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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 21, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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cambodia. her mission is to save south -- save child sex trafficking victims from the life she once was forced to live. it is an honor to meet you. >> thank you. john: and these are all your kids. >> yes. hello, john. to hear their stories, it is like -- john: 8. your heart. >> it breaks my heart. she arrived in cambodia. john: nice to meet you. >> she had been sold in the brothel, a knife in her eyes. john: did they catch who did that to her? will the police get that man? >> no. john: now you have found a home and a mom. >> sister, sister. john: as somaly and her
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beautiful kids probably gave me a tour of the center, i could see she has created something very special, a place that gives these young survivors a chance for a brighter future. this is the library. >> yes. john: look at him. >> they make their own clothing. john: and their survivors and teach the girls how to sew, take care of themselves. they give other girls hope. there is a way to get out of this life. >> yes. john: what a good place for these kids to land. i loved meeting you. i know you have been through a lot, but you are in a good place. you have touched my heart. one of the best days i have spent in my life, in my life. thank you. bye-bye. bye-bye, love.
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i need a big hug. >> thank you, john. john: it is an honor to meet you. bye-bye, girls. that was a great look back at some international manhunts i will always remember. but it is time to look to the future and focus on the fugitives i have shown you tonight. samantha lewthwaite is wanted for questioning by police in africa for her alleged role in a terrorist plot in kenya. nalio williams is accused of murdering a man for his mercedes in broward county, florida. cops in ontario, canada, say guo wei wu is wanted on charges of murder -- manslaughter and kidnapping. david carroll is wanted by police in quebec for 13 murders. he is a member of the quebec nomads chapter of the hell's angels. this is our final two-hour
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special for the season here on fox. before i go, i want to thank everybody who picked up the phone and make that call or log onto our website and left your tips there. that is how we catch these guys. and the manhunt is never really ever. from main street to downing street, it is about one thing -- getting justice. so stay safe, stay strong, and remember, you can and do make a difference. [captioning made possible by walsh productions]
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. a marine stabbed to death in d.c. allegedly by another marine. the surveillance video captures the aftermath. and three more agents out of a job over a secret service prostitution scandal. new, will members of congress be speaking out. and he was known as richard nixon's hatchetman. a key player in the watergate scandal dies in the local hospital. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> caught on tape. a marina is dead and another is facing charges after stabbing on barracks row in southeast. more shocking, investigators are trying to determine if this is a hate crime. audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: the victim, 23- year-old phillip from camp lejeune was days away from being discharged from the marines and is no dead. witnesses say he got into an altercation with the fellow marine, michael post, who is in police custody facing murder charges. the cameras from a business on 8th street capture the aftermath of the stabbing. passers by rushing to help.
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and ambulance frying to arrive and transport him, who is unconscious and unresponsive. marines on duty at the front gates detained the suspect who was an active duty marine stationed there and he is no facing second-degree murder charges in the death of fellow marine who died at a local hospital. investigators are trying to determine if this is a possible hate crime. >> one witness for the homophobic slur used by suspects during a verbal altercation that proceeded. >> and this is very sad and unfortunate it happened. they go and serve our country in the war zone and come back and to this and that is sad. >> reporter: at 11 tonight, you will hear what other people who live in the area and business owners are saying about the impact of the stabbing on barracks row, which is becoming a go-to destination like adams morgan. we'll have new details about
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thosemar eyewitness, maureen? >> audrey barnes, thank you. and meanwhile, a terrifying ordeal for two people carjacked in the district this morning. two thieves took the victims on a nightmare ride from northwest to northeast and into prince georges county. they accused of robbing the victims and forcing them into the trunk of the car and letting the man out so he can drive. he escaped and the woman was trapped in the trunk of the car until the suspects abandoned it and they're on the loose tonight. and rain moved in and could stick around for days. tucker barnes has more. week be in for more tomorrow, right? >> reporter: the high temperatures will be in the low 50s and that is after enjoying high temperatures in the 80s and big changes in store the next 12 hours or so and let's look at the satellite radar, you can see the front.
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this is the cold front that got through here and most of the action is to the east of us and you're in store for a couple of hours of rain and in washington, weaning down and the winds are pick up behind the front and the temperatures tumbled in a big way and looking at the current temperatures at reagan national. we're down to 59 degrees and check out your low 30s and 40s. pittsburgh, 41 degrees; 42, detroit and tap into this cold air during the day tomorrow as a coastal low here and brings us periods of some heavy rain and i will have more details on that later. rain returns early tomorrow morning and the overnight low, 50 degrees and the winds shifting out of the south and west to the northerly direction and gusting 10, 15 miles per hour. and i'll toss it back to you. >> thank you, tucker. and. the southbound lanes remain
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closed at this hour after a car crash earlier tonight and that happened before 7. not a lot of details but one person is in critical condition. and three people wound up in handcuffs outside and the annual spring meeting for the imf. a police spokesman said a woman was charged with assaulting a police officer and the other two involved a man who crossed the police line and another who blocked the passage way and today is the last day for the imf meeting. a senator is calling for a wider investigation in the system scandal. it comes as three more agents surrounded a job bringing the total to six and this stems from a wild night in a colombian hotel before the president's visit for an international sum it. fox's molly hennenberg has the story. >> reporter: iowa run senator chuck grassily wants the secret service to find out if anyone from the white house
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communications agency or the white house advance team had any, quote, overnight guests in their hotel rooms or shared rooms with the implicated secret service agents at the hotel caribe or other hotels in cartajena, colombia. in a letter he sent to the secret service, he wants to know who would be reviewing the hotel records to ensure sensitive information was not compromised by overnight guests. the white house said a couple of times this week that so far, none of the team on the ground has been caught up in the scandal. >> i have no reason not to believe, i don't know otherwise that this did not involve anything but the agents and the military personnel. and we are in regular conversation with the senior members of the staff and the secret service. and getting briefed on the progress of their investigation. >> reporter: for the first time since the scandal broke, the secret service director briefed president obama in person and in the oval office yesterday.
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so far, six secret service agents were ousted and resigned, including two supervisors. five more agents are on administrative leave and one is cleared of serious misconduct. and they may face in-house punishment. on the military side, the pentagon said at least 11 members were involved as well. six from the army, two marines, two from the navy and one from the air force n. washington, molly hennyberg, fox news. george zimmerman's attorney hopes to have his client out of the jail by the end of the week. this is after a judge set bond for zimmermanality $150,000 yesterday. -- zimmerman at $150,000 yesterday. he's focused on escorting zimmerman to a safe location and that it won't be easy given the, quote, open and free society. he's concerned about maintaining a fair trial for zimmerman. >> and there is more information given at the hearing and there is a lot of,
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motions wrapped around the case, and we're worried the emotions are negative and may play out against george. >> he spoke with zimmerman and he's doing okay and focused on getting out of jail and he's charged with second-degree murder for shooting and killing him in florida and it was in self-defense. a key figure in the water gate scandal died. charles colston passed away today and he takes a look back at the time in prison and the religious awakening. >> reporter: he was known as the hatchetman. willing to walk over his own grandmother to re-elect the president. after watergate and seven months in prison, he would spend the next four decades -- decades as one of the leading christian missionaries, working with the inmates in america's prisons. >> i saw the world through the eyes of people disadvantage the outcast of society and the
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untouchables. >> reporter: born in boston in no one 31, colson attended brown university and through the a lum nie soccer, he would meet e. howard hunt who, years later, colson would recruit to the nixon white house and go on to sign vise the watergate break-in. a former marine captain and hard-driving lawyer, he joined the nixon white house as special council. the chief task was to get richard nixon re-elected by identifying and courting blue collar workers, ethnics and other voters later dubbed reagan democrats. he was a driving force behind the white house enemies list and the infamous plummer's group and the war in smearing antiwar activist daniel elsburg and ultimately landed colson in prison. >> it was the worst thing in my life to be indicted. i was so proud as a marine officer and proud to serve my country and i end up in the courtroom and that is in the united states of america.
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>> reporter: it was in the small town of westin, massachusetts, outside of boston on the night of august 12th, 1973colson, after visiting a friend who recently converted to christ, had his own epiphany. >> i started to drive out of the driveway and got 100 yards before i had to pull over and this quick marine captain and tough guy -- and i couldn't find it further and spent a half hour in his driveway and maybe an hour, talking to god the first time seriously in my life. >> reporter: intense skepticism greeted his announcement of his conversion. in no one 76, he published his first book, a memoir of the nixon years and a testament to colson's new-found witness. born again became a classic of its genre, hoping to popularize the term used in the title, breathing life into the emerging evangelical movement in the society. charles colson was 80 years old. james rosen, fox news.
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>> reporter: he underwent surgery in mark. on march. the head said hey he would, quote, soon be home with the lord. >> there were times hi very, very close misses and ice was coming out of the fog. >> and coming up, a maryland man tells the amazing story of his year at sea. and your internet access could be in jeopardy. why people across the country could be cut off and what can you do to prevent it. and who do you call when your sidewalk is covered in gum? the gum busters. tell us about their most memorable jobs. much more to come on the news at 10. stay with us.
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. an elderly man is okay after driving his car into an arlington bas kin robins storefront. he hit the gas instead of the brakes. and where's okay. we can say that and there is a
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price tag and damage, $20,000. a maryland man making history. he's back on land after 309 days at sea. matt rutherford sailed alone, around north and south america and as john henrehan reports, the 31-year-old did that to raise money for a local non- profit group. >> reporter: with a bag piper playing, they came to annapolis lie -- by land, sea, and air to welcome home matt rutherford, who took the sailboat on a your honoree that lasted 309 days and more than 23,000 nautical miles. people before have sailed around the top of north america and around the bottom of south america and back. and until now, no one has done the solo non-stop. and here it is, maryland adventurer matt rutherford back
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on land. among the hundreds in the crowd, the governor wearing shorts and this is -- and maryland's first lady was there for the sendoff in june of 2011. >> and when we called him off, he was wearing the same shirt. >> reporter: how did he feel after a year at sea? >> and i am doing, long time no see. like a dream. any minute and i'm going to be in the middle of the ocean, you know. and it happened over and over and over again and -- >> reporter: the point was to raise mean. for a group called crab, chesapeake's region accessible boating which, hopes to buy a heavy gangway. >> for 20 years, i have been wanting to take a wheelchair user with an electric chair, the heavy chairs, and i have had to come down to the dock and decide not to go in the boats because they have to leave and to leave that chair
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behind. that is a big thing there. >> reporter: there were dangers for the adventurer, particularly in the northwest passage. >> and there were times. -- i have no radar on the boat and some storms. you mix them together. i was nearly killed by a giant iceberg at one point. >> reporter: what is next? riding -- writing a book and -- . >> i need a haircut, you see this? >> reporter: in annapolis, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> i. starting today, it's going to cost you more to get a cab in d.c. and this is that breakdown. going from 250 to 115 and 25 up from 15. the cabdrivers will be able to charge a back fee only if the driver handles the bag. not all cabs will charge the
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new fares. some need to recalibrate the meters. hundreds of local home owners are finding mortgage help this weekend. today was day three of the american dream event organized by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america or naca. it gives home owners and home buyers free help with loan modification and first-time mortgages. one woman there thursday said her mortgage payment was cut from $2,900 a month down to about $1,300 a month and that event continues through monday from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and there is more information on the website, and click on the money tab. and the fbi said that millions of computer users might lose their internet connection this summer because of a massive hacking scheme. international criminals used an online advertising scam to infect computers. the fbi set up a network to shut down the scam server, but if your computer is unfected, the shut down could affect you. the fbi said go to this website here to find out whether your computer was hit. the website is
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again, that is the site will explain how the scam effects your computer and tell you how to fix the problem. investors want to you tell them where the market is heading. you and everyone else in the social media world. they are turning to sites like facebook and to twitter looking for clues and which way the dow will g. >> reporter: there is a new way investors can get a leg up on the market. the idea is to get investment clues from what people are saying online. for example, taking a look at the overall mood. are people worried or excited about something? one study found what folks are tweeting, blogging, or facebooking about can actually predict which way the dow will go, sometimes days in advance. investors keeping a close eye on our chatter. what we say about products and
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services and companies in online reviews. when university of southern california researchers sole stocks based on negative reviews, they earned 8% more and for some investments, that can translate into millions. >> one individual is not going to move the market. sometimes, certain individuals can start a conversation triggering other people's experience and they file on and with some more buzz taking place about that particular event and that issue and then that begins to move markets. >> reporter: there are actually companies that specialize in finding these indicators. market psyche in santa monica, california, scours the internet looking for anything other about a company good or bad. it then sells the findings to hedge funds, banks and brokerage firms. like anything with the stock market, it's risky and could pay off for someone who is
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willing to play the game. >> a lot of the time, you will be wrong and may get 50% directional accuracy. when you're there 10% of the time and like that crisis or the bankruptcy of lehman brothers, that type of event will make your profits for even a year. >> reporter: investors have always tried to get into the brains of courages and nowadays with many of us sharing our thoughts and opinions on line, it makes it easier. and sticky, dirty sidewalks met their match. >> and -- >> they share their memorable stories coming up next. 
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. if a maryland business man had his way, you would never ever step in gum again. he's making it his mission to clean up sticky sidewalks. nelson jones talked to the gum
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busters. >> my lilihood, without gum, i'm nothing. i remove gum from sidewalks and that is what i do every day. there is always gum, always gum to spit out. >> we hit each spot in five to seven seconds and the gum is gone. just like. that shaswam. i'll get a group of school children down in d.c. and i'll ask who are you going to call? i'll ask him, you have seen the movie? who movie? i say ghostbusters. >> they rhymed. >> oh, yeah, who are you going to call? >> who are you going to call? >> ghostbusters. >> enough, i get the point. >> and i think gum busters. >> and that is 1 moment degrees
10:30 pm
and dilute it with water. once applied, the gum dissolves on contact. >> and you might be standing on gum now? >> and there is a lot. >> who are you going to call? >> gumbusters. >> i have been around, you name the city, i have been there and showed the profits. >> what are you supposed to be, some kind of a cosmonaut? >> i am a gum buster, that is my life. pays my bills. >> nice shooting. >> you can see that is starting to dissolve. >> shazam! >> the biggest interdimensional cross dresser since the blast of 1909. >> that is great. >> dating myself, i remember that movie vividly, right, matt? >> yes. >> okay, the gum buster has cleaned all of the monuments
10:31 pm
and cloned inside the american history museum where there is gum all over the carpets and in front of the martha washington and. a new plan for the capsized cruise ship off the of the italian coast. and a new break in the 30- year-old mystery. investigators take jack hammers to a manhattan building and search for a child who vanished. an update is next. 
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. investigators are using jack hammers to dig up a building floor in the search for a missing child in manhattan. this is not a new case. in fact, the boy disappeared 33 years ago. fox's anna coinman has more on the effort to close the case. >> reporter: investigators in the case dug up the floor in the basement and moved on to
10:35 pm
the soils beneath it. the bottom of the manhattan building was used as a work space by a neighborhood handyman at the time of his disappearance in 1979. the fbi and the nypd have between 30 and 40 agents and officers down there and have been using jack hammers, and other items throughout the three-day process. we're a block from the bus stop where the six-year-old was headed when he vanished. the new 75-year-old handy man hired an attorney who tells the media miller is cooperating with the investigators and has no involvement in this case. >> i believe he has conveyed that message multiple times over 30 years and is as moved as all of us are by this and he recognizes and agrees with all of us this is a terrible tragedy. and we should not be compounding one tragedy by ruining another person's life. >> reporter: the new york police commissioner is not going to spoke about any potential suspects in this
10:36 pm
case. for decades, though, there was a prime suspect. jose ramos, a admitted child molester, locked up in a pennsylvania prison. he was never convicted in the case, but was held responsible in a wrongful death suit. >> and that is a civil case brought by the family and there is a recovery. the individual has no money and is in jail. what is the $2 million recovery. and this is a civil matter and not enough evidence to go forward criminally. jot parents live in the neighborhood still and have placed a sign on the door asking for privacy. this is happening before national charge's day, may 25th. he was the first missing child to have his face on a milk carton and has since become a national symbol. investigators expect to be out here the rest of the day and continue their search efforts tomorrow. in new york city, anna coinman,
10:37 pm
fox news. and an investigation is underway after a 13-year-old boy fell to his death. it happened friday at the main hangar. contractors have been repairing the roof. the teen went up there with a family member and fell through the sky light. -- sky light. authorities have questioned a registered sex offender and haven't found charges in the disappearance of a soldier from fort bragg. the 23-year-old vanished a week ago. fox's elizabeth -- explains that is one of the few leads the police have had. >> reporter: she's been gone for seven days now, the search for the 23-year-old private first class turned up fruitless and there is some new information about the registered sex offender who was the last to see bordeaux on saturday morning. he turned himself in to authorities for failure to register his new residence in the county, completely unrelated charges and is being
10:38 pm
held on $100,000 secure bond. the family is pleading to the public to keep hear name in the news and to fonher a lee. >> it's unimaginable to wake up every day and this is the reality, you know, that i am standing in front of you and hope my sister is found. >> they turned up nothing. the last place bordeaux was seen was at a bar called froggy bottoms. the husband was not in town during her disappearance and police have not named a suspect. they have, however, questioned nicholas holbert, the 25-year- old barhand twice and he did speak with local media saying he gave bordeaux a ride home but has nothing to do with her disappearance and this is the status of a decade old condition of contact with a child at the age of five. the family is staying in
10:39 pm
fayetteville to help with the search until she's found. >> please return my sister. i have a 2-year-old son and -- to him. i don't want to try to explain anything. >> reporter: they went on to say that there is no possibility that bordeaux went awol. she took her duties as a soldier very seriously. a corner ruled that conservative pundit andrewbratebar died of heart failure. the 43-year-old blogger and commentator collapsed and died in the california neighborhood on march 1st. the coroner believes the heart failure was caused by coronery artery disease. salvage crews say it will take a year to get a capsized cruise ship away from the scene of the wreck off of the coast of tuscany. 32 people died and two people are still missing. the plan involves reflooring the cruise ship and towing it away in one piece and they have to still approve the plan.
10:40 pm
there -- they might be the most determined on the planet. their story is coming up. and a nats day red-hot at home and another play-off nail biter for the calfs. and hey, i'm excited about what happened in sports and can't wait to talk about that and this is your radar. showers and thunderstorms into southern maryland. you have to deal with some showers and this is part one. i have in store what part two is. the forecast for tomorrow. have details on that in a couple of minutes. i will give you a hint. you'll need an umbrella.  [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer
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because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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. the cardiac caps living up to their nickname. >> this is a great series. >> yeah. >> for people who don't like hockey, watch it during the play-offs. do yourself some good. it was awesome. >> that is when i was converted, actually. >> really? >> during the play-offs last year, i was like okay.
10:44 pm
>> and that is a different game. >> it was the big deal. >> the goalie has been an absolute stud for his team this post season. today, however, he was not perfect and neither was tim thomas for the browns. lucky for him, the teammates had his back and it was a tight one in boston this afternoon. nicky backstrom back for the one-game suspension and what a game it was. third period, tied at two and the forgotten cap mike knuble off of the rebound and the caps in front, 3-2 and how about braydenhopi. 34 saves and none more spectacular than this. you have to be limber, boys and girls. can you believe that? a blitz and comes up with the stop and tied at 3. late in the third and troy brewer said enough is enough and with that second goal of the series and the split doing net minder, i
10:45 pm
guess you could say. >> he battles extremely hard and he works smart as well and stays square and gets the job done and makes it simple. they dealing first, gabby sanchez goes down swinging and anabell sanchez strikes out and straussburg with john buck the down. six strikeouts and six innings for him. no score, and desmond swinging for the fences and gets one to go over the fence in left fold and with that solo shot. tied at two and one high and deep into center. wilson ramos is on third and scores in that sack fly and won their first five series this season. we have wizards highlights coming up tonight and mary
10:46 pm
had the spring football game. >> different this season. >> yeah, a lot is on deck for sports. >> a smorgasbord. >> thank you, murph. and in the gulf. officials say the sea food is safe, though. can we believe them? you don't want to miss the stories coming up next. ♪ we were skipping stones and leletting go ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, rich dark chocolate, toasted oats. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients,
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from nature valley. ♪ nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. nature valley trail mix bars are made with real ingredients you can see. like whole roasted nuts, chewy granola, and real fruit. nature valley trail mix bars. 100% natural. 100% delicious.
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. hundreds of people came out to honor earth day. volunteers were spread out throughout the anacostia watershed and more than 40 cleanup spots in d.c., montgomery, and sprint georges county in maryland. they picked up trash along the shore line. last year's earth day cleanup helped remove more than 42-tons of trash from the river. and instead of getting down and dirty, some people went went on a citywide hunt to
10:50 pm
explore all the green resources d.c. has to offer. >> and the idea being to show living green is affordable and fun. >> reporter: some of the activities in logan circle included human wheel barrel races, promoting ecofriendly lawnmowers and exotic species recognition promoting ecoturf on. fox 5 is encouraging you to take action tomorrow. and this is a haul your hazards. we have more on that. two years after the devastating gulf oil spill, there are still concerns about the safety of the sea food we eat. it comes in spite of repeated advisories about the quality of the gulf catch. fox's rob mason has the story. >> reporter: they say it's been tested like never before.
10:51 pm
the louisiana shrimp deemed safe. two years after the bp spill, some researchers are not convinced. >>. this is the white shrimp and what we're studying are from november of '011. >> reporter: she has been monitoring gulf seafood since the spill and is outspoken about her concerns. >> and also seeing a deep, yellow pigment that we're analyzing. and definitely, this is an impacted species, the white shrimp as the shrimpers tell me are decreasing in numbers. >> reporter: there is also a higher number than usual of gulf dolphin deaths. between 2002-2009 on average, five dead dolphins were found in the month of may. after the bp spill in may of 2011, that number jumped to 40 and the year closed out with 143 dolphin dead, eight times
10:52 pm
the average. >> it's extremely important for us to enroll many people as we can and we need to enroll people who are rig workers and on the ground. >> reporter: what about the health impact on humans. they working on a comprehensive study. >> we have enrolled 19,000 workers so far, which is great. we heap to reach 40,000. we have a long way to g. >> reporter: as the studies develop, the louisiana sea food dealers continue to market it as a safe product. >> first and foremost, our seafood is still the most tested and the most checked, most independent food item in the united states period. >> reporter: the uno scientists said there is plenty to worry about. >> heavy metals are something that has not been studied until we started studying them at the university of new orleans. we're seeing, in humans i'm working, seeing evidence of. that i am seeing increased arsenic in the urine, i'm
10:53 pm
seeing, you know, hyperpigmentation of the skin. >> reporter: for its part, bp is funding $500 million in research on the gulf. >> those studies will continue for years to come. >> reporter: and that is something that all agree is needed. tucker barnes is with our weather. things are changing big time. >> yeah, tomorrow's going to be a wet one. >> i expected today to be the washout day and that is a beautiful day. >> 88 degrees and they moved in late. >> yeah, yeah. >> and that is on to round one. for months, they saying where is the end of winter? maybe this is the unofficial end. >> and this makes up for it. >> and that is beautiful. >> we're quiet a couple of hours and the rain returns tomorrow morning.
10:54 pm
>> okay. >> i hope so. i'm going to split and talk about it. >> and maybe a good book or outdoors tomorrow. rain totals, the front again and those are not terribly impressive, less than a quarter of an inch at reagan national and to bwi marshal, not on the rain sweepstakes here and don't worry, all of us, really all of us here, if you're watching, will be given another opportunity to get some good rain as we get into the daytime hours and expecting some heavy rain here and to the south and east of the city. i mentioned our daytime high was 82 and wofalling into the 50s to the north and west; 54 at the moment in martinsburg and 53 in to hagerstown. we're not going to get a chance to warm up tomorrow as the coastal low starts to grind up the coast.
10:55 pm
the winds are out of the north and that is pumping in the cool air, unseasonably for a couple of days and this is satellite radar, the cold front is moving to the east and to watch in southern maryland. we're going to be quiet's few hours and to that south, you the have the area of low pressure and that is into southern georgia and the carolinas and that is going to go here. to the washington area, it's going to deepen. as it deepens, the winds will pick up the rain in the afternoon tomorrow and that is going to be heavy at times. the area of low pressure is getting a chance to kind of grind up the coast and this is another look at the surface features and this is pushing off to the north and to the east. we're in for a rainy wet one tomorrow. and the computer models are indicating up to two or three inches of rain, east and south
10:56 pm
of the city and that is where the heaviest rains are going to be. no flood watches at the moment and the rain gets going tomorrow and that is potentially a flood maker here. at 10 tonight, cloud cover and quiet overnight. the rain is going early tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. and check out 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the yellow s and oranges, the moderate rain across much of the area and sticking with us here through 8, 9:00 and notice along the bay, some heavier rain and that is going to the north. we're looking at a potential of snow in the mountains to the west and a winter storm watch is along the western slopes in west virginia, western maryland for the potential of six inches of snow late sunday night and early monday morning and later tonight, cloudy skies, the winds out of the north at 10 to 15. tomorrow, rain heavy at times, cold and blustery out. there the daytime high temperature, 53 degrees and that jacket and an umbrella,
10:57 pm
the winds are gusting 20 to 25 out of the north and this is that five-day forecast. can you see the temperatures are going to be running a good 15 to 20 degrees below normal as we get into sunday, monday, and we get back closer to normal by wednesday and thursday. >> okay, we'll look toward that next week. >> we need the rain. >> we do. >> yes. >> and my plans to say, you know what? sister water, this is not coming. >> and we'll celebrate. a gorgeous day to get out and walk for a good cause. this is the warm-up this morning for the walk for lupus in northwest. lupus is an auto immune disease that attacks and kills the body. it affects 1 1/2 million people in the country alone and can be mild or life-threatening. the proceeds help lupus patients find the services and fund research.
10:58 pm
with spring in the air, more people are out walking and jogging and enjoying the outdoors and for, some it's perfect for bike rides. >> reporter: when life takes you down a road you dent expect, it's nice -- you didn't expect, it's nice to have someone there with you. sergeant eric shaw is a quadriplegic, shot in the head in iraq. his brother devon, also an average sergeant, was hurt in afghanistan and is doing the pedaling. >> i never would have they'll thought about jumping on a bike and pulling my brother. and this is -- and to do that to motivate me to do it it. >> we go out there and make fun of each other and he pushes me to finish the race. i push him, too. he wants to quick and get warm. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: mom, christine said after eric was hurt in 2005, she never expected her younger son to enlist. >> mom, you have to is sit down, i have to tell you something.
10:59 pm
i said your girlfriend's pregnant. he said that is funny, i didn't think about that. >> and he said no, i signed up. signed up for what? i kind of signed up for the average. i said no, you didn't. he said yeah, i already signed and i just burst out into tears because i just -- i didn't think i could do this again. >> reporter: some of the people out here ride having injuries that are not visible. because you can't see something, doesn't mean it's not there. >> that is the thing, you know, they don't look at you as your injury. they look at you as, okay, this is a wounded warrior and veteran, take care of them. >> reporter: in august 2004, dave wiener was pushing ammo off of a chinook helicopter in iraq when he fell out. he went from doing triathlons to not being able to turn his head. >> i can get back to where i should be or where i want


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