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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 2, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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what a difference a day makes. we begin with a calm after the storm. welcome to the news at 6. i'm maureen umeh. yesterday's storm rocked the d.c. region causing thousands of power outages and lots of cleanup today. check out the damage in baltimore county, maryland, where the strong winds and heavy rains brought down trees, branches and power lines and did a lot of damage to buildings and structures, too. it also brought massive flooding to a lot of areas. you're going to look at northeast d.c. watered nearly up the top of cars. just a frightening sight out there yesterday. thankfully, and less different today, we're not dealing with the pouring rain and wind. when is it going to stay that
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way, we hope? we have changes coming up, maureen. no, it's not going to stay that way. you're right. today is definitely the calm after the storm. announcing a rainfall, a lot of cloud-to-ground lightning yesterday, the strong winds and devastating conditions in many areas. let's look at radar and we're going show you where that same frontal system is that triggered the -- triggered the weather and that is off the coast, you will see, to the south and southwest. you will see a rim of high pressure and that is our influenceing factor as we head into tonight and into tomorrow. let's go to our weather maps again, and we'll look at our radar satellite shot and you can see most of the rainfall from the system is no moving up the mid-atlantic. we have a few clouds that are strolling in across our region, as far as everything else is concerned, that is going to clear up tonight across the d.c. area and not bad at all. 74 degrees at national airport on light northerly wind at 6 miles an hour. the humidity at 34%. tonight, partly cloudy and clearing skies.
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56 degrees is what we're talking about for overnight lows and we have some weather that we're going to have to keep our eyes on for tomorrow, and i will have the details a little later on when i come upstairs. back to you. >> all right, thank you. and you want to stay on top of what is going to happen with the weather. a severe weather like yesterday, a good reason to download the fox 5 weather app. all you have to do is go to apple's app store or the android market on your smart phone and search for d.c. weather. can you find it on our website, and the most serious damage from yesterday's storm appears to be in hartford county, maryland, where more than a dozen homes were damaged and two businesses destroyed. several vehicles were overturned by the winds. the total damage is estimated at $1 million. in prince georges county, a dramatic water rescue caught on camera. it happened last night along the stream that separates brentwood and hyattsville. john henrehan is in the newsroom with details. john? >> reporter: most of the video was shot by william hank hawkins of prince georges
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county fire e.m.s. department and shows how dangerous it is to get close to a stream or river during a big rainstorm. the storms on friday were not constant. in some areas, the rain came in waves. during the low, three teenage boys were sign walking along the stream called the northwest branch, according to an eyewitness. a moment later, the rising water had captured the kids and carried them downstream to the 38th avenue bridge where all three managed to get to the center support structure where the water is somewhat shallower. emergency workers from prince georges county fire e.m.s. managed to get safety vests to the youngsters. the power of the water and the speed were too great for the boys to try to wade or swim to the shore. the 12-year-old kiros was watching. >> and would have pushed you back and some branches and going through. >> they could not have gotten themselves out? >> no. >> reporter: the fire
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department's technical services team didn't have much time to plan a rescue effort because the water in the northwest branch was rising very fast. >> and when that first unit got there and those two feet. >> reporter: the technical team quickly wigged a system on to the ladder of a fire truck. and he was lowered below and coaxed the teen's forward, put a smaller harness each and hooked that to his own and pulled them upwards the surface of the bridge and -- bridge. watch the power of the water as the firefighter goes into the stream and that is for the second kiss. and once the rescuer found the coating, they were forward. by the second and third rescues, darkness began to fall and he was ewing the light on the helmet and they spent more than an hour on the water and each treated -- treated for
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hypothermia and treated okay. two lessons here. the storms sometimes come in waves and you may think it's over when it's not and the firefighters told us never to go near a stream or river. it comes up quickly. >> thank you for that. and the three of for children hospitalized in the deadly accident on thursday are home. they were hit when they pressed the title in the suv and backed into them and that happened in the driveway in the home in lice dale. the accident killed her daughter and another child whose side in the hospital tonight. montgomery county police want your help finding this man. thomas lived in aspen hill and he disappeared last night. thomas is 5'4", weighs 135 and is wearing a great shirt and wears a silver bracelet that said citizens of maryland, if
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you have seen them, call montgomery county police. the other big story, the deepening crisis in syria. these are satellite images taken may 18th. the state department said the dotted lines show what might be masquerades and that other image show artillery aimed at a syrian town. >> and won't to send that to the syrian people to see what their government's doing. certainly, it's equally important that the international community seek damages los angeles. >> today, violence spilled over the border into lebanon why seven people died and fighting between supporters of the syrian president assad and opponents. the secretary of defense leon pinetta announced a new strategy turning the american military assets toward asia. the idea is to increase the american presence in the region. the pentagon will shift to put 60% of the naval warships there by 2020.
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pineta said it's not a challenge to china. the move comes as conservative leaders criticize the response to the blood shed in syria. >> i can't think of a time in many years i have served the country and in many ways that i have been more embarrassed about my country and to carry out our fundamental principles. >> and he said he met with pineta to discuss syria and was told the pentagon has plans ready if president obama asks for military action there. mixed reaction in egypt following the light sentence handed down to ousted president mubarak. the historic decision is shedding a light on a country divided between people who both love and hated the brutal dictator who reigned over egypt for 30 years. leland bitter has the story. >> reporter: more than a year across egypt, mubarak is sentenced to life in prison for
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failing to stop $900 protestors last february. the ousted leader wore sunglasses and showed no emotion as the leading judge said in part the people released a collective sigh of relief after a nightmare that didn't last for a night and almost 30 black, black, black years. mubarak and his sons were cleared of corruption charges. the mixed verdict ignited outrage, a scene that shows how deeply divided the egyptian people remain. >> because of his age as a 84- year-old, the life in prison verdict is not enough. and we as egyptian people demand his execution because he did a lot against the egyptian people. >> the emergency loss for 30 years and he was a dictator and did a good job for egypt. >> reporter: mubarak reportedly suffered a health crisis after he was sentenced and taken to a hospital. it's unclear what was wrong with the 84-year-old former
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leader. the conclusion of the trial sparked new protests in cairo. opponents who wanted the death penalty rallied in tahir square, the birthplace of the uprising that blasts the judge's decision. the former interior minister in charge of the police officers involved in the killing was also sentenced to life in prison. his six deputies were acquitted. in cairo, leland vitter, fox news. just ahead, the gsa under the microscope for more wasteful spending. and wisconsin's recall election is getting a lot of attention from big wig political players. who former president bill clinton is throwing his support to. next when the news at 6 returns. 
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. congress wants more answers from the federal agency under investigation for spending. general services showed that 100 high-ranking employees spent three quarters of a million dollars on travel in nine months. they were working from the home at the time and this comes after a regional office spent more than 8 error hundred thousand dollars on one -- $800,000 in one conference in las vegas in 2010. the public could learn more about the 1972 watergate burglary. a texas history professor bright to a federal judge saying currently sealed evidence could answer questions about the crime that led to the end of president nixon's career. yesterday, the doj said it was not supposed to move and not
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clear when if that evidence will become public. and time new for the campaign trail. all eyes are on wisconsin and the state's recall election. and just days ahead of the vote, big names are crisscrossing the state. fox's jenna sax has more. >> reporter: a get-out-the-vote rally draws hundreds of people at the park. >> show us the phones for tomberet on tuesday. >> reporter: the former president bill clinton tells the crowd he and the milwaukee mayor want economic recovery for wisconsin and the rest of the country. >> new, they look at wisconsin and they see america's battleground. between people who want to work together to solve problems and people who want to divide and conquer. people who know that creative cooperation is working in america and people who. constant conflict. we have seen the largest cuts to education in this state's
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history. [ applause ] >> reporter: in sussex. >> i have faith in the people in of wisconsin. >> reporter: conservative south carolina governor nicky haley stumped for governor scott walker. >> i know what america is. i know who americans are. and what we love is we love fighters. we love fighters that understand that when it gets hot, you keep on moving and you fight for the good of the people. >> reporter: walker told workers that he and haley are part of a new wave of conservative governors who side with the taxpayers. >> those are all governors who have had success. they have had success of balancing the budget with outrage and taxes. they have had success with turning the states around wcome >> reporter: that was jenna reporting. walk cert third u.s. governor to face a recall. it was sparked by anger is over the plan to balance the state's budget by ending most public workers' collective bargaining rights. the recall election is scheduled for tuesday, june 5th. coming up, a royal celebration in england kicked off today.
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the queen's diamond jubilee began at the stables. how businesses are getting in on festivities and hoping for big rewards. 
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a royal celebration in england where people are marking queen elizabeth's 60 years on the throne. the first major event of her diamond jubilee weekend began
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at the races today. after inspecting some of the horses, the queen presented a trophy to the winner. queen elizabeth is a passionate rider. she opens horses in greece. and joining in on the fun, fox's amy kellogg looks at british merchandise, which is all of the rage for her majesty's diamond jibe low. >> reporter: little girl's eyes and tiara's for sale. who knows what is in their mind. we than retailers across this land are thinking pounds and pets as a royal memorabilia craze hits britain. by some accounts, it's driving retail in the u.k. now and outperforming royal wedding sales. despite the ups and downs of the royal family over the decades, there is a big burst of affection for the queen who celebrates 60 years on the throne, the diamond jubilee this weekend. >> we're starting off with the favorite handbag company as worn by the queen. >> reporter: her majesty's style is being celebrated from
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hats to gloves to her passion for corgis. >> we thought we would do a corgi counter. given her majesty's fondness for her favorite pets. >> reporter: for a few thousand, you, too, can let your spirits swim in crystal. this is an installing a set with a thousand diamonds and fresh water pearls. a hologram of queen elizabeth 2 that will request go on auction. here at john lewis, more affordable from union jack fish towels. >> for those not able to get their fill of shopping, there is this. the ultimate act. >> reporter: they replace scenes and sandwiches -- scones and sandwiches. of course, after all of that sugar, can you hit the shops again because there is plenty of british bricabrac to buy. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. all right, that is all. let's talk about weather.
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what a difference a day makes. the program. >> okay. >> and you were caught in the thick of this when it was hitting in the northern montgomery county area. >> i was that -- in clarksburg yesterday and thanks to montgomery, part of montgomery, the lodge 347, we were hosting a charity event there and the players came in off of the golf course saying thank goodness when it started to shower and that turned into torrential downpours of rain. >> right. >> and cloud-to-ground lightning, the winds and trees. >> that is what struck them. >> amazing. >> yeah. >> and you couldn't see. you know, within a foot or so of yourself. that is what we saw throughout the area. >> exactly. >> and that is just actually in poolesville, the same time that hit clarksburg and there was a tornado warning. i was about 10 minutes away from the area of the tornado warning when that inclement weather hit yesterday. >> when we say you are on top of it, we want to you be -- and that was too close for comfort. >> too close for comfort. you know. >> and when i called in hitting the highway coming down. >> yeah. >> and rockville, nothing had
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happened. >> right. >> and hadn't quite hit there yet. that was a good example of what was going on. >> absolutely. >> and things are calmer. >> thank goodness. >> and you can so the sunshine and it was breezy today behind the frontal system and still, it was fairly comfortable. nothing like what we saw yesterday with all of the damage and the flooding and the winds and the lightning really, all of the tornado warning and tornado watches in so many different areas yesterday. the viewing area was under a tornado watch in through the overnight hours. this is the frontal system and this is the culprit that is no well out towards the atlantic and what we're dealing with now is the ridge of high pressure to the south and that is why we're going see clearing skies tonight. let's go to radar. i want to show -- let's go to the weather maps, i should say. i want to show you what we have is some sturdy -- fairly clear skies now and this is the rainfall to the west and that is primarily moving away up the eastern seaboard and to the atlantic. not a lot is happening for us there and we see some clearing
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skies tonight, though, the benefit of the ridge of high pressure kicking in. the headlines for tonight, start off with tomorrow and that is calm as we start out and week see an isolated shower or thunderstorm kicking up again. i know we have had our fill of it already. the week looks like it's going to be unsettled los angeles and the temperatures are going to be up and down into the course of the week. we're going be warmer and cooler, warmer and cooler. and today, we were a little warmer. 82 degrees at reagan national airport officially. eighty at dulles; bwi thurgood marshal kicked in at 81 degrees. the temperatures right now, still mild outside and 74 in d.c. the same in baltimore. 78 for quantico; 75 at fredericksburg; 71, martinsburg and we have 72 at venicetown and as we look at national temperatures, can you see where the warmer conditions are to the south. take a look here to texas and parts of the southwest and i want to say there is some strong storms kicking across parts of texas and into arkansas and, of course, into
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tonight. they're feeling the pink error error and this heat is not helping -- pinch and this heat is not helping at all. we're going to see unsettled weather. the result of the trough is here and that is going to gradually start to push toward the great lakes with an associated low pressure system and we start off tomorrow mostly sunny skies and that sets itself for later in the day to see a chance of an isolated storm or an isolated shower and that is looks like it might be to our northern counties. still, going to have to keep your eyes to the sky on that one and be prepared and looking at future cast and when themselves are kicking in. we tart is to get some later in the night and that is sat righting -- saturating us a bit into the early hours of monday morning. and for tonight, though, at least it's going to be calm with partly cloudy skies and clearing at 56. tomorrow's high was with that action, 79 degrees and some
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westerly wins, 5 to 15. we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms every single day. and that is just the typical spring weather. this is what happens and let's keep our fingers crossed. nothing is severe and i'm not going to say anything is severe tomorrow. nothing compared to what we had to deal with yesterday. >> right. >> and i want you to keep your eyes on it. >> thank you for that. we're glad you're okay. >> yes. >> and after weathering the storm literally. all right, coming up, the nats and orioles are back in action. plus, the redskins new qb has a message for the new offensive lineman. dave ross will tell you what it is after the break.
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. welcome back. talking nats here. they had -- have had a lot of injuries and looks like things are turning around. >> hopefully. >> and they getting the big guy back today. >> good news. >> they call him beast mode. >> oh, wow. i like it already. >> you like that nickname, right? the beast was back and michael morris making the first start of the season after missing the first two months of the season with the strained late. he led the nats with 31 home runs and 95 rbis last year and there he is, starting in right field so far and hitless at 3 and bats, give him time. how about straussburg? brought his a game to the mound. and he's not buying, he's just looking, thank you. and martin prado, the third batter of the game and brian mccann. he can not, ball gets away and throws it down to adam larose to complete the strikeouts and
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with nineteen error case of seven shutout innings and he does his part in the fifth and gets up on this high fastball and drives it out of here. the nats lead the braves 1-0 in the seventh. and how about the orioles in tampa? no score in the third until chavez changes that with one mighty swing and just like that, the little guy gives the os a 1's up lead and tied at 1 in the seventh. robert endino with the slow low to third and sutton and the throw. that is wild. getting away and that allows mark reynolds from first cornel high school in virginia beach to score and ryanfla hurty is gunned down at the dish and the -- ryan flaherty gunned down and have that lead in the eighth inning. the redskins with the weekend off and back at the park on monday for the left team activities lasting through next thursday and one activity the team may want to concentrate on is called protecting the
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investment. i.e., robert griffin iii. the redskins offensive line has not been a strength the last few seasons, something griffin nods to correct by getting to know him. >> if he can be gooden froms with him and show them that you care about them, they will pass protect harder for you. you know, everybody makes a lot of holds calling. and a lot of times an offensive lineman is going to be protective. i would rather them have a holding call than have myself in the hospital. so, you know, i wanted to reach out to them and let them know i know who they are and i know where won't to go. and i need them to do that. >> good to be known. last night, eastern conference finals game 3 between boston and on and miami. all season. the first half. daniels off of the bench and into the shot clock. cs up 13 at the break. they pour it on in the second half and watch what rondo does right here. the old hokey deck on and -- hockey doke with 44 game points a gape, too and where did you why go? where did who go?
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the celtics win 91-101 and trail the best-of-7 series two games to one and if the heat fall short the second straight season with the big three, many people wonder whether or not they should break up that group and that is something wisdom martin and i debated in this edition's off the wall. he's a preview of the show starting with the question. >> starting with the coach. he's the first one. >> and he's one of the big threes? >> he's a coach. >> a big four? big three 1/2? >> he's got to go first. >> has to go next. >> and -- . >> why? >> he's not really a superstar. i don't know -- . >> and he's being the superstar money? >> you're giving superstar money and that is not the point. >> okay. >> and any way, pull it up. everybody on the team but for wade, lebron and chalmers has to go. >> okay. >> and why did lebron get a free pass? >> a free pass. >> not getting it. >> the guy won nothing. absolutely nothing. >> yes. >> and he said i am not a superstar. i resent them tha. >> i know. >> i have to say wisdom is
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right. >> and fits the head. >> oh, my gosh. >> and you know what? i don't have a nickle in that dime. >> the whole thing tonight. >> and i love those. can't wait to see them. >> see you. >> one last weather word, we have time? >> clearing skies tonight and showers tomorrow. >> back out tonight after the game, i believe. and hope you are, too. >> all right.  graduate, now that your journey begins,
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