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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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witnesses say two men attacked troy johnson as he arrived in the neighborhood after learning of the murder. johnson, family members say, is the father of the suspect's young daughter. the police caught up with the two men placing them in handcuffs. the attackers are the latest of the woman who was killed and emotions were raw as neighbors learned the details of the crime. the police say the 29-year-old victim's young daughter was in the apartment during the attack. >> she was there and in the back room. so she doesn't see the stabbing. >> reporter: she knows both women and the children. suspect identified as sadrise alban had a young girl as well and described the suspect and victim as friends. >> she has a child and they play together every day. and they're all together and had that birthday party two weeksing on down the street. >> reporter: veronica kessler
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came to see what she could learn from the police. she's the victim's younger sister. >> i know my sister didn't deserve that and had her problems, everybody does and show had a heart of gold. would do anything for anybody. what happens to her today is not supposed to happen. the little girl, she was taking care of the girl's daughter. >> reporter: no one's sure what happened between the two women. new, it's left for the police to sort out a few minutes ago, d.c. police released the victim's name and is identified as amber lynette kent of southeast. and the suspect is charged with first-degree murder and was arrested after showing up at her daughter's school. the two men involved in the fight were charged with felony assault and have been identified as james ford and lamars wilson. shawn? >> paul wagner. thank you. another big story, the jury reached a verdict in the trial of a man accused of posing as a
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pepco employee and robbing and murdering a prince georges county man. fox 5s maureen umeh is live at the courthouse in up with per marlborough. have you been able to find out what the verdict is? >> reporter: we got word about 10 minuting on that the verdict was reached. the jury deliberated for two hours and we don't know what that is just yet. i am hoping we will get word sometime in the next few minutes here and i can tell you that the jury deliberated for about two hours before returning the verdict in the killing of the murder of david williams. prosecutors say hafton and his codefendants who plead guilty for his role in the crime, killed david williams inside his bowie home last july. the prosecutors sayna thabrocks came to williams' home posing as a pepco employee and indicating there was a problem. williams unwittingly led him around and talking about difficult problems. the next day, they returned to the home where they robbed and
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killed williams. williams owned several laundry businesses. the pair targeted williams because they knew he had money in the home. new, again, the jury returning a verdict in the case of john hasson here. he's been charged with first- degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and use of a handgun in a crime of violence, robbery with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to commit first-degree burglary in the death of williams. the slu of charges and the jury returning the verdict minutes ago and hope to get to you what the verdict said as soon as we hear what it is. we'll have to go back inside, laura, and try to find out what the jury has inside this case. >> thank you very much, maureen umeh. george zimmerman is back in jail tonight. his attorney said the client was confused and fearful when he allowed the wife to mislead
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the court. the prosecutors said the zimmermans raised $135,000 from the website and testified they had limited funds. zimmerman will not get another bond hearing until last week. >> i think he was on he is solemn, obviously, he's worried continually about his safety, having to come out of hiding is a concern of his and he realizes the judge's concern. >> reporter: zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the death of trayvon martin and he claims she shot the unarmed teenager in self- defense. jerry sandusky's last-ditch effort to delay the start of the trial failed. today, a judge ruled that jury selection will start tomorrow in the penn state trial sex abuse trial. the judge ruled that the alleged victims can't keep their identities private if they testify. they must testify under the real names and not a pseudoim in. sandusky's charged with abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period and denies the allegations.
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the judge banned tweets and other electronic communications from inside the courtroom during the trial. the u.s. supreme court ruled that secret service agents are protected from a lawsuit filed by a man they arrested. steven howards was arrested in 2006 after he confronted then president dick cheney. howards claims he was arrested because he expressed his antiwar views. the justice clarence thomas said the agents can't be sued because of uncertaintiest on the law concerning retaliatory arrest. tonight, all eyes are on wisconsin on the eve of a recall election that could drive the current governor out of office. wisconsin republican scott walker is making his final push. people are asking what that recall could mean for the presidential race. >> reporter: this recall started in february in response
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to walker's move to 53 for the pensions and give up most of the collective bargaining rights and what is not clear is if the effort to remove wisconsin's government will help or hurt the president seeking re-election this fall. wisconsin's republican governor scott walker is in a fight for his political life. he's up against a recall election fueled by union anger over his efforts to strip their collective bargaining. >> and we want to move the state forward. the sooner we can get past tomorrow's elects, the better off we'll be for employers and the people of wisconsin. >> reporter: walker is the third governor in u.s. history to face a recall and is also the latest symbol of a national struggle between republicans and democrats. the mayor is the challenger. >> and he always wanted to make it a national race. he has a desire to be on the national stage. for me, this is about wisconsin values. >> wisconsin is no turned into a battleground for both
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parties. with the gop bring a republican star like south carolina governor and the democrats countering with big guns like the former president, bill. >> and they look at wisconsin and see america's battleground. >> that's right! >> between people who want to work together to solve problems and people who want to divide and conner can. >> reporter: two -- conquer. >> reporter: two faces largely absent are president obama and mitt romney. and analysts say the president may have a lot to lose. >> and this is going to be more. >> reporter: leopard type is horn said if walker wins, republicans will on have scored a victor into november. if he loses, they may seek his defeat. >> and that is a reflection of the country and partisanship. >> reporter: that divide is also being filled up with
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millions of dollars pouring into wisconsin. walker spent 29 million while tom bert spent 4 million outside groups a lone have dumped another 28 million. and, you know, if walker wins this recall, little will change. he will remain governor and barrett will remain the mayor of milwaukee. if barrett wins, walker will remain in office for a short period of time. the state board of elections said he's 18 days to issue a certificate declaring the official election results. when that is done, he will no longer be governor. leon pinetta is meeting with his vietnamese counterpart. and that government agreed to allow american officials to excavate in three locations and they're searching for the remains of missing american soldiers. secretary pineta said countries want to work together 50 years after the u.s. was in vietnam. >> if we can improve
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relationships, in many base, the sacrifice of many who died on both sides and i think we can -- we can make their sacrifice worthwhile. >> and in a symbolic exchange, the secretary gave the vietna myself officials the diary of a vietna myself soldier found and kept by the veteran. the official gave secretary pineta letters written by an american soldier and used as propaganda by the vietnamese. we're following a developing story out of england tonight. queen elizabeth's husband has been taken to the hospital in the middle of her diamond jubilee celebrations. prince phillip, the duke of edinburgh, will turn 91 on saturday. the palace said he was taken to the hospital as a precaution for bladder infection and the royal family spent hours in the cold and rain sunday during a river pageant. the jubilee is celebrating the 60 years on the throne. >> the queen went ahead with the plans of the jubilee concert at buckingham palace
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and included sir paul mccartney, elton john and tom jones. the u.s. was well-represented with stevie wonder and renee fleming. huge crowds, as you can see, gathered around the palace to watch the show. coming up, raising the retirement age. why one ceo said that americans may have to start working until they 80 to solve a debt crisis overseas. and a breast cancer breako through. we'll tell you about a new drug that reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. hi, couper. -- hi, cooper. >> hi, cooper. >> and later, a child reacting to hearing his mother for the very first time. sue. and his face is just so precious, laura and shape. what a beautiful day we -- laura and shawn. what a beautiful day we have here. feels like a fall flashback, doesn't it? we have a couple of showers here and there on the radar. i will let you know where those are and how the rest the workweek is looking. don't go anywhere. fox 5 news at 5 will be right back. 
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. how would you feel about postponing your retirement to 70? 75, 80 years old? the ceo of an international insurance company said that that is a major component to getting a worldwide financial crisis under control. and fox business network's elizabeth mcnottle explains why. >> reporter: people may have to start getting used to the idea of the golden years starting much later in life.
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the ceo of aig,ro,en -- robert ben leshay, saying in an interview over the weekend that raising the retirement age up to as high as 80 years old is the key to involving the easternen -- european debt crisis and the crisis here in the united states and other financial problems throughout the world. >> we haven't accepted one thing happening to society in the last 20, 30 years. we're living longer. >> reporter: ben leshay talked about this issue with neil cavuto several months ago from the fox business network and he's repeating his call for hiking up the retirement age in all parts of the world. saying it would make everything from pengs to medical services cheaper. right now in greece, according to published reports, the average life expectancy is about 81 years old and the retirement age is under 60 years old. the president in france plans to cut the retirement age lowering it from age 62 to age 60 and while jacking up
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corporate and bank taxes and introducing a new levee and hiring more than a million euros. >> the retirement system at 65 is not affordable. we have to have a retirement age at least 70 if not 75 to make that affordable. >> reporter: and there could be a catch. while raising retirement age might easy some problems -- ease some problems now, particularly with pengs of social security, it might worsen a big problem worldwide, use unemployment and those here in the united states are needed to fund social security. in new york, i'm liz mcdonald, fox business. women who survived childhood cancer might be at hi -- higher risk than once thought of developing breast cancer. the concern is for those who were treated with chest radiation. 24% of them develop breast cancer by age 50. they may need annual mammograms. children treated today get lower doses of radiation to a smaller area of their bodies
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and their fought our risks are expected to be lower. >> hi, cooper. hi, cooper. >> what a wonderful, wonderful reaction. priceless. gosh, that -- does that make you cry? that is two-year-old cooper hearing his mother's voice the first time. he's deaf and had a cochlear implant and this video is from last year and recently went viral. if you didn't get a tear in your eye, you're stone cold. his reaction, priceless. >> oh, boy. the national weather service confirmed nine tornados touched down in maryland last friday. three hit montgomery county, three in prince georges county and one in carol county and classified as ef-0s with estimated wind speeds up to 85 miles per hour.
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two stronger ef-1 tornados hit howard and hartford counties with wind speeds up to 110 miles an hour. tornados in anne arundel and carol county have not been classified. and let's check in with sue palka in the weather center. a beautiful day outside. sue, you mentioned fall and i just love this weather. >> i think more of the california feel that laura is noticing. >> and that is a beautiful day. and not only do we have the blue sky but the air is dry, too. the dew points in the upper 40s and low 50s and that is amazing and one last thing, glad it's not friday anymore. the national weather service is going to is have a damage and that is going to take longer, easily 10, 11 tornados that they confirm and they were weak. there was one in hampton, southwestern virginia, that did $1 million in damage and we were lucky that didn't happen
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here and with some temperatures around the region and to the south. you were right to be on sentinel radar this is what we're looking at. northeast of richmond, south of tampahanock and moving away. isolateed showers and some lightning with them. and still floating around. more than anything, it's the cool air aloft producing the gorgeous clouds and. >> more moisture toward philadelphia and atlantic city getting clipped and northeastern maryland could get that, to and some showers around tonight, isolateed and spotty and no repeat of friday and temperaturewise, it's all over the place from a cool and comfortable 67 in hagerstown to 80 degrees in quantico and cooler in baltimore, 71 and 72 for dulles and that is going to be a beautiful evening.
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cooler 60s and some 50s in the northwest. new york city, 61 degrees and what is going on is a big storm and that is spinning up there and that is going to hang out most of the week and bringing in the cooler temperatures and some energy comes around giving us a bit of a shower or thunderstorm possibility. and that is why that is so breezy today and they were up and over 30 much of the early morning. through the evening, those winds are definitely going to begin and settle down. the overnight hours, temperatures are heading on down as the wind lightens up. at 7:00, i'm going for 72 degrees with a spotty shower and mainly far to our south or well to our east. by 9:00, we're down to 66 degrees and we'll keep that spotty shower in the forecast. the clouds by 11 with a temperature of 62 degrees. shawn, if it's 62 at 11, you can pretty much guess we're headed for cool temperatures
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overnight and into some 50s. we'll talk about the overnight forecast in a few minutes. >> and thank you, sue. a reminder, check out the forecast any time and download it to your droid, iphone or ipad. coming up, now information is revealed about a plane crash that killed more than 150 people. why investigators fear the death toll will rise. and the search for a canadian canny bal comes to an -- canibanl comes to an end. if you have a story idea, call 202-895-3,000 or send us an e-mail at ps@wttg.
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. a jet liner crash in nigeria killed all people on board. the authorities say there are many more victims on the
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ground. and two engined failed on the airliner and crashed into a crowded apartment building. rescuers are using cranes to move the debris and search for victims now. a state department official confirms there were americans on board. an air tanker fighting a wildfire in utah crashed into a remote area. the pilots were dropping chemicals on a 5,000-acre wildfire near the utah-nevada border on sunday. the ground-and-aircrews held the fires back from the wreckage to give deputies enough time to hike to the scene and confirm. >> and there is a lot of mountainous country out there. i know the woods, when i have been out there, the woods are very thick. >> the fire later overwhelmed the crash site. a lightning strike did not enflame. and there is new hope in the fight against breast cancer tonight. a new study shows the drug that delivered the powerful poison to the tumors without some side effects of traditional treatment can delay the canser
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from getting worse and -- cancer from getting worse and killing highways. dr. adams, thank you very much for joining us. >> and good evening. >> reporter: the drug is a medical smart one by some and can have a huge impact. explain how it works? >> and this is a new targeted drug, salvia and antibody. >> and for those of us who may not understand what that means, break it down to us in layman's terms. >> sure. the traditional drugs that we use is attaching to cancer cells and that express things or two and protein and delivering the chemotherapy directly to the cancer cells and in front of the -- and cause the cancer cells. >> you know the downside, many of the other cancer drugs are the side effects.
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this drug doesn't seem to have the side effects. explain what the patients who were, you know, testing the drug out. explain the reactions they had or did not have as a result of the drug. >> and it was compared to the standard treatments. compared to the homeo therapy, they did better and had some minor changes in their blood test and liver cells and combo therapy patients in contrast had some severe diarrhea and vomiting. >> and we then is one of the benefits. how much longer? >> and the current analysis allowed us to -- and this [ indiscernible ] delaying the tumor progression and that was about three months. >> okay. any little bit is a huge help.
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that facility for the american society of clinical oncology. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, a local police department offers gun owners an incentive to get weapons off of the street. and the fbi releases a new clue after vanishing without a trace. and a judge ruled the prime suspect in natalie's -- natalie holloway's disappearance capacity can be extradited to the united states. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪
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"planned parenthood we'res gonna get rid of that."" romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions
5:30 pm
and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women. . an innovative way to get weapons off of the street. mayor -- major ray gordon with the prince georges county police department is with us tonight and thank you for being with us. what does this involve? >> basically, we came together with number members of the naacp and, you know, the county's youth strategies division to try to find a way
5:31 pm
to help prevent crime in prince georges county. and one of the things we came up with is to get guns off of the street. this saturday, june 9th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 68001 sheriff road at the first baptist church, we are doing the guns for gift card event. basically, all citizens have to do is, you know, people have weapons in their homes. sometimes they're uncomfortable with them and don't want them. they can bring them up to the church. what we will do is have them there and they can pull up with the weapons in there and the trunk of their vehicle and that reach will be there and take the weapon from them. they can go inside the church and get a gift card. >> they can do so anonymously and don't have to give their name, right? >> no, they don't have to give any type of information. >> those are gift cards up to $100. >> for what?
5:32 pm
>> handguns, rifles, revolvers, weapons. >> no, what are the cards good for? >> i'm sorry. the visa gift cards. i didn't hear that part of it. >> okay. good, that is good incentive. and where does this idea come from? did you come up with it or is there another jurisdiction doing it? >> i would like to think we came up with it on our own, but we'll have to thank mr. mike butler with naacp youth division and -- i'm sorry, the partnership for remileal in southern and central prince georges county. they came together. >> did they get this idea from another jurisdiction where it's workd? >> i know other jurisdictions have used it. this is the first time we're doing it here in prince georges county. >> okay. >> and our motto is basically go any weapon we can take off the street, it's worth it. >> i'm curious how gun owners will keep you up on this. >> i am hoping many gun owners
5:33 pm
will help us, have incentive to get rid of the weapons and make prince georges county a place to give up weapons they don't need in their homes any longer. >> how many gift cards do you have to give out on saturday? >> as many as we need to get on give out. >> very good. and this is saturday, june 9th, 6801 sheriff road? >> yes. 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. >> very good. major ray gordon, thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. a reward is being offered to find out who slashed several animals in a park in fairfax county. they happened may 26th at frying pan park and to go to a chick -- a chicken were hurt and earlier, horses. supporters called friends of frying pan park put up an award for information leading to an arrest. >> the police department cares about the animals and we want the case solved. if there is any information to be given, we can appreciate that and we have received tips
5:34 pm
and i am not going to get into the investigation. that is an ongoing piece of what we're doing; however, we appreciate the community support. >> the animals are all now recovering. the park and police are working together to make sure no other animals are hurt. the fbi is revising the sketch of a man linked to the slaying of a virginia tech student. the composite sketch similar to one the fbi released in 2005, following a sex assault in fairfax county. the fbi said the suspect has been forrenceically linked to both cases. harrington was last seen in october of 2009, leaving a metallica concert in charlottesville. her remains were found three months later in a hey field in albemarle county. >> the accused east rapist will use the insanity defense during his trial. he's linked to 17 attacks in maryland, virginia, and connecticut for 20 years. a hearing is scheduled for friday to determine if he's competent to stand trial in three of the attacks and they happened in prince william county in october of 2009. the prime suspect in the
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death of american natalie holloway will be extradited to the united states and that will take awhile. van der slight can be support to the -- van der sloot can be sent to the u.s. after serving his time in peru for murdering a woman. a porch actor accused of killing a man and mailing his body parts to political parties in canada is in custody tonight. police arrested 29-year-old luka mcnott sterling auty a internet cafe in berlin, germany. an employee there at the cafe recognized him. investigators believed that he murdered a university student he dated, recorded the killing and posted the video online. and coming up on the news at 5. a community in morning after a graduation day tragic accident takes a tragic turn.
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and plus, we'll tell you why this woman won't be win anything mother-of-the-year awards. we're back in a moment. 
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. a fourth teenager now died after a graduation day car crash in ohio. police say a car carrying five teens went airborne as it sped over railroad tracks early on sunday. all five kids attended the same high school. less than 13 hours after the crash, the school left empty seats covered with flowers at their graduation ceremony to remember the -- remember the students killed. >> they were not really bad kids. they didn't really do bad things and it's sad it had to happen to them. >> only wone teen ager survived the crash. the state police analysis of the accident scene will take weeks. a mother is charged with driving off while her baby was still sitting on the officer of
5:40 pm
her car. the police say the -- the roof of her car. the police say the mother and her boyfriend had been smoking pot at a park in phoenix, arizona. the baby was discovered in this intersection still strapped in this car seat and is in good condition in the hospital and is in the custody of child protective services. coming up, an olympic champion calls it quits at the tender age of 20. we'll have the details. lindsay. and coming up in sports, the wizards think they have the recipe for success in house. as far as coaching is concerned and we're talking about their decision to bring back randy whitman after the break. laura. and get ready for a fall flashback. sue is back with the forecast.
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. the wizards play the last game of the season on april 26th. the team made the decision
5:44 pm
regarding its head coach and lindsay murphy has more. >> reporter: this was pretty simple. the wizards decided to stay the path, bringing back randy whitman for next season and took over in january and the team did gain some momentum under his leadership. president grunfeld believes that he's the one to build on that and whitman was originally named the head coach of the wizards on january 24th after flip saunders was fired following the team's 2-15 start and after whitman took over, the wizards finished 18 and 31 and that is not the good news. the good news, they won eight of the final 10 games, including six in a row and this is the third stint as a head coach and prior to the time with the wizards, he was with the timberwolves and cavaliers. >> and to ted and everyoneet and basketball people here, i owe them's thank you for allowing me to continue on and, you know, i am excited and this
5:45 pm
is what transspeared to the end of the year. the people we added and the development of our younggy guys -- our young guys, you know. i'm pleased to have an opportunity to continue to leave the group of guys. >> something about whitman you may not know. he was originally drafted by the washington bullets with the 22nd overall pick in the 1983 draft. he didn't play for the team, he was traded after the draft. laura, he said he kept his hat from draft night. >> oh, fun. all right. lindsay murphy, thank you very much. olympic champion gymnast sean johnson announcing her retirement at the age of 20. she had some hopes of compete negligent london olympics. that is not going to happen. she injured her knee a couple of years ago in a skiing accident and she will still go to lopped oron 230 tochore for the team. >> she was dynamic. >> and awesome. >> what is going? >> and this is a beautiful day. we're hoping tomorrow around
5:46 pm
this time and later, closer to sunset. >> uh-huh. >> there won't be any clouds or showers. tomorrow, you will hear a lot about the venus, guys. that bright planet we see in the western sky and tomorrow is going to move across the face of the sun. >> oh. and that is called the transit of venus and you will see it in silhouette and vines will be tiny, and that is like's sunspot. we want to remind you that we're going to talk about it at 10. don't look directly at the sun ever and that is because there is something to look at. a lot of people will squint and you can damage the retinas doing that. get a piece of number 14 welder's glass. >> there you go. >> and find someone who is going to use a telescope and that is going to ache a number of hours. >> cool. >> and that is widely visible. >> canny put you on the spot? how long does it happen? >> and that is not often.
5:47 pm
won't happen again in our lifetime. >> okay. >> and that has a cycle. >> the facta -- . >> and there is that eight-year cycle for it. >> okay. >> and that is with that 20, 2112. >> uh-huh. >> and you want your kids to be aware of it. >> yeah. >> and can you say you were alive for the transit of venus and it was scary for people in the day and when they would see that dot moving across the sun. maybe a couple of puffy clouds here and there. the big story is the temperatures. only 75 degrees and the average is 81. we really are getting a feel of fall and with that gusty wind, felt like we were starting out october and we're just keeping the heat at bay longer and this is going to feature the cooler days and good sleeping nights
5:48 pm
and some temperatures into the 50s many nights this week. give the ac a break and let some of the good stuff in. gaithersburg, 68 degrees; frederick, you're 72 degrees. a lot of people cleaning up from the friday weather and we were fortunate we didn't have damage of significance like to the south and east with the tornado touching down in downtown hampton in southeastern virginia. that is a big one. this week, we might have a few showers and isolateed thunderstorms every day, it's cooler air alost that we're talk -- alott and this is over the area and this is not moving. with the cooler air aloft, every day there is a chance here and there for clouds to build up and showers and an isolated thunderstorm and that is going to last until friday of this week and they start heating up a bit and around d.c., not finding much and just down here near a cool front and some showers and thunderstorms
5:49 pm
from charlottesville to richmond and closer to the northern neck in the christ church area. as we put that in motion, you can sey that mostly moving to the southeast and that is the way it will continue. a couple of showers here and there to the northwest and they're moving across the philadelphia area and we'll keep them in the forecast longer and as that sun goes down, things will stabilize more and we'll keep the spotty showers going. 52 for gaithersburg and frederick; 62, quantico; culpeper, you'll fall down to 52 and martins bug as well. with the few evening showers, we're heading to the 50s later tonight under partly cloudy skies and tomorrow, that is a mix of clouds and sun. maybe a few more showers in the afternoon than today. note the temperature, too and only 73 and cooler than today. at 8 in the morning, 59 and by noon, a shower possible at 68 and most in the afternoon.
5:50 pm
could be a rumble of thunder here and there as well. no repeat of what we had on friday and with that quick look at the future cast, every day we cook up the showers and thunderstorms. around the area, they'll be patchy to perhaps 30, 40% coverage and into that wednesday afternoon. this is the five-day forecast as we wrap things up and we're going to say enjoy the 70s. as soon as this pattern shifts and we have some high pressure building in, we jump up to 80 on friday and at least 86. if not warmer for the weekend. settling down nice and looks like a good time to hint at the beaches and to enjoy fall to summer as we transition seasons and that is as venus transitions tomorrow night. >> i like the sound of that. >> thank you. >> and to the talk of the town in tmz. a big step in heal berry's -- in halle barry's battle. and the custody evaluation is written.
5:51 pm
what is the next step here? >> reporter: so, the custody evaluation is completed and we're being told that it was completed by a schools who had a lot of insight into the relationship with halle, gabriel and their daughter nahla. looks like the scorecard roads on reads that halle is the better parent for nahla. that is not to say gabriel is not a great father, but this evaluator felt that halle could provide a better stable environment for nahla and provides a better atmosphere for the child and this is going to be used in court for hall to e justify why she wants to take nahla to france away from gabriel and this custody battle is volatile between the two and it's sad to see them fight negligent middle. and hopefully they'll come to an agreement where they will be able to get visit saying. hopefully gabriel won't be taken out of nahla's life. wheny that together, it looks like they have a great time together and have never seen
5:52 pm
video or pictures that would show otherwise, but apparently this evaluator felt that halle was a more suitable parent and that is what they will present to the court. >> the okay to mom is booked as a stripper in florida? what is going on there? >> oh, yeah. and look out, florida. okay to mom is coming for you guys. she'll be in july and be doing four shows at the club down there. something tells me the club will sell out for the night or not a soul will be there. will be interesting to see the final output is. >> show needs money and did lose her house. i'm not going touch that one. thank you so much from tmz. we appreciate it. >> thanks. rhode island! >> olivia calpo, the first runner-up is maryland.
5:53 pm
>> the crowning moment last night in vegas. miss rhode island won. her name, olivia culpo. but miss maryland, the runner- up and that is right. she's from the university of maryland and went to tidwell in d.c. next up, congratulations to her. ♪[ music ] >> donald trump's joining the all-contestants in the video song call me maybe. it was made to promote the pageant, they posted it on youtube yesterday and it had more than 100,000 views so far and what you saw is the only time he shows up in the video. coming up, the federal government is trying to force the district to crack down on illegal immigrants.
5:54 pm
d.c.'s mayor and other city leaders are saying no way. find out why. and remember this? a violent confronting a between a driver and bicyclist caught on camera. tonight, there has been an arrest in this case. the suspect is not used to being on this side of the law. and it's the latest trend for runners. will running bare foot land you in the doctor's office? the experts are weighing in. 
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. in tonight's consumer alert, verizon is offering to buy out the 1700 workers hoping to avoid layoffs. most are call center employees and technicians. verizon is cutting costs to provide wire service and many people are now canceling their home phones and relying on their cell phones. the company hopes the first workers accept the buyouts and
5:58 pm
will begin leaving in july. mark zuckerburg is facing a lawsuit from investors, accusing him of insider trading. the suit claims zuckerburg knew the shares were overvalued and sold off a price of his chunk after the debut. the suit said that underwriters morgan stanley, j.p. morgan chase and goldman sachs warned zuckerburg the ipo was priced too high bah that was -- but that was disclosed to the largest investors. shares have fallen 30% since the may 18th debut. facebook has no one million users and is considering allowing children under the age of 13. they're banned from had having their own profile pages but many do, anyway, by lying about their age. the company is testing ways to give younger kids access and still comply with federal lows of -- rules of young children being online. it could link the child's profile to the parent's account to let the parents supervise the activities. thank you very much for joining us at 5. thage ink is
5:59 pm
starts now. off of the top, the strict is pushing back against the federal government yet again and this sometime over a federal immigration program, called security communities. but d.c. officials call it a deportation program. and fox 5s matt ackland is live with the details on this. matt? >> reporter: tomorrow morning, the d.c. council will consider legislation that could instruct local police not to help federal employees force immigration laws and there is an executive order in place bite mayor and many d.c. members sea under strict enforcement, those here will be illegally afraid to report crimes to police out of fear of being deported. the district is basically telling the federal government that toleave us alone when it comes to immigration enforcement. d.c. police have been instructed not to ask a person


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