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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 19, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a dangerous discovery made by metro after main suffers a heart attack. -- a man sufficients a heart attack, the battery -- suffers a heart attack. the batteries not strong enough to work.
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>> plus the identities of two of the secret service agents caught in that sex scandal are out now and both live right here in our area. but we begin with that troubling discovery in metro. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm laura evans. shawn and brian are off tonight. the defibrillator discovery was made when someone went to use one on a man suffering a heart attack. he was later pronounced dead. fox 5's karen gray houston is live in alexandria with the details on that story. >> reporter: metro is investigating the circumstances of that man's death. the incident, however, exposes potential problems with its supply of defibrillators. right now what metro is doing is being proactive replacing the 44 defibrillators they have on hand at various metro stations and they're adding dozens more brand-new state of the art units.
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those new defibrillators are being distributed at the station, judiciary square. some station managers are already trained how to use them, as are metro transit police officers. metro says the man who had the heart attack monday was found unconscious aboard a yellow line train. the train operator at pentagon station reported that incident. arlington county fire and rescue was called. meantime a passenger got the defibrillator from the pentagon station manager, but found that the unit did not have enough charge to deploy. i spoke this evening to a woman who knew the passenger and to a spokesman for metro. in the next 24 hours we will inspect every automatic external defibrillator we have deployed on the system to make sure it is in good working order and by the end of the month we'll have brand-new state of the art defibrillators deployed not only to replace the ones we already have, but also to put them at stations that don't currently have them. >> actually knew the guy that
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died. he use to work in my building. it was about two or three years ago and it was quite a shock to hear that he had died on the met trophy. >> reporter: the -- metro. >> reporter: that was twila metro. she said the guy was in good shape. nobody had any idea he had heart problems. new developments tonight in the secret service scandal involving colombian prostitutes. we now know the names of the two supervisors forced out this week. they are david cheney and greg stokes. their lawyer says the men were part of the agency's uniform division. their lawyer confirmed a third employee who was not a supervisor has resigned. tonight there are indications the fallout from the biggest scandal in secret service history may be far from over. fox's wendell gohler reports
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the investigation may now be under scrutiny. aarp a day after it was announced the career -- >> reporter: a day after it was announced the careers of three secret service members were over there is another conference. new york republican congressman pete cain who is briefed on the investigation by secret service director mark sullivan predicts more heads will roll. >> as the investigation goes forward and more evidence comes out, i think we can expect to see him move against the other agents as well. >> reporter: 18 more secret service officers and military personnel assigned to the president's security remain under investigation. we're learning they rented a party room in the hotel before the evening began. aides say mr. obama has confidence in the agency and is grateful to the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect him, but the incident is taking a political turn. mitt romney told radio host laura ingram he'd clean house at the secret service but hours earlier had a slightly different take. >> the president has confidence in the head of the secret
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service, as do i. i believe that the right corrective action will be taken. >> reporter: alabama republican senator jeff sessions combined the cartagena scandal with recent reports of gsa spending abuses and the bankruptcy of solar panelmaker solyndra and concluded the president's a failed manager. the white house rejected the charge. >> that sounds very much like a lawmaker attempting to politicize something that is not political. >> reporter: but sessions isn't the only lawmaker. california republican darrell issa's house oversight committee plans hearings on the scandal. he says oversight hasn't been a priority of the obama administration. >> priorities have been on spending, on the stimulus, on a lot of agendas and is that costing us. >> reporter: there will be senate hearings, but majority leader harry reid doesn't expect much. >> there's not a committee hearing that's going to take the place or stop people from being stupid. >> reporter: investigators are still in cartagena trying to interview some of the women involved. they have their names since the
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women had to register with the hotel, but congressman cain says none have been interviewed yet. a news alert out of burke, virginia, tonight where someone tried to grab a 13-year-old girl as she was walking home from school with a friend. it happened between two townhome complexes on pierpont street. the teen was able to break free and call police. the suspect got away believed to be between 15 and 18 years old with a black hoodie and a bandanna covering his face. a two decade old cold case has been cracked. after 21 years an elkridge family may finally know what happened to christine jarrett. police discovered human remains buried in hers ex-husband's shed and investigators believe it is likely the mother of two who disappeared without a trace in 1991 and they've charged robert jarrett in his wife's death. fox's audrey barnes has the
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story from the newsroom. >> robert jarrett told police his wife christine left the house on january 3rd of 1991 after an argument and was never seen again. it now appears she never left home at all. remains found in a back shed haven't been positively identified yet, but police say it's likely christine jarrett. >> i'd gotten a phone call on my way home citation think they found your friend. >> reporter: cindy fryer -- home saying i think they found your friend. >> reporter: cindy fryer lives two doors down from the jarretts and every day nearly two decades she'd stare at that old dilapidated shed in her friend's backyard and wondered if she was there. >> i wanted to dig from my side to see sometimes, but i couldn't. i just know she actually was there. it's shocking. >> reporter: neighbors watched in stunned silence as a body believed to be christine jarrett was unearthed from a concrete tomb under the wooden
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floor in the shed. >> they carried her out in a body bag. i was out front with my neighbor and it was very difficult. after 21 years of hoping that maybe she was still alive. >> reporter: police don't yet know how christine jarrett died, but her husband, 57-year- old robert jarrett, a suspect from the start, is now facing first and second degree murder charges in connection with her death. >> we have every reason to believe that this is christine jarrett both because of the nature of the case and the personal effects located with the remains. >> reporter: up until a few months ago when they separated jarrett lived in the home with his current wife. they had a child together. neighbors thoughts are now with christine's two sons with robert, 26 and 31 years old now, who wondered all these years why their mom left without a trace. >> now they know that, you know, and hopefully they can find some peace and, you know, the memories that they have of
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her can be sweeter. >> and now after 21 years of freedom it's robert jarrett who will be confined to jail. he's being held without bond. prince george's county police have identified a woman found dead in a vacant apartment yesterday afternoon. they say the victim is 30-year- old latoya hall. her body was found in an empty third floor unit at the marlow plaza apartment in temple hills. sources tell fox 5 the victim was beaten, bound and gagged. no arrests have been made. there is word tonight the d.c. government website was the target of a cyber attack which affected several agencies including mayor gray's homepage and the e-mail of some employees. internet connection has been spotty dale and according to the website dcs hackers claim responsibility saying the attacks are part of a protest against the government. the same group attacked government servers in new york city earlier this week and they say there will be more attacks
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to come. new surveillance video shows a person of interest in a burglary at d.c. auditor's office. according to d.c. council chairman kwame brown, someone stole two laptop computers and several other items over the weekend. the auditor's office which is on 14th street in northwest examines the accounts and operations of the d.c. government. new tonight adaan residents holding a meeting in northwest to discuss their vision for the neighborhood's future. topping the agenda? mayor gray's budget provide policy to extend the hours of sale for alcoholic beverages. the plan would let restaurants and bars serve alcohol until 3 a.m. during the week and until 4 a.m. on the weekends extending last call by an hour, but most residents are not on board. >> this neighborhood is a neighborhood predominantly of houses and small apartment buildings and people forget that. they come to what they consider an entertainment district and they think it's all rules are
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off. they don't think about the people who have to get up and work on the weekends. >> if you mention the word alcohol, there's a knee jerk reaction that, you know, something bad is going to come of it and you'd have people believing that we are still in a time of prohibition. >> residents worry the extra hour of alcohol sales would cause rowdy crowds in the neighborhood, but mayor gray says the move would generate millions for the city. one week from the nfl draft and looks like one quarterback is a lock for the redskins. feldy is breaking it down coming up. >> plus a once in a lifetime experience, the shuttle discovery rolls into its new home. >> didn't the shuttle have good timing? today was beautiful as it went into udvar hazy and wasn't it spectacular for the flyover? it's the end of the week and we're looking ahead toward friday and the weekend forecast and making some changes. i'll tell you about them coming up. >> new at 11:tonight two murder victims found in two different places in northern virginia.
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now police say they were brothers who vanished years ago, but who killed them and why? the mystery tonight on the news edge. 
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tens of thousands of people along the washington mall this week, the shuttle went to the smithsonian being displayed at the udvar hazy space museum in dulles. fox 5's tom fitzgerald was there all day and has this report. >> reporter: well, it's flyover over the national mall tuesday were certainly thrilling, but there were thrills to be given out by discovery moving very slowly thursday as it was officially towed into place at the space hole at the udvar hazy air and space museum near dulles. it was early thursday morning as the shuttle enterprise was rolled out of the smithsonian space hall to make home for the new occupant here. >> five, four, three, two, one.
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and liftoff. >> reporter: shuttle discovery wassing he courted by her former -- was escorted by her former commanders until finally coming nose to nose with the shuttle it is replacing, enterprise. >> now the discovery begins its own second act as an engine of imagination, education and inspiration. >> reporter: second only to discovery perhaps was the presence of one of spaceflight's living legends, john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth or payload specialist 2 and was known when he returned to space on discovery at age 77. >> space shuttle discovery is the star it. has the most extensive record of all the shuttle fleet. its 39 missions included a whole bunch of things. >> reporter: enterprise was used in the '70s to test the shuttle's air worthiness but never flew in space. discovery boasted 39 space missions and is the most traveled shuttle ever, but this was the first time the two ever
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met face to face. >> the shuttles were extraordinary vehicles and throughout their lives we constantly learned from them and refined them. >> reporter: the transfer of ownership from nasa to the smithsonian came with a stroke of the pen, but one of the signing's official witnesses john glenn told us he is a bit concerned the shuttles are being retired too soon. >> should that orbiter be on a launch pad instead of the smithsonian? >> well, i would have preferred that it still be flying if i would be making that decision, but that decision was made 8 1/2 years ago for whatever reason they decided at that time, but i would rather we would have waited until we had the replacement for the shuttle in place before we retired it. >> reporter: there was little debate among the young people here, though. discovery is in place and they are happy to have it. what are some of the coolest things you've seen here today? >> airplanes. >> airplanes. >> rocket ships. >> reporter: and now with its space missions and unforgettable flight over the national mall now history,
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discovery is set for its final mission, preserving shuttle history for the next generation. and talk about a needle and thread, smithsonian had to open up a narrow gap in the hall in order for the enormous rear section of the discovery to make its way in here. they're saying the final work on the shuttle will go on for the next couple of days, but it will officially go on display starting friday at 10 a.m. at the aerospace museum near the you vair hazy center near dulles, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. talking sports now down in the newsroom with my buddy feldy. first the nfl draft takes place next thursday, but today some big news affecting the redskins' second overall selection, huge. >> huge news espn is reporting that the colts have already told andrew luck we're going to take you, the quarterback. we thought he was their guy. so that means rg3, your redskin
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family, is coming in. he's the guy people wanted anyway. andrew luck went to stanford. he was everything, 67% of his passes completed, threw over 9,400 yards, 82 touchdowns throughout his career, a two time heisman trophy runner-up and style most closely resembles that of the former colts quarterback peyton manning. he is considered the best prospect for quarterback since john ole eric but him going to the colts means what every -- john elway, but him going to the colts means what everyone thought would happen in d.c. robert griffin, iii, will be selected for the redskins. he won the heisman trophy this year. for more on the skins' selection we encourage you to join our qb countdown draft day 2012. this is a special airing a week from today. lindsay murphy will be in new york. i will be at redskins park with
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jason reid, doc walker joining us. dave ross will be at fedex field. >> fun. >> everyone will be everywhere and we encourage you to join this special. this special will be a week from today at 6:30 on fox 5. >> rg3 on the cover of si already. is that bad luck? >> you know about the si jinx, but really it's the madden jinx. john madden has that madden 2000, if you're on that cover, you have a bad season or blow out your acl. the sports illustrated jinx is not as bad. >> so it doesn't apply here. >> no. also caps a huge win tonight. 2-1 over boston. we'll have all the highlights at 10:52, the series now tied at two games apiece heading back to boston saturday for game 5. >> great stuff. thanks, feldy. let's take it back to football. president obama welcomed the university of alabama football team to the white house today. the president applauded this year's bcs champs for their dedication to working together both on and off the field.
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he also praised the team's efforts in the alabama community after tornadoes devastated most of the area last year. homeowners, tens of thousands of dollars behind on payments, watch as their mortgages are ripped up and reworked. see the deals for yourself next. >> plus a mother under arrest in our area years after police say she abducted her daughter and disappeared.  so, ah, your seat good?
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long lines for mortgage help in the district today. for people in distress some of the biggest banks in the country are ripping up the terms of old mortgages and in many cases offering homeowners far better deals all at no cost to the homeowner. fox 5's john henrehan reports. >> reporter: the group sponsoring the five-day homeowner assistance effort at the convention center is the neighborhood assistance corporation of america.
10:25 pm
in 2008 we covered naca protestors offloading four truckloads of used furniture at fannie mae headquarters here in washington d.c. they were protesting what they thought was onerous refinancing rules which led to too many foreclosures. fast forward to 2012, naca has brought together the biggest mortgage lenders to change the deals for many distressed homeowners. >> everybody who comes here, every homeowner, has tried and failed to work with their lender, but now they come here to be face to face with the lender and get a decision on the spot because naca has legally bind agreements with all the major lenders and investors to achieve an affordable solution. >> reporter: wanda grant from suitland, maryland, came to an earlier naca mortgage changing event. she came on this day to say thank you for a radical mortgage restructuring. >> it saved me from $2,900 a
10:26 pm
month to $1,300 a month. >> reporter: at the bank of america tables with dozens of employees on hand with authority to refinance mortgages, there's a celebration when a deal is struck. [ applause ] and when the final paperwork is completed -- [ gonging ] >> reporter: -- the successful homeowner bangs a big gong. phil macy of laurel, maryland, fell behind on his mortgage when his 30 year business went bust during the recession. >> before the interest rate was 6.4 at $1,800 a month and today it's $1,022 at 3%. >> reporter: that's a fixed mortgage rate of 3%. this mortgage changing event run by the nonprofit naca will continue at the washington convention center through and including monday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in washington john henrehan, fox 5 news.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. attorneys for a nurse accused of murdering a new mother and running away with her newborn want to evaluate her mental state. lawyers claim verna mcclain was mumbling and confused in court today. she is facing a capital murder charge in the death of 28-year- old kayla golden. investigators say mcclain had a miscarriage and was desperate to find a baby after telling her fiancee she had given birth. mcclain is the mother of three children. there are new clues in the case of a boy who vanished 30 years ago. a basement is being dug up near the boy's home in new york city. 6-year-old etan patz
10:31 pm
disappeared while walking to school, the first time he was allowed to walk alone. >> reporter: fbi agents and new york city police officers put up a blue tent to block the view while nearly 100 of them began what an ex-agent calls an archeologicallike dig for evidence, digging up the concrete floor of the entire basement of 127 prince street. 806 square feet digging for evidence connected to the did i appear's then 6-year-old etan patz -- disappearance of then 6- year-old etan patz in 1979. >> we have good information that led to the probable cause again that led to the search warrant and we take the information seriously. >> reporter: etan was last seen by his mother on this street walking to school on his own for the first time. he disappeared from this one block. new york city police say the thorough dig will take five days as they seek. >> human remains, clothing or personal effects that may lead us to the whereabouts of etan
10:32 pm
patz who disappeared from his street on may 25th, 1979. >> reporter: etan patz's parents still live 1/2 block away from the evidence dig in the same apartment they shared with their son. their friends say it was their persistence that pushed for the case to be reopened two years ago. >> they continued to push and part of the campaign promise of the candidates to reopen the case and this will be a cold case if it weren't for the parents and they never let it go. >> reporter: for decades law enforcement assumed a drifter named jose rahm was responsible for etan's disappearance, but sources say a month ago fbi agents showed pictures of two other possible suspects to neighborhood residents. a carpenter and a handyman who worked here in 1979 had had access to the basement now being searched. are there new suspects? >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> reporter: they've shown new pictures of new possible
10:33 pm
suspects. is that accurate? >> i'm not going to comment on any suspects in the case. there's been no arrests in this case. >> reporter: a former cold case fbi agent says the evidence must be very strong for this big of search. he adds often in cold cases decades later friends of the killer are willing to talk. >> somebody may have very easily had a change of heart, somebody that was perhaps a significant other of one of the suspects could have had a falling out, may have passed away. relationships change, especially in 30 years. meanwhile a 6-year-old abduction case from california is solved after the missing child was found living in sterling, virginia, this week. let's take a picture of stephanie cano when she disappeared from her los angeles home back in 2006. at the time police believe her mother kidnapped her and taken her out of the country. police recently got a tip the mother and daughter were living in sterling. >> the tip was actually
10:34 pm
information passed over to the national center for missing and exploited children and that information was then relayed to los angeles, the los angeles police department, where the original complaint was actually made back in 2006 in february. they, the los angeles police department, contacted loudoun county sheriff's office detectives who were able to locate this missing girl. >> the mother was arrested. the child who is now 12 years old is in the process of being returned to her father. d.c. police made an arrest in the sexual assault of a 3- year-old boy at a daycare center. 21-year-old randolph king is charged with first degree sex abuse with aggravated circumstances. the alleged incident happened at a daycare center at the zion baptist church in northeast. a woman said she walked into a classroom, saw a man sexually abusing the child, no word what king's connection was to the daycare. you don't hear this often, a little boy's lemonade stand pulling in more than 10k in one
10:35 pm
day. >> plus forget flash mobs. one local university had flash lectures. see why students say it makes learning fast and fun. but first starbucks says it's going to stop putting bugs in your drinks. fox business network's stuart varney explains. >> you are getting some relief at the pump, the price of gas starting to come down from its high point of the year hit earlier this month. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded now $3.89. meanwhiled for looking to drive up its business in china, the automaker shelling out more than $700 million to build a new plant there, but the housing market is not building gains, americans buying fewer previously owned homes last month, this despite mortgage rates below 4% for most of march. some fancy bags bagging some fancy cash. tumi holdings, the high end luggagemaker posting a big opening day its stock surging almost 47% thursday and no more
10:36 pm
bugging out at starbucks. under heavy pressure from activist groups the coffee chain will some using crushed beetles to color some of its sweet drinks. the use of certain kinds of ground up beetles is actually a government approved method of food coloring. that's business. i'm stuart varney.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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now to the race for the white house, brand-new information just released indicating just how close the presidential race is in some key states. fox's shannon bream breaks it down for us. >> reporter: mixed news for mitt romney out of a key battle ground state, ohio. first an endorsement by
10:40 pm
governor john kasich who cited romney's proven experience as a job creator. romney visited the state today and thanked supporters for an important primary win while stressing how much he'll need the buckeye state in the fall. >> we've got to do the same thing in november so we make sure and take back the white house. i'm counting on ohio. >> reporter: but brand-new fox news poll numbers show romney is trailing in ohio. 45% say they would vote for president obama today while 39% would cast their ballots for romney. the lead is within the margin of error. another state florida is a virtual tie. when asked whether they were satisfied with how things are going in the country now, voters in both states gave identical responses. 68% said no. 31% said yes. the numbers come in the midst of a war of words the white house says romney is imagining. at a tuesday campaign event at a community college in ohio president obama said this.
10:41 pm
>> somebody gave me an education. i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. >> reporter: when asked about the comment today, romney responded. >> i'm not going to apologize for my dad's success, but i know the president likes to attack fellow americans. he's always looking for a scapegoat, particularly those that have been successful like my dad. >> reporter: the white house says the silver spoon comment wasn't directed at romney. >> i suppose anybody who thinks it was a reference to them might be a little oversensitive. >> reporter: while hosting the university of alabama's national championship football team at the white house today, the president was given a helmet by head coach nick saban and responded to the gift by saying he'll probably need that helmet for now until november. a somber ceremony in oklahoma city marking 17 years since the federal building was bombed. mourners and survivors gathered today at a ceremony at the oklahoma city national museum. there was 160 seconds of
10:42 pm
silence representing each victim killed. the man behind the attack timothy mcveigh was convicted and executed. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 two murder scenes, the victims two brothers who vanished two years ago in northern virginia. who killed them and why? we are working the mystery. >> plus why did this guy get naked in an airport security line? he tries to explain himself at 11:00. 
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students at the university of maryland rallied on campus to protest what they called the doomsday budget. the students are asking governor martin o'malley to call a special session to prevent a $50 million cut to the university system. those cuts would require a tuition hike. '. >> some would say only $800, you're an in-state student, it's only $800, but that means 800 new doubts, 800 new uncertainties, 800 new concerns and 800 even greater fears that i may not be able to fulfill my
10:46 pm
father's dream here at the university of maryland. >> a study was cited for every dollar spent on higher education maryland gets $8 back on its investment. college campuses are known for a rapid exchange of ideas and at one school in our area they are testing the academic version of a flash mob, one of those giant dances that breaks out in the middle of a shopping mall. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, it's a way of helping students learn and not worry so much about what might be on the next test. >> rumor has it something might be happening on the quad. >> what's going on here? maybe i should go check that out. >> reporter: sometimes when you least expect it a lecture breaks out. >> hi, everybody. my name dr. dan, environmental policy professor here. he >> reporter: you've heard of a flash mob. >> the temperature's going up, the sea level coming. in. >> reporter: this is a flash
10:47 pm
lecture. >> fossil fuels from one part of the world to the other. >> reporter: an administrator at george mason university heard about the idea and mentioned it to some students including leslie cook. >> we try to get students to come out and learn about some things that they may not have time for a full class on. >> reporter: there was this flash lecture about climate change. you been at any flash mobs? >> i have not. i've seen them, though. >> reporter: now you've attended a flash lecture. these lectures are popping up all over the george mason campus on subjects like science, international affairs and gender studies. >> i heard one has to do with the zombie apocalypse coming. >> final is coming up soon, so most people are zombying out. >> reporter: flash yoga was a hit. most of the crowds are between 10 and 30 people. word of the flash is spread only by social media. >> 10 minutes beforehand they were sexting out news to the twitter and facebook saying --
10:48 pm
texting out news to the twitter and facebook saying hey, come by to this event. when we talk about climate change and global warning. >> reporter: dr. dan says the best part of all is the whole thing is organized by students eager to soak up new information in a flash. at george mason university. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> beautiful day for anything outside really, even classes. >> exactly. this is the kind of thing you don't want to do in a flash. you want to drag it out and enjoy the day. >> can we do that? >> we can do it again tomorrow. tomorrow looks like a spectacular day. >> excellent. >> including a repeat of what happened this morning which is a little fog. we might see that again in the early morning hours, but i do not think it's enough to slow down the commute or be something that requires a dense fog advisory. it's a gorgeous night. the skies have cleared and temperatures will drop to the 40s. that means your friday will start on a cool note, but we'll get you started also with a look at the weather headlines
10:49 pm
because yes, friday is fantastic, enjoy it, a sunny warm day, probably warmer than today was. i bet we get into the mid-70s. we've been saying we need rain. i know you don't want it on the weekend, but beneficial showers possible saturday. there could be a thunderstorm in the afternoon. it doesn't look like they will be severe and not all day, but some rain. i'll show you the timing in a moment. there's a second part to the weekend forecast and a separate rainy system that could affect us sunday. i've got to tell you the sunday storm looks like it's trending farther east which means less rain for us. so what rain we get sunday will depend on the track of the coast air force base but the trend tonight is for this to maybe affect -- track of the coastal, but the trend tonight is for this to maybe affect us a little bit, sunday dryer and cooler in the low 60s. today bwi getting up to 70 and
10:50 pm
dulles 69 degrees. tonight we'll find our temperatures dropping, but slowly thanks to the fact that a wind from the south is developing and that's going to keep us not very chilly tonight. our current temperature as you saw here, 62 degrees. we're all over the place when you look at the east. it's still pretty warm east of the mississippi. you get up towards chicago where they've had a lot of rain today it's 45 degrees, international falls 41. we get the warm stuff, but eventually this cooler air will get in here for sunday and probably for monday as well. so we'll be all over the place like we have been this april. tonight it's clear skies. all the clouds push down to our south. here's one of the reasons why chicago is so chilly. we have an area of low pressure moving through the great lakes and i want to get in closer to show you that there's some snow up there, too, in parts of michigan and they're also going to see this moving through wisconsin. green bay is about to get some wet snow passing by. cold enough we can still see that happening in april. around here that's not in the
10:51 pm
cards for us tonight. we'll probably drop to 50 or 51 degrees, some 40s in the suburbs, but a few spots, more than a few, staying near 50 degrees overnight. we'll watch for clear skies and perhaps a little fog later tonight. a great day tomorrow, sunny, mild, at least 74 degrees, maybe warmer in some spots, but we start off chilly at 57 with a bit of fog. by noon we're up to 69 degrees, lots of sunshine and by 5:00 73 and a mild friday night. i think a lot of outdoor tables will be booked tomorrow. quantico could get to 72, manassas 73 and manassas 76 degrees, but as we look at our service map with high pressure off the coast bringing us in the south wind, that's why we have the nice day. frontal system approaches saturday, brings in showers, potential for a thunderstorm. that will probably linger through the afternoon. i wanted to quickly show you the futurecast because a lot of
10:52 pm
you have soccer practice saturday morning. friday is dry. we'll see clouds increase friday night. it looks like saturday morning is dry. if you have things to do outside, that's the time to do it. by 1:00 or so we start seeing showers coming in, maybe line of thunderstorms along 95. by 6:00 that movings out, but our next shower is -- moves out, but our next shower is tracking east for sunday and significant rain just missing the east coast. we'll continue to watch that trend. i'll feel better about that sunday forecast by tomorrow as we see one or two more runs of the guidance. tomorrow looks like the best day of the next several, rain badly needed saturday, 74 degrees. i'll show you how much rain we could potentially get coming up on the news edge at 11:00, but only 62 for sunday. tonight the capitals helped draw even with the bruins in the 1st round playoff series. >> but they'd have to do it without their top playmaker. sports director dave feldman is
10:53 pm
here with the story. >> nick backstrom sitting out the one game suspension for the cross-check of rich peverley. the caps weren't happy about it, they didn't get mad tonight but they got even. 1st period alex ovechkin gets knocked down. brooks laich with a loose puck beats marcus johansson who beats tim thomas and 82 seconds in a 1-0 scenario. later 1st period ovechkin falls down. dennis wideman is caught in the bruins zone. rich peverley breaks out on an odd man rush, waits, waits, fakes and beats braden holtby. tied 1-1. caps on the power play, alexander semin skates into the circle, wrist shot beats thomas, semin's second of the series, caps up 2-1. there were some tense final seconds. the bruins with their goalie pulled braden holtby will make a glove save right as time expires. he stopped 44 or 45 shots. caps edged the bruins 2-1 to even the series at two games
10:54 pm
apiece. afterwards high praise for the rookie goal. >> yeah. they came out real hard tonight and fore-checked us hard. we turned the puck over a few times and holtby was very good. >> game five back in boston and there will be a game six. lindsay murphy will have more from the verizon center on the news edge at 11:00. an award ceremony for military kids with a surprise ending. this brother/sister duo thought they would leave with the trophy. instead they heft with something much more mean -- left with something much more meaningful.   >> fox 5 news brought to you by local washington area chevy dealers. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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[ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ a little boy from indiana opened a lemonade stand over the weekend, but this is not your average lemonade stand. 6-year-old drew cox came up with the idea to raise money for his dad who was diagnosed
10:58 pm
with a rare form of cancer three months ago. as you can imagine, the lemonade stand made its mark on the entire community. >> i just did it because i just wanted to help him with his money. to help him pay with his deal. >> you know, it almost made me cry. it's nice knowing that my kids care so much for me and it's also hard, too, to help them understand that i am sick and that i can't do as much with them. >> drew's lemonade stand earned more than $10,000 on saturday. way to go, drew. what a moment for mom and her kids at a military awards ceremony. they thought they'd get a nice trophy or a plaque. instead they got the surprise of a lifetime. fox 5 photojournalist steve jones shows us what happened. [ cheering and applause ]
10:59 pm
>> our military together was able to arrange an early return of petty officer karl bachman. >> beautiful story for those kids and their mom, i'm sure. laura is in for brian on the news edge at 11:00. the news edge begins in virginia. police solved the disappearance of two brothers missing for nearly two years, but now there's a new mystery. who killed them and why? fox 5's bob barnard is in the newsroom working this one tonight. bob? >> the brothers were last seen alive two years ago next month in may of 2010. only this week were remains found in the months after their disappearance positively identified as the missing mexican american brothers. the first set of remains


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