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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  January 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm maureen umeh. our top story tonight, one year of grieving leads to a day of gratitude in the wake of a deadly shooting rampage in tucson, arizona. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is at the center of a memorial service for the victims. we'll have an update in a
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moment. but first a news alert tonight in d.c. on the anniversary of the tucson shooting. anti-gun activists held a series of vigils across the country calling for an end to gun violence. fox 5's roz plater is just back from one held in the district. >> dozens turned out for this vigil. it was both solemn and a call to action. reporter: at the shiloh baptist church they lit a candle and stood in solidarity with hundreds of others around the country in both remembrance and protest remembering the victims of gun violence like rachelle jones, one of sykes teens mowed down in a drive-by -- one of six teens mowed down in a drive-by shooting on capitol street. >> this is something that never goes away. i hurt for my child 24 hours a day seven days a week constantly. i do not sleet. reporter: sleep. >> it took me nearly losing my
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life, experiencing something like that to wake up and realize that we don't do everything we could do in this country. we make it far too easy for people of all different types to easily arm themselves. reporter: activists along with local leaders asked the public to do something tangible to help some the violence. d.c.'s police chief praised citizens for helping get guns and gunmen off the streets. >> this past year because the community had come together and decided enough is enough the residents in washington d.c. have said we've had it with the gun violence. we end the year with 108 homicides and 95% closure rate, the highest in the nation. [ applause ] reporter: but d.c.'s mayor told the crowd the city needs more. >> bring democracy to our nation's capital. bring the opportunity hire for us to be able to control guns in the way we know they need to be controlled.
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>> obviously their pitch for statehood based on gun control of the the mayor says a d.c. delegation will travel to new hampshire this week asking the legislature there to support a resolution for d.c. to become the 51st state so it can control its own guns. so stay tuned. d.c. police want your help tracking down whoever shot a man in death in northeast overnight. 19-year-old david lee robinson was found at 58 and foot streets just after 2 a.m. this morning. it's believed he was shot over a pair of sneakers. there's a reward if you can catch the killer. you can remain anonymous. police in oxon hill still looking for the driver who hit and killed a married couple and kept going. mildred freeman and michael thomas sr. were hit while crossing oxon hill road friday. thomas was walking his wife to the bus stop. last night their family met to grieve their loss and pray the driver is brought to justice. >> they loved one another very much and we were a loving family and we forgive the person who hit my sister and my
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brother-in-law, but i hope you find peace and turn yourself in. >> some witnesses saw the accident, but nobody got a license plate. prince george's county police are looking for a gray compact vehicle possibly with damage. they're hoping other witnesses will call in a tip. some good news out of bowie, maryland tonight. the hunt is over for a missing search dog. vido, a glide german shepherd has been found. he ran a -- a of guido, a german shepherd has been found. he ran away from a search site a man found the dog and returned him today. he's part of the search and rescue team in fairfax county. he will be back on the job tomorrow. now back to our top story, one year of grieving leads to a day of gratitude in the wake of a deadly shooting rampage in tucson, arizona. fox news correspondent casey steigel has the story from tucson. reporter: a day filled with candles and tributes, the city of tucson is still trying to
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move beyond the horror of a year ago. gabrielle giffords she's her gratitude in the very spot where her life was forever changed. once a crime scene, the congresswoman now greeting people outside tucson's safeway supermarket on saturday with a surprise visit. she doesn't remember the attack, but her husband says gabby has gratitude for her life. >> it's a sad event, but i think it's a marker in time. reporter: others still haunted remembering the echo of that gunfire, the roar of emergency choppers, all reminders of an attack at a meet and greet that left six dead and 13 wounded. >> there was an eerie quiet that morning. there was chaos but no panic. everyone was doing something critically useful and they were doing it calmly and quietly. reporter: the shooting gravely wounded the congresswoman, shot in the head and spending months
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in the hospital. she returned to congress in august, 2011. >> the return of our colleague who is the personification of courage. reporter: tonight a candlelight vigil bringing a live to a city that seemed to dark just one year ago. >> the people that lost their lives, you know, on that day, i look at them as heros. this was not a random event. reporter: prosecutors say a college dropout turned his gun on the crowd. jared lee loughner allegedly fired 31 rounds from his 9- millimeter pistol. he remains in a medical facility in missouri forcibly medicated until he's mentally competent to stand trial. president obama phoned congresswoman giffords earlier today where he called her not only an inspiration to his own family, but to americans across the country. in tucson, arizona, casey steigel, fox news. we had to say good-bye to those warm temperatures and it could get colder tomorrow. gwen tolbart in the weather
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center with the details. >> we've had some change in our temperatures for sure, maureen. we went from being almost near 70 degrees saturday to the 50s today. let's take a look and we'll put it all in perspective. 52 degrees was our high today at national airport, some 16 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday. 50 degrees at dulles and 51 degrees at bwi, but mother nature still being very kind to us, those temperatures still above the seasonal average by about 10 degrees. right now it's 40 degrees at national airport, 31 at dulles and 38 degrees at baltimore airport. we are seeing a few clouds into the course of tonight. we have a ridge of high pressure impacting our pattern. we will have a disturbance to the south we'll deal with in the course of the next 24 hours and we'll talk about that later, but in the meantime mostly cloudy skies, cooler for the burbs tonight at 34 degrees and the week starts with temperatures above average and mild, but as we head to the late week, it will definitely get cooler, more details coming
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up. monitoring metro tonight, a brake part fell off an orange line train friday. it happened at the stadium armory station. the train was able to come to a safe stop. passengers were transferred to another train, but 464 railcars in the fleet have similar brake assemblies. later in the show things get a little risque on metrorail. we'll show you highlights from no pants day. it is crunch time for republicans vying for the nomination. candidates went head to head in a weekend debate doubleheader with just two days to go before the new hampshire primary. fox's chris honig has a look at the battle for the granite state. reporter: during their second debate in 12 hours republicans vying for the nomination hitting each other hard. >> can we drop a little bit of the pious baloney? you've been running consistently for years and years? reporter: this morning's nbc
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news facebook debate, their last chance to take down frontrunner mitt romney. >> if his record was so great as governor of massachusetts, why didn't i run for reelection? reporter: -- he run for reelection? reporter: and romney swinging back at jon huntsman. >> the person who should represent our party running against president obama is not someone who called him a remarkable leader and went to be his ambassador in china. >> this nation is divided because of attitudes like that. reporter: saturday night republicans meeting at this debate agreeing on one thing, president obama needs to be replaced. >> i don't want to be critical of the people in the states. any one of these people would do a better job in many respects than our president. >> i'm trying to stop the wars, but at least i went when they called me up. >> i would send troops back into iraq. >> i think civil war is around the corner in afghanistan and i don't want to be the president who invests another penny in a civil war. reporter: the former mass mats
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governor greeting supporters in rochester after -- massachusetts governor greeting the supporters in rochester after a second debate. he won the iowa caucuses by a scant eight votes. you got sold out! >> occupy protesters have been camped out many manchester to make their demands for the gop candidates clear. yesterday they stood the debate site and some of them carried a message of gay rights letting the candidates know gay people are citizens and should have equal rights. all the republican candidates oppose gay marriage, though some support civil unions. fox 5 will have complete coverage of the new hampshire primary tuesday. you can count on to us keep you speed on the campaign. when you're not near your television, log onto for the latest information. the candidates are talking about gay marriage this weekend and we are talking with an expert about how important this
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issue is for their campaign. then she gave him life and he saved hers, a little boy is honored for coming to his mother's rescue. we're just getting started here at 10:00. stay with us. we are coming right back.  ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪ ♪ sunny day ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' the taste i crave ♪ ♪ subway ♪ i'm makin' it, makin' it how i like ♪ ♪ it's meant to be ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ i'm feelin' subway today [ male announcer ] hey, capital area! are you feelin' subway®? then heat up your day with the big hot pastrami melt! it's fresh toasted and piled-high with pastrami, then topped with pickles, mustard, and cheese. head into a subway® restaurant today for this melty, mouthwatering sub! ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go whoa... got the verizon fios triple-play.
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the republican presidential candidates are talking gay rights in new hampshire this week and some of them restated their opposition to gay marriage, but some say they are ready for change. we are talking with a government expert tonight, but first here is a look at the candidates' responses during the new hampshire debate. >> it is a huge jump from being understanding and considerate and concerned, which we should be, to saying we're therefore going to institute the sacrament of marriage as thoughs that no basis. >> personally -- as though it has no basis. >> personally i think civil unions are fair and support them. i think there is such a thing as equality under the law. >> i would love him as much as
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he did the second before he said it and i would try to do everything i can to be as good of father as possible. >> i oppose same sex marriage and that has been my view, but if people are looking for someone who will discriminate against gays or will in any way try and suggest that people that have different sexual orientation don't have full rights in this country, they won't find that in me. >> when is the last time you stood up and spoke out for increasing gay rights? >> right now. >> we are joined by clyde wilcox from the department of government at georgetown university. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> now, mr. wilcox, you write about public opinion on glbt issues, religion and politics. how big of issue do you think this gay marriage will be in the upcoming presidential election? >> this is an issue where public opinion has changed dramatically in a really short period of time. among all age groups and all religious groups and so republican candidates now are dancing between a republican
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primary electorate that is still reasonably conservative on this set of issues and a younger generation that is very, very supportive of full equality for gay and lesbian couples. >> you have someone like mitt romney taking a middle of the road approach now saying he is for some rights in some capacities but would not fully support gay marriage. what does he need to do to gain votes? does he need to take a definitive stance on this issue or can he get around it by staying middle of the road? >> well, i think among say voters my age the position of civil union seems pretty reasonable, but among the youngest generation you would you not call it marriage? so i think in the general election trying to generate enthusiasm among college students and so forth it will be tough for any candidate opposing full eye quality. >> rick santorum -- equality. >> rick santorum is largely credited with bringing the gay marriage issue to the foyer
10:17 pm
front because he has taken a hard stance -- forefront because he has taken a hard stance against it? >> rick perry also and michele bachmann. going into a place like south carolina and all the southern states if you have closed primary, you have elderly electricity rates, opposing same sex -- electorates, opposing same sex marriage is public opinion. i think someone like santorum would have a lot of trouble over a longer period of time. >> what are you hearing from just in your discourse with others about this issue as it relates to the gop debates in particular right now? >> well, among my students they simply can't understand how someone like santorum or perry could say these things and be legitimate candidates. there's a lot of attention to the youtube videos that make fun of their positions. this is a really big change. 20 years ago my students would
10:18 pm
have been all opposed to marriage, but today it's really shifted. >> public opinion indeed shifting on this gay marriage issue. clyde wilcox from georgetown university, thank you for your insight tonight. >> thank you. looking ahead to the rest of january, the gop candidates will battle it out in three state' primaries, first in new hampshire january 10th, then south carolina on january 21st and florida on january 31st. newt gingrich's former spokesman died this weekend after fighting stomach cancer. tony blankly was also an editor for the washington times and the author of two books. gingrich responded to his death today calling him a caring and loving person. a group of protesters at lafayette park want the president to make good on a promise he made when he was inaugurated about guantanamo bay. the protesters are in the middle of a 10-day hunger strike asking the gitmo be shut down. the group believes the president's recent signing of
10:19 pm
the defense appropriations bill makes it legal to keep people in prison indefinitely without going to court. >> not only do prisoners in afghanistan, some 171 who under the present law may never ever go home and may never ever be before a court, but also expands that to american citizens or anyone else here in the united states or anyone in the world anywhere in the world. >> the defense appropriations bill he says essentially legalizes secret detention and torture. wednesday is the 10th anniversary of gitmo's opening. protesters are planning a human chain from lafayette park to the supreme court. a mary is getting another chance at life -- a mother is getting another chance at life thanks to her quick thinking 6- year-old son. the little boy says he knee who to call and did it fast -- he knew who to call and did it fast. now 911 dispatchers are honoring him for being what his mother calls her hero. reporter: they've spoken on the phone but never met till
10:20 pm
now. this is the man 6-year-old james barker heard on the phone after his mother suffered a seizure at breakfast. it was quick thinking james that knew exactly what to do. >> i turned around and ran and got the phone and dialed 911. >> i woke up and i had people all around my of. reporter: those people included first responders amazed at the boy's here proic response. >> it wasn't expect -- heroic response. >> it wasn't expected. james really was the hero. when i walked in, he knew exactly where to take me and hand my the phone and everything. he was great. >> i was really excited. reporter: alan davis received the call that november morning and remembers how calm james was on the phone. >> do you have an emergency? >> my mom seized. she fell asleep. >> okay. can you see if you can wake your mom up? >> she's been opening her eyes a couple times.
10:21 pm
>> okay. i'm going to get you some help. >> just finding out, you know, the outcome, what had actually happened that she's doing well, that's great. to be actually able to meet him is fantastic. reporter: james took home some new gear from his friends at emergency dispatch and posed with his framed award crediting his school for learning the importance of calling 911. >> i knew what 911 did. it did. ambulance, cops, the fire department. . reporter: in concord, new hampshire, brett conley, fox news. >> smart and cute little guy. we have all seen the spinning billboards on the side of the road. did you know there's actually a school for that? see why this takes a lot of skill coming up. 
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you've probably seen them on a street corner and there's a pretty good chance you couldn't look away. a local company is making money spreading messages and as fox
10:25 pm
5's beth parker shows us, it takes a lot of energy. reporter: running, jumping jacks, push-ups all in the bitter cold. no, this isn't boot camp. this is sign spinning practice. >> i cannot even tell you how many calories i burn, but it's definitely a lot. reporter: arrow inc. is an advertising company started by a georgetown university student in 2001. his colleague is a maryland native who purchased the local franchise. >> we have a tv commercial. radio station, same thing, three or four stations i listen to. commercial on one, blink, next station every single time. reporter: you can't change the channel. >> you can't help it. got to look at me. reporter: no doubt you've seen them twirling around town. >> state farm, h&r block. reporter: they'll tell you sign spinning is a sport. >> these guys practice at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning sometimes, create their own highlight
10:26 pm
videos. reporter: and it isn't easy. >> for someone to play football in high school and college, i'd say this is one of the hardest things i've done in my life. reporter: they do drills. can you teach me some of that? i have to warn you that i'm super uncoordinated. >> go to the left, turn it over, there you are right after you started. reporter: there you go. >> there you are. reporter: my years as a majorette finally pay off. practice and personality, the smile is a point, the wave. pay starts at $10 an hour. raises are earned. >> if we catch them out there dancing and having great time, it should be worth more money. reporter: the job comes with hazards. >> i've got random scars here and there from the sign hitting me in the face and things like that. reporter: just never let them see you sweat. >> wow, who knew? some smiles on much of today. it was no pants, no problem on the trains. we've got the highlights from
10:27 pm
no pants day coming up. then a possible crime trend in northwest d.c. we have a warning for anyone walking at night. stay with us. it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a news alert in d.c. tonight. police in the 4th district are on high alert after a rash of weekend street robberies. there were three within 90 minutes of each other saturday and investigators are now trying to determine if they are related. fox 5's audrey barnes has details from the newsroom tonight. >> the first robbery happened at about 10:30. a woman walking home on kennedy street northwest was assaulted and robbed. within the next 20 minutes four people in the petworth area were robbed at gun point blocks away from each other. the first petworth robbery happened in the 700 block of rock creek church road not far from the georgia avenue petworth metro stop.
10:31 pm
three men in ski masks armed with a gun robbed two people just after 11 p.m. >> obviously i'm pretty concerned since i just got in a few days ago and one of the first things i hear now is that this crime uptick here. so i'm worried. >> i work with teens and one of my teens was mugged on the elevator coming up from the georgia avenue metro, so just right behind us. so it's out there. reporter: half an hour after the first robbery in petworth there was a second one. two blocks away in the 700 block of newton place. again two people were robbed by suspects brandishing a handgun. >> we just moved here in october and now i'm wondering if maybe we should have moved to a different area. it's scary because you don't know if that could happen to you. reporter: in fact, she's already been the victim of a brazen robbery on her doorstep. >> came out in the morning from my house and my bike was stolen. somebody cut the lock and a few days later i just saw them sitting on my bike on the corner and i was worried.
10:32 pm
i probably shouldn't say anything to this person because they obviously don't care. they just stole my bike and they're just sitting right there. reporter: 4th district demander kim lower missouri says there haven't been a -- kimberly missouri says there hasn't been a heavy pattern of robbery but three in a short period of time is concerning to police. officers stepped up patrols and are actively investigating to see if there's a link. in addition, there are surveillance cameras in the area, but residents are urged to stay alert for suspicious activity and report it. >> it's like anything else. when you're out late at night, especially a new area, you got to look around and be aware of your surroundings, kind of have heads up all the time. reporter: there is a slight difference in the lookout for the suspects in these robberies. so it's not clear if they are connected. as for why so many robberies in such a short time, commander missouri says the weather could be partly to blame. it was so nice a lot of people were out and about and very late and so apparently were the
10:33 pm
criminals. on the anniversary of the deadly shootings in tucson local victims of gun violence were honored at a candlelight vigil. hundreds gathered tonight at shiloh baptist church in solidarity with hundreds of others around the country to remember the victims. activists and local leaders asked the public to do something tangible to help stop the violence. d.c.'s police chief praised citizens for helping get weapons off the streets. the old town theater in alexandria will close its doors this weekend for good after trying to keep the theater afloat for nearly a decade. the owner says he's being forced to sell the king street property because of poor ticket sales. the film house's new owner says it will likely rent the theater as retail space. here's something that will make your commute more interesting. today for the fourth year in a row a large group of people from capital improv boarded metro trains and dropped their pants.
10:34 pm
the reason? just to give folks a chuckle. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. reporter: it is carefully planned out. get on a metro train, wait for it to start moving and then take off your pants. >> we get the most ridiculous double takes, people staring at us, people muttering under their breaths, are they not wearing pants? why is no one wearing pants? reporter: this event is known to raise money for charity, not to bring awareness to any particular group or cause. for these folks from the capital improv it's all about having fun. >> you get all sorts of reactions. you'll get children that are laughing. you'll get children pointing with their mouths open. you'll have some people that are really confused. >> the reaction is priceless. we get a lot of smiles and confused faces. as belong as we're cracking a few cheeks in d.c., it's a good time. reporter: the event is carried out around the globe. this is video from the new york subway system a few years back. no matter where the group drops
10:35 pm
its pants there are usually smiles that follow. there is always underwear, some wear boxers, others briefs, but whatever is underneath is usually planned far in advance. >> i go shopping for new underwear every year, new outfit. this year is my jersey getup. i've got leopard print under here. reporter: as the pantless riders travel through the metro, they act like nothing is out of the ordinary. as others gawk the riders try to keep a straight face and explain why they're without bottoms. >> i didn't have my pants this morning, but i was running late and figured nobody would notice. reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. ♪[ music ] it was a battle of the bands at d.c.'s 930 club today, but these aren't just your average grown-up musicians. they are local students, hundreds of kids from elementary to high school hitting the stage to showcase their talent in the box to lock
10:36 pm
battle of the bands. the winners get a chance to work with professionals and record a state of the art album in a studio. tim tebow and the broncos seek a mile high upset against the steelers and maryland upsets play on tobacco road. gwen? >> temperatures are a big stormy, a warm-up over the weekend. now we've got a cooldown and the temperatures dropping cooler heading into the beginning of the week, precipitation as well. i'm going to have the details coming up. we'll be back after the break. ♪
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they say replacing a legend is never easy. we found that out tonight. >> mark turgeon is the new basketball coach at maryland. he's replacing gary williams who coached at maryland over two decades and led them to a final four and ncaa championship, two final fours,
10:40 pm
but we'll see. i think he's going to be all right. mark turgeon played his first acc game tonight. terps were in rally. they were coming to play no. 1 syracuse. 1st half, the terps in red. nick faust a freshman from baltimore, terps on top 23-22. go to the 2nd half, no. 12 in red is the leading scorer, 20 it una game off the inbound pass, banks, had a -- 20 points a game off the inbound pass, banks, had a score. terps score seven straight to approximately within seven and the putback, terps down five, but they would never lead again. maryland falls in their acc opener 79-74 the final score. the wizards hosting the t- wolves. wesley making his nba debut had two points in nine minute.
10:41 pm
late 1st half ribby rubio lobs for the alley-oop t-wolves leading by 14 at the break. 2nd half, wizards down 10, inbound to john wall who takes it all wait follow the left- handed finish, three of 10 points from the field. 4th quarter and this is the achille's heel for wall, the unforced turnover. don't jump in the air and then pass the ball, young people. that's a wide open dunk for mr. kevin love. the wizards are defeated by minnesota 93-72. here's the head coach on the winless wizards. >> we are not good enough as individual players and we have a sense where we think at times that we're good enough just to go out and play. we're not that. you know, and so we got to may guys that can play the right way with -- play guys that can play the right way with some intelligence. you do that, you can give yourselves a chance. afc wildcard game, tim tebow and the broncos hosting the steelers, less than four to
10:42 pm
go, ben roethlisberger on the move decides to throw. jerricho cotchery, great cancer 31 yards for the touchdown, tied it at 23, forced to overtime, first play of overtime. tebow takes the handoff, demaryius thomas in stride stiff arms an opponent, goes 80 yards for the game winning touchdown. broncos shock the steelers 29- 23 and earn a date next saturday against the patriots. today's nfc wildcard game, eli manning and the giants hosting the falcons, 3rd quarter giants up 10-works 3rd and 3, manning to hakeem nicks. to the 1st down and then a whole lot more, knicks parts the red sea on his way to a 72- yard touchdown, second touchdown of the game. giants defeat the falcons 24-2. the g men face the packers next sunday. coming up on sports xtra it's back to school for former wizards head coach eddie jordan. >> that's a nice team. >> the wizards aren't doing well, but their old coach eddie
10:43 pm
jordan is doing great. >> he's a great guy. a special inawe heating up in new york, should -- issue heating up in new york. should food stamp recipients have to get fingerprinted? we have the story coming up. 
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
should food stamp recipients be required to get fingerprinted? that's a question up for debate in new york city. some public officials call it humiliating and immoral, but others say it will help prevent fraud. fox's dan bowens reports. >> i feel violated. it's not fair, not. if. reporter: for many public benefits are the option of last resort and feel the city's policy requiring applicants to give their fingerprints just makes them feel worse. >> what do finger prints have to do with hunger? reporter: this week during his state of the state address governor cuomo agreed and said may even be keeping people from applying at all.
10:47 pm
>> i understand fraud detection. i understand fingerprinting, but don't make a child go to bed hungry. reporter: public advocate bill deblazio is joining the governor's effort and is collecting signatures calling on the mayor to make a change. >> this mayor doesn't seem to understand that a lot of people are struggling in the city. he's out of touch with the people. reporter: mayor bloomberg said taking someone's finger image is not a stigma and argued the policy is a valuable tool in preventing fraud. >> mayor bloomberg is absolutely right this is a simple easy process that has helped us prevent fraud and waste and abuse in public assistance programs. reporter: supporters also say the city has the highest percentage in the state of people receiving food stamps and the policy has helped catch nearly 2,000 people abusing the system just last year. >> okay, i will. reporter: for sue worrell applying for government assistance is about finding a way to provide for her two children. >> this is how you'll know exactly who is who so you won't
10:48 pm
have no fraud dealings or anything. reporter: that from a mother who can't afford to have anything go to waste. dan bowens, fox 5 news. here's something you don't see every day. this tattoo parlor is inside a church. the bridge ministry in flint, michigan, opened up serenity tattoo studio inside their church. ministers say they're using unconventional methods to attract worshipers and change the lives of tattoo artists and their clients. they added there will only be positive images offered even though it is a tattoo parlor. do you remember this? a year ago we were watching a major snowstorm that eventually covered the south i.c.e. governors in georgia, louisiana -- southeast, governors in georgia, louisiana, alabama declared states of emergency. officials have bought about 50 more pieces of snow removal equipment since. a year ago there was snow in 49 out of 50 states.
10:49 pm
right now 26 out of 50 states have 2 inches or more on the ground. lucky for us none of that is here. we've had unseasonal, when but back to reality time. >> it is. wee of we are going to get cold -- we are going to get colder. we do have some precipitation in our forecast. the latest update says we might just see a passing flurry, nothing that's going to accumulate. we'll watch the temperatures to see how it all pans out. we've got a few clouds tonight, a a range of high pressure in control, though. we'll see a few clear breaks, but the clouds definitely rolling in. there's a beautiful shot as you can see of the sky, but that ridge of high pressure will hold us through the course of tonight into tomorrow. it will be in control. the week starts off mild as well. temperatures aren't quite as warm as we headed into the beginning of the weekend into saturday, but still milder. there is some precipitation in the forecast. we'll talk about that and the weekend, next weekend, will be
10:50 pm
much, much colder than this weekend for sure. today's highs, 52 degrees at national airport, 50 at dulles, 51 at bwi and these temperatures some 10 degrees warmer than the seasonal average for the day, but at least about 15 to 16 degrees cooler than they were saturday. we're at national airport where we hit 68 degrees this time of year, just unbelievable, very exceptional. 40 degrees now at national. we've got 32 at fredericksburg, 27 degrees at frederick, maryland, 38 baltimore, 41 annapolis, 31 dulles, 34 martinsburg, 32 hagerstown, 34 degrees for boston, new york kicking in at 35 degrees and 50 degrees to the south at raleigh. temperatures as i showed you in the earlier session was colder air really hitting about 3/4 of the country where we have just a little warm area here across the gulf states that are benefiting from the jet stream. otherwise that cooler air is
10:51 pm
definitely making itself straight at home. so clouds as i mentioned in the course of tonight giving way to partly cloudy skies, not too bad. that ridge of high pressure continuing to hold steady over our area. tonight our overnight lows will be on the chilly side, cooler in the burbs, down to the low 30s, upper 20s as well in some of our burbs to the north and far west. be prepared. we are getting into a bit of a pattern change. this ridge of high pressure holding steady, but we've got a system pushing in from the south. that's going to be responsible for some moisture as we move into tomorrow, even late tonight across areas of the far west it's possible. we're looking at the chance of seeing light showers pushing in across as we move into monday. there is a chance depending on the timing of this, however, and the temperature that we could possibly see a few passing flurries. we're not talking about anything accumulating, most of it anyway in the upper atmosphere, but we could possibly see that. we're giving you a heads up. here's futurecast which is one model that's showing the
10:52 pm
moisture as it starts to push in. you can see over to the west they are talking about seeing light snow activity. we get a little mix in home as well and a little light snow. none of this will accumulate, nothing to be concerned with that and this is just one model pushing this in. there is a chance as we head through the course of the day monday that we might see passing flurries. the wet weather is going to hit us wednesday, however, and there's a look. we'll show you futurecast because wednesday we expect an inch or so of rainfall, heavy in some areas locally as well. so be prepared. wednesday will be the washout day. your day planner, cool, cloudy, move into tomorrow, midday 49 degrees and as we look at our five-day forecast here's that temperature changes. we'll be rising up into the 50s once we head through into tuesday, wednesday. tomorrow is chilly at 47, but we warm up to about mid-50s or so and start to cool down again. next weekend upper 30s and overnight lows in the 20s. >> indeed back to reality.
10:53 pm
>> yes. >> thank you, gwen. the u.s. coastguard receives a russian crews rescue. they were caught in the eastern behring sea. the russian ship is now being escorted the remaining hundred miles to nome. experts predict gas prices will spike to about $4 a gallon by summer. we have the story. reporter: if you drive, you know prices at the pump are getting higher. lewis lopez commutes 30 miles each way to work. >> i just close my eyes really. i just hand them the card and keep on going. i don't even look anymore. reporter: aaa attributes recent price increases to supply concerns because of increasing tension between iran and the u.s. in the persian gulf.
10:54 pm
also analysts say any slight improvement in economies worldwide means an increase in demand and that, too, drives gas prices up. >> prices keep going up. business is not what it needs to be and we're just having a difficult time deeming with it. reporter: have you changed your -- dealing with it. reporter: have you changed your behavior at all because of that? >> we're driving less than we used to. reporter: jack ventura thinks it's time for the u.s. to come up with some alternative energy sources. >> i guess they should be using other means of fuel from this country as opposed to buying it from elsewhere. reporter: get ready. some analysts predict gas prices will rise above $4 a gallon by summer. drivers cope now by cutting out unnecessary trips. >> i drive less. that's the only thing i could do. reporter: of course, gas prices vary depending where you live. california has the highest prices in the lower 48 states at $3.69 a gallon for regular. utah gas is the cheapest at
10:55 pm
2.92 a gallon 6789 d.c. is on the higher end of the scale -- gallon. d.c. is on the higher end of the scale at 3.50 a gallon. if you're afraid of heights, this will get to you. a bungee jump goes horribly wrong, but the jumper lives to tell the story, how she survived even after her rope snaps. plus a family reunites after 50 years. this sad story finally has a happy ending coming up. 
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
a bungee jump caught on camera in australia went horribly wrong, but miraculously the jumper survived. that is erin longworth jumping in victoria falls new year's eve when her rope snapped sending her plunging into the zanbizee river. lambert came to after falling 65 feet and then struggled
10:59 pm
against the rapids of the river. >> went black and felt like i'd been slapped all over. i actually had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out from whatever it was caught. >> she was not seriously injured but spent a week in the hospital. imagine not seeing your sibling over 45 years. that's exactly what happened to two sisters in ft. wayne indiana. hope jeffers and jamie conna were two of seven sisters taken away from each other on christmas day 1965. the city's welfare department placed each child in a foster home. jeffers moved back in with her mother and tried looking for her sisters using old pictures. she hadn't seen jamie since her sister was 3 years old. >> i couldn't remember names. i couldn't remember faces. i just knew i wanted to go home. >> the sisters have already located three other siblings. they're still searching for two more. still more news straight ahead. the news edge at 11:00 starts now.


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