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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  April 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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much better than anyone else. i don't get in there and go you suck. i just didn't like what you sang last night because that would be foolish to say. >> bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. right off the top tonight a terrifying close call for a metro rider today after he fell onto the tracks at the farragut north station, it happened seconds before the train alive. he's alive tonight thanks to some riders who sprang into action. fox 5's maureen umeh with the story. >> the men say they just acted on instinct doing what they hope anyone else in their position would do. brad meyer hardly takes metro trains, but he did today just to buy a birthday gift for his brother, talk about being in the right place at the right time. he was on the platform at farragut north station around 1:30 when he and another rider michael sheerer he was talking to on the phone saw something
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horrible happen. >> out of the corner of my eye i saw a gentleman fall onto the tracks. >> my best guess is he lost his balance. there was no one else around him. >> reporter: the train was barreling down the tracks. its headlights were clearly visible and getting closer. they sprang into action, no time to think. >> the biggest memory was the lights from the train coming closer and closer. we need to get him off and i don't really remember any other emotion or feeling other than i've got to get him off that track. >> i just think it was adrenaline. it didn't seem that difficult to get him off either, just pulled him right up. >> reporter: the elderly man was barely on the platform when the train pulled. in meyer says he was disoriented and badly hurt. >> he kept comp back and he was coughing up blood, but thankfully the paramedic came and they said they think he's going to be okay. >> reporter: meyer and sheerer say they're no heros and would do it again if they had to and
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thankful they were there to help when it mattered most. >> i don't feel like a hero. i just feel like did i what they should do. >> i hope if it was me or someone else, that anyone would have done the same thing. >> we don't care what they say. we certainly think they are heros. the elderly man was taken to the hospital. unfortunately we don't know his condition tonight. >> restores your faith in humanity. the news edge on d.c. now, a 19-year-old d.c. man from a prominent sport family under arrest, michael davis charged in connection with the terrifying three-day assault spree in petworth. one of four tips he's suspected of hitting in the head with a hammer is dead. fox 5's karen gray houston talked to one of the victims and relatives and friends of two others. >> first of all, people who lived it and know michael davis just in shock. he's the brother of two nfl football players, vernon davis with the san francisco 49ers and vontae davis of the miami dolphins.
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the victim i spoke to by phone tonight and relative and minister of two other victims are relieved the suspected a sale rant is off the streets. this is a -- assailant is off the street. this is a picture of michael davis. police spent much of the morning and early afternoon searching the house where he is said to live with his grand parents on emerson street where he and his brothers were raised. police chief cathy lanier says davis was arrested when police heard a woman screaming for help about 9:00 last night on gallatin street. they said davis had fled and was hiding nearby in an alley. the woman he allegedly hit in the head told me by telephone she is traumatized. wednesday night's victim says she's making progress and the pastor said church members are concerned about safety and usually walk female members to their cars after services. >> even though she lives right around the corner someone will
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always catch her and take her, but she's a very independent person. that night i saw her she walked out the door and before i could catch her to say who is taking you she was gone. >> right now we're thankful because we know that one of them ended with the death of a person and so all of us as family members, what we're going through, we know there's one family who will never see their loved one again. >> the one victim who was killed was 66-year-old gary dedriches, a retired nurse visiting from denver. michael davis has not been charged in that case, but police believe all four cases may be connected. neighbors say davis was a happy go lucky kid going up but some who know the family sucked there may have been some family -- suggested there may have been some family problems. seven siblings were raised by their grandparents and vernon and vontae were fortunate to
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get contracts with the nfl. a d.c. man sent to prison seven years ago for murder is one step closer to it's going his conviction overturn -- closer to getting his conviction overturn. he was convicted because an fbi agent testified tribble's hair was found in a stocking mask the suspect wore. new dna tests show the hair does not belong to tribble and the u.s. attorney's office said it will not fight a request to overturn the conviction. both sides have to go to court and get a judge to sign off on the deal. a $29 million lawsuit has been filed in the death of a university virginia lacrosse player. >> the lawsuit was filed by yeardley love's mother. love was murdered by her on again off again boyfriend george huguely in 2010. sharon love is suing huguely who was convicted of second degree murder this past february. she is asking for more than $29 million in compensatory damages. a jury recommended that huguely serve 26 years in prison.
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he'll be sentenced in august. to fairfax county where police are asking for your help identifying this man. they say he tried to rob the bank of america on huck ware road in reston -- on walker road in reston. he's wearing bright orange construction clothing, enters a toyota and drive as way. anyone with information is -- drives away. anyone with information is asked to call police. we're learning more information about the cow that tested positive for mad cow disease in california. officials say the animal was 10 years old and became euthanized after it became lame. the dairy cow is only the fourth case ever discovered in the u.s. states. health officials say there's no risk to the food supply. the redskins newest star has arrived in town. fox 5 cameras are rolling as robert griffin, iii rolled into georgetown tonight. he had dinner at cafe milano where we're told he rubbed elbows with george clooney and
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kate hudson. rg3 merchandise a big seller already, not even a full day after he became a redskin. at the team store people couldn't wait to get their hands on a jersey with his name and number on the back. fox 5's john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: so are redskins fans excited about the forthcoming arrival of robert griffin, iii? oh, yeah. >> i'm not taking my off today of. >> reporter: there was a steady stream of customers throughout the day in and out of the fan store at fedex field, the single hottest item? rg3 jerseys. william teal of michelville had a fistful of rg3s. >> six, two adults and four for my boys, for my kids, so total of six. i can't go home empty handed. i can't get one and not get all. >> reporter: college student daniel harrell picked out a griffin jersey while shopping with his mom. >> always showing support. we're really hoping he's going to do good for the team. us diehards have been waiting a
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long time for a good season, so we're really excited. >> reporter: who's springing for the shirt? >> mom. because she loves me. >> reporter: official nfl merchandise is pricey. the rg3 jerseys are $115 for regular sizes and $130 for larger sizes, but the selection by the redskins of robert griffin, iii is creating real excitement. >> he's a nice person. he's a good hard worker. his family background is great. he's just perfect for us for the offense. i'm glad they jumped up and got him. >> historically first year out of clem quarterbacks don't often do all that -- college quarterbacks don't often do all that great. should fans expect everything this first year or what? >> i say that, too until what cam newton got past and he did
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very well. so anything is possible. >> reporter: so the question people keep asking us is will there be enough rg3 jerseys for the fan party saturday? well, there's 200 right now in the store in the middle of the day, 500 more have just arrived. they're in boxes and during the saturday party there will be a silkscreen guy here making them on the spot. at redskins store at fedex field john henrehan, fox 5 news. still ahead on the news edge dozens of wounded warriors are hitting the road cycling 100-kilometers in honor of their peers, that story coming up next. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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wounded veterans power through a bike tour in texas invited personally by their former commander in chief george w. bush. >> how you doing? oing? >> reporter: heros in the wars, severely wounded and heros yet again as they courageously return to civilian life all personally invited by president george w. bush to take part in his warrior 100- kilometer ride, the president fully aware it was his decision to send the vets to war resulting in their injuries.
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>> it's an opportunity for me to say to our vets i care for you, thank you, i honor you. it's a way to herald the groups that support the vets. >> reporter: 20 injured veterans of the iraq and afghanistan campaigns riding in 100-degree heat all inspired by him and by each other. >> i think it sends out a positive unit outlook to everybody that's been injured right now and going through a tough time. it shows no matter what happens to us, we always get back up and keep on fighting. >> reporter: no matter what their condition the president is confident that the ride is a great prescription for healing a body and spirit. >> it's really cool. it's really cool. i mean just the momentum and how inspiring and motivating it is. >> leading by example because our vets get inspiration from you, president bush. >> well, i get inspiration from them.
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expect delays on metro this weekend. laura evans again with your fox 5 top five. >> a new study finds while breastfeeding has its benefit, it can also hurt the bank. no. 5, the new study published in the american sociological review finds a woman's income takes a big hit when she chooses to breastfeed five months or longer and that can last for up to five years giving birth because most women who breastfeed work fewer hours. no. 4, the cdc finds nearly 1/3 of u.s. workers don't get enough sleep. most get less than six hours a night. doctors say that can increase the risk of health problems. it is recommended adults get seven to nine hours of sleep every a night. no. 3, if you're on the road this weekend, you won't get hit quite hards in the wallet. the national average for -- as hard in the wallet. the national average for a gallon of unleaded is 3.83. in d.c. you'll pay 4.06,
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maryland 3.75. no. 2, a traffic alert for those of you driving in the merrifield area of fairfax county. the intersection of lee highway and gallows road will be closed until midafternoon sunday. the intersection will be repaved as part of the ongoing improvement project. no. 1, heads up if you're planning to use metrorail this weekend. the arlington cemetery station will be closed on the blue line as crews work to replace wooden rail ties. buses will shuttle riders between pentagon and roslyn and on the red line trains will single track in two locations to allow crews to do improvement work, so allow extra that is tonight's fox 5 top five. it's been a year since a wide tornado outbreak killed 300 people in the southeast. 200 tornadoes touched down in one day. today the national storm prediction center is using technology to make better
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predictions, save lives. their goal is to get as close to the tornadoes as possible. >> forecasting tornadoes is still difficult. some days we have a better feel for where large tornadoes will occur, but we never know precisely where. >> the teams hope to learn which type of storm is the most likely to spin off a tornado and they have to get really close. they don't, the curvature of the earth makes it impossible to see what's happening close to the ground. >> all eyes on the weekend here and trying to time out that rain which is coming, just a matter of when. >> afternoon tomorrow and that's good. we could even push it back another hour or so. we'll just say to be comfortable it will probably be after 2:00. i remember a lot like last saturday. we were talking about the same thing. if you get everything wrapped up before 2:00 tomorrow, you should be in good shape. we'll see if we can start the day tomorrow with a little bit of sunshine that. would be a bonus because that would get at least the temperatures going in the right direction and we'll try and
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make it up to about 60 degrees. it will be chilly out there tonight, temperature is not dropping like a rock out there. even though the skies are clear and the winds are light. 52 degrees now in the city, manassas is 50 and culpeper almost always a cold spot by now is sitting at 45 degrees, martinsburg still 50. large area to the north and northwest under a freeze warning just about all of pennsylvania under a freeze warning. some of that extends down into the northern maryland, western maryland, virginia and west virginia. frost advisory here closer into the city and i do suspect temperatures very close to freezing even in that freeze warning and temperatures may get fairly close to it in the frost advisory. so 34 tonight in gaithersburg, pretty close to freezing for frederick, 33. it may make it to 32, dulles may get down to 32 degrees, probably briefly, though, manassas 34.
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notice right here through the i- 95 corridor we're talking 42 for baltimore, 42 in the city, then down towards about fredericksburg 42 degrees or so. here right along i-95 and east no threat of frost. you get wes of i-95 and -- west of i-95 and certainly northwestern suburbs there's a chance for frost or maybe even a couple hours of freezing temperatures there. we have clear skies now. notice clouds back to the south and southwest. you can even see some rain now and again this whole system starts getting closer to us by tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. the weekend kind of separated by a stationary front. we'll stay on the cool side of that, warmer temperatures down to the south and at least tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night a good chance for some showers coming up along that front. we'll go for a high of 60 tomorrow, limited amounts of sunshine, 65, drier sunday. again a few clouds overnight, frost and freeze out there in the suburbs. early sunshine tomorrow and
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then we'll have some pm showers. right now we'll keep noon dry, clouds and 56, but showers and even a couple thunderstorms wouldn't surprise me as we get to 5:00 tomorrow evening and then right on through tomorrow night and into the early morning hours on sunday, but again most of sunday is dry and sunny, 65. sunshine on monday, 66, shower and storm tuesday, 72 and showers remain in the forecast on wednesday, but look at highs, middle to upper 70s. enjoy your weekend. we'll switch over now to sports with lindsay murphy. the redskins had more work to do today, didn't they? >> this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> no rest for the weary. hello, everybody. after trading down two spots to get another seventh rounder and pick no. 71, the redskins made their second pick in the draft tonight, offensive lineman guard josh laribes from southern methodist, the team
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trying to beef up for rg3. after rg3" touring the city, fielding interviews and getting drafted he finally landed in his new football hometown at d.c. this afternoon of afternoon. rg3 took the skins fifth jet to d.c., visited redskins park and hit the town for a meal at cafe milano. these picks were posted on the redskins official website and here's more from the heisman winner. this. >> this has been hanging in people's homes for weeks now. we know what it means to them. what does it mean to you? >> it just moons that i have a fan base -- means that i have feign base in washington that means to -- a fan base in washington that believes in me, but it's what i do and what my actions are that make that happen. i plan to act accordingly. i'm going to show my teammates who i am, try to lead and show they can trust me. i'm a guy they can believe in, not that just the fans love. >> the redskins will introduce that guy to washington tomorrow at fedex field.
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fox 5 will bring you that press conference live. it starts at 2 approximately. whether you think it's a -- at 2 p.m. whether you think it's a good move or not the nationals called upon bryce harper to make his major league debut tomorrow, the 19-year-old hitting .250 and one home run for triple-a syracuse. he hit .286 in spring training. the nationals wanted him to get more time in the minors but with ryan zimmerman and michael morse sidelined the team decided now is the team. third baseman ryan zimmerman is headed to the 15 day dl with a shoulder injury. bryce will play his first game in element a. at the dodgers. ross detwiler with trouble in the 1st inning and that one is not coming back. a two-run shot makes it 2-0 los angeles and the dodgers lead by that score in the 4th inning. one other score, the orioles lost to the a's 5-2.
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the caps are getting ready for round 2 of the stanley cup playoffs, but before getting down to business joel ward addresses the racist comments following his game winner after the break.
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welcome back. after playing in seven games decided by one goal the capitals will continue their journey to win the stanley cup tomorrow afternoon in the big apple. the capitals will visit madison square garden for their second round series against the top
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seeded rangers. before getting down to business on the ice some off the ice issues had to be addressed this morning. washington is still buzzing about joel ward's game winner in boston, game 7 wednesday which eliminated the defending stanley cup champion bruins. >> for me it's pretty simple. i don't let it bother me at all. it's a few people that just made a couple terrible comments and what can you do, you know. i know what i signed up for. i'm a black guy playing a predominantly white sport and it's just going to come with the territory. i feel naive or foolish to think that doesn't exist. it is what it is and it's going to be part of here and part of life. that's just what it is. >> team joel ward right here. game 1 is tomorrow, game 2 in new york monday. don't forget fox 5 will carry rg3's introductory press conference live tomorrow at 2 p.m. we'll be right back.   >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon
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taking the edge off tonight with some video you got to see to believe. a football player from a tiny college in south carolina making a 5-foot vertical leap. keep that in mind next time you do bock jumps at the gym. justin bethel is a defensive back from presbyterian college labeled a late round prospect. he's drafted he'll be the first player from his school to go pro since the 1960s. good for him.
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now you have the news edge. news is always on have a nice fantastic weekend. see you. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.


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