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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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president obama heads to hollywood for a high dollar fundraiser. >> while mitt romney addresses aldpaitions from his past. a former classmate of the operation enduring freedommive republican presidential nominee is coming forward with claims that add even more fuel to the fiery debate over gay rights. >> the caps craze. team is set to hit the ice in a practice round this morning
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ahead of tomorrow's big game in new york. a little bit of sun coming up on this friday may 11th. it will feel cool out there as you start your day. i'm sarah simmons. i'm will thomas. i think you will like the early start of your weekend. you've been telling us all morning, get ready for good weather today. >> weather will cooperate not only today but most the weekend. even mother's day looks generally fine. glad we could do that for mom. >> low humidity and just a nice- looking friday here. let's kick it off with a look at our satellite-radar picture and not much radar to show you. we don't have much satellite either. we don't have any clouds. you get the idea. we have a nice looking forecast here although a little on the cool side if you are headed to the bus stop, walking to work. temperature are in the 30s and 40s for much of the area and here in town, we are currently 53 degrees actually little bit
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of a cool start. currently, 53 in washington. humidity, down, sarah, right? >> i can tell. >> a good hair day. the wind will be gusting to about 15. that is the only weather element to deal with today. highed about 75 degrees. >> you don't see radar like that much where it is so clear. >> very rarely around here do you not see much of anything. let's check in with lauren demarco. how are the roads looking? >> the roads are actually looking pretty good. i'm just going to comment on the humidity. love that as well. in the make-up room, we were saying yes, it is not humid today. hair is looking good. thems are looking good on the roads as well. sky fox is checking out 66 making the trip inbound. we are seeing heavy volume building between the rest area and centerville but then closer in towards the beltway, everybody running pretty smoothly right now. the headlights heading towards you.
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things not seeing much a problem so that is great. traveling the beltway itself, no real problems to report in maryland or in virginia. let's taken a live look from trafficland. heading around the outer loop, still running at speed here past new hampshire avenue. you will find some volume building between colesville road and georgia avenue but no accidents or incidents to report. nice trip across the american legion bridge. traveling 270, nice trip out of frederick all the way in toward the beltway. 95 and and the beltway running well. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. to the campaign trail now. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is make a stop in charlotte, north carolina today. his appearance comes just days after voters passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman. >> as the gay marriage debate rages on, romney is all responding to claims he bull yod a high school classmate who
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was presumed to be gay. the "washington post" was first to report these claims. they interviewed former classmates who said they either helped or witnessed romney crudely cut off his classmate's long bleached hair. romney spoke about the accusation. >> i don't recall the incident myself but i've seen the reports and not going to argue with that. there is no question but that i did some stupid things when i was in high school and obviously f i hurt anyone by vier chough of that, i would -- by virtue of that, i would be very sorry for it and would apologize for it. president obama attended a high-dollar fundraiser at the l.a. home of george clooney last night. he briefly mentioned his headline-grabbing decision to state his support for gay marriage telling the crowd, obviously yesterday, we made some news. we learned that vice president joe biden apparently apologized
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to mr. obama shortly before he did this interview last sunday when he stated his open support of gay marriage without clearing it first. president obama told biden the move actually helped him decide to go ahead and do the interview. mr.obama will campaign today in nevada. first lady michelle obama will attend graduation ceremonys at virginia tech later today. she will address graduates today along with senator mark warner. she is also set to deliver commencement address at north carolina, a & t university and oregon state. the woman suspected in last week's deadly hit and run in fairfax county now says she was actually trying to get away from the other car. gloria mcmillan's lawyer says the other car ran a stop sign and mcmillan swerved to avoid hitting shalinda arrington. she got out of the car yelling and hissing mcmillan. mcmillan says she did not intend to hit arrington with her vehicle. vehicle.
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here is something to smile b a team dominating conversations in our area. the caps just one win away from the eastern conference championships. >> the caps are practicing one last time at kettler's iceplex. that is where sherry ly is live with more. >> reporter: the public is welcome to the practice today. it is at the kettler iceplex here in ballston. it starts at 10:30. that is when the caps will hit the ice for their final practice here before heading up for the game seven against the new york rangers. and this game seven right now is the only thing that matters. the caps fore awed game seven against the new york rangers. they were down 3-2 when they took game six to tie up the series. the caps have said that they were not ready to go home for the zoned season. this is a must-win. what better way to do this than a game seven. caps fans have been rocking the red. it has been an up and down season. the team squeaked into the
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playoffs but they keep winning and seem to be putting it all together at the right time in the playoffs. fans have seen the caps in this situation before with their backs against the wall and this is where the caps are best. juror it is a one-game thing now. both teams are going to be pumped. and to play a game seven, you know, winner take all. so it comes down to one game. you play these long series but it comes down to one game now. >> reporter: in the first round, the caps took out the boston bruins, the defending stanley cup champions. and they are 2-0 when facing elimination in the playoffs so far this year. so we are hoping that will be 3- 0 with this game seven in new york. that is the latest here. back to you. >> thank you. up next, a look at other headlines. an international drug ring busted in northern virginia. >> also ahead, just one day after he was added to the fbi's 10 most wanted list, a tip leads police to the man charged with kidnapping a tennessee
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mother and her three daughters and killing two of them. this morning, that suspect is dead. we'll have an update on the story coming up.
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the search for a man put on the fbi's most wanted list just this week in a bizarre murder and abduction case is over. >> police say adam mayes shot himself to death yesterday after he was surrounded by a s.w.a.t. team in mississippi. mayes was accused of killing joanne bain along with her eldest daughter two weeks ago before kidnapping her two youngest daughters. the girl are safe this morning. also making headline the fbi busts an international drug ring operating for six years in northern virginia. the smugglers used dulles airport as a gateway to bring cocaine from honduras. it was hidden inside smallwooden pick frames and in
6:12 am
shoes and sold to a criminal network of immigrants. another drug bust, this one in laurel. it is one of the biggest pot busts in howard county history. the suspect, manoj unni, is accused of operating a grow lab inside his home. people would walked by with their dogs said they could smell marijuana over his fence and at all hours of the day. how do you lose $2 billion in six week? >> one of the nation's biggest banks has a lot of explaining to do. we'll have more on that in this morning's business beat. first, tucker has your mother's day weekend forecast. speaking of mamas, if you want to give yours a shout out, share it with us on our facebook page. we may read it on the air too. look under fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and the number 5. can't wait to hear them. back in a moment. ♪
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back now on fox 5 morning news. we continue to honor mamas head of this mother's day. on or facebook fan page, we asked you to tell us about the best advice your mom has given me. kimberly paws says love yourself first before you love someone else. didn't you say your mom said that to you. >> she said take care of yourself health-wise because without your health, you've got nothing. >> kimberly says happy mother's day, mom. i'm so blessed to have you. a live look outside. the washington monument on this beautiful friday morning. tucker, you are saying we have good weather for the weekend. >> yeah, look at the rays of sunshine reflexing off the washington monument. >> i love that. ove that. >> aren't we lucky to be up at 6:15 in the morning. >> yes be love the sunrise. >> most of your weekend should
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be try and low humidity, temperatures in the mid-70s later today. >> a lot of women are happy hair-wise because of that. >> let's get to the forecast. dulles with 66 degrees at bwi marshall, 68 degrees. so believe it or not, temperature are actually a few degrees below normal yesterday. our average day time high at reagan national is now 74- degree. we are getting warm. we are getting close to the summer months. we are cool this morning. noticeably cooler than we were 4 hours ago. 53 in washington. we have 30s this morning. gaithersburg, 39-degree. good morning, winchester, 37 degrees. so some chilly temperatures here to the west and to the north of the city. leonardtown, 46 degrees. you are cool in southern
6:18 am
maryland. 51 in annapolis. might want a light jacket. once the sun gets a chance to warm up the atmosphere, i think our temperatures will jump quickly and as mentioned, we should be in the 70s this afternoon. well into the 70s. maybe 74, 75 for a daytime high. here is your satellite-radar. not much satellite or radar to talk about. really out to the west, out towards chicago and st. louis, we have clear skies. this area of high pressure moves across. as we get into sunday, that area of high pressure will get off the coast. we'll get what we call a return flow. a little bit more humidity and a few more clouds for mother's day. 70 today, sunshine, still a little breezy. winds north and west gusting to about 15. clear, cool tonight. overnight lows, low 50s in town. a great-hooking weekend forecast. upper 70s with sunshine tomorrow. a few more clouds on sunday. could be a late day thundershower and then a few scattered showers and thunderstorms monday and
6:19 am
tuesday which is weather day. we'll keep the weather fine for tuesday. that is a look at your weather forecast. let's do some traffic and lauren demarco is in this morning with your latest. >> it has been a pretty quiet start to the morning. we do have one incident going on in virginia. sky knocks has been flying over that. we can take a live look from them. it is actually outbound 66 right near the play so westbound 66 at the beltway. after got this disabled truck. flashing lights there moving to the left side of the roadway. it is really not causing any delay. nice, light volume at this time. let's head onto trafficland. 95 northbound, we are starting to slow here leaving prince william parkway heading up across the occoquan river bridge. on the brake from newington getting into springfield. in maryland, still in pretty good shape here. outer loop, bit of volume to the left of your screen as you head past university boulevard. sunshine in your eyes there on the inner loop.
6:20 am
207 looks good leaving hyattstown. you may be off and on the brakes. no accidents or incidents to report. everybody running at speed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. >> thank you. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. one of the nation's biggest banks facing some pretty big questions after admitting it lost $2 billion in six weeks. now, get ready to dolittle. a sweet way to end the workweek. georgetown cupcake is giving away one free cupcake per person today. any flavor, all day long. if you ever drive by, the line is already crazy. >> it will be crazy today. congratulations, ladies. fox 5 morning news continues in just a moment. ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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time now is 6:23.
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some bad news from one of the nation's biggest banks is leading to questions about the security of some other major players. lauren simonetti is live in new york with the business beat. >> happy friday, sarah. >> j. p. morgan chase supposedly one of the strongest banks taking some big risks and making some big mistakes. >> yeah, we are talking about a $2 billion blunder over the past six weeks made at j. p. morgan chase. what happened was a bad trade was done in a derivatives unit in its london operations. so bad that the ceo, the well- regarded ceo, jamie diamond, called a last-minute conference call last night after the close of trade to tell the investment community what went wrong and anybody who knows diamond knows he is a well-regarded guy. he speak straight. he doesn't use technical jargon. and he goes look, this mistake is, quote, egregious and self- inflicted so he is out in front of the error.
6:25 am
last night, we did see that the shares of j. posterior morgan down more than 6%. other banks down dramatically in sympathy but there is a possibility things might be okay today. because, like i said, diamond is out in front were rear or. but this casts all sorts of questions of what will happen with regulations. diamond was one of the strongest critics of things like the rule which prevalenzuela banks from trading in certain ways with their own money. this will shake up really interestingly. -- diamond is out in front of the error. >> there will be a lot of people would will hold this up as an example and say look, additional federal financial regulation is needed. look what is going o i'm sure this will come up again today. >> he goes from hero to poster child. that is exactly what happens. >> thank you so much. have a good weekend. >> sure. you too. a big story we are following this morning. mitt romney answering allegations from his past that are adding fuel to the fiery
6:26 am
debate over gay rights this election year. also head, they don't play until tomorrow night in new york but there is still a lot of excitement surrounding the caps as they get ready to hit the ice this morning. we'll plain when fox 5 morning news continues. continues. 
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welcome back. we have more greetings for mom now from our facebook fan page. i wanted to give a loving mother's day wish to my mom, april. she has been my pack bone and rock for 30 years now. she wanted to us share this message for mom who she says watches fox 5 news early in the morning as she is getting ready for work. love the shout out. >> i think that is boyz ii men. >> i don't know.
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>> i'm getting confirmation from the mother ship. >> we've had them in a couple of times. >> have you really? >> i don't remember that song. >> we should take this opportunity, happy mother's day to all you moms out there. >> yes. >> guess what. tucker has a gift. >> weather will cooperate. >> should an nice beautiful friday and a nice-looking start to your weekend. blares if look how quiet it is. it is amazing to see a satellite picture without anything on it. very quest cans. should be a lot of sunshine today. just like yesterday. only a few degrees warmer and a little less windy than yesterday. so, generally improving conditions out there. it is cool right now. 37 in winchester. and ocean city, good morning. 47degrees. generally a nice weekend down at the beach too. a little on the cool side. lots of sunshine expected there today and tomorrow. forecast for the region for
6:31 am
today, 74 in washington. 76 the hot spot in fredericksburg and just ideal later today. coming up in a couple of minutes, ask the weather guy. ate lightning round. we'll try to answer lots of questions in a short period of time. >> it is fun. >> i love when we do this. >> it is like a tennis match between youened tony. >> the last time was not a lightning round by any means. >> let's get a check of your on- time traffic with lauren demarco. >> are you trying to say they were slow. >> it was more complicated. we'll see how this one goes today. >> i'll have to tune in for that. let's check out the view from sky fox. we've been seeing delays in the backup right now to the left of your screen, the inbound traffic from route 50 all the way past 123 towards nutley street before things sort of open up as you continue in towards the beltway. now, further out, we also have delays making trip inbound through manassas and into centreville so pretty slow going right now on 66.
6:32 am
no accidents reported. your lanes open. just sluggish with all the volume. let's take a live look here. the main lanes here continue to be heavy out past the prince william parkway towards the occoquan. then delays again at the mixing bowl in springfield. that continues on to 395 where things are heating up here at edsall road. once you get past duke street, nurse better shape. watch for toe lays building as you approach seminary road. right now, no real problems getting across the 14th street bridge into the district. this is the beltway in prince george's county. no complaints for you. route 50 also looking good as is inbound new york avenue. we had a live look from bladensburg. got a little bit of volume building there as well. no incidents to report. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. our big story this morning, the gay marriage debate continues to dominate the campaign trail. today, republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is making a stop in charlotte, north carolina. >> his appearance comes just days after voters passed a
6:33 am
constitutional amendment defining marriage as solely between a man and woman. meantime, romney is also responding to claims that he bullied a high school classmate who was presumed to be gay. the "washington post" was first to report this. they interviewed former classmates who said they either helped or witnessed romney crudely cut off his classmate's long bleached hair. romney spoke about the accusations with neil cavuto. >> i don't recall the incident myself but i've seen the reports and not going to argue with that. there is no question but that i did some stupid things when i was in high school. and obviously, if i hurt anyone by virtue of that, i would be very sorry for it and aapproximately ayes for it. >> the post says the family of a student who was bull yod by romney and others say he died back in 2004 -- bullied by romney and others say he died back in 2004. president obama attending a high dollar fundraiser at the l.a. home of george clooney last night. he told the crowd, quote, obviously, yesterday, we made
6:34 am
some news. yes, you did. we've learned vice president joe biden apparently apologized to president obama shortly before mr. obama did that interview. on sunday, biden stated his own support of gay marriage without permission from the white house. president obama told biden the move actually helped him to decide to go ahead and do that interview. a multistate manhunt comes to an end. acting on i atip, mississippi authorities found adam mayes and the two sisters he is accused of kidnapping. the gung i didn't recalls are safe. mayes is dead, however. elizabeth prann has more. >> reporter: two young sisters from tennessee along with that are abductor have been found they are alive but he is dead. >> i'm pleased to announce that earlier this evening, troopers with the mississippi highway safety patrol special operations group and the law enforcement arm of mississippi wildlife, fisheries and parks assigned to our fbi affect
6:35 am
force rescued the girls. >> reporter: the discovery puts the nearly two-week multistate manhunt for 35-year-old fugitive adam mayes to an end. mayes is suspected in the murder of the girls' mother and elder sister. joanne and adrienne bain's bodies were found last week behind the home. maze and his wife theresa have been charged in their death. >> we actually believe that he killed joanne and adrienne at the home, put their bodies into the car and then took the other two the girl and drove the bodies and the little girl across the state line into mississippi where he then disposed of the bodies. >> reporter: mayes was found outside a church near alpine, mississippi. the discovery comes just one day after officials announced him as a high profile target. police say mayes was alive when they moved into to apprehend him but things took i adramatic turn. >> preliminary reports indicate mayes shot himself in the head and was later pronounced dead at an area hospital. >> reporter: as for the
6:36 am
sisters, it is not clear if they were with mayes when he was spotted. they've been hospitalized for observation. >> i think they would abe just fine. >> reporter: mayes wife said he killed the mother and older sister so he could abduct the two sisters. he thought the two sisters might be his own daughters. a look at the morning's top stories actually man who shot and killed an off duty trooper going to apherisis font rest of his life. a judge gave as i recall williams the maximum. >> a hall of famer who played 14 soaps with the redskins is suing the nfl and a mel met maker over his health problems. art monk says he has short-term memory loss, headaches and speech problems left over from concussions he can you everred
6:37 am
on the field. his lawsuit claim the nfl failed to protect the players. all right. the capitals just one win away from going to the eastern conference championship. >> it is almost a reality. team's post-season success has everyone rocking the red. sherry ly is live at kettler ice it is plex where the caps are getting in a final practice before heading to new york. not that they need the practice but hey, why not. >> reporter: it is a tough game against the rangers. they are the top seed in the east. so a little practice wouldn't hurt. it starts at 10:30 here at the kettler iceplex and it is open to the public. if you cant make it up to new york and get one of those coveted tickets, you could always wish them a farewell here from their practice. when that one win away from the conference finals, it would put the caps one step away from the stanley cup. they are 2-0 when facing elimination in the playoffs this season.
6:38 am
down 3-2 in the series with the rangers. they were able to take game six at the verizon center. everyone is rocking the red. the ranger may be the top seed in the east but jason chimera who has four goals in the caps a playoff run so far says don't expect this team to back down. >> yeah, mean everyone counted us out. we have abeen really cracking. people said we're done after triple overtime. people said it was a lucky goal that tied it up. >> reporter: in the firtd round, the caps eliminated the boston bruins last year as defending stanley cup champions. now, they will have to take out new york on their home ice if they want to move on and stay alive. that is something no team has done but there is always a first. that is the latest here. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next, a look at
6:39 am
what is at the movies this weekend. a tv cult classic gets a new twist on the big screen. tim burton and johnny depp teaming up once again, this final for the remake of dark shadows. we are back in just a moment. what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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that's real value ! give mom the droid razr by motorola. only $99.99. verizon. hola, mamá ! it's my mom ! director tim burton has tackled film project from edwards scissorhands to bat map returns to beetle juice. >> his latest movie is an adaptation of the cult tv soap opera dark shadows. kevin mccarthy talked with him about his afipt for off kilter characters and why the director says he is still learning his art. >> i love the fact when barnabas wakes up, he has to get ask liliated with this new strange world. how funny would it be for he were to wake up on a tim burton set and be in one your early
6:43 am
are films. which of your filmed would you have had the most fun interaacting with. >> probably most at home in edward. the same kind of weird world that is dramatic and strange. he probably would have adjusted before the to that one. >> this crore after he had has been incredible. what is the one thing you are still learning as a film macer today? yipping that is the fun of making a film. each one feels like it is the first one which is good. otherwise, you would feel either bored or jaded or whatever. so you are always working with new people. you gain things from them. people surprise you, actors whatever. that is why i work with people i work it. i also worked with a lot of new people on this. it is just constant surprise. i think that is the gift of it. that is what you always want to keep remembering. as soon as you think you learn
6:44 am
something, there ising there is something new to come arm. >> inyou do a brilliant job of taking original seduce material and maybe -- source material and making it your own. that is the thing about this one that is word. if you look at episodes of the show, you would have an ed wood movie for real. wart of it was trying to capture the spirit of how it made me feel watching it. it is interesting because, if you talk to somebody like johnny or michelle who were fans, when they talk about it, it is always with affection. i moon even show the show is very serious, people that were fans talked about it with a sense of fun and affection to it. you were trying to give the spirit of it of how it made
6:45 am
some of us feel. it has a mixture of feelings that i wa. >> kevin will join us live from london. apparently, this is his sixth grade yearbook picture. is there to interview the stars of the hunts man. >> just a younger picture there of kevin. >> he looks good there. >> i hope i liked that movie. he is a tough critic. >> he is a tough critic. >> you are a tough weather man. >> i like to think i am. >> we've got to seat video of prince charms doing the weather again. a nice looking day. your friday will be beautiful. your saturday and sunday, very nice as we are expecting just an ideal weekend setting up here. we are offy to acool start. let me mention the cool temperatures. kids headed to the bus stop, if you're taking the dog for a walk or going for a jog, you
6:46 am
might need a jacket. 39 in win chester. culpeper, your temperatures jump. let's scoot across the bay. stevensville, 52 for you. very cool temperatures. low humidity going to be an absolutely gorgeous day today. check out this satellite-radar. this is nothing to talk about. not other than cloud cover across much of the eastern seaboard. a few clouds in upstate new york. that is about it. out towards cleveland and cincinnati y this area of high pressure is going to keep us nice and dry for your day today. comfortably cool today and a nice set-up for the weekend, particularly tomorrow. our wind will short to shift out of the south and our humidity will creep up and
6:47 am
perhaps a late day shower or evening shower for your mother's day. to be honest with you, i think most of the day should be nice and dry for you. just a little warmer than the start to the weekend. here is your forecast. sunshine, still breezy. 70 your daytime high. wind are gusting to 15. clear and cool tonight, 53. take a jacket as you head out to the movies or dinner tonight. here is your five-day forecast. 77 tomorrow. bright sunshine, near 80 on sunday with a late shower. just a 20% chance of a late shower on mother's day. a few more storms around on monday or tuesday. tuesday is our big baseball day. i'll work on that. we'll keep that out of wait. >> don't panic. >> it is a ways away. >> as you can tell by that grown, tony perkins is here. >> it rained on us last year. >> you still got a crowd, didn't you? >> yeah, with do. >> you guys air big crowd. like a celine dion concert or something like that. >> cher? >> good morning, everybody. you know what it is time for, ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and
6:48 am
i and sometimes others put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise. today, it is a special lightning round edition of we've got four minutes to answer four questions. look at our special effect. nice special effects. let's go, tucker cheryl wants to know does the top fluffy part of a croissant have more calories than the flat bottom part? why someone would wonder that, i have no idea. >> someone is counting calories. >> we can find no evidence either way. i ate a croissant and i could not tell the difference the bottom of the the crossant is thicker than the top part so logic would be. >> i think it is probably the same through out. >> but the butter would settle at the bottom you would it can. >> this is a possibility. we found no evidence.
6:49 am
the average calorie count if a croissant, they vary widely. they can vary from about 180 calories to about 300 calories depending on the amount of butter. are there chocolate chips in it, all that kind of stuff. question number two. >> good question. >> you got this one? >> yeah. bill in lorton wants to know and he is an air traffic controller, why our weather radar goes in a counterclockwise direction. he has been an air traffic control fore 35 years and he says their radar goes in a clockwise direction and move do. >> this is a great question. let's go tower on radar. we want to show it to you. thank you for sending in your question. i never noticed. >> i have to say i didn't really notice this. you have no idea what this prompted in our weather department as we were trying to investigate why does our radar beam go in a counterclockwise direction. how did it get this way? there were so many engineers and stuff involved in this. the simple answer -- look. >> oh! i don't tucker just went over
6:50 am
and turned it around were can you set it. there is a setting. you can set it however you want to set it. it make no difference what direction it goes for some reason during a reset procedure or a rebooting of our equipment, it was set to go counterclockwise. >> you guys going to make an executive decision. >> we are going to go clockwise. say viewer wants to know why a nest egg is called a nest egg. you heard this term. you want to have a nest egg for when you get older meaning you want to have some extra money. >> fascinating answer. back in the day, we are talking 14th century. farmers used to take a hen's egg and rather than eat it, they thought it was good luck to put it back into the nest
6:51 am
and that would encourage the hen to create more eggs. the idea is if you put money into the bank, it will grow for you. >> sort of a generic term. sometimes they would put a fake egg, something called a china egg. i could not find a definition for what a china egg is aside from it being an artificial egg. they would put that in. >> that is something you will never forget now. >> our last question, alicia wants to know if it is mating season for rabbits because she has soon a lot of rabbits in her neighborhood and near her job. >> i have aseen more rabbits than usual in my yard. >> kind of a bunny boom. >> a bunny boom. >> rabbits as you know are very, very fertile. their mating season is nearly continuous. they are. however, they start to get frisky in the warm weather
6:52 am
months. >> they give birth after only one month of becoming pregnant. >> i'm envious of that. >> they get pregnant, give birth a month after and then can get pregnant again a day after they give birth j our theory is the warm mile winter. >> the sunshine makes the male -- gets the hormones going. and they say i got to find a mate. >> there you go. that is what we call the lightning round. >> well done. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question. we may play it on air. >> time now no a check of your on-time traffic. lauren demarco in for julie wright. >> that was like information overload. i'll tell you what. there is a lot of sunshine today so those rabbits might be getting busy.
6:53 am
let's take a live look out at trafficland. we've got sunshine delays impacting 66 as you travel eastbound heavy and slow through manassas and centreville. there is a brief break and then heaviest from route 50 fair okida in towards nutley street. we did have a disabled vehicle blocking the lane. 395 slows from the beltway off and on past seminary road. it looks okay across the 14th street bridge to head into d.c. no problems really reported on the beltway. we do have a bit of volume as you travel the outer loop through silver spring. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. the cover of the latest issue of time magazine is heating up the debate over a style of parenting that is growing in popularity. the cover shows a mother right here breast feeding her 3-year- old son. now, time is focusing on what is called attachment parenting. one of the things it encourages is breast feeding on demand for as lodge as it is comfortable
6:54 am
for the mom and baby even into toddlerhood. so here is the question. do you think the cover goes too far here. share your comments with us on this morning's topic here on our facebook page and ahead at 7:00, we are all talking with the chief of general pediatrics at inova fairfax hospital for children, dr. russell libby. he will weigh what he believes are the pros and cons of attachment parenting. a very interesting discussion coming up in the 7:00 o'clock hour. still ahead, celebrate chantilly. the city is getting ready for a first of its kind event. holly is there for a preview of the big party. big party.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. happy friday to you.
6:58 am
you might want to consider a little time in chantilly, virginia this weekend. they're gearing up for the best event ever to happen in chan tilley. it's the first annual chantilly day festival. 100 plus businesses are coming together to celebrate all this community has to offer. they're not only saying thank you to those who come out, but they want other people to know to come out. we've got little simba there. simba is going to be in the pet parade, and there will be a pet adoption event, and there will be a bigger parade. we have the robotics program, which is at chantilly academy at chantilly high school. this is the tip of the iceberg. we'll show you all things chantilly this morning and why you need to come out on saturday, will and sarah. >> sounds good. hopefully simba won't freak out with that big camera. >> i know. very cute. thanks, holly.
6:59 am
we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it's 13-year-old max. he's a 7th grader at liberty middle school in centreville. tonight is max's bar mitzvah and he's excited. >> he watches every morning with his mom. says he loves ask the weather guys. he'll be earning a weather permit -- what? a weather merit -- >> kermit the frog, what? >> i'm so sorry. merit badge at scout camp this summer and hopes to be a weather guy himself some day. congratulations to you, max. if you want to be monday's fan of the day, post a comment below his photo on our facebook fan page. >> that is it for our 6:00 hour. >> over to allison and tony. help us out. >


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