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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. carjackers hit three people in 30 minutes and one of the brave victim's behavior is caught on tape. >> plus a virginia police officer appears in court channeled with killing a woman in her -- charged with killing a woman in her car, tonight stunning new details about the shooting. >> my mother and father have raised me to never be n a situation like this -- in a situation like this. >> prosecutors explain how kwame brown abused the law. this accident. this is i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. -- thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. kwame brown with a plea deal
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may not get any jail time at all. fox 5's matt ackland explains. >> i served this city for over seven years. i love this city. >> reporter: leaving federal court after he admitted guilt to bank fraud, the former chairman of the d.c. council made an emotional speech. >> six years ago i made some very serious mistakes in judgment and i have taken full and so he responsibility for those mistakes. >> reporter: brown admitted to committing bank fraud twice years ago, the fur on a home equity loan application, the -- the first on a home equity loan application, the other on a home equity loan to buy a boat. on the home loan he created a fake position with a company to indicate he was making more money. on the boat loan he changed numbers on a 1099 tax income form from a real job at a consulting company. he changed his income from 35,000 to 85,000 by changing the 3 to 8. >> those decisions and actions
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should not have occurred. one of the consequences of those decisions is my resignation as chairman of the council of the district of columbia. mbia. >> reporter: later in the day brown pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor campaign violence. he knew a family member had access to a side account to pay campaign workers, but brown says money from his campaign was never stolen. >> i have not stolen or either improperly used any public money. >> reporter: during both hearings brown spoke in a soft voice as he answered the judge' questions. at times he closed his eyes or looked down. >> i sincerely regret the pain that this has caused each of you. my mother and father have raised me to never be in a situation like this. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> it's important to note the banks did not lose any money by approving those loans. brown made all the payments.
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he will be sentenced on both charges in september. following today's guilty pleas the u.s. attorney held a news conference with the irs and the fbi telling reporters further charges against kwame brown are unlikely, but the investigation continues into the former chairman's 2008 campaign. fox 5's paul wagner joins us live tonight with that part of the story. >> the u.s. attorney ron machen called kwame brown's guilty pleas a dark and unfortunate day for the city telling reporters the council chair's resignation was part of the deal. machen said his office did not target brown. instead the charges came as a result of a referral from the d.c. board of ethics and kwame brown himself. >> when mr. brown sent those fraudulent loan documents to the bank, he traded away his principles for personal gain. once we discovered that fraud along with the repeated cash expenditures over and above the
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$50 limit, we simply could not allow him to remain in his position, a position in which he yielded tremendous influence over a city budget in the billions of dollars. >> blaming the campaign finance charge against brown, prosecutors say he flagrantly abused the law writing one check for $1,500 cash. the law says campaigns may not write checks for cash greater than $50. >> paul wagner, thank you. fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us now. what a week we've, had the second highest ranking d.c. city official resigned, pled guilty to criminal charges. did you man we would be here when this week began? -- imagine we would be here when this week began? you and i were talking about this same issue. >> i did say before if any action was going to be taken, the mayor was under investigation, if they were going to take an action in terms of guilt, they would definitely take it first with
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the chairman of the council because the chairman succeeds the mayor. there has been no charge filed against the mayor. the mayor is under investigation, but they weren't going to indict the mayor and then they wanted to make sure that the line of succession, the chairman suck seeds the mayor, that if there was -- succeeds the mayor, that if there was a vacancy they wouldn't have two back to back indictments. we don't have that, but that's what they wanted to keep from occurring. >> let's talk about that line of succession. who would replace kwame brown. i know right now mary cheh is acting, but after that who are the leading contenders to replace kwame brown? >> i spoke to player cheh late this afternoon and she told me wednesday -- mary cheh late this afternoon and she told me on wednesday when they have the meeting that she will offer a motion that phil mendelson will be the chair and that michael brown who is an independent -- the other democrat is vincent orange -- would be the chairman pro tem. they would hope there wouldn't
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be any other motions offered and the politics of this is that vincent orange does not like that, would like to contest, but he can count like everybody else and if he doesn't have any votes, he'll have to go along with that. then afterwards there has to be a special election, 114 days after the appointment of the council and phil mendelson who has been in for 14 years said he would run for chair and we'll see whether anybody would oppose him at that time. >> let me ask you a little bit about this. we spoke briefly about d.c. mayor vincent gray who you mentioned is still under investigation by the feds. you saw him tonight. now is he faring? >> the mayor is acting just as any other mayor would act under this. in fact, he was quite good. he was at a georgetown celebration. he was humorous and relaxed and comfortable and that's what you of expect any office holier to
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do until -- holder to do until there's something unfortunate and he is perform as if there is nothing. he got above or around him. he got a warm applause and he's being mayor until something else happens or nothing else happens. >> let me ask what if something else happens? what if he's brought up on charges, then who takes over? >> that's an interesting question. we can play this unfortunate game. if he takes over, then phil mendelson, the chair, would move up and be the mayor, the acting mayor, until there's a special election again. so we have sort of a domino effect. the mayor has not been charged, but that's the line and then they'd have to pick somebody who is remaining of the at large members to become the council chair. so it's really a question of domino's. everybody is waiting on something having to do with the mayor. that's the biggest deal and
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everybody in the city wants some clair fibs. the u.s. attorney is not -- clarification. the u.s. attorney is not going to tell us what he's going to do or when. we just have to wait and see what happens. >> we will be waiting and watching, fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, thanks so much for coming in tonight. we are following a news alert out of prince george's county where police are asking for the public's help to try to catch three men involved in a carjacking spree over the weekend. one of the crimes was caught on tape. fox 5's audrey barnes joins us now with more. >> all three carjackings and attempts happened within half an hour last sunday in clinton. police are hoping surveillance tape from one of those incident will help them catch those responsible. this is surveillance video of armed carjacking suspects trying to steal a woman's 2007 charger. she was in the drive-thru line at the hanger club on old branch avenue at the time and was clearly not willing to give up her vehicle even though one of the suspects put a gun in
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her face at one window and a second armed man was at the other window. >> the suspect brandished a handgun on both sides. you will see in the video that the suspect points the handgun at the victim demanding her to get out of her car and you will see also that the passenger side is a suspect banging on her window and in fear of her life she drove off. >> police say before the thieves encounted the woman at the drive-thru, they had already carjacked a man on stuart lane, but that vehicle ran out of gas. they then tried to steal a guy's jeep on old branch avenue minutes later but couldn't and that's when they made it to the hanger club. coming up at 11:00 we'll talk about the store clerk who was actually waiting on the woman when those armed men tried to carjack her. >> scary moments, thank you. we're following a developing story out of virginia. a police officer charged with murder is now out of jail on
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bond. a judge denied daniel harmon -- excuse me, decided daniel harmon-wright can remain free while waiting for trial. he's accused of shooting a woman to death. fox 5's bob barnard reports. >> reporter: daniel harmon- wright pleaded not guilty today to all four charges against him. the 32-year-old marine, an iraq war veteran who grew up in vienna, virginia, is charged with murdering a woman in her car while he was on the job as a town of culpeper police officer. >> this community will be safer when he's out. he is not only not a danger, he is one of the most socially responsible people i've ever met. >> reporter: what we learned in court today were startling new facts about what allegedly happened here on northeast street in culpeper back on the morning of february 9th. prosecutors say after being sent to investigate a suspicious woman in a car in the parking lot of this catholic school, officer wright fired seven shots at patricia cook as she tried to drive away. >> an initial two shots fired
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at the driver's door window. those were nonfatal wounds. >> reporter: jim fisher is the special prosecutor on the case. >> the officer then advanced his position into the roadway behind the vehicle firing from back to front into the rear of the vehicle an additional five times and among those five times were the two fatal wounds. >> reporter: wright's lawyer says the now suspended officer was just doing his job trying to protect the community. >> she cut the wheels really sharp to try to run over him with the rear wheels and executed a left turn onto a public street, all the time with a sunscreen up in her windshield. >> reporter: you can see it there still in the windshield in this image from sky fox. >> it was in the community's interest to have her stopped as quickly as possible. >> reporter: in court prosecutors alleged wright has a history of abusing alcohol. they say the culpeper police sergeant and lieutenant who interviewed him and did wright's background check six years ago had recommended he not be hired. the officer's mother, bethany
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sullivan, a one time administrative assistant to the culpeper police chief faces six felony charges of her own accused of tampering with her son's personnel file. he's being allowed out of jail on a $100,000 bond. in culpeper, virginia, bob barnard, fox 5 news. maryland residents pushing their luck, tens of thousands of them have already poured into the new casino in han jove. casino employees are telling us -- hanover. casino employees are telling us how they're controlling the crowd next. >> tonight at 11:00 a mysterious e. coli outbreak can turn deadly, why experts are having a tough time pinpointing the cause tonight on the news edge. 
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thousands of people are hoping lady luck is in anne arundel county tonight as they line up on the sidewalk as you can see, long lines on the sidewalk right outside the state's newest casino. these are live pictures via sky fox tonight from maryland live! casino at anne arundel mills
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mall in hanover, maryland. this is the first weekend the casino is open for business. officials say they've had 10,000 patrons since opening night wednesday and expect more of the same this weekend. >> basically you have anybody from new york down to north carolina all converging on this one spot trying to be a part of the excitement and traffic is natural and in order for crowd control people are coming in and we're letting people in as they come out and i think it's all part of the excitement and everybody wanting to be part of that. those things are kind of natural with this kind of event. >> you just saw live pictures of what it was like tonight. the traffic maybe not as bad, but of this the scene wednesday night, the first night of business. the big crowds mean major traffic backups and delays all throughout that area. we will keep bringing you live pictures from hanover as the news continues here on fox 5 news at 10:00. it is a common complaint these days you hear a lot from d.c. drivers, those red light
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and speed cameras everywhere raking in big bucks, about $40 million just this past fiscal year. overall the city mailed out more than 470,000 tickets. aaa spokesman john townsend said the city has become too reliant to fill its coffers on traffic tickets. >> you're seeing hundreds of thousands of tickets a year and the mayor has come out and flatly said that this is about revenue. he says i want to increase the number of cameras so we can bring in an additional $30 million in the next budget cycle. >> but townsend concedes the red light and speed cameras have improved safety and the city is seeing fewer deadly accidents in places where the cameras are set up. >> finally the weekend is here. of it nice and hot out there -- here. it is nice and hot out there today and people are wondering if we're going to continue all weekend long. >> it was a lot like summer. >> it actually will feel hotter than today.
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we'll be close to 90 tomorrow. >> okay. >> lower 90s sunday. >> turn on the ac. >> get hot just thinking about it, aren't you? we see a few clouds coming down from north and west left over from a few showers up there. no big deal, though. we certainly won't get wet. they'll be with us the next few hours, ends up being mostly fair overnight. temperatures are dropping in some places out there tonight, very nice. look at how the temperatures are holding up in the upper 70s here in town, 70 degrees in fredericksburg and in the 60s for manassas and culpeper, western neighborhoods around dulles already in the upper 60s and gaithersburg is real nice down around 64 already, frederick not getting the temperature there. lows tonight should continue to drop off. i think in some sections they could be down to the upper 50s. we're talking middle 60s here in town overnight tonight, a little bit on the cool side, not quite as cool as where we have been the last couple
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overnights, but no doubt still very comfortable and it does look like even though we're going to warm up this weekend, we won't have a lot of humidity. so we're not talking about oppressive stifling heat, anything like that, but we're just talking lots of sunshine and a gradual warming trend that will take us right through into next week. more details, all the numbers, full forecast coming up in a bit. it may sound like a gimmick, but some hospitals are pretty desperate out there. pay your bills right away and you'll get a discount. fox's claudia cowen shows us. >> reporter: typical reaction after a hospital visit? >> when i get those hospital bills, my heart just goes oh. >> reporter: fees for the drugs, treatments and tests can be confusing and staggering, but now more hospitals are offering patients options. those who pay their bill early or bypass their insurance company altogether can actual slave money.
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at miran general north of san francisco patients who settle their bills right away can get 25% off. even those without insurance could get as much as half off their bill if they pay the hospital directly within 30 days. >> for those patients that are in a position to pay their bill promptly, it's good for them because they get a discount and it's good for the hospital because it saves us money on the back end on the collection side. si >> reporter: administrators say collecting payments cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. after they bill the insurance company it can take up to six months to get reimbursed and only then do they bill the patient. healthcare experts say bad debt is putting hospitals at risk. >> it's an industry that faces hard times and most would say if you can collect something, it's better than taking a chance on collecting nothing. >> take about five or six really deep breaths. >> reporter: doctors like alameda, california internist david belk are also giving deals to patients who give them cash up front. >> if somebody comes to me with a $50 bill and says doctor, can you see me, i don't have to
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bill the insurance company which doesn't give me a major headache. >> reporter: dr. belk's website the truth cost of healthcare advises patients to negotiate and find out if they can lower their bill for not using insurance. for a lot of people that may not be possible, but the take- away here is patients need to become active consumers because the bill you get might not necessarily be the bill you have to pay. claudia cowen, fox news. some of the nation's top children's hospitals are right here in our region. u.s. news and world report ranked 80 of the nation's hospitals. among 12 on a hospital honor roll are two in our area, johns hopkins children's center and children's national medical center in northwest. johns hopkins came in eighth for diabetes and endocrinology and 10th for neonatology. children's ranked 10th in neonatology and 10th in cancer treatments. actress lindsay lohan rushed to the hospital today
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after crashing this very expensive car. maybe we'll see it, maybe not. maybe you'll have to come back and we'll show you. we'll tell you why she insists the crash was not her fault. 
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lindsay lohan back in the news tonight after crashing a porsche into the back of an 18 wheeler near los angeles. posted a photo of the wrecked car on its website. lohan was taken to a local hospital and was later released. she was not seriously hurt, nor was her assistant who was a passenger. police are investigating. lohan claims the truck driver cut her off. all you sneaker heads out there listen up. they're lining up for a chance to own the latest nike shoe. it's not just any shoe. it's the air easy 2 designed by rapper kanye west. downtown locker room in northwest d.c. is the only store selling the brand-new
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shoe. >> it's a pretty unique shoe it. it has some extra fine attention to detail on the lace locks and it's pretty dope. >> by the way, only three to 5,000 pairs will be sold nationwide. they will set you back $245. time magazine is reporting the first pair of air easy 2's auctioned off on ebay sold wednesday for $90,300. by the way, they're a lot cheaper on ebay right now. i just looked. looks like someone can't keep a secret. tonight the investigation into national security leaks is intensifying and two local attorneys are getting involved. that story is ahead. >> if you see a story we should look into, let us know. call 202-895-3000 or you can send us a news tip to fox5tips at we'll be right back. graduate, now that your journey begins,
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00.
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president obama made a surprise appearance in the white house briefing room today to urge congress to pass his latest jobs bill. meanwhile his gop challenger mitt romney had a different take on the president's view of the economy. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports. >> good morning. >> reporter: with unemployment up to 8.2% in may and wall street riding a jittery june president obama friday pointed to congress for not passing his latest jobs bill. >> instead of just talking a good game about job creators congress should give the small business owners that actually create most of the new jobs in america a tax break. >> reporter: the troubled economy could mean trouble for the president's reelection. the weekly jobs report shows hiring is still slow. the president blamed republicans for using election year politics to block his agenda. >> right now people in this town should be focused on doing everything we can to keep our recovery going and keep our
10:32 pm
country strong. >> reporter: in iowa mitt romney wasted little time in ripping into the president's remarks, particularly his comment that the private sector is doing fine. >> for the president of the united states to stand up and say the private sector is doing fine is going to go down in history as an extraordinary miscalculation and misunderstanding by a president who is out of touch. >> reporter: a new fox poll out friday shows if the election were held today, it would be a tossup. political analysts on fox 5's morning news say while the left and right have made up their minds, independent voters will decide the election. >> this is the president. you have to look at what he's do an the last four years and decide whether you -- done the last four years and decide whether you want him again. >> it will be a competitive race because it was very competitive in 2000 and it was very competitive in 2004. >> reporter: which means 2012 is a contest that will go down to the last day and down to the wire. now that he's done away with
10:33 pm
his challengers in the republican primaries mitt romney is free to devote all his attention to raising money for the general election in november. that concentration appears now to be paying dividends. last month for the very first time mitt romney raised more money than president obama. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. two local prosecutors are joining a new investigation into a leak of classified information. news outlets got ahold of secret white house material including information on a drone program and attempted terror attacks. attorney general eric holder has assigned the u.s. attorneys for maryland and d.c. to look into the matter. with us tonight is roscoe howard, the district's former u.s. attorney. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for inviting me. >> so u.s. attorney for maryland rod rosenstein and u.s. attorney for d.c. ron machen will lead two separate criminal investigations. first can you say what exactly their roles will be, what they will do on top of the fbi
10:34 pm
investigation that's already ongoing? >> ordinarily what you have with any prosecutor is they essentially are the leaders. they'll probably do it hand in hand. they're both pros. they know each other and work well together and their offices will work well together and they have in the past. they are going to be the legal guides. they'll tell the fbi what it is they need, what they're going to need for a future prosecution and let them know what it is they could look for and what it is they've got legal authority to search for. >> ultimately what kinds of charges are we talking and who could be held accountable? >> these are your classic leaking of classified information charges. they are felonies, federal felonies. washington d.c. unfortunately will have a number of this, number of these types of charges because those are the kinds of matters and cases that are handled here. they will be felonies. people will be looking at jail. >> how long does an investigation like this take?
10:35 pm
i would man a pretty long time. >> it does. -- imagine a pretty long time. >> it does. you're trying to find someone purposely trying to hide. they're not somebody out there robbing a bank or making an announcement. you have to figure out what evidence you have. it might be e-mails. you may need to talk to individuals. you'll probably have wiretaps, phone listens, those sort of things, but i don't know if there's any predicting how long. it's going to matter what the quality of the evidence is and how intense the investigation becomes. >> is this a case of the white house getting sloppy? >> it's washington. >> we've seen leaks in the past. >> there have been leaks in the past and frankly, there will be leaks in the future. i would late to call it sloppiness. i just think it's -- hate to call it sloppiness. i just think it's the nature of things. it's a big government. there are a lot of people and the information usually flows through different agencies, flows through different hands.
10:36 pm
i think the government, this white house, i think all white houses do what they can to protect it, but one of the reasons you make a law against it is to warn people there's a problem if you do it and unfortunately we probably use those laws more frequently than we like. >> roscoe howard, thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you. today on capitol hill protestors rallied against a provision in the healthcare reform law. they say it violates a person's right to religious freedom. take a look. >> we will not comply. >> the government mandate would force all catholic institutions other than churches like schools, hospitals and charities to provide contraceptive coverage to their employees including abortion inducing drugs. >> the mandate affects every single american no matter what their religious belief or their view of abortion may be. >> more than 40 residence groups are suing the government to stop the mandate from taking effect. later this month the supreme court is expected to rule on
10:37 pm
the constitutionality of the healthcare reform law. a group of new jersey students will never forget their high school graduation, how mother nature brought this ceremony to a halt next. a global slowdown by mcdonald's, serving up a 3.3% jump in worldwide sales last month but wall street was betting on more. looking ahead mickey d says it's worried europe could really start to eat into its bottom line. driver's at home are paying less to fill up, the national average for regular unpleaded on a 23 day losing streak now at $3.56 a gallon. speaking of cars you may see a talking version down the road. this summer the government will start testing vehicles equipped with technology that shares information about location and speed over wireless networks. the test will involve about 3,000 cars, trucks and buses in michigan with volunteer drivers. the goal of the so-called talking cars is to avoid
10:38 pm
crashes. meanwhile looking out to monday we could see big news out of apple, a new iphone, we really don't know, but apple watchers say this year's developers conference will be one to watch and wait. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ♪
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remember what it was like to play hide and seek as a kid? a british filmmaker captured that on video. he attached a small camera to his daughter's hat and sent her off to hide. the filmmaker said he wanted to remember the perspective that we often lose in adulthood. this video from an outdoor
10:42 pm
graduation ceremony in galloway, new jersey, has gone viral. look at what appears to be a tornado off in the distance, but 10 people were hurt in the chaos, only two went to the hospital. the storm kicked up after all the graduates had walked across the stage to pick up their diplomas. we're working on breaking news tonight on the news edge at 11:00. a minivan slams into an office building and police think the driver may have done it on purpose. >> also a frightening carjacking spree including this attempt caught on camera. you'll hear from a witness who was steps away when this all happened.
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a heartbreaker at belmont. i'll have another's bid for a triple crown is over and it looks like the horse will never race again. fox 5's dave ross is in the newsroom to tell us why. >> race fans have been waiting a long time for a triple crown winner.
10:46 pm
how long? try since 1978 when affirmed won the kentucky derby, preakness and belmont stakes. we'll have to wait at least another year to see if horse racing history can be made because sadly i'll have another will not be able to compete in the final leg of the triple crown. i'll have another rallied to defeat the favorite in the kentucky derby and preakness to capture the first two jewels of the crown. he was the favorite for tomorrow's belmont stakes which was to be a 12-horse field, but today i'll have another was examined after galloping and the horse was found to have a swollen left front tendon, the start of tendonitis. so the owner paul redham had to retire his horse on the eve of the biggest race of his career. >> we tried to be quiet, but i really thought he was going to run off tomorrow and really show something. we were all in shock, but we have to do what's best for the horse and if he can't compete at the top level, you know, he's done enough. >> yes, he has. i'll have another is the first
10:47 pm
horse to win the first two legs of the triple crown and not run the belmont since bold venture way back in 1936 and sadly for race fans i'll have another will never race again. very sad and untimely for the sport that really needed an upliftinger to and this could have been it -- uplifting story and this could have been it. >> thanks for the story. think you're this extreme? these brave people are riding down the most extreme zip line in the world. this is the zip flyer in nepal. the drop here? nearly 2,000 feet at a distance of nearly 6,000 feet and flying at speeds just shy of 90 miles per hour. >> near going that fast. are bugs -- they're going that fast. are bugs hitting them in the face? >> they're wearing helmets. >> and keeping their mouth closed. >> that guy had his mouth open. it would be like -- anyway. i'm sure it's an incredible experience. i'll stick to just the zip lines around here.
10:48 pm
>> you wouldn't do that? >> maybe not. >> beautiful ride a roller coaster? come on, i'll do that. >> go for it. tell me how your experience was. >> you rode all those roller coasters that go around in circles? >> i just don't like the rides that spin in circles. tea cups, no no. >> might be a good weekend to check out the rides. >> six flags has been advertising that new roller coaster. >> the apocalypse and the zombie. >> and the other one at busch gardens. probably wouldn't be a bad time to do that. it is that season, so to speak. great day today turned into a great evening out there, a few clouds about all we've had this afternoon and this evening, but other than that it's been real nice, beautiful picture there in northwest looking down towards downtown. it warmed up today. reagan national was up to 85 degrees for a high temperature. dulles was just a little below that at 83, bwi marshall at 84
10:49 pm
degrees. not too humid today. you saw that nice blue sky out there today indicating that we didn't have real high humidity levels. i think that's going to be the case again tomorrow even though it's going to be fairly warm. it's going to be around 90 for a high tomorrow, even warmer sunday. here in town now it's 77, real good, cooling in the 60s for the suburbs, manassas, you guys sitting at 64 degrees, fredericksburg 69. hagerstown is warmer than everybody else, 74 degrees up there, a few clouds coming across. where you have some clouds in place now it's keeping the temperature up a little. speaking of the clouds, you can see them here on satellite and radar. some of this is coming down from well to the northwest of us. there was some shower and thunderstorm activity earlier. this is just a blowoff from that. it's going to continue to ride down to the south and southeast. we'll have more fair skies overnight tonight than anything and once the skies do clear, that's when the temperatures will fall off. i think some of you will be down into the upper 50s again
10:50 pm
tonight. here's high pressure out to the west. here's some showers to the north, showers with some thunderstorms in the deep south, but basically all out through the ohio river valley and back out into the midwest and central plains you're talking nothing but clear sky there. that's the high pressure building in. that's our weekend coming in. as the-builds in not just at the surface -- as the high pressure builds in not just at the surface but through the upper levels, it will continue to build the heat. close to 90 tomorrow. as we get into sunday with this high pressure ridge still sitting here with plenty of sunshine the upper 80s will turn into the lower 90s. i still don't see a lot of humidity, though, okay? so we're talking 89, 91 instead of 93 and 96 which is what it would be with a lot of humidity. that's just not the case this weekend. i'd say it's going to be fairly pleasant, as pleasant as it can be with temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s
10:51 pm
certainly around here. fair skies overnight tonight, a few clouds and a few more 50s in the suburbs at least for one more night. here in town we won't be in the 50s, the mid 60s. sunny tomorrow, hotter and some spots may challenge 90 degrees, if not 91 or 92. everybody will be doing that on sunday. loads of sunshine to start with. it will be a very pleasant early morning out there. 84 by noon. temperatures jump to the upper 80s for afternoon high temperatures. again sunday is the warmest day of the weekend, a little bit more humid sunday but i don't think it's going to be overbearing. we get into monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. we'll stay in the 80s, but we'll be a little bit more unsettled because we're talking about a chance four some more showers and norms and just to say it, there could be a spotty pop-up shower or thunderstorm saturday and sunday, but it would only be like one or two. >> okay. >> that's it. it can easily not happen.
10:52 pm
>> sounds good. >> time for the honey do list. >> and roller coaster time apparently. we're followout of northwes d.c., connecticut avenue shut down right near k street. police are investigating a car that crashed into a building and police believe the driver may have hit the building on purpose. these are pictures from the scene as you can see. this happened near the farragut north metro station. we're told one of the station entrances there is closed because of this investigation. we're told the driver of the car was taken to the hospital, no one else hurt. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll have an update for you on the news edge at 11:00. it looks like an apple a day does more than keep the dr. away. it helps keep you smoke free. a new study finds fruits and vegetables are helping smokers trying to quit curb cravings. researchers at university of buffalo conducted a national phone survey and discovered smokers who ate the most fruits and veggies were three times
10:53 pm
more likely to avoid cigarettes. are you looking for a little motivation or a reason to start getting into shape? you can find it this sunday on a walking path in virginia. fox 5's beth parker shows us. >> reporter: they are walking with somebody in mind. >> any time i do anything that i'm really proud of or that i'm excited about i would jump on the phone and call my dad. >> reporter: but her dad tommy lewis passed away. he was morbidly obese. >> it's heart wrenching to go through something that could have been avoided. >> reporter: so his daughter stephanie lewis vance and his wife patricia are helping to make other people make a change. before her dad died stephanie had talked her parents into joining dr. oz's transformation nation. >> she said you're going to do it. >> reporter: tommy lost 60- pound before he got sick. stephanie was a finalist in the dr. oz competition. she lost 50 pounds and in may completed a half marathon. >> i feel so alive and
10:54 pm
energetic after a workout instead of being worn out and tired. >> reporter: new they're organizing a team tommy walk this sunday at 3 p.m. they'll meet at saunders middle school in woodbridge. >> this woman here i expect an easy 3, 4 miles out of her. >> reporter: stephanie has this great walking path near her house. they are going to meet and walk on this path on sunday, but they are planning to make this a weekly event. the idea is to keep moving. >> my thought process was doing this every sunday at 3:00 to give someone a routine. if someone has anything else in their life that's crazy or they don't have control over the times, this will be the one thing that they can count on. it's been wonderfully fun planning it just talking with people and getting the energy moving between people. >> reporter: even better they are finishing what tommy started. >> he would have been so proud. he would have been extra proud and i'm sure he's with her today. he's saying go girl.
10:55 pm
>> reporter: in woodbridge, beth parker, fox 5 news. from homeless to harvard, a student is ivy league bound after overcoming some incredible odds. her story is next.  how fast is your internet? chances are it depends,
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for every 100 students who apply to harvard, 94 will open letters of rejection. even for kids with strong support systems at home, imagine how difficult it must be for kids who don't have homes. fox's shepherd smith shows us how one girl made it to the ivy league. >> i promised myself i wouldn't cry, but i realized that that's what everyone does before they cry. so -- >> reporter: you can forgive this cleveland senior for getting emotional at his high school graduation. >> childhood is childhood, you live and you learn and sometimes they're thrown attach. >> reporter: david boone faced more challenges than most. with a fractured family he spent many nights sleeping on
10:59 pm
park benches. his pillow was his book bag. the books inside were his ticket to somewhere else. >> i saw that as the way out. i saw going to any college is like the way to escape and a way to secure that these type of things don't continue to happen in my family. >> reporter: this north carolina girl had a similar thought. >> when i was younger, i was looking at my family and i saw the neglect, the drug abuse, the overall bad choices and i saw my family living from paycheck to paycheck and i just made a decision for myself that i wasn't going to end up like my parents. >> reporter: parents who abandoned her and left her homeless. dawn loggins worked as a janitor at her school to make money. >> i remember doing my homework by candlelight because i'm that determined to succeed. >> reporter: she's well on her way after graduating yesterday. she earned a partial scholarship to harvard where she just might run into boone. he got a full ride to the ivy league school and while the two are focused on their own education they can teach all of us a it


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