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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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♪ love can be so mystical ♪ this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're working several big stories tonight, a scream from his mother's room sent a maryland man into action, now he protected his mom from intruders into their home. >> plus tense moments caught on camera after a disturbing murder in the district. we'll show you how it unfolded. >> and facebook for children under 13? the site is testing ways to give children legal access, but how young is too young for social media? we begin with that scary home invasion. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. it happened east of laurel and a man and his mother are e confrontation. fox 5's wisdom martin spoke with them. >> tonight a neighborhood is on edge after police say two elderly women woke up early in
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the morning and found a burglar in their bedroom. >> they just scared the dickens out of us. >> monday a few minute before 4 a.m. betty ann o'neil heard a noise and found a complete stranger in her bedroom with a flashlight. >> i looked up and saw this man beside my bed got in my pocketbook and i screamed at him. >> her son keith heard the noise and came upstores. >> by the time i got to the front of the hallway i heard my mother screaming. so i ran back to her bedroom and the guy was there with her purse in his hand. >> keith and his mother fought with the suspect. >> when i saw him, he stood there and just looked at me and my initial reaction, i just grabbed him, you know, and we just started fighting. he was throwing punches. i was throwing punches and wrestling to the ground. >> eventually the burglar ran away, but the ordeal wasn't over. >> the second guy came in, fought with him, wrestled with him, too. >> after a brief struggle the
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second suspect ran away, too but it wasn't over. as the o'neills barricaded themselves behind the bedroom door calling 911 one of the burglars came back and tried to force his way in the bedroom. >> i was screaming go away! >> he says i've got a gun. i'll shoot you. >> both suspects finally ran away minutes before the police arrived. fortunately both betty ann and her son keith walked away with scrapes and bruises from the fight, but the experience of waking up to burglars in their bedroom is something they will never forget. >> it just makes me mad that someone will come into my home, take my money and luckily not my life and hurt my son. it makes me angry. >> now police say that say morning a few minute earlier there was also a -- same morning a few minutes earlier there was also a burglary. a woman woke up and found a suspect shining a flashlight in
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her face. nothing was taken and she did not have a description of that suspect. another big story tonight, three people are under arrest after a murder inside a southeast d.c. apartment building. it led to a vicious assault outside. it happened at the intersection of 13 place and congress street. investigators say two men connected to the murder victim beat up a man who showed up at the crime scene. fox 5's paul wagner has that story. >> reporter: first there were shouts, then screaming as a man fell to the sidewalk and tried to protect himself. within seconds police were chasing a suspect who was running as fast as he could down the alley. witnesses say two men attacked troy johnson as he arrived in the neighborhood after learning of the murder. johnson, family members say, is the father of the suspect's young daughter. police eventually caught up with the two men and placed them in handcuffs. law enforcement sources say the attackers are related to the woman who was killed. emotions were raw as neighbors
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learned the details of the crime. police say the 29-year-old victim's young daughter was in the apartment during the attack. >> she was there but they said she was in the back room, so she didn't actually see the stabbing. >> koko clayton knows both women and their children. the suspect identified as cydrisse alvin had a young girl as well. she described the suspect and victims as friends. >> she has a child. they play together every day. they're all together. they just had a birthday party about two weeks ago down the street. >> veronica kessler came to the scene to see what she could learn from police. kessler is the victim's younger sister. >> all i know is my sister didn't deserve that. she had her problems. everybody does, but she had a heart of gold. she would do anything for anybody. what happened to her today was not supposed to happen.
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her the girl. she was taking care of their girl's daughter. >> no one is quite sure what happened between the two women. now it's left for the police to sort out. cydrisse alvin was charged with first degree murder arrested by police after showing up at her daughter's school. the two men who were involved in the fight have been identified as james ford and lamarzs wilson, both of them charged with felony assault. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. an unusual robbery at union station. look at this picture from a surveil camera. the postal inspector believe -- surveillance camera. the postal inspector believes these four young men robbed the center this afternoon. one of them reached across the counter, grabbed some money and they ran out onto first street. the postal inspector's service is investigating. d.c. police arrested the man they say was caught on camera harassing a bicyclist last summer.
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take a look. >> better move your [ bleep ] bike. >> what's that? >> i believe the car clipped the bike making the bicyclist fall over. as you can see, the cyclist had a helmet camera and recorded the incident. police tracked down john deal from the license plate seen on the truck in the video. deal said he was not driving at the time. the dcs reports deal is a former police officer. the man accused of attacking 17 women over 20 years along the east coast will use insanity as a defense in a virginia courtroom. aaron thomas is set to stand trial in prince william county for allegedly attacking three teen-age girls in october of 2009. his lawyer said he was mentally ill. a hearing scheduled friday will determine if he is koch tent to stand trial. trial-- competent to stand trial. we are monitoring metro tonight as an important step plames out tonight in the
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future of metrorail in dulles airport and beyond. a packed hearing on the so- called silver line is in its third hour in leesburg. fox 5's bob barnard is there and joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: loudoun county's elected officials have a decision to make, commit hundreds of millions of dollars over the next several decades to bring metrorail service to this fast growing but mostly rural county or opt out and derail loudoun county's long standing transportation and economic development plans. they're a people divided, these few lining the street in front of the county government center, voices in favor of and against metrorail to loudoun county. >> studies have shown it will not improve transportation. it will drive the higher tolls. it will drive cars off the toll road '. >> reporter: some here railing against the silver line, others singing its praises. >> the civil line extension would be an economic engine that would stimulate smart growth and be a positive asset to the county. >> reporter: more than 150 people signed up to address the
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loudoun county board of supervisors. it has until july 4th to decide whether to fund the county's share of metro's silver line construction phase 2 to dulles airport and two stations beyond. >> it's a neat thing to have. everybody loves the choo choo. everybody want a shiny train to get them to tysons corner. unfortunately we can't afford it. >> reporter: phase 1 through tysons corner on to reston is expected to open by the end of next year. phase 2 is an investment board chairman scott york says is violates to loudoun county's future. >> -- is vital to loudoun county's future. >> it's very crucial. we can shut the door and be a bedroom community to we can invest in the system which will bring us a terrific amount of economic development. >> reporter: loudoun's board of supervises will meet later this week to hammer out a plan to pay for its share of the silver line, about $270 million, another 16 million a year to operate the system. >> the gas tax is presently
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paying for county services, so would these services be taken away or would real property tax be increased to make up for the gas tax paying for the metro funding? >> reporter: a dispute over unionized labor threatened to stall the start of phase 2 construction, but officials say they expect that to be resolved soon. now tonight's public hearing started at 6, it's still going on here inside the government center, still a couple dozen people waiting to speak. again no decision tonight. that comes a month from now. it's complicated by the fact the federal government is not a funding partner in phase 2 of the silver line. >> bob barnard, thank you. if you drive in the district, keep an eye out for more speed cameras. as of wednesday there will be 25 more cameras operating in the city borders on top of the dozen or so currently used. the new ones have been giving out warnings since may 11th. wednesday they start sending
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out rile tickets in the mail. coming up -- real tickets in the mail. coming up we're just hours from impacts positive the presidential rate. >> facebook is trying to give younger kids access to the site. is this a good idea? we get an expert's take. >> we have a cool night on tap in d.c. we have some showers coming down south of pennsylvania through maryland getting a pretty good downpour across anne arundel county. i'll let you know if they're around for your tuesday, the full forecast coming up. >> later on the news edge at 11:00 justice for a bowie man after he trusted a pair of imposters. today one of the suspects learns his fate. we'll be right back. 
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tonight all eyes are on wisconsin on the eve of a recall election that could drive republican governor scott walker out of office. meantime back in washington people are asking what impact that recall could have on the presidential race. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story.
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>> wisconsin's republican governor scott walker is in a fight for his political life. he is up against a recall election fueled by union anger over his efforts to strip their collective bargaining. >> we want to move this state forward and the sooner we can get past tomorrow's elections, the better off we'll be for employers and ultimately for the people of wisconsin. >> walker is only the fourth government in u.s. history to face a recall, but he has become the latest symbol of a national struggle between republicans and democrats. milwaukee's democratic mayor is the challenger. >> scott walker always wanted to make this a national race because i think he's got a desire to be on the national stage. for me this has always been about wisconsin values. >> wisconsin has now turned into a battleground for both parties with the gop bringing in republican stars like south carolina governor nikki haley and the democrats countering with big guns like former president bill clinton.
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>> now they look at wisconsin and they see america's battleground between people who want to work together to solve problems and people who want to divide and conquer. >> but two faces largely absent from the battle have been president obama and mitt romney, but analysts say the president may have a lot to lose. >> this is going to be a state much more in play than a lot of people thought. >> american university professor leonard steinhorn says if walker wins, republicans will have scored a victory heading into november. if he loses, tea partiers may seek to avenge his defeat. >> what it is is a reflection of the partisanship in our country and the bitter divide we have politically in the united states. >> that divide is being filled with millions of dollars pouring into wisconsin. walker has spent 29 million while tom barrett has spent 4 million. outside groups alone have dumped another 28 million.
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if governor walker is successfully able to beat back this recall effort, both men will hold onto their jobs. scott walker as governor and tom barrett as mayor of milwaukee. however, if the recall is successful, under wisconsin law walker will have only 18 days to remain as wisconsin governor before he has to give up the position to tom barrett. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. a historic meeting between defense secretary leon panetta and his counterpart in vietnam today. the government of vietnam agreed to allow the u.s. to excavate three new sites searching for the remains of missing american troops. eight sites are still restricted by the vietnamese government. both countries are working together as they mark 50 years since the war in vietnam began. facebook creator mark zuckerberg faces a lawsuit from investors accusing him of insider trading. according to tmz the suit claims he knew facebook shares were overvalued and sold off a
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big chunk of his stock when prices dropped after the debut and the suit also says underwriters morgan stanley, jpmorgan chase and goldman sachs warned zuckerberg the ipo was price toad high but that information only -- priced too high but that information only disclosed to the highest investors. facebook's newest users may be people currently banned from having an account. now you have to be at least their teen to have a profile, but many kids get -- 13 to have a profile, but many kids get around that by lying about their age. facebook is testing ways to give younger kids access but complying with federal rules of young children being online. facebook said it could link a child's profile to a parent's account to allow parents to supervise their kid's activity. katherine lorenz from red d is here to discuss this with us further. you have been in advertising 20 years and are a former radio
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network news editor, tv producer and film book author, so social media is something i'm guessing you're very used to. you have three kid, 15, 12 and. he are any of them on facebook currently -- are any of them on facebook currently? >> my 15-year-old on and my 12- year-old is begging to be let on and my 8-year-old absolutely not. >> in your opinion how young is too young? >> i'd like to ask mark zuckerberg's wife priscilla who is a pediatrician what she thinks about this issue because i imagine that she's probably in line with the american academy of pediatrics who recommends strict supervision of the internet usage of any child under 10 and constant supervision for anyone up to 13. so in my opinion, it's just my opinion, i'm one mom, i don't want a nanny state and i don't expect facebook to parent for me, but it is nice to have a partner just like i do in grocery stores without the candy aisle right at my checkout and the pg13 ratings to know which movies are
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appropriate. it's a lot more helpful to have that and have that backing as a policy to say to my child, no, it's not appropriate and it's not just your mom's opinion. it's the opinion of this company and other parents and the doctor groups and teacher groups and others. >> it puts a little more pressure on you as a mom. >> it's very difficult. i think parents all over the country and the world frankly can feel bombarded with everything we have to consider with our children from sex offenders and who they're going to run into on the internet. >> on that note let me ask what your opinion is of the potential dangers. >> i'm worried in my opinion about family's sharing of information. i know what my 8-year-old talks about at school sometimes during share and tell at school according to the teacher and that's not something i necessarily want on facebook for posterity purposes, maybe with pictures even taken with mommy's telephone that might get posted without me knowing. so that's one point. the second point is that kids that the age just don't have that filter like an adult, more adult child may have, you know,
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hitting the older teens to know what not to say, maybe about friendships. it could even be problematic i think with children at that tender age who may friend a friend and then want to be unfriended and there are just so many feelings that get hurt with kids around that age. i think we ought to let kids be kids and not let bullying and those dangerous feelings kids can impart upon others sometimes not on purpose, but kids are very sensitive. why can't we just let kids be kids? >> thanks for being with us tonight. we appreciate your opinion. >> thank you. coming up a brand-new effort to find a person who is slashing animals at a local farm. >> but first this event won't happen again until the year 2017, but it's happening tomorrow, everything you need to know about the transit of venus including a warning from the experts.  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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hello, everyone, welcome back to fox 5. you will never get to see something like this again. tomorrow venus will pass between the earth and sun. that's the little black dot you see and this is from when it happened in 2004. guess what? it's not going to happen again in your lifetime. so tonight fox 5's sky guy greg redfern who is also a nasa solar system ambassador is here to talk with us about this phenomenon we need to at least try to look at tomorrow. >> that's right. it is a once in a lifetime event. the next one won't happen till december 10th, 2117, so 105 years from now. we want to try and see this. >> we have some video and, greg, you can explain what we're seeing. it's literally just like a little pencil dot on the sun like somebody punched a little hole in it. >> and the sun will stay where it is and venus is going to transit or cross the sun. it takes about six plus hours
10:26 pm
for the entire transit, but the neatest time is what we're seeing right now when venus first hits the suns lens, all kinds of interesting things happening there, something called black drop effect. you might be able to see the atmosphere of venus with a properly fillerred telescope and in 2004 -- filtered telescope and then in 2004 they caught the space station going across in the transit. >> what's amazing is this will be able to be wildly seen across the america. >> the world, yes. >> starting around 6 p.m. till 8:30. something we really need to emphasize is people cannot look directly at the sun. >> no, no. >> at no day do you want to do that, but because there's something to see it's tempting to take a peek. >> it doesn't take long before your eye is permanently damaged. if you don't have a professional filter like this or if you don't have the solar shades -- >> those are not 3d glasses. >> no. these are solar shades. the best thing to do is go down to the air and space museum
10:27 pm
tomorrow. from 6:00 to 8:00 they'll have telescopes set up so people can safely walk up and see it with their own eyes and then there will be billions of people watching this event live through the internet. the technology that didn't exist in 2004 that they're using for the broadcast tomorrow. >> tell your kids about it, too. let's sum it up. we'll show you the main points you want to know about the transit of venus tomorrow. first it is going to be in the evening. we suggest the best time to look is 6:04 until 8:30 right before the sun goes down at 8:31. you do not want to look directly at the sun. greg showed us the safety devices, but you can watch it online if you can't get down to air and space museum and the next time 2117 and there's a lot to learn about venus for scientists. >> 1 thing that's interesting is this is the seventh transit to occur since the invention of the telescope and it's the first time in history that will be able to witness and photograph the transit of venus. so the guys on expedition 31
10:28 pm
aboard the international space station will be taking those pictures. >> can't wait and they'll be online instantaneously. thank you. you can read greg's blog on under sky guy. find out more about it and we got to work on that weather forecast because we'll have a couple showers and clouds around tomorrow that needs to get out of the way, more on that coming up. the feds want the district to crack down on illegal immigrants, but tonight d.c.'s mayor and other city leaders say this latest effort will make communities less safe. we'll tell you why. >> plus investigators have a new clue they want you to see years after a virginia college student disappeared. we'll be back. 4@
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. d.c. leaders are pushing back against the federal government this time over a federal immigration program called secure communities. d.c. officials say it's a deportation program that makes local communities less secure.
10:32 pm
fox 5's matt ackland explains. >> the district is basically telling the federal got leave us alone when it comes to immigration enforcement. d.c. police have been instructed not to ask a person about immigration status or help federal officials deport non-violent illegal immigrants. >> the immigrant population must feel comfortable in coming forward with information, not be afraid to contact police, especially when they are the victims of crimes. >> elizabeth mateo is a victim of crime. >> i was really afraid and there's a lot of people who are in the same situation. >> elizabeth came to the u.s. illegally from mexico and at 15 she says she was almost molested by a family member. >> we didn't call the police. we didn't report it and the reason we didn't do it is because i was personally afraid of what would happen to my parents and to myself. >> council member phil mendelsohn is proposing this emergency legislation. part of it does not allow immigration authorities to hold
10:33 pm
a non-citizen accused of a non- violent crime for more than 24 hours. >> we have seen over and over again is people who have not been convicted of a violent crime are being held for days, no, weeks, no for months. they're held on mere suspicion, a suspicion that doesn't pan out. >> elizabeth applauds mayor gray and other council members for stepping up against a crackdown by immigration authorities. she says it will put many minds at ease. >> a simple call to police officers to report a crime can turn into a nightmare. >> the district is not the only place taking a stand against this add immigration enforcement. we're told governors in other states are also concerned about those who are not in the state legally reporting crimes or helping police solve crimes. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news. the fbi is revising its sketch of a man linked to the slaying of virginia tech
10:34 pm
student morgan harrington. the composite sketch is similar to one the fbi released in 2005 following a sex assault in fairfax county. the fbi says the suspect has been forensically linked to both cases. harrington was last seen in october of 2009 leaving a metallica concert in charlottesville. her remains were found three months later in a hayfield in albemarle county. jerry sandusky's latch ditch effort to delay the start of his trial failed. a judge ruled jury selection will start tomorrow in the penn state child sex abuse trial. the judge also ruled the leaned victims cannot keep -- the alleged victims cannot keep their identities private if they testify. they must testify under their real names. sandusky is charged with abusing 10 boys over a 15 year period which he denies. the judge also banned tweets and other electronic communications from inside the courtroom during the trial. a reward is being offered in the animal slashing investigation at a fairfax county park.
10:35 pm
the incidents happened on may 26th at frying pan park. two goats, a calf and chicken were badly cut. they are all recovering. the attacks happened a month after three horses were slashed at a nearby farm. a $7,500 reward has been put up for information leading to conviction. >> the police department cares very much about the animals and we want the case solved. if there's any information that could be given, we would appreciate that. we have received some tips and i'm not going to get into the investigation. that is an ongoing piece of what we're doing. however, we appreciate the community's support. pport. >> the animals are all recovering. the park and police are working together to make sure no other animals are hurt. her alleged lack of judgment has a lot of people talking tonight. we have an update on the mother accused of driving off with her baby-sitting on the roof of her car. >> plus one giant party across the pond, we'll check out the queen's jubilee concert next. but first here's fox
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business network's liz macdonald. >> 19 days in a row is how many days prices dropped at the pump. they're falling as oil plunges on worries about the global economy. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded at $3.59 and that's off 35 cents from its 2012 peak back in april. meanwhile it looks like american businesses are skill holding onto some of their -- still holding onto some of their cash, companies placing fewer monthly orders in april, the second monthly drop, another sign the economic recovery could be stalling and that had investors selling today, stocks closing at their lowest level this year and call it a power lunch with a power price. the annual auction for a private lunch with billionaire investor warren buffett kicking off bidding during the online charity auction closing on friday -- better have your cash ready -- last year's record
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setting bid was $2.6 million. tip not included. that's business. i'm liz macdonald.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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george zimmerman is back in jail tonight after a judge revoked his $150,000 bond. zimmerman's attorney says his client was confused and fearful when he allowed his wife to mislead the court about the couple's finances. prosecutors say the zimmermans raised at least $135,000 from a website, but testified during his bond hearing they had limited funds. zimmerman will not get another bond hearing until at least next week. >> i think that he was -- he's solemn obviously. he's worried continually about his safety having to come out of hiding being a concern of his, but i think he also
10:41 pm
realizes the judge's concerns. >> zimmerman is charged with second degree murder in the death of trayvon martin. he claims he shot the unarmed teenager in self-defense. it's one of the most disturbing cases of child abuse investigators have seen in a while. an arizona mother charged with driving off while her baby was still sitting on the roof of her car. the parents of the 6-week-old appeared in court today. we have the story. >> this case is disturbing. >> reporter: 19-year-old catalina clowser says nothing as she stands before a judge accused of doing drugs and then driving off with her baby on top of the car. >> the defendant had smoked marijuana prior to getting into her car. >> reporter: according to court papers, this started near 51st avenue and peoria and the baby's father and she brought the infant to a park where they smoked marijuana. as they headed back to pena's house he was pulled eve for driving erratically. -- over for driving
10:42 pm
erratically. i was charged with aggravated dui with a passenger under the age of 15. >> is this your child? >> yes. >> how old? >> a month and a half. >> reporter: pena had nothing to say when we knocked on his door. clowser told police it was because of his arrest she smoked one to two bowls more of marijuana at a friend's house that night. her baby was asleep in his car seat when she left. she told police she placed him on the roof of her ford focus, drove off, no idea he had touched to the ground just blocks from where she started. >> the car seat toppled and was discovered by a motorist later in an intersection and the baby was unharmed, but it is a very scary dangerous event. >> reporter: her child is now in cps custody. >> clowser faces charges of aggravated dui as well as child abuse. she has been released on bond and ordered to wear an
10:43 pm
electronic bracelet. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 how would you feel about working well into your golden years and holding off retirement until your 80s? that's one suggestion economists are bouncing around to solve global financial problems. >> also starbucks has given its menu an upgrade, the company's new investment to revamp its suite. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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fireworks and songs from world renowned musicians filling the air as britain continues to celebrate queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee and in the midst of it all, her husband prince philip is admitted to the hospital. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the show must go on, the british royal family continuing to celebrate queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee even as the queen's husband is in the hospital. the queen, prince harry and the
10:47 pm
duke and duchess of cambridge all looking on as buckingham palace plays host to a star studded event. a concert featuring singers robby william, paul mccartney, elton john and more, over 10,000 ticket holders and 2,000vips packing into the venue with thousands more showing up to try to catch a glimpse of the stage. >> i think it's a remarkable thing, a monarch up to 60 years still going strong. >> reporter: prince philip missing the concert after falling ill following the flotilla on the river thames, the 91-year-old treated for a bladder infection and will remain under observation the next few days. revelers say it's unfortunate the queen's husband will miss out on the rest of the jubilee events. >> he put in a lot of work with the queen to appear all over the world and we love him, too, so very much. >> reporter: the night concluding with a massive display of fireworks as 4 now
10:48 pm
beacons are lit -- as 4,000 beacons are lit across england and the commonwealth. tuesday is the last day of the jubilee. prince philip's illness will cause him to miss out on a service at st. paul's cathedral and a carriage procession. >> a couple weeks ago it was 90 or last weekend it was so hot. it's so cool now. >> a little feel of fall in the air. we also have a couple showers and there was even a little lightning around the annapolis area south of there a bit ago. each day in this pattern which feels a little more fall-like than summer-like will feature a daily chance for a shower and thursday maybe a thunderstorm in the mix. we'll keep an eye on all that for you, but over d.c. it's quiet tonight. we have a few clouds and a couple showers mainly across maryland. we shall begin with a look at radar. you'll see that what we are watching has been a rather
10:49 pm
substantial shower with a little lightning once in a while. i'm not seeing it now moving south through anne arundel and now around the deal area headed for chesapeake beach. dunkirk got clipped and upper marl broken as well. we will watch that -- marlboro as well. we will watch that for you. there are a couple other showers around the region coming south out of pennsylvania, not a big deal, but it's one little disturbance rotating around an area of cooler air aloft especially up over the new england area. we're getting these little disturb ans coming through. it will -- disturbances coming through. it will create a few little showers tonight, a few more coming south of pennsylvania definitely bringing clouds as well through the area and it's also going to keep us on the cool side the next few days. the feel of fall as we have a bit of an unsettled start to this workweek. we'll be in the low to mid-70s for high temperatures especially team probably only the low 70s. we'll fall into the 50s at
10:50 pm
night, so good sleeping weather, no doubt about it. there will be a shower possible tomorrow, especially in the afternoon, but i wouldn't rule it out even in the early morning south of d.c. and probably a storm in the mix here and there, but the best chance of that will be thursday. meanwhile today's temperature 75, 81 is average. it's june and we're looking at temperatures that feel a lot more like the latter part of april or early may. temperature right now in the district is 67, quantico one of the warmer spots, but you can see culpeper down to 55 degrees, clear skies, dry air, 65 dulles, 61 manassas and hagerstown and 65 baltimore. a wider view will show you it's only about 50 degrees in binghamton, new york city 56 and boston chilly at 50. then you get to the south and west and they're not kind of under the influence of that area of cool weather aloft. it's much warmer. overnight we expect a cool one with clouds, an occasional shower. you could drop to 52 in
10:51 pm
frederick, 55 gaithersburg, 57 manassas and dulles and 55 martinsburg. the jet stream kind of taking that dip where this area of low pressure is living up over the northeast. cooler air aloft means some building up of clouds and some showers popping in the afternoon for the next three days we think and maybe again a rumble of thunder added to the mix thursday. so let's take our futurecast forward in time to see a couple showers here and there in the overnight hours and maybe first thing in the morning. then they bloom a little in the afternoon, wind down in the evening and we repeat the cycle again wednesday and into wednesday afternoon and again maybe that rumble of thunder in the deal for us on thursday as well. overnight a couple scattered showers, an isolated storm, headed for the 50s. in d.c. it will be 57 degrees. we gradually warm it up a couple degrees wednesday to 75. thursday looks like 78, but the pattern ends. high pressure takes over. we eliminate the showers and
10:52 pm
storms from the forecast for friday, saturday and sunday and we start to heat up. we'll go from the feel of fall to right back to summer as early as saturday. >> bring it on. thank you. the wizards played their last game of the season april 26th. today the team finally made a decision regarding its head coach. lindsay murphy joins us now. >> the wizards decided to stay the path bringing back randy wittman next season. he took over in january under some pretty tough circumstances. the team picked up momentum under his leadership. president ernie grunfeld said today he believes he's the one to help build on that. wittman was named head coach january 24th, this after flip saunders was fired following the 2-15 start of the team. after wittman took over the wizards finished 18-31, won eight of their final 10 games including six in a row to conclude the season. this is wittman's third stint as head coach. he was with the timberwolves and cavaliers prior to the wiz. >> to ted and ernie and the
10:53 pm
basketball people here, i owe them a thank you for allowing me to continue on. ue on. i'm excited with what transpired towards the end of the year. obviously the changes that we made and the trades and the people we've added and the development of our young guys, i'm really pleased to have an opportunity to continue to lead this group of guys. >> something about wittman you may not know, he was originally drafted by the washington bullets with the 22nd overall pick in the 1983 draft. he didn't play for the bullets. he was traded shortly after the draft. he said he kept the hat and still has it today. >> still what a great story to tell. >> he's kind of come full circle in a way. >> we hope it brings the team a lot of luck. thanks. she is only 20, but olympic champion gymnast shawn johnson is retiring. she had hopes of competing in the london olympics, but a knee injury will prevent that.
10:54 pm
johnson won a gold medal in 2008 in beijing. she hurt her knee in a skiing incident a few years ago. she plans to cheer for the team in london this summer. george clooney and another hollywood couple hosting a fundraiser for president obama coming up next. >> plus we are going inside hell's kitchen, the contestants telling us how they'll deal with chef gordon ramsey and his outbursts. >> in just minutes on the news edge a man suffers a terrible burn and claims it's because of his sunscreen, that bizarre story next at 11:00. ♪
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our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. actress sarah jessica parker and her husband matthew brodrick are hosting a fundraiser for president obama similar to the one hosted by george clooney a few weeks ago. the sex in the city star is inviting democrats to join the president at her new york home
10:58 pm
for a fundraising dinner later this month. the invite came in this new campaign ad which aired during the mtv movie awards for the first time last night. hell's kitchen star chef gordon ramsey sure knows how to heat things up. the famous chef known for his great food as well as his potty mouth shares the downside of that temper that gets his contestants cooking. fox's william lajeunesse has the details. >> wake up a bit. >> hurry up, bozo. >> reporter: not one to let his feelings simmer, chef gordon ramsey is known for his sizzling outbursts in the kitchen. the chefs on season 10 know what to expect and most are confident they can deal with his temper. >> i've worked with a lot of chefs that were screamers, throwers, smashers, pounders, that were just overly vocal and still the object of them being
10:59 pm
that vocal was to show you how to be better. >> i'm really nervous about working with chef ramsey. it's going to be an awesome opportunity. >> he might yell at me, but i'm not afraid to yell back. i'm from memphis. i'm a southern girl. >> the worst thing any contestant can do is lie. lying is a disgrace because the minute they start cutting corners and lie then the only person suffering is the customer and without customers we're nobody. >> touch these, touch them. they're stone cold. >> reporter: being famous for his temper and fondness for four-letter words can have a downside when he's in public. >> it does have that level of negativity as well sometimes. i lady was sat at the bar and i was just friends and chef says may you, the nasty chef from -- hey, you, the nasty chef from tv and i said [ bleep ] and the whole place went silent and i said sorry and my wife said darling, they're talking to you and didn't answer her. yet again she was


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