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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 27, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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almost four-hour hearing in the chrome. he asked the people to be quiet and what he said was this. because of the -- and he was looking at britney norwood when he said this. because of the barbaric nature of the attack, i am reluctant to grant you the slightest chance of doing this to another member of our comnimuty again. moments early, britney norwood stood up the first time and said to the court, she said i want the murray family to know how deeply sorry i am. i hope you will be able to find forgiveness in your heart. i. truly sorry and this is a crime from march 11th, britney norwood convicted of first- degree murder for speeding, stabbing, and then beating some more, her coworker jana murray in the lulu lemon store, more
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than 330 blows to jana murray. a 30-year-old world traveler, texan basically, and here after college working and -- excuse me. for the murray people, eight people testified today all asking for life without parole. for britney norwood's family, all nine of her siblings, eight of them, she's one of nine children, all eight siblings wrote statements to the judge, her parents wrote statements to the judge, it was only her oldest brother who ask the judge to show some mercy and give her, britney, some hope that she will one day, 25, 30 years from now, get out of prison if she becomes rehabilitated to give the family hope. but that was not to be and moments ago, we heard from the family members and the montgomery county state's attorney about the sentence and other factors of the case. >> as a result of that
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sentence, miss norwood will die in jail. she won't be eligible for parole. >> my first answer is it's too little, too late. this silent first time we have heard an apology, any remorse, anything at all from britney norwood. >> we were raised always do something to help and -- those in need -- and it's still -- i can't still understand why they didn't do anything. and it further bothers me that we haven't gotten a sympathy card from them, apple corporation, anything. >> reporter: captain hugh murray is in the army, a lawyer in the average. what he was referring to is something that kind of surprised all of us.
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and that is in court this afternoon. the judge, probably more emotional than any other time, said he was mad at the apple employees and said citing the callous indifference of the apple -- apple employees who didn't do a thing to stop it. they testified that they heard jana murray scream god, please help me in the store next to the apple store and never called 9 learn. that was something here this be after. a new hampshire house committee rejected a resolution to recognize d.c. as the 51st sit. this is after the mayor and council travelled hundreds of miles to testify. matt ackland travelled with the delegation and is now from manchester, new hampshire. matt? >> reporter: brian, this is a terrible blow for those who have been fighting for d.c.s statehood. the vote came down around 5:00 this evening and that vote was 8-3 against the resolutions.
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this came out after hours of testimony from mayor gray and several d.c. council members. the delegation arrived at the airport the first flight out. touching down in manchester. the group boarded three vans, heading to new hampshire's capitol: concord. arriving at the statehouse, mayor gray and five council members at his side, were greeted by new hampshire representative cindy rosen wald. she proposed house resolutions 26. >> we are all about full representation, and your license plates club me over the head with it. taxation without representation is unfair. >> reporter: the bill in front of the state federal regs would express support as admitting the district of columbia as the 51st state. it was this man who worked with new hampshire lawmakers to get this bill introduced. >> we're asking for something we're entitled to by birth. we're miles an hour.
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we pay our -- taxes, work hard and swear a lonelyiance of the country. i'm asking on behalf of the 625,000 people we represent, bring us to the family. many tough questions from gun control and local funding and the crime rate in d.c. >> new hampshire is the safest state in the country to live in and when you think why, first of all, we're not a no-gun zone and hold -- new hampshire has a gun to protect themselves. >> our gun control laws are designed to promote public safety in the city and we think they worked for us. >> reporter: representative -- republican leeps came to the hearing with an open mind. after the hear something. >> i think the legislators and -- in the united states, we should be concerned that each person has equal representati >> reporter: the fight for statehood doesn't end for 234- 5678. the plans are in the works to travel to state capitols in florida and tennessee. >> the residents of the district can not and will not
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rest until full statehood has been achieved. and woa city of proud and dedicated americans. again, i want to thank the people of new hampshire for standing with us today. >> reporter: once again, an 8-3 defeat in the committee here in new hampshire. brian, i have already spoke 10 to a number of city hall sources. they say that this is not over yet. in fact, they were talking this afternoon and they still think there is a chance to get this to a full vote in a new hampshire house. so they haven't given up here in new hampshire, and they plan to take this d.c. statehood fight throughout the country. back to you. >> all right, matt ackland. with three days to go until the florida primary, mitt romney appears to be back out front. the new poll shows the former massachusetts governor opening up a sizeable lead over newt gingrich. this comes after another bruising debate last night that had romney on the attack and the former speak or defense. tom, has to be good news for
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the romney camp. >> reporter: it is, brian. from what we been history, predicting victors in florida can lead to surprises come election day and this we know doknow. the latest poll is showing mitt romney with a nine-point lead. for newt gingrich, numbers are not good. with women, they're dropping. in 72 hours, he has to reverse the trend in florida. mitt romney had a lot to smile about in the sunshine state on friday. he has opened up a big lead in the florida primaries. >> and thank you so much. you fabulous. thank you. >> reporter: a new poll now shows mitt romney ahead in florida with 38%, followed by newt gingrich with 29% and ron paul at 14% and rick santorum with 12. for his part, gingrich shifted strategy friday by reaching out to florida's latino voters.
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>> and we really totally neglect latin america. the results are very dangerous. >> reporter: last night in a cable news network debate, gingrich and romney went at it again, this time over who has attacked who the most. >> the governor's been cheerfully attacking me inaccurately, and he nones --s it. >> wouldn't it be nice that people didn't make accusations somewhere else they were not able to defend here. >> rick santorum scolded both candidates. >> leave that alone and focus on the issues. >> reporter: and while florida's primary is showing republican candidates going at each other, some are questioning if they're going too far. >> and party activists and grass roots enjoy this. >> reporter: the human of the political editor said many top republicans are growing concerns that the bruising battle will produce a wounded nominee. >> and some people are tired that issues are fading from the dialogue and that is getting
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too invective and punching and counterpunching at this point. >> reporter: with 72 hours until primary day, republicans in florida are showing no signs of pulling their punches until the bell rings on tuesday. you know, one major voice in florida is calling on the candidates to cool it. florida senator mark arubio is speaking out the last few days and saying the republican candidates need to focus on defeating president obama rather than damaging each other. it's important to note, brian, rubio is mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate and he's not endorsed anyone in this race. >> all right, tom, again, the florida primary is scheduled for january 31st. after that, the nevada and maine caucuses in early february. and former prince georges county executive jack johnson won't be allowed to practice law. and there is that ruling today. johnson was sentenced last month for taking bribes from developers. johnson served as state's
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attorney and county executive. a mystery at the bottom of the well in fort washington, maryland. the police found the body in the well yesterday after receiving an anonymous tip. a camera was lowered 20 feet down to confirm the well was there and it was too unstable for crews to retrieve it. they working on making it safe. the cadets from the prince georges county police department spent hours searching the area for any clues. coming up, okay boy d.c. gets a warning. -- occupy d.c. gets a warning. they have a few days to make changes or face the consequences -- consequence. and a president born three centuries ago has a grandchild living in virginia. don't believe it? do the math next. sow. and that is a great story and i am staying tuned for it. i'm staying tuned to the forecast. it's 62 forward for the high; dulles, 64 and what you can expect through the weekend. and sue, it's nice today. you could have played some golf and that is what tiger woods did halfway around the world. could the former number one player in the world regain his
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form well? check out the second round. looks good. looks go. 
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>> maryland's first lady regrets getting fired up over gay marriage. katie o'malley spoke at a national conference in baltimore saying there were, quote, cowards in the state -- and she said, quote, i let the feelings get the best of me and there were different views on marriage equality in maryland. john tyler was born in 1790, follow me here and doesn't sound possible. two of his grandsons are still alive. and this is the map. president tyler had a son when he was 63 and that son had two children when he was in the 70s. now harrison and lion tyler are both in their 80s. harrison lives outside of richmond in the same home where his grandfather lived more than
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200 years ago. and still ahead, the secret service investigates a disturbing photo. bullet holes in the president's face, graphic and might be legal. we'll explain in two minutes. 
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. >> you have been warned, the u.s. park police distributed flyers to occupy d.c. protestors telling them they can't camp out in two parks anymore. audrey barnes has details. >> reporter: the national park service -- and the one here at mcpherson square with the flyers, telling the occupiers that beginning on monday, they will no longer be allowed to camp here. that also includes temporary structures that can hold storm supplies and sleeping gear. most of the occupiers i spoke with are not going anywhere.
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>> i am sticking out until the end. if the last structure here is that, so be it. >> i don't see anyone going anywhere. we're all staying and as a matter of what to do with the tents and the sleeping equipment and everything else. >> reporter: according to the flyer, there were two ways you could be in compliance. you can remove all of the camping gear or leave one side of your temporary structure at all times so the park service can look inside and make sure you're indeed, in compliance. back to you. >> thank you, audrey. and an arizona police officer posted the photo showing several teens with guns posing next to the shirt and appears last week before the visit to arizona that secret service is investigating the photo and questioning the officer. no charges were filed, since this is covered by freedom of speech. have you seen this? parts a bridge in kentucky collapsing after being hit by a barge. the three-story high boat hit
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the main spam last night, causing parts of the bridge to fall into the water. no one was hurt but, of course, the bridge is shut down indefinitely. there was a moment where i stepped out and said wow, this is nice. >> it's craze. >> and that is like early april. >> yeah. >> and that is. >> and do you get a thunderstorm today, too? >> early this morning. >> and some thunderstorms roll on through. the temperatures stayed up longer and they're dropping into the 40s and the winter is still gusty. the winds will get better and later tonight. wow, pink yourself, 62 degrees and last year, we were still shoveling up from that messy karma geton sierra cement hard- pressed to get any snow in the forecast and the five-day forecast is going to city on the mild side as well and these are the highs we hit today. 64 degrees at dulles, bwi marshal coming in at 63 degrees and we are dropping off still a
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little bit of warmth hanging on south and east of the d.c., 49 degrees in the district and in hagerstown, 43 degrees and winchester, 43 as well and to the mountains, the 30s are coming and in the suburbs to about 38 degrees and in this district. if you heading out, dress for that and the winds. they gusted over 30, 35 miles an hour today and down to getting gusts to 25 here in the city and each hour, this will get better. it will be slightly breezy as we go through the overnight hours and the gusts are with us another hour or two. the weekend forecast, saturday, we'll have clouds around in the afternoon and got a couple of quick disturbances coming on and a second on sunday. they're minor storms we'll swing through and they will increase the cloud deck. i won't be shocked if a couple
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of spot his a sprinkle here and there and a snowflake on sunday and that is a small chance. got the radar up and running here. i wanted you to see this and this is the last 12 hours and we got the thunderstorms, south and east of the city and did i mention one more quick storm to come? this is coming up tomorrow afternoon. and we're going to be warm into the mid-50s again and enjoy most of the saturday. and the moisture is to the north and the front will come through dry and that is why sunday's temperature is cooler at 44 degrees and for sunday. and breezy. notice the wind direction is getting better out of the west- northwest at 10 to 15 and even at that diminished capacity, it's noticeable in the 30s and heading on the town tonight, take your jacket with you and tomorrow, a mix of clouds and
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sun. still a deal in the temperature department at 55 degrees and that is dropping off tomorrow night and we'll head back into the 30s before rebounding on sunday to -- sunday to 44 degrees and this is average. a dry day and mild day, eight in the morning, 41 with lots of sunshine. by noon, 50 and 4:00, 52 and with that increase in cloud cover. i want you to so when the system is passing on by. in the morning, here comes the system and can there be a sprinkle here and there? that can happen. tends to be overanalyzed by the future cast and starting out sunny on sunday and cooler and surprised. the future cast still wants to hang on to a chance of a flurry or sprinkle with the passage of the second weak system on sunday and we'll see if that is ending up holding together. they don't survive the trip across the mountains. if you see something, that is not going to amount to anything causing trouble. the five-day forecast is full of temperatures that are above
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average. sundays are cooler into the mid- 40s, and monday is cool as well and into above average temperature and well above it by 10 to 14 degrees. this starts most of next week. >> thank you, sue. >> sure. coming up on the sports edge, the wizards on the court tonight trying to build on their first win under the new head coach. can john wall step up his game under the new coaching regime? ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go [ male announcer ] hey, capital area! are you feelin' subway®?
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. >> hello, everybody. dave ross with you tonight. the wizards will try to accomplish two things in one. get their first road win of the season and win two games in a row. all of this under the new head coach randy whitman, who is undefeated after one game game and i digress. one player the wizards are hoping for is point guard don wall. last year's overall pick was expected to make a huge jump in year 2 and that is -- down from
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last year, the turnovers are up and randy whitman knows that wall is the guy in this team who can take the wizards to the next level. >> and this is too good of a talented kid. we have to utilize everything out of the talent like that and i think which he gets involved defensively, he's even better in the open court offensively. >> there is no question, though, when he's engaged, he's a very, very good player. >> yes, he is. tomorrow, the hoyas hit the road in big east play and when they travel to pittsburgh, this is a house of horrors. this year, looks like a winnable rowdy and that is because the hoyas -- roadie and that is because the hoyas are good. the hoyas had a whole week off after beating rutgers last saturday. georgetown remains nineth in the country at 16-3 overall and the panthers dismal in conference play, 1-7 and 1-3 at home and john thompson 3 said
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don't get caught up in the numbers. >> and in this league, you would be a fool if you looked at records. and everything in the league is good. they have a player-of-the-year and sitting on the bench. a lot of good players and we look at the record more as a blip opposed to who they are. >> and tennis down under. semi finals of the aussie open, rule number one, taking on andy murray and what a night this was. with the full five sets, going four hours and 50 minutes. and rallied after trailing two sets to one to pull this out in thrilling fashion and -- you'll have to beat nadal in the finals. good luck. and the second round of the abu dhabi championship, tiger woods is in contention today with a 3-under 69. the shots like this on 12 and to brian bolter can make that one and he's too shots off of
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the lead and how about the u.s. open win and from congressional? and he's there at tiger and under 500. they will play again tomorrow and i think you should have played there. >> and not as beautiful as a budoby? >> not as beautiful. -- abu dhabi. >> dare to dream. >> i will get my passport ready. and to sue palka. >> and you don't need the travel guys. enjoy it. the chamber of commerce for a d.c. win, for sure and you can golf tomorrow at 55 degrees and the weekends looking cooler for sunday. >> thank you, sue. back here at 10. the news edge at 11. so you. 
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