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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 28, 2012 11:21pm-12:00am EDT

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month old adam. both dads say it was hard to be away and miss things, but thanks to skype, they were able to share in the deliveries. >> it was pretty rough, you know. i was on skype the whole time when she was having the baby, but you know, you feel helpless. really tough when you have this little guy waiting for you at home. >> look as those little munchkins. seeing pictures don't do the little guys justice. now they want to spend time with the family. sweet success for a young entrepreneur. he's a teen, but already bringing in big business in our area. history coming up. 
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never in my lifetime
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did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. he hasn't finished high school yet, but an arlington teenager is starting up a business and it's hard to find someone who doesn't like what
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he's selling. beth parker has the story of his sweet success. >> reporter: rubber gloves, cracked eggs, and big dreams. >> i'm 15 years old. >> reporter: the cookie king. it all started in a class called entrepreneurship at wake field high school in arlington. >> it was like i found my passion. >> his passion was business, the business of cookies. he was born in egypt. his first time in america, the black and white cookies he loved back home were something new yorkers called their own. >> flour, butter. >> and of course delicious chocolate. >> i loved them so much, but they were like 500 calories each and i'm the kind of person who would eat like 10. >> he wanted to slash the calories and found the perfect ingredient. >> natural, local honey so it's good for allergies. i only need one cup. if i used sugar, i would need 3 1/2 cups of sugar. >> because he replaced the sugar with honey, they are
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relatively low in calories. here's an example. if you ate 9 of his cookies, you'd get the same calories that you get in three cookies made by the competition. maurine was his entrepreneurship teacher. >> they can speak in front of people. they learn about marketing and math, pricing. >> and about the cookies, he sold 10,000 of them. >> they are delicious. they are fantastic. >> he gets an a for that? >> absolutely. >> his mom helps with the baking. >> having someone behind me and believing in me and telling me you're going to succeed, that means the world to me. >> he and his teacher have now won awards from the network for teaching entrepreneurship. >> he's so hard working. he deserves to win. >> with his giant prize check nearby, he is starting another class. >> i would have them next to georgetown cup cakes. >> a career in cookies.
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in arlington, beth parker, fox 5 news. move over hollywood. tonight, the hottest red carpet in the country is right here in d.c. see what the first lady wore to the white house correspondence dinner. and the secret service is trying to save face after the prostitution scandal. the new rules agents have to follow. next. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> in the mist of an investigation into what secret service agents were doing with clom columbian hookers. molly reports on those regulations and why the matter isn't over yet. >> in these new n u rules from secret service director, mark sullivan. agents are always expected in their professional and personal
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lives to conduct themselves in a matter that quote, reflects the highest standards of the united states government. but in view of the prostitution scandal, sullivan thought it was necessary to spell out for the agents that foreign nationals excluding hotel staff and official law enforcement counterparts are prohibited in hotel rooms. patronization of nonreputable -- and alcohol use is prohibited within ten hours of reporting for duty. that's all well and good with chuck grassley. the ranking republican on the senate judiciary committee, which oversees the secret service. the new rules don't negate what happened in columbia and says quote, it remains necessary to hold the agency and agents accountable. following a complete and independent investigation. part of that independent investigation, grassley says, includes booking into whether any house staffers were involved. the white house says katherine is in house lawyer looked into it and found no wrong doing,
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but grassley says an outsider needs to do the investigating. he sent a letter with 14 questions about white house staff on the trip to the white house and asked for a response by this past thursday night. he says he never got an answer. in washington, molly, fox news. four virginia republicans vying to be the candidate faced off in a debate this afternoon. all four said they would not force the state to recognize same sex marriage and when asked, none of them said they were ready to endorse. george allen and jamie, bob marshall all agreed they will likely support higher retirement age before some people can get social security benefits. whoever wins the gop primary will run against tim kaine in november. president obama getting pushed back from the romney campaign. it says romney never would have given the order to kill osama bin laden in pakistan. peter shows us the reason for the dust up. >> a year ago this week,
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president obama gave the go ahead for the raid that took out osama bin laden, but his campaign is suggesting that if a president romney had been given the same intell, he wouldn't have gone for the kill. and they are making that point in a new ad with former president, bill clinton. >> he took the harder and the more honorable path and the one that produced, in my opinion, the best result. >> after asking which path mitt romney would have taken, the ad highlights the 2007 headline that says mitt romney criticized barack obama for vowing to strike al-qaeda targets inside pakistan if necessary and this isn't the first time this week the campaign has hit romney on this issue. >> if you're looking for a bumper sticker to sum up how president obama handled what we inherited, it's simple. >> romney campaign passed this along from two defense policy advisers who say quote, killing osama bin laden was a moe
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mentous day for all americans and we give the president credit, but we are sanded to see the president to see the president politicize the event. and john mccain says that no one disputes the president deserves credit, but to politicize it in this way is the height of hypocrisy. last month, the president gave no interviews about the two year anniversary of the healthcare law, but ahead of the bin laden raids, he gave one to nbc from the white house situation room. that will air next week. it's not a victory lap. the interview is the result of extra interest in the story. in washington, peter duesy, fox news. keep your eyes peeled for celebrities this weekend. reese witherspoon and kim kardashian are in d.c. for the white house correspondence dinner. mr. obama, he wore a classic black tux. first lady, michelle obama wore a strapless multicolor gown and
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no word on who designed her dress, we'll call it fabulous. the redskins aren't the only ones making a debut. bryce harper takes the field for the first time. he is barely out of high school. we'll tell you how his first game went. >> it's wet weather across our area and storms across areas of the mountains. how long will this stick around and when will the sun return? i'll have those answers coming up a little later. we'll be back after the break. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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coming up, we're talking about the weather. that's right now. it's not coming up. very chilly day today and the rain, too. is it finally out of here? >> we're going to get improvement tomorrow, but it's going to warm up, which is good news, because it has been chilly and we're going to get back to sunshine. but we need the rain badly. so we're not going to turn. the farmers needed it.
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the trees needed it and the grass needed it. and it's spring. let's take a live look outside. some of you are seeing the showers. some of you are not. it's starting to spread its way through. there are heavier pockets, especially to areas of our west and we'll show you that in a second. overall, we did need the rain. we have been getting our fair share over the last few days. hopefully it will be of some improvement for the farmers. some showers tonight and as we move through to the early morning hours, the showers will start to move out. sunday clears up nicely and we are talking a weak system to start off very pleasant as well as temperatures on the rise. so not bad at all. and here's a look now at radar for you where you can see that there are showers moving your way across the area. very widespread. this is our fox 5 live doppler radar. they have seen convection. that is starting to wane out quite a bit. some pockets of heavier rain fall to the south. this is going to continue to
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move its way through. a tenth of an inch of accumulation. not a whole lot in terms of accumulation, but it is going to start to be a little bit widespread into the course of tonight. let's go back to our weather map and let's take a look at where we stand in term of temperatures. talk about cool. some 14 to 15 degrees below the seasonal average for today at 56 at national. the same at dulles and 55 degrees at bwi. the winds picked up today as well. we're getting an improvement there. it's 50 at national. 48 degrees at sir good marshall. 45 degrees at hagerstown. the same at martinsburg. national temperatures to the south, we're going to increase the heat around here because they're going to get all of this starting to push its way up the mid atlantic. we're going to see a warm up and our temperatures are going to head right toward the 80- degree mark. it's been a while since we've had that. here's a look at satellite radar for you. you can see where that rain is
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some heavier pockets, as i showed you, starting to move its way out. it will stick around until the early part of saturday morning. you're not going to have too much i have ly weather sticking around. mostly sunny skies. 45 degrees for your overnight low. here's a look at future cast for you. you can see at 3:00 in the morning, we start to get heavier rain fall heading toward the eastern shore. by the time we hit 7:00 in the morning, it's out of here. so the rest of the day, the clouds will start to push out because a ridge of high pressure is going to build in and that will give us our improvement. 64 degrees by midday. tomorrow and by 5:00 will be 67. tonight's overnight low, 45 degrees. still with the showers, overcast. as we head into tomorrow, the winds will be light. that won't be all bad at 67 degrees. your five-day forecast showing you we do heat up. we're back to bright skies again on monday.
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tuesday and wednesday are days where we get a piece of energy coming through with the front. a chance of thunderstorms there. so we'll watch that closely. and then we're back to some partly cloudy skies. we hit the low 80s by the time we hit thursday. you can see the temperature gradually climbing as we get through tomorrow and head toward the end of the week. >> that's good. easing us back into what we have been used to. >> the washington capitals are beginning their second round series in new york. game one highlights coming up next. stay with us. 
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welcome to the washington area nissan dealer's sports xtra. >> you know, i just wish there was something to talk about in sports today. >> these are the type of debates we have in the sports department. what do you lead with?
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do you go with rg3 or the caps or bryce harper? here's what we're going to do. we're going to compromise. we're going to go with the young phenom. to be 19 again, barely out of high school and have the world at your feet. for bryce harper, it's the baseball world. tonight at fame dodgers stadium, he said, hello world. >> to the plate, making his major league debut. >> booed at dodgers stadium. after the boos, there's his first at bat. a dribble back to the box. shake off the helmet and show you a little. leek it? all right, here we go. to the 7th. history in the making. there it is. his first ever major league hit on a 3-2 pitch. takes off the helmet. that's a standup double and what do you know?
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his first hit goes for extra bases. he's one for three on the night. right now the nats and dodgers are tied up at 1 in the 8th inning. congratulations bryce harper. the o's beat the a's tonight. today began the second series of your second season for your washington capitals. if you recall, they lost game one versus boston and managed to win that series. so this could be just another case of history repeating. versus the rangers, scoreless in the second, but trouble behind the net. he was so good versus boston. a little shaky today. gets the goal right there, 1-0 blue shirts. but the caps would respond just before the end of the period. and gets that one to go. he beats hendrik lundquist. going into the third period, but in that third, it's the rookie, not even 21 years old. six games into his nhl career and chris arrived, he gets that one. the rangers score another goal
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90 seconds later and a 1-1 tie becomes a 3-1 new york victory in game one. how about d.c. united hosting houston. here comes chris. i'm just going to say this. the united undefeated since he came on the morning show with me. that's a great pass to mike. 1-0 black and red. second half, it's dwayne and this is why he's such a good scorer. gets that one to the back of the net. 2-1d.c. houston would tie it up at 2 and watch santos again. somehow going to get the high redirect right there and d.c. united wins it 3-2. they win their unbeaten streak to seven straight games. impressive. today it began for real for redskins fans. their chance to meet and greet the man they hope will be the savior at the quarterback position for the better part of the next decade. no pressure for robert griffin, iii, right? rg3 meeting the d.c. media for the furs time. yes, he will be wearing number
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10. just like he was wearing at baylor. he said the last 48 hours have been a whirlwind. he's eager for what will happen. that's all in the past. >> you know, try not to take the weight of the past 20 years on my own shoulders. realize there are other guys on this team that can help us be successful. i don't have to do everything. all these guys are very talented. many all americans. all conference players. so everybody on this team is here for a reason, because they want to win and they are good at what they do. i don't have to do everything by myself and just be myself, go out, work hard, learn the offense, continue to do the things that help me be successful as an individual and help build that through the team, with the quality i can help add to a team. >> he is very fast. and he was met by thousands of adoring fans that were chants of rg3 that rained down. the new face of the franchise,
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if you will. and not knowing they would be this great, he did anticipate it to be a good day. he said the skins told him the same thing all along. >> you know, i didn't hear anything much different other than it's official, you know, i'm a washington redskin. they are excited about that, happy to have me as part of the organization. and they are relying on me. that's what dan schneider told me. they are relying on me and i like to be relied on, because i feel like i can help in any way possible. >> they are going to rely on him big time. there were other people taking the strappy side for robert griffin, iii. this is a red scratcher to a lot of people, because he took rg3, you think another quarterback. that will be debated for a while. alfred morris, a runningback. they also added one more offensive lineman in the sixth round and two cornerbacks in the seventh round. so again, that kirk cousins pick is the one that is a bit
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puzzling. we don't anticipate this to be competition for rg3, but a compliment. god for bid he gets hurt, they have another rookie they like. but it was definitely a head scratcher. >> i was listening to the radio and a couple guys are angry. >> it is like rg3 day today and you ruffle the feathers a little by drafting curt cousins, but he was a good value pick. it just wasn't necessarily a need pick after taking rg3. >> real quick question here. it's loaded. do you think this kid can have an um pact on the redskins first season? >> he better. because if he doesn't, that's all the pressure. that's what we're talking about. he can handle it. he seems to handle it well. he's calm, poised, and says all the right things. he just is very thoughtful. i think he's going to be the type of guy that can handle the pressure that will come this year. >> let's hope. >> he gives us hope.
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>> he does. all right, thanks. so, two days after becoming a redskin, rg3 merchandise is a big seller. at the team store, people couldn't wait to get their hands on a jersey with his name and number on the back. john hanrahan has the story from fedex field. >> reporter: so, are redskins fans excited about the fourth coming arrival of robert griffin iii? oh yeah. >> i'm not taking mine off today. >> there was a steady stream of customers throughout the day in and out of the fan store at fedex field. the single hottest item, rg3 jerseys. william of mitchellville had a fistful of rg3's. >> six. two adults and four for my boys. for my kids. total of six. i can't go home empty handed. i can't get one and not get all. >> college student, daniel harrell picked out a griffin jersey. >> showing support.
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we are hoping he's going to do good for the team. us die hards have been waiting a long time for a good season. so we're really excited. >> reporter: who is paying for the shirt? >> mom, because she loves me. >> reporter: official nfl merchandise is pricey. the rg3 jerseys are $115 for regular sizes and $130 for larger sizes. but the selection by the redskins of robert griffin, iii, is creating real excitement. >> he has a nice charisma. he's a good hard worker. his family background is great. he is perfect for us, for the offense. i'm glad they jumped and got him. >> historically, first year out of college quarterbacks don't often do all that great. should fans expect everything this first year? >> well you know, i said that too until when cam newton got
11:54 pm
drafted. he did very well. so you know, anything is possible. >> at the redskins store at fedex field, john hanrahan, fox 5 news. a dream come true for students in indiana. how prom night helped heal the wounds after a nightmare of a twister tore down their school. back after this. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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residents in alabama are remembering the neighbors who died when a tornado struck a year ago today. 18 people were killed in the storm. today's memorial service honored them, but celebrated the survivors in the town as it gets back on its feet. last month, a devastating twister ruined their school, but students from henryville, indiana, are celebrating the best night of the year, their prom. how the magical night was made possible. >> reporter: it is the event most high school students look forward to, getting dressed up for prom. >> seeing all my friends,
11:58 pm
having a good time. >> reporter: this is especially a night they don't want to forget. >> i didn't think at first they were going to pull it off, but this is even better than all the past proms. >> reporter: to say these students have been through a lot is an understatement. two months ago, an ef4 tornado stole their school. caught on surveillance video when the tornado ripped through. the community was also hit hard. >> none of us have had anything like this happen, and it's a big deal. a lot of these kids lost their homes. >> reporter: hundreds of students got a chance to have a normal part of their school year. >> dance and have some fun. >> reporter: everything here at prom was donated for the students to have a great night, which they say they are grateful for. the community played a major part in henryville's prom. they donated their facility to use to make the night possible. >> it was wonderful to have all the outreach of communities
11:59 pm
around that did help provide the kids the needs that they needed to make this night happen. i just can't say thank you enough. >> everybody is impacted. whenever people can come together and do snuff like this, it shows they care. >> words can't describe, you know, more than what any of us imagined. >> reporter: and before we leave you tonight, we want to show you penguins with an amazing talent. penguins jumping straight up through the water


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