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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  January 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> what an incredible story. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >> right off the top tonight an alert for parents in fairfax county community. a man is lurking around elementary trying to a track kids. the latest incident happened two days ago. fox 5's maureen umeh with the details. >> each time the man was seen in a red pickup truck. police say he's been reported staring at kids and trying to wave them over in one casen and that has led to a lot of -- case and that has led to a lot of fear. concern turning to action, parents, residents and fairfax county police coming together to help stop a possible child predator before it's too late. >> it's scary. there are a lot of walkers to and from the school and it's disturbing. it's disturbing it's in our community. reporter: a man in a red pickup truck has been seen staring, waving or calling out
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to students in the area of clermont elementary as they walk to or from school. it happened three times in december and twice this month. the latest incident was just this past tuesday. >> hasn't approached any of the children. nobody has been touched or injured. we don't have a crime. these are still considered suspicious events and we're treating them as such, a little more emphasis because of the potential as to what this could lead to. reporter: a frightening thought that brought dozens of people out to a community meeting at clermont elementary school in alexandria thursday night. police presented safety information parents say is needed, especially now. >> they need to look at the route the kids are taking. they need to look at where are safe places along that route. they need to look at who are they taking that route with, maybe have the parents walk with them. >> i'm very, very concerned, you know. so far he hasn't done anything wrong, but it's suspicious and it's kind of just a matter of time it feels like.
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so i'm very, very concerned. reporter: police increased patrols and are asking the community to take note of red pickup trucks. they say there could be more than one suspect. residents hope the information and coming together will send a strong message that they, too, are watching and won't let the suspicious man's actions turn criminal. >> i feel like the police and school has responded well and i take a lot of comfort in that. >> police say so far no crime has been committed. they just want to identify the suspect and talk to him. so far no one has been able to get the license plate number from that red pickup truck, but police say it has scratches, dents and some rust. a news edge on d.c., a vigil held this evening in the northeast neighborhood where a baby girl was abandoned and later died. police are still looking for the parents. neighbors hope they come forward and do the right thing. >> just ask god to forgive them and just turn yourself in. i mean how could you?
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how could you? it's a baby. she didn't ask to be born. >> neighbors say they hope this case will bring attention to the city's safe haven law. the baby was abandoned down the street from a fire station where the baby could have been dropped off. a d.c. mother facing charges tonight accused of sexually abusing a boy staying at her house for a sleepover. 32-year-old zakiah gaskins gave the 13-year-old boy a glass of fruit drink mixed with volunteered car, pulled him into her bedroom and forced him to touch her. the victim told police it happened five to 10 times over the course of the night. she's charged with first degree sexual abuse. the news edge on maryland, more on a story we first saw on fox 5 at 5:00. prince george's county police identified a woman accused of stealing thousands of dollars from an elderly woman. she is linda mccorkle seen on this surveillance tape at bank of america in langley park.
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the victim says mccorkle had three kid with her and duped -- kids with her and duped her. >> she said her sister was an alcoholic and it was her children, her sister's children and they had not had anything to eat for two days. she had this check and she asked me to cash it for her. >> the 84-year-old woman agreed to help, but since mccorkle got inside her car she forced the woman to withdraw money from her bank account. police are still looking for mccorkle and a second woman who may be involved. the u.s. continues to put pressure on cuba to release alan gross, an american jailed there more than two years now. gross is from potomac arrested in december, 2009 for setting up internet equipment without government permission. he's serving a 15 year prison sentence. senator dick durbin from illinois made an unannounced trip to cuba this week. interesting day to say the least in the race for the gop presidential nomination. the field thinning out, rick
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perry out throwing his support behind newt gingrich. meantime gingrich is in the spotlight, his ex-wife going public with very private accusations. fox 5's laura evans with the story. >> south carolina is a critical state, so it makes sense the stakes are getting higher and the race is heating up. newt gingrich trying to brush a side his ex-wife's allegations that he wanted an open relationship so he could keep his mistress. he turned it around on the media in tonight's debate. it was announced today rick santorum won in iowa and had a strong performance tonight. meanwhile mitt romney is trying to maintain momentum as frontrunner, but the former massachusetts governor once again came under fire tonight for refusing to release his income tax returns. >> if i'm the nominee, i'll put these out at one time so we have one discussion of all this. i obviously pay all full taxes. i'm honest in my dealings with people. people understand that. my taxes are carefully managed and i pay a lot of taxes.
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i've been very successful and when i have our taxes ready for this year, i'll release them. >> if there's anything there that is going to help us lose the election, we should know before the nomination expect if there's nothing in there, why not release it? it's a very simple motto, but if he's got to decide it's his decision, everybody has to run their own campaign based on what they think is a reasonable risk. >> newt gingrich released his income tax returns today. santorum said he will do so when he gets home. the south carolina primary is saturday. a winter weather alert, some of you may see some flurries tonight. will it snag your morning commute? sue palka in the weather center. >> it's not looking like that, but saturday morning if you've got early morning travel plans could be a different story. that's the system we'll keep a close eye on. we've got colder air that will move into the area, is not quite here yet. temperatures are still comfortable. let's get a closer look at radar. up to our north and west perhaps you see some of these
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flurries in hagerstown. if any sees them, probably there along the northern tier, but the air is so dry, a lot of this won't hold together. they've had measurable snow in pennsylvania of 2 to 3 inches, but for us it's a wintery mix. i wish i could tell you it's going to be just snow, but about this time tomorrow night it looks like light snow develops. unfortunately it knickses with sleet and freezing rain light -- mixes with sleet and freezing rain late friday into saturday and we think that may last the first half of the day saturday at least. some winter storm watches are going up out to our west including washington county out to garrett county up into pittsburgh. it's possible some of those could get expanded during the day tomorrow. you don't have to worry about your morning or evening commute friday. temperatures tonight are going to stay fairly mild compared to last night when we dropped to the teens. that colder air will come into town tomorrow. you can see how cold it is behind the front. get ready for a chilly friday
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and maybe some slippery going for part of the weekend, more details on the weekend forecast coming up. up next some first responders in d.c. bringing the alarm. they say they're being forced to use life saving medications past their expiration dates. we've got details. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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a new ruling in the chandra levy case today. the judge said he made a mistake when he refused to release juror questionnaires to the media. the jurors views on gangs and hispanics are included in the papers. appellate judges say they should have been released. the former d.c. intern was found dead in a park in 2001. kenyon mcduffie hopes residents in ward 5 give him a serious look running for the ward 5 council seat vacated by harry thomas, jr. he's the first person to file for the seat this afternoon. >> i'm running because the folks in ward 5 are clamoring for change. they want new fresh positive leadership. they want somebody who will usher in a new day for ward 5. >> mcduffie is a native washingtonian, graduated from wilson high school, attended howard and earned his law
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degree from the university of maryland in baltimore. concern tonight for serious responders in d.c. -- first responders, in fact. a life saving drug this is short supply and some in circulation right now expired weeks ago, talking about lied capable. a top d.c. medical official -- about lidocaine. a top d.c. official says although it's past expiration, the drug is still safe. reporter: we received this picture from a concerned first responder. look at expiration date. we're told this is lidocaine, a life saving drug used almost every day in the district. >> right now lidocaine is one of those main anti-arrhythmic drugs we use on patients suffering anywhere from chest main to cardiac arrest. reporter: kenneth lyons is the president of the -- chest pain to cardiac arrest. reporter: kenneth lyons is the president of the first responders union in d.c. >> we can't assure the public the drugs we're using will be effective given that many have
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expired. reporter: but the medical director for d.c. fire and ems dr. david miramontes says there is no reason to be worried. >> lidocaine in question is supposed to expire in january of 2012. we have a 30 day wiggle room for that medication according to the fda labeling. in no way, shape or form is this lidocaine bad. reporter: dr. miramontes says it is not just lidocaine. other drugs used in emergency situations including morphine are not easy to get these days. >> we're having problems with shortages due to manufacturers issues and so we have had to make adjustments. reporter: for now although the bottle says it's expired, lidocaine will be used until the end of the month as new supply comes in. >> there are study after study that many use lidocaine with the equivalent potency well after the expiration date of. reporter: the medical director says in the last couple weeks
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they've started to receive smaller shipments of lidocaine and as soon as they get those shipments they try to circulate them as soon as possible. matt ackland, fox 5 news. a bag tax could be coming to virginia. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first the secret to knowing how long you live could be in your blood. no. 5, a new blood test can predict your chances of living to be 100 with up to 85% accuracy. scientists studied the genetic markers of nearly 2,000 people and determined genetics plays a much larger role in determining longevity than previously thought. no. 4 highlights the importance of sexual education for teenagers. a new government study found many teenage girls of clueless about their chances of getting pregnant in. a survey of thousands of teenage moms who had unintended pregnancies about 1/3 who didn't use birth control thought they didn't think they could get pregnant the first time or during certain times of the month. no. 3, a heads up for at&t customers. starting sunday the company will introduce a new date plan
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for smartphone and tablet users. the plans will go up $5 that allow for more data downloads per month. no. 2, brand-new textbooks could be in your child's future. apple is launching interactive textbooks for elementary and high school students. the e books will be used on ipad tablets and cost $15 or less. schools will buy the books for students and give students codes so they can put the books on their ipads of no. 1, virginia lawmakers are backing off a 20-cent bag tax proposal. instead lawmakers will present an amendment for a five cent bag tax friday morning. lawmakers say the bill is meant to cut down on pollution, not raise money. that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. >> cruising into some cold air. >> yeah, it's going to be quite a big change and the temperatures behind this front have been really surprising which is a setup for the
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weekend which we'll talk about. stay ahead of the weather this weekend. a wintery mix is expected. you can use our fox 5 weather app to download and get ahead of the forecast. we've got lots of information on there, mentioned the video forecast, but something else we want you to take advantage of if you download the app, it's super easy to send us a picture. we would love to see what's going on over the weekend in your area. it gives us a lot of eyes on the ground. today people were noticing a lot of geese coming in. the golf courses were loaded up and, of course, in the next 24 hours, maybe 36 hours maybe a little crunchy coating on some of those golf courses. here's your three-day planner. friday nothing to worry about other than the fact of 39 a little chilly. average is 43 degrees. late friday into saturday it looks like we'll see snow changing to a combination of sleet and freezing rain. then eventually it will end as rain as we get up to 40 degrees.
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it's one of those cold air damming situations. sunday 42 degrees. we start out dry on sunday, but it won't be a sunny day and this wedge of coiled air pushing up against the mountains -- cold air pushing up against the mountains appears as if it wants to get stronger. if a bit more moisture comes in, we may be dealing with freezing air or sleet in the trapped cold air pockets. tonight maybe a couple flurries, sentinel radar trying to show a couple coming through, nothing really hitting the ground yet. what it is is a cold front coming through, part of a clipper system. the clipper went to our north. we're getting the tail end with the front. our temperature is still 40, but everybody else behind this front is so cold, buffalo 14, chicago 6, 14 degrees below zero in international falls, fargo 4 degrees below zero. this cold air will set up shop this weekend and an area of high pressure funneling down from new england will keep the cold air locked up by the mountains. tonight it's a few flurries
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mostly north if we see them. our temperature drops to 29 degrees, not as cold last night when winchester and several spots including dulles got to 16 degrees. tomorrow is chilly, some sun in the morning, clouds in the afternoon. watch for that mix around 10:00 or 11:00. it will start as light snow and then change over to freezing rain and sleet as warmer air comes in aloft. temperature tomorrow 39 degrees. at 8:00 in the morning a little sun and 31, by noon more clouds, 36 degrees and still in the 30s at 5:00 with cloudy conditions. your commutes tomorrow should be dry, but it's this wedge of cold air that gets dammed up at the mountains keeping it cold at the surface, but warmer air aloft and moisture coming in to give us that setup where it's rain south and east, snow and mix back aturday probably by the noon hour we're out of it. unfortunately if we do get another wave on sunday, it could be frozen in some spots.
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cold tomorrow. we start seeing some of that moisture coming in friday night and it lingers into a good part of the first half of the day on saturday before it gets out of here and maybe a little more on sunday. here's your five-day forecast. temperatures will climb as we get into next week with a few showers monday at 54, tuesday's temperature 53 degrees. that's weather, but it's time for sports. we've got basketball and a big championship weekend. lindsay murphy has got it all. >> this is the nissan sports desk in hd with lindsay murphy. thank you. the first time hoyas lost three star players to graduation last year, chris wright, austin friedman and julian vaughn. so it goes without saying many thought they would struggle this season, but forget about rebuilding. the hoyas appear to have reloaded. howard thompson man a big reason for the success and why georgetown is is ranked highly
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in the country. here's the coach on ed doing and thes so far. >> we lost a lot -- coach on the expectations so far. >> we lost a lot and am i surprised? probably. if you were to ask me in august or september hey, come january this is where you're going to be sitting, i would have sounded off on that in a heartbeat, but as we've gone through the process, as we've gone through each day of practice, as we've gone through a trip to china and gone through each game i haven't been surprised by any of outcomes so far. so it's a group that's come together. another group that's come together, the virginia cavaliers, is surprise of the acc these days. 14-2 on the road tonight at georgia tech and they showed they are no fluke. johntell evans, and tony
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bennett's crew pours it on in the 2nd. another jumper,maker scott had 18 to lead the way. uva rolls on the road, how about this, 70-38. elsewhere seth greenberg and the virginia tech hokies trying to pull the upset over roy williams' north carolina tar heels. off the steal lorenzo hudson finishes it off at the rim. the hokies have a 35-28 lead, but in the 2nd half it was all tar heels of john hensen with good position down low gets the easy slam. there's an 18-0th 2nd half run to avoid the upset, 82-68. we are not done. coming up after the break the ravens are talking smack about their own teammates, the juicy details up next. d@
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welcome back. it's conference championship weekend in the nfl. the giants and 49ers play right here on fox sunday at 6:30. early in the afternoon the ravens play up north against the patriots, but is there trouble brewing in baltimore already? the controversy started monday when ravens safety ed reed questioned the play of quarterback joe flacco following the 20-13 win sunday over the texans. reed said i think joe was kind of rattled a little bit by their defense adding it didn't look like he had ahold of the offense. so sunday's game approaches and the ravens are trying to put this issue to rest asap. >> i felt bad about it. it was a little funny to me, caught off guard it. is what it is.
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it's not that big of a deal. >> i understand where ed's heart is at and all of our guys. we're together all the time. we know each other. we understand where each other is coming from. so i'm sure there's some things he would have liked to have said a little better. if you look at the whole context and hear the tone of his voice, i think the message he was trying to communicate is a good message, but obviously things could have been -- the way you read them and stuff like that i'm sure he's not too happy about that. >> think before you speak, right? flacco does get a lot of flack not just from teammates. it's surprising because he has a 5-3 record as a starting quarterback in the playoffs. hey, that's all for sports, but the news edge will be right back.  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios
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taking the edge off tonight with an unusual call for firefighters in texas. drivers in houston alerted the department after seeing a tiger perched on the roof of a hotel. it was a toy. crews removed it fearing drivers would keep stopping to look at it and not pay attention to the road. >> one last look at the forecast. >> i thought it was a real tiger, too. pretty big, too. hey, your friday will be mostly dry, but it's certainly going to be on the cold side at 39 degrees. late friday night into saturday kind of dicey. we've got a little snow that may mix with sleet and freezing rain before changing over to rain on saturday. could be a spotty shower left
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on sunday and if it's still cold enough, you might have a little freezing rain to deal with on sunday in western areas. we'll warm up next week. >> now you have the news edge. news is always on as always, thank you for staying up late with us. see you.


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