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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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brown and, finally, he spoke to reporters a half hour ago. this is part of what he had to say. >> reporter: had no plans to -- i have no plans at this time to resign. next question. >> can you talk about the speculation that is going on lately? not talking about the specifics, but in terms of the issue, you're covering -- can you talk about that? >> first of all, a couple of things. the council did a great job in terms of passing the budget. we passed it with a 13-0 vote and did it, it was not a long conversation. we were able to deliver to the residents of the district of columbia and let me also be clear. clearly, i would apologize for any distractions. clearly there is a distraction. clearly i would rather be talking about what we have had
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in the budget. clearly i would like to talk about how we're going to help people get back to work and education reconsumer. -- reform. that is something i would like to focus on. i ax pol guys to be in the situation where we have to be talking about this opposed to the good word that my council and the colleagues just finished completes. >> there was another incident that is getting a lot of talk here at the wilson building earlier this morning. a reporter with wtop, mark seagraves, was trying to ask chairman brown a question about this federal investigation when things got a little ugly. the chair mankind of nudged or maybe pushed mark seagrave. he since apologized but mark spoke about that this morning. here's what he had to say. >> i began to ask him a question about one of the rumors that was reported last night that he had been in the negotiations with the u.s. attorney's office. i couldn't finish asking my question before he turned
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around to me and put his forearm against my chest and pushed against the -- me against the wall and said i was in the room i was not supposed to be in. >> contact? >> yes, pushed me against the wall. >> would you describe? >> it was with a shove. not brushing to get past you, you know, he turned and shoved me. >> reporter: after the councilman -- after the council meeting today, mark seagraves was invited in to chairman brown's office where chairman brown apologized for the whole incident. mark seagraves said he's moving on from this incident. i should tell you that i sent an e-mail to the u.s. attorney's office asking them if anything was happening on the kwame brown front in the near future. as usual, the u.s. attorney's office said no comment. back to you guys. >> the waiting game continues. matt ackland, thank you. >> reporter: uh-huh. we have more on the d.c. government mayor gray announced his picks for the new ethics board. it will have new powers to
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investigate all ethicals. the mayor has been urn pressure to choose nomnights. a list of the expected months ago. the list includes the u.s. attorney general robert spagnaletti, laura richards are, and debrawayson, a communications and consultant. all three are d.c. residents. betweening tonight, protestors with occupy d.c. tried to hold off an eviction on capitol hill today by blocking the walkway in the front door with milk great crates and dozens of people. a heated standoff that lasted only as long as it took u.s. marshals to remove the demonstrators one-by-one. paul wagner joining us live with the story. paul? >> reporter: laura, protestors line the walkway of 917 maryland avenue today in northeast and in hopes of keeping the u.s. marshals out of the house. the woman who lived there asked for the help after losing a last-minute appeal to stay. >> what are you -- move out of
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the way? no. >> reporter: with that, the marbleheaded for the door, leading each protestor off of the steps and into the street. as the group chanted in unison. they were forced to peel protestors' hands from the iron railing leading to the door. the higher the marshals got, the more intense the confrontation. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: and one marshal put his hand on the group of -- grip of his gun, the front door suddenly shattered. one person was injured. it's unclear exactly how and was transported to a nearby hospital. there were no arrests and this is the rest of the story. the person living in the house doesn't own it, but claimed to have a valid lease. >> she had a loss the court didn't recognize it as a lease. we think it's because there was no nothingly payment of rent.
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she had agreement to make repairs in lou of rent. >> reporter: the tenant dawn butler lived in the house knowing the bank foreclosed and was hoping to buy it. >> we had a purchase agreement ready, we support out an offer. once that was sent out, we didn't hear from them for a whole year and a year later, i get this notice to vacate. >> reporter: when all of her challenges failed, she turned to okay pee d.c. >> -- occupy d.c. >> we drew a lot of attention to it. i feel like we lost today. >> reporter: dawn butler said she and her mother invested more than $200,000 in the house and will new file a lawsuit in hopes of getting it back. laura? >> paul wagner, thank you. now to a news alert. police are investigating a deadly shooting. investigators say the victim was gunned down in the middle of the road and that happened before 2:00 p.m. no arrests and the victim's name has not been released.
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the police, though, are looking for a blue volkswagon passat that drove away from the scene. a drug bust at a holiday inn express forced police to evacuate an entire floor. last night, officers responded to complaint of a strong odor from the fourth floor. the officers say three men led them into a room where they discovered chemicals, heroin, and a handgun. the police arrested five men and they believe the men intended to set up the room as a meth lab. the fiery crash killed one person in morning in montgomery county. a 2002 honda civic hit a railroad -- and happened before 1 a.m. the car burst into flames the passenger was rescued. the 20-year-old was taken to the hospital by helicopter in serious condition. they could not get to the driver. police ask anyone who witnessed the crash to call them. fixtures are seated in jerry sandusky's trial. the former penn state assistant
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football coach is charged with 52 counts of molesting 10 boys. bruce gordon has the latest from pennsylvania. >> reporter: sandusky offered no comment and little reaction as he arrived in court to face a throng of reporters and cameras inside. he was mostly a passive observer as jury selection began before the judge. reporters were allowed inside the second floor courtroom to record the proceedings. >> there were time when is the judge made small jokes and small talk with the jurors. and, at those time when it is jurors were laughing, so was sandusky and there were time when is he looked serious. >> reporter: more than 200 center county men and women, overwhelmingly white and mostly middle age, make up the jury pol and that became clear that penn state's influence on the community that sits on the shadow will make it tough to find jurors with no conflict of about. >> and -- conflict of interest. >> i saw two people wearing penn state jackets and there was a young guy wearing a penn
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state t-shirt, a young woman wearing a penn state whiteout shirt. >> reporter: the judge especialallily appointed to hear the case told jurors they would not be sequestered and he would trust them to avoid tv, newspaper, and internet during the trial. he made clear he will not dismiss potential jurors without a good reason. >> and he reminded them saying, quote, the people hold justice in their hands. >> reporter: all of this plays out in a community overwhelmed and bemused. >> and this is a short, sweet payment. >> you don't need the hoopla here? >> doesn't excite he at all. >> the goal -- me at all. >> reporter: the goal is for 12 jurors and four alternates to be chosen by the local pool by no later than friday and would allow the testimony in this case to get underway on schedule next monday. in bell font, pennsylvania, i'm bruce gordon, fox 5 news. an attorney for george zimmerman is delaying his
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request for a new bond hearing. the former neighborhood watch volunteer is charged with killing trayvon martin. mark o'mara announced he would put off for a new bond motion for a few weeks and didn't explain why. zimmerman returned to jail sunday, two days after the $150,000 bond was revoked and prosecutors say he and his wife misled a judge about how much money they had to put up the bond. a construction worker shot with a nail gun looked like a horrible accident. his coworker is facing charges. guillermo lopez molina is charged with assault. the police responded to a report of an industrial accident yesterday on sweet lease lane in edgewater and found the victim with a nail gun wound to his chest. and that victim is at shock trauma. during the investigation, officers discovered the men started fighting while work on a home. coming up, a significant development in the war on terror tonight. a top al qaeda leader is dead and experts say replacing him won't be easy.
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both president obama and mitt romney -- despite months before the elects. that is coming up. and hundreds of thousands celebrate queen elizabeth's 60- year reign on the throne. the latest from london on the final day of jibe low celebration. sue. and it's too bad the weather is so rough over there. they have had a lot of rain and cold temperatures. meanwhile, we have the feel of fall and we're keeping a close eye on the clouds because venus is going to be crossing the sun in silhouette in just a little over an hour and we want to be able to see it. we'll talk about that and let you know about the evening forecast coming up. 
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. al qaeda's number two in command is no dead. a u.s. drone strike along the border of afghanistan and pakistan took out abu ali birks. a -- he was one of the most experienced and versatile leaders and played a critical role in planning the attacks against the west. it will be difficult to replace him given his leadership expertise and ranks within the affiliate tryst organization. the syrian government agreed to let in humanitarian workers and space. the u.n. agency and other organizations will deliver food, medicine, and other space. however, at the same time, the syrian government is declaring american and european envoys
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are unwomen because they expelled diplomats from the country and for their attacks on the syrian people. president obama is getting some big name help raising big money in the big apple. while mitt romney tries to raise money deep in the heart of texas, meanwhile, the words continue to heat up over how to fix the economy. craig bosswell has the latest. >> reporter: president obama and former president bill clinton double teamed the gop on monday. >> we are not going back to a set of policies that sea you're on your own. >> he will do better if the american people said no, we don't want to go back to what got us in trouble in the first place. >> reporter: the pair headlined a trio of fundraisers on broadway. today, mitt romney fired back during a campaign event in texas. >> the president wants to hang
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on to the twig. the truth s he didn't make them better. it's in spite of him. >> reporter: the campaigns are neck-in-neck in many polls and trading jabs over the economy and jobs. last night's slight increase is extra ammunition for the romney camp. the presumed gop nominee fired off targeted shots and a new web ad. >> both romney and obama have a problem. and that is connecting with average day voters and this is playing into the gop's hand. that is why they use the ad. >> reporter: while most guys are on the recall, voters are casting ballots and gop primaries. romney has enough delegates and is not the official nominee until the convention. in washington, craig bosswell, fox news. and voters in wisconsin are turning out in big numbers today. to decide whether to force their government, governor out of office. the republicans scott walker cast his own ballot this morning and did his opponent, milwaukee mayor tomberet. the recall effort started more than a year ago when the
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governor and state legislature stripped most public employees of their union rights. they expecting a high voter turnout and polls show the race is too close to call. four-day party celebrating 60 years on the throne. we have seen royalty, music legends, a-list celebrityes and millions of queen elizabeth's subjects partying in her honor. today, they brought out fighter jets for an amazing finale. fox's amy kellogg has the story from london. >> reporter: waving to the crowd from a balcony at buckingham palace, queen elizabeth ii marked 60 years on the throne with her final live appearance at the diamond jubilee, her majesty closed the four-day celebration with an address to the nation. >> the events that i have attended to mark my diamond jubilee have been a humbling experience. it's touched me deeply to see many families, neighbors, and
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friends celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere. [ singing ] >> reporter: earlier, the queen attended a recession at mansion house in london with her son and heir to the throne, prince charles, his wife camilla, prince william and his wife kate, british prime minister david cameron and the deputy prime minister nick kleig. the british monarch and others had a lunch at the westminster hall. >> how right it is that we should honor you here in westminster hall. your reign writes a further chapter of the extra ordinary story. >> reporter: crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of showing her peak for her six decades on the throne. the jam-packed day began with the royal family takes part in the service of thanksgiving at saint paul's cathedral. >> and i hope the him rise of all of this year's happy events will brighten our lives for
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years to come. >> reporter: the queen's rare two-minute televised address broadcast around the nation and the commonwealth was actually recorded yesterday n. london, amy kellogg, fox news. and slovenia, a long -- amy has a long history of covering the british impact. -- roland, thank you for being with us tonight. >> all right. >> we would love you to express the significance of the events of the diamond jubilee held in her honor. >> they're marking the second largest monarchy in british history. the other was queen victoria and show reigned for 63 years. queen elizabeth ii is catching up fast, you know, and at 86, she seems hearty and there is no reason to think that she may not, in fact, eventually hold the record herself. >> uh-huh. >> and at this point, it's a landmark in english history. apart from being a landmark in
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her own life. >> sure. >> and i watched part of the celebration this morning had they came on the balcony and i was struck by the massive crowd and all the young people showing up for this. we should remember her subjects who struggled with major economic woes recently, meanwhile, she and her family have seemingly endless wealth. her reign has been nothing short of tumultous in the past, the death of diana, divorces, scandalous behavior. despite all of that, her subjects seem to continue to love the queen. what is your take on that? is it surprising to you? >> it is not surprising to me because one understands the queen. she herself has managed to ride -- as you say, it's been a crisis-ridden family like a lot of families, but more publicly exposed. >> sure. >> and the thing is that her own character and personality has really remained unblemished
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by any of this. i mean she has shown herself to be a woman of enormous sense of beauty and dignity, and she keeps her thoughts to herself. she has never in her life given an interview. she's never succumbed to cult of personality that prevails today. >> i wonder if william and kate turned things around. >> i was coming to that. the fact that the last year the marriage of the heir to the throne to a commoner, which, obviously, she approved of, has helped enormously because it gave them, the monarchy the first bost. the second bost is the queen herself is enjoying a level of popularity. >> do you know the condition of prince phillip? >> no, i don't. >> okay. >> seems to me that it's been a matter of hospitalizing him for observation, rather than
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anything else. >> all right, very good. roland, thank you for spending time with us this afternoon. >> you're welcome. well, it might be june but i'll tell you what, it feel the like, i don't know, late fall, early spring and it feels nice outside. >> not bad and what are we looking out for this evening? more chilly temps? >> head into this 50s, shawn and laura, and we were mostly in the 50s last night and today, we just very recently within the last hour, touched the 70 degrees mark in a few spots and a lot of places haven't gotten that one. you showed the clouds out there, too and we need to keep an eye on the clouds. in over han our, a lot of you will be able to see venus going across the surface of the sun and hope they won't be interfering and that is coming up in a minute. along interstate 81, and not much showing up at the moment
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and that is a matter of getting the clouds out of here, the pattern of cooler temperatures and lows in the mid-50s is from this area of low pressure over the canadian maritimes and that is blocked in the atmosphere and not able to move and that is bringing some rounds of showers and some clouds in and that is looking like we'll have to do that tomorrow as well and the temperatures are below average for june as we look through tomorrow. meanwhile, the temperature here is 70; gaithersburg, 64 and frederick, 68; annapolis and baltimore, 69; leonardtown, 66 and a lot of places on the cooler side and your planner for this evening, may be a spotty shower west by 7:00, by 9:00, 64 and 11:00, 61 degrees. more that transit of venus, shawn, coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. and nearly 100,000 people, by the way, are using the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, iphone and ipad and find yet on
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our website at a mother and daughter arrested at her daughter's graduation. >> are you serious? >> i wouldn't do anymore than others did. >> and why police were forced to put her in handcuffs. plus, three high school students are in some serious trouble as a hazing investigation unfolds. we'll have details. 
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. three high school students in new york are accused of kidnapping 15 freshmen and beating them with a paddle. the high school juniors are charged with hazing, assault, and unlawful imprisonment. angry parents upset over the injuries of the children called police and this is part of a tradition called freshmen friday, where older students attempt to initiate younger kids in the school n. previous years, the event was not violent said the school. a south carolina mother left her daughter's high school graduation ceremony in handcuffs. her crime, cheering for her daughter. shannon cooper let out a cheer
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as her daughter received her diploma from the high school. the police walked up, slapped on the handcuffs and walked her out of the graduation. she had to wait outside of the ceremony net back a squad car before being booked for disorderly conduct. >> i can't fight them. i can't, you know, argue with the police. but i'm like are you serious? i didn't do anymore than others did, you know, which i know no one should have went to jail. >> cooper was released after posting a $225 bond. police say parents were warned about cheering before the ceremony. >> huh? >> are you serious? >> i get when they say hold your applause until the very end. >> yeah. >> but to put handcuffs on someone cheering for their child graduating and take them to jail for disorderky lyconduct? >> i am curious how out of control show got. >> if she was doing backflips and alling on people. >> if they had to hold up the ceremony and she was out of control and they had to put handcuffs on her and escort her
5:28 pm
out. >> that is craze joe and that is out of control. coming up, a day of action on capitol hill. fighting for improved treatments and for lawmakers to do more. the walt disney company takes a big stand against junk food ads aimed -- aimed at children. and use of a dangerous drug is increasing across the country. we'll highlight the dangers of so called bath salts. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪
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"planned parenthood we'res gonna get rid of that." romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney
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is out of touch and wrong for women. . they may be small but they face few taste with the most powerful people in the country. kids and their families on capitol hill today. they're fighting for their own lives. and fighting for funding to improve care for children with cancer. fox 5s beth parker has their story. >> reporter: it's good for dancing around. >> what kind of cake is this? >> a wonder cake. >> reporter: seven-year-old
5:32 pm
brooke is from salisbury, maryland. her favorite part of a few days in d.c.? >> going to the doll shop. >> reporter: with her new american girl doll at her side, brooke and her mom are on capitol hill taking about their fight against cancer. >> your job is to protect your children and that is something you can't protect them from. >> reporter: jennifer cullen meyer came from gaithersburg. her daughter was diagnosed at age 3. >> this is in houston receiving radiation therapy. >> reporter: alexandra died eight weeks -- weeks ago. >> i feel if i was to be sitting by and be sad, i wouldn't honor her. >> reporter: this mom met with her congressman. >> it's great that you're fanning out all over capitol hill. >> reporter: they're pushing for bills to make treatments less toxic and more tailored. >> this is an important piece of legislation that will help young children with rare diseases be treated appropriately and have their treatments tailored to the specific characteristics of the cancer, which, right now, we don't do very well.
5:33 pm
>> several hundred people from all over the country, mothers, fathers, kidding, came to the hill today and they're part of the alliance for childhood cancer and their hope is to give the disease a face. >> we're real people and real families and this is not a problem thattens once treatment is over. >> truly this is something that affects the people in their districts. this is something that matter to us. they see it in a real way, the lives that are touched by cancer, particularly pediatric cancer. >> reporter: dean lives in arnold, maryland. his son ashton is in remission and he's pushing for the cancer survivorship designed to help kids long-term. all agree with little brooke that they will never give up. on capitol hill, beth parker, fox 5 news. disney is doing its part to end childhood obesity. the company is vanishing -- banishing junk food ads. disney will be the first media company to ban ads on tv, radio stations and websites intended for children; the guidelines,
5:34 pm
however, won't go into effect until 2015 because of existing advertising agreements. a personal trainer claims he packed on nearly 75-pounds on purpose so he could have a better idea of what it tykes to lose that kind of weight. drew manning went from 193- pounds to 265 pounds in six months. it's as if the -- the blood pressure soared and he had trouble getting back into his fitness routine when he decided to start losing weight. now he's back in shape and said that he can teach his clients from experience that losing weight is a lifestyle change. tonight, a study questions whether low-dose aspirin therapy is a good idea for some patients. the cleveland clinic released this video here of the aspirin therapy and they looked at the link. the use of aspirin was associateed with a 50%
5:35 pm
increased risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. they had a bigger risk of bleeding whether or not they had aspirin. there is a new drug on the streets called bath salts, a synthetic form of speed that works like a combination of cocaine and meth. in some states, it's legal. the florida police suspect a man accused in a cannibal-like attack on a homeless man may have been high on bath salts. the d.e.a. special agent robert briselli -- did i get that right? >> you did. >> thank you. -- joins us now. we heard about other synthetic drugs like spice and, twok. what is bath salt? >> it's sold under the premise it's bath salt or plant food, especially synthetic and mimics the effects of methamphetamine and pcp or cocaine. >> and how widespread is the bath salt problem? and certainly we heard about the case in florida and we were all stunned how widespread is i >> nationally, we have seen an
5:36 pm
uptick in usage and recent data provided by the american association of poison control centers shows that in 2010, they received approximately 300 calls involving bath salts and a year later, that number went up to 6,000, and that is a dramatic increase and pretty alarming. >> talk about this and in this florida case, we heard the man was high on bath salt and ate the effects of other man. what are the affects of the drug? >> could increase your heart rate and cause nausea and vomiting and liver fail our. psychologically, it cause says dehow long, paranotica and agitation and could be the cause of violent behavior. i don't think it's confirmed he was using bath salt. >> let me ask you, a lot of people are concerned about this as we reported -- report it. what if anything can we do to protect ourselves and our kids? >> i think you have to talk to
5:37 pm
your kids, their friends and get engaged in community groups and schools and educate people. we'll continue to attack the elicit supply side of this problem. >> all right, d ea special agent, thank you very much for coming in tonight. >> thanks for having me. coming up, a man trying to protect himself from the sun ends up getting burned. we'll explain. and police discover a gas can, not a child strapd into the car seat. the driver's excuse for this one. coming up next. ming up next. 
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. a massachusetts man recovering from a horrific accident tonight after his sunscreen caught fire while he was barbecues. we wanted to warn you, the pictures are graphic and this is his skin 10 days after his severe bounce. he applied banana boat's
5:41 pm
aerosol sunscreen before standing in front of the grill and moments later, his entire arm caught fire. >> i sprayed on sunscreen and sprayed it on for a few secs and i went to the grill and moved a holder around for the brick jets and it went my arm and went up to the sunblock. >> the company that makes the sunscreen is defending its product in a statement saying in part, it would take a -- they take matters seriously and will begin a prompt investigation. priorities in colorado. police snapped this picture of a gas can strapped inside of a child seat while, as can you see, the toddler is sitting next to the gas can wearing a lap belt. and a regular seatbelt is not safe for a child last thasmall. the driver claims the child put himself out of the car seat. the child let himself out of
5:42 pm
the car seat and put the gas can in? >> maybe he's that strong. who knows. coming up, we're talking to an astronomer about a once-in-a- lifetime event and that is sure to spark curiousity. a beautiful night for baseball here and what's big series. the first-place nats taking on the new york mets and live here. gonzalez is the pitcher for the month of may. >> and getting ready for cooler temperatures overnight. 
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. we are about to experience a rare phenomenon that you will never get to see again in your love. it's the transit will of venus. it happens when the planet passes between the earth and sun and it won't be happening again until 2117. and we're keeping a very close eye on the clouds tonight, guys and have a graphic prepared
5:46 pm
and we'll talk about it in a moment. essentially, this is beginning after 6:00 and this is important you that not look directly at the sun and what you will see and if you -- if youca find magnification. if not, you want to watch online. >> okay. >> and not look at saturday up now so sun new s. our guest here? >> yeah. >> we're joined by dr. harold williams, the director of the montgomery college planetarium. hopefully the clouds are breaking up what is it like at tacoma park? >> yeah. we look forward to seeing something as the clouds break up. >> uh-huh. >> and -- there are people taking pictures with the cell phones and the sun, three, four inches a part and venus moving across to the sun. >> are you going to have people invited out to the planetarium,
5:47 pm
dr. williams, to watch with you? >> they on the roof of the parking garage. >> okay. >> and that is about a block from here. >> tell us why this is something -- >> well, otherwise they wouldn't know the distance between the earth and sun. if we didn't know that distance, we wouldn't have the speed of light and 1600, and we wouldn't know the gal aes or the size of the universe or the size of anything but on the earth. >> that is really exciting. >> and -- . >> yeah, go ahead. >> okay. >> we have a delay going, folks. that is what is holding us up.
5:48 pm
i want to mention, quickly, doctor, can you address safe viewing of this terrific phenomenon? >> well, you can't look at the sun and you won't be able to see it through solar eclipse glasses. you have to have magnification. you have to look at the telescope with a very good -- [ indiscernible ] or you have to use the projection like we're using with the sun spotter. and you can't look directly at the sun with the eyes or sun's up and through magnification. that blinds you quicker. >> and very good information. good viewing and hope so see you on the website later what, pictures you might have to share with us. and thank you very much, dr. harold williams, and that is a great thing. >> and doesn't happen another hundred years or so.
5:49 pm
>> wow. >> and that is native. >> yeah. >> and i enjoyed astronomy but don't remember anything like this. >> absolutely. >> and in a moment, we need the clouds to break up. >> yeah. >> and can you see sun in there, right? thankfully. >> and there are some breaks in the clouds and you will get a glimpse. if you don't have a telescope or time to get to tacoma park or the air and space museum on the mall, they have that public viewing, too and you want to watch it online. you can easily find the spot to watch it and to sum it up, venus is going across the sun and you will see it this evening. and we don't want you to look directly at the sun and i heard dr. williams saying he doesn't think you can see with the glasses. i can understand that, that is a teeny dot, but we will have
5:50 pm
some pictures and we'll wait a long time to see the next 21, 2117 and so, that is what is happening with venus. the night the clouds and sending out a little bit. the showers to the west and south and to the north and east. can you see the spinning here and there is that big level of low pressure and that is not moving but atmosphereically blocked out and creating showers and a rumble of thunder in a few spots and that is mostly some cooler temperatures as the cold air aloft is being transported to the surface. a lot of places, locally here, doesn't get out of the 60s and we were in the 50s last night and how are we trending the rest of the week? tomorrow, forever degrees and that is -- 74 degrees, warmer than today and came in about 70 today and on to thursday, 78 degrees and friday, the chat --
5:51 pm
pattern changes and there is not a daily shower and the high pressure builds in and that is giving the system's nudge out of town. the skies are brighter, warming up to 81 degrees and warming early into up to, saturday's temperature about 86 degrees and that is looking warmer than that into the monday timeframe that we're going jump, actually, over this one and we know temperaturewise that that is actually not as warm as today. seventy degrees, likely with the high temperature and that is in gaithersburg at 64 degrees and a couple of other spots near quantico and fredericksburg. everyone else in the 50s and that is going to get chilly and only 55 in boston. i wanted you to so we're going to hang on to that cool air longer and there is plenty of heat on the weather map that is ready to make a run at the east coast and that will do so and
5:52 pm
96 for dallas; 83, st. louis and as soon as that system moves out of here, we'll move for the warm stuff and that is a cool night in the 50s, wouldn't have found that last june when we were scorching. and 57 degrees in the city and this is that five-day forecast, 78 for thursday and maybe a thunderstorm here and there on thursday and a couple of showers tomorrow, guys and about a 30% chance each day. neither is a washout and looks better for thursday for a shower or thunderstorm and looks like three dry days in time for the weekend. >> wow. >> and that air conditioning again. >> all right. >> and thank you. and the nats are back inak tonight. and here's more on that. >> reporter: this is a big, big series and that -- and it's nice to see them and to the
5:53 pm
right and brought over this year. welcome to d.c. and how has your first year been? >> it's been great. and the fans out here taking care of my family and everyone working in the stadium and that is great. and on cue. i would say absolutely, you know and that is unbelievable, incredible and defense offense. you can't complain the way they playing and from this year issue you have to see the changes. you know, all the guys, you know, with so many injuries we have from the guys on the bench and here, you're humble. >> and you are -- and -- in the month of may and you knew that is why they went and got you and did you -- to be this good?
5:54 pm
>> and that shows signs of it and the chemistry quick is fine and with that spring training and each other. and there are a of things that -- and special keep of teams. when they hang out and interact with each other. the friendship bond and i think they do a great job. everyone here is professional and make sure to keep it on and off the fold. there are a lot of things not well off of the bat. when they came in and traded for me, i think that was an honor and we decided quickly, and -- to that and they come with that. obviously, you have been able to deal with that and -- . >> there is no other. and that is into right now, everyone with the magnifying glass. when you see that competing, and that is unbelievable with the no pressure and that is
5:55 pm
coming out more. not letting you get away with that and with that 72 and to the city, 7:05 is the time for the nets. coming up on the news edge six, the women's vote is expected to be a key one in this year's presidential election. how a decision on women's equal pay on the hill today. we'll play into the race for the white house this november. a man who pleaded guilty to killing three people while driving drunk is no suing the victim's family. and a bicyclist hit by a truck is reacting to news of an arrest in the case. hear what he has to say. 
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. >> hey.
5:59 pm
>> this is not exactly an impression but like president obama can't escape carly ray's catchy tunes, only maybe. this is the work of a man who puts the president's speeches together to make it seem like he's singing the popular songs. thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge starts now. the battle over the women's vote erupted on capitol hill today. senate democrats were pushing legislation they say will stop pay discrimination against female workers. but republicans and some groups say the measure will hurt businesses and at a time when they're struggling in a down economy. fox's tom fitzgerald has been following this one today. what is behind this? >> reporter: the service was a battle over making sure that women get the face -- of men and work. what is at place here is presidential


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