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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  January 9, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning. taking a live look at the jefferson memorial. we have a chilly start to the day. let's see if we can warm it up for you. let's say hello to tucker barnes, get the latest on your weather. is it going to warm up? >> a little bit. a cool are day and you will want a jacket. maybe a shower or two this afternoon. there you go. we have a developing storm system to our south. most of the energy with this
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within will stay to our south down towards the virginia- carolina border but a few of those showers are expected to slip to the north and it is possible our southern viewers could see a few showers. for the rest of us, mostly cloudy skies expected today. starting cold, 34 in washington. most of the area at or below freezing. we will be in for a cooler day than what we've been getting used to around here. forecast for today, clouds, cool, could be a shower or development best chance south. highs, low 40s. pretty typical for this time of year. more details in just a minute. back to you. >> thank you. some of our top stories we are following, an emotional night into arizona as congresswoman gabrielle giffords took the stage to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly tucson shooting rampage. the congress woman led the crowd in a premier of
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allegiance at a candlelight vigil making a rare public appearance since being shot in the head. six people were killed and 13 others hurt that day when a shoot are opened fire at a grocery store. 19-year-old david lee robinson was shot and killed yesterday morning at 58th and foot street in northeast washington. police believe the shooting may have been over a pair of shoes. there is a reward if you help catch the killer. you can also remain anonymous. it is crunch time for republicans vying for their party's nomination. mitt romney is comfortably ahead in recent polls. the other remaining candidates did their best to take down the front runner during two weekend debates in the granite state. while most of the nation are focused on which job
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candidate will earn the nomination, the democrats are getting ready for the general election in november. >> reporter: we are at the democratic party focused on putting together and implementing the largest, most significant grassroots cam in presidential history. >> reporter: at least 13 people are chal thinking him in new hampshire. >> we have literally hundreds of thousands of phone calls logged, tens of thousands of one on one meetingings where we sit down and victimally connect with a supporter. >> workers have hit the ground running. >> we're here on the ground and not just in new hampshire but across the country. we are building up our organization. we are continuing to ramp up our efforts. >> on tuesday is our primary and i was wondering if
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president obama can count on your support? >> reporter: staffers say they have the difficult task of convincing some people who voted for mr. obama in 2008 to vote for him again. >> last election, he voted for obama. with everything going on in the nation, i didn't know where to go at this point and i have avenue decided to go independent. >> reporter: the next primary to be held is in south carolina on january 21st. mary ann rafferty, fox news. the washington wizards remain winless. they are 0-#. kevin love had 20 points and 16 rebound for the timberwolves while the wizards were showered with boos during a 12-point fourth quarter. tim tebow did it again. the denver broncos knocked the
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pittsburgh steelers out of the playoffs. the broncos won 29-23. we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. taking a live look at the capitol dome this morning on this monday, a chilly start to your day out there and it will warp up a little bit. we'll see how much. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox amorning news. a school closing we need to pass along. bowman bridge elementary school in howard county, maryland will be closed today due to problems with the heating system. that is bowman bridge elementary school in howard county. not a morning you want to be dealing with no heat either. it is kind of cold out there. >> below freezing for most of the area. this is typical for this time
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of the year. it was close to 70 on saturday. get ready for a more typical january day and lots of clouds too. you can see here, most of the area at or below freezing including ocean city which is 30, 28 out at dulles. 2 in winchester. fredericksburg is now 32 degrees. satellite-radar or just the radar, i know that looks pretty impressive. most of that is not up toking the ground. we have a system developing off to the south and west. most of the energy will be south and west of us today. but the clouds will spread across the area along with a few showers, maybe a pellet of sleet, a snowflake for one or two of you. we are talking a few 100ths of an inch of rain today. with temperature in the 40s, we
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are not worried about the frozing stuff sticking out there. 44 your daytime high in washington. 45 in la plata. 41 in winchester. more details in a minute. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on your traffic. >> good morning to you. right now, we are looking pretty good out on the roads. no incidents to report at this time as you travel to and from the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. you will find yourself at speed leaving i-95 headed back around towards 270. overnight construction was in play traveling between arlington boulevard and 66 off the inner loop. 66, eastbound lanes are open. no trouble spots reported. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. just one day left to the new hampshire primary now. recent polls show mitt romney with a comfortable lead. another five candidates targeted romney during two
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weekend debates in hess than 12 hours. stacy cohan has more. >> reporter: although mitt romney won by the slimmest of the margins in iowa, he remains far ahead of the back in new hampshire polls. during their second debate in 12 hours, republicans vying for the nomination hit each other hard. >> can we drop a little bit of the pious bologna. >> his record was so great as governor of massachusetts, why didn't he republican for re- election. >> reporter: romney hit backswing at john huntsman who has been campaigning for several weeks in new hampshire and it is climbing in the polls. the person who should represent our party is not someone who called him a remarkable leader
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and went to be his ambassador in china. saturday night, republicans meeting at the abc news debate agreed on one thing, president obama needs to be replaced. >> any one of these people would do a better job in many respects than our president. >> i'm trying to stop the wars but at least i went when they called me up. >> i would send troops back into iraq. >> i think civil war is around the corner in afghanistan. and i don't want to be the president who invests another peppy in a civil war. >> the former massachusetts governor greeting supporters in rochester after i asecond debate. he won the iowa caucuses last tuesday by a scant eight votes and is seeing his lead in new hampshire narrow. according to the latest state polls, seeing the rise of ron paul and john huntsman now in third place. the next primary will be in south carolina. that happens january 24th. it is the first southern state to hold a primary in a place where romney rivals must make a prominent showing to remain
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solidly in the race for the republican nomination. >> thank you. now, looking ahead to the rest of january, the gop candidates will battle it out in three state primaries. first in new hampshire, of course, january 10th. then in south carolina on january 21st. and florida on january 31st. ua other headlines this morning, the hunt is on for the person who killed a teenager early yesterday morning. 19-year-old david lee robinson was shot at 5 #th and -- 58th and foot streets in northeast. police have no leads right now but think the shooting may have been over a pair of shoes. there is a reward in you can help catch the killer. you can also remain anonymous. in maryland where a group of hunters including one who got shot is being charged. four friends have been charged after a hunting accident that left a machine in the hospital in fort washington. the victim was hit in the chest
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and stomach with buckshot. hunting is illegal in that area so police say he and everyone he was with will be charged. an emotional night in tucson, arizona as congresswoman gabrielle giffords took the stage to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly tucson shooting. thousands gathered at a candle lit vigil honoring the lives of the sick people killed and the 13 others who were injured. giffords led the crowd in the premier of allegiance and before the vigil, the congresswoman greeted people outside the tucson safeway where she was shot in the head january 8th. jared lee loughner is in a medical facility being forcibly medicated until he is mentally competent for stand trial. on the anniversary of the deadly shootings in arizona, local victims were remembered. activists along with local leaders asked the public to do something tangible to help stop
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the violence. d.c.'s police chief also praised citizens for helping get the weapons off the streets. police are still looking for the driver who hit and killed a married couple in oxon hill and kept on driving. they were hit while crossing oxon hill road on friday. thomas was walking his wife to the bus stop. saturday night, their family met to reflect on the loss and pray that the driver is brought to justice. >> they loved one another very much and we are a loving family. we forgive the person who hit my sister and my brother-in-law but hope he find peace and turn himself in. >> prince george's county police are looking for a gray compact vehicle, possibly with some damage. they are hoping other witnesses will call in a tip as well. some good news out of maryland. the hunt is over if a missing search dog. veto, a 3-year-old german
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shepherd has been found. he ran away from his handler during a search and rescue exercise thursday when he was distracted by a fox. a man who works acrease the street from the search site found the dog and returned him. he will be back on the job today. another big story we are watching, the ongoing violence in syria. coming up next, more deadly clashes with security forces and we have dramatic video coming out of there. we'll have more headlines coming up. stay with us.  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ]
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there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. another day of deadly violence in sir ya. a teenaged boy is said to be among those killed at the hands of government troops. we have a report. >> reporter: syrian force as tempted to break up anti- government protests in damascus by firing water cannons into the crowd. the amateur video shows some
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demonstrators being beaten and dragged into a police car. in other parts of syria, they chanted against the regime. me. the syrian president's security forces said they would crush the rebellion with, quote, an iron fist. thoit. thousands attend a funeral some holding pictures of assad. it is not cheer who is behind the attacks. -- it is not clear who is behind the attacks. arab league observers looking into the humanitarian situation in syria found themselves trapped between antigovernment troops and the army. egypt, crowds gathered outside the arab league headquarters demanding action be tape against assad's regime. arab league monitors along with
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foreign ministers met in cairo today. they decided the monitors will continue working in syria and they urged all parties to stop the violence immediately, something that is unlikely to happen. a ship loaded with some very valuable cargo stalk in an icy situation. coming up next, it is the coast guard to the rescue on this one. we get an update and see what exactly was going on out there. after a beautiful weekend with temperature in the upper 60s, we'll be in for i cool and cloudy monday. i'll have details. and julie wright is in with your traffic coming up after the break. 
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taking a look outside, temperatures in the 30s and 20s in some areas. we'll check in with tucker in just a minute for the latest on the forecast. first, the my fox half off deal. it is $72,309 a one-hour introductory flight lesson from freeway aviation. this normally costs $184 for the half hour ground instruction and half hour in the air. for more on being a pilot, log onto and look for my fox half off on the right
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side of the home page. that is pretty cool. >> very cool. ol. -- it is $72 for a one-hour flight. we'll kick it off with your daytime highs yesterday. yesterday, temperatures came down a bit from saturday when we surged into the upper 60s. saturday's daytime high it the reagan national, 68 degrees. yesterday, 52 at reagan national. dulles was 50. bwi marshall, 51. i think highs today will top out in the middle 40s. we'll have a lot more clouds in the forecast than what we've had in the last couple of days. speaking of holding
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temperatures down, we have cooled off overnight. 34 now in washington. 25 in frederick. 27 in manassas. fredericksburg, you've got the freezing mark, 32 for you. 34 now in leonardtown and 29 in baltimore. cold temperatures to start the day. kids will want a jacket even with the daytime heating today as mentioned. our highs will only be in the low 40s. that is where we should be for this time of year. we finally got some action on the satellite-radar but not a whole lot is going to impact the washington area directly. i think we will be mostly cloudy today. you can see we've got a lot of clouds surrounding the mid- atlantic. most of the energy to this one will stay to our south so our southern viewers stand the best chance for showers today. fredericksburg, if you are headed down towards charlottesville, colonial beach, the best chance for some showers. the rest of us, washington, a few light showers. the whole thing will kick out of here later tonight and we should be in for a sunny and
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bright tuesday with warmer temperatures. temperature will jump back into the 50s by tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. a few showers, best chance south of the city. 44 your daytime highs with winds out of the east here. much of the area below freezing overnight 34 with winds shifting out of the south and that will push in the warmer air. there you go. tuesday's daytime high is 52 degrees. wednesday looks wet, particular lit second half of wednesday, 55. we get it out of here by thursday. friday right now looks cool with temperatures about 40 degrees as we get into next weekend. julie wright has a look at your monday morning commute. what's up. >> obviously not the temperature, but not much else either, tucker. on the roads you will fine that your lanes are open as you travel to and from the wilson bridge. we do find light traffic volumes out there on the highway as you leave northbound 395. traffic flowing freely in the hovs and main line. overnight construction between
4:49 am
arlington boulevard and 66, that too is in the process of being cleared. southbound along 270, your lanes are open headed down into germantown. they were doing some overnight sweeping using -- take ago way variable lanes as needed both north and southbound on 270 traveling between i-90 and 109. they should be cleared before 5:00. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the u.s. coast guard rescues a russian crew stuck in some thick ice. take a look at this video. the russian ship was delivering fuel to nome, alaska when it got caught in the eastern behring sea. the coast guard icebreaker healey was able to get it free and escorting the russian ship the remaining 200 miles to nome. some people would rely on public assistance have a major gripe with their local officials. coming up next, details of one city's requirement that has
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and try bounty napkins. should food stamp recipients be required to get fingerprinted. that is the yes question that is up for debate in new york city. some public officials call it humiliating and immemorial but others say it will help prevent fraud. fox's dan bowen has more. >> i feel violated, myself. >> reporter: for many, public benefits are the option of last resort and feel the city's policy requiring applicants to give their fingerprints just makes them feel worse. >> what do fingerprints have to do with lung officer. >> reporter: this week during the state of the state address, governor cuomo agreed and says the policy should come to an end. >> i understand fraud detection. i understand fingerprinting. but don't make a child go to
4:53 am
bed hungry. recover public advocate bill deblasio is joining the governor's effort and is collecting signature calling on the mayor to make a change. >> this mayor doesn't seem to understand that a lot of people are struggling in the city. he is out of touch with the people he is supposed to serve. >> reporter: but mayor bloomberg said this week taking someone's finger image is not a stigma and argued the policy is a valuable tool in preventing fraud. >> mayor bloomberg is right that is hay similar mel and easy process that has helped us prevent fraud and abuse in the programs. >> reporter: for sue, applying for government assistance is about finding a way to provide for her two children. >> with your fingerprint, this is how you know who is who so you won't have no fraud dealings. >> recover that from a mother
4:54 am
who can't afford to have anything go to waste. >> thank you. team tebow's playoff miracle. highlights on the other side of the break. ♪ [ womaman ] i was ready for my trip, but my smile wasn't. [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white intensive professional effects whitestrips. it goes below the enamel surface to whiten as well as a five-hundred dollar professional treatment for a transformation that's hard to believe.
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sports now, another miracle for tim tebow. his denver broncos beat the pittsburgh steelers to no, ma'am they can out of the playoffs. pittsburgh trailed by seven points with less than four minutes remaining. a 31-yard touchdown pass. that forced overtime. but tim tebow wasted little time. he threw and 08-yard touchdown strike to thomas on the first play of overtime to give the broncos a 29-23 win. in college basketball now, the maryland terps lost a close one in their acc opener. they fell to the nc state wolf pack 79-74. 74.
4:57 am
the maryland women put their undefeated record on the line against north carolina. the terps trailed late but forced overtime. they went on to beat north carolina 78-72 to improve to 16- 0. good for them. the washington wizards remain winless though. they are now 0-8 after falling to the minnesota timberwolves 93-72. eddy jordan grew up in d.c. of his a star player at archbishop carroll and later rutgers university and played seven years in the nba before beginning a long coaching career. he is still coaching but this time his players are barely old enough to drive. lindsay murphy has more. >> reporter: his whistle sounds exactly the same. >> let's go. bring it in, fellows. >> reporter: his voice as strong as ever. >> square around, pivot, look at the cutter, look at the post, ball fake and flow opportunity there. >> reporter: his message, straightforward and simple. >> i can get myself together,
4:58 am
back i'm little bit to get my rhythm. i don't have to stand here and just wait for them. >> reporter: eddy jordan is far from the nba sidelines where he spent 18 seasons as a coach. years removed from his time with the wizards from 2003 to 2008. >> i loved gilbert. to me, he was the heart and soul of the wizards when i coached there. obviously, the leaders were caron and antoine. gilbert brought what you need on that level. they allowed me to have some tough times at the beginning. through some of the other times, even though we made the playoffs, there were tough times. they allowed me to keep coaching and it was of a great thing. i have no hard feelings or fell bad there was something left out. just part of the game. >> reporter: following his stint here in d.c., jordan was
4:59 am
hired by the philadelphia 76ers and fired after just one season. the nba's loss has become their gain. jordan is now running a different game coach august freshman team at carroll, his alma mater. he is not getting paid to do t he has no six footers or nba all stars. >> it is not about passing, dribbling, shooting. it is about behavior, how to work with your teammates, how to be competitive appear yet keep your composure. >> i get asked a lot because people know i play basketball and i go to carroll. they ask me what it is like having eddy jordan as your coach. i say it is pretty cool but he is still our coach and we have to listen to him and we have to still do what he tells us to do. >> i had to see it to believe it and now that he is here, it has opened my eyes more to wanting to learn more about basketball now that he is here coaching. >> reporter: jordan will be the first to tell you this is one of his mo


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