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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  January 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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flip has to go. >> you said no love for the redskins. they have to suffer. >> i don't like uniforms anymore. >> boy, i tell you, you need to have a better day because you've been very upsetting to the fans out there today. that's it for this edition of "off the wall." we'll see you next week. oh, my goodness. i just got chill bumps. good morning to you. it's friday the 13th. i'm allison see more. -- allison seymour. >> people are going what's going o. you're here early. >> hi, everybody. >> thanks for joining us. i'm audrey barnes. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> all right.
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>> lots of wind. that's no joke. >> that's no joke at all. it's going to be very windy today and cold. it's going to be cold this weekend. going to feel like wintertime and maybe a few snow flakes off to the north and west. >> i think i saw some this morning. just a few mixed in with the rain. >> it's starting to mix down in the washington area. let's go to the radar. you will be able to see for yourself the showers. there you go, the white off to the north and to the west up towards the pennsylvania border where it's actually changed over to snow. we are getting reports of some mixing even here in washington. and just some light shower activity leftover. we're not worrying about accumulating snow. let's do temperatures and talk about the wind. 42 right now in washington. humidity 70%. winds 23 miles per hour but at last look we were gusting over 37. because of some very blustery conditions today, we've got a wind advisory not here in the city but just north and west of the city. all the counties to the north and west, northwest maryland, much of northern and western
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virginia and west virginia under a wind advisory. i'll show you that map coming up in a few minutes from 9:00 a.m. till 6:00 where winds could gust to 60 miles per hour later today. -- 50 miles per hour. the temperatures are going to be falling here. they'll be hanging out in the upper 30s during the afternoon so it's going to feel cold later this afternoon, no doubt about it. cold, windy, that's the forecast. should be dry. we're generally done with the rain showers the next hour or so. temperatures by 4:00 37 degrees. >> any stray santas in the front yard, time to pull them in. >> time to pull them in for a couple of reasons. >> thanks so much. let's head on over to julie wright. do not check your watch. steve is off today. >> i know. i just said where is everybody? >> steve is off. >> i'm here, julie. >> again, where is everybody? i said this earlier, the bonuses that we get audrey because we are working with audrey. >> we love audrey.
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here we go. southbound along 270, no accidents to report in the main line or local lanes. what you're going to find is wet pavement. allow extra time out there on the roadways and watch those elevated passes. they tend to freeze before anything else. we've been dealing with mixed precipitation earlier this morning and again that could cause some problems for you as you drive into work. northbound i-95 incident free. no problems to report leaving newington for the beltway. that's a check your fox 5 on time traffic. turning to this morning's big story, the eviction of occupy protesters. the mayor of d.c. is calling for police to remove protesters from mcpherson square. >> he says it's because of a rat problem. let's get the very latest from fox 5 sherri ly. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. right now the tents are still up with the occupy protesters here at mcpherson square but the mayor says the situation is dangerous and he want it is
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shut down immediately. in a letter to the park police, mayor gray cited a report by the health department which says there is a rat infestation because of improper disposal of trash and human waste. those rats were seen in tents and in the food prep area. they're also concern abouts communicable diseases, hypothermia anded for borne illnesses. the mayor wants the occupiers to consolidate with the group at freedom plaza but protesters here at mcpherson square see no reason to leave. >> we've had several problems that came to a head and became a problem. we put our head together and solved it. that's exactly what's happening with the rat problem. we're moving progressively forward, taking care of things, changing the way we do things in the kitchen, dealing with food -- food and tens and other things -- tents and other things. it's a problem we're able to solve, working to solve and if we're allowed to stay here at mcpherson, that problem will be solved.
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>> reporter: a statement was issued last night saying the city is trying its best to protect the health, welfare and safety of people in and around the camp site. in this situation the national park service has so far been more interested in making excuses than protecting the public. he is asking for a summons by the 24th. the park service does have the letter but had no comment except to say the protesters have a right to free speech. back to you. a new twist in the harry thomas, jr. scandz a.m. the head -- scandal. the head of a nonprofit is expected to plead guilty accused of knowing that thomas was stealing. a court document filed yesterday says banks was aware the former d.c. councilman was taking grant money but never reported it. thomas did plead guilty last week to embezzling more than $300,000 in city funds. police need the public's help solving a string of robberies along the d.c.-
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bethesda line. investigators believe the same pair of armed robbers may be behind at least ten holdups. the most recent tuesday night on livingston street in northwest. d.c. council members and police officials held a meeting last night to discuss the crime. new details in a pair of montgomery county robberies. police still searching for the suspected robber who's been caught on tape using victims' debit cards and pin numbers. meantime home security companies are visiting the targeted neighborhoods to offer extra protection. we're also learning the woman who was attacked at her home in wheaton on tuesday had her baby in her arms when the masked man confronted her. the same gunman robbed a home in bethesda wednesday sexually assaulting one person and tying up the rest. police in greenbelt, maryland arrested two men for a gang rape last month near the greenbelt metro station. a 24-year-old woman was walking on cherrywood lane on her way
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home from the metro when a group of four young men dragged her into the woods and raped her. 18-year-old sheldon snead and 18-year-old k'vaughn brandon hines are facing several charges including rape and assault. the victim was seriously hurt and had suffered severe facial trauma. it is a story that is shocking most people. a virginia couple accused of barricading their three children in a room behind drywall. but what might be more surprising is their sentence. christina moore and john robey, the couple charged with child neglect will spend no time behind bars. jed a judge sus -- yesterday a judge suspended robey's sentence. he was given three years probation. moore was ordered back into rehab and will be sentenced in may. officials are condemning the video of marines relieving themselves on a dead taliban fighter. they're working to find out who's responsible. have been identified. on the
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hillary clinton and pentagon chief leon panetta warn it could affect peace talks, but a taliban spokesman says the video will not hurt negotiations. new this morning several prominent political prisoners set free. we're checking world headlines next. first lady michele obama is said to make an appearance on a popular tv show. your kids probably already know about t. details up next so stay with us. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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new this morning, burma frees several prisoners. today's prisoner release has been in the works for a while now. it's part of a presidential pardon for 650 prisoners. burma also signed a cease-fire with ethnic rebels yesterday meeting another requirement to get u.s. sanctions lifted. bradley manley should be court martialed. that is the recommendation from an army hearing officer. he's accused of giving classified information to wikileaks. thursday a hearing officer said he should be charged on all 22 counts including aiding the
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enemy. the recommendation now goes up the chain of command for a final determination. the first lady is getting ready to make her nicklelodeon debut. today mrs. michele obama will join the show "i carly ." the new episode honors american military children and features the first lady. it airs on nicklelodeon monday. get ready for more delays on metro this weekend. that's the bad news. up next, details on which stations will be closed. plus, we're watching some very windy weather this morning. tucker? >> you've got it. rain showers, even a few snow flakes out there. i have the details on your blustery friday forecast and julie wright's n. she'll have a -- wright's in. she'll have a look at your traffic right after the break. ♪
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we have some exciting news to share with you, our viewers. we now have instant access or you do. i do too. i just put it on my phone, as a matter of fact. but we all have instant access to the fox 5 weather time and all of our tools right at your fingertips. it is a new fox 5 weather app. >> you get radar, hourly forecasts and send your favorite weather casters a message. >> tucker, you've got to be excited for all that. >> the best part was watching tony learn how to tweet yesterday. we'll be tweeting out on this app for people. we'll give you the forecast and give you opinions on the day. >> i did download it. it is pretty cool. >> the radar is fantastic because you can get right down to your house and get access to all the weather information, too. >> the storm clouds over your house, you can find it on the weather app. >> i'm not sure you can see the actual cloud over your house, but, yes. >> that's cool. i did have another weather app
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on. i took that off after i knew i could find weather any place. why do i need anything else? >> you don't need anything else. >> on my phonyway. >> cool stuff. we'll -- phone anyway. >> cool stuff. >> i forget my password on twitter. >> i think we're all in the same boat. the shower activity has been mixing with a little frozen sleet and snow off to the north and to the west. there you go into pennsylvania. still some leftover sprinkles and light showers. the front a.m. system we've -- frontal system we've been talking about the last few days has come through. you are going to know it because the winds are really blowing. let's take a look at our current winds gusting to over 20, 25 here in washington. let's switch maps and we'll be able to show you the wind gusts on max 2. there we go. showing the winds gusting to 20
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in washington. 22 in -- check out hagerstown. 39 mile an hour winds. it's going to be a very blustery day gusting at times to 50 miles per hour. the winds are only going to increase during the course of the day as we have this area of low pressure wrapping up to the north and west. we have a wind advisory not here in washington but just to the north and west. loudoun county, virginia, most of western virginia here, much of western virginia and west virginia under a wind advisory through 6:00 tonight. so again going to be very blustery day. even here in southern maryland, the winds will probably gust to about 30 to 40 miles per hour. there's your satellite and radar. the shower activity lifting off along this frontal system. we'll be done with the rain here shortly. i think it will be not a bad looking day. we should have a decent amount of sunshine. we'll go partly sunny. but it will be very windy and cold as the winds will continue to bring in the colder air from the north and west. this is cold arctic air. it means business this weekend. 42 your daytime high. right now it's 39. i don't know if we'll get to 42
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again. we were 42 last hour. winds gusting to 30 here in washington. clearing skies. cold overnight. 27. your overnight low with winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. and the all important weekend forecast. not bad. generally sunny but cold. check out your high temperatures. mid-30s both saturday and sunday. could be a few snow flakes and just a few snow flakes late saturday, early sunday. best chance will be off to the north and west. your holiday on monday looks fine with high abouts 40. -- highs about 40. julie wright has your traffic. you're finally going to join the world of twitter? >> i'm going to be all over it. >> i've been on twitter forever. everybody asks about you guys, you, tony, allison. they ask about you guys. >> we're just learning how to turn the computers on here. >> oh, my goodness. let me know if you need some help. you're going to find wet pavement and strong winds. as tucker just mentioned, it's going to get worse before it gets better so plan your trip
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accordingly. accident activity northbound i- 95 as you work your way towards the springfield interchange. the accident activity has moved out of the roadway as you work your way northbound on the ramp to the inner loop. proceed with caution. no incidents to report on the beltway itself as you travel between braddock road and 66. outer loop at the beltway 29 colesville road lanes are open. easy go in spite of the pavement and winds. a commuter alert this weekend. expect major metro delays over the martin luther king, jr. holiday weekend. track work will shut down at two stations. metro's blue and orange line. buses will be used to help riders across the federal center southwest and capital south stations. also expect delays due to single tracking on the red line. right on time this friday, the 13th. a new vampire awakening. the movie "underworld awakening" is due out next
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displz a new vampire hunting thriller at the box office opens next week called
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"underworld awakening." michael eli is one of the stars. he first got recognition from the movie "barbershop ." we talked to the star about the challenges of working with special effects andities' not a good idea to let your fictional role seep into your real life. >> i thought it was kind of cool. it was cool to have it brought into the series. was there a lot of pressure knowing -- this is a pretty build up franchise. i've seen every single one of them. were you nervous? >> at first i got really nervous about it. then you just kind of calmed down and decided since i am going to be the first real human approached as such, don't try and be, you know, mysterious as a vampire or anything like that just be human. his back story is human and he's got to be able to convey that. >> when you're fighting cgi elements, there's a lot of great scenes toward the end of the film, what are you really
5:25 am
looking at? what do you see as you're sitting there? >> they'll set up a nerf ball or something on the stands. they just set up something so you have something to look at but ultimately nothing is there. just kind of act just like something is actually there. >> if you could hypothetically be one of your characters in real life just for a day, who would it be and why? >> i'd have to say probably right now i wouldn't mind being jake from "takers." i had zoey as my wife and i was rich. so i think that would be enough for me. >> when you play these movies and take away these skills you learn in the film, you get to do some really cool stuff. do you ever find yourself ever taking those skills into your
5:26 am
real life? do you ever find yourself doing things that your character has done? >> i did a series years ago. i was playing an f.b.i. agent. i became this heroic f.b.i. agent. i remember driving past a gym out here in hollywood and i saw this guy steal this girl's car. and she was running after him. and of course he took off. i didn't think. i just chased him in my car. i just chased him in my car. i didn't think about it. at a certain point i stopped because i realized dude, you're not in character right now n. is not your -- right now. this is not your problem. just intentively i chased him -- instinctively i chased him. what are you going to do once you get him to stop? i didn't have a gun. i didn't know if he had a gun. i woke up and rled this is not -- realized this is not my
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problem. >> in the next hour kevin will join us live from los angeles. he's out there for yet another awards show in l.a. and is getting up early to talk with us about movies coming out. look forward to that in the next hour. >> lots of fun for him. >> exactly. he's link the life. >> he is. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, sherri? >> reporter: audrey and allison, a call to evict the occupy protesters at mcpherson square. why the mayor is calling the situation here a health hazard. ♪ let's go [ male announcer ] hey, capital area! are you feelin' subway®? then heat up your day with the big hot pastrami melt! it's fresh toasted and piled-high with pastrami, then topped with pickles, mustard, and cheese. head into a subway® restaurant today for this melty, mouthwatering sub! ♪ let's go
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time right now is 5:29 on friday, the 13th of january. a little scary with all the wind out there, tucker. hopefully, you know, it settles down a little bit. you're saying gusts up to what? 50 miles per hour? that's crazy. >> yeah, well, it's that time of year. we had a strong cold front that came through. you could find of feel it yesterday with temperatures were unseasonably warm. but it's going to definitely be on the cold side not only today but right through the weekend. maybe a few snow flakes, one or two leftover. the good news or bad news, depending how you're looking at this not enough to cause any school delays. >> that's what the girls were excited about. don't worry about it. you'll northbound school tomorrow. >> kids are hopeful. >> it's a long weekend. don't get greedy. >> i want the kids to know we still have a few weeks left in winter.
5:31 am
still more chances but it's not going to happen today. the shower activity lifting off to the north and east. baltimore still getting some leftover showers there. might be one or two in montgomery county. generally we're going to dry out and we're just going to be windy and cold later on here today. temperatures are going to fall, even since i got here a few hours ago. 39 in washington. 39 now in baltimore. winchester and hagerstown checking in at the freezing mark. 32 for you. look out, ocean city. the cold air is headed for you as well. i think you'll be in the low 40s, upper 30s here shortly. winds in the -- are the big story. they don't look impressive at this moment but we did have a wind gust at 5:00 a.m. in washington about 37 miles per hour. so you get the idea how blustery it is out there. 23 baltimore. 23 in hagerstown. 18 ocean city. the wind advisory north and west of the city. that will be with us through the 6:00 p.m. hour. very blustery. 42 a daytime high. much colder than yesterday. >> thanks, tucker. >> you're welcome.
5:32 am
let's get the latest on the roads from julie wright. julie, good morning. >> that's it. it's done. tucker, i'm trying to tweet you on the new weather app. can i do that yet? >> i just tweeted. >> oh, you did? >> yes, i did. >> because i just downloaded it. fox 5 weather with those with the iphone. it's free and you get to tweet with tucker. >> you can tweet with me all day, julie. >> you all heard that. northbound i-95 the accident activity here as you make your way on to the inner loop of the beltway, what's on the shoulder is definitely impeding the right lane. right lane on this ramp is what's closed as you try to work your way to the exit of the inner loop. expect to find delays building out of springfield headed northbound on i-95. state police, vdot all on the scene of this crash. on the other side of the town no incidents to report leaving colesville road to 270. again very windy out there this morning. we had reports of a mattress and box spring in the roadway near university boulevard that
5:33 am
should now be cleared. lanes open on 270 coming out of germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. new this morning, we're following a homicide out of prince george's county. this happened late last night in the 7700 block of bender road in landover, maryland. police believe it took place sometime around 11:30 p.m. they're investigating this incident of course. we'll bring you more details as they come into our newsroom. occupy protesters getting evicted. it's because of rat problems at their tent city. >> d.c. mayor vince gray is calling on police to remove them from mcpherson square. we get more now from fox 5's sherri ly live at the square this morning. >> reporter: audrey and allison, the tents are still up here at mcpherson square. the occupiers quietly asleep, most of them right now, but the mayor says the situation here is a health hazard. if you can look on the ground
5:34 am
here, you can see there is a chicken bone here on the street or on the sidewalk. and that is drawing out the rats. in a statement and a letter to the park police, mayor gray said at a minimum, the occupy d.c. sites at mcpherson square and freedom plaza must be consolidated at freedom plaza to allow for elimination of the rat infestation, cleanup and restoration of mcpherson square. the mayor cited a health department report saying that improper disposal of trash and human waste was causing a rat infestation. he got the backing of congressman darrell issa who chairs the committee on government oversight and government reform who issued a statement and called on the park police to do something about the situation here. instead that the park service was only making excuses -- he said that the park service was only making excuses. for now, though, the occupiers at mcpherson square aren't going anywhere.
5:35 am
>> we had some problems that came to a head and became a problem. we put our heads together and solved it. that's exactly what's happening with the rat problem. we're moving progressively forward changing the way we do things in the kitchen, dealing with food being -- food and tents and other things. it's a problem that we are able to solve, that we're working to solve and if we're allowed to stay here at mcpherson, that problem will be solved. >> reporter: there are also concerns about the health conditions caused by those rats, concerns over diseases as well as foodborne illnesses and hypothermia. the mayor wants this site shut down immediately. the park service so far has not had any comment except to say the protesters had a right to free speech. as you can say, there's been no attempt yet to move them out of here. that's the latest from mcpherson square. back to you. >> thank you for that. a new twist in the harry thomas, jr. scandal. the head after nonprofit is expected to plead guilty today to a felony charge in connection with that money
5:36 am
scheme. marshall banks is accused of knowing that thomas was stealing. a court document filed yesterday says banks was aware of the former d.c. council member was taking grant money but he never reported it. thomas pleaded guilty last week to embezzling more than $300,000 in city funds. a d.c. police officer arrested during an internal sting operation has been sentenced to 90 days in jail. sylvester bah nelia pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to receive stolen property. he resigned from the department this week. he and two other officers were arrested last march for arranging to buy electronics they thought were stolen. one of the other officers pleaded guilty. the third was found guilty after a four-day trial. monitoring metro now. the new fare hikes, metro's general manager laid out a new budget proposal to the board and it includes a 5% fare raise but we won't have to pay the
5:37 am
surcharges for riding during the busiest peak period. the budget also calls for hiring more than a thousand new workers. three dangers are recovering after being shot in front of an elementary school. this happened yesterday on alabama in southeast d.c. most of the young students were already inside the school when the suspects fired these shots. officers near the scene chased down two groups to different locations. the victims are between the ages of 16 and 18 years old. stuck in the mud. a man had to be rescued in clinton, maryland after getting trapped in a waist deep mud. this happened at the regional park. the lake there had been mostly drained and the worker somehow got stuck in the gooey mud. rescue crews laid down large pieces of plywood to reach the man. he was able to climb out with the help of a rescuer and a shovel. health concerns for actress heather locklear. >> still ahead, an update on her condition after she was rushed to the hospital. we're checking more headlines
5:38 am
coming up next. 
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5:40 am
check be headlines this morning, actress heather locklear is in the hospital. emergency crews rushed to her home after receiving a 911 call. she was taken by ambulance to a california hospital where she
5:41 am
spent the night. there has been no public release as to why the actress is there but reports suggest she may have mixed alcohol with prescription drugs. more than six years after she went missing in aruba, a judge has finally declared natalee holloway legally dead. the 18-year-old vanished during a high school graduation trip to the island back in 2005. her body was never found. natalee's father asked the judge to make that ruling. the decision comes a day after the prime suspect in her disappearance joran van der sloot pleaded guilty to murdering a woman in peru. washington, d.c. is remembering those people involved in the deadly air florida plane crash. >> today marks 30 years since the flight crashed into the 14th street bridge during a massive snowstorm. >> that plane was carrying 73 people when it hit the south span of the 14th street bridge and plunged into the frozen waters of the potomac. >> pilot error was blamed for that accident. all but four passengers and one
5:42 am
flight attendant on board died in the crash of the according to reports of that day, the plane collided with cars and trucks on the bridge sending numerous people to the hospital. witnesses helped rescue crews jumping into the frigid waters in an attempt to save lives. one of those people was on his way home when the crash happened. he swam to the middle of the river, offers assistance. he received a medal for his efforts. he'll talk with us live about that day during our 8:00 hour so stay with us for his interview. >> seems like just yesterday. i remember it like it was yesterday 30 years ago. >> it's hard to put those images out of your mind. >> as a high schooler i remember that. still ahead, we're checking our friday morning commute and the weather. looking a way to get all the weather delivered right to your sportphone or your tablet. our new fox 5 weather app, we're going to show it to you. stay with us. in a flaky crust
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it is quarter of 6:00 now. a nice looking shot of d.c. looks like it's a little wet out there but things are moving along pretty smoothly all things considered. >> generally we're done with the rain and or snow flakes although one or two leftover. the wind has moved in and it will not be moving out any time soon. it's going to be very windy,
5:46 am
blustery day. let's get right to it. the headlines. the cold is back. >> it's back. >> the cold is back. it will be with us through the weekend. whether you want it or not, temperatures both saturday and sunday are going to struggle here into the mid-30s. let's kick it off. talk about the winds. very blustery conditions. our front has moved through. check out the winds in hagueerstown. 28 -- hagerstown. 28 in frederick. winds are really going to be howling for the next several hours. if you're headed out to the bus stop, make sure to bundle up. even with air temperatures in the upper 30s, it will feel cold. here's the wind advisory. not here in the district. not southern maryland but just off to the north and west including montgomery county, howard, loudoun county under a wind advisory. gusts later today up to 50 miles per hour. so the wind advisory going into effect at 9:00 a.m. through 6:00 tonight. and then things will starten to
5:47 am
lighten up later. i did have a few snow showers in central montgomery county just a couple minutes ago. those have disappeared. off to the the north and west the last showers pushing up north and east of baltimore. they're out of here. i think we will be in for much drier weather. we did have a few showers overnight. we're looking at much quieter conditions and sunshine today. i think we'll at least get partial sunshine. we'll see some breaks starting to open up there in northern virginia. it should be if not a bright day at least a partly sun why i -- sunny day but windy and cold with temperatures in the upper 30s to about 40 later this afternoon. here is your forecast. i mentioned the wind advisory. partly sunny skies, windy, much colder than yesterday. yesterday upper 50s. today low 40s. again it will feel colder than that with windchill and winds gusting to about 30 miles per hour in washington. clearing skies, cold overnight. all the area below freezing. 27 in the city. teens and low 20s if you're north and west once the winds lighten up. here's your cold weekend. generally sunny. could be a few snow flakes late
5:48 am
saturday, early sunday. clouds as well. then we'll saturday to warm up. martin luther king day, sunshine, temperatures about 40. let's do some on time traffic. julie wright has the latest. we started talking about this. people asking me about the fox 5 weather app. they want to know what your screen name is on twitter. >> hang on. i'll get that to you. >> in other words, he has to go look it up. >> yes, i do. i promise, i'll get you that information. >> fortunate i-95 -- north i-95 -- it is 2012. he's just getting twitter, folks. bear with us. activity blocking the right lane on the inner loop of the beltway. outer loop of the beltway slow approaching colesville road. about a ten-minute commute leaving urbana. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. as we have been telling you
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all morning, you now have instant access to the fox 5 weather time and all of their tools right at your little fingertips. >> gary mcgrady breaks it down for us. >> reporter: the fox 5 weather app is now available you to and it's free. we know you have busy schedules. we know you have busy lives. you can't always sit in front of the tv to get your weather forecast. now you're just a click away when on the go with the fox 5 weather app. you can get this on your smartphone or your tablet. i'm using my ipad to show you how awesome this is. to get started it's super simple. you go to the apple app store or android market, search d.c. weather. it comes up. you push install. it's that easy. it's that quick. now let me show you all the great stuff you'll find once you get inside. first up, fox 5hd radar now available in the palm of your hand. real time doppler that allows you to drill down to your neighborhood. any location, anywhere in the
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nation. you can put in a zip code, a city or a town name. it doesn't matter. and it will take you right to that spot. see that i con in the upper right hand corner? that's your weather setting. you can set them to whatever you want to see. road conditions, wind speeds, temperature. the choice is yours. let's hit the forecast tab. wow. check that out. the full ten-day forecast live and in color. current temps and conditions outside. but why stop there? you can now get the hourly forecast for that day. just scroll up and scroll down. another feature i wanted to point out to you, the forecast chart showing you the highs and lows for the next ten days. on the blog tab, you can follow the tweets from the fox 5 weather team. we'll be updating these all day every day. so if you have a question or a comment, we'd love to hear from you. >> we're going to have our very own app. maybe you're watching us on the app. >> reporter: you want to see the latest forecast from one of
5:51 am
our weather forecasters, just hit video and the filmstrip icon. now to another feature where are' -- your involvement is crucial. send us your weather pictures and video. you see it, snap it, send it to us. you can do that by hitting the submit tab. we'll post them on and who knows, we may use your pics or video on the air. so we hope you download the fox 5 weather app soon. send us a picture, send us a tweet, let us know what you think. >> i'll do it. >> i did it. >> i know. i hear it's real easy to get on, too. >> i like it. already used it. the n.f.l. playoffs heating up. so is the debate over who do we root for now? is it okay for the redskins fans to root for the baltimore ravens? dave ross has that next. over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year
5:52 am
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you don't need me to tell you this. the season has been a real downer for redskins fans. they didn't make the playoffs. >> but the baltimore ravens did. so we asked is can okay for redskins fans to start rooting for the ravens? >> no. >> dave ross goes searching for answers. >> reporter: as the seasons pass, things keep going south for the burgundy and gold.
5:55 am
for the fourth straight season since joe gibbs stepped down as head coach, the redskins have missed the playoffs. meanwhile the neighbors to the north keep rolling. they are in the post-season. it's another quiet off-season here at fed ex field. for the redskins fans, they haven't seen a playoff game at this stadium since 1999. meanwhile here in baltimore, the ravens are getting ready for yet another playoff run, something they have come to know and expect. their message to the d.c. fan base? come on up. >> it's an amazing east coast area when you look at it. you've got the redskins. you've got the ravens. you've got the eagles. you've got the jets and the giants, the steelers. it's just all right there. a lot of those teams are nfc teams. we're kind of in the middle of all that so we cel come all
5:56 am
those teams -- we welcome all those teams' fans. we want to be their asc team. embrace that. let's have some fun. >> reporter: redskins fans certainly have not had a whole lot to embrace as of late. but 30 miles up i-95 ray lewis has been the leader of that ravens defense for 16 years. while he's always worn purple, he has a message for the followers of the burgundy and gold. >> i've worked with the families for 16 years now. you know how that blood is between us. baltimore-d.c., d.c.-bat more. at the end of the day when your team is out rchtion i think when they do finally settle in, they'll probably be cheering for the ravens before they cheer for outsiders. we'll probably have some extra fans cheering for us. >> reporter: the vibe at the
5:57 am
ravens training facility this week was that of, well, business as usual. sadly for the redskins, this time of the year they're usually out of work. and the quarterback of the ravens would like to extend an offer to any fan who might be looking for a playoff team to root for. >> we're looking for anybody that wants to be a ravens fan to come up and cheer us on. as many redskins fans as we can steal, that would be huge because they have a great following. people love the redskins. if we could steal some of their fans, i think we will be doing a pretty good job. >> reporter: while the ravens prepare for yet another weekend of playoff football, the redskins begin another quiet off-season with the hopes of filling up fed ex field this time next year. on the beltway, dave ross, fox 5 sports. >> no, not going to do it but that's just me. maybe i need to open my mind a bit. >> i like them both so i'm
5:58 am
good. >> that's good. plenty ahead. stay with us. ♪
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