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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  June 4, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. a live look outside right now for your monday, june 4th. the national weather service has confirmed at least nine tornadoes touched down in maryland friday in six counties. strongest were in howard and hartford counties. they were ef-1 tornadoes with wind speeds up to 105 mirlz. five less powerful twisters also touched down. -- up to 105 miles per hour. er
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people are also cleaning up in hampton, virginia where a twister packing winds of 98 miles per hour through the downtown area and a yacht club. first, let me welcome you. i'm will thomas. sarah is out sick today. gwen is here today with the weather. >> we have got just a few clouds rolling in across the area. the wet weather now over parts of delmarva. that will gradually start to push its way out into the course of the day. as we take a look at where we hit yesterday. we were right on where we should be for temperatures. 80 at national. 79 at dulles. currently, 65 degrees at national airport.
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by this afternoon, the winds will start to be gusty. before a chance of showers and maybe a passing thunderstorm. back to you. >> thank you. some of the top stories this morning. a 37-year-old woman is recovering after a car crashed right into her apartment building in riverdale yesterday and hit her bed as she was sleeping. she says a man jumped out of the car and said don't call police. no survivors from a plane crash in africa. more than 150 people were on board this regional yet when it crashed into nigeria's biggest city. the plane hit the residential area yesterday sparking fires in several buildings. officials still don't know how many people on the ground died actually rescue operation has been going on all night long. george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch man accused
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of fatally shooting trayvon martin in florida is back in jail. we have the latest in this report. >> reporter: wearing jim shoes, jeans and handcuffs, george zimmerman was escorted back to jail by deputies just 45 minutes before his 2:30:00 p.m. deadline. >> george zimmerman met two member of the sheriff's office, was placed into custody, transported to the correctional facility. >> reporter: zimmerman arrived in the back of this white damage caravan around 1:45 sunday afternoon. he was promptly led into booking where he was processed. >> he is solemn. he is worried continually about his safety having to come out of hiding is a concern of his but i think he also realized the judge's concern. >> reporter: concerns that zimmerman and his wife misled
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the judge about his finances leading the jump to revoke his bond just about a month after his release. zimmerman's attorney says he plans to offer a financial explanation if another bond hearing is set and hasn't yet decided if zimmerman himself will testify. he says his client is scernd. >> he is worried about himself, worried about his wife, his familiarly, worried about everybody who has to be in hiding because of the enormous anger and frustration and hatred that has sparked from this case. they will look at it, see what facts are there and determine whether or not it is appropriate to charge her. he is very worried about shelly, constantly about a lot of issues, that one as well.
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plenty ahead, weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. ight now. good morning. a live look outside. it is monday, june 4th. u.s. capitol dome. the skies looking quiet now. the lights glimmering, waiting for the sun to pop up. we'll check weather in just a moment but first, how about a little refresher. the national weather service has confirm ad least nine tornadoes touched down in maryland friday in six counties. the strongest were in howard and hartford counties. wind speeds up to 105 miles per hour. two other tornadoes were confirmed in anne arundel and carroll counties but they haven't been classified just yet. in virginia, a twister packing winds of up to 9 # miles per hour tore through the
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downtown area and a yacht club. -- up to 98 miles per hour. that tornado caused more than $4 million in damage. only a few minor injuries were reported. i'm will thomas. en sarah is out sick. we have gwen tolbart in for tucker. >> like a weekend reunion. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. it was a very, very busy friday. got caught in it out of clarkburg but also came in to help gary and sue so i know exactly how hectic it was for everybody. things have calmed down. that is the good news. let's begin with a look at our maps. there is a bit of wet weather over areas of to the east across delmarva. that scurried its way through. we have a trough that we are keeping a close eye on. we are looking at a few clouds here and there. things might change into the course of the afternoon hour.
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we start out fairly calm. yesterday's highs were right where they should be. 80degrees for reagan national airport. 79 at dulles. we are starting out firely mild. 57degrees at dulles and 60 degrees in baltimore. by the time we get about midday, we have a chance of see something showers. that lingers through until 5:00 in the evening hours. we are talking some scattered showers today, not a washout by any means at all. some of you may not see anything. there is a slight chance we could hear a rumble of thunder and get a thunderstorm a little later as well. we also have a coastal flood advisory for annapolis. high tide at 5:48 and one at alexandria. >> i think we can dale with a little rumble in the sky based on what we've through. >> yes, it will be nothing compared to that. let's get a check of the roads. julie wright is standing by. >> so far, so good. no problems reported out on the capital beltway. overnight construction that was
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on the beltway between springfield and 66 has cleared. 66 is up to speed right now coming in from 123 headed towards the capital beltway. an easy drive there. the beltway itself looks good leaving university boulevard headed around towards colesville road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. metro's general manager will greet customers and answer your questions about the new rush plus plan. gm richard sarles will be at the franconia springfield station on the blue line between 6:00 and 7:30 this morning. rush plus, enhanced rush hour, begins in two weeks. it includes more trains and new transfer-free travel options for more than 100,000 metrorail customers. a prince george's county woman lucky to an life after a car barreled right through her bedroom call. you see this? it is just incredible.
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there they are taking her out. it landed right on her bed. this is what michelle sawa's room looked like when crews pulled the car out. >> the whole car pushed the bed all the way in hike that because it was like over her head. when she put her hands up or look, she could see the tire over her head. >> where did she wind up? >> somewhere down here. something hit her and she just screamed my name and ran outside without no clothes on. >> officers eventually found the man in the car. he says he hit the wrong pedal. his wife said she was driving and may face charges for making a fault statement. police have been searching for two men accused of beating and robbing avictim on a walking path near the fort totten metro
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station last movement now, they hope new clues will help lead them to the suspects. detectives just released surveillance photos from the man involved in the attack. the suspect used the victim's credit card. if you recognize these guys, you are urged to call u.s. park police who are investigating this one. a devastating plane crash in nigeria. the president of the african country has declared three days of mourning. none of the people on board the flight survived. it crashed into a poor, disturbancey populate neighborhood in lagos. there are reports the pilot radioed the tower that he had engine trouble but no official cause of the crash just yet. us we are following the latest developments in the trayvon martin case. man charged in the shooting death of the unarmed teenager in florida is behind bars once
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again after the judge revoked george zimmerman's bond. melanie alnwick is live in the newsroom following the details. >> reporter: good morning. zimmerman returned to florida on saturday and met police officials in a business parking lot on saturday afternoon to be taken into custody. his attorney says it is all a misunderstanding and he is asking for a new bopped hearing. prosecutors had said that george zimmerman and his wife lied during zimmerman's first bond hearing. they told the judge they had limited funds and bail was set at $150,000 of which they had to pay $5,000 cash. but a web site that had been set up for raise funds for zimmerman's defense had raised $135,000 already. trayvon martin's parents believe bail was set too low. friday, prosecutors ask the judge to revoke zimmerman's bond. >> he is worried about his safety. having to come out of hiding is
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a concern of his but i think he also realizes the judge's concerns. >> reporter: he admitted he shot 17-year-old trayvon martin back in february. his credibility will be a main focus of the case and he claims he shot the teen in self- defense. they claim the money raised is in a trust and cannot be accessed directly by zimmerman. defense secretary leon pan eight makes and historic visit to vietnam. details of his trip. a fantastic voyage for the enterprise space shuttle. 
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syria's president blames foreigners. he denied any responsibility for any of the violence there. in his speech to syria's new parliament, bees president assad said not even monsters would carry out such an ugly crime. in china, there are reports that police have beaten democracy activists in the run- up to today's anniversary of tiananmen square. the chinese military killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of pro democracy students. police are letting tourists gather at the site today. the u.s. defense secretary is meeting with vietnamese leader this is morning. leon panetta arrived and outlined the u.s. strategy there. as panetta arrived, vietnam
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announced it will open three new sites to search for american pows. fans are mourning the loss of the family feud host richard dawson. he denied saturday night after losing his battle with cancer. for nearly a decade, he hosted family feud. it is estimated he kissed more than 20,000 women during his tenure on the popular show. he went on to become a regular panelist on the match game. he was 79 years old. of course, you remember him from hogan's heroes as well. , it piggyback -- piggybacked atop a 747. now, it was towed on a barge. on tuesday, a tug bet will move the shuttle to the intrepid sea, air and space museum right
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in the heart of manhattan. plans in place to lift it on to the flight deck of the decommissioned aircraft carrier. up next, we are about to see more speed camera citations. we'll explain as we continue this morning. >> miss usa is -- >> it came down to miss rhode island and miss maryland. who walked away with the crown? we'll find out next. 
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get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon. live look outside. it is the washington monument. feels pretty good right now. some big changes hopefully coming in the way of some sunshine. take a look at who won. it is miss roiled! she will represent america in this year's miss universe pageant. she was crowned miss usa last night in las vegas. the 20-year-old is from rhode island. she topped the field of 51 contest apts to take home the title. she voiced her support for
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transgender beauty queens. if for some reason, misrhode island can't fulfill her duties, a woman from our area gets to take over. miss maryland was named first runner-up in the pageant. both smart and beautiful women. >> very nice. congratulations to both of them. >> i'm sure you were a beauty queen back in the day. >> no, i was out chasing clouds. speaking of weather, let's take a look at what is going on across the area. we had a very active weekend. things have calmed down which is very nice except over areas to the east where this seeing a
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little bit of wet weather. otherwise, we're left with just a few clouds. it won't be all bad but this afternoon, we will see quite a few changes coming up across the area. at least anticipate to see that. we'll see this rain gradually start to move its way out. my maps are not moving so let me just step over here and what we'll end up talking about next is what we got yesterday in terms of our temperatures. we didn't do too badly. we ended up actually seeing temperatures exactly where they should be temperature-wise. temperatures, 79 at dulles. how nice was that. really seasonal. here is a look at where we stand. 65degrees at national. humidity as 63%. we'll see that change into the course of the afternoon. we are expecting some gusty winds and here is a look at some of the current temperatures right now elsewhere across the area. we are talking about today, 76
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degrees. 76-degree is where we're headed. partly sunny skies, gusty wind. an isolated scattered shower is very possible but also a slight chance that we could see a thunderstorm or two this afternoon. not everyone will see the showers. not everyone will see of in the storms but just keep your eyes to the skies a little bit later. this could kick up midday with a little bit of a sprinkle. winds will be gusting up to 25 miles per hour. here is our surface maps. i don't have my clicker. so the trough is expected to move its way across the area. that is what is going to affect us. could you click that for me, chris. as it does, that is where the instability will kick in just a little bit where we might see an isolated shower or so. we may see a little bit of wet weather heading our way. as we progress to the next map, thank you, chris, a little difficult being out of control
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here. can you click it again. thank you. this is where your five-day forecast is, finally getting to it. expect to see a shower on wednesday. it looks pretty good by the time we get to midweek. thursday, friday, into the early part of the day. slight chance we could see some action before things start to wane out. it looks like a ridge of high pressure will build in for the weekend for us. we'll be really set. julie wright, i hope things are going okay with you. i'm a little out of control with this clicker. >> i'm sitting there going i want a chris, i want somebody to click the maps for me. well, you look fabulous. the forecast not so bad for those out on the roads. the lanes are open as you work your way around the capital beltway. this happens to be the live shot coming in out of 270. light traffic volume at this time. no problems to report on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. you will find the lanes are
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open in virginia. this is northbound 95, press lanes many line running smoothly. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> it's not fair. i don't have a clicker. there are a dozen new speed cameras in the district and a couple more dozen are going live this week. police started what they are calling a 30-day. indication phase last month and only gave out warnings. as of june 6th, police will issue the real deal, real citations with real price tags. health foods mark net rockville was forced to evacuate after several shoppers got sick. the montgomery county fire department's meters didn't detect anything but there was some sort of irritant or unidentifiable odor near the front door. ems crews evaluate six people who said they felt strange. the whole foods closed for the rest of the day. here is a question for you. in the market for i new home?
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the prices down and mortgage rates at record lows, now is your chance to pick up some prime real estate as in your own private island. wouldn't that be nice? one is on the mark net florida featuring 1.4 acres and a three- bedroom house with a moat all for the bargain price of just $12 million. fox's phil keating shows us. >> rock island, like a little
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cruise ship that doesn't move. that's what i call it. >> reporter: for bob and elaina, it has been a self- contained circle of paradise a quarter mile from the mainland yet a world away from city life. >> a lot of peace and quiet if we want it. no crime and no noisy neighbors. the only noise here is the ocean if you want to call that noise. >> reporter: after 20 years of amazing snorkeling and sunsets, they are selling. asking price, $12 million. private islands like these are a rebounding real estate niche. they go for as little as $200,000. >> a veranda that runs 360 degrees. bob warns that hurricanes are
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or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. south in sports, the nats wrapped up their series with a bang. the braves battled back. jayson hayward got the bases loaded. the nats fall 3-2. we'll take on the mets tomorrow night. the ore roles and rays, the birds down 2-1. bottom of the fifth now, same score.
4:58 am
upton with the base loaded and two outs rips one down to the third base lawn. the rays took the lead for good and beat the orioles 8-4678 the os begin a series in boston tomorrow night. the final round of the memorial, tiger woods began the day four shots off the lead. but the old magic was there. tiger goes on to win by two shots. his 73rd career pga tour victory tying him for second all time with tournament host jack nicklaus. >> it has been pretty nice. a nice run since i've turned pro. and to do it at age 36 is not too shabby. i've been very proud of what i've done so far and feel like i have a lot of good years ahead of me. >> jack nicklaus looking pretty serious there.
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game four of the eastern conference finals now in basketball. boston jumped out of the gate fast taking a 12-point lead. miami would battle back. the celtics would turn it back o they go on to win 93-91 in ot. game five in miami is tomorrow night. the redskins begin another round of organized team activities today. the first mini camp begins june 11th. rg iii continues to steal the show working with his first team offense. he admitted there is still plenty of studying to be done but he is pretty comfortable with about 60 to 70% of the plays. plenty ahead. all your top stories along with weather and traffic and tony perkins sitting right here. he joins me in just a moment. there you


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