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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  April 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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team, be in a new city and build and write our own history. it's truly intriguing. >> we are live at redskins park with all of whether rg3 will be making his appearance as a redskin. >> warning for people in one neighborhood. why police believe a serial attacker could be on the loose. >> there may be more trouble for the secret service. this morning details about a new investigation. this time involving agents on assignment in el salvador. fox5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. there you go. take your last glimpse at the space shuttle enterprise. the last time you'll see it in this area. that's a live shot from dulles airport. aboard a nasa 747. later this morning it takes off for its new home, new york city. this is friday, april 27th,
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good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. happy you are with us on this, the end of a very long work week. wouldn't you say? >> i would say so. >> tucker barnes is joining us now. he's going to give us the forecast we need, right? >> the forecast we need is the forecast we'll get. notice the burgandy and gold, i'm celebrating. >> nice. >> 51 now in washington. humidity falling. 46%. will be a breezy day. winds already gusting to about 20 to 25 currently out of the north and west at 10. otherwise, should be a bright and sunny day. we lost our cold front, and off to the west clear skies and that should build in here during the course of your day today. plenty of sunshine for friday and cool temperatures, highs today to be in the 60s. low 60s. little breezy at times, particularly the first half of your day. there's your forecast. high temperature at 4:00 p.m.
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about 62 degrees. that's a look at the forecast. more details on your weekend coming up in a couple of minutes. now let's do traffic and julie wright has that. >> all right, tucker barnes. on the roads now, your lanes are open, but unfortunately it's slow going if you are traveling southbound on 270. that's where we had the accident activity south of shady grove road. heavy, slow and steady to that scene. also delays traveling eastbound on 66 out of manassas and working from 50 fair oaks to 123. slow on the inner loop of the beltway between braddock road and 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our big story this morning has everyone in the area buzzing about the future of the redskins. >> robert griffin iii, rg iii coming to town. and sherri ly is live at redskins park with the excitement. it's a good day.
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good morning. >> reporter: it is, allison and tony, i know you are dying back there. is it too early to talk about the super bowl? i think a lot of people have that on their mind. robert griffin iii is coming here to washington, and a lot of people have pinned their hopes for the redskins on the future for him. he is the quarterback that everyone has been waiting for. the redskins made it official last night, taking griffin number two in the draft. they put the team's future in his hands. he is the first quarterback selected at number two since philadelphia took donovan mcnabb in '99. no doubt the redskins nation is feeling the excitement. [ chanting ] >> all: rg iii. >> rg iii, baby, all the way! >> reporter: skins fans believe rg iii is the man who can turn the tide on the redskins
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fortunes and bring more super bowl trophies here. they traded up to get rg iii and he knows the skins expect big things and he's ready for the challenge. >> it's truly exciting and just to get a chance to meet a new team, be in a new city, and go and build and write our own legacy, our own history is intriguing. >> we believe he'll do everything he can to give us the best chance to win and for him to be as good as he's going to be. >> reporter: he'll make his formal introduction to washington during a press conference at 2:00 tomorrow at fed ex field. it's part of the draft party that runs from 11:30 until 6:00 tomorrow. you do have to get a ticket, but it is free. now, griffin has endeared himself with fans. last night during a conference call he sang the fight song. what is it?
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♪ hail to the redskins, hail to victory ♪ tony, sing with me. >> i'll pass on that. thank you, sherri. >> you did a good job. meriweather was arrested yesterday and he failed a field sobriety test. he has since been released. a check of the other top stories, there has been an arrest in an attack at a day care in prince george's county. police say yesterday morning at 10:30 the suspect walked into it's a family affair day care center in landover and asked to use the phone. the employee refused and the suspect turned violent and stole an employee's car. no children were hurt.
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security guard is hospitalized in stable condition. police say he appeared to be under the influence of a dangerous substance. a warning from d.c. police, they are advising everyone to walk in pairs after a series of suspicious attacks. since tuesday three people have been assaulted. one man remains in critical condition and one woman was seriously hurt. the third victim, a 66-year-old tourist from denver, died. authorities have found similarities in the cases leading them to believe the incidents may be related. >> all three occurred within a 10 block radius, along the georgia avenue corridor in northwest. it appears preliminariry, all three may have been walking alone at the time of the attack. all three of the victims did suffer pretty significant blunt force trauma to the head. and preliminarily, it appears the victims may have been
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attacked suddenly and without provocation. >> police have been going door to door notifying residents about the assaults. an alert for runners in the district and maryland. in the past two weeks there have been two separate incidents of a man inappropriately touching female joggers. the most recent happened wednesday in northwest. the other last week on wisconsin avenue in bethesda. as of now police say there is nothing linking the incidents. the mother of that young woman there, yeardly love, the lacrosse player killed two years ago is suing the killer. love is seeking nearly $30 million. he was convicted in february of second degree murder. a jury recommended he serve 26 years in prison. george zimmerman's lawyer returns to court later today to discuss the money his client has received. he says he has gotten about
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2,000 doctor from supporters but is shutting down the web site. the family of martin says he should be put back in jail because he never told the judge about the money. he faces second degree murder charges for cook martin in february. there are new developments in the secret service prostitution scandal. this time it's not in columbia, but when the president visited el salvador last year. fox's doug luzader gives us the details on the latest. >> reporter: if this new allegation is true, it would confirm what many believed from the outset, that the columbia prostitution scandal was not an isolated incident. about a year before secret service agents were allegedly caught with prostitutes in this hotel, there was similar behavior in advance of the president's visit to el salvador. the white house wouldn't touch it. >> again, talking about, like,
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a rumor in a newspaper that as far as i know is not confirmed and i would refer you to the secret service. >> reporter: the secret service will only say they'll investigate any credible leads. it comes after secretary of homeland security janet napolitano, who oversees the service, told senators the columbia scandal was isolated. >> this behavior is not part of the secret service way of doing business. they're very professional. >> reporter: but according to a "washington post" reporter, some of the agents who were forced to resign after the colombia trip point to the culture of the secret service. >> guys that have been implicated in this instance are telling their friends and coworkers they felt pressure to resign and now are rethinking it on the view that, wait a second, we know we were at a party before, and you start to wonder, is there a pattern of this conduct that is kind of accepted? >> reporter: this latest allegation creates more pressure for secret service director mark sullivan, but thus far, he has a great deal
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of support from the white house and from congress. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. and president obama heads to georgia this morning to speak to military families at fort stewart. the first lady will also speak to the troops. by the way, did you see the cover of rolling stone magazine this morning? take a look. it's president obama, this is the fourth time the president has graced the cover of rolling stone. this edition features an interview with the president. speaking of the president and speaking of music, the president will honor a legendary artist with the medal of freedom. >> bob dylan is among the 13 people that will be awarded the medal. also on the list, former secretary madeline all bright, former astronaut and senator
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john glenn, author toni morrison, shimon peres, justice john paul stevens, and college basketball coach pat summit. well deserved. 51degrees on a friday morning. in honor of arbor day, arlington national cemetery is planting a piece of history. >> more fall out from marion barry's controversial comments about aions. >> it's been a year since tornadoes swept across the south, and some touched down in virginia. we'll tell you what governor mcdonald is doing to mark this somber anniversary. >> and we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. 7:11.    
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making headlines, the united states and japan work
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out an agreement on the marine base in o win awa. the u.s. will move 9,000 marines to other places in the pacific under the agreement. in afghanistan, four u.s. soldiers killed in two separate incidents. on thursday, an afghan soldier shot an american service member and a local interpreter in the southern part of that country. in the east, three u.s. soldiers died in a bomb attack. photos and video taken of osama bin laden during and after the u.s. military raid that killed him won't be released to the public. the federal judge denied a request. bin laden was killed by u.s. special forces in pakistan last year in may. a military judge says the
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most serious charge against an army private accused of leaking government secrets will stand. the charge, aiding the enemy, carries a maximum of life in prison. manning is accused of sending classified information to anti- secrecy web site wikileaks and faces 17 other counts. tucker is here with weather. >> sunshine, little breezy at times. >> breezy this morning. >> looking like the weekend might be better than we thought? >> second half. start tomorrow will be cloudy. if you have kids going to soccer games, that kind of thing, salvage the first half of the day, rain showers in the afternoon. >> got you. >> cool tomorrow, though. speaking of cool, 50 in washington. lots of 40s to the north and
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west. 45 in gaithersburg and frederick. 48 in manassas. also drier. got humid during the day yesterday. today no problems. lots of sunshine. breezes out of the north and west gusting to about 20. breezy day today. this is your setup for the weekend. the front that came through last night is going to get hung up across the carolinas and we'll watch an area of low pressure roll across the front tomorrow. tomorrow, wet and chilly afternoon, and once again, if you want it time out the rain, i think it will get in here after maybe 2:00, 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, and linger into the night time hours. forecast for the weekend, cool, 56 saturday. partial sunshine sunday, 62 degrees. most of sunday should be dry. and your five-day forecast, warmer early next week. should be near 70 with sunshine by next tuesday. >> i like that. thanks, tuck. >> yep. now we have julie wright standing by to tell us what's happening on the roads. good morning, julie. >> i'm waiting for allison to
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say, i like that, too. >> what? >> me. >> that i like you? >> yes. >> you know i love you, julie. what are you talking about? we're right here. we are right here. >> feeling insecure this morning? >> a little bit. >> really? i love you, julie. >> thank you, allison. on the roads this morning it's been a tough go on 270, because of accident activity south of shady grove road. delays now starting to slow in 118 in germantown headed down to what was the accident scene. below speed university boulevard headed to georgia avenue. no problems to report traveling the inner loop between braddock and 66. lanes open there as well and no problems on 395, though it's slow from the beltway to seminary road and crossing the 14th street bridge. 17 minutes leaving springfield to 66 with the lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you.
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today marks a year since deadly tornadoes tore through parts of the south killing 216 people. the same line of storms killed five people in virginia. today, virginia governor bob mcdonald plans to meet with officials, responders and volunteers to tour the area. it was one day in which was a week of devastating storms causing $7.3 billion in damage. believe it or not, tomorrow marks 10 years since a powerful tornado hit la plata, maryland. homes were swept off their foundations, but incredibly, in some cases, mailboxes were intact. tomorrow, sacred heart church will hold a mass of thanksgiving to mark the anniversary. arbor day celebration at arlington national cemetery today.
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a new oak tree will be planted near president john f. kennedy's grave site. it will replace the 220-year- old arlington oak which was destroyed by hurricane irene last year. the oak sapling was grown from an acorn that came from the original arlington oak. great story. >> one day it will be a big tree like that one was. >> imagine that, like 200 years from now, when we're all long gone. 7:20 on a friday morning. world's largest retailer is offering a cash option. >> metro is jacking up fare prices. coming up, details on how much more you can expect to pay. >> plus, fun for the whole family. guess what, it's free. come explore a different side of science with hundreds of interactive exhibits. our holly morris has all the details a little later.
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welcome back. more backlash stemming from marion barry's controversial comments about asian business owners and filipino nurses. he criticized those who were upset with his comments for believing the media instead of calling him personally. >> councilman barry, as a black man if you understand racist remarks and understand -- >> i didn't make racist remarks. i resent that. >> you made a very broad statement against asian shop owners. >> i resent you telling me i made racist remarks. >> barry says he has requested a formal meeting with the philippines' ambassador. it is official now, you will pay more to ride metro come july 1st. the board did approve fare
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hikes thursday to close a $100 million budget gap. that means a 15-cent increase during rush hours and mileage increases which would push the maximum peak rail fare to $575. offpeak fare would go up. those using paper cards, it jumps to a dollar a ride. here's good news, if you like to shop online that is, wal-mart is letting customers buy items on its web site and then pay for them with cash at any of its stores. they're trying to cater more to customers who don't have access to a credit or debit card. after the cash option is selected, customers have 48 hours to pay for their order. then they can arrange to have it shipped to the store for free or another address for a fee. >> that's pretty cool. >> yeah, it is. 7:25 now on this friday morning. coming up, it's an issue with an outcome that will impact
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millions of americans and lawmakers have the final say today. >> plus, it is a done deal. the redskins have a new quarterback and we're breaking down day one of the nfl draft coming up next. >> as we head to the break, here's a live look outside at reagan national airport. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie, that's coming up next. now it's 7:26.
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house vote on capitol hill today aimed to help college graduates pay back their federal student loans. if no action is taken, the rate will double this summer, and that could add an average of $1,000 to the balances of more than 7 million stafford loan recipients. extending the rate would cost nearly $6 billion, and the sticking point is how to pay for that. house republicans are pushing for cuts to president obama's health care reform law. house democrats want to cut subsidies to oil and gas companies. a group of mit students dropped a piano from their dormitory roof yesterday. it was all to celebrate the last day students can drop classes without having them appear on their college transcript. we all celebrate that day. the tradition began in 1972.
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it's so popular, that astronaut katherine coalman, an alum, took a piano key with her to the international space station. >> the mother in me is like, don't do it. >> they have boards covering the windows. >> people are standing back. it's been cleverly engineered because their math geniuses. >> should you be able to do that? >> i wish i had that. >> nobody got the a minus. >> actually i have no idea what we're talking about. >> so hard. >> tony is a little slow. reagan national we are cool.
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cool. got anything to say about that? >> no, you're cool, tuck. >> thanks. 50s in washington. 40s-- 45 gaithersburg. 45 is the number in frederick and hagerstown, too. 50s south and east. cool today, but lots of sunshine. should be beautiful, though a bit breezy at times with winds out of the north and west. in fact, we're breezy at the moment. current wind gusts, north and west, washington 23-mile-per- hour wind gusts, 21 quantico. 20 in gaithersburg. mix in the sunshine with the breezes and cool temperatures, and i think you might want a light jacket during the day as it will feel a little bit cool and temperatures will be a few degrees below normal. should be lots of sunshine. we have clouds working through at the moment. but generally a sunny afternoon. will keep things quiet today and tonight. as we get into tomorrow, the front that came through
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overnight will hang to our south, and an area of low pressure will ride along that front, giving us cloud cover tomorrow, cool conditions and eventually rain showers. i think first half of saturday will be fine. i think tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night the rain showers will start to move in. good news, looks like we'll get it out of here in time to salvage your sunday. lots of sunshine today. breezy, cool, 62 the high. winds gusting to about 25. start to cool, 45 the overnight low. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow morning when you get up. eventually the showers return with high temperatures in the mid-50s. sunday looks better. partial sunshine, 62. and highs by tuesday close to 70 degrees. let's do traffic and somebody that knows a lot about school, julie wright. >> i'm not the one who spelled breezy brezy this morning. >> that was very early, julie. thanks for the remainder. >> it's going to be brezy
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today. [ laughter ] on the roads inbound along new york avenue, accident activity after north capitol street. a truck and another vehicle involved. delays starting to build from northeast to northwest. other side of town you'll find 270 a better ride. shady grove road accident cleared. no problems traveling 395 leaving the pentagon and main line towards the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you. as expected, the redskins use the second draft pick to select robert griffin iii. to talk more about the draft, joining us is sports reporter with the washington times. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> i had never heard of this guy before yesterday. i'm kidding. it's a done deal. he is a redskin. your analysis of the situation? >> this is a guy the redskins wanted all along.
7:34 am
he said even if the redskins had number one pick, they would have taken him over andrew luck. this was their guy. moved up from the 6th pick to number two. give up their future and a lot of this year's draft for griffin. and this team over the past five or six years has taken first round picks, campbell, ramsey, used them on quarterback, but nothing like griffin, the heisman trophy winner. >> let's talk about this, everyone is excited. we're happy and all that kind of thing. let's talk about reasonable expectations. because i've heard people say, will he bring a super bowl trophy home to washington? well, don't we need to temper those expectations? >> certainly. obviously by taking a quarterback second overall, you're hoping eventually to win a super bowl. even peyton manning and john elway struggled in their rookie years. mike shanahan said he's going to throw the kitchen sink at this kid and throw him in and make him have a tough rookie year and learn a lot right
7:35 am
away, which means he'll maybe struggle for a year. this team has built for the next couple of years. you have to build an offensive line and receivers and offense around him first. >> sounds to me what mike shanahan said, he's going to throw a lot at him, but it's sounding like they really do intend to bring him along at the proper pace, that he won't necessarily start the first game or the second game or the third game. >> i think he will start the first or second. >> you do. >> yeah, i do. even though you say you're going to bring him along slowly, he's the future and he needs experience to learn. having grossman that's fine. but with griffin, you need the experience all the way through. he'll learn, he'll get sacked and make mistakes. if they go 6-10, 8-8, it won't matter if you see the maturation process of griffin. >> i'm excited about the prospects down the road, and
7:36 am
even this year should be entertaining. in my mind, what i would like to see as a long time redskin fan is improvement. you know, improvement would be good. we were 5-11 last year. 7-9, that's improvement. that's what fans should be looking for, would you say that? >> absolutely. i don't even think it matters the record this year. obviously you want to make the playoffs and have that success. all eyes are going to be on robert griffin iii. if you want to get to the playoffs, want to be 11-5 in a couple of years, you need him to be an improved quarterback. the defense has been good for a few years and you're going to see that continued improvement, the receivers they've brought in as free agents, that will help. but all eyes will be on griffin. >> does it seem to you they're making the right moves and upgrading in other certain positions and all that to really maybe finally have long- term success? >> i think they need to improve on the offensive line a little
7:37 am
bit more. the defense has been spectacular, bringing fletcher back is a great decision, in my opinion. yeah, they're making the right moves now for a long-term future. people want to win now, but they're looking at a couple of years. >> is it just me or does it seem like, maybe we're in in area, but robert griffin iii has gotten lots and lots of attention, more so than it seems to me that andrew luck, the number one draft pick. >> being on the cover of "sports illustrated" instead of luck, the first overall pick. luck is more like the peyton manning quarterback, where he'll stand in the pocket and do everything without being exciting about it. griffin has the personality everyone loves. heisman trophy winner. it's not surprising he's getting all the attention. >> great sports right now in washington. i was at the wizards' game last night, they won six in a row. and we have the caps, too. >> and the nationals, first in
7:38 am
the national league now. >> this is great. steven, thank you for coming in from the "washington times." allison over to you. northern virginia gets ready to say goodbye to a piece of space history. >> passengers in a panic in chicago. next, why a delta flight was quarantined on the tarmac. >> first, a look at today's my fox half off deal. it comes from glam pearl. twenty-nine dollars buys you a heart drop silver necklace. $149value. to get in on this deal, go to, and look for the my fox half off logo on the right side of the page. we'll be right back. we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands.
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making headlines now, new details about the mad cow recently discovered in florida. the cow with mad cow disease. officials say it was euthanized. the investigation revealed the cow was 10 years old and came from a dairy farm from the
7:42 am
nation's number one dairy producing county. officials say there is no risk to the food supply. officials in hazmat suits and masks boarded a delta flight that landed in chicago's midway airport. patients were quarantined about three hours after one person was suspected of carrying a contagious disease. that person, coming back from africa, had a suspicious rash feared to be monkey pox. that's a rare viral disease and it can be deadly. >> when you see people in suits, it starts to get a little concerning. is it airborne, topical, viral? do you cover your mouth? >> the centers for disease control and prevention says the woman in question was evaluated, cleared and advised to seek medical care. just under two hours the shuttle enterprise will leave dulles for its new home in new york city.
7:43 am
like "discovery," it will get a ride on top of a 747. it will fly at low altitude over parts of new york city, including lady liberty herself. it won't be moved to its new home until june. for now, it will be kept at kennedy airport. >> interesting. >> you know that will be a poster one day. >> oh, absolutely, yeah. absolutely. i wonder if you could go on the staten island ferry and be out there to watch? that would be great. >> wouldn't that be great? >> yeah. >> nothing like new york city, i got to say. >> i love that ferry. it's a nice thing to take back and forth. >> nice weekend trip in the summertime when we get nice warm temperatures. >> like last night, we had a bunch of redskins fans there for the draft. >> nice to see that. >> yeah, it was cool. windy up there. windy here as well. winds out of the north and west gusting to 20 to 25 miles per hour. and they'll be with us all day today. it will be a bit of a breezy
7:44 am
day. otherwise, lots of sunshine expected and should be a nice dry afternoon. 50 now in washington. off to the north and west, 40s. 46 at dulles. 48 this morning in baltimore. let's put the futurecast in motion. no issues today. quiet conditions. generally sunny skies and a little breezy. there we are at 5:00 or 6:00 tonight. overnight, cloud up. early tomorrow, cloud cover. by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, we'll start to see showers break out and they'll be with us into the evening hours. there we are tomorrow night at 11:00. things don't look great saturday. by sunday we'll clear things out. and sunday afternoon sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures. there's your weekend forecast. today, 62 with sunshine. little breezy from time to time. tomorrow, clouds. eventually showers and cool. 56 daytime high. then we rebound by early next week near 70 by tuesday. >> just in time for the new
7:45 am
work week. >> right. timing is a little off. >> thanks. here's julie wright with the latest on traffic. >> you mean the lunch you owe me? >> i don't owe you lunch. >> you mean the pumpkin pie. >> i tried to deliver that and you were away. >> try harder next time. that's why we're back to the lunch. inbound new york avenue, we had an accident activity in the left lane. it's cleared past north capitol street headed for the 3rd street tunnel. no problems to report from southeast to northeast. this is the slowest trip i have this morning, eastbound 66 coming in from 7100 trying to get past 50 towards 123. heavy, slow and steady into the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you. a traffic alert for drivers in northern virginia. listen up.
7:46 am
starting tonight at 9:00 through sunday afternoon the intersection of lee highway and gallows road will be shut down for road work. it's a busy stretch of road. detours will be in place. what if you could pamper yourself while helping others? today you can do that. salons across the nation are participating in the donate your hair day. there is a catch. you have to cut off 8 inches of your hair at least. it will be sewn into a wig, sent to the american cancer society and donated to someone battling cancer. what a great cause. >> yep. royal rumors about a new baby for will and kate are swirling this morning. speculation is growing they are planning to have a family. it's all because of a three week old they met at a charity event. kate appeared motherly as she stroked his head and even william got a bit of cradling practice. this is what the rumors are
7:47 am
based on? they'll celebrate their one- year anniversary sunday in private. >> if they had ignored the baby -- >> people would say, they're not going to have children. >> i remember that princess di picture of her holding william. you can feel what it's like to ride in a fighter jet. >> holly is live there this morning in her element. >> reporter: i am in my element. we are learning how to fly that fighter jet. it's an f-22. guess what? you can, too, if you come out. it is just one of some 3,000 interactive exhibits at the convention center where they are set and ready for the u.s.a. science and engineering festival, the only national science festival for kids of its kind. we'll tell you how you can be a part of the learning fun live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. thanks. before we take you to break, let's say good morning to our
7:48 am
facebook fan of the day. it's clarice. so clarice has nicknames for us on the morning show. i'm the diva. >> oh. >> do i act like a diva, tony? do i? tony the hunk. >> yes, ma'am. what? >> i know. >> i love that. thank you. >> tucker is the hot rocker. and julie, the home girl. sarah is the sweetheart. will, the eye candy. holly is the happy lady. i like all of those. >> that's great. >> thanks for watching, clarice. you are wonderful. for a chance to be monday's fan of the day, head to our facebook page and post a comment under clarice's lovely photo. we'll be right back. 
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the u.s.a. science and engineering festival is going on this week at the washington convention center. >> our holly morris is there today to get a sneak peek. holly, how cool is it? >> reporter: it is beyond cool. in fact, if this is not in your
7:52 am
weekend plans you need to change this. not only is this an amazing opportunity for your kids, it's down right fun. the reason it is here and it is so fun and so cool is because of the two gentlemen next to me. larry brock is founder and director of the festival, and we have you from lockheed martin. 500,000 people came out last year, right? >> you bet. it's doubled the size this year. if people were awed by last year, we have twice as much this year. >> reporter: that says not only was there a need for this festival, but the response was there, that you all -- we know we need to encourage our kids to go into math, science and engineering, but clearly kids
7:53 am
think that, too. >> we know the competitiveness of the united states demands getting kids excited at an early age. enjoy the over 3,000 exhibits that helps translate science and math and engineering to a practical hands on process. >> reporter: i can't tell you how many events i've done that encourage kids to go to engineering and math. you take it to a level where it's like, we're going to celebrate science like we celebrate our celebrities and pop stars and athletes. that's no small task. >> we have bill nye the science guy, cast members from big bang theory and myth busters and science entrepreneurs and authors, and we have magicians, comedians, rock stars and so forth. we're celebrating science every possible way we can. >> reporter: there's no way you could do this without people
7:54 am
being generous and believing in the mission, which is where lockheed martin comes in. >> we're the sponsor for this event, and we're thrilled to be here. we want to get as many people down to the exhibits this weekend. going to be a great weekend to come down. >> reporter: how good are you at flying the f-22 raptor? >> you don't want to put me in. >> reporter: it's amazing when the kids do better, right. thank you both. i'm going to head over to the demonstrator here and find out what's going on. this is my man here that's been giving everyone the lessons. >> she's flying at the airport. >> reporter: how well is she doing? >> she's a little high. >> reporter: what do you see mostly when you see kids hop in here? >> excitement. it's a great thing to do, to fly. >> reporter: it's exciting for big kids, too. can i talk to you while you're flying there? >> yes. >> reporter: how is it going? >> good. >> reporter: is it hard?
7:55 am
>> no, not thank you very much. >> reporter: i guess she'll talk to me after she lands. don't hit the washington monument. who can tell me what they like best about science? >> i like the materials. i mean, i like the, like, the electric they use. >> reporter: you like to be able to explain how things work. what about you? >> i like the robots. >> reporter: who wants to be a scientist or engineer when you grow up? >> i want to study things you can't see with the naked eye. >> reporter: wow! how about you? >> i want to be a mechanical engineer like my dad. >> reporter: good for you. you want to fix things and come up with new ways to do things? >> yeah. >> reporter: you must be pretty smart. and you? >> i like looking at stuff upclose with the microscope. >> reporter: i think the future is right here, if we're all in
7:56 am
your hands. the festival is this saturday and sunday. saturday 10:00 to 6:00. sunday 10:00 to 4:00. it is free. do not miss this opportunity for you and your kids. coming up in our next hour, we have another amazing opportunity. we are going to talk with the first female space explorer. how cool that? you'll have to stay tuned to see what she has to say. back to you in the studio. >> look forward to that. >> thanks, holly. coming up, a series of racist tweets started popping up following the capital's victory in boston. it stemmed from who scored the winning goal, joel ward, because he's african-american. coming up, what the bruins are says. >> you catch him on "house," but this morning he is making a case for arts in the district. he'll join us to talk more about his mission on the hill today. >> we leave you with a live
7:57 am
shot of dulles airport. the hope is it won't be too windy for it to take off and head to its new home in new york city. we'll be back in a couple of minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
straight ahead, a warning from d.c. police after three violent attacks in northwest. we've got what you need to know. >> then, some alarming tweets cast a shadow over the excitement surrounding the cap's big win over the bruins. >> then, high hopes for football fans in the d.c. region. robert griffin iii will soon be wearing the burgandy and gold. we're live at redskins park with more, plus word of when rg iii will be making his first appearance in d.c. as a redskin. and omar epps, you see him on "house," but he's in d.c. this week. we'll be talking to him at 8:45, so stay with us. >> good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. it's a friday morning.
8:01 am
we say good morning to our tucker barnes. >> good morning. >> let's look at the weekend forecast. >> we shall, in a few minutes and we'll start with today. today is promising. more sunshine than yesterday. >> sorry i got all formal on you. >> that's okay. we've got plenty of time. let's take a look at your satellite radar. cloud coverage. little bit of cloud cover working through the mid- atlantic at the moment. we'll get that out of here and should be in for a mostly sunny friday and a decent day. should be a really nice day. little cool. temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. a little breezy. winds out of the north and west at about 15 to 25. already had breezy conditions this morning. currently we are cool. 50 at reagan national. winds out of the north and west at 12, gusting to about 20. pressure is on the rise, 29.98 inches. forecast for today, cool side. nice and dry. highs in the low 50s by 4:00 p.m. here's someone who is
8:02 am
always thinking about the weekend, julie wright. >> hey, you guys. now we're taking a nice look at dulles airport. shuttle heading up to new york this morning. right now on the roads you'll find the lanes are opening traveling inbound along 66. no problems east from 50 in towards the beltway. heavy volume. no incidents to report. nice, easy drive continuing on the beltway. pace is pretty good inbound across the 14th street bridge. no trouble spots inbound new york avenue. earlier crash gone. lanes open on 295 to the inbound 11th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. to the top stories now, a warning from police for people in the d.c. neighborhood known
8:03 am
as pet worth. suspect or suspects on the loose accused of attacking three people in the last 48 hours. police say all three victims suffered head trauma. one of the victims was a denver tourist we told you about yesterday. he was found dead. authorities believe the incidents may be connected. police in d.c., maryland, urging runners to be an guard. the past two weeks incidents of a man inappropriately touching female joggers. the most recent happened yesterday in northwest. the other last week on wisconsin avenue in bethesda. theater victim was injured and police say as of now there is nothing linking the incidents. more backlash stemming from marion barry's comments about asian business owners and filipino nurses. he got an earful from asian community leaders yesterday. both his remarks were caught on camera. barry is blaming the media, criticizing those upset with
8:04 am
his comments for believing everything they see on tv, instead of calling him personally. >> did you call me up and discuss this with me? no, the answer is no. >> not directly, because we do have -- >> may i finish, please? >> yes. >> i'm trying to educate us in the community and not to fall into these media traps. >> the statement made a broad statement against asian shop owners -- >> i resent you telling me i make racist remarks. >> council chair brown sent barry a letter telling him to choose his words carefully. now to an issue with an outcome that will impact millions of americans. the house is set to vote on a bill today that would keep current rates on stafford student loans intact for another year. if no action is taken, the rate will double this summer and that could add an average of
8:05 am
$1,000 to the balances of more than 7 million stafford loan recipients. extending the lower rate will cost about $6 billion. the sticking point is how to pay for that. house republicans are pushing for cuts to president obama's health care reform law to pay for it. house democrats want to cut subsidies it oil and gas companies. another scandal, this time in el salvador, and like in colombia, agents are accused of using prostitutes before the president's trip in 2011. the report from a seattle tv station quotes a government contractor who says, they did this all the time, and was told not to worry about it. it's been a huge week for d.c. sports. they're all doing well. >> this morning everyone is
8:06 am
buzzing about the redskins' future, because there's a quarterback coming to town. and sherri ly is here with the latest excitement over rg iii. >> reporter: who is that? oh, yeah, robert griffin iii. this is a day everybody has been waiting for in redskins nation. tomorrow robert griffin iii, rg iii, will be making his debut at fed ex field. he hasn't thrown a pass yet for the redskins, but they have bet the franchise on him. they took griffin number 2 in the draft yesterday. he comes with high expectations. for rg iii and fans alike, the excitement is mutual. >> feels great, you know, to play for a coach that i watched growing up, knowing what he's been able to do with guys like steve young and john elway. it's exciting. and to get a chance to be in a
8:07 am
new city and go and build and write our own legacy, our own history, is truly intriguing. >> i'm finally getting the chance to see a great quarterback play. i already planned my trips for the first eight weeks of the season, i'm going to any home game, preseason, i don't care where it is. >> reporter: the team wasn't won a super bowl in more than 20 years since joe gibbs left. that was the first time around. and fans will get a chance to welcome griffin to washington tomorrow. the team is holding its annual draft party at fed ex field from 11:30 until 6:00. during that party at 2:00 p.m. the skins will hold a press conference to formally introduce their top pick. you have to register but tickets are free. the rgiii era has begun in washington and everyone is
8:08 am
hoping it will be a long and prosperous one. back to you. >> i like that. now to hockey and the capitals. we know who they're going to face in the second round of the playoffs. they're preparing to take on the new york rangers in the nhl playoffs. >> they're still celebrating that win wednesday night that did eliminate boston. we have learned some boston fans have had a harsh and ugly reaction to the win. not just because of the win. brad conley is outside the tg garden in boston with this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. it was here a couple of days ago game 71st round of the playoffs, the bruins of course losing to your washington capitals. the bruins after the game displaying good sportsmanship, but unfortunately not so much for fans that made online racial comments after the game, causing a serious problem heave winning goal on wednesday night, scored by forward joel
8:09 am
ward, who is canadian, his parents are in barbados, and his success triggered an attack filled with racist remarks on twitter and various message boards. the language too graphic to repeat on the air. the online comments prompting the bruins to make a statement. in a formal statement, the bruins saying "the bruins are very disappointed by the comments made. these classless, ignorant views are in no way a reflection of anyone associated with the bruins' organization ." even our mayor here in boston speaking out, calling these people cowards that hide behind their twitter handles. the bruins have their last media day this morning. they'll answer questions about the season, the way it ended, and also getting the reaction from the way some fans responded to ward's goal wednesday night, lashing out against him. one of the newspapers here the boston herald reported two of
8:10 am
those people on twitter have been identified. they're facing possible disciplinary action. they're college age. another one who made a comment in high school, now facing potential sanctions of not being able to play. and the owner of the team calling if unforgivable and saying there should be a zero tolerance for this behavior. >> sounds like the bruins organization agrees, so good with them for coming out with such a strong statement. thank you, brett, we appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. it is 10 minutes after 8:00 now. a cyber security showdown on capitol hill. details coming up next on fox 5. >> plus, chris wallace joins us with a preview of fox news sunday. among the topics, concerns over a warning about possible terror activity from the fbi. >> meantime, lots of luck being spread across the district now. we told you about this this week. yet another lotto winner is claiming a big prize today. we'll have more on that when
8:11 am
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welcome back. in a few hours we'll be meeting d.c.'s newest millionaire. the d.c. lottery will hand over a 1 million power ball prize to the person who won wednesday night's drawing. this is the second million dollar power ball win in the district in the past month. we are also still waiting to find out who won $250,000 in that historic mega millions drawing last month. going to say good morning again to tucker barnes, who has the weather and a little bonus now. >> yes. >> thank you very much. my first 5 photo of the day. this is natalie, everybody. natalie was born recently, february 3rd. >> she's a newbie. >> sweetie. >> check it out, sun bathing at only a week old. there's a reason for it.
8:15 am
it's because of her jaundice. >> okay. >> that vitamin d will help you. >> everybody needs a little bit of sunshine. her family likes to say it was to get her ready for the beach, and they say, probably this is true, i think julie wright will understand. >> i think julie wright started at this age. >> but she did not have jaundice. >> that would explain a lot, tony. to submit your pictures, go to cute picture. >> i love that picture. she's a sweetie. >> like butterfly sunglasses. >> she's styling and getting some sun. vitamin d that you need. >> thank you natalie. good picture. sunshine and breezy today. should be a nice looking friday for you. we're expecting quiet conditions, though breezy with highs in the 60s. let's get into the weekend forecast. allison's got to know. frontal system came in last
8:16 am
night, and will hang to our south. tomorrow we're going to cloud up and watch an area of low pressure roll along that front, bringing cool conditions and eventually rain showers. i think the rain will hold off until the second half of tomorrow. maybe 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 we'll see the rain showers move in. they'll be with us tomorrow night. we'll start to clear things out by sunday. if you want a for sure dry day this weekend, i think sunday will be the best of the two days. though we should be able to salvage part of tomorrow, just cloudy and cool. there's your weekend forecast. 56 tomorrow. 62 on sunday. and of course, five-day forecast, early next week the sunshine returns with warmer temperatures, near 70 by tuesday. that's a look at the weather forecast. now let's go to somebody who knows a lot about sunshine, julie wright. >> any time natalie wants to come to the beach with me, she is more than welcome. if i can wear those butterfly sunglasses. those are cool. those are cute.
8:17 am
beach bunny in the making, i love it. lanes are open traveling the outer loop of the beltway with no problems around from college park. it's still a little bit below speed, but again, incident- free. lanes open eastbound along 66 working in from fair oaks. pace is improving inbound towards vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. there is a real fight shaping up on capitol hill pitting cyber security against personal privacy. it involves a law aimed at protecting businesses from hackers. the pentagon has information about impending cyber attacks, but cannot legally share that knowledge with american companies due to a 1947 law that stops them from sharing classified intelligence. the house passed a bill last night to fix the problem, but the white house is promising a veto over concerns the bill shields american companies from liability if they share private data.
8:18 am
federal authorities are warning americans to be vigilant as we approach the anniversary of osama bin laden's death may 1. a new bulletin from the fbi and department of homeland security warns of concerns over possible retaliation for that killing. it will be among the topics discussed on fox news sunday this weekend. and fox's chris wallace joins us with a preview. good morning, chris. >> good morning, allison. >> i think each and every one of us probably in the back of our minds does remember that anniversary and in fact, will keep our eyes open and bracing ourselves for something. you'll be talking about this. >> absolutely. we'll be talking to the president's chief counterterrorism advisor, john brennan, who was involved in months for planning in the white house on the raid to take down bin laden. now people concerned whether it's al-qaida overseas or whether it's self-styled radicals, jihaddist lone wolves
8:19 am
if you will, in this country, that somebody will take revenge action. we'll talk to him about the threat of that, and about the secret service and the potential security threats of that, and the tsa, some of the agents involved in taking bribes to smuggle drugs in it. if they do it for drugs, will they do it for explosives? and generally where we are in the war on terrorism. what is the state of al-qaida. john brennan with the latest on that. we're going to talk, and i'm sure you've been talking about it this week, joel osteen, the most popular preacher in america is coming to washington saturday night, nationals park. they'll fill up the stadium not for a baseball game, but one of his nights of hope. he and his wife will be on fox news sunday to deliver their message of hope and talk about what it is they are trying to preach to america. >> you're right, pastor osteen
8:20 am
came in the studios in advance of that, some 7 million viewers. 100 nations. it truly is unimaginable to think of his influence around the globe. >> absolutely. it's interesting, there are a lot of critics who say he preaches something called a prosperity gospel. and people say he's more motivational speaker than he is a pastor. these are the critics. that he talks more about how you can have a successful career than he does about scripture and sin and the devil. but, you know, there's so much negative stuff out there, it seems to be anybody who is spreading a positive message and talking about how you can be a better person, a better father, a better friend, you know, i don't think we can knock that. and it's good news and it's a positive message. and boy, we could use more of that. >> my goodness, you're right. last but not least, your power player, interesting to hear from dr. murray. she is the chief vet at the national zoo. >> very powerful people, for
8:21 am
the eight plus years i've been on this show, i don't think i've had as much fun. i spent a day at the zoo with dr. murray. they take care of 2,000 animals. i think it's 500 species. they're taking blood from pandas and giving eye drops to sea lions. you know, it's quite remarkable. i guess dr. doolittle or something. they found out the gorillas were suffering from heart disease. how do you check, can't put them on a stress monitor. what they did is they implanted a chip, and taught them to come up against the fence and the keepers put the sensor over the monitor while they're completely awake. they don't have to dope them up. and they are able every day to check how their heart is doing. >> remarkable, fascinating and rewarding. we look forward to sunday.
8:22 am
chris, thank you. >> thank you, allison. >> guess you don't think about things like that. >> no. that's very interesting. that's cool. 8:21 now. on this friday morning, a big revelation from the star witness in the john edwards trial. >> plus, the first lady's 2010 trip to spain is now catching heat from a watchdog group. just how much did it cost taxpayers. >> that's all coming up next here on fox 5 morning news. and later this hour, holly is getting a lesson in science. she is checking out the interactive event that's going on in d.c. this weekend. it's fun for the entire family. did we mention it's free? fox5 morning news will be right back. 8:22.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
making headlines this morning, the united states and japan reached a deal to move forces from okinawa last night. 9,000 marines will be located from the japanese island to other locations in the pacific. it's part of a broader arrangement to reduce tensions. many there feel the u.s. military presence is too burdensome. nearly $470,000, that's how much taxpayers paid for the first lady's 2010 trip to spain, according to the conservative watchdog group.
8:26 am
it reportedly went to secret service expenses and the flight and crew. she traveled with her younger daughter. at the time, it drew criticism, because elegant pictures of the pair in the mediterranean contradicted with the still struggling u.s. economy. the wife of john edwards' former aide is expected to take the stand in edwards' trial, this following a revelation from her husband, the star witness yesterday. former aide andrew young admits much of the $1 million that edwards is accused of improperly using actually went to building young's mansion. young has a $1.5 million home in north carolina. edwards is on trial, accused of funneling campaign donations to hide his pregnant mistress during his 2008 presidential run. it's 8:26. coming up next on fox 5, a young boy battling cancer gets the rock session of a lifetime
8:27 am
with one of the "american idol" judges. little more commute may be expensive. metro is raising bus and rail fares for the first time in years. we have what you need to know coming up on the other side of the break. 8:26.  : 
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
"enterprise" will get
8:31 am
8:32 am
one. >> you're not a believer. >> a lot of sunshine. temperatures now in the 60s. bit of a breeze. camera dancing around a little bit. and the breezing will be with us today. gusting to about 20 or 25. you'll need a jacket. 51 in washington. fallen back into the 40s and these temperatures haven't budged much in the past hour or
8:33 am
so. we'll be slow to warm up today. should see highs in the low 60s. currently 51 here. 46 gaithersburg. 46 the winning number in many spots, frederick and hagerstown, too. winds earlier gusting at 30. now 23 in gaithersburg. to the west, cumberland, 13 miles per hour. let's do future cast, put it in motion. we're doing great today. mostly sunny skies and again, temperatures in the 60s. by 7:00 tonight, nice sunset, and we'll cloud up overnight. early tomorrow i think the first half of your saturday it will be kind of cloudy. by afternoon, here we are at 4:00, the rain showers are forecast to move in. will stick around here through tomorrow night into the overnight hours. 10:00tomorrow night. ready for rain showers tomorrow. also cloudy and cool tomorrow. high temperatures for our saturday will only be in the
8:34 am
mid-50s. then we'll kick the whole thing out of here as we get into the day sunday. should be a brighter second half to your weekend. today 62, breezy. tomorrow not great. afternoon showers, 56. then 70 by tuesday. i'm tossing it back to the desk. metro riders, fares are going up beginning july. the board approved the hike thursday. fifteen cents increase during rush hours and mileage increases. offpeak rail fares go up and for those using paper fare cards, the surcharge jumps from a quarter a ride to a dollar a ride.
8:35 am
the person who leaves the competition tonight is elise. elise sings her swan song on "american idol." the 28-year-old teacher from charleston, south carolina, had been in the bottom of the pack six times this season. she's channeling her la reed there. wasn't a huge surprise that she went home after being in the top three several times. holly cavanaugh and skylar laine was in the bottom three, but hang on. she has style. i'll miss her. not everyone gets to hang out with a world famous rocker. >> a boy from rhode island battling cancer got to do that with "american idol" stephen tyler. >> reporter: 7-year-old cole
8:36 am
grace is aerosmith's biggest fan. his favorite song -- >> ♪ . >> reporter: most 7-year-olds probably only know tyler as host of "american idol." but he's more mature than most 7-year-olds. >> my mother loves steven tyler, so she practically got me into it. >> reporter: as we saw today, loving aerosmith is a family affair in the grace house. ♪ walk this way, talk this way ♪ >> reporter: but the real rock star isn't just steven tyler, but cole, who has stayed brave and positive through the worst of experiences. after this past january, they got terrible news. >> we thought it was a flu type of thing, and unfortunately neither one of us expected that we weren't going to be leaving the doctor's the day that we went in. >> reporter: he is diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of brain cancer. cole stayed in the hospital
8:37 am
three months and went through more than 20 hours of surgeries. >> puts a new perspective on i guess not only your life, but the world around you. >> reporter: while he was in the hospital, cole made a wish. >> to sing "walk this way," with steven tyler. >> reporter: so the hospital brought him to a room, and he and his sister got the surprise of their lives when steven tyler appeared on a giant screen through skype. then he got his wish. >> [inaudible]. >> reporter: now the family says when he isn't feeling well, they remind him of that moment. >> you're a star now. how does that feel? >> awesome. >> that's great. it's 8:37. it's a friday morning. after a 55-year delay, a post
8:38 am
card finally makes its way to its destination. the ripient is cashing in on the error. we'll explain. justin bieber angering fans in one asian country. why they say they've been insulted by the pop star. we'll be right back. it's 8:38. 
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
you know what that is, tony? >> no. >> don't even read it. it's a huge asian tiger shrimp. >> really? >> there's a spike on the waters of the united states. sightings last year were 10 times higher than the year before. they are showing up from texas to north carolina. they can be eaten by people, but they eat smaller shrimp and affect the ecosystem. >> i understand from someone in the room they're quite tasty. >> okay. in the meantime, talk about snail mail, a virginia man is receiving a post card from his
8:42 am
parents, it was sent -- 55 years or 35 years ago? 55 years ago. >> in the letter his parents wrote, we'll probably be home before this gets to you. well, finally the post card arrived, the mail, which somehow ended up in a florida woman's mailbox. the man's parents sent it in 1957 while visiting the chicago aquarium. now the man is headed to the windy city. officials are paying for him to see the attraction. is it weird they have the same attraction? >> it's miraculous, 55 years later -- >> what is funny, the card gets lost somewhere. they pick it up and go, oh, and put it in the system. >> what a bittersweet sort of -- >> yeah. >> -- sweet treat. from your parents. like them talking to you again.
8:43 am
>> interesting. listen to this story, justin bieber angered fans in indonesia when he dismissed the country as some random country. >> he made the comment while in london. it's reported he threw a hissy fit and used a mocking english accent when asked where he recorded one of his new tracks, saying, i recorded it in a studio and they don't know what they're doing. >> that's not going to make them happy. >> come on, justin. today, hollywood comes to d.c. >> actor omar epps among a group of celebrities heading to capitol hill to meet with lawmakers. it's all about awareness for the arts. and omar epps will join us live to talk about the event coming up next after the break. holly, i know you have a question for him, i will ask him. >> reporter: ha ha. thank you very much. and you have your celebrities, i have mine. bill nye the science guy is in
8:44 am
town as well. he happens to be on the bio bus which is parked inside the convention center as they are getting ready for the u.s.a. science and engineering festival, absolutely free. we're celebrating all things science, aren't we? we'll tell you how you can, too, next on fox 5 news. it was like a red rash...
8:45 am
very sore looking kinda blistery. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation until i had the shingles. i remember it well. i was in the back yard doing yard work.
8:46 am
i had this irritation going on in my lower neck. i changed shirts because i thought there was something in the collar of the shirt irritating my neck. and i couldn't figure out what was going on. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. i always thought shingles was associated with people... a lot older than myself. i can tell you from experience, it is bad. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
8:47 am
there is a fun and educational event going on this saturday and sunday at the washington convention center. >> holly morris is there to preview the u.s.a. science and engineering festival. she's going got a special guest. >> reporter: i do. we have a female astronaut joining us in the next hour, but when you have somebody like bill nye the science guy walk by, you have to grab them like you can. in the science world, he's like rock star status. >> yeah, sometimes, to the right buyer. good morning, everybody. >> reporter: he's very humble. bill, we have to let everyone know your much celebrated career started with you in the
8:48 am
"washington post." >> that's true. good morning, you guys. this is the science engineering festival. i, like so many of us, was born in the united states. this is the u.s.a. science engineering festival, as a patriot, what do we want to do? we want the united states to be the world leader in science and technology, right? >> all: yeah. >> so to do that we embrace science, and especially engineers. what do engineers do, holly? >> reporter: fix things, solve problems, explain why, they give you real solutions. >> that's right. holly, that's fabulous. >> reporter: you know i'm an engineer. >> are you really? >> reporter: i really am. like you really delivered the washington post. >> what branch? we use science to make things. we shape our world. >> reporter: here's my question -- >> everything in here came out
8:49 am
of somebody's head. >> reporter: think of the things that are going to come out of these little heads one day. you were part of the festival a year and a half ago. it's already off the charts. which has to make a science guy like you pretty ecstatic. >> let us, dare i say it, change the world. it's great. it's really good. come on down. it's free. >> reporter: tell us about the biobus. >> i would love to tell you about the biobus. but i'm not the foremost authority. it's here on the floor. it's got a pellet stove that uses fuel that has taken carbon out of the atmosphere. it has microscopes. this looks like somebody's business card blown up. it has a way for you to interact with the way we learn about the microscopic world. >> reporter: and the way we can learn is to take advantage of when we have smart people nearby. does anybody have a question for bill they would like to
8:50 am
ask? you have a question? >> yes. when you make all your inventions, did it happen on accident or did when you were researching it, like it was really hard to find? >> reporter: good question. >> oh, my friends, we worked really hard. we spent a lot of time upfront getting the thing all worked out. it looked like we were making it up as we go. that's a great question. >> reporter: there's a method to your madness? >> that's my claim. great question. >> what made you want to become a scientist? >> here's what i always tell people like you, i don't remember. it was so long ago. but i watched bees, bumble bees on azalea bushes in northwest washington. and i convinced myself i was watching the same bee come and go. then i saw in the "washington post" it said, ripley's believe it or not, bees cannot fly. i remember thinking, that's not
8:51 am
a very good theory. bees do very well. i just kind of got fascinated with that and worked on boeing on airplanes. i worked on the 747 that has the shuttle on top. >> reporter: before we go, because our time is done here, what are you going to be doing here this weekend? how can people best see you? >> well, i am now, my day job, i am now ceo of the plantary society. and so we promote space exploration. tomorrow i'll be on the big stage doing funny classic science -- >> reporter: what you need to do -- keep talking -- come to the festival tomorrow, or sunday. it's absolutely free. how many people want to grow up to be like bill nye? >> really? >> reporter: me. more in our next hour. back to you. >> thanks, holly. celebrities will meet with
8:52 am
lawmakers later this morning. they have partnered up with the nonprofit the creative coalition, hoping to raise awareness for arts, education and funding. joining us live with much more is actor omar epps. good to see you. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. welcome to washington. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> you are here to do good and hard work up on the hill. part of a delegation trying to save arts in our schools and arts in general. tell us about your effort. >> yeah, i'm here with the creative coalition, and it's a nonprofit organization that supports the arts programs around the country. the arts obviously has been an instrumental part of my life, and public arts programs are important for young kids to have alternatives to help educate themselves in different ways and it's a powerful tool of our society that we need. >> personally, is there any connection with this? you've been acting for such a long time, and we enjoy every piece of work that you are in.
8:53 am
>> thank you. >> any personal connection as far as when you got started and how important the arts were to you as a younger person? >> absolutely. i'm from brooklyn, new york and i come from a single parent household and i've been involved in arts my whole life basically. to have an alternative to what's going on in urban areas, the arts gave me an outlet to express myself, to use my imagination, to learn and help educate myself. the arts are a crucial part of my life. >> you're here with fellow actors. my question to you is, when you're sitting there and talking to these lawmakers, they're buttoned up in their suits and you're trying to say this is so important, how do you get that message across, and what do you hope the outcome really is? >> the outcome is we want to keep the federal funding for the national endowment of the arts, which is another nonprofit that reaches out across the country. the way we convey that message
8:54 am
to the guys up there is there's a fiscal responsibility that we have to the arts as well. if you take something like sundance, for 10 days in utah brings about $78 million to that local community. it's not just, you know, the film festival. it's what happens to the restaurants, the coffee houses, hotels, so forth and so on. when you have a production come into a town, you have 200 or 300 people, but the money made around that production influences that whole area. so it's a good return on your investment, if you will. >> right. something that lawmakers can understand, dollars and cents. >> exactly. >> only four more shows on "house." holly wants to know are we going to be uplifted or depressed at the end of this long running series? >> you will be entertained.
8:55 am
>> great answer. spoken like a true politician, by the way. actor omar epps, thank you for joining us. >> thank you guys. >> okay. >> that's great. we just talked to omar, of course, and if that is not cool enough, lots of other celebrities will be in d.c. this weekend. >> it's for the annual white house correspondents association dinner. coming up, we're going to talk about who will be in town and where you might be able to see them. >> is the space shuttle "enterprise" possibly set to take off in the next hour for its piggy back ride to new york. we'll be watching things at dulles. time now, 8:55. we'll be back on a friday morning. i'm really going to miss you.
8:56 am
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right now at 9:00, the
8:59 am
redskins and rg iii. we have reaction, and plus he'll make his first appearance. >> and more fallout from that prostitution scandal plaguing the secret service. new rumors about more misconduct. how officials are reacting this morning. >> then, a star studded event at the white house this weekend. celebs will join the president and the first lady for the annual white house correspondents dinner. find out who will be there, plus the preparty plans. >> and later, get ready to move. the group human nature is in studio this morning. they are bringing motown classics to d.c. first, they're bringing you to your feet with a performance later this hour. >> all right. fun packed hour. >> yes. >> and the news in the middle. >> right. >> tucker barnes -- i said fun packed and i forgot we had to do serious business as well. it's friday. >> and we have ask


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