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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 19, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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preview is straight ahead in a life report from holly plus ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> an american legend who brought cool and current music into our homes and later helped us usher in new year after new year is gone. this morning dick clark's legacy one of the most influential voices in music, even though he never sang a note how fans are remembering him as fox 5 morning news continues now. there is a live view of our tower or some body's, outside it is foggy out, in fact there is patchy dense fog around the region, so be prepared for that. this is thursday april 19th, 2012, good morning i am tony perkins. >> immoral son seymour -- am allison seymour. hey tuck. >> good morning, nice
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improvement in the forecast plenty of sunshine expected by afternoon warmer temperatures highs expected to be 70 degrees or so by mid-to late afternoon. let's get a look at current numbers, cool, overnight rain showers, 51 regan national, 48 gaithersburg, 47 hagerstown and 50 in leonard town and cambridge as we start your day. looking at our radar, showers overnight generally out of here but what is left over, a little light drizzle in spots particularly southern maryland, lower eastern shore we should see a gradual improvement after morning clouds broken clouds mostly sunny afternoon. once sun gets out our temperatures should warm up. highs warmer than yesterday, maybe near 70. mild and sunny highs later today about 70 degrees. just about a perfect afternoon more details on that forecast, coming up in just a minute traffic and get the latest from
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julie rocking the red. >> that's right rocking the red we will mix nicki backstrom but we are looking for a win and looking to see you on the roads which is not easy, northbound i- 95, southbound side, northbound the problem we had at the prince william parkway has been resolved however, this is the commute coming from the weigh station before you reach the old city up towards the prince william parkway, all lanes are open, bumper to bumper traffic, average speed, 10 miles per hour as you work your way northbound, into the fog headed up into wood bridge slow go northbound route 1, forget about it accident activity towards lorton, inbond towards 66 stacked up out -- inbound towards 66 stacked up out of manassas. top stretch of the belt way below speed route 1 headed around georgia avenue, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic >> chef >> thanks julie in less than an
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hour the gates will open at the smithsonian udvar hazy center for the official welcome of the space shuttle discovery to its permanent and new home. >> two days after that spectacular fly over arrival the public will get a closer look and our own holly morris is live with more on this big day. >> hey, good morning. it is really exciting here, you can sense something exciting is about to happen here. there is the space shuttle enterprise behind me that was the first ever shuttle, it was constructed to do test flights in the atmosphere, of course it was built with no engines or functioning heat shield so it never went into space, there in lie it is difference between enterprise and discovery but they are getting ready they will be moving enterprise out of this hanger, built specifically for the space shuttle to make room for discovery as i said it went
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into space more than any other space shuttle it had 39 completed missions served nasa for 27 years it is special to have a monomental object tomming to be a part of the smithsonian collection they are celebrating the goodbye of enterprise which is heading up to new york and the welcoming of discovery in a big way with a lot of fanfare the museum is opening in less than an hour, 8:00 a.m. historical open doesn't cost to come to smithsonian it does cost to park $15 the welcome ceremony is 11:00 a.m. and the museum will have later hours stay open until 6:30 p.m. for more people to come out and see discovery on its first day. they will have 14 of the 31 living commanders that flew on discovery, denise graves will sing the national anthem, john glen will be here, so, it will
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be a very special moment, but i think that the picture of the day, that everyone is going to want to get is that they are going to have a nose to nose meeting of the enterprise and discovery so seeing those two space shuttles next to each other will be pretty awe inspiring and they will have a formal document signing that transfers discovery from nasa, to smithsonian officially and then of course it will be put here in this hanger for all to come see it will be quite the day, almost seems like it would be impossible to top tuesday because that was so spectacular seeing discovery fly in and around the nations capital but it will be spectacular here we will be here throughout the morning tony allison back to you. >> holly you make a great point i don't think we have ever seen two space shuttles together at the same time that will be cool. >> it will be really awesome. >> thanks holly. all right coming up, or not coming up we want to talk now
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about dick clark this morning, we remember one of americas most famous tv personalities he passed away yesterday from a heart attack he suffered in santa monica california nicknamed the world's oldest teen analler he was a true ambassador for american pop culture. >> he supplied movies, game shows, beauty contests more to television as well will thomas is back with a look at dick clark's legacy. >> get ready this song will be in your heads all morning long. bandstand he is a life to celebrate although it is sad his passing, let's talk about what a media titan he was. dick clark's legacy spanned generations from american bandstand to american music awards to game shows arguably everyone across the country has seen a dick clark production. >> the hot etc. dance sensation in the last four years a thing called the twist ♪ [ music ]
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>> he was an entertainer, credited with helping launch careers of so many music legends he hosted american bandstand for 33 years, introducing generations to some to have biggest names in music from hubby checker and buddy holly, to prince and madonna for 40 years he helped millions ring in the new year on abcs rocking new years eve many years as a kid i banged pots and pans to dick clark. ryan seacrest, through many of his productions has become his air apparent he honored his idol last night. >> he taught me how to do television, i studied him as a kid and i had the fortunate opportunity work with him for several years on new years eve, and so, i am sad and i am grateful, for what he has given all of us and certainly what he has given me. >> ryan also honored dick clark at the beginning of american
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idol last night among his many credits the golden globes, american music awards 25,000 dollars pyre mid-and tvs bloopers and -- pyramid and tvs bloopers and practical jokes. i didn't know this red skins owner dan schneider is now chairman of dick clark productions in a statement mr. schneider said one of the real draws when we purchased dick clark productions was the opportunity the build on the tremendous foundation of filming, this american icon created i got to know dick over the last five years he was just as personable and warm in person as on tv once you got to know dick it was obvious why he was so beloved by fans. he was in every sense of the word a giant. tony allison a big loss but again a life to celebrate. >> life well spent indeed. >> thank you. >> ryan seacrest really, is following the dick clark model. >> he really is as a producer, behind the scenes as well as
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host. >> they had a very strong relationship i had a chance to meet him years ago. >> good for you. thank you will. we are following a developing story out of prince georges county police are trying to solve a murder mystery after a woman was discovered in an empty apartment . melanie alnwick is live at police headquarters with the latest melanie. >> reporter: good morning allison we are less than 24 hours into this investigation, and so far police here in prince georges county do not have a lot of information to give us they haven't enidentified the victim so far but they do believe based on the evidence gathered in temple hills yesterday, that this woman's life came to a very violent end, sources do tell fox 5 the victim described as an adult, african american female was beaten, bound and gagged the crime scene, a vacant third floor apartment at the marlo plaza complex 28th
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avenue, temple hills police descended on the complex and secured the scene they took a number of evidence bags out of the apartment they were interested in a dumpster at the complex they hauled that away, it was behind the building where the body was found. police also have no details on the suspect at this point, they also have not said, allison, how long they believe the body had been in that vacant apartment from what we can gather, it appears someone connected to the management at the apartment complex made that call. back to you. >> melanie alnwick live now back to you. >> also in maryland the first murder of the year in charles county is under investigation. sheriff's deputies responded to reports of multiple gunshots at the county social services building kent avenue. this was around 9:00 p.m. last night they found a man, dead out front. we are told investigators thing it was done from a car so far no suspects or motives.
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in our other big story three secret service agents removed in the wake of the prostitution scandal in columbia, -- colombia right before president obama arrived last week one prostitute demanded $800 from one of the americans he refused to pay and shut her out of his room she and a friend began banging on the door which sparked the commotion and ended in what may be the secret services most embarrassing moment. >> secret service wants to talk to rocker ted nugent he said he will meet with them to explain comments he made about president obama on a radio show some say were threatening take a listen >> as i tell you this now if barack obama becomes the president in november gain, i will either be dead, or in jail by this time next year. >> secret service spokesman said everyone has the right to free speech but they also have a responsibility to follow up
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and determine his intentions he says when he talks to them it will be obvious he did not make any threats. 11 minutes after 7:00 a.m. now, outrage after a local mega church pastor is fired from the church his parents founded. >> florida gun laws under the microscope, nearly two months after unarmed teen trayvon martin was shot to death the government is taking action. in sports, caps hit the ice without one of their star players, dave is back with more on that and an update on the red hot nats. as we take you to break a live lookout side, going to find out what is going on out there from tucker we can't see and julie, again because we can't see. we will be right back it is 7:12 a.m. here's my rubarb marmalade, my cheddar cheese marmalade, my kidney bean marmalade... oh, kidney bean again. that's funny. ♪
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welcome back. >> tucker barnes is with us to let us know what is happening out there it is pretty foggy. >> fog moved in in fact we just got a message from the national weather service saying lookout for fog. >> okay we could have told you that. >> this you go. but lookout for fog. good news it should burn off quickly as sunshine will start to mix up the atmosphere a little bit i think it will be out of here by 9, 10:00 a.m. this morning gradual clearing trend and a nice day there you can see our live shot we are a couple hundred feet up there looking down through the frog at the surface. i just looked out the window not terrible here in northwest washington temperatures regan national, 51 degrees lots of 40s off to the west and north, manassas 46, 48 hagerstown and 48 baltimore, satellite radar, showing the shower activity we had another band that moved through after midnight that is off to the east and out of here you can see the trend there
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taking the cloudrain showers to the east, we should be looking at gradually improving conditions here you know what a beautiful afternoon high temperatures should be 70 degrees a lot of sunshine nice light wind out of the west, good looking day as we get into our thursday afternoon, 5 day forecast tomorrow looks fantastic mid-70s. saturday will start dry cloud up by afternoon a cold front will bring us a round of showers and thunderstorms right now looks like an area of low pressure, sunday does not great cloud cover much needed rain cool temperatures highs only 60 degrees on sunday. >> but we need the rain. >> i am fine with it we need it, so there you go thank you. >> julie wright has the latest on this mornings rush hour traffic. >> all right the rain okay we need it but the fog really? >> yeah, not so much that. >> yeah, not so much especially during rush hour commute. traffic coming northbound 395, through the fog you can see, delays approaching duke street this is forming at the belt
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way, continuing towards seminary road, northbound i-95, pretty much fogged in but traffic still heavy and slow leaving dale city to the prince william parkway, more delays out of lorton and newington this is traffic from the west, if you are travelling eastbound coming in out of manassas headed towards nutly a better ride for you visibility wise, heavy and slow leaving 234, headed in towards centerville. and here we are north, 270, leaving german town father hurly boulevard heavy and slow more delays out toward it is split that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. i know julie is excited the capitols preparing for a usual game and nationals add one more win to their streak dave ross is here with this mornings sports breakfast. >> i shake my head at that i just can't believe what we are seeing that is great.
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>> absolutely astounding,. >> a lot of controversy going into game for for the caps and bruins and stems around nicki backstrom, a lot of caps fans oh, peverly wasn't hurt they should review it they did review it he is out one game if the roles were reversed and a bruin did that to nicki backstrom we would all be crying one murder this is the incident right after the game peverly is an instigatorrings backstrom comes to his defense, -- investigator, backstrom comes to his defense, it is more luck he didn't get injured they say the league has to look into intent i don't know if he intended to hurt him he tried to shake him up that is our captain but, the bottom line you have to keep your cool. >> after the game. >> he just lost a tough game hard fought series you just
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can't do that >> i love the caps, i love the caps i have looked at that 13 i am with the league -- and i am with the league i understand. >> tough call didn't go our way got to figure out a way tonight without nicki backstrom because if you lose tonight you go back down to boston 3-1. how about your washington nationals they are literally on fire. i know this makes tony perkins happy jordan zimmerman towing the slab as they say. whoever they are. >> what? >> brilliant last night, 7 innings he has been brilliant all yearlong they don't give him a lot of run support but didn't need it a great defense from ryan zimmerman, great lay out, more from the zim dog. wilson ramos, bases juiced, go ahead sacrifice fly, nats win 3- 2 say it with me 10 and 3. >> 10 and 3. >> i knew there would be a good year for the nats. >> he did say that he knew it.
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>> i have a sense of these things. >> what is the guy johnny carson used to have. >> carnak. >> didn't you see my march madness bracket. >> i stand corrected or sit corrected. >> how about the gaffney situation if rupert murdoch said take two weeks off would you be concerned? that is is what they have done to gaffney they said your services at red skins park right now are not needed don't come by they believe that it stems from some twitter things, messages, comments whatever you call those tweets that he sent out, that were very inflammatory to red skins didn't like that. they are not saying it is a the reason why, they did sign pierre garcon and josh morgan this guy is coming off a career year. so, you read between the lines the message is be careful athletes, anybody, what you put on twitter what you put on facebook it can come back the
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haunt you, i think this is a message sent by the red skins brass. >> might he have ulterior motives? might he want to make a move. >> well, that is a good terry i never thought of -- theory i never thought of before. >> you are welcome. >> he has had twitter issues before. >> we are pushed for time thank you dave coming up surprising turn of events in the virginia senate >> northern virginia priest on leave accused of sexual abuse over a decade ago the latest on this investigation next. >> and, you are looking at enterprise, in just a few minutes it will be moved out of the udvar hazy center to make room for discovery. our own holly morris is there for the welcome celebration. 
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arlington catholic priest accused of sexual misconduct with an under aged boy in the 1990s, suspended and put on leave the diocese of arlington say reverend terry speck denies allegations he has been a pastor at holy spirit since 2007 in annona dale, fairfax county police and archdiocese are launching an investigation. >> a local pastor fired from the church his parents founded reverend joel peebls was the acting pastor he was stripped of member ship in the church his family created the church more than 40 years ago he said he receive add written notice informing him of the dismissile and was escorted off the property by police. virginia senate passes an $85 billion budget a day after it was turned down for the third time however it does not include an additional $300 million grant for the dulles
7:27 am
rail project democrats were pushing hard for that the action will keep state operations funded over the next two years it now goes to governor mcdonald for his consideration. it is 7:26 a.m. on thursday morning, some schools in the district could be in jeopardy of closing, the school's chancellor will join us live, to break down her five year five point plan coming up next. >> plus more on the passing of dick clark, i am going to share a little personal experience that i had with the tv legend, had the opportunity to meet him, be with him on a couple occasions we will tell you about that. as we take you to break a live lookout side things are already improving fog wise we will get the latest word from tucker barnes and julie will update us on traffic that is next 7:27 a.m.
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dick clark passed away yesterday at the age of 82. there are so many remembrances of them. i didn't know him well but while i was at good morning america i had the occasion to meet him. this is a photo of us everything you hear about him is true he is one of or was one of the nicest people you could ever want to meet, what you saw on tv, is the man that he was.
7:31 am
what is interesting about him, is he was you know, very likable very friendly, very smart man, i mean, you know amassed quite an empire,. >> sure. >> with dick clark productions but when it came to business, was the business man the other time i got to spend time with him i was invited to be a precenter on the american music awards which was very exciting, that was a dick clark production they asked me out because by that time people kind of knew i had this relationship with rip go star and loved the beat -- ringo star and loved the beatles, this is me on american music awards. >> look at you. >> yeah, they asked me to introduce ringo star and ringo was introducing a rarely scene clip of the beatle it is way it was promoted this was in 2004 it was a big deal they were promoting it as a never before seen performance when i saw dick and we talked i said i am a huge beatles fan and i think
7:32 am
this performance has been seen just back in 1964, and he said really and i said yeah and he immediately called over a production assistant and said change that to hasn't been seen in over 40 years and i was like that is very cool he just went ahead and did that and then turned to me and said something along the lines of we don't want the blow that one or something like that. but very cool, smart business guy and one to have nicest people ever it was a pleasure to work with him just in the little way i did. >> it is possible to be both then a mogul and a good person. >> yes,. >> thank you. >> mm-hmm. >> terrific. >> he was a game show host too. >> game show host. >> creator. >> tvs bloopers and practical jokes and ed mcmahon credits him with introducing him to johnny carson a big deal there. >> there you go. >> $10,000 pyramid. >> yes, then it went up to 25,000 dollars. today it would be a half million dollars. >> i wouldn't do it today. >> right to the forecast i only
7:33 am
got a minute or so, rainfall, yesterday, got a little bit not with a we want to get, we have a couple more chances over the next 5 days here you go, 5/100ths of an inch by midnight regan national, out to the west, generally we have our fingers crossed we get more later this weekened. upper 40s to the west and north 48 the winning number in many spots, including dulles and frederick, 46 manassas here in washington we are currently 51 degrees and 52 in quantico, it will be a beautiful afternoon, we are going to see the clouds break up here, we will lose the fog shortly and by afternoon lots of sunshine, going to be beautiful temperatures warmer than yesterday, should be up near a 70 one or two left over sprinkles, pushing east, southern maryland, down across the eastern shore you may be in
7:34 am
for a few more light showers. i think we will see a gradual clearing trend. we are starting to see clear skies break out across gin yeah lots of sunshine by the afternoon -- virginia, lots of sunshine by the afternoon. march temperatures highs, mid- 70s as well mostly sunny mild afternoon 70 daytime high winds out of the west a miles per hour nice one, cool side, upper 50s. 52 here in washington cool skies, clear overnight and tomorrow looks beautiful mentioned it temperatures mid- 70s here is the deal with the weekend cloud up saturday the first half of saturday will be dry mid-to late afternoon a cold front will get in here and bring us a round of showers perhaps thunderstorms the showers and storms will linger into the day on sunday. that could be a good soaking rain cool temperatures rain showers into monday maybe a soaking rain around here for the day on sunday. all right that is weather let's do traffic and julie. all right tucker we need dave ross for this. seriously i am not making this
7:35 am
up i spoke to v dot on the outer loop of the belt way i have a bus it has been stalled on the ramp to 66 it has been there since quarter after 6 this morning i called v dot what is up with this bus why is it still here they tell me it is full of marines and all of their gear and they called for a back up bus to come northbound i-95, as we have been talking about northbound, i-95, gone but that bus coming from quantico is stuck in that delay, trying to work its way up and help these guys out on the outer loop at 66 so i am offering, allison, because you know i try to help out everybody as much as i can help these marines off the ramp from the outer loop at 66 but none the less that is why it is still there and we are waiting for the other bus to help them out. outer loop of the belt way, leaving new hampshire, towards georgia, 9 miles per hour here big delays on the outer loop, accident activity on that ramp as well that is a check of your
7:36 am
fox on time traffic. well, a big news day for dc schools and a great day they are embarking on an ambitious plan to make major improvements over the next five years the plan is called a capital commitment, joining this morning chancellor of dc public schools with this exciting news it is a big commitment. >> a big commitment allison but that is what our children deserve we believe we have to do right by our children by providing them with a school system, where every single school provides a world class education for all of our students regardless of background, or their circumstance, that prepares them for college, for success for a career for life. >> you are always looking to improve but is there a reason the timing is now? >> yes so we are finishing up a five year, strategic plan we set forth in 2007/2008, when i got to the district under a former chancellor. as we lookout over the next five years, i think we are
7:37 am
proud of what we have been able to accomplish previously, in terms of operations of dc public schools are right and we were able to get started on student achievements but if our children are really going to be successful, and prepared, we have to ramp it up and we have to ramp it up quickly so we set five ambitious goals, to push for in the next five years. >> let's get into it the first one, i am not surprised increasing math and reading because that is what we are always trying to do. increase math and reading pro if i have sen to 70%. >> -- pro phi shown ski to 70%. >> that's right but we recognize at 43% we have a long way to go but ideally we have to mush further. >> -- push further whichever >> doubling the number of students at advanced levels of pro phi shown ski.
7:38 am
>> absolutely i want to lookout at high performers and push them and call lunge them they often get -- challenge them they often get lost. >> our lowest performing schools their average proficiency rates are 23% only 23% of the young people in those buildings can read and do math on grade level which is an abomination. we need to push really hard, to get those 40 lowest performing schools to move 40 points in the next five years we believe we can do it and we believe it requires an intensive focus and some redirection of our resources and attention. >> what happens if that doesn't happen? do these schools risk closing in what happens. >> well, i mean i think the real cost is to us as a community, these are young people who don't have opportunities, if they can't read, and do math at a very basic level when they are coming out of school, literally their life chances are slim so
7:39 am
the real cost, is for me, there is really no option, we have to make this happen and i don't want to sound polly annaish but there are lots of people moving young people into performance we have to be systemic we have examples across our city in traditional public schoolcharter schools, we just need to get it to. >> hoping to increase graduation rates thats a big one. >> yes we just had our graduation rate recalculated and found only 53% of our students who enter 9th grade graduate in four years. that is ridiculous. we believe we can easily get to 75% at least 75%, over the next 5 years, by focussing on middle grade students ensuring when they come into high school, they are prepared and ready, so they can graduate in four
7:40 am
years, we have to completely rethink high school, kids are not motivated to come into a building and sit in the class or go from class to class and have eight different people talk to them for 45 minutes, high school needs to be interactive we need to connect it to work and the world we need to ensure our young people have internship, study abroad opportunities, that they are able to connect what they are doing in the classroom, to life. >> the last two, increase enrolment, we will do that and also i love this one improve student satisfaction if they are not having an experience. a good experience when you walk in the door who wants to be there you want to hear from the students themselves. >> absolutely you and i both have children allison you know that your kids get up every day, and if they don't like going to school, they are not going to -- >> it is a struggle. >> right. >> so i want our schools to be places where our young people feel safe where they feel
7:41 am
engaged and motivated, where they feel happy, where they are connecting with adults and other young people, where they participate in the arts, and music and technology and athletics that our schools are robust places our kids want to go to every day. >> speaking of music in the couple seconds we have left i commented on this child and how happy this student looks and listening to music tell me about this program and where it is. sure this is a classroom at neville thomas elementary school, in ward 7, and in partnership with vh-1 save the music we were able to -- they donated a number of state of the art key boards for a music lab at neville thomas, and you heard me say before, the arts are incredibly important our children's talent is as important as their test scores and so we thought it was really important to show, that in our five year plan, it is not just about test scores it is about
7:42 am
the whole child. >> right i love i. i just wonder where that was when we were in elementary school we didn't have vh-1. good luck with the plan hope you will come back and we will talk about it through the year. >> thanks allison. >> we will be right back  i style everyone. my family, my home... my boyfriend. i can't help it. i'm a fashion stylist! at t.j.maxx,
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i get designer clothes... all on trend. and, everyone and everything looks good. even my bank account! fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. this nonstop fashionista is definitely a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you.
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in florida, thes gun law -- the state's gun laws are getting a closer look the morning the governor will announce who will be part of a task force to investigate if changes to the law need to be made yesterday the judge besiding over the case removed her self-after defense argued she has aable conflict of -- possible conflict of interest relating to her husband another judge will take over starting tomorrow. zimmerman is accused of 2nd degree murder but says he shot 17-year-old martin in self- defense. >> retired southern illinois couple, claimed the third and final share of last month's record, $656 million mega millions jackpot. look at the smiles.
7:46 am
okay. meryl and paty sha butler won on a $3 quick picket they have no immediate plans other than craft an investment strategy and perhaps months down the road they might take a vacation you know. we'll see. >> good for them. >> they seem like good people. >> speaking of down to earth clouds have come down to earth, rather foggy. >> yeah, it is, lingering parts of the area,. >> okay. >> let's get right to it, and let me show you my temperature map s you know what, i have been showing the same maps over and over. >> you have had technical problems. >> it is new to me. >> 51 washington, 48 the number in gaithersburg and dulles, 46 right now manassas, so we are off to a cool start the fog, is going to hold temperatures down for another hour but they won't be held down all day as
7:47 am
sunshine will start to warm up the atmosphere we will have highs, near 70, a little later this afternoon, here is a look at your 5 day forecast and again we should see clearing out, during the course of the late morning early afternoon, so, mostly sunny by afternoon, 70 degrees tomorrow looks beautiful, mid-70s cloud up saturday the first half of saturday, will be dry if you want to get out in the yard or early soccer baseball game but by saturday afternoon showers storms move back in and sunday looks you di, periods of -- cloudy, periods of rain and cool, that could be a good soaking rain, monday, showers linger 64. all right we will take it. >> thank you. >> here is julie wright now, with more on this mornings traffic. >> we are making the trip southbound, 270, still on the brakes as you work your way out of german town, leaving father hurly boulevard out toward it is split before you shake loose, outer loop, route 1, dulles park, 395 still a tough go you got to get there first
7:48 am
delays with you out of dale city through wood bridge again as you work your way north leaving the belt way headed out towards king street gain with a delay across the inbound 14th street bridge real quick peek what is going on tucker barnes you jinxed me now i am having a computer problems, ramp of 66 stalled bus still there loaded with marines you will find the ramp is partially blocked you can make that exit, out bound, manassas inbound toward it is belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie looking to help a few good men. >> you can share in excitement as space shuttle discovery is officially put on display. >> holly morris is live at the udvar hazy center to fill us in. >> hey, guys change is officially under way here at udvar hazy center where we are live you can see enterprise has been moved out so discovery can come on in, it is a huge day here at the center they have a big welcome celebration planned we will talk about it plus talk with the curator, about the
7:49 am
significance of today, all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us  guys. come here, come here. [ telephone ringing ] i'm calling my old dealership. [ man ] may ford. hi, yeah. do you guys have any crossovers that offer better highway fuel economy than the chevy equinox? no, sorry, sir. we don't. oh, well, that's too bad. [ man ] kyle, is that you? [ laughs ] [ man ] still here, kyle. [ male announcer ] visit your local chevy dealer today. right now, very well qualified lessees can get a 2012 equinox ls for around $229 a month.
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many just a few hours space shuttle discovery will move into its new home. >> holly is live at out czar hazy, center with -- udvar hazy with more. >> they are doing quite a bit to celebrate, and rightfully so there will be not one but two space shuttles on site here today they are saying goodbye it is the last day for space shuttle enterprise but it will be a hello and welcome, and the first day at the museum for space shuttle discovery, dr. neil is the curator of the space shuttle she joins me once again, what a difference an hour makes. >> exactly. we have an empty hanger now just waiting for the new guest
7:53 am
of honor. >> i awe you speaking with one of -- i saw you speaking with one of the pilots who flew in enterprise. >> that was generalengal he flew it in 1977. he is saying goodbye to his baby. >> some people forget how long smithsonian had enterprise before it could be on display. >> that's right enterprise was flown here in 1985 the last time this whole lifting and demating operation had been done outside of a nasa center and of course all the people who did that, in 1985 aren't around any more they have retired, so it is a whole new crew working all night last night to get discovery ready. >> what is amazing that space shuttle couldn't be on display until this hanger was built, we got here and already it will be
7:54 am
on view today. >> exactly. exactly. we have been planning for this since we built the building, we knew that some day we would have an opportunity, to do an exchange of enterprise for a space orb tore. >> you came down last night and had a few moments by yourself with enterprise as you look at this empty space here this morning or as you saw enterprise pushed out of the hanger what was going through your mind. >> well, certainly poignancy seeing it move out and turn many the direction of the airport we know it will fly away shortly, but we are so excited now to be receiving the discovery. the two obiters tell two different stories and enterprise had a very rich story of its own and we tried to keep the public aware of the fact that it was a real obiter people seem to thing it was a model we always said no, it is a real orb tore just wasn't ready to go into space.
7:55 am
>> what is the biggest difference when people come and see discovery, in this space. >> when people approach discovery and see the nose i think they will think they are looking at enterprise as soon as they veer left or right they h realize this is an orb tore that has been flown in space some of this thermal blankets arediscolored, the bottom looks like a charcoal grill the tiles are grey and chalky and dusty, you can tell exactly how the air and heated gas flowed over the obiter looking at those tiles on the bottom. >> now you have a whole new program that can be offered in terms of telling its story and the significance of discovery. >> exactly that we are doing something we never attempted before linking the display here with a new gallery in the museum on the mall so people
7:56 am
who come to the mall museum will be able to see and explore discovery virtually and then people who come here will have some insight into the exhibit downtown which will be narrative about the whole shuttle era. >> okay so since you are the one who knows the most about this, what is the best way, what time should people, to see the ceremony they should be here at 11 but to come and see shuttle what is the best way to go about navigating. >> those who want to linger this evening might be able to see it once it is inside this hanger otherwise i suggest people come out all weekend long and be among the first to see discovery we will be open among regular hours 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. all weekend discovery will be on view from this wonderful mezzanine you will be able to look down, see this new orb tore. >> before we go i want to get this on if i can, i will have
7:57 am
to push your hair back dr. neil because she has some very special earrings tell me about these. >> i bought these at kennedy space center little space shuttles i wore them for discoveries final launch and final landing and wearing them here in honor of discovery all month here. >> your excitement is palpable i love it. >> i am absolutely exhilarated. >> i can imagine our website we have a link totted vary hazy that has everything to do with the -- to the udvar hazy that has everything to do with the space shuttle. >> a in depth look at dick clark's influence on fans young and old. >> chris richards from the washington post will be here live. >> an easier way to sended cards and recycling more convenient, we will look at earth day friendly aps we will be right back 7:57 a.m.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
he helped launch some of the biggest names in music and rang in the new year with
8:01 am
millions of us. this morning we are remembering the life of dick clark and looking at the legacy the legend leaves behind for fans s entertainers alike. and also ahead we continue to follow developments in the secret service scandal agents accused of being involved with prostitutes now three are off the job. >> a big welcome ceremony for shuttle discovery it will be tough to top tuesday's fly over but there is a lot of excitement happening at the udvar hazy center. i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. we say good morning to tucker barnes, a look at this forecast and all this fog. >> a little bit of fog lingering but the good news a lot of sunshine. >> that's good. looking forward to it >> highs 70s. >> i know you said it didn't rain much but seemed like a steady, grey day >> it was cloudy and cool. felt damp out. >> wasn't used to it
8:02 am
>> wait until sunday. >> okay. >> regan national, 54, i just snuck a peek outside, sunshine here northwest washington i think very quickly, this forecast will transition into what will be known as a very nice day. >> i love it. >> a lot of sunshine. >> 50 frederick, 52 good morning leonard town, 52 degrees and 52 fredericksburg most of the area here on the cool side as mentioned, a minute ago we were cool yesterday, daytime height, 62 degrees. lingering shower across the lower eastern shore. fog and mist across the washington area it should burn off shortly this radar not showing you the cloud cover but two thirds of your day will be bright and sunny. i want to give you a 5 day forecast, because well, i only have three and a half seconds for you, 73 friday and we will talk more about the weekened
8:03 am
coming up looks like a rainy day sunday. >> thank you. here is julie wright now, giving you a look at problem spots on the roadways. >> if you are travelling in virginia, 395, getting there won't be easy, 95 stacked up, norton to springfield interchange pentagon over the 14th street bridge accident activity inbound pennsylvania avenue, bridge at 15th tieing up the right lanes for another crash reported 66 coming inbound out of manassas, below speed, more stop and go slow traffic, 7100, 123 to nuttily the bus has arrived to off load the marines, to exit at 66 hopefully that will be out of your way shortly, ramp you can squeeze by single file left. southbound 270 out of german town still below speed headed past, 124 out to the split that is a check of your fox 5 on
8:04 am
time traffic. checking out our top stories this thursday morning, a man is believed to have been beaten to death in dcs trinidad neighbourhood overnight the 36- year-old victim was found in an alley off o street northwest so far police are not saying anything about a motive or any suspects. murder investigation in prince georges county, police say a woman was found dead inside of a vacant apartment in temple hill, sources tell fox 5, the victim was beaten, bound, and gagged. dc day care located in a church is closed this morning police are investigating allegations that a 3-year-old boy was sexually abused by a man, at that day care. so far police have made no arrests. >> new details in the ongoing scandal involving secret service agents three of the eleven involved in the prostitution controversy are removed now, one was a supervisor allowed to retire, another is a supervisor who is being fired and a third
8:05 am
employee has quit, the other eight agents are on administrative leave now, some have given conflicting accounts of what happened in that colombia hotel room and hotel and are being offered lie detector tests. >> overseas the head of the united nations says syria is failing to live up to the cease fire agreement but says there is still time to make progress on the week old truce he is calling for more observers to be sent to syria,. america's oldest teenager has said so long for the final time. dick clark's career ranged from american bandstand to tv game show the 25,000 dollars pyramid to new years rocking eve but bandstand is probably his biggest legacy he introduced america's teens to rock and pop music before they were
8:06 am
necessarily mainstream. joining us for a look at clark's legacy and influence, chris richards top music critic washington post good to have you here nice to meet you. >> thanks for having me. >> it is a big loss 82 years old we know he had been in declining health but what an extraordinary career, a lot of things we can talk about let's talk about american bandstand first this show, you know it is funny, in -- it is easy to say well, you know as the show -- you know people who came to it in its later years kind of corny but you know when it started it was unique, and special and it really had a big role in the mainstreaming of rock and roll. >> absolutely you are totally right there are three things people came to when they came to bandstand you know you come to it to see the music, hear the music for the first time these are the pop songs of the day, you got to see the artist performing the songs the
8:07 am
television generation seeing these and you got to see how teenagers like you were responding to the music taught you how to dance to it how you should react to it for people who weren't getting concert experiences living say in like rural iowa, american bandstand brought the approximation of a concert experience to your home. >> in the early days you know, people later generations might not be aware, mite forget that rock and roll was quite controversial in the late 50s, and even started to die down a bit the early 60s but dick clark helped make it okay, with parents as well as the kids right. >> he did you mentioned america's oldest teen analler line that follows him throughout his -- teenager line that follows him throughout his life he had a boyish appearance and charm to him and helped introduce what might be seen as cutting edge music to an audience that wasn't used to it and helped him connect to a
8:08 am
younger viewer ship they saw him as a big brother figure, you are right, that kind of clean cut image helped him introduce artists to main stream. >> over the years there have been certain shows artists felt they really had to do to make it big to legitimize them, ed sullivan show, and american bandstand, as late as the beginning of the career for madonna. >> sure when you will be at the list of who played american bandstand, you had everyone, run dmc, patsy cline it run the gamut throughout the decades he did a good job staying current and having a good ear he wasn't discovering artists as getting behind them >> introducing them. >> right. >> he also loaves a formidable legacy when it -- leaves a
8:09 am
formidable legacy when it comes to his business hack men. >> incredibly savvy he went on to do these other shows the game shows, blooper television shows, chain of restaurants as well we think of dick clark right now, from a music perspective i think of him as a person who introduced all this music but he was a talented business man who told rolling stone his career came first and music second. he was upfront about that. >> ryan ryan seacrest the two of them had a relationship almost like dick clark announced ryan this is the next guy and he based his career on the model dick clark established >> ryan seacrest has his radio programs, counts down the top 40 on the radio these days definitely following in the mold and so many people followed in the mold, don cornelius and soul train and that trickled down through mtv i drew up in the 90s there were
8:10 am
dance shows. >> and video soul. >> right. >> so -- >> overall, one of the other things that was interesting i heard dick clark talk about this years ago, the other thing his shows did in the early 60s was promote black artists and a very subtle but important thing, they never made a big deal about it but on that show, there were white kids and black kids dancing, not necessarily with each other but in the same room together, that was back in its day the late 50s early 60s kind of out there a little bit. >> right that is part why he was the person, the comfortable wholesome image they didn't make a big deal out of it you just did it and that made it acceptable. >> very interesting a big loss chris we appreciate you coming in good to read you in washington post good to put a face with the name too. allison over to you.
8:11 am
thanks tony. time now 8:10 a.m., thursday morning, coming up next virginia lawmakers agree on a budget without one key piece of funding. >> late they are mornings smart phone zone earth day is this sunday of course we will show you a few new aps that make it easier than ever. to make your life more eco friendly we will be right back 
8:12 am
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time for a look at stories making headlines appears virginia will finally have a budget but at a cost some say is too high the state senate yesterday passed an $85 billion spending bill but it does not include $300 million for the dulles rail project democrats have been fighting for. well, it has been two years tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of the biggest offshore oil spill in american history but fish are still turning up sick and scientists are not sure why they are in the area to have bp oil spill the biggest question researchers want to know whether oil contaminants are
8:15 am
causing the problem. president obama welcomes the crimson tide to the white house today, he will honor the bcs national champions during a ceremony this afternoon the second trip to the white house in three years, for the university of alabama football team. all right. 8:15 a.m., time to switch gears, take a look at the weather again. >> and, the cuteness factor of the day, officially known as tucker. >> my first 5. >> all right. >> yes, let's do it time for my first 5 photo of the day this is. >> a new baby. >> tiny baby. >> this is 3 week old gabrielle. >> he is probably awake. >> three weeks old >> already got a mohawk. >> well, he is getting started early. >> his mom says he is so observant about everything, and the little mohawk he is sporting is all thanks to his uncle who feels the need to
8:16 am
give him one whenever he sees him. >> hilarious,. >> yeah. >> you are right tucker i should have said the other way he would be up all night and sleeping in the daytime. he is cute congratulations. >> checking things out. >> to send your child's picture go to click on mornings that has to be one of our youngest my first 5 babies. >> mom is so right look how wide open his eyes are. can't wait. >> look at the picture. >> checking things out. >> this is gabrielle, thank for joining us. let's get to the numbers, 54 washington, warming up, 55 annapolis, off to the north and west, 40s. gaithersburg, 48 degrees, fog lingering in a few spots it will burn off quickly, and we will be in for a great looking day, highs 70 degrees, lots of
8:17 am
sunshine, low humidity, sentinel sat rad, showers out of here cloud cover breaking up out to the west high pressure building in and that will deliver a beautiful day today, tonight should be clear and cool and a nice one friday high temperatures mid-70s and pattern changes a little bit for the weekend there you go thursday and friday look great cloud up saturday, mid-to late afternoon, showers arrive, and right now looks like sunday is a wet one, could be a soaker, with cool temperatures, highs 60 showers linger into the day monday, all right, that is the weather forecast let's do traffic and let's cross our fingers capitols win tonight julie make it happen >> i am doing my best we are going to miss nicki backstrom fingers crossed as we rock the red on the roads you will find lanes are open if you were travelling the inner loop between maryland and annandale, leaving 95 headed out towards 66, delays from the belt way, headed out to fairfax drive, a
8:18 am
9 minute commute, gw parkway traffic stacked up coming in from cia, checking for accident activity, rock creek parkway at t street, we do have problems to report delays southbound on the baltimore washington parkway, down to 24 miles an hour route 100 where i had accident activity, 198 average speed, 30 miles per hour. and wrapping it up southbound out of german down heavy and slow headed out towards the belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you earth day is this sunday, and there are a couple mobile aps that can help you go green. >> here to talk more about that, and another happen that is gaining buzz in the tech world this week is of course lauren demarco, let's head to the smart phone zone. >> no, we are in the smart
8:19 am
phone zone. magic of television. okay we will start it off with that new ap you mentioned allison getting some talk it is all about the idea of social post cards when you go to a given location, say dupont circle, washington monument where there is a good restaurant you can leave your digital mark when you check in a location you enter your photo and note later when friends or people who follow you we like to call friends, are at the same location, they can see what you've said about that place it is not about looking to see where your friends are right now more long term sitting in a coffee shop want to know which restaurants in an area your friends like open it up and look for a dabble post card. it is only vailable for iphone but there are reports. >> announcer: droid version is out soon this -- android version is out soon this just launched yesterday. there is a lot of social post
8:20 am
card aps, i did notice, you can have the option of updating on facebook, we will start seeing it on facebook. >> probably will. >> it is one to watch. >> okay. now, we want to talk about going green a little bit it is earth day on sunday, so that is kind of interesting, so, you can ditch paper cards and look at e cards those back in the 90s have gotten better as time has gone on more fancy where this ap you can easily send your friends cute video messages they are free choose from a selection or penalize -- now you got to look at this here is their selection but than you can add picture, and send people aps that maybe have some friends they know. >> why did you pick that expression. >> hilarious. >> and look at that. >> hey. >> thank you lauren. >> that was pretty cool.
8:21 am
>> when i was searching around for e card aps i kept coming back to american greetings, this seems to be the best one of all of them out there, and saying they regularly release new cards, without requiring ap updates as well. so it is free? >> it is free, for iphone there is another one run by american greetings you can use for android but it is free. >> pen in hand, just wink for android users. >> yes. >> with the price of greeting cards that is great. >> obviously there is a wedding or something. >> it would be jokey for a wedding lauren. >> some people would do it. >> so for that you may need a card but because we are talking about earth day i thought it was good to ditch the paper there is another ap we are talking about for earth day as well and this is all about recycling called my recycle list basically you search for an item you have in your home you need to get rid of paper
8:22 am
plastic electronics it will pull up locations that accept it for recycling this is powered by 1-800 free for iphone and android we need to mention, fox 5 is encouraging you to take action this earth day reminding you to call your hazard, we posted links online for quick access to local government websites on recycling centers that cover dc and several counties, maryland and virginia head to look for the haul your hazards, link in the toppings bar. >> that is good. >> better for the environment >> i think lauren had more to say >> no, just you can find it online my usual spiel at the end. >> thanks for bringing the smart phone zone to us. >> no problem. >> it travels. >> thanks lauren. >> it is 8:22 a.m., now on this thursday morning still ahead a new push to fight crime in the so called hot spots of prince georges county >> legal trouble on the way for former dc city workers who
8:23 am
abused unemployment benefits how the city plans to get its money back. >> as you know it is now a big day for discovery, there she is, holly tells us why you might want to visit the shuttle in its new home over the next new few days stay with us 8:23 a.m.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
welcome back there are memorial services around the country today marking holocaust remembrance day, and there are a couple events here in our area. first a photo exhibit on jewish life in poland is open at the ann low gallery, runs for the next month library of congress holds a discussion with an author who rescued thousands of jewish children in nazi occupied holland. mark will talk around noon that event is free but seats are limited. new developments, dc government scandal involving dozens of former workers district attorney general says he will sue the former city workers accused of collecting jobless benefits while still working according to the washington post the torn general's office plan -- attorney general's office plans to file civil lawsuits, they believe the city is paid as much as $800,000 in fraudulent
8:27 am
unemployment benefits since 2009. prince georges county leaders are coming together to monitor six troubled neighbourhoods we are showing them on your screen, langley park, belatens burg, kent land homer park, suit land corral hills and glass manor it won't just be the extra eyes of police they will be joined by government officials to work to improve education health and overall quality of life. coming up as we continue to remember dick clark our facebook fans are weighing in. >> and the end of an era in college basketball, pat summit who won more games than anyone in the ncaa history announced she is stepping aside. back with more on that and the rest of this mornings headlines after the break we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands. with the lysol no-touch hand soap system healthy hands can be automatic. for healthy tips and more, visit
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>> time now 8:30 a.m., murder investigation under way in la plata charles county sheriff's deputies found a man shot to death in front of the county social services building 9:00 p.m. last night investigators think shots were fired from a car this is the first murder of the year in charles county. and in florida today the state's gun laws are getting a closer look particularly the stand your ground law, this in the aftermath of the shooting death of trayvon martin this morning the governor will announce who will be part of a task force to investigate if changes to the law need to be made. welcome we are happy to have you as always here on a saturday with american bandstand. >> and this morning we are remembering the life of dick clark, he introduced us to some of our favorite stars on american bandstand and helped millions ring in the new year we are asking you to share your memories of this legend with us, on facebook, so, crystal light writes in i also made
8:32 am
sure no matter where i was that i could find a tv and watch dick clark's new years rocking eve it just won't be the same this year. >> alicia. >> do you want to read this? >> no go ahead >> dick clark got me through a lot of rough times as a child i feel like i lost another friend. been this so long >> i know. >> it is interesting for younger generations that didn't necessarily grow up with american bandstand they know him as the new years rocking eve guy. >> right. >> yeah. >> you learned how to dance on american bandstand >> apparently. i am not a good dancers and but that is one of the things you used to watch the show to see what dances people were doing. >> right. >> definitely a way to get your saturday. >> you larned this move. >> twisting again like they did last summer. >> you shouldn't talk after yesterday's musical performance when we were doing karaoke. >> what is going on in the
8:33 am
weather. >> here is a look at the rainfall yesterday, not terribly impressive, 5/100ths of an inch that was it through midnight at regan national we had a little batch of rain after midnight, a little more out west, quarter inch out of dulles, bwi marshall not terribly impressive we need the rain, looks like we will get a few more chances as we get into the weekend, particularly sunday. temperatures warming up fog across the areas, that will burn off shortly and look at a beautiful afternoon a really nice day with low humidity, temperatures upper 60s to 70 should be dry for the remander of thursday, 54 washington, 54 leonard town, and 55 annapolis, 48 manassas, here is the satellite picture shower activity willt last of it off to the south and east if you are watching on the lower eastern shore you could deal with a left over sprinkle or light shower, that is about it clouds breaking up here trying to get clear skies we should
8:34 am
see more and more sunshine, high pressure out west, will deliver a nice couple days, nice today beautiful tomorrow temperatures mid-70s, before the pattern, switches up on us, as you get into the weekend here is your 5 day, 73 tomorrow first half of saturday will be dry, outdoor plans this weekend and then showers and thunderer storms in second half of the day, sunday looks cloudy, cool, with rain periods of rain we could get a good soaking rain sunday into monday if we get a coastal low going check out your high temperature 61 degrees sunday looks like a wet one for the end of the weekend. i think we are doing sports tony you and dave. >> and me. >> and allison. >> don't leave allison out. >> thanks tucker. >> capitals -- i am joking, prepare, crucial game. >> being placated. >> dave ross is here with this mornings sports breakfast. >> i am always cut out of the
8:35 am
intro i think i do add myself. >> what would you like to add. >> dave ross is here with sports. >> thank you allison. very good. let's talk nationals. no, it is amazing when you look at the nats now out of nowhere, we knew they would be better tony said last hour he knew this team was going to be better >> i heard him say it. >> allison can vouch for that. zimmermans took care of business, jordan on the hill, 7 strong innings and then defense from ryan was spectacular, look at this, right there, nats playing great baseball, winning 3-2 and 10 and 3 i love to hear that. and sole possession of first place nl east keep it going another home game today, keep it rocking out nats park now caps huge game tonight allison, tony we all know this, we know by now they will not have the services of number 19, nicki
8:36 am
backstrom, cross check, on rich peverly of the bruins you can't go up high with the stick we talked about this last hour a lot of caps fans are incensed peverly ins gaited because he tripped ovechkin they missed the first one nicky is trying to pick up for a teammate he is normally smarter than that he will not rock the red tonight. >> if caps lose tonight how big is that. >> a huge deal he has been arguably their best player if not at least one of their two best in this three game series so far. we need nicky backstrom see if they can survive and get back to boston. >> want to show love for d.c. united black and red, they have not lost, allison remembers. >> i do. >> they haven't lost since chris came in studio. 5 game unbeaten streak last night they get this tie from santos, fourth goal of the year
8:37 am
and tie up montreal 1-1 all i am saying, come on in and maybe your team won't lose. >> all of a sudden you are a winner. >> come on wizards. >> very good allison. >> washington wizards, i heard wisdom martin call it nena it is nenais. >> back in action, played well wall to the action quickly and jordan crawford had a season high 32 last night, dagger 3 as wizards win second game in a row, over milwaukee playing better. >> yeah, and finish the season on an up note. >> sure you are not going any where. >> have fun with it. >> we have to pay respects to pat summit stepping down, tennessee. >> the end of an era. >> 38 years at the help at tennessee, won 8 national
8:38 am
championships, winning percentage of 840 that is astounding to win -- basically 84 of 100 games,. >> incredible. >> statistic of -- of course she was diagnosed late in august, of suffering from early onset dementia so she did coach this year but obviously it is a little too much for her to handle we wish her the best clearly a giant in college basketball. >> absolutely and very you know she is a classy woman. >> to come out and do it publicly her players respected that. she is just revered. >> tough situation we wish her the best. >> next hour, i spoke at an elementary school a couple weeks ago kids say the darnest thing they sent me cards and thank you notes >> i love that. that is great want to thank him. >> thank you dave >> thank you allison. >> see you next hour. >> whatever tony. >> thanks. >> 8:38 a.m. on thursday morning coming up
8:39 am
next a woman claimed her hybrid didn't live up to the hype so she sued and won. but now the auto maker she challenged is fighting back. >> teen heart throb, zach effron tries his hand at being a leading man. kevin mccarthy talked with him about his latest role in the lucky one he is getting a few tips how to play it cool pgh >> first, look at this, golfers pay attention this is a deal, today's my fox half off deal, $25 buys you a worldwide golf pass from the national golfers network that is a $160 value with the pass you will get discounted green fees, lessons, free carts at 1500 top rated golf destinations around the world that is a deal to get in on this go to look for the my fox half off on the right side of the page.
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8:39 a.m. we will be back :ló
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8:42 am
a woman who sued honda for not getting the promised 50 miles per gallon on her hybrid civic is back in california court to face honda's lawyers
8:43 am
they are appealing the nearly $10,000 i have the was ordered to pay her the case was highly publicized now that woman who recently renewed her law license is presenting new evidence today. american airlines is cutting more jobs now, the airline wants to eliminate 1200 nonunion workers as it tries to get out of bankruptcy they have cut more than 14,000 jobs in the last few months it has other plans to cut costs such as out sourcing the work of all sky capcargo agents, freezing employee pensions, cutting vacations and reducing medical benefits. >> would you fly six hours for a four night vacation apparently for most of you out there the answer is question according to a survey put out by budget travel they also say lots of weekend travelers make common mistakes they book a hotel too far from the action, they check a bag or forget to prepare for a new time zone if you are taking a quick trip try
8:44 am
to avoid flights with multiple connection. a quick reminder about the fox 5 job shop today's job of the day is a risk management specialist for crescent hotels and resorts, fairfax virginia, full time candidates must have 3 years experience, for more details to see other listings head to search the job shock. still ahead, a love story first brought to life in a book, hit it is big screen. up next stars of the film the lucky one including zach effron sit down with kevin mccarthy. >> holly is watching history as shuttle discovery is moved to its new home good morning. >> and in fact, there she is, shuttle discovery, just off to the side there, waiting to be rolled in for the big welcome celebration, that will go on here at udvar hazy center where we are live coming up they are having a nasa social right now
8:45 am
we will tell you what that is plus give you all the information you need to know so you can come out and be part of history itself, live next fox 5 morning news stay with us i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
8:46 am
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of. while fighting a war overseas a young man find as photo of a girl and tracks her down in the united states, that is the premise of the movie, the lucky one. >> if i ever find myself in a slow motion shower make out scene, can you give me tipscool >> get ap awesome girl gosh get an awesome girl first step. >> yeah. >> that might be the key. >> to the shower scene. the right person >> make sure the water is warm. >> yeah, that is another really good one. >> that took a little while >> it was chilly at first. >> then go in fully clothed.
8:49 am
>> yeah. >> i love the whole idea of one moment and one small thing effecting everything down the line your life. i want to ask you as actors what was that small moment or that small object or anything that led you to where you are now. >> for me my first play had to be that first audition, that got me the very first part i ever played on stage, just like 12 or 13 when i did it, but it was literally the scariest moment of my life, and when i moved past it, and i succeeded and got that part, i realized i found something that i had to do for the rest of my life. >> what about you? was there a moment like that for you. >> i think you know i really like what you said i think there is a lot to be said for those moments i can remember that first moment of like walking through, feeling so afraid of auditioning s feeling when i was 11 doing my first play and being so afraid to audition for my gym teacher and
8:50 am
doing it, and feeling like this is i think what i am supposed to do and that is life changing there have also been people in my life without them i don't think i would have quite had the confidence to do this, so so many things. >> why did you come here? >> that is why you do it tony. >> oh, okay. got you. >> hey, it is a celebration fit for a space shuttle and it is getting ready to be under way. >> the public is now welcome out at the smithsonian udvar hazy where today the shuttle discovery will get a pretty cool welcome holly is there this morning good morning. >> good morning to both of you the official welcome ceremony doesn't start until 11:00 a.m. this morning but there is a party under way called a nasa social, and what this is, there are a group of people that
8:51 am
follow nasa and the museum on social media, be it facebook, twitter, google plus they extended an invitation to 30 people that would get the come and be here early this morning and see everything as it is about to happen. there were 1200 people applied, 30 got the invite and two of them happen to be -- what happened? just seconds ago they were tweeting away, facebooking away they had their little devices out now they are ready to be on tv good morning this is chris and this is manuel what a day. >> yes, great so far. >> fantastic. it was an amazing experience to see them move i wanter prize out i am looking for-- enterprise out and i am looking forward to watching them put discovery in. >> so behind us right now is enterprise we are standing in front of it as you goes were looking at it what were you thinking this morning. >> really i was speechless it is such a historical moment to be here in general sox just to be here to actually watch all
8:52 am
of it i am speechless excited. >> it is very bittersweet she has been our orb tore for so long to see her leave us and go to new york, is kind of a bittersweet moment but we get a nice replacement. >> and clearly you guys are big fans, so, do you follow the museum and nasa and interact quite a bit? >> absolutely. as much as possible i love coming here, going to the original museum on the mall, love the space stuff i was born the day that apollo 11 astronauts splashed down. >> the fact you associate your birthday with a nasa event pretty much says it all. >> your love? >> for me it grew once they took over and started being active on social media that is why i found out about the event. >> social media is the reason. >> yeah. >> i love nasa any ways, but i am now able to be active and have conservations with them because of social media. >> with others with the same
8:53 am
interest are you ready for the moment? >> yeah. >> now we are going to move around not only can we get our picture with one shuttle let's scootch this way now we can stand in front of another space shuttle let's talk about seeing discovery. >> so love it so glad i am here and it was really great seeing it fly in yesterday i am glad to see it myself now. >> it is remarkable, just to be here i was here to witness her fly in as well, and she is just stunning. >> the first time you saw it like this is the first time i am seeing it up close and personal, she is battle tested. >> absolutely she looks gorgeous, well used and will be well loved here. >> the thing that impressed upon me being here this morning, obviously this is a big local story and you all are both local one from damascus one from gaithersburg this is a world event the world's eyes have been on dc, the world's
8:54 am
eyes have been on this program and via social media, the world can talk to each other about it. >> yes we have been tweeting all morning sharing on facebook and google plus as you mentioned we found people all over the country even here today at at the vent it is great really brings people together. >> that really is the beauty of social media, you can reach everyone, you can participate f wherever it is that you are andhave a wonderful experience and interact with people. >> how do you top this nasa social. >> this will be tough to top. this will be a hard one to beat >> i agree i have no clue how you top this. >> so is there a battle going on, on the social media, who can get the best picture >> i think mostly who can get the best quote out first. >> have either of you had a great quote wet you posted. >> i think so. >> when general engal was talking about what it was like to fly the first 2 minutes 10
8:55 am
seconds of a space shuttle flight being 1937 ford pick up, down a wash board road with a bunch of old tools in the back >> i haven't had a good quote but been focussing on pictures. >> but the morning is young the best picture. >> of enterprise being taken out of the hanger. >> wait until it is nose to nose with discovery. >> our website we have a link to the udvar hazy museum website the doors are open the grass opens at 9 and they are open until 6:30 p.m. tonight to be a part of this historical event. >> thank you. 8:55 a.m. now coming up next hour a great excuse to get the kids outside and help them see that hard work can pay off. we will show you some easy gardening projects for the whole family. >> emotional night on american idol as host ryan seacrest pays tribute to his mentor, dick clark more on that s also of course a wrap up of last
8:56 am
night's competition ahead when fox 5 morning news continues 
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. an exciting morning at the udvar hazy center, space shuttle discovery will be rolled out holly morris is there live. >> the other big talker entertainment industry mourning the loss of an icon. dick clark. [ applause ] >> thank you uh. >> president obama said dick clark reshaped the television landscape forever, ahead this hour, ryan seacrest weighs in on the loss of his mentor andly have my own memories to share. a battle over an


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