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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  April 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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accused of having prostitutes were exposed and if this ever happened before. >> we are going to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: facing the biggest scandal in secret service history, homeland security secretary janet napaulo towno sought to contain the damage to the reputation. >> we will not allow the actions of a few to tarnish the proud legacy of the secret service. >> reporter: the secret service said it's now dealt with 12 employees connected to the prostitution scandal. eight have been forced out, one lost security clearance, and three have been clear of wrong doing and face disciplinary action. >> all of us are shocked and terribly troubled by it. >> reporter: despite the secretary's assurance is the current prostitution scandal is under control, senators want to know if there were any other cases. >> is this the first time something like this happened or have you had reports of similar incidents in the past? >> over the past 2 1/2 years,
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the secret service officer of professional responsibility has not received any such complaint. >> reporter: still, others were concerned about compromised presidential security. >> it seems like it's the kind of behavior that would render an agent vulnerable to black mail and influence. >> we're lucky to have found out about this. fa thabing an argument thing when the agents and, i guess, a prostitute for lack of the better word for money would have never known about this. >> her her part, secretary napaulo towno testified there was no risk to president obama and brought in the u.s. inspector general to assist in the investigation. in addition to the 12 secret service employees who were connected to this scandal, other dozen u.s. military personnel have also been implicated. a trip to south america, leon pinetta said they have had their security clearances temporarily suspended, brian. and on to the campaign
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trail. newt gingrich is signaling his exit from the race and gingrich said he's working out the details of his transition while campaign aids will formally suspend the bid by next tuesday. >> what he got out of it, you know, a chance to talk to voters across the country. some good debate performances. >> and during the run for the white house, gingrich won two contests. georgia and south carolina. more than $4 million in campaign bets. and arizona's immigration law is the toughest in the country and the supreme court could uphold it after arguments. the justice department has a problem with four portions of the law, including check the immigration status of those they believe are in the country illegally after being lawfully stopped. >> i was pulled over twice by arizona law enforcement. as for my papers, i never expected to have to carry my passports in my own country to
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prove they belong here. >> we needed protection for the citizens of arizona and what arizona was experiencing, as far as the cost element in education and healthcare and incarceration. >> and quite a spectacle inside and outside, shannon. >> reporter: it was before you could get inside, you had to go through dozens of protestors and seemed like a bigger group than the healthcare cases and onced in, the fight continued to heat up and the justices shot towards both. about whether arizona went too far when it came to passing the controversial law. and that they this to do it. there are 360,000 illegal immigrants in arizona and the federal government said it's their job to am immigration and the state went far. the justice acknowledged arizona has a problem on its
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hands, and seems sympathetic to the state's arguments. in all, it was a tough day for the obama administration and justices did understand and like those who were worried about being pulled over. they're worried that legitimate citizens could get kept up in fb1070. we wait until june for the final decision. >> is this like the healthcare legislation the supreme court took up whereas if they strike one portion of the legislation, then it guts it and makes it worthless or can they roll back certain provisions and make both sides happy? >> reporter: right now, portions of the law are in tact and four are being challenged. any could be held or struck down and leaving other portions of the law in place. the specific provision with a lot of attention allows police officers to question someone about their immigration status if they have been lawfully stopped for unrelated reason
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and that is what the justises are most united and they punish people for looking for a job and that seemed to garner skepticism and it's possible they have some of the key provisions and stick other -- strike others down. >> shannon brian, thank you for that. a new study show yous that fewer illegal mexican immigrants are living in the u.s. and the study shows 6.1 million mexicans are living here illegally last year, compared to 7 million in 2007. a spokeswoman for america for all blames harsh state laws specifically targeting mexicans. >> and other 18 months -- and there is no such decision. >> the temporary protective status or tps is offered for people from central america and that is a disadvantage to
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mexican immigrants competing in a smaller market. the shooting trial in the jury's hands. five men are accused in a shootings -- series of shooting that left five people dead and nine people wounded in eight days in 2010. more than 100 witnesses took the stand. the jury took the case after hearing the final struck from the judge and they will start deliberations tomorrow morning. the edge on maryland. baltimore police arrested a fourth person in connection with the beating and robbery of a have virginia man for march. they got national attention after the graphic video went viral online. the 21-year-old baldwin of baltimore charged with armed robbery, theft and assault. baldwin and three others are the accused attackers in this video and the victim said he woke up with a blackand missing his watch and car keys. >> a military judge refused to throw out the case against bradley manning. he's accused of the biggest government leak in u.s. history by sending hundreds of
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thousands of sensitive documents to week leaks. the trial is scheduled for late september and faces 22 charges, including aiding the enemy and carrying the maximum penalty of life in prison. and getting more expensive to light up your home. the newest lightbulbs cost $60 a piece and the government said it's worth it. andicatey perry -- katy perry makes a sailor's day. the kiss sign around the world. that is a great picture. the flash back to the 1930s or '40s. >> what a beautiful day and up and over 70 degrees and that felt terrific. more showers are on the way. i will let you know when to expect them. i want you to know i'm with -- the caps and excited about the nfl draft. the caps, it's a pivotal game 7 in boston. rg3 should be officially redskin, courtesy tomorrow at around, you know, 7:30, 8:00 and we'll be happy about it. we have a special coming up. and we have mike shanahan talking about rg3 as the news edge at 6 continues.
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brian. if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tipline at 202895-3,000. 
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. i use -- a woman gave birth to sextuplets. they were born about eight weeks premature at texas children's hospital on monday. lauren and david perkins made the announcement on their website and have not released photos of the newborns. the doctor who oversaw the delivery said they face a tough road ahead. >> the more babies you v the more likely you have a blood flow problem to one or more of them and that is a big issue. you can't mature as well. >> the newborns range in weight from 1 pound 10-ounces to two pounds 15-ounces. they'll likely be in the hospital for several months. imagine going decades without changing a lightbulb. it's possible these days. phillips introduced a $60 bulb
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and l.e.d. light and that is 20 years. it won a federal prize for energy efficiency and the government holt hopes it replaces the bull ins in the homes. >> a lot of times you have to go on the ladder. >> and some say the their is 60 price tag is giving them sticker shock. many utility companies are offering rebates to bring the price down to under $30. and there is a new alternative to the thumb drive. google has a new storage service called drive and let's the users store photos, videos, and documents online and accesses them from a device. once you upload the foils, google has a right to use and reproduce them own purposes to borrow your stuff. a major plant problem in prince georges count joe. and this is a home owner's nightmare. first, he kissed a girl and
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liked it. katy perry and another kissed this weekend. she warned tanner beasley he was sick with a fever earlier that day. he said he didn't mind and, in fact, he said she's always welcome back. welcome back. 
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. writers are being asked to donate their used cell phones for a good cause. it's the gw plus phones equals hope campaign. george washington students were set up at 15 different metro stations collecting the phones and portable electronic device. the drive helps to fund maternal and child health programs in malawwy and nepal. home owners in maryland are asking for help. and as beth parker shows us,
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they're real frustrated. >> reporter: the buddha statues that line her yard were put there to give her a feeling of tranquility that senses peace has come crashing down. >> and which is a home owner's nightmare. >> reporter: she is being invited, she said. >> about 31. >> 31 shoots of bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world and that can grow several feet in 24 hours. connie's moved into this house 10 years ago. she liked that it brought it up against parkland and that parkland is no thick with bamboo. >> and this is her sense. this is the spot where i'm standing and this is where the public's faith begins and this is thick with bamboo and she's worried the backyard will look like this and she complainted to the county in january of 2011. >> the responsibility twice
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when they came out here and cut it down. >> reporter: you can so that old dry bamboo, later another crew shoveled the chutes out of her hard. >> what are they going to do now? we have the trees out of her yard and the next neighbor's yard. >> speak of the next door neighbor is ed woodruff. >> and i don't remember seeing that one. >> reporter: she's south the bamboo in her yard and sees it through the eyes of her profession and she's a realtor. >> and if i was to bring someone to view connie's house or my house and they see these bamboo sprouts, that could be a turnoff. >> i'm a disabled veteran, i want to retire and no one is the going to want to buy my planned and inherit the bamboo problem. >> reporter: they say the county needs to bring in a bull dozer and get the bamboo at the roots and that is the only way they can restore the calm in the neighborhood. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> reporter: residents say
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they're not sure but heard a former neighbor planned the bamboo a long time ago. the spokesperson said that the county has worked with the residents by cutting down some bamboo and in maryland law, the home owners are responsible for the natural process of degree growth on their hand -- process of tree growth on their land. and still, some good rain in the forecast. some showers are traveling across the area. >> all right. >> and that is in that time where things are unsettled, one day dry and unsettled. today was the dry day and today, by the way, was beautiful and that is the kind of day we don't get enough of here in d.c. just about average, a few clouds building up this afternoon. dry, comfortable, and gorgeous and i want to you seat next three days and we head on through. the weekend planner, not planning to start with that and let's show you what we're
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expecting for the weekend. chilly showers are going to be around and sunday will probably have some spotty showers. that means it's time to put the computer back in motion and take the live shot outside while we get this started and that was the last thing i was looking at. to let you know this is going to be a beautiful evening and you're not going to have the big breeze to deal with and you might be able to get a nice picture of that crescent moon and venus. you'll see it for 45 minutes and let's hope that thing is going on into motion and that is taking its tweet suite time and on that weekend forecast. we did an upgrade to the computer system and that does not like it so far and we hope it will get started and talk about the high temperatures today. up to 71 degrees as mentioned. dulles, 69; bwi69 degrees and that is a beautiful day and through the overnight hours, the temperatures will drop. not a cold night or frosty, for
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example, as it did last night. 69 degrees right now and we will see temperatures staying up a bit and that is because of the rain heading in our direction. we'll give you a look at satellite and radar. the sunshine for most of the day and some high fair weather clouds coming in late this afternoon and here come the showeris and think they going to be here before the morning commute. an area of low pressure is going to track a warm front to the region and that is what you're going to see here, the showers, would you believe, a rumble of thunder, too, as the potent system comes on through and we'll have a wet morning commute and in that afternoon and evening, the cold front comes on through and that will dry us up for friday, we'll be breezy and back to sunshine and should be a nice day and into the weekend, this is what is going to happen. this stalls to the south, the areas of low pressure along it and that will give us a chance of showers and overnight, the showers are arriving. the storm is possible.
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temperatures milder at 65 degrees and that is warmer than the suburbs. tomorrow, a shower or storm early and some late day showers. tricky because of the fact that the warm front is coming through. north of the warm front, maybe some low and mid-60s and near 70 and warmer. the wind is back and out of the south-southwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour and plan on showers and a rumble of thunder. the first wave by 91, maybe a spotty shower around, 67 degrees and another round possible in that afternoon and evening and looks like that might be until 8, 9:00 and tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., this is some rain that passes by and that is on that eastern shore and maybe a rumble of thunder and on to friday, sunny
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and breezy and talked about the weekend a bit go ogand you know as we go into the weekend, we're going to have a couple of showers to deal with and maybe a little red for saturday. on a wednesday, that is a hard call and we'll say chilly showers by 57 degrees on saturday and on sunday's temperature, 61 degrees and not as wet and needless to say, monday is gorgeous. the high pressure takes on over and that is your five-day forecast. wet for the morning. >> okay, thank you, sue. the caps have experienced road success in boston. will it continue with tonight's winner-take-all game seven. dave feldman is up next with the sports edge. first, don't look down. american daredevil crossed the chinese canyon on the slack line with no shoes and no safety net. the slack line is more difficult than the tied rope. -- rope. it stretches and bouncees. reached to the other side and kissed the ground. the ground.
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. goodasm. robert griffin iii soon to be the newest qb in d.c. was asked who his favorite redskin of all time was. he answered doug williams, the only african-american quarterback to win the super bowl. he said once he becomes a red skin and learns more about the history, he might select someone else. he is smart and thoughtful. he will learn the team history. i love him already and he's not too savvy as quarterback either. put baylor football in the map and in the process, the 2011 heisman trophy and cemented his stock with great performances at the combine and during his pro day. and this week, griffin showcased his personality in new york before the draft. appearing on fox and friends this morning and throwing the football. mike shanahan was asked if he plans to play his top pick right away. >> you want to make sure he's ready to play, and to, you know, so you have to go through the process. you don't want to throw a guy
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in there right away until he's feeling comfortable. there is a growing process and doesn't happen right away and when you give some up, you want to do it at the right time and make sure he's ready and to help you win. tomorrow night at 6:30. lindsay murphy is live in new york. dave ross at redskins park and doc walker in studio. all of you redskins draft meetings will be cut. and game 7 has not treated the caps well and that team is 2-7 and in 2009 and 2010 and they came on home ice andha is against the bruins. the caps have a better road record than home record in the series. back strom evened the series at one game apiece. last saturday, troy brewer with
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the two games in the series and gave the caps a 3 games to two lead in the series. tonight, the ultimate road test of deciding game seven. >> and this is a tough building to play in they're passionate and i'm thinking in the play- offs, you know, it rounds up even more and we want to keep the game close. we don't want to give them a lot of chances, especially early and not allowing them to get into it and with that game that way. hopefully we can come in and we can be patient and make sure that we're not doing things we haven't done throughout the series and trying to do things by ourselves and won't to come in and have a good solid start and make sure we're doing the right thing. >> and tonight, ryan zimmerman will miss the second consecutive game with a sore shoulder and could be placed on the disabled list. last night against the padres, and with some six
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scoreless innings and that is to 20 innings. top of the 7th, no score and with two on, one out. delivers the base hit up the middle and they score. the nats beat the padres 3-1 and tracy gets to start, the third for zimmerman. the first pitch of the second game, the nats padres is at 6:30 and that is sports. back to you. and thanks, one last look at the forecast, sue? >> a nice five-day forecast, brian, friday looks good, anyway and some showers around tomorrow and a thunderstorm as well. >> thank you, sue. now you have the news edge. back here at 10 for the news edge len. fox 5 news at 10.
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