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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:21pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. good evening and thanks for being with us.
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a woman celebrating new life had hers cut short. a district heights man has been charged with killing his pregnant girlfriend. police found jasmin moss' body. she had been stabbed to death. in a bizarre twist, jasmin was related to another high profile murder victim. paul wagner has the reporter: w failed to show up for work friday morning, her mother called her cell phone, and checking twitter to see if she posted anything. >> i called her and her phone went straight to voice mail. i sent her a text, she didn't respond. she would always post on twitter and she had no tweets that day. >> as the day went on, there was no word from jasmin until 6:00 p.m. when a detective called. her boyfriend being questioned. >> i noticed that she hadn't
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been spending as much time with him and i asked her if everything was okay. and she said, yes. that they were just trying to work things out, sort things out. >> according to her mother, jasmin was looking forward to the birth of her child. >> it hasn't really hit me totally, but i'm just devastated. i don't know who could do such a thing to a person. just be so coldhearted. >> >> jasmin's parents didn't meet nathan roberts and jasmin never brought him around. according to online court records, there were no stay away orders, but rogers has a criminal record. he has been assaulted for burglary and assault. >> it's unreal right now because i just, keep wishing she would walk through that door and just come in and just say something silly like she would always do to make me
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laugh. >> jasmin's murder comes on the heels of another tragedy. her uncle, activist, found murdered in january inside a fort washington well. the court affidavit, which would have the evidence against rogers has not been released. it's unclear how police were able to connect him with the crime. jasmin's mom says a witness did see rogers getting out of the car in which her daughter's body was found. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. a developing story in northwest d.c. tonight. the brother of two nfl stars is behind bars after a series of attacks in petworth. the 19-year-old may be responsible for all of them. the weapon in at least two of the attacks was the claw end of a hammer. john hanrahan has more on the investigation and the suspect. >> reporter: d.c.'s metropolitan police say a total of five people were attacked in a three-day period in the
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city's petworth neighborhood. police believe the weapon used in two of the attacks, maybe all of them, is the claw end of a hammer. their prime suspect who has been charged in two of the cases, 19-year-old michael w. davis, a tall and powerfully built young man. two of davis' brothers are nfl players. prosecutor asked that the suspect remain in custody. documents supplied to the judge indicate the woman attacked on thursday suffered a fracture to the back of her skull and cranial bleeding. defense attorney, dana page, argued that witnesses furnished descriptions of what the assailant was wearing and when another victim picked davis out of a photo, the victim offered a less than certain identification. but prosecution documents allege michael davis ran from the officers, discarded the shirt he was wearing and a small backpack which contained a hammer with hair on the claw end of the tool. as the judge denied any
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possible bond, several female members of davis' family began openly weeping. >> ladies, did you care to say anything to us about the case? >> have a blessed day, sir. >> reporter: their cries were so loud, one of the women was conducted from the courtroom by a security officer. the others declined comment. michael davis' father, who declined to furnish his name, also attended the hearing. >> what do you make of all this? >> just that god let me live. i can't say nothing else. >> we want to make clue clear that your son is innocent? >> no more comments. i love him. >> reporter: police are accusing him of a horrible crime. >> you all ask me a whole lot of questions, i don't have time and no lawyer. >> reporter: michael davis' father declined further comment. michael davis is charged with assault with intent to kill in connection with two of the five attacks. although d.c. police say they are investigating the
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possibility that all five attacks are related. one of the victims did not survive his attack. the other four people are expected to live. john hanrahan, fox 5 news. the survivor of a police chase that ended in a fiery crash that left three people dead is suing a montgomery county officer for $10 million. 18-year-old rico richardson accuses the officer of crashing into his car. richardson is seeking $10 million in damages after suffering fractured ribs and emotional damage from hearing two of his friends scream as they burned to death. while he was not the driver, richardson is charged with the car theft in the case. montgomery county police say there's no evidence that any of their cars came in contact with the vehicle. a teenage girl is in the hospital after a fight with another girl yesterday afternoon. the fight happened in the 2,000 block of 4th street and northeast. the girl with the knife has now been charged with assault with
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intent to kill. the victim was seriously injured. a prince georges county police officer has been suspended while investigators look into his possible involvement in a drug case. a spokesman says steven kingman was with a woman when she was pulled over in d.c. friday night and arrested for drug possession. kingman has not been charged with any crime. ten years ago today, a huge tornado hit the town of laplata, maryland. it did extensive damage. that school was rebuilt and today, the students, they held an event to celebrate with family and friends. their activity was around a twist theme. game of twister and world record breaking twist dance. what in the world happened to spring? it felt like winter today, didn't it? it came back for a little while. let's check on the rest of your weekend. hi gwen. >> actually, i think the last couple of nights it felt like
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winter, too. things are going to warm up. that's the good news, and winds were brisk as well. let's take a look at our maps. a lot of clouds. you can see all the precipitation has been moving its way across our area in the course of tonight. not quite out of the clear yet. a look at radar for you and we'll show you exactly what we're talking about. this is our fox 5 live doppler radar. widespread rain fall throughout the area. some of the regions to the south, a little bit to the west and east and upper marlboro, seeing pockets of heavier rain fall. a tenth of an inch before it's said and done. the farmers need it and it's making it inconvenient for people on the road, so do be careful out there. as we go back to our weather map, here's a look at our highs today. 56 degrees at national. 56 at dulles. temperatures, 14 to 15 degrees cooler than the seasonal average. and right now, it's 50 at d.c. 46 at dulles and 48 degrees at
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baltimore. for tonight, talking overcast skies, rain showers continue into the early hours of sunday morning. your overnight low, a cool 45 degrees. things are going to be warming up and in my five-day forecast, i have a great temperature rise and sunshine. i think everybody is going to like. i'll have those details later. >> thousands of people will have to wait until tomorrow to see a famous preacher and his wife at nationals park. joel and victoria, america's night of hope, was rescheduled because of the rainy weather. it's being held tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. the gates will open at 2:30. the wait is over. robert griffin, iii, is officially the quarterback of the redskins and he was welcomed to his new home. dave ross joins us now with details. >> today was a historic day for d.c. sports and it began with the introduction of rg3. just as advertised, he was
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poised, confident. he is going to have a new number, number 10. and the fans, lindsey murphy got to catch up with them. >> reporter: redskins fans, there's a new fight song in town. ♪ hail to the redskins. hail rg3 ♪ >> after weeks of anticipation and hours of waiting, redskins fans got their first taste of rg3 and they weren't disappointed. >> everybody is here. [ chanting rg3 ] >> it's outstanding. we love him out here in washington, d.c. we can get a new franchise quarterback. >> we needed a franchise quarterback for years. 17 quarterbacks in however many years, rg3 is our answer. >> it's been a long time since
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we've had this light up like this and i think that's going to take us another pressure down for us. >> reporter: the heisman winner is a sign of hope and key to the future. >> it is very, very fitting to have a character guy like him. it's the bomb, baby. welcome home, rg3. ♪ hail to the redskins, hail victory ♪ >> reporter: what about his version to hail to the redskins? >> he's learning. i'll have to teach him a few words, but he's all right. >> robert griffin iii, when he was introduced to the d.c. media, there's his number, number 10. that's the same number he wore at bailor when he won the heisman trophy. he's been good the last three days with the media from
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thursday on until today. and very impressive young man and he is supposed to be the guy to carry the mantel of the redskins for hopefully the next decade. coming up, we'll hear from robert griffin, iii, himself, and bryce harper and the caps began their second round series in new york against the rangers. another hohum day for sports in the nation's capital. not a lot going on. >> not a lot happening. better luck next time. >> we'll catch up in a couple minutes. in other sports news, unfortunately, a baseball celebration takes a tragic turn. the incident that injuries 100 fans. and the hunt for a murder suspect takes police through the wilderness and into a bunker. much more to come on this late version of fox 5 news at 10:00. stay with us.  i'm really going to miss you.
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a baseball celebration turns deadly in st. louis. one person is dead and more than 100 injured after strong winds lifted a beer tent near busch stadium today. it happened as fans gathered to celebrate a win by the cardinals. the man who died had a heart attack in the commotion. the search appears to be over for a man who was believed to have killed his wife and daughter. police in washington state say they found his body inside a bunker he built and loaded with guns and ammunition. fox's casey segal has more on what happened. >> reporter: a week long investigation leads police in washington state to this fortified bunker on a steep hillside about 30 miles southeast of seattle. >> there is movement. there is someone inside the bunker. we do believe it's peter keller. >> cops tried punching their way in, but with no luck, then on saturday after a 22 hour standoff, a bomb squad making their move. blowing the top off this
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mountain bunker. inside, police believe they find their man, 41-year-old peter keller, dead from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound. keller was a wanted man all week long. the prime suspect in the murder of his wife of 21 years and their 19-year-old daughter. >> found in their respective bedrooms with gun shot wounds to the head. >> police believe keller set fire to his home in north bend last sunday. then fled. authorities found gas cans scattered throughout the house. >> there's lots of black smoke rising from the vents on top of the house. >> police warned the outdoorsman was heavily armed and on the run. they immediately set their sights on hiking trails, putting up fliers with keller's picture. keller spent eight years making the multilevel bunker, spending the last moments of his life inside. >> tactical teams notified us that they have seen within a dead body, again with a great deal of blood around it. >> the king county sheriff's
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office tells us the body discovered looks like keller, but the medical exam examiner will have to make a positive id, which would not happen until sometime sunday or monday. in los angeles, casey segal, fox news. people in arlington, texas, continue to praise a man even after he killed his wife before committing suicide. neighbors of tom call him a devoted husband. he and his wife had been married for more than 50 years. marilyn was in the advanced stages of alzheimer's disease and within the last week, tom was forced to put her in a nursing home. the distance was wearing on him. >> i can't help but feel in my heart he was helping her. she may have had a moment and requested his help, i don't know. but he wasn't some lunatic that was just gunning for his wife. >> arlington police say they
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got a 911 call from tom saying he had just shot his wife and he was about to shoot himself. neighbors say they aren't sure exactly when tom took his wife out of the nursing home to bring her home. a florida teacher busted for secretly taking lewd photos of students and you'll never believe how he was caught. fox's valerie reports. >> my mother found it in the parking lot of wal-mart inside a shopping cart. >> reporter: as stephanie anderson tried to find an out who owned an ipod. >> a girl under age doing thingself and she was completely exposed. >> she also found another picture of student from st. peter's catholic church, even though they were fully dressed, she became suspicious. by that time, suspect joshua wax had tracked his ipad through an iphone application and arrived to anderson's home with officers. >> the gentleman was like, oh, you found the ipad.
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i was like yes, he took the ipad from me and at this point, i was confused. i said whose is this? he said it's my ipad. i said wow. you know, at this point i'm not going to keep my mouth closed. why do you have pictures of under age children exposing themselves? after that happened, i brought it to the officer's attention. >> he started getting rid of the evidence through his iphone. >> when the officers left him alone, he was playing with it. i said he must be deleting the photos. >> they discovered that he planted ten cameras in a storage closet where students would change their clothes. he admitted to touching himself while watching the videos. one girl was 12, the other 13 years old. >> disturbing. i went to st. peter's from kindergarten until 8th grade. that bothers me. >> reporter: it makes anderson more angry, because he faces video voyagerrism charges. >> he isn't being charged with
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child crime. >> reporter: as a mother, she has a message. >> it's a warning for every parent. two missouri soldiers get to meet their newborn sons after returni


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