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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  January 28, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EST

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inhale, it was inhaling highs bulbs. >> his fellow snowmobilers frantically clawed and dug at the snow. >> ross was yelling, where you add? he stepped on my head and he started digging there. >> seconds later, he he could breathe again. >> once they got my arm free, i said, stop digging, pull me out. >> john relives the experience, a lucky guy, one who has learned a lot. i'm sure people will be a lot more aware, have avalanche beacons and safety gear. if nothing else, this is a good and hopeful it will save somebody down the road that gets caught in a similar situation. >> jeff van sant, fox news. >> lucky to have quick thinking friends out there just a few more months until we're going to be enjoying baseball at nats stadium. >> that means that the nat pack is back. the search for the most
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you are watching a few of the folks who hope to entertain you at the next nats game. they are auditioning to be what's called the nat pack, the group of fans that get you going, get things hot and heavy -- well, not hot and heavy, just hot. before and during games. they were judged on their energy and ability to rile the crowd. they take care of all of our promotion, set up during the games. the easiest thing is they dot t- shirt toss. that's the best job in baseball. david says he is hoping to hire between 15 and 20 entertainers. nothing hot and heavy about the nat pack >> but certainly very funny. >> good family fun. the news edge at 11 starts
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right now. thanks for staying with us. we start off with the d.c. woman who is bravely tell her horrifying story after two men ambushed her in the middle of the night during a home invasion. >> she got up because a girl knocked on her door and seemed to be crying and scared. but that girl was just part of a brutal robbery plot. >> it began about 2:30 a.m. in the historic neighborhood in northwest d.c elizabeth samuel was home alone, sleeping when she heard a knock at the door. she looked out and saw a girl who appeared to be in trouble. >> she was pretty much shaking. it's like, you know, very close to my door like help me. when she opened the door, the girl and two armed men opened the house. then they all were wearing masks. i thought a jolt. >> they threw her on the floor,
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bound her mouth with duct tape and demanded money. i begged them, take my car. take the credit cards. take anything, whatever you want. you're going to kill me because there is no money and i don't want you to get more mad. >> the robber beat her on the face and head with a pistol but her greatest fear was what happened when her husband came home from work. >> i didn't want my husband to come home from work and get shot. >> reporter: when her husband came home, he opened the door. he saw two men step into the doorway. they were armed. they were armed. he stepped back. he had a bottle of wine that he brought home for his wife in the bag. he pulled it out of the bag and he heaved the bottle of wine at one of the robber he's heat. >> one of the robbers hit the husband with the butt of the gun. he fell down.
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he felt he had to get up. he got up. he punched the robber. a fight ensued. the robber ran out of the house and he let them go. >> reporter: do you feel that your husband saved your life? >> yeah. wouldn't you think? i would not be sitting talking to you. elizabeth thinks that her misfortune should serve as a lesson to others. >> don't open your door to nobody. it could be a little kid. don't open the door. just call the police from the house. do not open for nobody. >> from northwest d.c., dick krantz, fox 5 news. a man with a gun created quite a scene for hours at the fairfax county courthouse many the man parked at the top level of the public garage on the courthouse complex and threatened to kill himself. police didn't believe he was a threat to the public but they closed off all the streets around the courthouse as a precaution. all is clear tonight. a body discovered in a well
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in prince george's county county has been removed. we are there at 11:00. the body was did i could have had thursday in abandoned well after police got an anonymous phone call. structural concerns and permits were needed it to excavate. it could be as late as monday before the body is identified a huge fight at the university of richmond forces police to use pepper spray and make arrests. this happened of a an event open to college area students. police have not said what sparked the fight. no injuries were reported but a handful of man who were not university of richmond students were arrested. back here in the district, safeway partnering with d.c. fire and e m f to keep you safe. thinks the wellness and safety fair. volunteers helped show residents the best way to make a child seat safe, how to use a fire extinguisher and showed kids how to stop, drop and roll and much, much more. the firefight department gave
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out smoke detectors and a combination. >> secretary of transportation ray la could be put on the hot seat for a statement he made at virginia commonwealth university this week. la hood told a small group of students there was an unlimited supply of oil around -- in the countries around the world and it was something that contradicted the obama administration. >> we will run out in. >> not in your lifetime. >> the obama administration suggests that oil and gas are limited and that's the basis for developing energy sources. if you of have gotten a ticket from a speed camera, you know how frustrated it could be. no one is more frustrated than chef jeff. the popular d.c. chef is
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leading a campaign to warn drivers about one of those red light traffic cameras. thanks for joining me. >> glad to be here. >> tell us about this campaign that you are spearheading on foxhall. i got $425 worth of speeding tickets in three days >> three tickets? >> 125 and $150 apiece >> let's show fox what you have done. you have hired a guy with a sign to warn drivers. what does the sign say and what's the point? >> sign says, please, slow down. new speed camera, 500 feet ahead. $150 fines sort of courtesy of your restaurant chef jeff >> reporter: three tickets out there police would say if you don't speed, then you don't have to worry about these speed cameras. what do you say to that? >> through, through i have actually talked to the police department and they are
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supporting this process. we are trying to get the word out that the speed is 25 miles per hour on foxhall road which seems slow to me but that's what it is and we want to get everybody to sort of slow down and sort of abide by the speed limit. police told us the same thing. they don't have a problem with your sign. in fact, they say, we don't want our speed camera to be a secret. so you done want to en courage speeding. >> there is a little bit of a protest in the fact that i do think the one positioning of this litcamera is a little bit -- it's a little less public safety and more of a money grab, maybe 90% money grab, 10% -- >> aaa says that these cameras promote traffic safety but also designed to generate a lot of money for the city. >> true. and i really wish it was more like 90% public safety and 10% sorts of revenue generating. i really kind of feel it's the
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other way around. >> it's almost like you would rather have people spend 150 there are at chef jeff. definitely. i would rather have them do that. chef jeff on the war paste over the speed camera. >> you are enjoying your weekend so far? threats'gwen will be next. precipitation scattering by. we'll have details what have you can expect after the break.  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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another day with gusty winds and the wind are still fairly strong 26 in haggerstown. 24 in manassas. not a break for tomorrow either. those winds will continue to be gusty and there is a small craft vice rhythm i would not be surprised if, tomorrow, we end up with a wind advis


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