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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the group our d.c -- . >> they made sure pepco knows they are unhappy about the proposed $42 million increase. >> what do you think she heard? >> i thought it was preposterous because they made $800 million in profits and, you know, we think that is too much. -- . >> this is unfair. and -- >> the original plan is for the protestors to go right in. if you look here, can you see -- a low, mpd officers. even though they didn't get in the lobby, their message is still her. >> more of us together make us have more power. and something can happen. we're doing what we're doing. >> and that is -- >> reporter: protestors brought pennies, saying that is all
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they have left. they say considering the long outages after the big storms, pepco has a lot of nerve. >> pepco has the worst customer service in america and that is what we hear about. >> and that is -- to commence. >> no! >> reporter: any company that pays more to lobbyists than they do in process is doing something wrong. >> we are -- >> we're investing approximately a half billion dollars over five years to improve reliability and our focus right now is achieving that goal for our customers. they won't give up. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. happening on the redline in the morning rush hour. the workers discovered the crack near the tenleytown station. i tried the single track
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service from should end help -- friendship heights to van ness and caused delays. >> we apologize for the delays. trained control systems and everything else. >> that crack was in the older section of the rail and it was replaced around noon. right now, the service is back to normal. while the agencies deal with customer frustrations, it's considering raising rates. the agency has 50 possible fare changes on the table including raising the basic rate on metro rail to 210 during peak hours: the peek-of-the-peek charge might be eliminated and the maximum peek could be raised to $6 and metro will hold public meetings. police confirmed the human remains at the bottom of the with well in fort washington. maureen umeh is there with new
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information from police. y that calling it a death investigation. the public information officer julie parker told us that the body, a body was discovered here in old fort on road in fort washington and show you some shots shot earlier of the scene. this is located on an isolated property. you have to imagine that someone scouted it out. the property is off of the road, and neighbors say it's to their knowledge abandoned for some time. the prince georges county police were called to the scene after getting an anonymous tip from someone staying they would find a body at the bottom of the well and they put a camera down the 30-foot well. and let us know that, in fact, the body was discovered at the bottom. they saying this is an arduous process and bringing the body up. this their is a danger going
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through this. the well may collapse. really on steady ground here as they try to install the body and bring it up right now. this information is coming in to us and we're hoping to get more about who the person might be, although i suspect that that is going to be some time before they identify the remains there. i can tell you that alexand roar police have been on the -- alexander police are on the scene and we're hoping to learn that information as the night goes on. again, the process of removing the body from the bottom of the well is beginning right now. if you want to take a shot, a live shot of the scene, you might see officers, they set up their mobile crime units there and again, you're looking at it live now and there is a lot of officers, crime scene investigators on the scene and more continue to shine and that is what officials are working on. and they telling us that it's
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going to be an arduous process figuring this out. that is the latest from here in fort washington, brian. back into you. >> and marie. a plea deal for the man who fired shots at the pin. 23-year-old jonathan malaku is the former u.s. marine corps service who entered the plea in federal court in alexander today. he fired shots and at the pentagon and the military recruiting station in northern virginia. one of his attacks, he brought with him a video recorder. >> malaku is initially wearing a mask when he fires the shots and later takes the masks off. they found the video when he searched his home. as part of the ploy deal, he gets 25 years in prison. tonight, the republican candidates for president are turning up the heat in the sunshine state. as they get ready for another debate. the campaigns released a new barrage of attack ads aimed at
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each other. tom fitzgerald has more on this information it -- new information. >> reporter: this could be encouraging news for mitt romney as new polling has him in florida. newt gingrich is still on his he'lls and the senters are ramping up the negative air war and negative television ads. on tuesday, mitt romney found himself trailing newt gingrich in the florida primary. romney's fortunes are looking up. >> and we're in the wrong track and need need to change course in this country and get back to american values and principles and i want your vote on tuesday. >> reporter: the latest polls has them at 33%. >> this is a desperate last stand of the old order throwing the kitchen sink and hoping something sticks. if they can drown us in enough mud. >> reporter: gingrich is upset
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over pro-romney superpack ads, questioning his electability. >> it sounds good and you have tons of baggage. how will he ever beat obama? >> reporter: gingrich groups have launched attack ads aimed at romney's conservative credentials. >> and how can we trust him? -- . >> i am someone who is moderate and my vows are aggressive. >> reporter: think again. >> reporter: with rick santorum drawing double digits, where's showing no sign of surrendering the race to romney and gingrich. >> and some -- and to find out how disappointed you are. >> analysts say one has the most writing onfla. >> reporter: if romney hopes to restore his image as the inevitable nominee, florida is a must-win. >> and he has to show that he can play in the south.
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and you can not play in the heavily republican south. >> reporter: as the days wind down, until florida votes on january 31st, the rough and tumble between the republican candidates may just be starting up. and ron paul is not campaigning in florida and is moving on to the primary state and that is expected to see a lot of the tough talk on display and that is taking part of the debate this evening. and arizona governor jan brewer said she meant no disprespect when she's pointed her finger at president obama. she came to great greet the president yesterday. the president was unhappy with how she described the meeting between the two of them in her recent book. the white house said it's getting too much attention. it's a first for congress. a gay representative engaged to be married. and he is gushing about his
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future spouse. and a comment, he really regrets. why the state's biggest newspaper is calling him an idiot. sue. and this is looks like it wanted to rain all day. north and west it has been and we're expecting choirs. some of you may hear a rumble of thunder. the full forecast is coming up. what is going in sports. and happy anniversary, noter you and me, but for the washington redskins. twenty yearsing on, played in the last super bowl. you remember the old footage? we do. the skins haven't seen a sniff of it since. we'll look back before we look forward. when we continue. brian. and maybe you can check the weather any time when you download the fox 5 weather apps. go to the apps store and search d.c. weather. 
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. >> never again. two prince georges county delegates introduced legislation to close a state loophole that allows convicted fill tops stay in office until
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prison and she wanted to stay in office until sentenced. barney frank, the pioneer of gay rights in congress is engaged to be married. he will marry his partner jim red in the home state of massachusetts. and the couple have been together since 2007. she he told pbs that he's in love the first time in his life. they haven't set a date. he is retiring at the end of the term. a concon mayor apologizing for saying tacos would help heal relations with the town community. four people, police officers v been arrested, in fact, for discrimination and when asked how he would make amends, joseph maturo had this to say. >> i might have tacos when i go home. i'm not sure yet. i spent two years in puerto rico, i will probably dot same thing for the latino community. >> you realize that is not the comment to say. >> he released a written
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apologying -- apology after the governor said the comments are, quote, a horrible lack ever judgement or, worse, an underlying insensitivity to the latino commune that the is unacceptable. the newspaper called maturo an idiot. and chinese cultures are celebrating the new year and doing so in the burbs. why d.c.'s chinatown is not the only one that is changing. and first, kids think everyone is old, right? and especially teachers. can't argue with them this time. olivia from chicago is getting ready to turn 100 years young. she's been teaching since 1935 and has no plans to quit. her mother lyes to be 100 two of her cousins made it to 101. 
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. >> we're just a few days away from the chinese new year's celebration in northwest d.c. the now census numbers show a
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real decline in the traditional chinatown. he's more. >> reporter: they show 62% of americans live in the suburbs, up from 54% a year ago. the fastest racial loop in the u.s. is more likely than any other minority group to live in the suburbs. that means a decline in traditional urban neighborhoods. david lee crew up in san francisco's chinatown and later moved to the city's richmond district as so-called satellite chinatown. >> the chinese community in chinatown now is heavily senior and elderly. and this is a dramatic change from the chinatown that i grow up in, which was largely families. >> reporter: france's chinatown is essentially a tourist attraction with some housing left in seniors. in fact, can you walk through
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d.c.'s chinatown without seeing people of chinese descent. >> here you have the chinese restaurant and businesses, you don't see the chinese population, per say. >> reporter: new york's chinatown is no longer home to the city's large population of chinese people. the neighborhood's councilwoman said that chinatown remains an important cultural center. >> the cultural, the history, the roots are here. people, no matter where they move to, they always manage to come back here. >> reporter: while fewer asian americans living in chinatown, the population shift means more will celebrate the year of the dragon than ever before. shawn yancy, fox 5 news. >> the chinese new year's celebration kicks off sunday afternoon and the parade starts at 2. >> and that is an average day. i don't know what i would talk
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about. >> and that is a day. you may be able to get this and they held it bay a little bit, the remnants of high pressure keeping them off to the west and they will be riding in town and doesn't the capitol look terrific? and i am not sure about the glow, but i like it and there is some cloud cover and moisture in the air contributing to that. to the weather maps, i want you to see the next three days. believe it or not, we may start as warm as 62 degrees and see the temperatures fall a little in the afternoon and on a blustery wind and there is some rain around. with temperatures like this, we may hear a rumble of thunder. who has the best chance of hearing that in just a moment and on saturday, the temperature is not as warm as friday is going to be. 53 degrees and a lot of sunshine and that is looking like rolling through saturday rain free and that front comes through later in the day and that is going to drop the temperature on sunday to 44 degrees and right now, both of
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those days look dry as well. the temperature is going to be a big part of our story and there is a big contract across the area where we have had some showers and that is staying cooler, hagerstown, 38; here in d.c. and to the south, we got into the low 50s and there were some breaks of sun earlier getting up closer to 60 degrees. richmond is still there and a lot of warm air on the weather maps and that is contributing fuel as the area of low pressure gets closer tonight. we'll show you a few showers, north of d.c. and mostly on the light side. a couple of heavier downpours around the harrisburg area and we're going have to wait awhile before that gets in here and still tracking the rain to the north and west and there has been a lot of severe weather. yesterday, across texas,
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louisiana, and mississippi and there is no reports of tornados. that is the tornado watch and we know the storm his a tendency to produce cut of -- storms had a tendency to produce gusty winds and a lot of flooding. what about thunderstorms for us? it's possible that later tonight, a special one in the morning, we might hear a rumble of thunder and this here tonight, from about richmond on the 95 corridor all the way into florida has the possibility of seeing strong to severe thunderstorms. now, watch what happens with that risk area in the morning hours tomorrow and that is into our southern and eastern suburbs. we may watch southern prince georges county and more importantly, calvert and into saint mary's county and the owner shore and down through the northern neck of virginia. the possibility that can you have a strong to severe
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thunderstorm. and in terms of rain, we're getting most before noon and that is looking like a half an inch here and you're going to see them here and most of that is out of here and that is through the morning hours and by noon, it should clear on out and drop through the 50s and to 35 degrees tomorrow night and i also think that people may be surprised how strong the winds get. and they can gust to 30 miles an hour. >> and for the weekend, it's a drier pattern and temperatures are warmer saturday than sunday. >> the winds with the unsung elements. >> we have a lot around here. >> yeah, gee '. >> thank you, sue. and ball boy shows off his skills at the australian open. caught a ball with one hand and never left his seat. drew major cheers from the crowds and landed him a spot on espn. give that fan a contract. and game showed off one of the greatest rivalries in
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sports. the renewal of the federer versus nadal series. next. ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go [ male announcer ] hey, capital area! are you feelin' subway®? then heat up your day with the big hot pastrami melt! it's fresh toasted and piled-high with pastrami, then topped with pickles, mustard, and cheese. head into a subway® restaurant today for this melty, mouthwatering sub! ♪ let's go
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. >> good evening. randy whitman didn't like to see his old friend and old boss flip saunders get fired. having said that, he felt the wizards could do better and now that he might be the new voice to inspire that. randy whitman's done this before, replacing casey and with the t wolves head coach. last night, his team is taking on the bobcats. walker high off of the glass. here come the wizards. young had a team high and game high 20 and wizards up at the break and second half, wall leaves with match. the -- with blatch and the first victory in a week. randy whitman is doing his best to change the culture. >> and that is like any bad
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habit you have. if you're a smoker, you're not going to drop the smoking that day. that is all it s. we have fallen into playing away that is not conducive for us to win. when i see them pulling out of a cigarette, i have to take it. >> they're bad for you. last night, the terps gave the blue devils all they could handle. the lay-up and time expires in the first half and second half, they got cranked up. the difference, three and 12, and duke wins, 74-61. the terps with a 12-7 overall and 2-3 in the acc. prior to the game, an emotional dedication to longtime coach gary williams who riled the crowd up with the signature. and then the moment that was a long time coming. the renames of the comcast floor to gary williams' court.
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appropriate since the coach's success led to the construction of this very building. to tennis. nadal is clearly the best of right now. the aussie opened semis to venue and nadal looking to beat rogers the eighth time the last 10 grand slam matches. the i? finals, came out on fire, though, and from the far court. roger federer wins the first stet set in the tie breaker and as is the case, nadal gets himself back in the match and at match point, rogers forehand is going to sail along and moving to the finals, 6-7, 7-2, 6-7, 6-4 and he will play the winner of the other match. happy anniversary redskins fans. twenty years ago, the burgundy and gold played in the last super bowl, super bowl 26 and
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the opponent was the buffalo bills. the redskins behind rigs and griffin, 27-24 and that is the last championship for any of the major sports franchises in d.c. and the skins have struggled since. and free agent reliever brad lige agreed to a one-year contract and pitched to the phillies and not from late july because of elbow and shoulder problems in the right arm and that is your sports. back to you. now you have the news edge. the news is always on back here at 10. thage in 11 as always. hope you will be, too. be, too.  ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪
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