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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> i loved it. >> reporter: it looks like all our zombies loved it, too. if you dare to experience apocalypse, the amusement park opens every morning at 10:30 at six flags america in mitchellville. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with then at 11:00. on deck tonight a new charge for former d.c. council chair kwame brown. the tsa called unprofessional and ineffective on capitol hill. >> and the soda summit in d.c. highlighting the dangers of sugary drinks. we'll begin with a murder mystery in maryland. a man found shot to death in his luxury apartment, his killer still on the streets and his family is left wondering why it all happened. fox 5's audrey barnes working this one now. >> police don't have a motive now for the killing and very few clues. officers were called to eric somoa's apartment last night by a family member who was unable to reach him.
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the 34-year-old, topsman at a bethesda jaguar and range rover dealership was found shot to death inside. family members are shocked by the violent way his life ended. >> i'm trying to be the strong one for the family and all, still can't believe it. get up in the morning and we still can't believe that this has happened to him. especially in his own place someone just want to take a young man's life like that. he wouldn't harm a fly and for this to happen to him yes, it's very devastating to our family. >> eric somoa leaves behind two sisters, a brother and his parents. they're pleading with the public hoping for a tip to help police crack the case. another big story, the corruption scandal swirling around city hall. call it a one-two punch for former council chair kwame brown, yesterday a bank fraud charge that led to his resignation, today another charge linked to his '08
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campaign. fox 5's laura evans with those details. >> these cases against the d.c. council chair keep growing. first it was a federal charges for bank fraud. today brown was charged with one count of unlawful cash campaign ex opinion tour stemming from his 200-- expenditure stemming from his 2008 campaign. prosecutors say brown set up a side account and authorized a family member to make withdrawals. tonight we're seeing for the fur time what the former council chair -- first time what the former council chair bought with the money he allegedly obtained in the bank fraud scheme, a luxury boat docked in d.c.'s southeast harbor according to court documents that he purchased after applying for a loan and overstating his income by tens of thousands of dollars. while many are outraged by the continued scandals in city government, some at the top are concerned about brown and his family. >> what it all boils down to is that we're elected officials, but we're human fur, you know, and we do have a -- first, you know, and we do have a life outside of what we do in city
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hall. >> i'm just sorry to see what happened yesterday to my friend and i hope he and his family are going to be fine. >> since resigning more hours ago kwame brown has not said a public word. his office is closed. his name has been removed. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton tonight released this statement about the shakeup on city council. she said, "i know that my own sadness and disappointment about the charges facing kwame brown are shared by my fellow d.c. residents. he has done the right thing by resigning quickly. now it's up to elected leaders and residents to lose no type moving ahead." speaking of what's the path going forward here? >> mary cheh is acting chair until next wednesday and she will call for a vote by the full council to decide who will replace chairman brown until an election can be called. >> and the criminal charges has d.c. mayor vincent gray speaking out insisting he was unaware of wrongdoing. the charges against brown is
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the latest chapter of the scandal that began with sulaimon brown accusing the mayor's campaign giving him money to bash adrian fenty at campaign debate. since then two campaign aides have pleaded guilty to campaign violations. today the mayor said he didn't know much about brown's latest charge. >> i think this was an investigation. we knew it was going on. i'm sure they doing it in the way they normally conduct investigations in whatever their methodical manner is. >> reporter: are you nervous about what could happen next? >> i'm going on doing my job every day. >> mayor gray added he thinks he's doing a good job leading the district saying homicides are down, unemployment is down and that he had a $240 million surplus the end of his first year in office. tough questions today on the hill for the transportation security administration director. house lawmakers grilled him today on airport security issues that plague unsuspecting travelers nationwide. fox's doug mckelway has that
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story. >> as soon as you mention tsa, a light bubble goes off and people start venting their anger. >> reporter: house psycho chairman and republican mike -- subcommittee chairman and republican mike projectors grilling the tsa officials and the effectiveness of the organization. >> with over 630 million people in a year we are not going to have 100% customer satisfaction where every single person believes they received the best possible of security screening. >> reporter: pointing out the complaints are anecdotal and the 520,000 cames that came into the tsa only -- calls that came into the tsa, only 7% were complaints, but last week at southwest florida international airport five tsa workers were fired and 38 more suspended for not performing any random screenings last year. in new york city two separate incidents have many concerned. just a few days ago a swiss army knife was detected in security. however, the passenger made it
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through the terminal and onto the plane with that knife. this comes after a 6-inch knife nearly made it through security at new york's jfk airport. some travelers in the big apple are critical of tsa's effectiveness. >> i don't know if they're checking for the right things. >> i love they're so worried about taking my toothpaste and shaving cream, but a 6-inch knife can get through security. >> reporter: pistol says the tsa has plans to test a new program that will be less invasive, a security measure that will detect behaves and focuses on suspicious -- behaviors and focuses on nervous activity such as eye contact. doug mckelway, fox news. the owner of the d.c. improv has been found dead in arizona weeks after being reported missing. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> housekeepers at a hotel outside phoenix discovered mark anderson. the cause of his death is still unknown. an autopsy is planned for tomorrow. the d.c. improv released a statement saying, "we are
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deeply saddened about the news. mark opened the d.c. improv in 1992 and we would not be where we are today without him. he will be missed." one person is dead after a stabbing at a business park on old meadow road in mclean. it happened at psychiatric rehabilitation services police say, a group that provides day support services for adults with meant illness. grady vickers was killed, another man in custody of visitors say both were clients of the agency. now to the presidential campaign, some say if you want to find the road to the white house, follow the money trail. last month gop presidential candidate mitt romney won that contest raising more money than president obama. the romney campaign raised $77 million. the president raised about 60 million. it is the first time romney has outraised the president. some are calling it public health enemy no. 1, the discussion on the dangers of sugary drinks comes to d.c., what advocates are aiming for and what their critics are saying next. >> check out the rundown. we're back.
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>> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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the battle over sugary drinks came to the nation's capital today. the first ever soda summit was
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convened, the goal of doing away with sugar laden sugars and juiceful health advocates saying they're trying to promote healthy living, but others claim the at of soda they drink, nobody's business. >> reporter: you might call it soda or you might call it pop, but in here it is public health enemy no. 1. >> there's more and more evidence that soft drinks promote obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer. >> reporter: michael jacobson organized this first ever soda summit as healthcare experts descended on washington with the goal of limiting banning or taxing sodas which they claim are making america grow but not in a good way. >> these beverages have no new triggal value. they're completely sugar -- nutritional value. they're completely sugar. they fool the brain. caffiene get added in gratuitously. >> reporter: the issue gets citywide attention when mike bloomberg said he wants to ban
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sodas bigger than 16 ounces. some attendees say sugar in sodas are only part of a problem. health experts say the serving sizes have gone from this to this in a short time and that's the problem and others say legislating how much soda you can drink is hard to swallow. >> if the public advocates don't like soda, fine, don't drink it. >> reporter: justin wilson is with the consumer freedom group that supports people's rights to eat and drink what they want. they've dubbed new york's mayor as nanny bloomberg and say how much soda people drink is nobody's business. >> what on earth makes it their right to tell us we're not allowed to drink it or we have to pay more for it? >> reporter: how do the soda summitters feel about being called nutrition nannies? >> i think it's a bunch of baloney. >> reporter: , which of course, isn't healthy neither large amount, but that's a story for another v appears, but that's a steer for another time.
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tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. new numbers on risky behaves among teens. -- behaviors among teens, shawn yancy with your fox 5 top five. >> we start off with technology and risky behavior among teenagers. known 5, more teens are texting -- no. 5, more teens are texting and driving. a recent survey found more than half of all teenagers say they text while behind the e-mail. a typical teen sends and receives about 100 messages a day. no. 4, if you are overweight, people with a large waistline, you have the same chance of developing type 2 diabetes as people who are obese. a large waistline is defined as 35 inches or more in a woman, 40 inches or more in a man. no. 3, first linkedin, now e harmony. the dating website says about 6 million user passwords were compromised in the same hack that hitted linkedin. e harmony re-- that hit linkedin. e hash money reset those
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passwords. -- e harmony reset those passwords. expect delays on the green, red and blue lines and look out for single tracking on portions of the red, blue and green lines. no. 1, if your weekend plans include gambling in maryland's newest casino or shopping at anne arundel mills mall in hanover, expect a lot of heavy traffic. this was the scene on opening night right outside maryland live! casino. officials are warning people to expect slow traffic along routes 100 295 and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> we're turning up the meet as we cruise into the weekend. >> it's been a great week if you ask me. i've been enjoying these temperatures in the 70s, shower here or there but really no big deal, but here comes the hot stuff for the weekend and by saturday and sunday we're going to be pushing 90 degrees around here. i think even on sunday we're talking about some lower 90s,
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getting ahead of myself, though. great evening, gorgeous tonight. everything has moved on tonight, just very, very comfortable temperatures here in town, already down to 67 degrees, gaithersburg now 55. some other spots in the 50s, winchester 57, culpeper 57 and a few spots in the western suburbs holding onto the lower 60s, annapolis a nice night, 68 degrees, great to be by the water. there was no showers or thunderstorms there and baltimore right now is sitting at 51 degrees. so these showers that we had earlier, the storms we had earlier have all moved on and dissipated, definitely looks like it will be a little drier for tomorrow. we may have one isolated shower or a thunderstorm out there
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from time to time tomorrow, late afternoon into the evening, but it looks like it will be a lot drier than what we were earlier this evening. that's not saying a lot because we didn't have a lot of coverage to the showers and thunderstorms. so up in the 80s areawide for tomorrow. we did manage to be up close to 80 for just about everybody today and as i mentioned earlier, looks like we'll have some 90s coming in for the weekend primarily looking like it's going to be on sunday, okay? not quite 90 degrees on saturday the way it's looking now, but we should have areawide 90, 92 degrees or so coming up sunday. this is the last six hours as we take you back to this afternoon about 5:00. knosp the showers and thunderstorms coming down from -- notice the showers and thunderstorms coming down from the southwest, some of these producing some real good rain. if you were under them, you know, but by 8:30, 9:00, they quickly begin to dissipate and all we have left now is right
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along interstate 64 headed towards the tidewater region in virginia. this is the weekend forecast, 88 degrees saturday for a high temperature. one good thing about this weekend, it won't be too terribly humid. i think sunday probably will be a little more humid than saturday, but we're definitely not talking about anything too oppressive. cooler in the suburbs tonight, in the 50s. it will certainly be a dry overnight, winds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. this is a look at the five-day forecast. so stepping up the temperatures, 84 tomorrow, a little warmer than what we've had today and then as we get into the within upper 80s saturday for just about everybody, lower 90s on sunday for about everybody, perhaps a degree or two cooler on monday. there will be a frontal system in the area monday. i'm not sure how far that front will come through on monday. so we'll probably stay right around 90 degrees. a little cooler tuesday with a few thunderstorms possible there and we may just have a rumble of thunder here or there as we head through the weekend, but it looks like it's
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primarily just going to be hot and dry. now we're ready for lindsay murphy who is in with sports. this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> hello, everybody. today the redskins wrapped up their 10th and final ota, but their work far from over. minicamp begins next week and training camp around the corner. there's a new face at redskins park, wide receiver josh morgan who signed as a free agent after four years with the 49ers. his best season came in 2010 when he caught 44 passes for sick 98 yards. the d.c. native played -- 698 yards. the d.c. native gets to suit up now for his hometown team. >> it's kind of surreal because i never thought i'd be back here playing, growing up here in d.c. i grew up 3 or 4 blocks down the street from rfk my whole life and going to virginia tech, you just never expect you'll be back here playing in front of everybody you grew up with.
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it's definitely been a blessing. i'm had. and focused and i'm ready -- humble and focused and i'm ready to do whatever i have to do to help this team win. if you ask any hit ir, a knuckleballer -- hitter, a knuckleballer is really hard to hit and the nats know all about it. top of the 5th, no score. a runner on, two outs and duda, did you do it to right center? oh, yeah, into the front row it goes, a two-run shot, his t. of the year gives the mets a 2-0 -- his 10th of the year gives the mets a 2-0 lead. bryce harper was one of eight strikeout victims. top 9, nats down 3-0. there's harper off and running. he dives but not coming up with the ball. harper hustles and relays it in, but it's too late. wright in with a standup
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triple. harper banged up on the play. he said he's fine after the game. nats fall to the mets 3-1 and give all credit to pitcher r.a. dickey who had the nats fishing for just about anything. >> tried to look for something. nothing was on. just try to swing as hard as you can or something. i don't even know. first time really faced a knuckle ball guy like that. hopefully next time we can get him a little bit. he's 9-1 for a reason. he's doing pretty well. >> tip of the cap. orioles at red sox bottom of the 2nd, boston leading 2- 0, dustin pedroia with the bases loaded and andino is taken out as he throws. the ball goes into the dugout allowing another run. bad night for the orioles blasted bit red sox 7-0. 7--- by the red sox 7 -0. coming up can king james stay on his throne or another game or does he get court jesterred? highlights from the heat and celtics coming up next
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purchases next-- next. 
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last night the thunder punched their ticket to the nba finals and tonight the celtics had that same opportunity if they could beat the heat, but they had to get by king james first. 2nd quarter the heat inside to chris bosh. he spins and misses. look at lebron james, there for the ridiculous following jam. the king scored 23 points. 3rd quarter lebron takes the pass and sinks the baseline jumper finishing with 45 points, 15 boards. heat up 13. 4th quarter lebron brings it up and shares the wealth, gives it to d. wade for the reverse lay- in. the heat built a 25-point lead and grew to a 98-79 victory. game 7 saturday night back in south beach. french open semifinals second seeded maria sharapova in the far court facing fourth seed petra kovidava. sharapova takes the 1st set 6-
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3. an ace down the mid and sharapova the winner 6--- middle and sharapova winner 6- 3, 6-3 and advanced to her first french open final. that's all for sports tonight, but the news edge will be right back. >> the verizon 4g lte sport desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. you guys can stay in touch. ( grunts ) cool. you can video call on skype... send photos. yeah, okay. yeah, let's do it. get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon.
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five-day forecast, tomorrow looks real good, sunshine, don't think we'll see nearly as much thunderstorm activity as we saw and it gets hotter for the weekend. taking the edge off now
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with a robbery foiled by a bruce lee fan. this is surveillance video from a 7-eleven in orlando this morning. a robber with a knife demanded money from the clerk. the customer behind him grabbed a wine bottle off a shelf as a weapon, then swift kicked the knife out of the robber's hand. the robber ran off, got away. the customer says he never studied martial arts. he just watched a whole lot of bruce lee movies growing up. paid off. now you have the news edge. thanks as always for staying up late with us. see you back here tomorrow. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.
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