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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  April 29, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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. >> i've definitely seen the struggles the team has gone thriewrks especially when it comes to quarterbacks. they drafted me to try to be that solution to the problem and i plan on being the solution. we are getting to know robert griffin iii, the biggest hope of redskins fans, just ahead. a new code of conduct for secret service agents serving on missions abroad, as a top senator calls for a full and complete investigation into the prostitution scandal. and the feds, they want the maximum of almost four years when dc councilman harry thomas, jr. gets sentenced this week, just as another investigation by the city continues.
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good morning. welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. we'll have more on those stories, plus coming up a little later, we'll talk about a stand-off at the american embassy in china. this is unfolding right now. a blind activist in china escapes from house arrest, rumored to be holed up in the american embassy in beijing. this is causing a diplomatic embarrassment, because hillary clinton and tim geithner are arriving there now for high level talks. later in sports, we'll break down the caps' first game in the second round of the stanley cup playoffs, up in new york. but first, 40,000 people here in the dc area are waiting until today for this weekend's big event at nats park. the america's night of hope was rescheduled for today, rescheduled because of weather. it's on now at 4:00 today, with gates opening at 2:30. taking a look now at nationals park, looks calm and clear. let's check in with gwen down in
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the weather center for more. >> good morning, melanie. yesterday, there was rain right through until last night. but today, we've got the sunshine on the forecast. let's take a look at the maps and show you what is going on right now. satellite and radar composite showing you the rain that moved across the area, and this morning we had a few clouds and patchy fog. but it is really starting to clear out. ridge of high pressure building up in control, and that's going to bring us right to where we need to be in terms of sunshine today for the event. 56 degrees at reagan national airport. yesterday, the same at dulles. 55 at bwi thurgood marshall. temperatures, some 14 to 15 degrees below the seasonal average for the day. it was chilly and the winds kicked in too, yesterday, so you probably felt that. currently, 50 degrees at national airport. 46 at baltimore. and we've got 45 at dulles. and today, we are talking some patchy fog this morning and a few clouds. by this afternoon, mostly sunny skies. we are warming up to 67 degrees.
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still, a little below the seasonal average, but a lot closer. we'll have the details on your five-day forecast a little later. back to you. >> looks good, gwen. thanks so much. see you in a bit. we have a traffic alert for a busy intersection closed all weekend in northern virginia for major road work. the intersection of lee highway and gallows road in marysville, just south of where the beltway meets 66 is closed. construction has been going on there for a few years. some of you are very familiar with it. a dozen businesses were removed, including a pizza hut, sunoco and 7-eleven, all to add lanes to the area. yes, the rg-iii craze has begun. the newest lineup to the redskins was introduced yesterday. we were out there, as skin fans greet the hope they believe will
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finally bring some wins. n]♪ >> reporter: redskins fans, there's a new fight song in town. >> hail rg-iii! >> reporter: after weeks of anticipation and hours of waiting at fedex field, redskins fans got their first taste of rg-iii and they weren't disappointed. >> i'm ready to win, so i think that's why everybody's here! [ cheers & applause ] >> rg-iii! >> rg-iii! rg-iii! >> it's outstanding! we love him over here in washington, dc. we can get a new franchise quarterback. >> we needed a franchise quarterback for years. 17 quarterbacks in however many years, rg-iii is our answer. >> it's been a long time since we had this light up like this. i think that's going to take us another touchdown in every game for us. >> reporter: the heisman winner is more than just a quarterback for the city. he's a sign of hope and key to
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the future. >> it is very, very fitting, plus to have a character guy like he is, it's the bomb, baby. welcome home, rg-iii, baby! >> hail to the redskins, hail to rg-iii! n]♪ >> what about his version of hail to the redskins? >>he's learning. i'll have to teach him a few words, but he's all right. [ laughter ] >> reporter: oh, my gosh, so much pressure on a young guy. let's hope he can hold up to it. that was lindsey murphy reporting. coming up later, we'll hear from rg-iii himself, plus bryce harper and the cavs began their second round series in new york against the rangers. more on that in just a little bit. . but first in our other big stories this morning, a district heights man has been arrested and charged with killing a woman
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who was pregnant with his child. prince george's county police charged 22-year-old nathan cedrik rogers with the murder, after finding the body of jasmine moss in the trunk of a car parked in the suspect's neighborhood. >> we had a call that there was a suspicious vehicle parked in the neighborhood. when officers responded out and checking that vehicle, they detect add strong chemical odor emanating from that vehicle. once they got inside the vehicle, they noticed the victim s. >> police say rogers and moss were in a relationship, but the status of that relationship at the time of the murder was unclear. we also don't know how long moss' body was inside the car. no one had filed a missing persons report. well, the man suspected in a series of brutal hammer attacks will stay behind bars for now. since tuesday, at least four people were struck in the head while walking in the petworth section of northwest dc. police arrested michael davis
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and charged him with two of the assaults. davis is the younger brother of two nfl players. he appeared in superior court yesterday. his father, who did not give his name, was also in court, but couldn't say much to reporters. >> what do you make of all of this? >> just to think, god let me live. i can't say nothing else. >> do you want to make clear that your son's innocent? >> no more comments. i love him. >> police are accusing him of a crime. >> well, they accuse many people of things. y'all asked me a whole lot of questions. i ain't got time because of lawyers and stuff. >> michael davis' father declined further comment. preliminary hearing is set for may 11th. former dc council member harry thomas, jr., less than a week away from learning if he'll go to jail for stealing public dollars. same time, the council committee has given the power to force witnesses to testify under oath about how thomas was able to steal the money from a
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children's trust corporation. >> reporter: this could be the last week of freedom for former council member harry thomas, who could be sentenced to several years in prison when he goes before a federal judge next week. >> there's no question a crime was committed and money was taken from children. >> reporter: friday, mayor gray didn't weigh in on what thomas' punishment would be, preferring to leave that up to the court. >> the punishment ought to be commensurate with what was done. certainly taking money from children is reprehensible. >> reporter: meanwhile, council member jim graham was granted subpoena powers by his committee friday, enabling him to dig deeper into what was taking place inside the children's youth investment trust corporation. he won't say who he plans to question under oath. >> there are too many instances which we establish in our preliminary report, where the trust wasn't paying attention to its job. and we want to dig further into that piece of this. >> reporter: graham's report out friday included e-mails between
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employees with the children's trust and the organization that helped funnel the money to harry thomas, langston 21. it appears some trust employees raised questions before issuing checks to langston 21, but in the independent, those payments were made. and the money ended up with former council member thomas. >> it's very clear to me that what former council member thomas did could never have happened, had the trust been doing its job. >> reporter: matt auckland, fox 5 news. >> graham says this investigation will not interfere with the investigation of the investigation under way with the dc's attorney general and the u.s. attorney. harry thomas, jr. faces sentencing on thursday. well, there are new rules this morning for all agents of the secret service in the wake of the prostitution scandal in colombia. the director, mark sullivan put out new guidelines telling agents, four nationals, excluding hotel staff and official counterparts are prohibited in your hotel room.
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patronization of non-represent table establishments is prohibited. and alcohol use is prohibited within 10 hours of reporting for duty. but senator charles grassily says it remains necessary to hold the agency and the agents accountable, following a complete and independent investigation. . a republican debate in virginia last night, four gop candidates for senate faced off in roanoke. george allen, ew jackson, bob marshall and jamie radke agree they will likely support higher retirement age requirements before some people can get social security benefits. >> i envision a much better future for our country, and this election coming up in six months is going to determine the trajectory of our country, whether we're going to continue declining or to begin ascending again. >> everything that we hold dear seems to be under attack! and we have now come to a point in our history where something has to be done. there is no more time.
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>> i'm a 21-member of the virginia general assembly, never voted for a tax increase, never voted for deficit spending. i can stand on my record. i do not have to run from it. >> if we do not deal with spending and paying down an almost $16 trillion debt, then jobs and our economy will be devastated. [ applause ] >> whoever wins the gop primary will run against governor tim kaine for the senate seat in november. well, severe weather in the midwest. winds turned deadly at a baseball celebration in st. louis. we'll have more on that, coming up after the break. plus, democracy protests that swept the middle east last year are now hitting a country on the other side of the world. people calling for free elections, coming up next. q every day, an average of 5,000 people
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. making headlines this morning, one man is dead and up to a hundred were hurt when strong winds lifted a beer tent
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at a baseball celebration after the cardinals game in st. louis. 17 people are still in the hospital. straight line winds whipped through busch stadium, packing winds of 50 miles an hour that shattered aluminum poles holding up that beer tent. an all-day stand-off with police in the state of washington ended when s.w.a.t. teams pumped tear gas into a bunker. inside, they found the body of the suspect, about 30 miles south of seattle. police were searching for him for a week after they say he shot and killed his wife and 18-year-old daughter in their beds while they were sleeping, then set fire to their house to cover up the murders. and an overseas headlines this morning, we're learning that united states is sending our most advanced fighter jets to a base near iran. one air force official says the f-22 stealth raptors have no rival. officials tell fox news the jets are in hangars at an air base in the united arab emirates.
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the air force strongly denies the deployment is meant to show a force against iran or in any way related to a potential strike on iran's nuclear facilities. police in northern ireland say they were just plain lucky when they found a van loaded with a 600-pound bomb they say would have killed anyone with 50 yards if it went off. british army experts diffuse the bombs, blamed on an ira splinter group. in syria, a ship carrying rebels was confiscated by lebanon. meanwhile, the so-called cease fire is more than two and a half weeks old. on the ground, syrians are asking what cease fire? more u.n. monitors are arriving in syria, but activists say the 15 u.n. observers in a country of 35 million people are little help. they also claim army tanks are allowed to roam freely and the army continues to round up rebels. that would be in direct violation of government promises. president obama's representative to united nations is condemning the latest
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firings. >> the united states' patience is exhausted and we are going to be watching very carefully to determine if this observer mission is having the impact that we all hoped it would, even if our expectations were low. >> despite the violence, protests against the government continue. a massive sign in islam says syria is filled with oppression, then flip to what the demonstrators want, freedom and democracy. chaos on the streets of malasia, as thousands protest for fair elections. police fired tear gas and water cannons into the crowd, arresting dozens of people, with more than 25,000 protesters, it was the largest rally in malaysian history. it did start peacefully. then a small group of demonstrators tried to break the police line. opposition groups are calling for a complete overhaul of election rules before malasia's upcoming vote in june. a u.s. diplomat hays made an unscheduled visit to china overnight. his visit comes amid rumors that
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an escaped chinese disdenied is heighting in the u.s. embassy. it is a delicate situation, as hillary clinton and tim geithner are supposed to hold high level meetings with chinese leaders later this week. neither the chinese nor the u.s. government are confirming that the u.s. is protecting the man. the chinese activist, who has been under house arrest for years, is blind. we're told he escaped by tricking his captors into thinking he was asleep. by the time they realized it, he was halfway to beijing. sky news' holly williams explains why he was arrested. >> reporter: chen chung is one of china's most respected legal rights activists. he's also severely visually impaired. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: mr. chen, seen in a home video, spent four years in prison. his crime was exposing house thousand of people were forced to undergo abortions and sterilization by government officials. for the last two years, he and his family have lived under house arrest in their village in
8:19 am
eastern china, but now, chen chung has escaped, mysteriously spirited away, even as security guards watched his home. [ foreign language ] >> reporter: today, his supporters posted this video online, in which mr. chen details abuse at the hands of the chinese regime. [ foreign language ] >> i'm free now, but i'm also very worried. my wife, mother and child are still in their evil hands. they may take insane revenge on them now that i've fled. >> reporter: chung is believed to be in beijing, but his act location is a secret. his friends say he's safe and there are humors that he's been given asylum inside the american embassy, though u.s. officials have refused to comment. now there are fears for the safety of mr. chen's young family. [ foreign language ] >> my wife was hit in the eye and it still hasn't healed. they wrapped her and kicked her
8:20 am
in the back. we can still feel the broken bones now. they prevented her from going to the hospital. >> reporter: chung's outspoken criticism angered the chinese government. his flight from house arrest has embarrassed it. [ foreign language ] >> i'm not aware of the reports and i have no information to provide. >> reporter: the chinese regime doesn't want to talk about it, but many others are hungry for details about how chen chung evaded the authorities and pulled off his great escape. holly williams, sky news, beijing. coming up, we'll take a look at new movies in theaters this weekend. but next, we also preview some of the news in the week ahead, including the emmy awards in los angeles. wonder who is up for those! find out, when we come back. 3q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home
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. this week, president obama meets a key world leader at the white house. it's one of the things making headlines in the next few days. fox has more of the big story in the week ahead. >> reporter: monday, president obama will welcome the japanese prime minister to the white house. the two leaders will discuss a wide range of bilateral, regional and global issues, including the u.s.-japan security alliance. tuesday, theater is in the spotlight, as kristen chen worth and jim parsons announce the tony award nominations. be sure to check out the winners sunday, june 10th. wednesday marks one year since the killing of osama bin laden, ending a nearly 10-year worldwide hunt of the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. friday is a big night for daytime entertainment stars. nominations for the 39th emmy awards will be announced. the ceremony will be held june 20th in los angeles. break out the drinks and get your sombreros. saturday is cinco de mayo, taking the day to celebrate
8:25 am
mexican heritage and pride. the holiday is not to be confused with mexican independence day, september 16th. that's a look at the week ahead with fox news. next, he is one of baltimore's biggest names. some of edgar allen poe's classic tales are getting a big screen twist. we'll take a look at what's new at the movies this week. plus, a wonderful day looks like on tap. takingoverlooking nats park, we'll have a big event today. and a little bit of water sports as we get into spring. gwen will be back with a preview of the work week weather. stay with us. we'll be right back. 
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. and it is time for this morning's movie reviews. one mimics the work of former baltimore resident and famous
8:29 am
poet edgar allen poe, but first, the romantic comedy "five-year engagement." >> reporter: i know it's cheesy, but the movie does feel like it's five years long. legitimately does. i was really -- i'm a huge jason segel fan, a massive emily blunt fan. going into this, director of forgetting sarah marshall, one of my favorite comedies in the past five years, i just couldn't handle these characters. they get engaged and basically put off their marriage for five years and drama ensues and problems occur and we wonder if they are actually ever going to get married. i just didn't think it was funny. i thought there were a lot of moments where the jokes dragged and they fell flat. i was just not a fan. if you want to see a really good romantic comedy that has ups and downs, check out "500 days of summer." >> what's your final review? >> reporter: i gave it a one out
8:30 am
of five. i was not a fan. way too long. >> pirates band of misfits. clay mages, right? >> they use puppets. i'm really fascinated. i want to get to how they do it in a second. hugh grant is the voice of the pirate, wants to be pirate of the year. it's an adventure, fun. hugh grant is so great in this role, makes the entire film. jeremy piston was great. the real star of the movie are the animators. this is the coolest thing ever. this stop motion, it took about one week to shoot 1 to 4 seconds of this movie. >> this film must have taken forever to make. >> a year and a half. >> typically, how long is a shoot? >> typically three months. depends how big. but imagine having to shoot 24 pictures of your characters per second. nightmare before christmas did it, coraline did it. good saturday matinee.
8:31 am
>> very solid. kevin likes something! >> i did like this! >> good family movie. let's talk about "the raven." i think you saw this last night. i'm really excited about this. it mimics the work of the famous poet and author edgar allen poe, who focused on mystery and the macabe. >> they actually seek out edgar allen poe, played by john cusack and help him solve the murder mystery. the movie itself, completely overdramatic, didn't like the acting. luke evans was terrible. alice eve was terrible. >> what about cusack? >> he was fun, but the movie had such an inconsistent tone. one moment, it felt like a parody. one moment, felt like a suspense movie. i found myself laughing. >> i get the sense there's a bad rating coming up. >> 2 out of 5. skip it, skip it, skip "the raven." let's talk about these photos. you're a huge fan of samuel jackson. take it away.
8:32 am
>> one of my favorite movies of all time, "pulp fiction." one of the greatest scenes, when sam jackson pulls his wallet out in the diner. >> can't show it. >> i have this wallet, i've had it for five years, i wanted to meet him and want him to hold the wallet with me in the picture at the avenge yourself junkett, and there he is! there's another one, like he actually took the wallet and said the famous lines in the film on camera. it was one of the most -- look at his face! it was so awesome! but, yeah, the movie comes out next week, the avengers. we have exclusive interviews of the entire cast, including sam jackson, scarlett johansson. >> okay. we gotta roll. kevin mccarthy, thank you, my friend. >> yesterday was one of those days where i was tempted to bundle the kids up and take them to the movie theater, because it was cold, rainy and we were getting a little stir crazy! >> yes, and we needed the rain so badly, but on the weekend, people want to get outside.
8:33 am
winds were brisk yesterday, making it cooler. >> yeah. things are changing. we've got a warmup on the way. first, let's take a look at sky conditions outside. we've got rain that moved through last night, into the very early hours of this morning, and it's now pretty much out of the way. this year, what we're dealing with now, a few sprinkles to our far south and out to the west. other than that, you can even see where the clouds are starting to move out. that's because a ridge of high pressure is moving in and going to take over and bring us the sunshine. but yesterday's highs, melanie, you're right, very chilly. let me explain to you how chilly. 56 at national airport in dulles, 55 at dwi thurgood marshall. those temperatures are 14 to 15 degrees cooler than the average for the day. so that's a pretty good indication of how far off the mark we were. chilly start this morning, 50 at dc, 46 at dulles. same at dwi. but today, it's warming up. we're headed to the upper 60s. >> i can't wait to see what's coming up for the week ahead. >> yes, your full forecast,
8:34 am
ahead. >> see you later, gwen. the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden is just a couple of days from now, and it is sparking warnings of lone wolf attacks, but a judge rules against showing any pictures of his dead body. we'll have a full preview on fox news sunday, coming right up. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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. the anniversary of bin laden's death is this week, but we won't see any new images of the bin laden raid or the body, any time soon. >> reporter: these images of an isolated and disshelfed osama bin laden may be all the public will see of the terrorist. 52 images, including one video of the raid, posing a threat to u.s. national security. quote, a picture may be worth a thousand words and moving pictures may be even higher value.
8:38 am
in this case, verbal descriptions will have to suffice. for this, court will not offer anything more. while the bin laden was bulldozed by the pakistanis in february, they were suing for images. >> we think the court's wrong and the obama administration was wrong. if the obama administration was so concerned about bin laden's killing offending the terrorists, why is it the center piece of their campaign? >> reporter: an unnamed state department official announced the war on terror is over. >> an inspirational leader off the battlefield? that was incredibly important. but we have to remember, al-qaeda is bigger than the four. >> reporter: a senior u.s. intelligence official told reporters in a briefing to mark the one-year anniversary of the bin laden raid that al-qaeda is becoming more decentralized, while the threat from a nuclear, chemical or biological attack is receding. the network afilliate in yemen continues to gain ground and
8:39 am
recruits their number in the thousands. in washington, catharine herridge, fox news. >> chris wall lace is the host of "this week" and joins us with a preview. good morning, melanie. >> people have been focused on the economy, but i know the subject of national security will get its due in the presidential race. big question, is the u.s. safer? everyone will be asking themselves that question with osama bin laden out of the picture. >> absolutely. we will be talking at the top of the hour with john brennan, the president's chief counterterrorism advisor. he's the guy with the president's ear in the white house, talking to him every day about potential threats and how the u.s. should respond. and obviously, one of the big concerns is with the anniversary of the bin laden raid this week, we know that al-qaeda likes to mark anniversaries, likes to mark special days, and obviously in this particular case, would love to find some way to strike back at the u.s. on the anniversary of the killing of its leader.
8:40 am
apart from al-qaeda, are there other threats out there that the american people need to be aware of? what did brennan say, or what will he say about that? >> first of all, you've got a bunch of al-qaedas. there is the old al-qaeda, al-qaeda central, which is right on the border between afghanistan and pakistan. one of the questions i'm going to ask brennan at the top of the hour is exactly that, because it seems to have spread almost like a cancer. and there's a very big al-qaeda operation now in yemen, where there's a kind of power vacuum, because the strong man who was the head of that country has left. and the u.s. has been focusing and delivering more drone strikes. remember, that's where abdulmutallab, the christmas day bomber, and the stuff that was on printing cartridges that were on freight airplanes, that was also from yemen. so there's a big concern that where al-qaeda central has diminished in its capacity, that al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula in yemen has
8:41 am
increased. then there's also the danger of the home grown lone wolves, if you will, here in this country, like nadal hassan, somebody who doesn't travel overseas, but reads on the internet, gets the message and somehow buys into it. they are the most dangerous, because obviously they don't have the passports and the trips and don't leave the paper trail. it's just somebody who may be reading about this in his apartment, then suddenly decides to take violent action. we keep hearing about these little things trickling out. yet critics say the obama administration in its budget has made defense its lowest priority, that we really don't have enough funding to maintain the military capabilities. >> well, a lot of this is not military. we're talking a lot about special forces, talking about cia. you know, i must say, i think it's pretty hard to make a case that this administration hasn't done everything it can to try to fight against terrorism. i do think in the catharine
8:42 am
herridge piece, she raised an interesting question. the administration fought so hard to keep these pictures of bin laden out of the public eye, even as she said in a court case this week, because they say they did not want to incite violence against americans in effect to further antagonize the terrorists needlessly. yet on the other hand, they are making it a big part of their election campaign, not only saying quite rightly, this is an accomplishment of this president, but then going on to say, and mitt romney, maybe he wouldn't have done it. i'll ask john brennan about that. and also, we want to mention on your vo, joel and victoria osteen. they have a big event in dc today. he's been called one of the most influential religious figures in the world. what do you think about that? >> well, i think he is. if you look at the numbers, he's got the biggest church in america. he took over a former houston rockets basketball stadium in houston, over 50,000 people go to his church services every weekend. his tv show, which is on right after us on fox news sunday here on channel 5, 10 million households a week in this
8:43 am
country watch it. his book is a best seller not only in this country, but also in the muslim, indonesia. so he's a pretty powerful figure. of course he was supposed to have this night of hope at nats park last night. it rained, so it's been delayed till this afternoon. but we are going to sit down with joel and victoria osteen and they are indeed two of the most influential and popular preachers in this country. chris, thanks so much. looks like a good show today. thanks for your time. >> thanks, melanie. catch fox news sunday at 9:00 a.m. right after our show. just a reminder, for the 40,000 people who will be attending the event today at nats park, the america's night of hope hosted by joel osteen and his wife, is scheduled for later today. it's now on for this afternoon at 4:00. the gates at nationals park will open at 2:30. well, the capitals in new york for the first game of the second playoff series, so how did they fare against the best ranked team in the league? we'll let you know, coming up
8:44 am
next. gwen? if you have any outdoor plans for your sunday -- [ no audio ] -- full forecast just ahead. stay with us. we'll be right back. q
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. some of the top stories we're following this morning, getting to know heisman trophy winner robert griffin, iii. he was introduced to skins fans yesterday. of course many have high hopes for the former baylor quarterback. we have more one-on-one with rg-iii, coming up. secret service instituting a new code of conduct, as it works to repair its reputation following a prostitution scandal. the new rules make clear that excessive drinking, entertaining foreigners in hotel rooms and come voterring in disreputable establishments will no longer be tolerated. the service plans to assign chaperones on some trips. federal prosecutors want a 46-month sentence for dc council member harry thomas, jr., saying he should go to prison for almost four years for his
8:48 am
corruption conviction. his sentencing hearing is scheduled for later this week. and there's a stand-off at the u.s. embassy in china. a blind activist escaped from house arrest last week and he's rumored to be hiding in the american embassy. neither the u.s. nor the chinese government has commented on the development, but it is creating a bit of an embarrassment, as hillary clinton and timothy geithner are supposed to hold talks in beijing this week. ten years ago, a huge tornado hit the town of la plate in maryland, doing extensive damage to homes, businesses and schools, including archbishop neil catholic school. the school has now been rebuilt. the students celebrated with family and friends. their activities were built around the twist theme, including games of twister and a potentially world record-breaking twist dance. >> the twist dance. >> some people have forgotten what that was all about. we were talking about that in the editorial meeting, all went, oh, my gosh, it's been 10 years! >> seems like forever. it's nice they were able to take
8:49 am
it and turn it around into something positive and kind of put all that damage behind them. >> exactly. we are into the season of spring and we know with spring comes springs storms. we've been lucky so far. we haven't had anything major in this particular area. we do, however, have some sunshine. that's just the opposite. take a look outside. here's a live pic for you. you can see down at nationals park, they are getting ready for the joel osteen, huge event today which was actually postponed because of the wet weather yesterday. we did have rain that moved through the area last night, into the very early hours of this morning. but as you can see, things have greatly improved and it is an absolutely fabulous day to want to get outside and hopefully you'll get a chance to enjoy it. as we begin with a look at our weather headlines, sunshine this afternoon. religion of high pressure taking over, where all that rain and the clouds were. a bit of patchy fog in some areas this morning, but we really needed the rain for the farmers out there. we really had quite a deficit and still do. chilly start as we move through
8:50 am
your monday. but, on the five-day forecast, things start pleasant at the beginning of the week and temperatures will be on the rise. wait till you see where we're headed temperature wise. speaking of temperatures, in terms of yesterday's highs, very much on the cooler side. these temperatures, some 14 to 15 degrees cooler than they should have been for the seasonal average. and a cool start to this morning. 60 degrees at -- 41 at hagueerstown and 50 degrees at fredericksburg to the south. skies clearing out after all this wet wt moved through last night. you can see the clouds starting to clear out as well. that's because we've got this nice ridge of high pressure building in. that's going to help us. fog this morning until 11:00 this morning. we do have a fog advisory in effect for the areas that are shaded here. visibility in these regions, down to about a quarter of a mile. so if you are heading out between now and then, do be careful. as we take a look at our national map, you can see the gulf states to the south, guess
8:51 am
what, this will shuffle its way up the midatlantic. we'll see a really nice influx of warmer air and that's going to really boost our temperatures as we head through, into the extended forecast. in the meantime, mild for today. ridge of high pressure, as i mentioned, building in the so the sunshine does return for this afternoon. we are talking highs into the upper 60s. a little cool tonight, however. 44 overnight. and that's going to set us up for a chilly start to your monday in the morning as well as you get ready to head out. patchy fog this morning, clouds, mostly sunny by this afternoon and warmer. very light northerly wind 5 to 10 miles an hour. tonight, mostly clear, cool in the overnight hours, and that's going to transfer right into a very chilly start to your day on monday. northeasterly wind flow, 5 to 10. here's your five-day forecast. chance of storms on tuesday and wednesday. later in the week, headed to the mid-80s. >> thanks so much, gwen.
8:52 am
in this morning's sports breakfast, washington capitals starting the second series of the second season. they lost game 1 against boston, but still managed to win in seven games. perhaps last night could be just another case of history repeating itself. at least fans certainly hoped so. scoreless in the second period, but trouble behind the net. the wrap-around goal goes in, 1-0 rangers. but the caps would respond just before the end of the period. a perfect feed ahead. the game is tied 1-1 going into the final period. but in the third, yes, trouble in the form of a rookie, not even 21 years old yet, and only 6 games in his nhl career. the blast got past hole pea. rangers add another goal, turning a 1-1 tie into a 3-1 victory in new york in game 1. new guy on the nationals team, bryce harper, who is
8:53 am
barely out of high school at just age 19, makes his debut at dodgers stadium. >> coming to the plate, making his major league debut, the fielder, number 34, bryce harper. >> can you believe they are booing him! come on! harper's first at-bat ends with a hit to the pitcher. he runs it out, takes off the batting helmet and shows off his amazing do. the fro-hawk. nats fans, history on a 3-2 pitch and get used to that swing. an absolute rocket to center. it's an easy double. harper's first major league hit goes for extra bases and that baseball is going to go on his mantle. impressive debut for sure, but it wouldn't be enough. dodgers end up winning 4-3 in 10 innings. one other score to note, orioles beat the a's 10-1. redskins picked up other draft picks this weekend. they got quarterback kirk cousins from michigan state.
8:54 am
linebacker keenan robinson. offensive guard adam getis. redskins added seven quarterbacks in the seventh and final round. for this week's fox 5 sports, lindsey murphy stands up with rg-iii and gets his favorites and likes. . >> the washington redskins select robert griffin, iii, quarterback, baylor! [ cheers & applause ] >> sum up draft day in one word. >> thrilling. >> who is rg-iii? >> one word? i don't know. i don't know what to say about that one. >> run or pass? >> pass. >> wants to throw, throw deep, throwing for the end zone! oh, my gosh! >> pregame music? >> thriller.
8:55 am
n]♪ you know it's thriller! n]♪ >> something about you that would surprise people? >> i like to write music and sing. >> can you sing something? >> can't sing it right now. >> are you superstitious. >> not superstitious. >> favorite food? >> quesadilla casserole. >> first job? >> nfl. >> very nice! first big purchase? >> a bed. >> a bed? really? >> i got to get a bed! i got to sleep! i want a really good bed! >> last, but not least, what does dc mean to you? >> over the past couple weeks, it's been great. to say it in one word, you know, just belief. they believe in me, i believe in them. . well, did you catch the white house correspondent's dinner last night? we have the jokes from president obama coming up after the break. stay with us.
8:56 am

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8:58 am
. big show last night at the washington hilton, when president obama got some laughs at the annual white house correspondents dinner. he commented on the gsa and took a few digs at his guests. >> jimmy got his start a few years ago on "the man show." in washington, that's what we call a congressional hearing on
8:59 am
contraception. [ laughter ] >> look at this party. we got men in tuxes, women in gowns, fine wine, first class entertainment. i was just relieved to learn this was not a gsa conference. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> it's always good when you can laugh at some of the more serious issues of the day. >> and it is kind of neat -- i watched some of it last night, him being able to poke fun of different things. everybody can take it lightly and have a really good time. well, we've got a nice time today for everybody, if you're heading outside. plenty of sunshine in my forecast. heading into the beginning of the week, the sun carries into monday. 67 degrees, 66 tomorrow. chance of storms on tuesday, however, at 73 degrees. when we progress into the end of the week, by the time we hit thursday, we'll be into the low 80s. so we're definitely getting into where we should be temperature wise. and today, lot warmer than yesterday. we were into the 50s, but


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