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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  January 26, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ahead, president obama and arizona's governor sharing a few choice words. we'll tell you what set off this tense conversation. fox 5 morning news continues right now. t now. it is 6:00 on this friday
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eve. we are taking a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. see a little bit of some fog, some mist in the air the we've got a little bit of rain that we've been dealing with this morning. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. time now to turn things over to tucker barnes to see what else is in store with our day today as far as the weather is concerned. lots of clouds, some on again, off again rain showers. it won't rain all day today but you've got to be prepared for kind of scattered showers now and then. >> be ready just in case. >> the bus stop, they will probably encounter a shower or two. >> jacket, umbrella. >> temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. it will feel more spring-like than wintry later today. 41 degrees. we've fallen to 41 at reagan national. humidity, 79%. win are light. that is why we get the fog redeveloping. the fog is not as dense as a couple mornings earlier in the
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week. light showers moving through during your overnight hours. just enough to wet the roadways. you can see very scattered in nature. much of the area is just experiencing cloud cover as you get up and out the door. winter weather there to the north. a winter weather advisory across portions of pennsylvania as they are getting a mixed bag of wintry precip. for us, just lick --like -- liquid in the form of rain drops. we will have occasional rain showers. steadier rain will arrive later tonight and i think tomorrow morning will be a wet one as the cold front moves through. more details coming up in a couple of minutes. >> we can handle a little bit of rain. time now to check in with julie wright to see what is happening outside on the roads. >> not a lot at this particular moment. the crew? sky fox is joining us in just a few moments. they did fly over route 7. didn't find anything which is good news for you. let me take you out to the
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beltway where lanes are open. no problems to report leaving colesville road headed around towards 270. southbound on the bw park washing south of 410, we had an incident there crowding the left lane. northbound i-59 in virginia. -- southbound on the bw parkway, south of 410, we had an incident there crowding the left lane. no big tie-ups out of manassas. traffic does slow on 66 headed east towards 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, a potential game change fore the structure of the d.c. public school system. >> a new study mixed by the mayor recommends closing more than three dozen public schools. fox 5's stacy cohan is following the story. she joins us now live from school board headquarters in northeast. >> good morning. it is always a very sensitive topic when we are discussing schools in this city. certainly the school went through a lot of change under the michelle rhee administration and kaya
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henderson said, back when this report was commissioned, she said that this was a potential game changer. that was back in august. the gray administration commissioned an illinois-based group to do this study. the iff, the illinois facilities fund. the report is out and it includes some dramatic recommendations. as many as three dozen schools across our city are slated for closure or for some serious restructuring. they ranked the schools in various tiers here. it is the fourth tier schools they are talking about. they are in some of the city's poorest neighborhoods and they are underperforming schools. i have some schools for you on the list, just a few of those that are on the list are spingarn high school, woodson high school, anacostia high school. those are just a few of these on the list. the city does have a problem with underenrollment. there were about 40 schools across the city that have fewer than 300 students. that is considered a low
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number. the iff is also recommending increasing high performing charter schools. that has drawn some fire because there are those that say the i inform f is in exorabley tied to the charter school movement. -- the iff is inexorably tied to the charter school movement. we should learn more when the full report is released publicly later on today. >> thank you. a look now at the morning's other top stories. more troubling reports out of arlington national cemetery. cemetery officials say $12 million in taxpayer funds alcalletted over a six-year period cannot be accounted for. they are trying to find out where the money went. the news came at a senate hearing yesterday. part of the cemetery's efforts
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to fix years of mismanagement. also at yesterday's hearing, the director said as many as 400,000 graves may be located at the site ininstead of the 320,000 listed for visitors. yonathan melaku is an ex- marine from alexandria. he is charged in five separate shootings. new details this morning about the dramatic rescue of two workers held by somali pirates. 32-year-old american jessica buchanan and 60-year-old paul haggen thisted were working as part of and lost fall.
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seal team six parachuted into the area and rescued the aid workers. >> good job tonight. >> everything is good. >> president obama gave the go ahead for the rescue at 9:00 monday night after a national security briefing at around 6:45 tuesday night, he was told both of the aid workers were safe. a not so cordial welcome for president obama in arizona yesterday. governor jan brewer known for her tough stance on immigration shared a few words with the president when he landed. we'll tell you what it had to do with. apparently, her new book was part of the reason. also ahead, an emotional good-bye on the hill as congresswoman gabrielle giffords steps down from congress. we're back in a moment.  ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪
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an emotional farewell on capitol hill as congresswoman gabrielle giffords resigns. formal good-bye came just a few days after giffords announced she was stepping down to focus on her recovery from last year's shooting rampage that left her with severe brain injuries. her long time friend representative debbie wasser man schultz read a letter on her behalf. president obama arrived in arizona on his three-day tour of battleground states. when glover jan brewer met him at the airport, she got a critique of her book. she were seep in an intense conversation moments after that confrontation. brewer said the president was, quote, a little disturbed by my book. she defends arizona's crackdown on arizona's illegal immigrants. there is one more debate tonight in florida before voters head to the polls. the gop race to the white house is closer than ever. a new poll out of florida shows mitt romney leads newt gingrich
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by just two points. the data reflects gingrich's growing momentum after winning south carolina's primary. prior to that primary, romney hay 12-. lead in florida. getting interesting. >> -- romney had a 12-. lead in florida. getting interesting. we'll check in with tucker for your full forecast coming up. i want a baby.
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take a look at this. severe storms left behind some pretty damage in college station, texas. there were at least lee reports of tornadoes yesterday near austin, san antonio and houston. record rains also fell in austin, texas. they are just getting hit hard down there. >> man, it is tough. kind of makes you appreciate what we go through here and so far what has been a pretty mild winter. a live look outside there. you can see there is some fog out there but nothing that
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would give you any gray hairs or anything or get you a little upset about what is going on weather-wise. >> we can be prepared. >> we can with our app. >> there is the weather app. you can stay on top of the forecast 24/7 with the new fox 5 weather app. can you go to apple's app store or the android market on your smart phone and search for d.c. weather. can you go to and scan our qr codes to link you to our weather app. >> if you haven't had enough of tucker or tony or any of the weather people, you can see their forecast on that app. >> we do a video forecast a couple of time there. it will accepted you an alert, a thunderstorm warning or something. >> it is a must have. >> do you have it? >> i don't have it yet because i'm tech yikeally challenged. >> we are getting great reviews. go to the try it. i'm checking in with you same
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time tomorrow to make sure you signed up for it. >> tony is tweeting. what more do you want? >> kid going out to the bus stop. here is good news. temperatures will be generally -- we'll call them mild. nothing too extreme here. cloudy skies. there is a lingering shower or 2 this morning. to be honest with you, i think generally just clouds as the kids head out to the bus stop. we are gaining a minute every couple of days. 7:19 right now so the sunrise a little earlier. most of the shower activity. here is the beltway. here is washington. we are currently quiet. most of the shower activity off to the east and to the north. we've got a few more showers off to the north and west out towards frederick and hagerstown you might be seeing a light sprinkle. otherwise, just cloud cover and that will be the theme around here for our thursday. it won't rain all day. it will be cloudy all day. we'll have on again off again
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showers for your thursday. the main event, it will get steady. that won't be until later tonight and early friday as we get the cold front coming through. when the cold front can get through here later tonight, we'll see a steady rain develop along with cooler temperatures for the day on friday. let's check out futurecast. the shower activity kind of hit and miss around here during the day. here we are at 3:00. just a few showers out there. we check back in at 2:00 tomorrow morning. a few more showers. notice out to the west the steadier rain. that is the cold front that will come through here. here you go by 8:00 tomorrow morning. for tomorrow morning's commute, kids head out to the bus stop tomorrow, we will have a soaking rain. but we'll quickly get it out of here and a little afternoon sunshine for your friday with falling temperatures. cloudy skies, occasional rain showers. are steadier rain later tonight. showers likely during the evening hours. a steady rain overnight. temperature will pop up here
6:19 am
during the overnight hours into the low 50s. i think tomorrow morning will be 56 degrees. and saturday and sunday, temperatures falling back into the 40s. that is weather. let's do traffic. julie wright has got your latest. >> on the roads, you will find 66 looking pretty good coming in from manassas. no problems to report as you leave business 234. volume increasing. slow traffic on 66 leaving fair oaks headed east towards 123. and then just before you reach the beltway, there is a little incident. it has been pulled over to the shoulder as you work your way past the done lowering metro headed over to the beltway. the outer loop at colesville road not a bad ride headed around towards silver spring. southbound 270 lanes are open germantown to the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we should learn more today about fare hikes which are likely to come from metro riders. the metro board is meeting this afternoon. on the table is a proposal from the metro general manager calling for higher flat rates
6:20 am
for paper fare card users as well as increases in fares for smart trip users. the smart trip bus fare would go up by 10 cents. parking could also go up by 25 cents. there have been investigates of reports of battery fires. the findings were not made public until november. now, republicans are asking if the government's partial ownership of gm create a conflict of interest in the investigation. juror our secretary of transportation knew you were investigating this vehicle, was asked a question about the safetivity creek and says it is fine. that was given -- that answer was given 6 week before you formally said it was fine. >> the secretary knew of all the facts and the details as to
6:21 am
whether they -- radio don't you think that is a little unusual? >> no, it wasn't unusual. the secretary is asked questions like that all the time. >> the government ended its investigation last week including that the volt and other electric cars don't pose a greater fire risk than gasoline-powered cars. stay tuned to fox 5 morning news. we'll have more on this story coming up in the 8:00 hour. mark royce, president of general motors north america, will join us live from the washington auto show. >> we'll go live to fox business network in new york to talk more about the fed's prediction for the economy in the near future. treasury secretary them they geithner says he may be looking for a new career. we'll be right back. ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go
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welcome back. treasury secretary tim geithner says he does not expect to stay on the job and we have some good and bad news from the fed depending on how you look at it anyway. lauren simonetti is live in new york with this morning's business beat. >> good morning. the markets are on a high right now. what kind of news could affect it today? >> we get new homes sales, durable goods orders and those pesky weekless jobless claims. that should all dictate the swing of things in about 2 hours from now. futures are in the plus column after and 38-point gain for the dow industrials. in fact, the dow is at its highest level since may of last year. so seeing a rally so far in the new year. federal reserve is expected to keep interest rates low. good news and bad news coming out of this though. >> well, low interest rates are bad news if you save your money. the feds said yesterday that interest rates will stay near
6:26 am
0% for 3 more years so until the edmonton of 2014. that is great news if you are hooshing to borrow money or looking to expand your business. that is why this decision by the fed boosted world stocks on the news. the fed also downgraded its expectations for u.s. growth saying that overall gdp will come in between 2.2 and 2.7%. treasury secretary tim geithner, this has kind of been suspected before. he may be done if president obama doesn't do a second term? >> exactly n an interview with bloomberg news, the treasury secretary timothy geithner basically said, if obama is re- elected to a second term, he does not expect to stay on as secretary of the treasury. it is a tough job. he and ben bernanke kind of engineering this turnaround we've seen in the economy. geithner is the only remaining
6:27 am
top official that is still part of obama's economic team. >> certainly is tough. not something most of these treasury secretaries have been dealing with over the last several years. so it is a challenging job. thank you so much. >> see you tomorrow. a new report out today called a potential game changer for the way d.c. schools are structured. also ahead, something for redskins fans to smile about. what happened on this day 20 years ago? it might bring back very good memories for you, coming up. mi people! look at you!
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washington is waking up to a burgundy and gold kind of day. i'm lark mccarthy. >> i'm he tim white. >> the washington redskins will return home today as the world champions of football.
6:31 am
>> a flashback. lark mccarthy and tim white with fox 5 back then. hopefully, that put a smile on your face because 20 years ago today the redskins won the super bowl. they beat the buffalo bills 37- 24. the redskins have only won 2 play offgames in 3 post-season appearances. >> look at that. >> you can seat video hits in the tape. what that is, vhs? >> lark doesn't look a day older. >> the redskins look a lot different. >> yes, they do. >> i remember that night. mark rypien. >> i was in college back then. no kids, no wife, just college. >> redskins were a good team. >> my, how things have changed. >> we'll let tony discuss the state of the redskins. >> tony? or wisdom? >> no, wisdom is the redskins
6:32 am
hater. >> i don't hate the redskins. i just don't like the shenanigans. >> let me do the weather forecast. i know more about that than sports. ts. >> they'll be good again. i got a feeling. >> sentinel radar. there you go, the shower activity moving through off to the north and to the east. the showers more numerous up towards baltimore. we are just getting a leftover sprinkle but we've got more out to the west. temperatures, upper 40s and low others. we'll be in the comfortable range again and some on again, off again rain showers. they will become more numerous and widespread later tonight. bwi marshall, 39 degrees. here is your forecast for today. high temperatures expected to be in the low 50s and later tonight, these temperatures will actually go up ahead of our cold front. so it will be mild again tonight with temperatures hanging out right around 50 degrees. coming up in just a minute, we've got a great ask the weather guy question from a viewer that wants to know why
6:33 am
fire trucks and ambulances are often seen together. we'll get to the bottom of that. >> it is an interesting question. >> sparks a lot of questions. >> maybe it is this, maybe that. this is a good 1. >> you have some answers. >> we're going to phone a friend. >> that's always fun. >> let's check in with julie wright now. we'll talk with our friend here. >> i thought the question was why is it julie's cooking and a fire truck always together. i actually cooked something on the george foreman the other day and the dog did not republican upstairs and hide. >> that is an accomplishment. >> the house is still smoking but he didn't run upstairs. >> he is used to it now. >> traveling northbound on route 5 coming in from br activity tying up the left side of the highway. no problems to report on 301. that wreck will slow your roll. the outer loop of the beltway, traffic behaving nicely increasing in volume.
6:34 am
southbound, the incident we had at 410 should now be cleared. northbound i-95, heavy slow and steady leaving the prince william parkway headed up and across the occoquan. 395, traffic slowing to duke street and seminary road. we have some more details this morning about this car that drove into a house. the driver is at a medical center in anne arundel county being treated for minor injuries. the car crashed into the side of the house earlier this morning in davidsonville, maryland. it appears no 1 was home when this happened. police are investigating why the car left the roadway and how it ended up inside that home. it was a pretty tense encounter between president obama and the governor of arizona in phoenix yesterday. >> it looks like they exchanged a few words at the airport and fox's ainsley earhart has the details. >> reporter: president obama is used to facing opposition but he may never have expected this. the tense situation happened in phoenix, arizona wednesday.
6:35 am
that is when governor jan brewer came out to greet the president upon his arrival. according to brewer, mr. obama was displeased with how she depicted him in her recently published books, scorpions for breakfast. >> i had written a handwritten note to him to deliver welcoming him to arizona and he immediately took umbrage, if you will, with my book that i wrote, scorpions for breakfast and was somewhat disgruntled for you will about the way he was portrayed in the book. >> reporter: the 2 leaders could be seen in what looks like an intense conversation. officials say the president objected to brewer's description of a meeting that he and brewer had at the white house. >> i asked him, oh you read my book? and he said i read excerpts from it. the bottom line is that the book is factual. the book is true. >> reporter: the governor goes on to say conflict between the 2 stems from different ideas
6:36 am
about border control and illegal immigration. she says the president lectured her. >> i want our borders secure. i want our nation protected. he wants amnesty. and we're never going to agree on that. we agree to disagree on that subject. so i don't know why he was surprised by my book. but he evidently is and he is very thin-skinned in regards to it. >> reporter: the white house counters brewer's claim and describes the early early meeting as a cordial discussion in the oval office. ainsley earhart, fox news. so here is the deal. there was no microphone and no report of exactly what was said between the president and arizona's governor. she did hand him an invitation to return to arizona to meet her for lunch. new this morning, an alarming report on d.c.'s public school system. >> the new study was commissioned by the mayor and it recommends closing more than 3 dozen public schools. fox 5's stacy cohan is following the story. she jobs us now live from the
6:37 am
school board headquarters in northeast with the latest. >> reporter: the gray administration commissioned this study last summer and they awarded the contract to an illinois-based firm called iff. according to the "washington post," the iff has released their recommendations and those include harsh words for some of the city's underperforming schools. the report divides the schools up into 4 tiers. most of the tier 4 schools are in the city's poorest neighborhood and those are the schools being targeted for either closure or dramatic transformation. i have a list of some of those schools. center city, imagine southeast and fairby hope elementary school. also terrell mcgagney school. and simon elementary school. of the 39 tier 4 schools, the lowest rating on the list, 29
6:38 am
of those are in wards 7 and 8. there is no word yet as to what exactly the administration's response is going to be to this report. back when it was first issued and the contract was awarded to the illinois-based firm, kaya henderson, the school chancellor said this would be a game changer. we'll see when she has to say when it is fully released later today. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. the former bethesda yoga shop worker accused of killing her coworker will learn her fate today. brittany norwood will be sentenced for the murder of jay ma murray. nor wad's family has asked the judge to give her a life term but with the chance of parole. prosecutors say she has shown no remorse since murray's body was found at the lululemon store. they say she is beyond rehabilitation. the man suspected of shooting at the pentagon, the marine corps museum and other sites is expected to plead
6:39 am
guilty today. 24-year-old yonathan melaku is an ex-marine from alexandria charged if 5 separate shootings. coming up next, cabs are an easy way to navigate the treats of d.c. >> flagging 1 down can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. in this morning's smart phone zone, we'll he show you how a new app is promising to take the pain out of catching a ride. we'll be right back.
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6:42 am
welcome back. there is a new way to get around the d.c. region. there is a fleet of private cars that are available for a fee to anyone with a mobile phone. >> fox 5's lauren demarco joins us from the smart phone zone to talk about uber. >> it is run successfully in san francisco, new york, seattle, chicago, boston, even paris. now, here in d.c., there are still some kinks to be worked out with local officials but the app is currently up and
6:43 am
running and it is getting a lot of buzz. >> a ride with style and convenience. a few taps on your phone and a professional driver any sleek black car arrives at your curbside. rachel holt is the general manager of uber d.c. how does it work? you pull out your phone and then what do you do? >> openen your app. you indicate your location and you request a car. at that point, you can see all the cars around you and an estimate of how long it will take for the nearest car to get to you. >> it is able to track where people are opening up the app most often and the company urns drivers to hover around those areas. >> you can make the decision on your own, is it worth waiting 8 minutes or am i better off grabbing the metro. >> reporter: uber keeps your credit card information on file so there is no cash exchained and a tip is always included. >> very nice in here. there is candy. >> reporter: all of that convenience will cost you.
6:44 am
>> in d.c., we are 1 and a half to 2 times capacity. so we are more responsive. no 1 hassen able to get a limo for 22 minutes before so it is hard to make that kind of comparison. >> reporter: here is the breakdown. >> a $7 base fare and then uber uses gps data to calculate your speed. when the car is traveling over 11 miles per hour, it is a distance fee. when it is below 11 miles per hour, there is a time fee. you can estimate but you won't know the exact fare until you arrive at your destination. that is something the d.c. taxicab commissioner takes issue with. >> you get a receipt in the e- mail shortly thereafter but you never see the meter recording. you have nothing that tells you what the meter recorded. or that the meter is calibrated properly. >> reporter: he recently took uber for a test drive and ended up slapping the driver with
6:45 am
several fines. he says uber ignores the reciprocity agreements between d.c., maryland and virginia. he has referred the matter to the d.c. attorney general. reps from uber and linton have a meeting scheduled for february to hammer things out. d.c. council member mary cheh has thrown her support around the app. app. for now, the app is up and running and apparently doing well. >> our revenue here is what we were in san francisco after 9 months and wave been launched for about a month in d.c. >> it is free for iphone and android users but you can also use uber with any cell phone. can actually use text messaging back and forth to order your car. i had a question for them. will these cars take you anywhere? is that guaranteed? i've had issues before where cabs don't want to take to you 1 place or another. they say they haven't had a
6:46 am
problem with that. but if you want to be sure, when you order the cab, you will get the driver's phone number and name and say are you sure you're going to bible to take me to this destination so you feel secure about that when he arrives. so that is it. if you would like some more information, head to look to the morning page for the smart phone zone. back to you guys at the desk. >> that is great. and i think you just like to be taken around in limo style. i saw you. i think you enjoyed that ride. >> it was a fun time. >> you're not going it lie. >> the driver was very nice. i was really excite about the candy in the karch tony made fun of me. >> -- candy in the car. tony made fun of me. >> i called you tony. >> that is because there is a remarkable similarity. >> i know. >> we have some showers on and off today. not going to rain all day. kids headed to the bus stop, probably just clouds for you. eventually, the real rain will
6:47 am
arrive later tonight. as we get into the nighttime hours, overnight tonight and tomorrow morning's commute i think will be a wet 1. let's get started with numbers. at reagan national, we are now 41 degrees. 41 at reagan national. 30s to the north and west. these temperatures not bad for the end of january. 39 in gaithersburg. 41 in cambridge. 43 in fredericksburg. temperature are going to slowly rise today. we a lot of cloud around and an easterly wind. the good news is they won't fall tonight. the overnight lows will be in the upper 40s and low 50s. we did have a little rain move through during the overnight hours and that is now north and east of us. a few more showers just north and west of the beltway. you get the idea. most of the region dry at the moment but we have more showers out to the west that will be moving through from time to time today. it won't be a perfectly dry day. it will be mostly cloudery with occasional showers. main event i mentioned won't get in here until later tonight. it is a cold front that will come steamrolling through here
6:48 am
really after midnight. that will bring is a steady rain for a time as we get into the early-morning hours tomorrow. some cooler and drier air will move in tomorrow afternoon. up ahead of it, our flow will be out of the south and that will keep these temperatures up temporarily as we get into the afternoon. 51degrees. cloudy skies. occasional rain showers. many dry hours here. the sunshine will never be really bright today. cloudy skies. a steady rain by tomorrow morning. check out those overnight temperatures. the overnight temperature, 48 degrees. i think we'll probably be in the 50s early tomorrow morning and then the temperature will start to fall tomorrow afternoon. right now, the weekend looks dry and seasonal by sunday and monday with temperatures back in the low 40s. that is a look at the weather. you know what it is time for. >> tony perkins is here. >> he's back. >> welcome. >> it is time for ask the weather guys! >> thank you. >> this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big
6:49 am
heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. those pictures are from about 10 years ago, i think. >> haven't changeed a bit. >> today's question comes from judy green in arlington, virginia. judy writes why does a fire truck always accompany an ambulance? good question. >> when we thought about it, we agree. >> not only do we agree, but there was big discussion there b. this. >> you were in the meeting. none of us really -- we thought we knew the answer and we weren't sure and wear debating it. so clearly, we say this is a good question because we don't know. so we're calling an expert since we didn't know and since judy is from arlington, we've gone to the arlington county fire department. we have on the phone with us this morning lieutenant greg carl with arlington county fire. are you there? >> yes, i am. good morning. >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> no problem. it is a pleasure. >> you heard the question which
6:50 am
was centrally when you call 911 and you report whatever your emergency is, why do both a fire truck and an ambulance respond? >> well, tony, it all begins with training. all of our firefighters in arlington county are cross trained as emt as les and many of those go on afterward to the paramedic level. both those firefighter emts and paramedics can ride on fire trucks or transport units. awful of our fire trucks carry medical equipment on them. in many cases, the fire truck may be closer to the scene than the transport unit is so they can begin care for that patient early on before the transport unit arrives to continue care and transport them to the hospital. but where this all really begin is with the 911 call. life-threatening emergencies such as you heart attack, stroke, are an automatic dispatch the fire truck with the transport unit so they can assist with care and transport. sometimes the fire truck don't go with the plans or transport
6:51 am
unit n arlington, they are all medic unit. in this case, something is a nonlife-threatening emergency, a strained ankle, you might only see a transport unit to provide care and transport the person. >> meaning an ambulance. >> but let me ask the question. it seems counter intuitive. when you said if it is a life- threatening emergency, the fire truck may be sent first. that seems counter intuitive to me. it seems like the ambulance would be sent first. >> it is a simultaneous dispatch. as soon as they recall that is a life-threatening emergency, they dispatch at the same time a fire truck and an ambulance. >> interesting. >> this is tucker. a quick question for you. are other local jurisdictions pretty much the same as you guys in arlington? >> it is pretty much the standard across the country that all jurisdiction will dispatch. because firefighters are cross- trained as emts and paramedics. they can get to on fire trucks sometimes quicker
6:52 am
than a transport unit or an ambulance could so it is pretty much a standard across the nation. >> very interesting. >> i didn't know any of that yesterday. >> now, we know. >> we want to mention, i understand that on sunday you are being promoted to captain? >> yes, that is correct. >> congratulation. >> thank you very much. >> hopefully, we've helped in that. all right. thank you very much, sir. we do appreciate it. >> thank you. have a good day. >> we also want to thank judy green for the question. now, before we do anything else, i have to do a quick shoutout. i met 2 women in a grocery store actually a couple of days ago. i was supposed to do this yesterday and was not here. norma and doreen, regular viewer, asked if a shoutout. norma and doreen, thank you for watching. happy to have you. if you have a question you
6:53 am
want answered, go to click on the weather tab. you can also upload your video question and we may play it on air. what is this? >> rescue me. >> by madonna. >> rescue us. >> she must be dancing. >> what is all that in your hand? >> what are you doing? >> what are you doing? >> did we wake you up? >> me? i'm in here jamming to banana rama. i got a road closed, another 1 partially closed and a thing downtown way lanch sinkhole. what are you up to? >> sorry i asked. >> let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox. traveling 109 west of 270, we have tie-ups here. accident activity we know at least with 1 person was transported by way of ambulance away from the scene. we do have 109 shut down west
6:54 am
of 270. also make note that the ramp from southbound 270 to exit onto 10 #, that ramp is closed right now. multiple vehicle involved in this crash. -- to exit onto 109, that ramp is closed right now. southbound i-95, we have tie- ups for you guys traveling in towards beltsville. southbound at 212, all lanes currently blocked with the accident activity. coming out of jessup and laurel working your way out, bail out early. pick up and use 295 as the alternate route right now. traffic flowing freely there but 59 remains closed off south of 212-6789 downup to, there is a portion of 22nd street that is blocked between f and g. that is duey to very large sinkhole. the 1700 block of p street, we have fire and rescue activity there. we have reports of carbon monoxide poisoning. so again, new hampshire avenue could work well for you as an alternate there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ffic.
6:55 am
thank you. a look at today's my fox half off deal. hope this doesn't put you to sleep. $25 gets you 5 dance classes. that is a $75 value. get in on this 1, go to >> you sound look a radio dj when you're doing that. >> look for my fox half off on the right side of the page. >> we'll be right back. back. >> it feels like that mood music, you know? >> right. ♪
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>> good morning i am annie yu today we are learning about the chinese new year. it kicked off this past monday on the 23rd. chinese celebrated for 15 straight days what a celebration they know how to party. throughout the morning we will learn more about the history,
6:59 am
tradition, costumes and of course the food and special dances like you are seeing now, the dragon dance. we are live at china town garden, northwest dc located in china town and it is historic, built in 1884, back to you in studio. >> thanks we will check with you later on. will recall the before we go we want to say good morning to robert youngerman he is our facebook fan of the day he is a super skins fan can't you tell by his hat although he looks not very happy right now. >> 20 years. >> that's why. >> for 20 years i know robert maybe next year. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day search us on fox 5 morning news and post a comment under robert's photo. >> that is it we are done except for now, we are going to send it over to tony and alison. >> oh. >> take it over. >> we are matching today. >> very


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