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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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sorry, lady, spider-man off the market as he surprised his girl friend during a festival in utah. he saved her from some would be attackers and popped the question. after all that effort she said yes. very creative. thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. we'll start off with a developing story in maryland. thousands have flooded to the state's newest casino creating gridlock in the area. here's a live look from sky fox, long lines of people outside waiting to wager a little money, try their luck, huge crowds flooded to the anne arundel mills gambling destination all night. now people are even being turned away. fox 5's wisdom martin on the ground. >> reporter: you're right. people are being turned away because it's packed inside. you talked about the traffic a few minutes ago. look at this traffic. the congestion that's taking place here in the area and keep in mind this is just the first night during the week.
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so you can only imagine what it's going to be like on the weekend. a lot of people not happy they were unable to get in the first night. of course, you still have the rest of the time to gamble. let's look at video from when we were inside the casino tonight, las vegas style gaming now here in maryland. we're talking about maryland live! casino here at anne arundel mills mall. it officially opened tonight at 10:00. there are thousands of las vegas style slot machines and table games here. the state hopes this is a big win for them as well because right now an estimated 14 million people already come to the anne arundel mills mall. they're expecting that number to jump tremendously now that this casino is here. >> this is a world class gaming entertainment attraction. it's going to attract people from all over the baltimore/washington market, right? we're going to spend over a mill -- send over a million dollars a day to the education trust fund in maryland.
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we'll be the no. 1 taxpayer in the state. >> reporter: so again here at anne arundel mills you can see that traffic is a nightmare. you have mall crowd and now you have the casino crowd as well. so again imagine what it will be like on the weekend with all the shoppers and you have the people coming here to the casino because it's pretty limited parking and the lines are already around the corner. people are being turned away from the casino, but this is what they expect. they want the crowds who are here shopping and they want also the people who are here ready to gamble and spend their money because that means lots of money for the state of maryland. back to you. another developing story, kwame brown out of the d.c. council. the former chair resigned tonight hours after he was slapped with a federal bank charge fraud. investigators claim he lied about his income on loan applications. fox 5's bob barnard with our coverage. >> just yesterday kwame brown was telling us he had no plans
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to resign, but tonight facing a felony charge following a lengthy federal criminal investigation kwame brown slammed the door on his once meteoric political career. disgraced d.c. council chairman kwame brown was swarmed by reporters and photographers leaving his office in the wilson building late today. >> i will have a comment tomorrow, thank you. no comment as of now. >> about four hours later the embattled 41-year-old d.c. council chairman resigned from office. in a letter to the council secretary, brown writes, "i hereby resign my position as chairman of the council effective immediately. i have made some very serious mistakes in judgment for which i will take full responsibility. i have chosen the only honorable course in submitting my resignation at this time." >> well, i'm extremely saddened. i don't even want to sort of characterize it that's how badly i feel. >> now charged with a felony,
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one count bank fraud, the charging document called a criminal information essentially means brown is planning to plead guilty. prosecutors allege he overstated his income by tens of thousands of dollars on an application for a home equity loan more than six years ago. >> this is obviously a sad chapter in the city's history. we have gone through now nearly two years of what has appeared to be constant allegations of wrong doing among the elected leadership of the city. >> brown is now the second d.c. council member to resign from office this year. ward 5's harry thomas was the first in the city's history. he's been sentenced to 38 months in prison for stealing more than $300,000 in city funds. >> many of us down here with our nose to the grindstone passed the budget, working on schools, working on economic development and working on rebuilding the reputation of the city.
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>> and yet d.c. mayor vincent gray who treated that he is saddened and disappointed by the news today is also under federal investigation for possible corruption. >> the mayor's issue continues and as i've said, i hope the u.s. attorney can move quickly to resolve that as well. >> the new acting chair mary cheh will call a special meeting of the full council a week from today when one of the four at large members will be named to lead the council until a special election is held to replace kwame brown. >> here we go again. kwame brown's charge and resignation the talk of the town. some wonder what this means for the step as it fights for voting rights. fox 5's audrey barnes went out to get a pulse of the people. >> i'm shocked but not surprised. the way our poll politics are going now and especially -- politics are going now and especially d.c. politics it's going down one by one. i wonder who's next? >> reporter: that was the sentence we heard over and over
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again after the news broke d.c. councilman kwame brown was charged with one count of bank fraud. gabrielle opool has lived in d.c. 20 years and just got her u.s. citizenship in 2008. she says brown's charges go against everything she's learned about being a good citizen. >> you can't trust anybody. it's coming from the top. that's what shocked me the most. >> reporter: the allegations against brown don't appear to be related to his job as councilman, but they speak volumes about his character if proven true. some worry about how the repeated scandals are impacting the fight for d.c. statehood. >> it's not good. it's not good when we can't trust the leadership in our city. who can we trust? it's just a black eye for washington d.c. >>s a d.c. resident, i've been here nine years, it is getting a little old, yeah. >> reporter: megan odet is a nine-year resident and is tiring of the negative attention on d.c. leaders, but ultimately she says it's a good
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thing. >> my first reaction was lack of surprise, i guess, and my second reaction is that i'm glad at least that if he was doing something wrong, at least he's been caught and is stepping off the count. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. . -- off the council. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> could mayor vincent gray be next under allegations of campaign violations and one council member says enough is enough. david catania wants gray to come clean. >> the time has come for the mayor to provide answers to the questions people have regarding his campaign or to return as a private citizen and address those issues. >> we couldn't reach gray for comment tonight. he has not recently addressed the investigation. his spokesperson says gray has said all he can say and is focused on his job. another story tonight, a break-through in the stalemate that threatened to kill the civil line metro line. there were changes agreed to concerning union labor, a huge step forward but not the final
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step. fox 5's sherri ly explains. >> reporter: there is a major move forward from reston to dulles international airport. >> we're looking forward to a new day. there was an 11-1 vote. >> reporter: the metropolitan washington airport authority allowed cameras to record audio but not video of virginia board member tom davis and chairman michael curto during a media briefing. the board buckled to pressure from virginia's republican governor and the republican led loudoun county supervisors to drop the labor agreement and incentives even though the commonwealth had once been on board. >> you don't say no to the whole project because you don't get your way. >> when we have voted on it with november with the commonwealth's agreement, it was unanimous. >> reporter: the first phase through tyson tourists ton has a voluntary pla, but the idea logical divide over -- through tyson to reston has a voluntary
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pla, but the ideological divide over the pla has been a problem. there was an agreement if the pha is removed leaving how -- pla is removed leaving loudoun county to decide by july 4th whether to commit its share and ongoing funding. >> if we stay with the project it, is still anticipated that rail will be to loudoun county by 2018. we opt out, the project will be probably on hold. >> it's a monumental decision, but i think the loudoun board will make the right decision. >> reporter: without loudoun county, the deal falls apart. >> loudoun county board met tonight to discuss funding. there are still questions about how they will get that done, so nothing set in stone yet, final vote slated for july 3rd. coming up next on the news edge a warning for drivers in the district. >> plus axl rose robbed, wait till you hear what a thief stole from the singer next.
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check out the rundown. we're back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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gaulty verdict in a drunk driving crash that -- a guilty verdict in a drunk driving dollar killed a child.
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22-year-old victor -- drunk driver killed a child. the 22-year-old could spend more than 26 years in prison. a french model is under arrest after being accused of stealing from axl rose. he noticed three golden diamond necklaces were missing worth 200 grand. he was not wearing them at the time. axl reportedly went into rage. police were called in to cool him down. the unidentified woman turned herself in today. a warning for drivers in the district and google announcing big changes, shawn yancy with your fox 5 top five. >> what google maps upgrade will mean for you. no. 5, google maps hopes to become more convenient, more comprehensive to compete with apple products. some of the new feets include maps that can be down -- features include maps that can be downloaded and more three dimensional imagery. the new features won't be
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available for a few weeks. no. 4, tack on i bell is spicing up its mane -- fact owe bell is spicing up its -- taco bell spicing up its menu to compete with chipotle. everything on this menu will be $5 or less. no. 3, kia announced its second recall in two days. the first involves a brake problem with 2009berago crossover utility vehicles. the other recall effects 73,000 2006 to 2008 kia rios. there's a problem with the front air bag sensor. no. 2, change your linkedin passwords. hackers got their hands into the business networking site and leaked password passwords on the internet. no. 1, heads up if you have a lead foot. starting today about 27 more speed cameras in d.c. are
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online. that means no more warnings. the cameras are located in areas with a high percentage of crashes, calls for police and speeding. you can find the list of those new speed camera locations on >> cruising into the weekend and we'll turn it up a notch. >> we've been living in the 70s the last few days. it won't stick around long as we are into june now and the official start of summer is right around the corner. it seems like since the unofficial start of summer it's been a bit below normal. listen, tonight has been great. we've had a couple showers. earlier this afternoon and this evening we had some heavier downpours. some of them were in the district and especially the southwestern sections of town, arlington, alexandria, down towards northern sections of charles county, some fairly heavy rain in places. we are expecting this all to change. we have been living under a trough of low pressure the last
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several days. as we progress and transition into the weekend, the jet stream will jump into a ridge position. high pressure builds in to warm things up. we're talking 80s on saturday and it looks like there's no reason why we won't be pushing, if not into the lower 90s here on sunday and it will be a little more humid. there's a possibility -- not a great chance, but we could have an isolated thunderstorm saturday and sunday afternoon and evening both days. we'll still be under what we call a northwest flow and that can occasionally bring down a storm or passing line of storms from the north and northwest. we'll keep those in the forecast. otherwise temperatures will warm up, but to more what you would think they should be right around june maybe even into july as we're talking temperatures in the lower 90s. with this consistent trough of low pressure that's been in place the last several days you can get a sense of the circulation around that. the showers and thunderstorms build up in the meet of the day and start moving in our
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direction -- heat of the day and start moving in our direction. a few of them are lingering tonight, but it doesn't look like they'll hold together to get here. 55 for gaithersburg tonight, 59 degrees in the city, quantico 62, culpeper 50 thigh, winchester 54 and the -- 53, winchester 54. overnight tonight we're still expecting only a few clouds, of course, comfortable lows, a couple more nights i think where the temperatures will be nice and comfortable. as we progress into the weekend, it won't be so nice to epcot windows open, more mug -- keep the windows open, more muggy. tomorrow a lot like today with a spotty shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon, temperature tomorrow up to about 80 degrees. high today officially was 75. 64 tomorrow morning, 75 by lunchtime, a spotty shower by 5 p.m., temperature right around 79 by 5:00, but we may get to 80 for a high, friday warmer,
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mostly sunshine, 83 and again as we get into the weekend expect temperatures to warm up to the upper 80s into the lower 90s. here's a look at your forecast. now we switch over to sports with lindsay murphy. >> this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> hello, everybody. the redskins have stolen the headlines again announcing today the team will move training camp next season to richmond. redskins gm bruce allen and virginia governor bob mcdowell announced the changes this afternoon. they have not decided on the practice site. governor mcdonnell also approved a $4 million base grant to help keep the team in virginia. corporate headquarters will stay in loudoun county and redskins park will expand. bruce allen mentioned improvements at redskins park will include new meeting rooms, updated 10, updated weight room -- technology, updated weight room as well as a cafeteria.
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>> this has been the home of the training facility for the life of the franchise. 41 years is a special bond. so we felt the best thing to do was remodel what we have here, make this facility state of the art and keep looking at other opportunities in order to improve our game day experience. the nationals hosting the mets this evening, scoreless in the 1st inning. david wright hits the fly ball to center field and last night's hero bryce harper with a diving catch. bottom of the inning, two on for adam laroche, jeremy hefner hangs the curve ball and there's a 3-2 lead in the 5th. mike morse singles to right, his first r.b.i. of the year, welcome back, buddy. that run would prove to be the difference as the nats beat the mets 5-3. >> it's a whole new ballgame. michael morse is warming up.
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there's not going to be much left in that middle lineup. the first two guys will get on and then the thunder is coming. i've been waiting on it. in other scores the o's beat the red sox 2-1. in caps news mike knuble won't return next year following three seasons in our nation's capital. knuble was informed by gm george mcfee. he turns -- george mcphee. he turns 40 in july. in his three years here in d.c. he scored 59 goals with 52 assists. game 4 of the stanley cup finals kings trying to close out the devils. l.a. down 1-0 in the 3rd. drew doughty drove the one timer past martin brodeur tying the game at 1-1. with five minutes left david clarkson to adam henrique. the devils extend the series with a 3-1 win. game 5 heads back to new jersey on saturday. don't go too far, coming up
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with kevin durant and the thunder finish off the spurs and advance to the nba finals? stay with us to find out. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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will come back. the san antonio -- welcome bang. the san antonio spurs find -- back. san antonio spurs finds themself in a do or die swaying tonight. russell westbrook and the -- situation tonight. russell westbrook and the thunder trying to feed off the home crowd. early in the 1st quarter westbrook takes it to the hoop with authority with the one- handed jam. late in the 3rd quarter we go. thunder now down two, kevin durant using the screen to perfection. he pulls up from three. it's good. he gives them a one-point lead now in the 4th quarter the thunder leading 99-93 with under three minutes left. quarterfinals of the french open six time champion rafael nadal in the near court and he shows a nice touch on the drop
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shot. wee go on to beat fellow spaniard nicholas almagro in straight sets. on the women's side maria sharapova won to advance to her third french open semifinals. the redskins ota practice tomorrow is open to the media. we will have full reports tomorrow. that's all for sports. then will be right back.   >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. crazy, right ? well, with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte, you guys can stay in touch. ( grunts ) cool. you can video call on skype... send photos. yeah, okay. yeah, let's do it. get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon.
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a little warmer tomorrow, but a lot warmer for the weekend, temperatures for saturday and sunday back into the 80s and 90s. taking the edge off tonight, another dead celebrity coming back to life via hologram. the company that made the famous virtual tupac shakur for the coachella music festival is recreating the elvis presley hologram for live shows, tv and other projects. no word yet when it will make its official debut. now you have the news edge. as always thanks for staying up late. see you tomorrow. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.
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