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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  January 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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shawn yancy with the news edge at 11:00. the battle for the white house is heading further south. the republican candidates squared off in florida tonight. voters there head to the polls next tuesday. fox 5's tom fitzgerald joins us now with highlights from the debate and we expected newt gingrich and mitt romney to go at it. >> we did and they did. let's get right to some of the highlights. it kicked off with questions over hiredship. mitt romney didn't waste any time going after newt gingrich as a failed leader because in his words gingrich had to resign as speaker of the house. gingrich fired back as you might expect. >> i think it's about leadership and the speaker was given an opportunity to be leader of our party in 1994 and at the end of four years he had to resign in disgrace. >> now wait a second. he just went on and on and on making all series of allegations. first he may have been a good financier. he's a terrible historian. reporter: next up was the exchange over finances.
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gingrich took issue with romney's describing him as a lobbiest here in washington d.c. he says he was a consultant and he accused romney of lying about his record. >> you've been walking around this state saying things that are untrue. it is not correct to describe public citizenship having public advocacy as lobbying. every citizen has the right to do that. >> you can call it whatever you'd like. i call it influence peddling. it is not right. it is not right. you have a conflict. you are being paid by companies at the same time you're encouraging people to pass legislation which is in their favor. >> mitt romney and newt gingrich have been going back and forth over this tax issue. gingrich has got a lot of traction over the last couple days over romney's failure to release tax returns which he now says he will do tomorrow. romney went on to describe his own income while gingrich used it to push his own tax plan. >> i will not apologize for having been successful. i did not inherent what my wife
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and i have, nor did she. what we have, what i was able to build i built the old- fashioned way, by earning it. >> i'm prepared to describe my 15% flat tax as the mitt romney flat tax. i'd like to bring everybody elimination down to mitt's rate, not try to bring him up to some other rate. >> this wrapped up a short time ago. on the whole this debate was not nearly as fiery as the two most recent contests we've seen in south carolina. this electorate is very different in flosh nor and the time frame is short as -- florida and the time frame is short as well. voters go to the polls a week from tomorrow. president obama meantime preparing to deliver his state of the union speech tomorrow night and he is expected to spend a lot of time talking about the economy tauting his accomplishments so far and also laying out his -- touting his accomplishments so far and also laying out his speech. you can watch it live at 9 p.m. on fox 5 and we'll also be streeping it live on an ex-cia officer from
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arlington, virginia, faces years behind bars accused of vealing covert officers to reporters and potentially putting their lives at risk. fox 5's will thomas is following the investigation for us tonight. >> his name is john kiriakou, 47 years old, a father of three small children living in arlington. now after a 14 year career with the cia before moving to the private sector he faces up to 30 years in prison and a $1 million fine if convicted. he appeared in federal court today in alexandria, our cameraman rolling on his walk outside the courtroom. kiriakou is accused of leaking the name of a covert cia officer to the new york times and other media outlets and identified him as taking part in the interrogation of this man, al-qaeda financier abu zubaydah. he was of special interest because zubaydah was reportedly waterboarded more than 80 times, a controversial interrogation technique. the charges also allege kiriakou leaked information about the identity of another cia officer who participated in
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zubaydah's interrogation. back in 2010 he published a book called the reluctant spy and appeared on fox 5 morning news to talk about his life as a spy. here's a clip. >> the chief of the counter terrorist center implored a foreign intelligence service please he said, if you have any sources inside al-qaeda, please help us because something terrible is going to happen and then sure enough on september 11th there was shock but not surprise. >> the government also charged him with lying to the cia to get clearance for the publication of certain details in that book. he was released on a $250,000 bond today. his attorney told reporters after the hearing that his client will plead not guilty. the former head football coach at penn state university is being remembered tonight. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> a makeshift memorial surrounds the statue of joe paterno on penn state's campus. his successful career included
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499 wins and two national championships, but his fame took a dive when a former assistant was charged with molesting boys. paterno was fired in november. he died sunday from lung cancer. he was 85. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords met supporters at a community food bank named in her honor in tucson. crowds of supporters lined up to greet her, the congresswoman touring the facility as her last act in office. giffords announced sunday she will resign to focus on recovering from being shot in the head one year ago. the man who tried to assassinate president ronald reagan wants longer visit with his mother, but a secret service agent testified today he saw john hinckley jr. fixated in a bookstore on books about presidential assassinations. hinckley is occasionally allowed to visit his mother in williamsburg but he wants those visits extended. testimony resumes monday. tonight more stunning revelations about military gravesites, the washington post reporting review conducted by veterans affairs found scores
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of misplaced headstones and at least eight cases of people being buried in the wrong locations at several military cemeteries across the country. this review was conducted after burial problems at arlington national cemetery surfaced. va officials say the new problems occurred during renovations at some of the cemeteries. >> a delayed commute and heavy fog to start the workweek, live look outside tonight. looks like things are clearing a bit. so what can we expect when we head out tomorrow morning? sue palka is in the weather center with the details. it looks a little bit better. >> yeah, it does, shawn. we've watched this fog closely worried maybe it would cause morning delays, but we're starting to see positive signs this isn't going to be a huge problem. no dense fog advisory has been issued and visibilities have improved a bit. that's not to say some of you won't have some fog here and there. we'll look at visibilities around the region. just two hours ago baltimore's visibility was down to 1/8-
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mile. now they've got 8-mile visibility. we aren't seeing any huge problems. ought towards martinsburg your visibility is down to 1/2-mile, cumberland maybe dealing with some fog. i know the guys in the morning will be watching it as well. here's another interesting story tonight. it's really getting warm. check out annapolis at 50 degrees, leonardtown 52. salisbury is 58 degrees right now. so some warmer air is trying to punch into the region and there is going to be a front moving through later tonight. that should get the breezes going and hopefully get rid of some of this fog. there will be some around tonight and a few of you could have problems in the morning. we think the clouds will hang tough. our temperatures will bottom out in the low 40s, either stay steady or rise a bit which leads us to a warmer sunnier tuesday, more details in the five-day in a few minutes. coming up next here on the news edge at 11:00 luring some of d.c.'s best teachers to low
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performing schools, what will it take and who could suffer the consequences? also ahead tonight the nhl suspends the capitals alex ovechkin. we'll tell you why and how much time the superstar will actually miss. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. ♪
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i think we all know that money talks. the question swill it help d.c. schools? d.c. -- will it help d.c. schools? d.c. council chair kwame brown wants to offer incentives to get highly effective teachers to move to lower performing schools. i sent actives include a $10,000 bonus -- incentives include a $10,000 bonus, tax cuts and even housing assistance. reporter: it's called the highly effective teacher incentive act. its main goal? >> to go after the worst performing schools and fix them. reporter: the proposed legislation would encourage some of d.c.'s best teachers already in high performing schools to pack up their classrooms and move to schools where their talents are needed most. >> the bill's broad package of incentives has the potential to bring even more great teachers to our communities of. reporter: school chancellor kaya henderson offered her support at a public hearing monday but also addressed concerns from parents with students already at high
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performing schools. >> let me also say that our focus on our low performing schools does not mean ignoring our higher performing schools. in fact, we have to make sure that we continue to support those and maintain those as well. reporter: nathan saunders with the washington teachers union is looking out for all teachers. he wants to make sure all high performing teachers are offered incentives, even if they're working at the low performing schools chosen for this pilot program. >> however we believe that highly effective teachers who are already in the schools chosen by this pilot must receive all of the benefits and privileges mentioned in this ago. reporter: chairman brown says he's held listening sessions in living rooms across the district and believes when it comes to providing a better education, the perks offered to great teachers will help. >> chairman brown says there is no time to waste. he had hoped to have this through the full council by the end of the year, but it's taking a little more time. his new schedule is to have a
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full council vote by march. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news. montgomery county maryland wants to keep students safe as they get on and off the school bus. the county council is considering a proposal to have cameras mounted on school buses. the cameras would catch drivers who illegally pass buss when its flashing lights are on and a stop sign is posted. aaa's john townsend said the cameras should be a deterrent. >> unlike the red light cram or speed camera, these cameras will take -- camera or the speed camera these cameras will take video. so when a car does not stop within 20 feet of the bus there, will be photograph and video and this evidence will be used in court to prove they actually violated a law. >> violators would face a $250 fine. currently if a police officer pulls a driver over for illegally passing a school bus, he or she faces a $1,000 fine. starbucks is expanding its effort to bring beer and wine to more customers. laura evans is back now with your fox 5 top five. >> up first did you get an e
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reader or tablet over the holidays? join the club. no. 5, the number of people who own tablets and e readers nearly doubled between mid-december and january. a report from the pew internet and american life project found 29% of americans owned at least one tablet or e reader at the start of this month. no. 4, sunburn in childhood greatly raises a person's lifelong risk for skin cancer and a new study shows young people stop using sunscreen as they get older. researchers say we need to better educate teens about the dangers of the sun. no. 3, soon you'll be able to order that latte and your favorite beer or wine at starbucks. the new menu items will be added at stores in chicago, atlanta and southern california by the end of this year. wine and of beer are already on the menu in the pacific northwest. no. works easing cancer pain with the world's first pharmaceutical drug developed from raw marijuana. a british pharmaceutical company wants the fda to
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approve the drug in the united states. several other countries have approved it for relieving muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis. no. 1, d.c.'s first marijuana growing store will open in march. we grow will be located in this building on rhode island avenue in northeast. it won't sell pot plants, but it will sell what it calls products and services as part of d.c.'s medical marijuana program. that is tonight's fox 5 top 5. parts of alabama recovering from a violent and rare storm overnight. about two dozen tornadoes ripped across the central part of the state. it's considered highly unusual weather for january. the storm killed at least two people injuring 100 others. survivors say they had to act fast. >> i told everybody to hunker down in the hallway, the one safe place that i knew everybody would be okay and basically everything just went wild. wild. >> the storm damaged or
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destroyed nearly 300 homes. alabama's governor declared a state of emergency in all 67 counties. authorities say it's a miracle more people were not killed because that storm hit during the middle of the night when most people were asleep. >> they've had two more today, too. >> really? just kind of wild occurrences. >> part of it is the fact that there's still so much warm air and you get these big surges of cold air. it's almost like a secondary season and alabama has been slammed this year with tornadoes. arkansas was hit very hard yesterday, too but two dozen reports of tornadoes across the deep south, only two today, thank heavens, both in alabama. meanwhile that makes it hard for to us complain. our little bit of freezing drizzle this morning has gone bye bye. you won't have freezing temperatures tonight because everything is really warming up. we will keep an eye on this fog. it has not gotten thicker and in the last couple hours it has gotten a little bit better, but there could be some fog around tomorrow morning. after we burn off the fog look
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at this tuesday forecast, up to 54 degrees, how nice will tha feel? lots of sunshine in the afternoon. wednesday equally sunny and probably not a foggy start, but we have to shave a number of degrees off that temperature, so down to 46 degrees wednesday. our next wet day will probably be thursday. i think it will hold off till afternoon and showers will arrive into town and linger into friday morning. our temperature on thursday will be about 50 degrees. you can leave the umbrella home the next couple days. our sentinel radar tonight, not showing any significant moisture, still a little mist showing up that doesn't get picked up by doppler. we're getting a couple ground reports here and of there that and maybe a very stray light shower. most of the action today has been either earlier or up to our north and we've got a frontal system that's right about here that's going to come through in the next few hours. after that comes through i think we'll pick up enough wind to ditch a bit of this fog. meanwhile we talked about this earlier, but these temperatures
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are crazy. 50 annapolis, d.c. 43, some of the warmest air all day, quantico 45, fredericksburg 45, salisbury 58 degrees. we will continue to see temperatures stay steady or rise a little bit even after this front comes through. we'll be back to sunshine tomorrow after we get rid of the early fog and low clouds that will be around. for wednesday high pressure builds in. this is kind of a cool direction for us as the circulation brings down some of the air from pennsylvania and new york state. that's why we'll only be in the 40s wednesday, but lots of sunshine and as far as futurecast is concerned, here come the sunshine for tomorrow. the snow stays up through the great lakes, but they will get some accumulation. wednesday is a sunny day, clouds increase by the nighttime on wednesday and while we stay dry going through wednesday night you can see we begin to see some of those showers primarily west of us or north during the day thursday, but showers will try to sneak in later at night and last through friday. temperatures will be above freezing.
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41 for us tonight, dense fog in some spots. the clouds will hang tough and up to 54 degrees tomorrow. sun will be back for the next two days up and down in the temperature department, but mostly up. thursday 50 degrees, morning showers friday at 53, lots of sunshine saturday with a temperature of 50. big football weekend, put we have not forgotten about hockey fans. your sports report with dave ross is next. this is the nissan sports desk in hd with dave ross. >> good evening, everybody. the caps will play their last game before the all-star break tomorrow, but they'll have to do it without alex ovechkin. why? all because of this hit that happened yesterday against the pittsburgh penguins. watch ovechkin launch himself into zbynek michalek right there. he did not get called for paint, but he launched himself in with -- for a penalty, but he launched himself in with his head, the longest suspension of
11:20 pm
his career, three games cost him more than $154,000. to hoops now, the wizards have not fared well at all against the sixers. tonight in philly not a lot better. flip saunders and company seeking a first road win, 0-6 so far. this is a terrible start. this is the very first possession of the game and nick young issues all over. here somers a.i. up to elton brand, former -- here comes a.i. up to elton brand. sixers up by 27 and it's drew holliday for the lay-in and the foul and flip saunders, his reaction says it all. wizards trail by 34 before rallying to only lose by 20. 103-83. college hoops, george mason hosting north carolina wilmington, ryan pairson go to the floor for the -- pearson go to the floor for the loose ball and come up with it to wright, get it down, young man.
11:21 pm
mason up by 1 at the break. 2nd half mike morrisonn going to show good hustle, break up the pass to vondrell vaughn, up back to morrisonn to ryan pearson for the throwdown and mason defeats ucw. when we return, the super bowl is set and look who is going, devin thomas, yes, that devin thomas. we'll show you how he's getting it done these days for big blue when we return. d@
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welcome back. what a comeback for a forgotten man. remember different thomas? you know, the redskins second round draft pack in the 2008 draft, guy the who couldn't get on the field seemingly forever and then was cut. he's found a home in new york and now he's going to the super bowl. the giants are moving on to super sunday in large part to the effort and hustle of this former redskin in the 4th quarter. this is thomas scooping up the loose ball after it hit the punt return of kyle williams after his knee. that led to a touchdown and later in overtime william gets scripped again and look who it is again -- stripped again and look who it is again, johnny on the spot. that led to this. he celebrates a 31-yard game winner by lawrence tynes and the giants haven't lost a game since december 18th to the redskins of all people and the head coach likes his team's fighting spirit. >> they have grit now. they battle. they're battle tested. we've had five straight single elimination games and somehow some way we've scratched our
11:25 pm
way into finding a way to win and, you know, we prepare well. the guys really do know what's at stake. >> the redskins news today, interesting news concerning laron landry. he will not have surgery on his injured achille's. instead he'll hope to heal it otherwise. this is according to mike shanahan today. the team has a decision to make on the man they call the dirty 30. he's an unrestricted free agent as of right now. one other redskins note, ike hilliard replaces cardell as the wide receiver coach. stick around. shawn yancy takes us all the way home after the break.  people! look at you!
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the tables have turned for american idol judge steven tyler. the aerosmith front man belted out the national anthem before last night's afc champion ship game. take a listen. ♪ oer' the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ >> okay. so what do you think? i'm going to tell you. what if it was up to me he would not be getting that golden tickets to hollywood. a poll in the l.a. times ranked tyler as the second worst anthem performance ever behind roseanne barr. christina aguilera came in third. he was not good. >> sue palka, a final check on the forecast. >> he did exactly what i thought he would do with that number and he probably didn't warm up either.
11:29 pm
temperature tomorrow nice. how about 54 degrees tomorrow with a lot of sun back in the forecast? >> we will definitely take it. now you have the news edge. thanks for joining us tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.


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