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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it was for bank fraud. prosecutors allege he lied about his income when he took out a loan. it's important to point out that this charge has nothing to do withical pain mean. he was under investigation for, he is likely still under investigation for it at this time. the chairman, he did make short comments, not long after the video. he's what he had to say. >> i am have a comment tomorrow. i appreciate you wait negligent hallway this time. i don't have a comment, i will have a comment tomorrow. >> are you co-chairman? >> once again, look at the video. you can see a crush of reporters. a lot of reporters have been gathered here all day waiting for the chairman to come out. the doors have been locked, there were meetings going on inside. as you might imagine, council members were saddened and upset to hear about the head of the council, the chairman is planning to resign.
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we spoke to them and he's their comments. >> this is a sad chapter in the city's history. we have gone through new nearly two years of what appeared to be constant allegations of wrong doing among the leadership of the city. and it's past time for us to put this behind us. >> i think the main thing is that we're focused on intikrity and the stability of our government. there will be changes today. >> i'm distraught, i'm very concerned about the future of this government. i believe we have the resources within this government to pull out of this. >> i want to tell you about something we got from the mayor through twitter. he made a comment on this and i'm going read it to you, quote, i'm shocked, disappointed, and saddened by today's news. i served alongside mr. brown on the council and never would
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have imagined something like this. meantime, several sources, again, say the chairman will step down tomorrow. he plans to make comments, that is what he said to us some time tomorrow. at that point, council member mary chay, she is next in line. she will assume authority and will become the temporary chair. basically what she will do is call for a vote. all 13 council members will vote on an at-large council member to take the temporary position. at that point, the temporary council member will run the council or be chair of the council until a special election can be called and a chairman is elected by the people. that is the very latest, shawn, laura, back to you. >> let me ask you about the move down there and clearly, we saw the crush of reporters in the media there and we saw kwame brown with a smile on his face. what is the mood there? >> reporter: yeah, he did seem to have a smile on his face.
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it was last night that he said he was not going to resign. don't know if he knew anything about this charge today, if it was sprung on him this morning, but they kept us at bay for a while. we heard about this around the noon hour and stayed outside of his office. they had food delivered, they had people come and go. his attorney fred cook who had no comment came. councilwoman mary chay came and once he came out, it was really, really a swarm of reporters. there were so many camera photographers there, reporters,ro guys, newspaper reporter -- radio guys, newspaper reporters all trying to get at the chairman. it was a very narrow hallway. it got hectic. in fact, a lot of people were shouting and pushing. so it was not a pretty sit on at all. >> not at all. i can imagine. matt ackland, thank you very much for bringing us up to speed there. this is not the first controversy swirling around the wilson building the past few months and now it's the city council chair who is feeling the heat on this one.
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mark plotkin joining us now. thank you for joining us. >> reporter: i'm glad to be here. sorry it's under these circumstances. >> absolutely. we heard matt say that council members met behind glass doors and when they came out, they didn't have a lot to say. at last check, kwame brown didn't officially resign. we know you're checking in with the sources. what is going on behind the scenes now? >> what i was told at that meeting is kwame brown apologized to the colleagues and made an important statement, shawn, and said none of the allegations, the bank fraud count, none of the allegations have anything to do with his campaign this with in 2004, 2008, or 2010. and that is clearing the board about the investigation in terms of campaign fivance and -- finance. then, i was told that david catania, one of the at-large members asked him, said look, i'm worried about you, this bank fraud having to do with mortgage applications or home equity loan. are you going lose your house
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to which fred cook, kwame brown's lawyer said, wait a second, we don't want to get into this. alexander started crying, the ward 7 council member came over and embraced brown. marion barry had some things to say concerning his long association with the family. kwame brown's father was a field organizer for marion barry and then it broke up. >> clearly, clearly very emotional for many of the city council members who care a lot about the chairman. you mentioned something. we have been talking for weeks about the investigation into brown is's finance. today, he was charged with the single count of bank fraud. what about the campaign finance charges? are they still on the table? >> they are on the table. what i was told is that nobody should deduct or dedeuce from this that the u.s. attorney is not still investigating those charges having to do with campaign finance and so kwame brown can only think that he's
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not free of that and we don't know what is going happen. and the chairman of the board of elections, when he sent over the --ed there were criminal violations, a bold and provocative statement. this stick town carries a maximum of 30 years and a fine, although the federal sentenceing guidelines will be, a supplyd -- applied and it will be obviously far, way, way less and surely, i think the people assume that this criminal information means the defendant agrees with it and he would plead guilty and that seems to me like there will be jail time. >> and i have so many more questions to ask you and more details. we hope you will stick around and we will have more on the story on the news edge at 6 tonight and online. and mean tome, stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage
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of the still-developing story and we'll have updates on air and online at and to a story on fox 5. two prince georges county police officers are under investigation in charles county for allegedly handcuffing, detaining, and assaulting a teenager in an attempt to teach him a lesson. the law enforcement sources say that the officers were offduty and in a marked cruiser when they allegedly stopped threen toes after they left a memorial day party. paul wagner joins us live with that story from waldorf. paul? >> reporter: the allegations are serious and the charles county sheriff's office is conducting a criminal investigation and this is what we know from law enforcement sources. the two offduty officers lived in the same neighborhood and that is where that party was taking place and went after the three types, detaining two and
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handcuffing them before the third one got away. >> this is where it started. in this house on the quiet court in waldorf where the teens say they were invited for a memorial day picnic. as the afternoon turned to evening, the types told investigators the home owner accused them of taking items from the house and searched one of the teens and then left. the three arrived in this neighborhood. two were on bikes, one was on foot. as the offduty officers approached, one of the teens ran off and a second one was detained by one of the offduty officers and the third teen we're calling jl arrived here in the 3,000 block of miranda place and that is where he said the officer shouted stop or i will shoot nut back. j.l. said he then sunk to his knees and the officer tackled him. and a man who witnessed the incident agreed to recount what he saw as long as fox 5 didn't
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identify him. and. >> i saw a large caucasian male chasing a younger black male down by the park and to that and once i went around and about, i saw the officer i don't know if he was an officer, i saw him pounding on top of the victim. >> reporter: j.l. said he and the other type were handcuffed and driven away. >> i was scared and nervous there and i know -- take motion and what is it going to do? >> the father agreed to let us speak to him as long as we did not show his face or use his real name. he said the second teen who was detained, was able to slip out of the handcuffs and get away and now he was alone. >> i was sitting back there and just write. i -- never see my parents
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again. >> reporter: he wasel to to get out of the cruiser and walk up to the fence. that is where the handcuffs were removed and the officers told him to put his chin against the fence and count to 100 then they drove away. they never said anything to you about why they were detaining you? >> no, sir. then when you got here and you were told to walk forward, what was going here? >> is he going to hit me in the back of my head again? and everythings thinking he was going to shoot me or taze me. >> reporter: the law enforcement sources say some of the evidence was captured on a sheriff's department dash cam cruiser and that is unclear exactly what that evidence is at this point. and we have been told by sources that one of the bicycles that the teens were riding was found at one of these offduty officers homes and they have been questioned
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by police. awhile ago, we got a statement and it says the charles county office is investigating a criminal conduct investigation involving two prince georges offduty police officers. as soon as we were made aware of this, the officers' police powers were suspended and they were placed on administrative desk duty and we will take additional appropriate actions from the charles county sheriff's office. >> and that is what we have here in waldorf at this point. back to you. >> paul wagner, thank you. and coming up tonight, police make an arrest after a deadly shooting at a metro station. plus, why certain individuals in one local county will soon have to register with police if they want to own a gun. gun. and the dulles rail project has a long way to go. a major hurdle was cleared today. we'll have details. also ahead, the redskins are packing up and moving to richmond. we'll explain. jerry. and thanks a love.
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not bad out there. we have spotty showers and thunderstorms. we'll show them to you on radar. it's all coming up. stay with us, fox 5 news at 5 will continue. 
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. jury selection is no over. the child sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. 12 jurors and 12 alternates are seated in the case now. seven have ties to penn state, including a professor, a retired professor, a college senior and graduate.
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former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is charged with molesting 10 boys over a 15-year period and has denied the charges. despite speculation the redskins might move their headquarters back to the nation's capitol, the team announced it's staying put in northern virginia and where it will be holding training camp in 2013 and lindsay has more. >> reporter: next season, they will load up the trucks to richmond, virginia and that is since the general manager and bob mcdonald's office made the announcement this afternoon. they have not decided on the sight but will -- site but will work on it the upcoming days and weeks. the redskins are the only national franchise. the team supports over 1800 jobs in the state. the governor approved a grant to help keep the team's facility invo virginia.
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and corporate headquarters will stay in loudoun county and redskins park will expand. >> and as a 45-year washington redskin fan, i'm delighted to announce that they have decided to make their permanent home in virginia and they'll be moving their summer training camp, beginning in 2013, here in richmond, virginia, and for three weeks. that is an eight-year commitment. >> and that does give you a special bond. they can focus on the football team and teammates and i think for the fans, it will be a great opportunity for some people who haven't been able to travel up to northern virginia to come on up and watch us practice. >> reporter: so, bruce allen mentioned on espn980 that improvements at redskins park will improve new meeting rooms with updated technology and
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that weight room and cafeteria. >> whatever they need. >> absolutely. how is loudoun county and the fans there reacting to the news? karen gray houston has more on that part of the story. i am sure not going over well? >> reporter: and let me just tell you. we know the skins have trained in scottsburg. most of the past 12 years, summer camp has been in ashburn and that looks like the fans will have a hard time letting go. >> and -- come on back. >> reporter: it's been a while since the skin his a nice season. the coach mentioned it before that a move might help them bond closer and better. >> last year, they were talking about moving to glen burnie, maryland. and they're thinking about going to richmond and they leaving their fan base. >> reporter: at the sports bar and grill in ashburn, management and fans a like have strong feelings about the move.
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>> and that is not reasonable. this is where they belong. >> and i am not offended by that and that is still their local team. >> reporter: and sometimes you have to do what you have to do and local officials are not thrilled about the move but accepted it. >> and some coaches have a philosophy of taking their players out away from where home is for many of them and so they can bond together. >> reporter: economics, that is usually the bottom line. the redskins are keeping the corporate offices in ashburn and expanding and improving their training facility here. no doubt about it, loudoun will feel the loss when the summer camp goes to richmond. >> it will be some and goodbye
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again here, and -- >> reporter: they're also thinking about how much the move will cost them. >> i think it's going to hurt businesses like ours, as far as the bartending industries. we don't want people to come here for games and stuff. >> reporter: clearly if the fans in ashburn have their brothers, the redskins would say. -- stay. some of those real die-hard fans took some shots at team owner dan snider, blaming him for the move and accusing him of micromanagement. the fans are upset they can't go to preseason practice sessions to route for their favorite players. laura? >> thank you very much, karen gray houston. another big stories we're following, a breakthrough in the stalemate that threatened to kill the metro rail to dulles. today, the agency overseeing the project agreed to remove preferences for union labor from the plans. virginia's governor and low den county supervisors refused to fund the project if that was not removed. sherri ly is here new with what this means. sherry? >> reporter: laura, first of all, this is a huge step for the rail to dulles. it's not the final decision.
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that belongs to loudoun county now and we must still agree to put up the money. still, the issue over union labor was the biggest obstacle and that is gone the vote to drop union friendly incentives cleared a major hurdle for the silver line to move forward from reston to dulles internationallator. >> and we're looking ahead. the factha -- and to give the hard feelings we have. >> reporter: the metro washington airport authority allowed them to record audio and notva of the board member davis and the chairman during a media briefing. the board buckled to pressure from virginia's republican governor and the republican-led loudoun county supervisors to drop the labor agreement and incentive even though the commonwealth had once been on board. >> you don't say no to the whole project. >> when we voted on it in november, it was unanimous. >> reporter: the first phase of
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the silver line through tyson's and reston has a voluntary pla. the ideological divide over a similar agreement for phase two led to months of wrangling and the involvement of the u.s. secretary of transportation. come in a letter this week, the governor agreed to the $150 million in thank youing if the pla was removed. that leaves loudoun county now which must decide by july 4th, whether to commit its $200 million share and ongoing funding. >> if we stay with the project that is anticipated the rail will be in do you dean -- loudoun county in 2008. if we opt out, the project will be on hold. >> and that is a monumental decision. >> reporter: without loudoun county, the deal falls a part. >> reporter: the board of visors is holding a work session in an hour from now on the dulles rail project and they won't take any kind of vote.
5:22 pm
that could come as early as the board's next meeting in two weeks or as late as july 3rd and that is up to the deadline and if loudoun opts out, it would set back the projects at least two years, laura. >> thank you very much. coming up, passwords posted online. why millions might be at risk. and also ahead, new evident reveals a canadian man may have had more victims. we'll have details. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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[ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class...
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. we're following a developing story in fairfax, virginia, where police identified the victims of a car accident. this happened before 11:00 last night on lee highway. the police say dijon williams of cross junction and her eight- year-old daughter faith were killed when she side swiped a vehicle and hit another car coming out of a driveway and
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woman's other child and the woman of the young car were critically injured. speed played a role in the crash. prince georges county police arrested the man they say is responsible for a deadly shooting. county and metro transit police say there were a number of witnesses leading them to this man. and police he believe he walked up to harold deter and shot him. they don't know the motive and would like to hear some more witnesses. >> this occurs in a lot of people and we're able to obtain one for a few and there are a lot of outstanding citizens that saw a part to this. >> bonds is charged with first- degree murder and investigators are not sure if he knew the victim. people convicted of gun crimes in prince georges county will have to register with police and submit to home visits. the county council last night passed a bill that allows police to operate a gun offender registry. the bill let's detectives visit
5:27 pm
offenders homes and requires them to check in with an investigator. and takes effect late july. coming up, the vice president and the president hit the campaign trail after republicans score a major victor in a race that could have nationwide implications. and a new poll shows how tight the race is for the u.s. senate in virginia. we'll have the results. and if you have a story idea, give us a call on the fox 5 tipline, 202-8 of 92-3,000 or sending you an e-mail at when mitt romney says
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"planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney
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is out of touch and wrong for women. . neck-in-neck. how the new poll finds the race for u.s. senate in virginia. former candidates are facing off for allen's old senate seat but neither candidate seems to have a clear edge. tom fitzgerald has more on. this. >> reporter: this new poll comes out on the same day that george allen lost his first
5:31 pm
attack ad against tim kaine. with five months to the election, it's already clear that this race in virginia is going to be a hard-fought contest. virginia's republican senate primary is in less than a week. george allen is taking aim as expected democratic rival. >> tuesday, june 12th. we can send a message to president obama and his liberal hand-picked party chairman, tim kaine. >> reporter: a new poll out wednesday from quinnipiac university shows both candidates in a statistical tie. tim kaine is leading george allen 44-43% but that is within the margin of error. >> i helped lead virginia through the toughest economy in. >> reporter: tim kaine has been touring and allen wants to lock up the republican nomination this month. >> people are anxious and worried about losing their jobs. >> reporter: democrats control the u.s. senate right now, 53
5:32 pm
seats to 47 seats for the republicans and analysts say that democrats want to hold on to the senate. virginia is going to be key. >> and that is go that is going to be a close race. >> reporter: he said the poll shows a pool of voters who still have not made up their mind. >> and we also see in those polls that they're about 10% or so of the voters undecided. and there is a lot of movement and play left in the election between now and november. a lot of things can happen between now and then. >> reporter: and with virginia paramount in the race, they will hold an uncommon center of attention. one other surprise that came out of the poll was to look at the virginia's governor's race on the republican side. it's showing the current attorney general, ken kuchinelli, has opened up a big lead against the lieutenant governor. they both hope to replace the
5:33 pm
governor when his term comes to an end next year. shawn? >> thank you. president obama and vice president joe biden hit the road today with similar messages. their trips come a day after republicans won a strong victory in wisconsin. that race sending a ripple affect through the campaign as the general election nears. craig bosswell reports. >> reporter: the day after the republican governor turned back the recall efforts, the results followed president obama on the campaign trail. >> and to that wisconsin vote. >> reporter: the president is off to california, if a two- day, three-day swing. he was there picking up campaign cash. >> thank you. >> reporter: the vice president delivered the sec part of the two-pronged re-election today calling out republicans during a stop in north carolina. >> and the problem is not what our republican friends in congress refuse to do, it's
5:34 pm
what they propose to do. >> reporter: the obama campaign said gop budget proposals will further harm an already sluggish recovery. mitt romney places the blame squarely on the president. >> we have a president who doesn't really understand the fundamentals of what makes an american economy go. >> reporter: romney is campaigning in texas the second day. the back-and-forth bickers comes against a backdrop by scott walter in wisconsin over his democratic challenger. many believe the recall election last night indicates a tougher presidential battle in the badger states this fall. a state president obama previously won by a wide margin. >> romney victor by no means guaranteed in wisconsin and that is going to be a battleground. >> reporter: wisconsin has not been in a republican presidential candidate since 1984. president obama stopped in nevada thursday to discuss new proposals to repay college license. craig bosswell, fox news. and an anonymous hacker claims he got access to presidential candidate mitt
5:35 pm
romney's private e-mail account. he got into the hot mail files by guessing the answer to his security question about the favorite pet. the hacker changeed romney's password. the romney campaign said the proper authorities are now investigating. business networking site linked in said some of the business passwords were stolen and leaked to the internet. a security expert recommends that users change their passwords as soon as possible. the passwords are encrypted in a file but hackers are working to crack the code to get access and a human foot and hand were mailed to two vancouver schools. it could be the latest evidence in the case of a porn actor accused of dismembering his former lover. he mailed body parts to political members last week. he was arrested in berlin on monday while partying in paris and eluding police for days. they believe he may have cannibalized his victim. coming up, a contestant claims the miss u s piper jaffray & co.ent is regged.
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find out what -- the usa pageant is rigged. and a woman who said her date gave her herpes scores a major victory. 
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. days after the miss usa pageant, a beauty queen and donald trump are squaring off. miss pennsylvania claims the competition is rigged and another contestant saw the list of the top five before the pageant started. touch is the owner of the miss universe pageant firing back saying he will sue miss pennsylvania over her claims. a legal victor for an oregon woman who claims a man infected her with an std. the jury awarded her 9$00,000. she met the retired dentist on a dating website and said that the doctor never warned her he
5:40 pm
had herpes. the doctor testified that high didn't know he was contageous with the disease the day they had sex. one juror said the decision came down to common sense. >> a reasonable person would tell their partner they have herpes before they have sex and that is -- he failed to do that. >> the award issued friday is believed to be the largest of its kind in oregon. a george washington university law professor is taking up the fight for five wives vodka. idaho officials say they're banning that kind of liquor because it's offensive to mormon. the attorney general said he would sue if the state doesn't reverse its position in 10 days. he will sue over free speech and other claims. >> love is in the air at a local retirement community. coming up, two couples come together to celebrate their 70th wedding opsver -- anniversary. >> wow. and also ahead, the shuttle enterprise arrives at its final resting place. we'll take you there.
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and we'll see more cool temperatures overnight. gary is back with your forecast. forecast. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperieence.
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i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class... and left the state two point six billion deeper in debt. so now, when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president... i know what it takes to create jobs. [ male announcer ] remember, we've heard it all before. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] romney economics. it didn't work then, and it won't work now.
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the shuttle enterprise arrived at the final destination. it's now a permanent fixture at the intrepid sea, air, and space museum in new york. laura ingall has details on the long trip. >> reporter: enterprise flew from washington to new york on april 27th and stayed at jfk international airport until sunday. while the space shuttle was being transported from the airport to the wakes marine ship yard in new jersey, a gust of wind caused one of the wings to scrape against a railroad bridge in jamaica bay, slightly damaging the wing tip. once at the shipyard, enterprise was lifted by a giant crane on to a barge where it was arrested for an extra day due to bad weather. and now, the final leg of the shuttle's trip to the intrepid sea, air, and space museum
5:45 pm
where it will be on permanent display. >> we have been waiting 3 1/2 years for this and this is spectacular. looks like the weather is in our favor and we're excited to finally sea the shut ole our flight deck. >> reporter: the shuttle passing the statue of libertyerty and the world trade center en route to the museum. onlookers say this is a big deal for new york city to house the rare icon. >> and the, and obvious and the economy, we see all of the cruise ships stocking here now and to have the space shuttle here, oh, my god. it's like impactful and that is cool. >> reporter: the intrepid museum president said it's an engineering feet to move a space shuttle on to the intrepid. >> and this is the first time it's been placed on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier and for our engine ears, they had to re-engineer to make sure the weight on the wheels was supported at right level. >> reporter: once on display, it will be held 10 feet off of the ground so onlookers can walk around it and us it.
5:46 pm
the museum president hopes it will educate all who come to see it. >> we have what is an exciting artifact for kids to come and if we -- if we can excite them, maybe they will be the researchers and scientists and engineers and that makes us happy. >> reporter: the enterprise is on display starting july 19th. and in new york, laura ingalls, fox news. following breaks news, the pictures coming here. in montgomery county fire department on the scene here and there is a fire at this house and can you see a hole there in the roof and several hoses around there, obviously. the montgomery county fire department is on the scene and this is an active investigation, an active working fire situation right now. there was fire showing from the house earlier and that looks like, appears they have gotten this under control. can you see all of the fire equipment there blocking that
5:47 pm
street right there. no word on injuries right now. they're looking for the cause. again, this is in the 900 block of veers mill road in montgomery county in rockville. specifically and we'll continue to stay on top of this and bring you more as we get it. >> all right. here we are, back talking about this weather forecast. not a bad day at all. >> pretty day. >> it's been nice and temperatures in the 70s. >> yeah. >> and morning lows in the 50s. who is complaining about that? >> not me. >> i was insinuating. and we will have temperatures warming up into the weekend and that is looks like summer will be back. i hope you enjoyed the last few days here of these unusually cool temperatures and in is good out there right now, but the places getting rain and we looking back there and this is where we have had the one storm
5:48 pm
system to the city here. a significant piece of rain and heavy rain at times and we continue to see red s and oranges and that is is go the beltway and in, there we'll get you the rain and that doesn't appear to be moving much and i suspect it's going to sit there and rain itself out. another shower and spotty this afternoon and this evening and to waldorf and some nowhere parts of prince charles county. again, looks like they're going up and they raining themselves downs and putting down a good area of rain and that is not moving much. okay, we could get some more before it's all said and done. in the city now, temperatures 72 degrees. gaithersburg at 70; frederick up to 77 and notice back out for dulles and monasses and culpepper and fredericksburg. comfortable there and the temperatures in the lower 70s and that is a spotty shower or
5:49 pm
thunderstorm at 7:00 and some temperatures in the lower 70s. clouds at 9:00 and temperatures in the upper 60s. i think most of the rain or thunderstorm activity will calm down with that setting sun. and a few clouds lingering at 11:00. the temperature in the mid-60s and tonight, looks like another comfortable situation and with some temperatures in the mid- 50s and talking about upper 50s to lower 50s and comfortable. and up to 80 degrees and we talked about the heat and to build in for the weekend and talking upper 80s and lower 90s this weekend. 87 on saturday; 91 on sunday and that is looking more humid on sunday. and both days here, we could get a couple of isolated showers or thunderstorms and
5:50 pm
with that in mind, we can bring a thunderstorm from up north and we're still under the influence of a trough of low pressure and that is why we have been cool, a chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm and this evening, we're getting the occasional shower-thunderstorms popping up here for us and to the north of the district, nothing popped up so far and that is the case throughout the rest of the evening. the isolated evening, sun and clouds tomorrow. spotty thunderstorms in that day. not for everybody and the temperature is up to about 80 degrees or so and winds out of the west-northwest and that is from five to 10 miles an hour. a lot like today, warmer and most locations will be at least touching 80 degrees for a high temperature. some of you will stay in the upper 70s and for the most part, it looks nice. friday, plenty of sunshine, 83.
5:51 pm
and then as we get into saturday and sunday, up goes the temperature and a little bit more humidity on sunday and monday. and we'll have at least an isolated chance of a thunderstorm for the weekend. by no means will it be a rainout. >> all right. >> hot, hot, hot. >> yeah. >> and bring it o. thanks, gary. on this day 70 years ago, several weddings were performed. we know that because two couples in a retirement home are both celebrating their 70th anniversaries. our own beth parker has the story of lasting romance. >> reporter: if you like a good love story, shirley two is twice as nice. >> i just looked at him and thought he was great. >> she's the epitome of a beautiful person. >> reporter: bob was just a teenager on a truck ride from boston to new orleans. his older boss hatched a plan. >> he said there is a young lady in new orleans that i want you to meet. and i said to myself boy, i can imagine what sort of a sunday school teacher this is goings
5:52 pm
to introduce me to. >> that blind date worked out well. >> i saw her the words came into my head. this is the girl. >> and he was a new englander and i was a southerner. >> she wanted me to go with the wind to straighten out my history and her mother would not permit it. she's been to gone with the wind once that afternoon. >> reporter: bob and lauren married june 6th, 1942 and that is 70 years ago. >> cliff, andy, roof and grace -- every meal, somebody spilled milk and i don't think anyone ever cried over it. >> reporter: they found a lot to laugh about. >> i have felt the same way all these years. this was the man. >> reporter: they live in a rockville retirement community called ingleside where handle it or not, another blind date worked out. >> it was a blind date.
5:53 pm
and -- you don't know what you going to end up with. >> they're celebrating their 70th anniversary on the same day. >> and that is a long time. who thinks of 70 year when is you getting married? >> reporter: they live on the seventh floor and the cunninghams on the first floor. until today, they had not met. >> hi. >> hi. >> congratulations. >> reporter: their advice? >> give and take. give a lot and smile all the time. nothing so bad you can't smile. >> and love each other. >> and love each other very much. >> reporter: they celebrate this weekend and the cunninghams renew their vows today. she got the wedding cake she never had. >> waited a long time for that? >> yes. >> and that is worth it. >> reporter: it couldn't have been sweeter. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> oh, wow. congratulations to both of them. >> yes. >> and 70 years.
5:54 pm
>> and that is taking a lot of dedication. let's look at what is next on the news edge six. and staying on top of the fox 5 exclusive editor -- out of maryland where two offduty prince georges county officers are accused of arresting two teenagers and beating one. we have a live update off of the top. and one of the largest casinos in the u.s. opening the doors in maryland in just a few hours. we'll take you there live for a preview. and the area's hospitals flat lining? a new grady system is handing out pretty surprising scores. we'll look closer next. closer
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5:57 pm
. d.c. public schools are still losing principals at a faster rate than suburban schools. 18 principals are leaving their post at the end of the year, that is 14% of school leaders. "the washington post" reports
5:58 pm
that in montgomery county, there was a 10% turnover in 2011. and three years before, that five principals, 5% of principals left their jobs. she's only in second grade but a virginia girl is getting a big honor. the 8-year-old called 911 a few weeks ago after seeing her mom fall down the stairs. the county's emergency call center presented her with the 911 citizens lifesaver award in front of her classmates at school. she described the scene to reporters and told them why she called 911. >> and i saw an opening here and her eye on that. >> wow. >> and she told the freighter she learned how to call 911 at school and she's the third person to ever receive that award. >> brave little girl.
5:59 pm
>> yes. >> and her mom must be proud of her. >> yes. thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. right off of the top, a news alert from the highest levels of d.c. government. council chairman brown is charged with bank fraud. he's the second council member to be charge criminally in the past six months and matt ackland is live with more. >> reporter: let me set the scene for you around noon and that is when we heard chairman brown would be charged with bank fraud. the reporters came here and at 3:00, there was a private meeting behind closed doors and at that point, we were told by a council member inside that that


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