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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  June 1, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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live look outside for your friday, june 1st. this is the lincoln memorial. certainly feels great. i think it is low 70s now. i understand we are in for some changes so buckle up and get ready. i'm will thomas. welcome to fox amorning news. let's get you started with your first look at weather. >> good morning. we have a few showers to our south and west. we have some changes to talk about today and the potential for pretty good thunderstorms later on this afternoon. warm front moving in from the
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south and west and already some shower activity being picked up with our hd radar down towards fredericksburg lifting north of 95. we'll have to look out for the possibility of a few showers this morning. the main event will arrive later today. the front you see out in the ohio valley out towards cincinnati and cleveland will likely become enhanced here as it moves in. our high temperatures today should be back in the low to mid-80s. there will be a break here in the rain showers i think during the middle of the day. we'll be just partly to mostly cloudy. we have to look out a little later this afternoon. more details in just a minute. back to you. five children, ages 1 1/2 to 11 years old all the in critical can be after being hit
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by an suv in prince george's county. police say a woman was backing into a driveway when she hit the children. they believe the mother was the one of at least one of the victims. it is unlikely former presidential candidate sunday senator john edwards will face a retrial on political corruption charges. that is the word from the associated press reacting to edwards aquittal on one count. ate judge declared a mistrial for five other counts -- a judge declared a mistrial for five other counts. the home going service honoring the man who created d.c.'s signature sound i'm four- hour memorial tribute to chuck brown had his family, friends and thousands of fans singing and dancing to the go-go beat. karen gray houston was there
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and gives us a closer look. cl you could hardly call day funeral. home going celebration is better. the party started before the program with long lines outside and dancing inside. >> i knew the mind was going to be wrapped around the corner. >> reporter: people stopped first to sign an oversized drawing. >> it is a tough one today. >> reporter: donnie simpson played host. >> i'm a dj so can i start it like this? hit it! >> reporter: interspersed through outthe program, a larger than life video tribute. >> ever since i was 7 years old, i started playing a little piano. >> i'm going to send over a piece of legislation to the
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council to name a park in the district of columbia for chuck brown. >> chuck brown loved d.c. and we loved him back. >> reporter: d.c.'s congressional delegate is introducing a resolution to des you go nate august 22nd, his birthday, as chuck brown day. >> there should be a wall at the park. there should be a building at the park that we can put the go- go hall of fame. >> reporter: there was comedy. >> i chuck brown party with no cover charge. mostly the program was about music with people like legacy and raheem devon. chuck brown's brother sang it is so hard to say good-bye. y g & for the good times that made
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us laugh &&. >> reporter: chuck brown, dead at 75, gone but with a park, a day and a go-go hall of fame to be named after him, he won't soon be forgotten. outside the washington convention center, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. plenty ahead this morning, weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. starts now. it is friday, june 1st. a live look at wisconsin avenue if northwest washington. a shot from our tower cam looks pretty clear right now. things could be changing. i'm will thomas. care is aout sick today. let's get you started with tucker barnes. i guess you've been talking about potential changes, maybe some rain later. >> definitely some rain later. we have to look out for the possible of severe weather. that will be the big issue. thunderstorm activity, very heavy rains, even the potential
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for a tornado or two later on today. >> in our area? >> yes. this is the rail deal. no concerns this morning. we'll be fine -- this is the real deal. we are dealing with the warm font right now. that is the cloud cover you will see as you head out this morning and the rain showers now moving in from the south and west. this will be enough rain to wet the roadways across parts of the area as that warm front starts to lift north and east across the region. let's take a look at our next radar. thank you very much. you can see the shower activity back into chief land and cincinnati. that cold front will become somewhat enhabessed. a little complicated but bottom line is there is a potential for some pretty good storms along it when it arrives later this afternoon. -- that cold front will become somewhat enhanced. high temperatures expected in the low 80s and plenty of humidity. that will help drive the storm system later this afternoon. i think you want to time worst
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of the weather between about 4:00 and 8:00 tonight. otherwise, the weekend looks good. more details in a couple of minutes. >> about 4:00 and #:00. about the time we are athinking about going to bed -- about 4:00 and 8:00. >> you may want to avoid connecticut avenue at m street just south of dupont circle this morning. crews are still trying to repair the road and get service restored following yesterday morning's water main break. the pipe has been fixed but the street is a mess. let's check in more with julie wright for a look at your morning commute. i was down there and ran into john henrehan. i said a hole in the street looks like a six-person hot tub. it was that big. >> that is big. they were able to get one lane open on the southbound side, two lanes open on the
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northbound side. southbound being our inbound commute this morning, anticipate using alternate routes. we know d.c. water has been dealing with this all day yesterday and overnight as well. 19th street, massachusetts avenue, all going to feel the heat today as people bail out and use that as their alternate route. no problems reported as you continue to work your way northbound i-95 continuing from woodbridge headed up towards dale city. no problems in both the express lanes and main lines. travel looks good on 395 headed out to the 14th street bridge. accident reported 301 at trade zone. here is the commute along connecticut avenue at due opt circle. no problems to report if you are traveling 355 and you will find your lanes are open south on 270 coming in out of germantown headed for the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. five children ages 1 1/2 to
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11 years old all in condition after being hit by an suv in prince george's county. it happened last night on hannon city. police say a woman was backing into a driveway when she hit the children. we'll have more on this shortly. a gruesome scrim in hartford county, maryland and we want to warn you the details are disturbing. police say 21-year-old alexander teniolo has admitted to killing his house mate and eating parts of the body. earlier this week, detectives found some of the remaining body parts in the house he shared with his family and the victim. >> it is horrible. we can't believe something like this happened in this neighborhood. it is really sad. the family, they are such a good family. >> he was out of jail on bond for an unrelated crime when he was arrested for the murder. bail has been denied. maryland state police made an arrest in a disturbing case
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involving boys in the bathroom at two i-95 rest stops. investigators say this man, 28- year-old brian williams, took several videos that showed 11 boys using urinals at the chesapeake and maryland house rest stops north of baltimore. the videos were taken on the afternoon of sunday, may 6th. if you were passing through here, you have small children, sunday, may 6th of this year. state police are now looking for witnesses and potential victims to come forward. a manassas man accused of making threatening remark again the president is due in court this afternoon for a bond review hearing. court papers show douglas story fell for and fbi sting when he paid an undercover agent to turn over a rifle he owned into a fully automatic machine gun. he allegedly posted messages on white supremacist web sites. it appears the question of whether the government can say what marriage is will be
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decided by the supreme court. a federal appeals court in boston has ruled that the federal law depiping marriage as a union between a man and woman is unconstitution. the three-judge panel said the defense of marriage act denies gay couples the rights and privileges given to heterosexual couples. last year, president obama said the justice department will no longer defend the law. animal shelters in our region are bracing for an influx of pit bulls from people worried about liability issues. it comes weeks after maryland has become the first state in the nation to declare that pit bulls are inherently dangerous. audrey barnes has more this morning. >> you want to go play with your friends? yeah. >> reporter: you wouldn't know it by looking at them, but the maryland court of appeals has ruled that ginger, laila and hugo are inherently dangerous. >> it is crazy. i mean all dogs are individuals.
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a breed doesn't make the personality of a dog. it is experiences too, how it is treated. >> reporter: after serious mauling incidents in maryland, the court of appeals handed down this ruling. it means dog owners and their landlords can be held financially liable for any damage a pit bull does. >> people are being forced between their homes and their pets and shelters are bracing for an influx of pit bulls when they are already full t could result in lots of animals being euthanized totally unnecessary. the maryland state director of the humane society of the united states was invited to speak the a panel at george washington university on what this new ruling will mean for maryland pit bull owners and landlords. the advocacy group is one of several that has already spoken out against it. >> it is discrimination against a specific breed that is
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unwarranted. >> reporter: dog bite victims are applauding the court ruling. >> we're grateful to speaker mike bush and the senate president mike miller for establishing a joint task force of legislators to look at this issue and we're hopeful that they'll put it on the agenda if they come back for a special session in july. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. not guilty on one charge, deadlocked on five others. up next, former presidential candidate john edwards reacts to the following campaign corruption trial and he has some tough words aimed at himself. we'll explain straight ahead. graduation, huh ?  crazy, right ?
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it appears prosecutors will not look to retry form presidential candidate john edwards. after nine days of deliberation, a jury in north carolina found edwards not guilty of one campaign corruption charge and the panel
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deadlocked on five other charges. fox's jonathan seri has the recap. >> reporter: an eventful day in court for john edwards as his corruption case ends in a mistrial. jurors acquitting the former 2008 presidential candidate on one charge but remaining deadlocked on the other five counts. prosecutors unable to convince the jury that edwards allegedly used more than $725,000 in campaign money from supporter rachel bunny mellon to hide his pregnant mistress during his run for the white house. >> if i want to find the person held accountable if my sins, i don't have to go any further than the mayoror. it is me -- than the miles an hour ir. -- than the mirror. it is me and me alone. >> what the jurors had to desaid was was this money given by this one in particular donor, this 101-year-old woman was it a personal-like gift to
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him to hide this affair only from his wife which is legal or was it money to hide this affair from us while he runs for president of the united states, which is illegal. >> reporter: the judge then sending jurors back for more deliberation only for them to decide they had exhausted their discussions. john edwards now says he wants to shift his focus in life to being a good father and helping impoverished children in the united states and throughout the world. the world. president george w. bush goes back to the white house and now he will there be forever. coming up, what he and president obama had to say at the emotional unveiling of the bushes' official portrait. >> good morning. we are waking up with a for you showers out there. a few changes in our forecast. potential for severe weather later on this afternoon.
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a final farewell to the godfather of go-go, chuck brown. ♪ it don't mean a thing if it don't got the go-go swing. o sw
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the service was a four-hour music filled memorial at the washington convention center with a video tribute to brown's life that came two days after a public hearing at howard theater which drew thousands. district officials recognized brown's legacy and vowed not to forget him. mayor vincent gray said he will introduce a bill to rename a park in d.c. for chuck brown. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton wants there to be a national chuck brown day and i think she is naming that day his birthday if i recall from her speech. and d.c. council chair kwame drown suggested there should be a go-go hall of fame. you know chuck brown will play heavy in that if it ever comes to fruition. tucker, good morning again. i guess the news in the weather department is the possibility of severe weather later today. >> later today, the potential of some pretty good thunderstorms and once they get
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going, we could get some pretty god downbursts, lots of cloud cover lightning an even potential for some hail and a tornado or two. >> hard to believe because it's been so nice. >> let's get right to. hd radar showing you the morning activity. this is a warm front. it will be a warm front for the first half of your day and a cold front later this afternoon. there is a lot that could factor into whether or not we see severe storms around here. there is your radar. some shower activity now down towards fredericksburg working up 95, dale city getting some height showers. this is all pushing off to the north and east. i won be shocked if many of us saw some light showers this morning associated with this warm front. let's push on. let me show you the bigger picture here and the satellite- radar as we shift gears and go to our next map. there we go. i guess we're not going to take a look at that.
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as we do take a look at what is going object happening later today, i can tell you that we've got a cold front out to the west and this cold front will be the driver of any potential severe weather we could get later today. this will continue to kind of push towards the area. up ahead, it i mentioned the warm front will lift to about the pep pen border. temperatures jump into the 1r0 and with an area of low pressure passing to our west is a lot of cold air aloft and a little warm air here at the surface, we have the making for some pretty good severe thunderstorms. got to look out for that. i think the timing will come through in a series of waves. we could see one thunderstorm after another kind of moving through between about 4:00 and 8:00, 9:00 tonight will be the timing on that. once it gets east of us, we'll set up for a nice weekend. temperature around here for your day tomorrow for your saturday with lots of sunshine, should be in the mid-70s with lower humidity so we've got one day we've got to deal with this and then a nice-looking weekend and both saturday and sunday
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are looking pretty good. clearly, we're having some computer issues so that will do it for me for the weather forecast. i'll get you an update in just a couple of seconds. >> let's see if julie wright is having better luck. >> kick t if it doesn't work, kick it. at loft that's what the boss does to me. good luck with that. your lanes are open traveling the top stretch of the beltway. no problems to report, 301 at trade zone, that where i had accident activity. also as you are traveling in virginia, northbound i-95, lanes are open in the express lane and the main lines. beltway look good as you travel between annandale and merrifield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. former president george w. bush receiving and honor only 43 men can say they have.
4:50 am
a portrait put up at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. we have a report. >> reporter: the current president welcoming his predecessor to washington, george w. bush and former first lady laura bush, paying a visit to the white house having their portraits unveiled during a ceremony in the east room. >> today, with the unveiling of the portraits next to he moshings president and mrs. bush will take their place alongside men and women who built this country and those who worked to perfect it. >> reporter: this is the first time the former president has been back in the white house in two years. >> we may have our differences politically but the presidency transcends those differences. we all love this country. we all want america to succeed. >> reporter: the 4 #rd president suggesting the current chief executive look at his painting for some inspiration. >> i am also, pleased, mr. president, that when you are
4:51 am
wandering these halls as you wries we'll tough decisions, you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, what would george do. >> reporter: there were actually three presidents in the room. >> i am honored to be hanging near a man who gave me the greatest gift possible, unconditional love and that would be number 41. ber 41. >> reporter: prior to the ceremony, both families gathering for a private lunch. the painting will hang prominently in the former entrance to the white house in the grand foyer. a parade along the streets of washington complete with music and floats. not a celebration here. this was a protest against a major retail chain. details as we continue.
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a colorful parade in downtown d.c. but this wasn't didn't have people cheering on the sidewalk for waiting marching bands. it was a protest parade against wal-mart moving into d.c. even though the retail chain plans to create more than 2,000 jobs. fox 5's matt ackland has more details on the controversy. ont >> reporter: are d.c. leaders in bed with wal-mart? some people are upset the mayor and council aren't pushing wal- mart to be a better employer. thursday, a large group of protesters put on a parade from one of wal-mart's proposed sites on new jersey avenue to wal-mart's d.c. headquarters. for many people here, wal-mart is welcome but local leaders should demand that the retail giant is good to its employees. >> they are demanding that wal-
4:55 am
mart offers better benefits, respect, dignity for the employees. >> now called wal-mart, merchant of shame in 2002 for its discriminatory practices against women. we've been battling against wal- mart since then. we're trying to make sure they get a living wage. >> reporter: some fear wal- mart's new stores pose a threat to their livelihood. >> i probably won't last in the city. >> reporter: this man owns a small store in southeast. >> the wal-mart is such a huge retail business, they're going to wipe out all the small business in d.c. >> reporter: for some of of the residents who live near these proposed sites, they welcome wal-mart. they say for too long, they've had to go too far to do their shopping. wal-mart says it will offer competitive wages but won't say much employees will actually make in d.c. but it will say in virginia on average, employees
4:56 am
are paid $11.99 appear hour. in maryland, it is $11.87 an hour. man protesters here say d.c. leaders should know exactly how much wal-mart will pay before allowing them to build. in the district, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> wal-mart says the new stores will generate huge tax dollars, close to $10 million a year for d.c. a long winning streak comes to an end on the hard court. that is coming your way next in sports. plus this. high takes at the national spelling bee. who is the next champ? find out if she did it.
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in sports, the streak is over for the san antonio spurs.
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they fell for the oklahoma city thunder in game three of the western conference finals lasts night 102-82. that snaps their 20-game winning streak including 10 straight in the playoffs. kevin durant scored 22 points for the thunder. he still leads the series two games to one. game four is tomorrow night. a new national spelling bee champ is crowned at the national harbor in maryland. it came down to 14-year-old sigta nataptai. >> g-u-e-t-a-p-e-n-s. you see the smile come on her face. she knew she got it. she wins the national spelling bee. she earns a big hug from her brother plus


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