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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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live look outside at the 14th street bridge in northwest washington. it is wednesday, may 23rd. and depending on where you are, you might see some rain coming down right now in some areas under a flood warning. tucker will tell us all about it. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's start you off with weather and i know you are keeping an eye on some of this heavy rain coming down. >> the rain has been lightening up. it is not as heavy as it was earlier. it was heavy for a time during the overnight hours. still have a flood warning for prince william county until 10:00 this morning. it is possible we could do aall over again this afternoon with more heavy rain. >> it is amazing there. have been some areas -- yesterday, young i saw a raindrop but you hear what is happening in some areas close to us. >> i didn't see much of anything either. parts of the area haven't seen a whole lot of measurable rain. other parts, 4 or 5 inches.
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let's kick it up here. your temperatures, reagan national is now 68 degrees so nice and warm out there. hiewlt, 84%. i love that humidity. wind out of the north and west at eight shifting around from time to time. let's look at our radar together and we've got this one batch of rain just west of washington. -- humidity, 84%. the trend has been that this has been falling apart. enough to wet the roadways although not enough to cause major problems although any additional rain in prince william county down towards manassas is not welcome at this point. you can see not a whole lot of rain to start your day. we will see additional storms redevelop later today. forecast high, about 80 degrees. lots of humidity out there. that sort of soupy feel back in the air with changes in the pattern here for the end of the week. >> let's check in with julie wright. i understand there is still some roads that may be in danger with flood warnings. any roads out there that you know of? >> well, we're still dealing way alarchg sinkhole along
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aidan road at job lip road yesterday. we had that blocked off. now, this morning, much like yesterday, another crash to report on northbound i-95 near the truck scales. heading northbound, this will tie up your commute. yesterday, you guys were in just for an eyesore and just a headache of a drive working your way out of stafford headed into dale city and continuing into woodbridge. again, that look like it will be the scene for this morning's commute. accident activity northbound i- 59 involving a tractor-trailer at the truck scales headed in towards dale city. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. >> thank you. mitt romney inches closer to the republican nomination. he won both of yesterday's primaries in kentucky and arkansas adding over 70 delegates for his count. the presumptive gop candidate appears to be just one week away from clinching the nomination. he now needs about 08 more delegates for roach the required 1144. romney should get that number
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in next week's texas primary. another big story this morning, the senate homeland security committee is holding a public hearing today on the prostitution scandal involving secret service agents in colombia. secret service director mark sullivan is expected to publicly speak on the matter for the very first time. a dozen agents and military personnel were linkedy to aparty with prostitutes ahead of president obama's visit to colombia. eight agents lost that are jobs. four are now fighting their dismissal. they maintain they're scapegoats for behavior that has long been tolerated within the agent isy. it has throwed a few dea agent being accused of hiring prostitutes in colombia. the search is on for a suspect accused of attacking a young woman in andal list. police say the victim was walking home when she noticed someone coming up behind her. they say the woman felt uncomfortable so she crossed the street. the attacker followed her. he came up behinder, grabbed
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her and dragged her into an alley. she put up a fight and she took off. the maryland man held as a suspect in the disappearance of a bethesda woman in aruba is now facing charges of indecent expo shower. jary giordano and carol bach of tennessee were both arrested friday. police say they found them naked in the back of an suv in appear appear appear list parking garage. they were reportedly laying on a mattress. the man accused of killing a rapper has a bond hearing later today. franklin amobi was performing under the name of frank d incident ggy. dennis macabbe is charged with murderer in the case. he was arrested monday. thomas gore did not speak
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with reporter outside the federal courthouse. he pled guilty to funneling campaign funds to another campaign candidate, seoul i map brown and shredding records of it. his lawyer spoke about the mayor outside the court. >> nothing in the statement of offense mentions any participation by mayor grey in nation. >> in court, gore also acknowledged that brown was paid to stay in the race to continue making negative comments about then mayor adrian fenty. d.c. police and fire department unions are demanding an investigation into the discovery of burned documents found at the fire department training academy. d.c. firefighters were called to the academy on friday to put out a fire. it turns out the burping p apers -- the burning papers were personnel documents that included training and medical records, social security
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numbers and home addresses. more records were found in a nearby abandoned car as well. in maryland, a couple of boat thieves thought they hadout smarted a surveillance camera. they were wrong. the morning after the height, the president of boe marine watched the hole video that you are seeing. he saw the guys bring in a truck, hook it up for the boat and take off. boat is worth about $20,000. police found it at i amcdonald's on route 50 stripped but otherwise undamaged. cameras everywhere. just remember. >> several world powers including the united states in nuclear talks with iran. straight ahead, we'll get the latest on what is going on in baghdad. facebook and morgan stanley? did the investment bank play a role in the big stock selloff. we are checking more more headlines on the otherside. 
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new this morning, the ininvestment bank that was the lead underwriter in facebook's public stock offering is now under investigation. regulators are looking into whether morgan stanley selectively informed clients that it cut its revenue
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estimate for facebook before the stock started trading yesterday. the sudden caution may have contributed to a big selloff. shares of facebook are down now more than 18%. morgan stanley maintains it did comply with all regulations. historic elections are now under way in egypt. some 50 million egyptians are choosing among 13 candidates in the first truly democratic elections. nuclear talks with iran just started. six world powers including the united states are sitting down with iranian negotiators in baghdad. they requested the meeting in iraq. iran claims the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes to generate electricity. a pile-up at a harness horse race in our area.
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coming up next, details of a frightening scene. we'll tell you what happened at rosecroft raceway. plus, some amazing wedding photos for two newlyweds with the help of mother nature. tucker. look at the tornado there. >> can you believe that? >> i wonder if they put out an invitation for it. that is pretty cool stuff. i can't equal that one. >> we've get a for you showers across the area. veil the details on the weather forecast and julie wright has a look at traffic coming up too right after the break. 
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taking a look at the lincoln memorial you can see just there in the distance. good that we can see it because otherwise, it would normally be foggy or whatever. we've had some rain. we'll talk about that with tucker coming up in just a bit. mother nature really wreaking havoc on this wedding. an unsuspecting kansas couple had their wedding crashed by a twister. just beyond the wheat field, a tornado started to form there. >> we were watching this earlier and we were thinking they are just kuhn going hey, that is a tornado. let's get back to the wedding. these are pictures from last weekend. while the couple is enjoying their honeymoon, these wedding pictures have gone viral very
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quickly. the couple says the wedding shots not only captured their special day but the essence of kansas as well. >> that is what you do when there is a tornado out there, you just take pictures. >> oh, look, that's 50 mills away. let's get to the wedding. >> one of the coolest things i've ever seen. >> it could be quite a ways away. it is so flat out there. >> they are much more common out there. >> absolutely. people are a little more used to them there. not that you shouldn't take cover but i'm just saying. >> imagine your surprise when you see that on the horizon. >> wonder if that is good or bad luck. >> i know. >> maybe a tumultuous. >> right that the vows, that thing pops up. nothing too wild today though. >> around here, just a few light showers. we could see more heavy rain later this afternoon. we have this very saturated atmosphere. a couple more days of it and then we'll bust loose by this weekend. >> good for all that grilling
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we have to do. >> maybe some air conditioning too. wait until you see the five-day forecast. showers, very light. i just peeked my head out the door here in northwest washington. we are getting some very light showers. you can see the last of the rain showers but you know what? it hasn't been moving and it hasn't been making a whole lot of progress east. it has been falling apart the last 1 minutes or so. i think we are pretty much done with the early showers. the light green you see right there, that is prince william county. and you have he got a flood warning until 10:00 this morning. it includes the city of manassas. still some issues withed intoing down there. a flood warning in effect until 10:00. we continue to be in the saturated atmosphere as you mentioned. it is sort of a stationary front right across the area at this moment but what will happen is that will serve as a focal point for some lift later today.
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if we get a little sunshine, unstable atmosphere, we'll see the shower and storms redevelop later today. yesterday, we kind of lucked out much of the day or at least much of the afternoon, we got a little sunshine. we didn't see a whole lot of shower activity until late. bring along an umbrella here just in case. not going to rain all day today but we could have some periods of showers and maybe a few showers and thunderstorms a little later. let's do futurecast together and see what we can find. the showers falling apart. you can see the clouds holding tough today. by 5:00, 6:00 tonight, more numerous shower activity and the possibility of a couple of thunderstorms right through 9:00, 10:00 tonight and we'll start it all over again for one more day, tomorrow. temperature right now, 67 in washington. 69 in quantico. a little bit more comfortable off to the north and west. 61 in martinsburg and winchester. your forecast for today, lots of clouds out there. a little sunshine as well. scattered showers and storms back in the forecast. we know this routine. 08 your daytime high. wind out of the south, mostly
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cloudy. 65 the overnight low. and your five-day forecast, all right, get ready for the heat. 82 tomorrow. 87 on friday with an isolated storm. most of friday should be dry. saturday, 90. sunday, 93 degrees and we'll probably be very close to 90 by memorial day as well. get ready for some summertime heat for your barbecues. let's do some traffic with julie wright. speaking of barbecues. >> how does that even go together? >> summer time, julie. >> you said barbecue and then you said traffic. i'm like how does -- i said speaking of barb crews, let's go to julie wright. >> don't leave me out of the bark backyard barbecue. >> that's what i'm saying. >> we do have accident activity to report northbound along i-95 as you work your way up to dale city. tractor-trailer involved in this crash. so far, only the right lane is
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blocked. delays are building as you work your way northbound from 234 dumfries headed in towards dale city. on the beltway itself traveling between annandale and merrifield. right now, well above speed as you approach route 50 and 66 headed up the west side. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a scarry scene at rosecroft raceway. there was a seven-horse collision during a harness race last night. this is the raceway after the accident. three drivers were sent to the hospital. no horses were injured. the accident was apparently caused when the first place horse went down and most of the field piled on top. ate senate panel has approved an increase in airline security fees. the fees will now be doubled. $10 for i around trip nonstop flight and $5 for a one-way nonstop ticket f you change planes, you avoid the fee. it covers bay quarter of tsa security costs. general mills announced it will slash 850 jobs. the minneapolis company says the move will help lower cost
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and boost efficiency. general mills and many other packaged food macers have been struggling with high commodity costs and weaker sales growth. less than a week after the d.c. area lost a lemignotened, local students are making sure the of go-go will be remembered for generations to come. the kids at macfar land middle school are creating a mural based on i aphoto by darryl montgomery to honor the performer. students are feeling pretty good about the masterpiece and everyone in the neighbor is impressed too. >> that is i agood picture. i can't believe them young people did it. >> i look the way it is shaded. >> i allot of people hovering, running past, taking pictures. >> honored. i feel like know me. >> i'm excite and i'm proud of them. >> it was great. after chuck brown died, the students realized the impact he had on the city and neat ised there weren't any murals of them in d.c. thanks to them, it is no longer the case.
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it look amazing. >> i love the colors together too. >> nice, nice, nice. >> this man, one of my favorite actors. his name, will smith. along with tommy lee jones, they are together again on the big screen. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> you know you are anot supposed to be north of canal street. >> relax, turf. they're looking for me, not you. >> crazy, right? two grown men talking to the wall, the wall talking back. it's a mess. >> you've possibly been waiting for it. men in black iii hits theaters. smith answered a question from a fox 5 viewer too. you will hear it coming up next. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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the men in black are back with will smith and no, ma'amy lee jones as agents j and k. kevin mccarthy sat down to talk. >> we should have our own movie, anchors in orange. kevin asked a fox 5 viewer question. millicent brown asked will bad boys ever come together again? mill september way likely be very happy with the answer that will smith gives. here is the conversation. >> pleasure to meet you. it is and honor to meet you. >> my pleasure, man. >> i love how you travel back in time and deal with the younger version of no, ma'amy lee jones. if you could travel back to an
5:25 am
early will smith cede set and find yourself on that saturday set and say will, play this part differently. what would you do? >> that is interesting. from my extensive study of time travel for this movie, i realized you got to be careful. if you change one thing, you change everything. right? as i sit here today, my life is as good as it has ever been. so i'm like i'm happy and inspired and all of that. so i would be very careful to go back and mess with stuff. there is not god and bad. i believe everything that happens, there is a lesson in that. i think i would leave myself alone. i feel like i did pretty good. >> i love the fact that you don't really know tommy lee jones' character as well as you think you do after 15 years. if you look at all your kirks, what is one character you think you know the best and juan character that is still mysterious to you. >> i would say mike lowry from
5:26 am
bad boys i know the best. that is my alter ego. like mike lowry is who i would be and how i would act if i didn't give myself any restraint. i will say the one that i know the least, probably the character from seven pounds. it's like -- i rally can't relate to misery. >> any chance of bad boys getting back together? >> i love the idea. with then in black, having the movies come together and all of a sudden, with the third movie, we answer a question that ties all three together, right? so with -- that pie that, three there, there is a possibility for bad boys for a script come in good. >> i want to say hiptdly, you can create i device that helps you relive a moment over and over and give you a more vivid
5:27 am
memory of that moment, what would that moment be in your life? >> i think the day that independence day came out was one of the most bizarre days in my life. i could actually feel my life changing forever. it was rarely rare. i was in a hotel in new york and i was looking. i was probably on the 20th floor and i was looking down at a move you theater on friday night and i could see the four corners and the line came out and went down, went around the street and came back down the other way to get into the movie theater. and i just remember standing there thinking, this is different forever. i'm he never going to be the guy i was before tonight. >> wow. that is interesting. to be able to know that this is big, this is my moment. >> yeah, the big hit movie. it was such a great movie. such a nice guy. >> we'll have more on men in black iii coming up tomorrow when kevin sits down with the
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two actors who play the same role in the new movie, tommy lee jones and josh brolin. we still have plenty ahead on fox amorning news. >> all your big stories plus weather and traffic. stay with us. hershey's air delight. experience light and airy, melty bubbles. made from pure, delicious hershey's milk chocolate. hershey's air delight.
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welcome back. a live look at the wilson bridge. it is wednesday, may 23rd. looked like the sun just starting to kind of pop out illuminateling the city there
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and the lights on the roads. we'll check with julie wright and see how the commute is going. first, we'll get you started with weather. it sounds like it will be an umbrella day, don't you think, care? >> maybe in a few spots. another day of scattered showers, tucker? >> yes, indeed. >> good morning and welcome to the desk. it took you a while but thanks for coming. >> you're cute, sarah. let's talk about illuminating things. will is very poetic. >> i usually am when i'm waiting for you to get your butt over here. >> all right. enough of that. weather computer is asking up again. just out to the west, afew height showers. a flood warning continues into prince william county including the city of manassas until 10:00. not getting any rain right now but we've got the possible of additional showers and maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast later today. that is why you have to bring the umbrella once again and be
5:32 am
prepared for the possibility of some rain. 67 right now in washington. 63, tull less. 64, b wait a minute marshall. showers back in the forecast. warm and humid. highs about 80 degrees. it gets better from here. >> you just havee heat. >> sunny, hot and humid weekend. perfect for julie wright. how you doing? >> not so bad right now. better news for those traveling northbound on i-95. the wreck we had involving the tractor-trailer before you reach dale city that was tying up the right leap has now been moved over to the right shoulder. you are in a backup as you travel northbound from 234. play, inner loop, not so bad right now. above speed approaching arlington boulevard and 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic.
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mitt romney is closer to getting the republican nomination. east liz won both primary yesterday. he picked up more than 07 delegates from votes in kentucky and arkansas. -- more than 70 delegates from votes in kentucky and arkansas the. the senate homeland security committee hearing holds a hearing today on the prostitution scandal involving agents in colombia. secret service director mark sullivan is expected to tell lawmakers the incident did not result in a broach of national security. a dozen agents and some military personnel were linked to a party with prostitutes ahead of president obama's visit to colombia last month. eight agents including two supervisors lost their jobs. four of them are now fighting their dismissal. they say they are scapegoats for behavior that has long been tolerated. the investigate has also led to at least two dea agents being accused of hiring prostitutes in colombia. maryland police are asking for your help this morning in tracking down a map accused of sexually assaulting a young
5:34 am
woman. this happened around 1:30 sunday morning in the downtown area of appear appear list. the victim was walking home from dinner when she was attacked. she fought at sailant off and -- the assailant off and he ran away scientist maryland man held in the disappearance of a bethesda woman in aruba is facing new legal troubles. gary giordano and carol bach were both arrested friday. they were naked in the back of an suv in an annapolis parking lot. they were reportedly laying on a mattress. a mattress. a man accused of killing a local rapper has a bond hearing later today. frank diggy was shot to death in december in white soak during a drug transactions. dennis macabbe is charged with murder in the case.
5:35 am
he was arrested monday. a guilty plea from a former campaign aide to district of columbia mayor vincent gray. no chenet from thomas gore. earlier, he admittedy to federal judge that he would take out money orders, give them to another unnamed campaign worker who would then give them to suleiman brown. a total of $660 worth. gore also admitted to charading a notebook with payment records. the d.c. police and fire departments are trying to uncover a mystery this morning. it was discovered during a fire call at the fire department training academy. here's the deal. personnel documents for firefighters and police were found burning. are some photos. information included training and monthly records, social security numbers and home addresses. more records were found in a nearby abandoned car. it is still not clear how these papers got there or who burned them. leads are from d.c. police and fire department unions are demanding an investigation. a flight from paris to north carolina diverted after an unusual claim by a
5:36 am
passenger. >> this was scary. up next, we'll have the details on why the plane was escorted to another airport by fighter jets. we're checking more headlines as we continue. 
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a couple of boat thieves thought they had outstarted a surveillants camera. the morning of the heist, the president of boe marine watched the whole video you saw. this he saw the guys bring in a truck, hook it upy to aboat and take off. that boat is worth about $20,000. police found it stripped but otherwise undamaged. a u.s. airways flight from paris to north carolina was diverted to maine after an unusual claim by a passenger
5:40 am
actually french woman said she had a surgically implanted device. federal officials have warned terrorists may try to hide explosives inside humans to get out of the airport security. two fight are jets escorted the plane for bangor international airport. the woman was taken into custody and the plane was searched but nothing was found fortunately. it finally continued onto north carolina. nancy reagan is slowly recovering from some broken ribs. the 90-year-old former first lady was hurt after falling in her los angeles home. it happened about six week ago. mrs.reagan was supposed to attend a speech by house budget committee share man paul ryan at the reagan presidential library yesterday. but because of her injuries, doctors have advised her to stay away from large events. good news for your commute but bad news for the economy. up next, a new study about the flow of traffic and the flow of cash. >> plus, we are also taking a look at your morning commute out there and your weather. stay with us. wit
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welcome back. coming up on 5:44. that is a prettier picture than we've seen most of the morning. sun is coming up. you can see it through the clouds there. nice to be able to see the sun. we'll check in with tucker in a
5:44 am
bit to see how our forecast is going to shake out. >> a quick reminder though. another reason to tune in to the american idol finale tonight. you could have a chance to win a vip ticket package to see aerosmith. going to be in con territory is he jiffy lube live on jewel 3rd. -- in concert. >> you watch the funalee tonight and see the performance and log onto to answer a question about the performance to register for your chance to win a concert prize back. look at steven tyler. what is he doing there? he is so out there. >> he is so steven tyler. >> tucker is so tucker. >> not quite the same. >> she wasn't officially wake yet. lets he get right to the forecast. i know it looks better out there and it won't rain all day but the showers and
5:45 am
thunderstorms will likely return, at least some localized showers and storms will return a little later today as we continue to be dealing with this rather warm and huged air mass. you will notice both when you walk out this morning. warmth and humidity back in the forecast for today. we'll try out late week. i think by tomorrow, the showers will become a little less numerous. by friday, an isolated storm. we are off and running this weekend. get ready. the holiday weekend looks hot. by hot, i mean temperatures each day, high temperatures in the low 90s. i think it will be 90 by saturday. maybe well into the 90s by sunday. so get ready for some heat. here we go. we had some showers and storms last night. still dealing with the flood warning in prince william county. not much action right now but you can see we still have a lot of cloud cover and some showers not too far away. so it won't take a lot particularly if we get a little sunshine here the first half of the day to get some showers and perhaps some thunderstorms bubbling up in this afternoon warmth and heat across the
5:46 am
region. we've got another day or two before we can flip air masses and get into some warmer and drier air. currently, the temperature 67 in washington. 70 in quantico. 59, a the more comfortable here off to the north and west. 59 in winchester. 61 in martinsburg. here is a look at your forecast. more of the same. 80 the afternoon high. plenty of clouds. scattered showers and storms back in the forecast. any showers and/or storms that get going later today, some of those could be on the heavy side. be ready for localized heavy run. winds out of the south at five miles per hour. mostly cloudy, showers and storms possible. 65 the overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. the next couple of days, more showers and thunderstorms. just an isolated risk on friday with temperatures pushing into the mid- to upper 80s and look out. here we go. heat is on. saturday and sunday, temperatures back in the 90s just in time for our kickoff to summer holiday weekend. that is a look at your weather. let's do some traffic and see
5:47 am
what julie wright is delivering. >> i think the banana boat singer are going to make an appearance this weekend. >> they haven't already at your house. in a heard they got there in february this year. >> right. it's been so warm. no complaining for me. i'll just see you at the barbecue. i'm bringing the nutty buddies. you do the burger and dogs. >> just have to find out what time tony want us over. >> do we have to tell him? on the roads, we had problems with northbound i-95. we had the tractor-trailer accident before dale city. our lanes are open once again. we're dealing with a doctor town at chapel road at 123. still dealing with flooding. i no sarah had mentioned this earlier. we do have a portion of nokesville roadblocked south of 234 because of standing water. there is a position of aidan road at joplin road because we now have a large civic hole that keep the roadway blocked off in each direction. other side of town, traveling into the district, it is quiet
5:48 am
off of 295. no problems to report inbound in you are traveling along route 4 headed towards the sousa bridge coming in from branch avenue. top stretch of the beltway in good shape. no problems to report college park headed around towards bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> it was nice seeing you in person yesterday. wasn't that cool? she was in the newsroom. >> we don't see her that often. >> let's stay on traffic for now. a new study says that traffic congestion was down 30% nationwide in 2011. >> laura ingle tells us what that means. >> reporter: a new study indicates traffic flowing means the economy may be slowing. >> tip inally, when traffic is bad, that means people are out there. they're working, they're spending money, they are out and about on the roads. and when traffic is good, that tells us that the employment numbers aren't so great and people aren't out there spending money. so when americans drive less,
5:49 am
it means they're spending less. >> reporter: the stud y i finding fuel prices and consumption on the declean. >> the u.s. is consumer significantly less than it did in 2007 and 2008. back then, we consumed about 21 million-barrels a day. >> reporter: in 2010, the country experienced a 10% increase in congestion. the last time america experienced a significant drop was in 2008 when traffic plummeted 30% as the country fell into the worst economic recession since the great depression. >> traffic congestion is a result of people going to work and people making deliveries and people going to the store to buy things. where there is less traffic congestion, it means less economic activity. >> reporter: less traffic is primarily due to volatile fuel prices as well as stagnant employment. the study found a low are rate of employment growth and a decrease in traffic. in cities with lower gas
5:50 am
prices, employment growth was higher but so was the traffic. the cities with the worst traffic, hon hue will you, san francisco, los angeles and new york. in honolulu, drivers spend a nationwide high of almost 60 hours a year stuck in traffic. new york, lie loy and d.c., about 40 hours a year. ours a y -- in new york, l.a. and d.c., about 40 hours a year. >> d.c. ranked number six on that list with worst traffic and that is i drop down from two years ago. a study also finds the worse fo night from 5:45 to 6:00 p.m. because everybody is trying to get out of town before friday. >> it doesn't affect us. we're in bed, right. >> right. >> well, not together. we got that out yesterday. >> did you hear what she said, on average, we send in this area 40 hours posterior year in traffic. the washington nats took aim at a milestone last night
5:51 am
and they brought out the big bats. coleing up next here on fox 5 morning news. >> he got a breaking ball in the air to left field. did he get it? yes, he did. >> the nat got the win and achieved a special feat. we'll explain coming up next. [ male announcer ] m this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers.
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the nats facing the phillies. top of the third, the kid does it again. bryce harper had two hits on the night. two batters later, ian desmond knocked a solo home run. the nats go on to win 5-2678 it is their sixth straight win over the phillies in philadelphia. here is bryce. >> i love this atmosphere. i love playing in these type of situations and what not, having a team like this. coming in here and playing with a fan base like this. i think it gets everybody up in our clubhouse and to play the
5:55 am
world champions, i think it is a lot of fun to come in here and play. >> the orioles hosted the red sox. scoreless in the second inning, steve tolefson steps up with a man on base and hits his first home run since september 2010. they beat boston 4-1. an arbitrator has upheld the nfl salary cap redubs on both the cowboys and redskins for next season. the redskins lost $36 million over two years. >> the cowboys lost $10 million for overloading contracts during uncapped 2010 season. the news has led to speculation the skin will need to renegotiate some contracts. chris cooley could be one of the players asked. he was limited to just five dames last season due to injuries. welsh cooley is now back on the practice field and wants to be more than just a bit player. >> even if i'm not the guy,
5:56 am
which is what i want to be, which is what i'm going to try to be, i'll be a major factor on this team and in this offense. but that is not enough for me. want to be the guy that catches a lot of passes, gets a lot of first downs, scores touchdowns. that is what everyone should aspire to be and that is what i want to be. we are talking more about facebook's latest drama. it has been one right after another. what it has to do with one of the world appear best nope investment banks. that is coming ahead in business beat today. but next, time now to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. carlos campos attends capital city public charter school. he says he has an important presentation coming up so carlo, we wish you good luck on that. we appreciate you watching. >> for a chance to be the fan of the day, head to facebook and search for fox 5 morning news and post acomment right under carlos' picture. back in a moment. in a moment.
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