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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  January 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:15pm EST

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nothing is ever easy. javell mcgee. off the mark and wizards celebrate. randy whitman celebrates their first road win. he is 2-1 as the head coach. how about the terps hosting virginia tech. you can see the sneakers there, for a very good cause, for coaches against cancer. ashton panke running the late. terps up at that point. and watch this move, between the legs, pull it back and drain it for three. he had a game high. they beat virginia tech. maryland ending a three-game skid. j. t. iii, on the road. the lane and the foul. the lead is down to 5. can the
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hoyas complete the comeback? >>. no the freshman gets at it a little late. georgetown was late all day in this one. pittsburgh is now 12-0 lifetime in that building against top 10 opponents the reason i was going crazy, the ufc on fox for the second time after. and what a night it was. three fights here being seen. mr. wonderful davis against sugar rashard evan. this was all sugar all the time, did the majority of the damage all the time. watch this. he gets him down on the ground and that's what they call a crucifix. evans takes out mr. wonderful who was at penn state, with the arm raised right there he will now go on to fight for the
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title against a guy named john bones jones. and in the undercard, the winner will go to fight the best fighter in the ufc. and he is quite a character when he does his post-fight interview with joe rogan. it was very comical. >> docile ver have a nickname? >> the spider. he is the spider. he crawls around a little bit. >> and the crucifix transitions into a lot of ground. >> yes, a lot of elbow. he is the ufc aficionado. i have studied martial arts. >> yes. >> imagine watching your friends disappear in an avalanche. these guys knew exactly what to do. 
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food, parades and firecrackers. the celebration for the chinese new year kicks off tomorrow but there is a decline in chinatown. >> 2 it% of asian americans now live in the suburbs up from 54%. the fastest racial movement in the u.s. is now more hikely than any other mi merit groups to live in the suburbs. >> that means a decline in traditional urban neighborhoods. >> david lee grew up in san francisco's china town but moved to the city's richmond district, a so call satellite district. the chinese community in china town is heavily senior and elderly. and this is a dramatic change from the china town that i grew up in which was largely
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families. >> san francisco's china town has become a tourist attraction with some housing left for seniors and immigrants. you can walk through d.c.'s china town without seeing people of chinese descent. >> here, you have the chinese restaurants but no chinese per say. >> new york's chinatown is home to the largest chinatown in the people who matter where they move to, they always come back here. >> while fewer asian americans live in chinatown, the population shift means that more areas of the country will celebrate the year of the dragon. >> the new year celebration is tomorrow afternoon and h street in northwest. pat raid starts at 2:00 and the giant firecrackers go off at about 3:45. southern states were hit
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hard in 2011 by tornadoes. hundreds of people died in those storms. hundreds of them are now trying to velocity ways to stay warm and stay safe if a tornado comes. >> we simply think of tornado alley but you may be surprised to hear that the hardest hit states were the hardest south. the hardest hit state in 2011 was alabama with 177 twisters. neighboring mississippi saw 162 tornadoes, the second highest. next on the list, texas, north carolina, and missouri. the pictures are hard to forget. the deadly day on april 27th when 248 people lost their lives in the state of alabama. after that horrific day, the governor created a council to come up with a way to save public lives.
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>> they say that the state needs more tax credit for businesses and education, an annual sales tax holiday. the recommendations could not have come at a better time last monday's outbreak has alabama leading again this year with the 22 reported tornadoes in just 28 days. so, what's up with this deadly pattern in the south? here is ken cook, the chief meteorologist at fox 5 here in atlanta. we won't be off the hook in march and april. with the systems that we had, the type of weather pattern that we have now is very active and tends to get more active as you get into march and april. we start getting a bigger contrast, warmer to the south, still cold in the northern states and canada. and you have a very active jet stream pattern. cook would not go as far as to say he wants to redefine tornado alley. but he goes on to say that we are not out of woods in march and april.
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most people will agree as far as winter is concerned, we had it pretty easy so far. >> the only issue we had thus far have been the winds, the last couple of days. >> definitely. we had a mild winter. >> we are all complaining about it. still sold. >> i had people saying, i want snow, gwen? when are we going to get more snow? >> and we don't know yet. it's not over. the winds are still very gusty and you can see the cameras shaking. that has been the story of the day. once again, that mild vein is continuing. could see some pass twingeles. plenty of sunshine as well. and we are going to see some daytime temperatures continuing to be well above seasonal in a few days as well.
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we have some surprise numbers there. today, 53 degrees at national. 54 at dulles and 53 in baltimore. those temperature, from 9 to 11 degrees higher than the seasonal average. we should only be in the 40s. we are getting those mild conditions here is the current wind gust right now and they are fairly strong and have been strong as we mentioned, throughout the course of the day yesterday. 28 mile-per-hour wind gusts in nap police. 23 in baltimore. 26 in haigers down. 22 in manassas. the winds are going to continue to be strong as we move into your sunday as well. when you are heading out in the mourn for morning services or brunch or whatever, keep that in mind because you're going to feel the movement in the car as a result. skies clearing quite nicely. ridge of high pressure in control. we are not going to see very much in terp of clouds. 43 degrees. 41 in baltimore, 45 in haggerstown. a little cooler in cumberland. 37 in winchester. 45 to the south in
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fredericksburg. mid-atlantic, 39 in boston. we have 28 degrees in bingham ton right here where it's a little bit cooler. they are getting that influx of the colder air dome moving in from the north and northwest. overall, not too bad. tonight, temperatures, in the burbs, areas to the north of the city dropping into the 20s. be prepared for that the skies will be clear but you still have to deal with those wind and that means there is going to be some wind chill out there. it's going to feel a lot colder than it is. we head into sunday, by sunday afternoon, evening, as a result of that, we could see a passing sprinkle or flurry. i'm not ruling that out. don't be surprised if you see a flurry or two floating around. nothing is going to accumulate. here across the mason dixon line is where i anticipate. this is going to be a sprinkle
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or passing flurry but the winds are going to continue to be strong here is a look at the future cast. we start to see a little bit of that precipitation heading its way across and quickly ming its way out. by 10:00 tomorrow night, we are back to mainly some sky system, clearness and a few clouds. cold dome. things change next week. we have a warmer influx of air. we are headed into the sixties by the time we hit mid-week. not going to be bad at all. will be pleasant and enjoyable with the sunshine. a few clouds by the afternoon hours. once again, could see some of that passing precipitation. otherwise, not bad. tonight, the gusty winds, 30 degrees, a lot cooler in the burbs, into the 20s. here is a look at the forecast. dry week ahead. could see some changes but before that, not bad. look at the 60s on wednesday. >> pretty good >> looking forward to that. >> imagine a fun ski trip suddenly turning into a life
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and death struggle. suddenly an avalanche and you are buried alive. >> can't move, can't breathe. it happened to a man that you will meet. >> fox 5's jeff van sant has the story. >> a day of snowmobiling suddenly took an almost tragic turns he said, get out of the way. i can't steer. john swanson was in the paste of an avalanche. i thought that the snowmobile was on to. it wasn't until i was totally undoing and looked back at the hillside to realize that the whole hillside gave way. >> he was buried in seconds. >> it's like being in concrete. i guess i had always figured you could move somewhat. you wiggle here, wiggle there and create yourself an air pocket. the snow was n filled my mask in. >> john was suffocating. >> every time i tried


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