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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 16, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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ahead on fox 5 morning news a growing prostitution scandal involving secret service agents now the president is speaking out. >> that some of the allegations made in the press, are confirmed, then of course. >> the alleged incident happened in cool colombia. plus a of reflection and remembrance, five years ago a gunman forever changed the campus of virginia tech. >> overseas in afghanistan the taliban's biggest assault in a decade hours ago two days of explosion and gunfire have come to an end the very latest on that situation and more as fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. there is a live shot outside, a few clouds out
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there, another beautiful start to what looks like will be a beautiful day, it is already warm in the 60s monday, april 16th, 2012 emancipation day in the district good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am melanie alnwick in for allison seymour. dc schools offices and libraries are closed in honor of the emancipation act which freed 3100 slays in the district, 151 years ago. watch out for street closures. good day for parades, well, it will be warm. >> maybe a little hot if you are putting on parade gear >> i would agree yeah. gwen is here she has a look at today's forecast. >> good morning you are absolutely right it will be a little warm for all that gear but if you are going out to see the parade you want sunglasses, sun hat, sun screen take your water you will need it a few clouds across the area will give way to sunshine,
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compliments of a nice ridge of high pressure, 53 degrees officially regan national airport, 84% humidity, that is an indication where we are headed unbelievable expect to see it become a very sticky day as well right now, 63 dulles, same bwi marshall, and today we are talking no shortage of sunshine as i said those clouds will give way to bright skies the winds will pick up from the southwest, breezy side, but overall not too bad warm winds will boost our temperature headed for a daytime high of 85 today by the 5:00 p.m. hour about 83 by midday about 80 degrees. i wouldn't be surprise first- degree some of our neighbors -- surprised if some of our neighbors south of dc see their temperatures head to the upper 80s not a bad day i will look at your 5 day forecast with you later on in the meantime, we want to keep an eye on the traffic. >> we have a couple problems to report out here on the roads
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this morning if you are travelling up in german town area, heads up, great seneca highway, middle brook, authorities tell me they are on the scene of a crash. 270 itself, on the brakes from 109 to the truck scale south, slow traffic german town leaving father hurly boulevard, out towards mba slow traffic 370, belt way outer loop speed, checking for the car fire near river road lanes open between 270 and american legion bridge, delays extend manassas, leaving business, 234 past 28 centerville more stop and go slow traffic between 50 and 123. this mornings big story secret service prostitution scandal in colombia, the incident happened before the president arrived in south america even though prostitution is legal in colombia it is a violation of the secret service, zero
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tolerance policy on personal misconduct this morning the agency is in damage control. >> agents could have been blackmailed by these prostitutes, they were married, the prostitutes had leverage over them and could have you know been in concert with terrorists or drug cartel people. >> what happened here in colombia is being investigated by the director of the secret service, i expect that investigation to be thorough and i expect it to be rigorous. >> the entire team has been replaced and white house security says security was never compromised. >> for more on the secret service scandal we are joined by ed o'keefe who specializes on congress for the washington post. how big of a deal is this in your opinion. >> huge you talk to people who either were in the secret service or follow it very closely they said this has to be the largest scandal ever the
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idea you had 11 guys not only compromise the president's security by the bubble set up for him and the entire american delegation for the summit, tremendously embarrassing, it is called the secret service nothing is to be talked about it is being talked about at the water cooler this is exactly what the secret service doesn't want doesn't need and very embarrassing for them. >> right it is not unheard of for agencies like this, military, people in air crew bars, war zones, it is not unheard of when you have that sort of comradery type ship and stressful situations you blow off a little steam what makes this a compromise of security? >> sure a few things. they have a zero tolerance policy they violated the misconduct policy, second though it is legal in colombia it is illegal in the united
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states secret service personnel are to follow u.s. law no matter what. they brought people into this facility, housing u.s. officials who knows they could have been tied to a drug cartel or terrorist group that may seem like blowing it out of proportion but they are not supposed to take the list most of all they embarrassed the president, the white house was frankly hoping he would go down to the colombia for the weekened, attend this summit, come back and focus on the economy he goes down has a troubling weekend with the latin american leaders and then has to handle this. and chairman of the house oversight committee is saying he will hold an enquiry. >> not only him but house homeland security committee, senate committees that have jurisdiction as well there will have to be some public airing of all this and say look have you fixed the problem will there be a problem in the future again in future.
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then we have to hear from these 11 guys most live in this washington area. isa said, there are wheeled up parties, the guys who put the thing together head over to the bar and celebrate that trip is over has this type of thing happened before. >> right he did say usually these things don't happen in isolation, so this whole airing of dirty laundry not something they want to have. >> not at all especially in a year when they are protecting not only the president, vice president, families, former president's mitt romney and his entire family as the campaign begins, two big conventions to provide security for, meeting of nato in chicago in may. they have had several other summits, there is a very busy time they don't need this distraction. >> ed o'keefe thanks for joining us. tony. >> thank you very much.
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some other top stories, a day of remembrance on the fifth anniversary of virginia tech massacre a ceremonial candle was lit on campus in honor of the 3 the people kill add community picnic will be held at 11:30 a.m., a candlelight vigil and memorial will be held tonight. one of the survivors will be on capitol hill today to push lawmakers to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. the former lacrosse player will learn his sentencing date, attorneys for george huguely are are at his hearing. on the campaign trail the back and forth between mitt romney and president barack obama is heating up. while both square off on everything from jobs to taxes the latest fox news poll shows
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statistical dead heat, romney leading president obama 46 to 44% nationally, and that is within the polls margin of error all this with just 203 days until the election. >> today mitt romney's wife ann will celebrate her 63rd birthday in northern virginia, raising money for her husband 150 people will attend a woman's only event at a home in mcclean, common wealth's first lady maureen mcdonald is expected to attend romney made headlines last week for taking to twitter to refute criticism she never worked a day in her life. afghan security forces display a show of strength against the taliban during a second day of attacks where things stand now. >> tornadoes sweep across the nations mid-section this was not unexpected this weekend they leave a path of destruction behind, a closer look at the damage as residents sift through debris this
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morning. >> in sports caps return to verizon center for game three first round of the playoffs, dave ross is standing by with a preview we will check with him. >> as we head to the break a live lookout side not bad out in the 60s going to get the latest weather and traffic from gwen and julie coming up next 10 minutes after 7:00 a.m. my k. oh, kidney bean again. that's funny. ♪
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roundup extended control you're ththank you, sweetie. oh... ♪ a new series of explosions and heavy gunfire in afghanistan is making headlines after 18 hours, government led forces defeated insurgents holed up in one building in the hart of kabul 13 another near parliament, they bush and another near parliament -- and another near parliament it is their boldest and most complex assault in years. tornado alley national
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weather service said 120 reports of twisters by dawn sunday, five people were killed near oklahoma city including three children when a storm ripped through a mobile home park this mornings threat of wicked weather remains for some areas. around here it is signs of a drought, just how dry is it? well, we've had less than 6 inches of rain since january, usually we have more than 10 inches by this time of the year, according to the national weather service we are almost as dry as this time in 2002 which was the driest on record. >> a lot of people doing hand watering. >> yeah, and farmers really suffering. definitely and no rain in the forecast to talk about opposite, hot humid conditions and it will be -- exactly and temperatures rising to 80s. not going to help our drought situation soaring temperatures in our neighbourhood, 63
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degrees washington national airport, 63 at bwi marshall, 67 south at fredericksburg you can see temperatures quite a variance, 67 win chester, 60 cumberland to the west we are talking about sunshine today, take a look at what is happening elsewhere to our west, still, the area hit with all the storms to our west great lakes all the way straight through down to the gulf coast dealing with strong storms through there that pattern will continue that system will move its way through east, very slowly all ahead of a frontal system that front will pass our area as we head through into the next 24 hours or so and with it cooler condition ifs, influx of cooler air behind it in the meantime sunny skies today, big temperature rise, humidity kicking in as well expected to be mid-80s into the course of the afternoon your five day forecast telling you by the time we hit tuesday we get a cool down, 10 degrees or so
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because that cold front will shuffle in cooler air a chance of showers from an upper level system and back the dry conditions thursday i don't think that system wednesday will bring us any significant rainfall to help our drought situation, today is a day you want to make sure you hydrate well, with lots of water make sure you protect your skin as well and maybe wear a hat and sun shades while outside because the sun, don't be fooled by it can be on the dangerous side. >> thank you gwen appreciate it. wish we could get more rain. >> julie wright is here this morning hey, julie. >> all right you guys as gwen mentioned stay hydrated, keep cool don't forget about the little pets outside if you keep your dog outside make sure he had shade, plenty of water for cats and kittens too. northbound 395, lanes are open pace is falling as you make your way toward landmark. heavy and steady no accidents northbound i-95, below speed
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across the occoquan, in towards springfield our camera just went out it tuckered out travelling south 270, delays as you travel out of german town leaving father hurly boulevard traffic flows approaching falls road headed out towards the lane divide. all right thank you very much the can tolls hit the -- capitals hit the ice tonight tied at 1 game a piece. >> dave ross is back with a hockey preview and the nats. >> straws burg will make his home debut and nats have training just a slow sports day >> you will get it covered. >> give us 8 cameras we will need them all. what an incredible series so far between the capitols and bruins, bruins defending stanley cup champions, caps don't care that is ancient history right now we have a series, nicky backstrom, double
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ot in boston, tim my thomas their star goal tender couldn't stop that rocket game set match washington capitols celebrate for very good reason the goal tends of braden has been sensational, stopped 72 of 74 shots in two games for a guy who never played in playoff hockey before, as a rookie, incredible getting nicky backstrom back tonight is such a huge game it will be rocking tonight, if they can win this thing, and they are up 2-1 and you have home ice advantage. >> going into saturday's game they really need to win this because you got to win one of them in boston. >> funny thing was they played so well in game one and didn't get it done because couldn't solve tim thomas, hopi was amazing to come back and see him play as well as he did in game 2, got to give caps fans a lot of hope for the rest of the series, and maybe they found their goal tender of the future we don't know did you guys
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happen to catch the nats game yesterday? >> heard about it didn't see it. >> they lost 8-5 it is no big deal one of 162 when you see how they lost very first inning it is bizarre here it is scoreless 1st, scott roland with a chopper, throws over to adam clearly gets his foot down take another look, the umpire is not obstructed by the view not even close they don't get that call. that is strike three to bruce right? bruce was going to the dug out okay. dropped his bat went to first base called it a ball ryan ludwig that is strike three. three strike calls against the pitcher he can't believe it so that leads to this grand slam by ludwig after the next pitch the bat calls it first then the strike three on jay bruce and then the strike three on ludwig
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they lose 8-5 after the game, ross detwiler was asked about those controversial calls. >> i thought he hit himself pretty good you know the ball on bruce, bruce started looking like he was walking back to dug out, and you know we were kind of hollering but that's part of the game, seemed like we had plenty of chances. >> you know what, you can beat another team you can't beat another team and the umpire >> again it is just one game but let's say you get to the playoff race you are one game out you look at that, man but i love ross detwiler what did you think. >> very smart too. >> the umpires know that they are liable to book on you you going to mouth out about this umpire, wait until i get you. so tough way to go out, that is baseball, it is one of 162 but
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tonight we are rocking the red, thinking about the caps, going over to talk to one of the assistant coaches in the next hour >> guys over there debtor will what is the mood like. >> they are fired up after you get game 2, now all of a sudden everything lays out in your direction for the rest of the series, if you can win tonight. >> keeping our fingers crossed. >> it is 7:21 a.m. right now, dole recalling bags of salad. >> tax free as is tans for district resident -- assistance for district residents. 160 years of emancipation when slavery ended in the city, several events are taking place around the city holly morris will fill us in in just a little bit
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>> if you still need help with your taxes, don't worry. even though today is a holiday, the district office of tax revenue is open they have a walk in center that will help free preparation of the district's individual returns it will be open 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. this afternoon located 4th street, southwest all the other office of tax revenue departments will be closed today. coming up late inner the 8:00 a.m. hour, talking with a tax expert about last minute ways to save tony. >> melanie, dole is recalling some of its bagged salads because they could be contaminated with salmonella, the recall includes, 756 bags of the company's seven lettuces salads stamped with a use by date of april 11th, they were sold in 15 states including here in maryland, virginia and the district salmonella was detected during random sample tests no illnesses have been
7:26 am
reported we posted item codes on dream works is joining five other studios teaming up with wal-mart to help people convert old dvds into an online movie library it launches at wal-mart stores nationwide anyone who brings in dvds and blu ray disks can pay $2 to access the movies through voodoo. i don't even understand how that would work okay. >> it is like a cloud,. >> yeah. >> you pay your money get access it any where. clear up a lot of space. >> boy. could use that. >> 7:26 a.m., coming up an original ticket to the 1912 launch of the titanic hit the auction block in new york, think you can guess for how much it sold in we will tell you. >> plus a possible new missile and a leader who finally speaks to the public the latest developments out of north car leah, days after an -- north
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korea, days after an embarrassing rocket launch. >> as we head to break another live lookout side plenty of sunshine and a warm one on tap today get the latest weather and traffic from gwen and julie coming up 7:27 a.m. ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪
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take a look an original ticket to the 1912 launch of titanic one of the many items that sold at a new york auction, yesterday, the ticket went for $56,250, also on the auction block a dinner menu, some of the dinner options on that menu dated april 12th, 1912, were surrey capon and ox tongue and beef sirloin with horseradish that menu sold for just over $31,000 the auction was one of the many events taking place to mark the 100th anniversary of the titanics sinking. >> i don't know about having one of those things almost feels taboo to me. i am a tiny bit superstitious about having something like that around. >> they are highly collectible i know that. >> for sure. >> well, we've got great weather to talk about today, transition into that don't be super city house about the sun
7:31 am
today, -- super city house about the sun. mother nature is giving us a taste early it is even warmer today than yesterday, in terms of our daytime highs a few light clouds they will not stick around long a ridge of high pressure building in, that will help clear the skies out and make way for sunshine it is really warm as we head into this hour for a start to the day, 53 degrees regan national, same with bwi marshall, 67 already for fredericksburg, 63 hagerstown west, 50 cumberland, 56 degrees martins burg we are getting a real mild start to your day already temperatures are really going to head up there we will end up getting a nice southwesterly flow that will push up the mid-atlantic it will be breezy later on as winds start to pick up and we will see all this warm air really boost temperatures now pretty distinctive dividing
7:32 am
line between this warm air and where we have a lot of cooler temperatures west, 30s and 20s on this map let's look at radar, i will show you why because of this cold front pushing its way east on the backside of this front we have a cooler flow of air from the north ahead of it we get the benefit of a southerly flow that is where your warmer air is coming from, boost in those temperatures from the gulf states all the way to the great lakes that system still producing rain showers and some storms so areas along here especially south, have to be very cognizant of those storms kicking up let's go back to our weather maps as we proceed we have hazy, hot, humid conditions, headed into the mid- 80s for our daytime high jet stream well north, allowing warmer air to flow in no shortage of sunshine, skies very bright plenty of sunshine for you and as i said, it will be hot but also be a little on the humid side today, 85 degrees for your daytime high, winds from the southwest 10 to 15, tonight partly cloudy and
7:33 am
breezy, 63 degrees, 5 day forecast showing you once that cold front moves through, we have cooled down, 10 degrees cool down by tuesday, chance of showers wednesday before we dry out again temperatures yesterday at 83 degrees, some 16 degrees warmer than the seasonal average today, we are even going to be warmer than that. julie wright let's get a look at what you are doing on the roadhighways. >> well, a little slow, depends where you are travelling in from gwen we have hands full, southbound 270 for starters delays as you try to work your way out of gaithersburg and rocksville, accident activity reported great seneca highway, west of 270, outer loop below speed a live look at traffic, across the 14th street bridge no trouble spots here in the hov lane, sunshine right in the face this time of year comes right underneath the visor, as you travel the outer loop, slow down leaving springfield, past
7:34 am
van dooren and across telegraph road. all right julie thank you. just days after a failed rocket launch north korea's few leader delivered his first major public speech sunday as the impoverished state, celebrated its founders 100th birthday the north also unvailed what appears to be a new missile this comes on the heals of thursday's embarrassing launch attempt which is still stirring up a lot of questions joining us now with more insight, jj green national security correspondent for wtop radio a lot to cover, let's jump in before we get to the specifics of the launch and missile yesterday and speech and all that last week it seems to me has been rather extraordinary we have seen a lot of north korea this week which we don't usually see including you know, the attempts to have the west witness this rocket launch and all that stuff what have you gleaned overall from what we have seen over the past week. >> typical of north korean policy, that is to make sure
7:35 am
the west is aware north korea is there x to make sure the west is a-- and to make sure the west is aware north korea knows how to engage make sure the west knows north korea knows how to gets the that it wants using items of power as it views it, its nuclear program its threat to launch rockets just its whole idea of disturbing business as usual in the east. >> they spent all that time leading up to the launch sighing this isn't a missile test nothing like that reas suring us and then yesterday, there is a missile coming down the parade route a new missile what do we know about that? >> well, they have lots of options and ideas in terms of things to launch but look let's go back to what happened what they did when they launched that missile the other day they damaged themselves in three important ways one they lost a lot of food aid for people who need it food coming from the
7:36 am
u.s., two, what they did was jacked up the pressure on the chinese who are big brother to them, helped them a lot and made it a lot tougher for them in china, having its own problems right now and number three, north korea makes its living, if you will, by selling illicit items such as nuclear technology or black market missiles and what they did was damaged their prospective sales by scaring off prospective buyers by that miserable rocket launch into the ocean, so this missile that was trotted out yesterday was most likely in the minds of folks i have spoken to an opportunity for them to say we've got more and can keep trying. >> all right are they more likely now, with that launch failure, to want to do a nuclear test? >> well, you know north korea, they need food, they need help with whatever it is that they are missing that they are lacking to feed their people
7:37 am
and make them as comfortable as possible and you know that is always skeptical when it comes to north korea whether the government is really concerned about its people but they need some way to keep the west concerned about north korea, if they didn't do it most likely a lot of folks would say the west would forget about them, but they do need to keep the eye of the west on them and this is the best way they can do it right now. >> can the u.s. apply more pressure to china and if we do, you know like you say they kind of put china in an awkward position with the launch the other day will china respond. >> china has already to some degree said to them based on folks i have spoken to, behind the scenes said you need to chill you need to calm this down but they have got a new leader, but they have the same old people around him, some of daddy's henchmen and grandpa's people, still around him, and some of those decisions that
7:38 am
they are making for him, and helping him to make are reflective of the same decisions made in the past, and china knows how the get to these people the question is are they going to listen they haven't listened well in the past. >> i want to turn quickly to afghanistan, just this week well, during the last 24 hours we had attacks by the taliban, afghans fought them back after an 18 hour attack in kabul what do we know from this? >> we know every year it will happen whenever the winter breaks and spring comes taliban views it as an opportunity to get out and make its point that we are relevant the way they do that is by spring attacks this is a situation you have members of the taliban been there for a long time they know how to do these things and even though, supposedly this iron wall around that area, they have folks inside we cannot forget there was one time when the taliban used to run afghanistan, that country, and
7:39 am
the government, they know where the trap doors are. >> ten second answer, afghans put it down in 18 hours are we impressed with that >> i would say we got lucky and that is what i think most folks would say. >> all right good to have you here thanks see you soon melanie back to you. thanks tony 7:37 a.m., 63 degrees under the microscope, nursing home disaster plans. >> they put their lives on the line for our freedom military dogs could soon have something to look forward to after retirement,. first looking to upgrade those old pots and pans? today's my fox half off deal is for you, $15 buys $30 worth of kitchen tools on the website universal kitchen tools. go to look for my fox half off on the right side of the beige page here's my rubarb marmalade, my cheddar cheese marmalade,
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♪ jury selection begins in the retrial of former major league baseball pitcher roger
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clemens this is the government's second attempt to try to prove he lied to congress in 2008 when he denied using human growth hormones and steroids if found guilty he faces 15 to 21 months in prison. >> melanie a new government report found many nursing homes are not prepared to protect their residents in a natural disaster, investigators say nearly 7 years after hurricane katrina, exposed the vulnerability of nursing homes serious challenges persist including unreliable transportation and lack of collaboration with local emergency officials. >> reuniting military dogs with handlers could be an easier process new york senator, charles schumer is pushing for a bill to speed up the adoption the home coming for sergeant rex a german shepherd wounded in iraq and the dog's handler, injuried in the same incident in 2006 she had been trying to adopt rex for five years but i
7:44 am
guess just wasn't able to do it because of military regulations. >> five years. >> that is sad. >> good i hope they clear that up make it easy. >> definitely. >> all right gwen is here with more on this heat that we have today. today will be the hottest day of the week easily. >> no question. today we are headed to mid-80s i wouldn't be surprised if some of our neighbors south of dc don't hit the upper 80s we have a really pretty good steady southwesterly breeze that will be pushing those temperatures up from the south. right now a few high clouds across the area. not a whole lot to talk about in terms of sky conditions these clouds will be out of the way as we head through into afternoon hours complements of a ridge of high pressure, 63 degrees regan national airport, same at dulles and 63 bwi, so a mild start to your day, the winds are very calm now expect them to pick up this afternoon southwesterly flow 10 to 15
7:45 am
miles per hour, and no shortage of sunshine as we head once again, to the mid-80s the other thing coming along is the humidity, it is already pretty much up there, so you are going to feel the stickiness in the air as we move through today, is a day you want to make sure you drink a lot of water stay hydrated wear your sunglasses and sun hats protect your skin don't leave your pets outside in this hot weather you have to protect them as well, make sure they are in a shaded area and have water at least imagine how hot it is to them with their fur cats and dogs and everything today will be really as tony said the hottest day of the week we cool down as we move into the next 24 hours after today and that is because of a frontal system pushing its way through temperatures will be back to the 70s which 70s and 80s still above where we should be, we should only be 65, 67 degrees. >> interesting not just the temperatures but humidity because it has been so dry, humidity level is low. >> got me thinking i want to
7:46 am
head over the rod mans get out the baby pool, blow that up. >> the baby pool >> you know little lawn chairs >> can i stick my feet in. >> sure, we will have a fox 5 gathering. >> according to julie's tweets she is already in her shorts >> i am in my shorts for sure i am with you most pools in my neighbourhood don't open until labor day weekend the problem i have, the dog jumps in on it. all right on the roads this morning, right into the sunshine, delays on the inner loop as you travel past university boulevard, new hampshire after avenue checking for a stalled car, outer loop of the belt way, below speed, as you work your way past new hampshire avenue, south bw parkway, slows to powder mill traffic inbound across the bridge, getting ready to make that right turn on the canal the lanes are open, and again, 66 right into the sunshine
7:47 am
still below speed as you make your way past 7100 to 123, straight to the belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. listen up runners who are gearing up for today's goes upon tearthon will have to deal with -- boston marathon will have to deal with the hot weather as well. they are taking the unprecedented move 06 offering any of the 27,000 runners who qualify the chance to instead run next year they are preparing for possible medical crisis if runners fall out under the scorching sun. a group of young cancer survivors and supporters will end a run a charity run across america, wrapping up at georgetown university they cross the finish line 2:00 p.m. this avenue the core runners began the 3,080-mile journey in ocean side california, march
7:48 am
26th. >> extraordinary that is great >> amazing. >> yep. >> well, scavenger hunts, parades and fireworks, all things happening to celebrate a special anniversary. >> holly morris is standing by with more details hey, holly. >> good morning guys you are right, it is a huge day here in the district, as today marks the 150th anniversary of emancipation day we are live in freedom plaza they are gearing up for a day filled with festivities coming up we will talk to vincente orange he pushed legislation to make this day a holiday and find out how you can come out and be a% of everything, -- be a part of everything live next fox 5 morning news. >> time to say good morning to our fay books fan of the day, dwayne -- fan of the day, dwayne jones, that picture of his son dj 3 when he is older, my wife candace loves fox 5
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welcome back dc compensated emancipation packet ended slavery in -- act ended slavery in washington dc. >> it will be quite a celebration holly >> it is going to be quite a celebration i am looking over my shoulder because i think we might have a very special guest that could be rolling up here, i think, reverend jesse jackson might be coming along with
7:53 am
councilmember vincente orange headed this way they are getting ready to go to a prayer breakfast but might just stop by and see us first hello sir. >> hello we brought jesse jackson with us as well. >> all right, we will talk to him but you are the one who introduced legislation to make this a holiday here in the district what is going through your mind today >> i am just very pleased everything has come together the lord has given us a beautiful day to rejoice in and celebrate this great day in the district of colombias, 3100 slaves were released from bondage 130 years ago. >> clearly this is an important place to be good morning to you. >> it is pain and joy, emancipation day but we are not emancipated we have more taxes than several states more soldiers in the military than several states yet we have the right to vote every major government in the world, cuba,
7:54 am
venezuela, russia, britain france and latin america, this place, we are set aside but did not set aside our democratic rights the congress and the white house and courts have an obligation to free dc. >> this has been such a long mission for some time in order to get voting rights here in the district to be represented fairly what is it going to take to finally make that change the message has been out there for a long time. >> well, 150 years for the congress and the white house and the courts to afford for us here what they fight for around the world democracy, that is the main of it all taxation by representation it is real true here when this is set aside they want to go through be part of slave states, abolition states, out of here comes our capitol and virginia took its part of the land back let maryland have its part, and here we are in the situation, they will be appealing, the
7:55 am
guard and the powers that be to grant dc the same rights we fight for democracy in iraq. venezuela, cuba, russworld >> do you thing people understand the connection, they understand what we are celebrating here today? and the mission to carry forward? >> well, this is a huge step to make sure, the whole world understands and especially united statepowers that be, district of colombia needs to have voting rights, economy and state hood so we can all have that american dream i want my child to dream of being a senator, dream of being a representative we want to be here where all men are created equal we are judged by the content of our character, not color of our skin. >> emancipation from slavery but not democracy freedom without equality that is a pivotal point. >> emancipation day is one thing freeing of slaves is one thing there is a second part of this which was that was the
7:56 am
only example of when the federal government actually compensated slave owners for freeing the slaves how important, is that to be a part of the story? >> important because the federal government paid $1 million for the freedom of the 3100 slaves the average payment was $300 to the enslavers those enslaved that wanted to two back to haiti or liberia were paid $100 the other key point is that dc enslaved pushes were freed first -- persons were freed first which set the proclamation declaration, 9 months later. >> by in large across the country slave masters got compensation for friends losing their property we fight reparation, it has been paid out to those who conquered and those who are owned people it is a great moral flaw in our society, it is a cut in our characters, i want to thank
7:57 am
people like vincente orange for not giving up it is a 150 year battle for something like we fought for in iraq, no government we can think of britain, italy, wednesday way la, caracas, -- venezuela, caracas, cuba. we pay too many taxes, too many in military service not to have the right representation. >> clearly it is important to both of you thank you very much for taking the time appreciate it with that we have a link to the city's website that has everything to do with the celebration today we will talk more about how you can come out and be part of emancipation day in our next hour for now to break more fox 5 morning news after the break stay with us
7:58 am
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everyone deserves a great vacation at a great price. get onboard a carnival cruise and get more fun for all. [ horn blares ] a secret service scandal involving prostitutes more on the president's trip to colombia in a live report. >> picking up the pieces in the nations mid-section tornadoes
8:01 am
sweep through several states killing three children in one town alone. an update on the clean up efforts coming up. we welcome dr. oz this morning he is going to focus on women's health discussing three silent killers and the warning signs your body sends before it is too late. >> good morning everybody i am tony perkins. >> i am will thomas in for allison seymour. good to see you sir. >> good to see you once again. >> a quick reminder dc schools offices and brie bares are closed in hon mor-- libraries are closed in honor of the emancipation act, there is a parade along pennsylvania avenue northwest it starts 11:00 a.m., to just about two hours from now watch out for street closures in the same downtown area holly morris is there all morning long. >> or three hours from now. >> thank you. >> that's quite all right. >> gwen is here you were saying earlier i think it is smart for people to take necessary precautions it will be hot
8:02 am
today. >> it is going to be hot people under estimate when we are talking heat they think sunny warm really nice but there are dangers affiliated with it, want to encourage you to make sure you hydrate well drink plenty of water don't forget sun hat and sun screen protect yourself with sunglasses as well. all good tips, right now we have a few high clouds they will not stick around too long ridge of high pressure will help get rid of those and color them out we will have really bright skies and that sunshine will kick in. currently 63 degrees at regan national airport humidity, each hour continues to climb, so it shows you that we are going to have a real sticky day, 84% right now relative humidity winds light south, 6 miles an hour but i do anticipate winds picking up later on a bit on the breezy side as we get a southwesterly flow that will help boost temperatures 71 degrees annapolis, 67 bwi marshall, 68 fredericksburg
8:03 am
this hour already, 64 winchester, cooler frederick, 67 degrees and we've got the double 6s kicking in at national airport. so, for today plenty of sunshine a few clouds this morning, out of the way soon by midday, 80 degrees by the 5:00 p.m. hour, 83 our daytime high today, expected to be 85 degrees, but areas to the south of us, i wouldn't be surprised if they hit the upper 80s. >> with all this talk about the heat, the parade, another good idea just to bring bottled water with you, because you know people are going to walk blocks trying to get over there to pennsylvania avenue. >> okay thank you much. >> let's find out what is happening on the roads julie wright joins us. >> all right well, for the rest of us heading into work this morning this is what i know you will find there are delays if you are travelling southbound george washington parkway leaving the belt way headed out, 21 minute commute lanes are open no problems to report coming across the chain bridge or tr bridge inner loop of the belt way, headed up towards
8:04 am
6620 minute ride lanes open, 395 below speed, belt way headed out towards spring street, travelling northbound, baltimore washington parkway, tieing up the left side of the highway you may want to bailout and use 95 outer loop of the belt way slowing 95 to georgia, average speed 16 miles per hour that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you julie. our top story, today marks five years since the virginia tech massacre a ceremonial candle was lit on campus in honor of the 32 people killed a community picnic will be held at 11:30 a.m., a memorial tonight at 7:30 a.m., one of the survivors will be among 32 people on capitol hill to push lawmakers to keep the hands out of dangerous people that survivor will join us tonight at 5:00 p.m. then tom fitzgerald will report
8:05 am
live from the blacks burg campus tonight at 6, 10 and 11:00 p.m. former university lacrosse player convicted in the beating death of his ex-girlfriend will learn his sentencing date attorneys for george huguely are set to appear in court he faces up to 26 years on that 2nd degree murder conviction and a guilty finding on another count related to the death of yeardley love. in this mornings other big story allegations that secret service agents interacted with prostitutes ahead of the president's weekend trip to colombia we get the latest from sherry lee live across the white house across from the white house this morning hi sherry. hi tony the president returned to washington but now has to deal with this ohm basing scandal those secret -- with this embarrassing scandal those secret service agents were excused from that trip, 11 of them were brought home over
8:06 am
the weekend some could be fired if allegations are true in what some say is the biggest scandal in secret service history. the agents at the center of the scandal are accused of bringing prostitutes back to their rooms here at the caribe hotel even though prostitution is legal in colombia the assistant director of the secret service said the agents violated the zero tolerance policy on zero misconduct the president said he would be angry if allegations turn out to be true. >> when we travel to another country i expect us to observe the highst standards because we are not just representing ourselves. we are here on behalf of our people. >> the agents in uniform division officers are on administrative leave while none were assigned to directly protect the president on kesler who helped break the story said it put the president at risk.
8:07 am
>> rally compromises security of the president because these prostitutes could have applied leverage on these agents. >> now the secret service agency is under intense scrutiny from lawmakers some who already say they don't leave this is the first time something like this -- believe this is the first time something like this happened. kesler has written a book about the secret service. >> the agents are totally overworked overwhelmed you know, very sleep deprived very often, so all of that, is part of this very very dangerous mix of problems that are now coming out. what happened here in colombia is being investigated by the director of the secret service i expect that investigation to be thorough and i expect it to be rigorous. >> congressman peter king who heads the committee on homeland
8:08 am
security that over sees the secret service says it will investigate u.s. southern command also issued a statement, regarding the five military personnel accused of being involved saying they violated curfew and may have been involved in what was quote inappropriate conduct the latest outside the white house back to you. >> sherry lee thank you very much. meanwhile president obama is returning to his familiar agenda of righting the economy and winning another term he wrapped up three days of latin american summitry that yielded mixed results domestic issues are on tap the senate is voting on the president's tax increase for millionaires even though it has little chance of passing the president is using it to contrast himself with mitt romney. more violence developing in syria, despite a cease fire that was supposed to stop the violence all last week.
8:09 am
reports from the city of han said they are shelling neighbourhoods, the week long pounding is raising doubts about the syrian president's promises to stop the violence. an 18 hour attack in kabul afghanistan that ended just hours ago, is blamed on a tie to al qaeda, 36 insurgents were killed 8 policemen and three sylvians it is the biggest -- civilians it is the biggest assault on kabul in a decade. some of the other stories we are following a nasty accident knocked the power out for some people in virginia, a driver crashed right into a utility pole and snapped it in half at grey street and blake lane in oakton one person was injured but expected to be okay. at one point more than 100 customers were without power crews expect to get everyone back online any time now, so
8:10 am
far there is no word on what caused that crash. prince william county police are investigating two deadly crashes, involving motorcycles, on the same road, in manassas, the first crash happened saturday morning on joplin road near park headquarters road the second was last night at the intersection of joplin and aiden roads, both motorcyclists died in those crashes. oklahoma, nebraska, iowa all reeling from a string of deadly tornadoes, they touched down across the plains over the weekend in oklahoma the storm left at least five people dead and dozens more hurt the governor toured the damage and shared an amazing story of survival. >> remarkable stories one lady that hunkered down with her family she had a pregnant daughter wrapped her arms around her daughter and the other children and they were in a closet and her daughter went on to the hospital after that and they delivered the baby c section, right after the storm
8:11 am
passed. >> the tiny town of thurman iowa was hit by an ef 2 tornado that town has nearly been wiped off the map in kansas the damage is in hundreds of millions of dollars statewide officials are crediting days of urgent warnings from forecasters for saving lives. tony you must agree with only five dead when you look at that devastation you have to credit the national weather service getting that early warning out. >> yeah, we knew friday this was going to be a tough weekend. >> certainly was. all right. time now 8:11 a.m. still ahead, a well known actor, makes a stop in dc today to support the arts. for those of you still waiting to file your taxes, you have just one more day to do so coming up next a few last minute ways, to maximize your refund. we will be right back 8:11 a.m. ♪
8:12 am
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now 8:14 a.m., time for a look at stories making headlines a health alert, dole
8:15 am
recalling 756 bags of the seven lettuces and salads because they could be contaminated with salmonella the bags were stamped with a use by date of april 11th, which is passed and distributed to 15 states including maryland, and the district, it was detected during random sample tests no illnesses have been reported we posts the item codes at alex baldwin is in washington to push for more support for the arts the actor is delivering the 25th annual, nancy hanks lecture on arts and public policy tonight at the kennedy center he will also visit capitol hill to urge congress to support federal funding for arts programs and education. i have always thought when he is ready to sort of hang up his acting coat he has a future in politics. >> many people say that he says no he doesn't want to do it. >> he says no now. >> yeah. >> you never know. >> we will see. >> 8:15 a.m., gwen standing by with not just the weather gwen you have another awesome
8:16 am
responsibility here >> i do i am proud to says the cuteness factor of the day. it is time now for my first 5 photo of the day, say hello to these gorgeous identical twin girls, shayna and shayla. >> so tiny. >> they are sleeping away not paying any attention to the picture taken of them at all but they are gorgeous, only 2 months old in this photo at their milkholics sip and see baby shower. how cute is that. they are absolutely adorable. >> great. >> oh, thank you so much for sharing this picture with us if you would like to share your child's picture go to and click on mornings and we will definitely have a look at your cuteness factor how cute are they it is adorable. >> the weather is not doing too bad either a pretty nice day a few clouds out there right now
8:17 am
but afternoon progresses, we will be under some very very sunny skies a ridge of high pressure will give us that as a treat, right now, actually 66 degrees at regan national airport officially humidity, is up to 81%, now, humidity is that high at this hour of the day imagine what it will be like this afternoon feel a little sticky, just be prepared for that. it will be a big factor, winds will pick up later on this afternoon, elsewhere temperatures, 57, 71 already annapolis, 68 fredericksburg a little cooler frederick at 57, the jet stream giving us hazy, hot humid air talking a high of 85 degrees, your overnight low 63, yesterday we ended up having a daytime high of 83, it was 16 degrees above the seasonal average today, everyone warmer than that, enjoy drink plenty of water
8:18 am
make sure you protect yourself from the sun as julie says keep the pets in the shade. >> gwen since tucker is not here you get his nutty buddy. >> oh, i will take it. thank you. >> sweet treat for you gwen on the roads our last commute travelling for rush hour break, westbound 66, 123, accident activity along the right side of the road, fire and rescue stay left to get by this is against the rush hour flow coming from vienna in the direction of fair oaks stay to the left to get by, westbound lanes shut down, between vedder road and german town road, eastbound lanes are there for you, travelling the outer loop, 95 and georgia, southbound 270, clearing out nicely northbound on the baltimore washington parkway accident occurred 198 stay right to get by authorities checking for the crash westbound maryland that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> my guests and i are talking about getting some nutty
8:19 am
buddies now. if you have waited until the bitter end, is there any hope of finding ways to save before the tax filing dead lain tomorrow? turns out -- deadline tomorrow? turns out you can scrape out savings if you know where to look enter bill smith, good to have you here. >> nice to be here thank you. >> we will cover a lot of tips i will prompt you and then let you take it away, let's begin with ira contributions not too late. >> one of the few opportunities you have to still make a contribution, get a deduction for last year typically you are limited by december 31st but this is one opportunity where you can contribute to your ira, put in as much as $5,000 or $6,000 in my case, if i am over 50 you can only put in $5,000 because you are younger. >> if you are over 50 you are doing well bill. >> not too late to file even if you can't pay for the taxes. >> if you want to -- if you
8:20 am
find yourself in a position you can't afford the pay you have done your tax return oh, no, i owe, still file the return, because the penalties add up much more quickly, for nailing to file your return -- failing to file your return than just not paying taxes, you can get an installment to pay taxes with the irs there is a lot of helpful information on the website. >> no reason not to file. >> get organized something as simple as that. >> absolutely you want to organize your records, make sure you have your receipt, all of your documents it becomes much easier to prepare your return if you are preparing it by yourself if you just organize your records. if you find that you can't get your hands on all the records you need, and you are anticipating a refund, don't be afraid to file an extension and if you file an extension you don't have to wait until october 15th file your taxes next week if you want a refund. >> sounds good, state taxes say
8:21 am
in 2011 for 2010. >> that's right if you did your 2010 taxes and found out you had to pay more in state income taxes and you rote them a tax -- wrote them a tax it is likely in 2011, remember that tax deduction in these taxes. >> student loan interest we can deduct that up to $2,500 dependingen income level. >> that's right up to $2,500 student loan interest what we call above the line that doesn't go on schedule a it is right on the first page of your 1040 it is a better level of deduction, that however will phase out as your income gets above certain levels if you make more than $120,000, if you are married filing jointly or more than $60,000 single. >> our last tip from you, this one kind of interesting i think a lot of people will go really i didn't know this, decide
8:22 am
whether to detuck sales tax -- deduct sales tax instead of local income tax. >> that is true in some states, this is common, so states that don't have a state income tax like florida, nevada you don't get any benefit for a state income tax you didn't pay any congress passed a provision that expires after 2011 saying, we will let you pay your sales tax that you paid instead that could be the actual amount you paid if you have receipts or give you an average number for the states you live in you can also do that if you find you didn't have to pay much in the way of state income tax. >> something a lot of people haven't thought of although i don't know too many people that saved all those receipts maybe the average is the way to go. bill smith good to have you here your website will be on ours tony back to you. coming up, high school junior aces his sats, and he is sharing his secret to success. >> marking a moment in history that changed the course of the nation. we are live at freedom plaza
8:23 am
this morning commemorating, 150 years since the end of slavery in the district. we will be right back 8:22 a.m. q finally carpet cleaning got easier.
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8:26 am
doctor talking on an ipad some hospitals are using voice recognition aps for health records they are embedded into the hospital's electronic medical record system and allows doctors to input information via voice one product can highlight and validate medical facts, spot inconsistencyask follow up questions. we can all relate to this sats are one of the most nerve racking tests of all time especially for students applying to college. >> one florida high school junior can rest easy he aced all three parts of the test. christopher finkle got a perfect score he only had to take the test one time and didn't have to study at all to get a 2400 what is his secret to sat success? >> i just made sure to make my essay really long, big words pretty easy and for a lot of them i was able to tell what it was trying to assess whether i knew it or not, so i was that
8:27 am
far above the level of the question i could know i was getting it right i knew what they were looking for. >> christopher has known how to do everything in the math section of the sat since sixth grade he credits his parents both english teachers for his english knowledge he hopes to attend an ivy league school. >> hopes? i think probably a given. >> definitely. >> all right time now 8:27 a.m., up next we are headed to the caps practice facility in boston to check with the team's assistant coach ahead of the big match up. >> tim tebow has a lot of work to do if he is going to win over new york sports fans still ahead the crowd's reaction during last night's yankees game 8:27 a.m. a.m. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
8:28 am
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time 8:30 a.m., taking a look at stories making headlines, the man who
8:31 am
confessed to the worst terrorist attack in norway's history is pleading not guilty, he claims he was acting in self- defense when he set off a bomb and then went on a deadly shooting spree last summer, his trial started a few hours ago the key issue to be resolved is his mental state. it is a solemn day of remembrance at virginia tech, it is five years since the massacre they have a series of events plans a candle was lit at midnight, bob mcdonald is expected to attend, were killed 25 others wounded when cho went on two shooting sprees two hours apart. >> dry weather made a brush fire at holiday point marina, maryland, difficult to fight, anne arundel fire officials got the call yesterday afternoon. in the end an out building burned and three boats were damaged but no one was hurt.
8:32 am
meantime you can expect another dry day here in the district which means an elevated fire risk, and apparently winds helped prevent more damage they would have kept the fir away from bigger structures out there. >> direction is important. >> that is good we need rain we will have more humidity. >> definitely but we desperately need the rain farmers are suffering that is part of the problem with the elevated fire risk breezy, winds pushing from the southwest, no shortage of sunshine for you and heating up, so, be prepared for that. a few clouds across the area today not much to speak about in terms of our conditions in the skies quite a different story as we look at the line of weather that brought all the strong tornadostorms and violent conditions across areas of the mid-section of the country right now that stretches all the way from the gulf coast to the great lakes, some of those storms expected to be strong a lot of rain
8:33 am
associated with it and damaging winds as well. this is all ahead of a frontal system gradually, pushing its way towards us and will feel effects in temperatures and conditions but today, totally different story, things are going to be heating up, it is already really warm across our areas into the curse of the morning, 70 degrees fredericksburg, 66 dc, 67 baltimore, 65 dulles and hagerstown up the mid-atlantic the same story southerly wind flow will boost temperatures this afternoon and we are headed into the 80s for the afternoon plenty of sunshine, before this front pulls through into the course of the next 24 hours or so. brace yourself we are headed to a high of 85 degrees today, hotsticky and humid as well, be prepared for that tonight partly cloudy skies, 63 degrees for your overnight low and 5 day forecast shows you where that front comes through we cool down, drop another 10 degrees on tuesday into the 70s a few showers expected
8:34 am
wednesday. >> let's check with julie and see how traffic is doing. >> sorry over to tony. >> actually i will take it thank you gwen. 8:34 a.m., tim tebow apparently has his work cut outer for him if he -- cut out for him if he wants to win over the new york fans, he and dwayne wade were booed on the giant video board there was a shattering of cheers for tebow broncos traded him to the jets last month. new york is tough. >> yeah, they sure are. it is a big night for the cavs as they go up against the bruins. >> double overtime dave ross live at debtor will ice lex in boston with a preview of tonight's match up at the verizon center. >> yeah, what a great thrilling game 2 boston saturday night we expect game three to be even more raucous they will be rocking the red as am i we are joined by the assistant head
8:35 am
coach, thank you for coming out this morning i guess game two couldn't have ended any better spectacular fashion, what is it like for you as a coach to be there watching that, are you just like biting your nails as well? >> well, you know, once you are in the battle i guess it is almost like a player, i guess once you are involved you are into it and you don't really thing about it obviously sitting in between periods it is a little nerve wracking like you said very exciting could have ended a little earlier which would have been nicer but yeah, once you are in the battle you are competing, you know, you are trying to get your match ups as dale and jimmy and i are, you are just in it, so you don't thing about it. tell me about nicky having him back now, the concussion only played in six games, 100% the game winning goal saturday night how good is it to have him back in that line up. >> wonderful we thought the last game of the year he really played hard in new york initiated a lot of contact we think that brought him into the playoffs we think he played,
8:36 am
very well, in game one yet still had energy issues at the end of that game, game two, we thought he was skating extremely well, obviously he is a great play maker and you know, competitor, and for sure our leader on our hockey club. >> we have nicky back, is this the full complement we are seeing the caps in full strength. >> it is nice to have our full line up all yearlong we have been missing one piece or another, we like the way that our line up is now, it fits throughout the year you are trying to fit pieces into places that don't necessarily fit, left wingers, right wing, what have you, power play guys are playing, so yeah, we certainly like to have all our guys back. >> let's talk about braden i think a lot of caps fans didn't know what to expect coming into this series for a rookie goal tender to come out there, could you guys even see this coming.
8:37 am
>> well, you would have to talk to our goal tending coaches, but, we like -- what we like about him as a coaching staff he competes he is out there every day not only in the games but you watch him in practice and the locker room he is a competitor doesn't want any goals to come in on practice so you know he will give you that effort, a lot like thomas, korma's competes like that -- thomas competes like that. >> we would like to win some in regulation, so heart palpitations slow down but it is fun seeing tim thomas skate out of there in anger after you beat him in game 2, maybe see more of that tonight? whichever >> well, yeah,. well, yeah, that would be nice if that is happening usually we are on the top of it. you have been around here seven years, do you thing the guys finally bought into this defensive scheme >> no question.
8:38 am
a lot of teams a lot of people talk about their teams, taking on their personality of their coach we don't have that real tough type of team but we have the inner toughness that dale hunter brings brought as a player brought as a coach, and we are seeing that come out in our players now. >> thank you for your time appreciate it game 3, rocking the red at verizon center the puck drops 7:30 p.m. that means bad news for the boston bruins back in studio for now >> i don't have a ticket but will still be rocking the red >> i will too. >> watch it on tv if you can't get a ticket. >> thanks dave. 8:38 a.m., federal government spending scandal, makes its way to capital hill. in 15 minutes dr. oz will join us live he will have some of those housewifes from the oc, talking about the three silent killers of women and symptoms you need to watch out for, we will be right back i'm drinkin' dunkin'. we're drinkin' dunkin'.
8:39 am
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later today congress is holding hearings on waistful spending at general -- wasteful spending at general purposes administration. it has been embarrassed by a number of videos, apparently made during working hours
8:42 am
showing gsa workers defying agency spending habits, a lawyer for the head of gsa western region, says he does not need to appear because he is going to plead the fifth any way. i don't know what that last one was with the clown but okay. several area best buy stores are closing as the company looks for ways to cut costs saturday the company announced three stores in virginia are closing and two stores in maryland baltimore, the best buy at inner harbour will close and best buy in hunt valley is closing in virginia best buy in alexandria will close, best buy in fredericksburg is also closing along with the location in east richmond. we are opening up our job shop check out the job of the day city of gaithersburg police department is looking
8:43 am
for ambitious men and women to fill officer position starting salary $50,000, if you want to find out more about this and other jobs go to click on the job shop tab on the home page. >> if you are watching and get that job and pull one of us over for a speeding ticket you have to let us go. >> we told you about the job. >> exactly. >> 8:43 a.m., up next dr. oz joins us live. >> plus the district is celebrating a very special anniversary, holly has the details hey, holly. hey, tony they have some big names coming out to celebrate, joel osteen, has flown in from houston to be here to be a part of this day we will talk with limb and give you everything you need to know to be part of the celebration yourself. live next fox 5 morning news stay with us -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ big events planned to recognize a special anniversary. >> holly morris is in northwest with more toe dales about dc emancipation day. >> hey, guys the center of all the activity going to be going on today is at aproprietily
8:47 am
enough, freedom plaza a lot of things will kick off 11:00 a.m. but the day has already begun in celebration a prayer breakfast ongoing at the will lard and has some pretty big names that happen to be taking a break to join us i think you might recognize the guy here, this is pastor joel osteen from lakewood church houston texas good morning. >> good morning thanks for having me. >> it is my pleasure i know you are beyond popular and you get a lot of requests to a lot of things why was it important for you to be here. >> we like to celebrate great days if our nation when councilmember orange invited me we thought this is something we should be a part of again just to celebrate the freedom that we have and the great nation we live in and celebrate the people that are making a difference today like councilmember and so many others. >> when you were putting this day together and putting this special celebration together, how did you come up with this guy right here to be a part of it with a was your pitch to make it happen. >> really just divine
8:48 am
intervention i was supposed to throw out the pitch tonight and they said i am going to have joel osteen, throw out the first pitch i said that is great i will get him to come to the prayer breakfast it came together out of nowhere we are happy he can be here and share this day with us. >> what will be your message. >> basically, i think thanking the people and let's look at all the reasons we have to be grateful today, the people that have made sacrifices and then just encouraged everybody, you know let's continue to believe our greatest victories are in front of us it is great to celebrate what has happened in the past but i believe we wouldn't be alive today if god didn't have something greater on the inside something we can get, i tell people all the time everybody has something some body else needs your love your encouragement, smile, gifts talents i just try to inspire people to be your best. >> i think your message this
8:49 am
past weekend was sewing your seed in time of need if you want happiness, you provide happiness you want a problem solved you help someone else solve the problem when you come up with messages is it daily events or experiences like this that help you come up with what to talk about. >> it absolutely is, meet being the different people i just heard councilmember oranges story at 14 he went away and got a better chance scholarship, it is those kind of stories that inspire me to try to inspire others and just like you are talking about, just you know, i try to focus on every day life how can we have better attitudes how can we forgive when somebody hurt us i just thing that is kind of if i say i have a gift, it is just talking about every day life and using scriptures to be better >> since deal with so many people and motivate to many people what are concerns you are feeling now >> a lot of times the same, it is people have health issues they have a lot of relationship
8:50 am
issues there is financial issues attitude issues so, you know, whether in this country or somewhere else, rich or poor we all deal with those same things we have to forgive or get a good attitude when we get a bad health report. >> you will have another event here back in the district near the end of the month nats stadium. >> yeah, we are april 28th, saturday night stadium we call it a night of hope, and it is a lot of fun we will have two and a half hours of inspiration and music and just a lot of people coming out. >> do you ever think okay here i am going facing another whole you know ballpark full of people, that is thousands, tens of thousands full of people how do i make sure i make this moment matter to them because people come to really have a moment, in front of you. >> you are exactly right you know what i just try the get prepared stay balanced and you know prayerful because just what you said i think these people are coming out spending their time, energy i want to
8:51 am
make sure i give them the best can i i don't feel ever pressured i think what helped me i try to be myself i don't try the get out and perform if i can talk to people like i am talking to you, you know when you call out their seeds of greatness and tell them there is something great in front of them tell them they can overcome, something resonates on the end side, it is a simple message. >> thank you so much. appreciate your time thank you sir, bringing in another great person, great thing happening here today emancipation day there is a parade a concert, fireworks, we are going to talk more about it in our next hour back to y'all in studio. >> holly you grabbed some great guests. >> yeah, you know council member orange is always great but ole seen, that is great. >> and rev -- but joel osteen that is great. >> and reverend jesse jackson. dr. oz is revealing how to save lives, warning signs you need to hoe before it is too late he joins us now, good to
8:52 am
see you. >> good morning tony you call them silent killers they are whispering killers signs are out there if you know what the look for you can hear them that is why i am focussing on it today we know for many of these conditions you can change the chance of your surviving from 10% to 90% if you give us early warning signs let me go through one of them for you classic one if you have bloating, if you have a loss of appetite, or at least reduction of appetite, any kind of discomfort in your belly, the first thing you ought to thing about if that lasted more than a week or two, ovarian cancer, the cure rates are huge if you find out about these things early these are warning us, if we are willing to listen. >> you say don't shy away some people their natural reaction is i kind of -- if i don't know then it won't happen. >> i think we have all been in that situation, i don't want to mess up my rue tone, by finding
8:53 am
out -- routine by finding out i have cancer. the best way to catch these devils is get to them early on we used to always think they were silent killers when i was in med school that is what i was taught that is not the case at all it is worth focussing on a couple of these things once you know the signs what might be a big problem in your head or belly, or another part of your body you can put those pieces of the puzzle together. are you -- do you want to tell us one other one women should be looking for >> i thought i would surprise you tomorrow i am talking about energy i will just mention that, i think hormonal problems when that comes up. one of the signs we have to look for on the energy side, first thing everybody gets up, i am quizzing everybody if you have a caffeinated beverage for breakfast there is a good chance you will have a down
8:54 am
period later in the day when that caffeine wears off just for tomorrow give us a chance, i want you to touch your toes when you get up in the morning get out of bed, lean forward, gently, move your hands to your toes do those early stretches that is what they do in china, many parts of the world, they see sunlight, set their circadian rhythm, those stretches are more sustainable if you need caffeine take it in the form of green tea which gives you things besides caffeine, we will focus on energy issues >> i got to mention this you are on the cover of woman's day magazine i didn't realize you are the first man to be on the cover, since president kennedy was on the cover you got to feel good about that. >> well, i was honored of course like most americans you think, great fondness about president kennedy's legacy i
8:55 am
didn't realize that until, they invited me to be on the cover the real service is i try to tell folks what is important for them to know about their health, we are all battles about health care policy the battle for health is in our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens that is how women's day decided to write this article to get america thinking about what tips might work in your life. i spent a lot of time on it i hope folks enjoy it. >> very important show where the silent killer oz.en women you make it -- killers on women, you make it very understandable thanks for joining us. >> stay well take care. >> we all need to touch our toes. >> i know. >> you know i am so doing that in the morning tomorrow getting up out of bed and doing that. >> i understand what he says you drink the caffeine early and plunge later. >> time now is 8:55 a.m., something very cool is happening in the skies over our
8:56 am
area tomorrow, we are going to fill you in. >> snoop dog takes the stage at coachella and tupack is with him how that is possible in our 9:00 a.m. hour fascinating. 
8:57 am
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 are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. >> back now coming up on our a.m. hour i -- 9:00 a.m. hour i am tony perkins. >> i am melanie alnwick allison is off today. president obama has strong reaction to the secret service sex scandal that over shadowed his trip to south america, more on the widening investigation, into what allegedly happened between those agents, members of the u.s. military and prostitutes. also, coming up just one day until a spectacular sight in the skies over washington


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