, was today predicting bankruptcy. some time in the next few years. >> and they're in a dangerous position. >> he said that best buy has become slow to react, describing it as the titanic. >> turning the titanic, if you
5:34 pm
will, takes decisions months, months ago to have that effect now and i think they in the middle of the course correct. it just didn't happen in time for the christmas selling season. >> reporter: there is a certain affection for best buy in minnesota. the company began here 45 years ago as an aught audio supply store called sound of music and has grown to more than 1,000 stores nationwide and a corporate campus in richfield that employs 4,000 people n. a statement, best buy gave us corporate cliche saying the strategy is to aggressively drive revenue and market share through promotions, expanding online and ensuring competitive prices. translation? they need to live up to their name and listen to customers like carol. >> best buy has very nice people and they very helpful. i always find what i went in there for. >> but you bought your computer here? >> yes, i did. >> why did you decide to do that? >> because of the classes.
5:35 pm
d.c. lost one of its own big stores. the company's lease is expiring january 31st and officials tried to extend it another year and says the -- said the incher decided to pursue another tenant for the space. the state's board of public works voted to demolish the current residence. the new mansion would cost $7.2 million of the university's funding. to build a house big enough to function as a residence and fund raising venue. and voting against the plan saying that now is not the time for the university to spend that much cash. coming up, an 8th grader shot inside a middle school. why police say they had no choice. and a virginia girl dice after having an allergic reaction. why the victim's mother said the school is to blame. and police get a big break after fire bombings leave new
5:36 pm
york city on edge. back moment. -- in a moment. ment. 
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
. >> a terrifying scene inside of a texas middle school. the police shot and killed an armed eighth grader. the officers claim the boy engaged them with a weapon. brownsville school officials called the police after the teen showed the weapon shortly after classes started this morning. the officials put the school on lockdown and after the shooting, they busted students to a -- bussed students to a park and had the parents pick them up. the police don't know why he brought the gun to school. and the men arrested in a string of arsons in l.a. under investigation for burning down his own home n. germany, prosecutors say harry burkhart filed an insurance claim on the
5:40 pm
day it burned down in october. he's accused of setting over 50 fires in l.a. they believe he started the arson attacks because he's upset about his mother's legal problems. in new york city, police claim the suspect confessed to torching five buildings, including a mosque in a hindu temple. the officers arrested 40-year- old ray lazier of queens. he's accused of throwing gasoline bombs and he had personal grievances against all of the targets and is being take tonight hospital for a mental evaluation. patients say they can't find pharmacies to fill a prig. what is -- a prescription. what is fowling a drug shortage. and the health care puts mariah carey's husband in the hospital. and the warmest on the way. sue's back with the forecast. a
5:41 pm
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5:44 pm
. >> a peanut allergy killed a 7- year-old girl at her school on monday. she was in cardiac arrest when the ambulance arrived at her school in chesterfield county. not clear why she ate a peanut but no one at the school followed the emergency plan to give her benadryl. the school hasn't commented on how the child died. >> a shortage on the drug used to treat adhd shows little signs of easy and he's more on how one family's dealing with the inability to sometime refill their son's precision. >> reporter: seven-year-old devon is as active as he can get. >> he loves to climb and do flips, cartwheels. >> oh, i want to lay down for a moment. >> reporter: you should have seen him two years ago, before going on medication for adhd.
5:45 pm
>> when he doesn't take it, it's like another kid. >> reporter: he takes a generic brand of aderol, one of two drugs that pharmacies are having a hard time keeping it in stock. >> and i talked to the pharmacist and they don't have any in and don't know when they will get it. >> reporter: during christmas break, she started rationing the supply. >> and those are his medicines and the ones he didn't take over christmas break. >> she wanted to make sure he had enough when school started up. >> easier for me to deal with him being wild than him -- with 20 other children at school. >> we see every day, something that we have to -- . >> and ann is the director of the community pharmacies and that on any given day, they will be out of aderol, ritta lenore the generic brand of the pills. >> they need to stay stead oat medications and take them every
5:46 pm
day. it's not a good idea to be stopping and starting. >> reporter: ann said the problem is the federal government regulating the ingredients that make up the drugs and there is a concern too much will cause a black market of sorts. >> they're being misappropriated to help students get through finals week and study and concentrate and things like that. there are concerns with some diversion and misappropriation. >> reporter: when it affects them, at what cost are we going to go to to keep the quota from going up? >> it's not fair to him he's not getting his medicine. >> and they blame the shortage on overly strict manufacturing quotas to minimize cases of abuse and this is because college students uses them to stay high or stay up all night.
5:47 pm
and nick canyon and his wife devoted the picture of her laying beside his bed in aspen, asking friends to pay for -- pray for nick. and sue we could use the warm-up about now. >> it's on the way. >> and see the wind changing direction and that is come out of the southwest. >> love it. >> and some good news. while we're transitioning, there is something and there is that one weak disturb tops -- disturbance to come and by no means is it going to be balmy and i think you will notice a big difference and we'll be able to take a little bit of the edge off. and to the weather headline, the first stop to alert you to the fact that some of you could see flurries tonight and might be some more snow showers and because it's so cold, any place that gets a bit of a dusting
5:48 pm
could get a slick spot and heads up for. that the air is so dry, all of this is evaporateing before hitting the surface and there is another batch and looks vigorous across the mountains and looks like it's shrinking just a bit and this is that batch that could produce a few flurries for some of you and we saw some of the snow showers have been invigorated and they can put down a bit of a dusting and vitamin chester got more than that. by 11:00, trying to swing on through, according to the future cast and some flurries here and there and lingering in the mountains. is this a problem in the early morning hours? probably not.
5:49 pm
it looks like that is going to be out of here. the snow will continue in the mountains and we'll see brightening skies and a warming trend begins as early as tomorrow and the milder stuff is here on friday and we'll watch for the weekend, another front breeches and there mean some moisture and think this whole process is going to slow down and that is going to dry. the next chance of showers, probably not until monday and those temperatures today, coldest this season so far, colder than yesterday and last night's temperatures, dropping to single digits west, 17 degrees in d.c. and that is not the problem tonight and the clouds are in here. 33 degrees in the district; 27 degrees to the north and west and with that disturbance, it will keep the clouds around. to the west, 49 degrees in saint louis; little rock, up to 60 disand all of the warmer colors indicate the milder air is on the move again and this
5:50 pm
is going to be heading out. this is how the setup's going to go the next few days. the first disturbance is coming through tonight, bringing in the flurries and that is the leading edge of the milder air and that we'll get in here. we're not heading for 50s tomorrow. i think we can get into the low and mid-40s. by friday and saturday, the 50s are here. the next chance of showers, which we thought might have been on sunday, looks like it will hold off and that is goings to cool down into the 40s and while this is looking like a cold forecast for the overnight hours with winchester and warrenton at 37 degrees, and this is that 20 degrees warm-up for you. 28 degrees for fredericksburg; arlington, 29 and they were in the teens last night and definitely an improvement. a cloudy, chilly forecast. we have a few flurries for some of you. if you live father to the west, that is a possible snow shower between 10:00 and 4 or 5 in the
5:51 pm
morning, 28 degrees and we expect a warmer temperature. 44 is above average, check out friday at 52 and saturday the warmest and this is the front we have and knock it down to 49 and when some showers come through, looks like they're of the liquid variety. and talk of the town, tmz tonight. alec baldwin getting an apology after his airplane tantrum and this is not coming from the airlines still. >> reporter: it's not but a grocery store chain in new york city that dropped him after the whole american airlines incident. they dropped him because they started getting complaints from people saying how can you have him as your spokesperson on tv? well, today, they told us that they're doing an about-face.
5:52 pm
they're formally apologizing to alec baldwin saying they have been getting tons of e-mails and tweets and whatnot saying that they love him and how dare the grocery store chain dump him. they said they're going to resume putting the commercials on tv immediately and alec baldwin wins again. >> interesting and it was funny with him on snl making fun of himself and have -- him plague the airline apologizing to him and that stuff. who knows if the airline is going to come through and say something. >> i doubt they will but in a pr sense, he navigated this really well. >> absolutely. and presume a let's talk about him. apparently got game still and we know he has game on the basketball court and i understand he made big plays on a beach football game in hawaii. >> i have to tell you, we got
5:53 pm
these pictures and one person shot them and we were able to get a hold of them. they're unbelievable. and this guy was playing touch football with a bunch of much bigger guys on the beach near a military base and obama is diving for the ball, hitting the sand, face planting and he was amazing and in is in great shape. this is crazy and in washington, d.c., in california, i believe that looks matter and athleticism and all of that stuff, i'm not saying it's as important as his policies, but it factors in and i think these pictures are part of a package they will try to reuse to get him re-elected. >> i think it will go a long way here, too. i think it will. not just the thing in california. thank you very much, we'll see you at 6:30. sinned o'connor, on-
5:54 pm
again/off-again relationship with her ex-husband. the singer who announced her divorce from her husband after 16 days of marriage last month now said the two have reconciled, sort of and o'connor devoted we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend again and be married and plan to take it slow this time around. is justin timber lake finally setting --el ising down? after a 3-month split with jessica biel, they're now engaged. he proposed while they were vacationing in jackson, wyoming. insiders claim he has never been happier and knew it was the right time to propiece. they're keeping rumors organization keeping mum on the rumor. and the reports, meantime, that j.t. might be pairing up with elton john on the big screen. there is a biopick on elton in the works and that is called rocket man. justin is his number one on the wish list and portrayed him on
5:55 pm
the music video "this train don't stop here anymore." the reps say he's taking the offer seriously. coming up on the news edge, a new plan to fight for d.c. statehood. how some of the district's top officials will head outside of the city to push for voting rights. plus. and flipping through some music history in d.c. i'm beth parker. i will tell you why people in the store are crying and hugging. . and hear which local county could be next at a plastic bag tax. we'll so you at 6. @@@@@úhd@h
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5:58 pm
. >> a man who made $4 million by rigging local pay phones is going to prison. a judge sentenced nikolas to
5:59 pm
three months and a $20,000 fine. and he pleaded guilty to tampering with the phones to make till them dial numbers. thanks for joining also 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. >> last night, the people of iowa spoke with a very clear voice and so i have decided to stand aside. the two other candidate his a photo finish. it was early morning. the weather didn't play much of a factor but found out that mitt romney won the caucus and not everyone is going to get


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