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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 10, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. right now at 10:00 get ready for new traffic headaches in the district, how to plan for a major road project beginning this week. >> plus new details released after a car hit an office building in downtown d.c., what police say the driver was holding when they approached him. >> and extreme heat creates a danger in the air. how to stay safe in this heatwave. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm audrey barnes in for maureen umeh. >> this heatwave made it a good day to stay inside, but thousands spent the day outdoors in the sun. it was a busy sunday in the nation's capital. must have items to beat the heat, sun block and bottled water. fox 5's lauren demarco has more.
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>> torture. >> definitely brutal. >> reporter: the season may not have officially started yet, but summer temperatures have arrived in d.c. >> overwhelming. >> reporter: crowds brave the heat at the capital pride festival on pennsylvania avenue. >> the heat is not the issue. it's the humidity. >> reporter: and georgetown's waterfront was packed. it's the fourth time this year we've seen temperatures in the 90s, but this hottest day of 2012 so far is not standing up to 2011. one year ago yesterday we were already at 102 degrees. of course, it's only a matter of time. some may not mind. >> i love my 90-degree temperature and right about there is perfect. >> reporter: most everyone we spoke with had a strategy. >> cooling mist, sunscreen and water. we're going to stay hydrated and hope for the best. >> we try to do as cyclists is we keep cold water in our
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bottles, keep our core temperature down. >> drinking tons and tons of water and ditching into buildings of the opportunity. >> but the secret to staying cool on a day like this may just to be take a lesson from the kids. >> when i see how these children are enjoying it, i say why not? i joined them and i enjoy that, too along with them. >> what happens if you put your feet over it? >> it kind of tickles a little. >> it splashes. >> reporter: in washington, lauren demarco, fox 5 news. >> it definitely feels like summer has arrived as our temperatures climbed into the 90s and it may have felt even hotter than that. let's head over to gwen tolbart and see how hot it actually got today. >> the problem was the humidity which made it feel worse than it was. you kind of felt very fived in it, so a little worse today -- stifled in it, so a little worse today than yesterday in
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terms of comfort level. we do have a code orange in effect for prince george's county. as far as elsewhere, there is a code yellow which is moderate, but orange is definitely an alert for anyone with any type of sensitivity to any kind of ozone pollution, any kind of breathing issues or lung disease or anything of that sort. you can kind find yourself with shortness of breath, nose and throat irritation. limit your outdoor activity. this is in effect tomorrow. it was in effect today as well in prince george's county and no strenuous outdoor activity for you. here's a look at our highs today. we hit 92 degrees at reagan national airport, 90 at dulles, 94 at bwi, temperatures well above seasonal average. it's currently 79 degrees, still very warm outside, a southerly wind that's picked up. temperatures are anywhere from the upper 70s to low 80s at this hour. so that's a pretty good indication of just how it's been going. you need to be able to beat the
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heat, plenty of fluids. take frequent heat breaks and wear lightweight and light colored clothing. tonight mild outside, mostly clear becoming partly cloudy, 72 degrees. we'll have your full forecast just ahead, some changes in the five-day. the heat was overwhelming at the girl scout anniversary celebration on the national mall yesterday because of the scorching temperatures. about 60 people needed medical attention and 15 were hospitalized. 200,000 girl scouts from every state were in washington this weekend. new tonight police say the driver of a stolen car that crashed into a building in d.c. friday night was trying to use a lighter when police approached him. front seat of the car of wet and it smelled like gasoline. 32-year-old charles ball from new market, maryland, accused of hitting the building on purpose. he had minor injuries and has been charged with arson and
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assault. that building on connecticut avenue has been boarded up. the police report says the jeep crashed through a full length plate glass window and came to stop against a column in the lobby. police believe a drunk driver is responsible for a deadly crash in manassas. that crash happened at dumfries and brentsville roads last night around 10:30. lori shipe is now charged with dui. investigators say she ran a red light and slammed into another car killing the passenger and the dog inside. the driver was seriously hurt. that car hit a third car. shipe and the third car's driver were not hurt. d.c.'s historic u street corridor is about to have a makeover. starting tomorrow 5 blocks of the northwest treat will begin a transformation, but as fox 5's karen gray houston reports, mont everyone is happy about what's happening. >> that's right. get ready for a traffic
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nightmare. the street will be dug up from 19th to 14th street moving from the north side to the south side one block at a time, major road and sidewalk reconstruction that won't be in the spring of next year. the street will be repaved, sidewalks widened with new landscaping, street lights upgraded, so will traffic signals and storm drains, but not says the councilman from ward 1 without a little pain. >> it's a trip to the dentist. there's no question about it. >> businesses are wary. some mayfair better than others. -- may fare better unanimous others. ben's chili bowl does a booming business. they've weathered the storm before during construction of the metro and before that survived the riots that raged after martin luther king was assassinated in '68. >> we've lasted through so many
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things because pop purchased the building many years ago. >> in the end vida ali thinks the project will be changed for the good. for some of the newer smaller businesses who haven't been there and done that before, this street project may be a real challenge. the city has a plan in place to help. >> i was the author of a fund which permits -- which grants interest free loans. it's not a grant. >> merchants concerned about already limited parking are glad there's money available. >> hope that we can manage, you know. >> reporter: think you can survive it? >> i money so. >> larry price worries he'll have to hawk his wares elsewhere. >> i sell my books. i sell a lot of books. michelle obama, the mayor, mayor vincent gray. >> reporter: at pins and needles tattoos owner chris mensa showed us some of his shop. does it hurt? >> of course. there's definitely pain
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involved. >> reporter: but it is more painful to get a tattoo than enduring a streetscape project? >> i think the streetscape thing may be a little more painful than i anticipated. >> just a reminder if your travels take you down u street, the work starts tomorrow. it will be done starting 7 a.m. in the monday monday through saturday and sometimes take place during overnight hours and on sundays until sometime in the spring of next year. >> no pain, no gain, but boy, that's a long project. >> it certainly is. might want to steer around it. >> thank you, karen. four associates of former prince george's county county executive jack johnson scheduled for sentencing tomorrow. all four were co-conspirators in the corruption scandal that put johnson behind bars. two were developers with ownership interest in the greenbelt metro park. two others were part of an untaxed cigarette smuggling scheme. all of them doled out bribes in ex chain for political help
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like -- exchange for political help like permits for the metro park and land for another project. the jury will hear opening arguments tomorrow in the child sex abuse case against former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. the assistant coach is accused of abusing at least 10 young boys over the course of 15 years. sandusky will be tried in center county where penn state is located. 10 of the 16 jurors and alternates have some type of connection to the school. the d.c. city council hopes to move forward after a week of scandal. what's next for the city's leadership after kwame brown pleads guilty in court? our political analyst is here with a look ahead. >> and virginians go to the polls tuesday. there are four republicans running for the open senate seat. we'll look at where they stand. >> and later on the news edge a manhunt near a college campus, the latest on the mass shooting at auburn university tonight at 11:00.  how fast is your inteternet?
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d.c.'s city council will meet this week to choose an interim chairman after the resignation of kwame brown. they're trying to put these months of scandal behind them. fox 5's melanie alnwick sat down this morning with ward 6 councilman tommy wells and roscoe howard, former u.s. attorney for d.c. >> i want to apologize. a from the bottom of my heart to all those i let down. >> it's tough for you to hear him saying those words. >> it is. there's a very human side to this and the human side is that someone swerved with now has -- served with now has stepped down, lost their job and it will certainly impact his
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family. we are a city that -- we're a small city. we all know each other and so there is sadness related to that, but there is a crisis we've got to fix with our government. we're going to have to move forward and fix that. >> what impact does this have on the city as far as we've got so many other things going on, worried about budget autonomy, worried about state rights, worried about voting in congress? how deeply does this hurt the city? >> well, it's a blow to our reputation. we're the nation's capital. as much as we want to say in illinois with two former governors sitting in prison, so no one questions their self- government, but we're the nation's capital under the world's spotlight and i think that it does damage us, but i also believe and have great faith in the voters of the district to get this right. we've just elected a new council member kenny mcduffie, a reformer. that's what we need to continue to do is elect good folks from the district. >> one of the striking things this week was hearing your
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colleagues david catania and mary cheh basically saying this isn't the end of it. we need to get to the end of it before we can move forward and i suppose to both of you do you believe there is more to come? >> well, i think that there is more to come. we have campaign financier from the private sector jeffrey thompson and those tentacles go pretty deep to almost every single one of my colleagues that have taken money from him and sometimes money orders just signed by whomever. then there's also the questions around the mayor. we do need this resolved as quickly as possible to ensure the stability and integrity of our government. >> mr. howard, is there more to come? >> i would guess so. the hallmark of most investigations is you start at a certain level, take the low hanging fruit, the people you can get to plead. work with them, find out what they know and usually work your way up. so i would guess we're going to see more. this tuesday is election day in virginia.
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republicans in the commonwealth will choose between four candidates for senate. former senator george allen, jamie radtke, reverend e.w. jackson and state representative bob marshall. >> i envision a much better future for our country and this election coming up in six months is going to determine the trajectory of the country whether we're going to continue declining or to begin ascending again. >> everything that we hole dear seems to be under -- hold dear seems to be under attack and we have now come to a point in our history where something has to be done. there is no more time. >> i'm a 21 year member of the virginia general assembly. i've never voted for a tax increase. i've never voted for deficit spending. i do not have to run from my record. >> but if we do not deal with spending and start paying down an almost $16 trillion debt, then jobs and our economy will be devastated. >> the primary winner will face
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tim kaine, the only democrat on the ballot. we're joined by fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. mark, let's start by talking with george allen. his history of virginia politics, is it an understatement to say that he's the man to beat tuesday? >> i will eat this microphone. i pledged to do that in other elections but definitely. i mean george allen has 100% name recognition. he's a former member of the virginia house of delegates, a former one term congressman, former u.s. senator, former governor. he's well financed. he has three opponents which you showed who are splitting up the anti-allen vote and it would be a colossal upset if any of those three won and i really almost feel that they don't have any impact on the general election. these three are running to the right of george allen and they're not going to sit home when it comes to the general election in november and that
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general election against tim kaine who they're calling chairman kaine rather than former governor kaine could really determine the future of who has the majority in the u.s. senate, but george allen is as close to being a shoe-in just by definition. >> and in this primary anyone can vote, right? you don't have to be a registered republican? >> that's really important. unlike d.c. and maryland, there is no party registration. so if you're a registered voter, you get to participate. you can't vote in both primaries, but you can pick either primary. obviously mostly republicans who consider themselves republicans, but it's an open primary system. everybody is eligible. i think turnout is going to be very low and i think allen will get 60 to 70% of the vote. >> so that's even despite the fact that state representative bob marshall has a pretty strong following? >> he has a strong following in northern virginia and maybe his own legislative district.
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i saw one poll that said he's at 12%. he's a very controversial provocative guy, but he doesn't have the money or name recognition and in a primary like this that's what's so key and allen is so dominant in fundraising and name recognition that marshall who also run for governor in a convention felt that the convention actually stole the election when he ran against jim gilmore. when you have so many people voting, somebody like marshall doesn't stand a chance. >> all right. thank you very much, mark. we appreciate that. . well, another big story tonight, nato forces will no longer conduct airstrikes in afghanistan's residential neighborhoods following a recent airstrike that killed 18 civilians. fox's david piper has the details from kabul, afghanistan. >> reporter: afghan president hamid karzai has also warned that the security alliance between his country and the u.s. is also at risk now because of that airstrike and
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he also says any more attacks on afghan homes, then it will be seen as an act of aggression against his country. a nato investigation has announced the coalition forces were responsible for the untinnedded deaths of civilians. the -- unintended deaths of civilians. general john allen apologized for the civilian deaths on friday. during the raid it's been established forces of the u.s. and afghanistan came under fire while hunting a local taliban leader who was holed up in a house nearby. the american forces then called in an airstrike. only later they found out the house secured men, women and old men who had gathered for a wedding party. a spokesman for president karzai said afghan investigators told him u.s. troops had called in the airstrike without consulting afghan units who had surrounded the house and were given no chance to flush out the militants. raids by nato forces in residential areas have become a major issue for the alliance
10:22 pm
because of the danger to the civilians. the alliance says they are key to capturing and killing taliban leaders, but president karzai said the latest airstrike was the fifth incident since they signed the security pact, but it seems to have gone terribly wrong this time. matthew mcconaughey says i do to his long time girl friend, the unusual way they said their vows up next. 
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bad news for ladies across country. your chance to scoop up one of america's most eligible bachelors has passed. hollywood hunk matthew mcconaughey finally tied the knot to long time girl friend model camila alves. reports describe the ceremony as intimate with family and friends at the actor's home in
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austin, texas yesterday. us magazine reports they exchanged personal vows in whispers so no one else could hear. 42-year-old mcconaughey proposed on christmas after dating alves nearly six years. they have two children. thousands of singers headed to kansas city, missouri, this weekend with one goal in mind, to become the next star of fox's hit show the x-factor. new additions demi lovato and britney spears joined l.a. reid on the judge's panel, but not to greet fans was the favorite simon cowell who was sick. taking his place louie walsh. so how did the new judges think auditions are going? >> i thought they had a little bizarre form overall. this have been some good ones. -- there have been some good ones. >> fox's x-factor premiers in the fall. the show is off to san francisco next. a new trend in advertising
10:27 pm
as stores try to please same sex couples. we'll look into what's behind the new campaign. >> and it's a war of words at the white house. a leading senator blames the president for national security leaks, how his advisors are fighting back up next. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. did the white house authorize leaks on sensitive national security issues? the accusations are flying directly from members of congress, but tonight a top advisor to the obama campaign insists the white house was not the source of the latest round of reports on drone strikes. fox's molly hennenberg has details on the war of words. >> reporter: some republicans say president obama should look in-house to find out who has been leaking classified information to the media. >> it's clear from those stories it's came right from
10:31 pm
the white house from the national security council right from the situation room. >> reporter: on the specific story about president obama's kill list where he reportedly approved drone strikes to take out top terrorists, congressman king said that was leaked to make the president look like a tough guy. >> he's trying to be like george patton or george wayne. the fact is no one knows what the president is doing. >> reporter: president obama says the white house does not operate by leaking national security operational details to the media and any suggestion to the contrary he says is offensive. today the president's top political advisor said the information must have come from elsewhere. >> i think the authors of all this work have said the white house was not the source of this information. i can't say that there weren't leaks. there are obviously leaks, but they weren't from us. >> reporter: the leaders of the house and senate intelligence committees, republican congressman mike rogers and democratic senator dianne feinstein say the leaks have been devastating to the intelligence community and the
10:32 pm
senator says if president obama says he didn't do it, he didn't do it. >> i take the president at face value and as chairman rogers said, the investigation has to be nonpartisan. it's got to be vigorous and it's got to move ahead rapidly. >> reporter: but republican senator john mccain is calling for the president to appoint an independent special prosecutor to determine where these leaks originated. in washington molly hennenberg, fox news. a lot of people braved the heat to head to d.c.'s capital pride festival down by the capitol building today. the event was just part of a longer festival throughout the city over several days. it included entertainment, food, drink, education and even a new art fair this year and it was free to get in. >> actually it's the first time. i was in the military for six years, so this is the first time. >> it means a lot, everybody
10:33 pm
unity, this year with the elections and everything coming out. >> organizers expected more than a quarter million people to attend this year's event. you may have noticed several stores have launched a new ad campaign targeting the lgbt community. gap has a new ad called be one that can be seen across the country including locally on some metrobuses. j.c. penney made a mother's day ad featuring same sex moms and there's a similar campaign for father's day showing two gay dads. we're joined now by jason maloney, media strategist. let's talk about these same sex as. they're not entirely new, but there definitely seems to be more of them now. why do you think that is? >> i think some companies are betting that tolerance is in and they can gain customers by catering to these communities. >> just like when president obama declared his support for same sex marriage, you have to believe that the people behind these ads did the math first. they considered the impact,
10:34 pm
right? >> absolutely. the lgbt community has had a number of successes recently with the repeal of don't ask don't tell. of course, obama's statements in recent weeks and also we have a same sex ballot measures across the country and particularly in player. certainly they did the math and see it's a calculated move. >> so right now the polls show half the country supports same sex marriage. so are they taking a big risk or not really? >> well, again it's a business decision and they're betting tolerance is in. while the lgbt community might be appreciative of companies like j.c. penney what they're most interested in are the fortune 500 companies of america actually declaring benefits for same sex couples and they claim 75% of the fortune 500 companies are on board. >> there's been some pushback. some groups like one million
10:35 pm
moms are pretty much against these ads, right? >> they are, but they're being drowned out online by more than double supporters in the other direction. look, it's not something that's going to be won with a special someday dedicated to fathers or mothers. i think commitment on the part of j.c. penney is a calculated move. they're betting customers will come from nordstroms, from other stores who specifically already cater to these audiences and they're betting that they're going to make money off this. >> now won't the difference be the bottom line, j.c. penney set to announce first quarter earnings tomorrow, in fact. don't they want see if this has been effective because i know their stock prices are down since ellen degeneres started doing promotion for them? >> j.c. penney isn't doing too well and are looking for creative ideas to cater to specific audiences in a variety of communities. i don't think the news will be good for j.c. penney, but i think it's going
10:36 pm
to have more to do with its business-month-old and customer base than any effort -- business model and customer base than any effort to attract new customers. >> thank you very much for coming in. the nats super teen-ager shows off his speed in the finale against the red sox. lindsay murphy is on deck next with sports. >> and smoke from colorado is seen over three other states. firefighters can't seem to contain the flames. why they're staying positive, though, coming up. >> we had a very hot weekend. i was going say hot day today, but it was hot yesterday, too. and the heat continues. take a look. all the warm air up the atlantic seaboard will continue across our region. we'll let you know how long it will stick around and the changes coming up in my five- day forecast after the break. e? chances are it depends, if you only have one device online, you get one speed, but if you have multiple devices and you're streaming video and gaming
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. so we're talking about bryce harper not being happy he wasn't in the starting lineup.
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you have a 19-year-old son that plays college football. >> right. >> what's his reaction if he's not starting? >> not good body language. without saying a word i know it's not good, pacing up and down the sidelines. everybody wants to play. >> so what bryce is going through is normal. it just comes from a competitive spirit. >> and being 19 years old. >> today bryce harper was not in the starting lineup. davey johnson rested him after trainers told him harper's back had been are so and tight. that didn't sit well with the 19-year-old who said what he learned sitting on the bench today was how to blow a bubble with his gum, more later. nats and red sox top of the 3rd, nats leading 1 -0. xavier nady files one back and watch this, santangelo still has it and he shows it up. danny espinoza, two on, two out, sends a drive to deep left field, jumps and doesn't make the catch. ian desmond scores followed by tyler moore and the espinoza
10:41 pm
double gave the nats a 3-2 lead. in the 9th tied 3-3. bryce harper came in to pinch-hit, walked. this is roger bernadina ripping one to right field. harper heading to third is not going to put the brakes on. the relay home definitely not in time. he slides in. that's the game winning run. nats edge the red sox 4-3 to complete the three-game sweep. >> it's never happened to me before. that was a weird experience coming off the bench and in a situation like that and i was trying to go up there, get a pitch i could drive. i really wanted to go deep but got the walk. bernie came up and was clutch for us and got the run around. >> i don't like sitting. i have really bad add. i'm always off the wall and just crazy when i sit. so spring training this past year sitting down and really trying to learn the game and whatnot while you're sitting i think really helped me here. >> we're glad he finally got in. o's hosting the phillies, bottom 4th, two on, two on and
10:42 pm
tees off on cliff lee, a three- run shot to left, just his second of the year. this game goes to extra innings tied 4-4. bottom 10 matt wieters a runner on, sends the drive to right field, this one not enough to clear the wall, but hunter pence doesn't get the ball. adam jones around third beats the throw home. orioles defeat the phillies 5-4 in 10 innings. it is baltimore's ninth straight extra inning victory to set a franchise record. tonight on nissan sports xtra look at the big three heading to the nba finals and a partial in the men's french open finals. the news at 10:00 will be right back. technology eases the pain of being on the road so much...
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wildfires raging out of control out west, more than 1,000 homes part afternoon evacuation order in larimer county, colorado. not far from colorado state university.
10:46 pm
as the flames keep moving toward them. fox's maria molino has more. >> reporter: crews have their work cut out for them. >> 14,000 plus acres, so very large fire. containment is still at 0%. >> reporter: the flames eating away at heavy timber glowing over the dry ridges northwest of ft. collins, emergency personnel working quickly trying to get everyone out of the danger zone. >> we're going house to house to make sure that we get people out of harm's way. >> reporter: alarming sights and smells in the high elevations threatened by this wildfire, residents adrenaline fueled by the mustard colored sky and smoky air. >> i got up and you could tell the fire was fairly close, sheriff showed up pounding on the door telling everybody to get out. >> reporter: more than 100 firefighters working in conditions described as hot, wind whipped and very steep. >> 1/3 of the heavy fire equipment in the country is
10:47 pm
here to fight this fire. we're going to throw everything at it we can. >> reporter: these efforts in colorado slightly hampered because the largest wildfire in new mexico's history is still burning. the scale of the fire is enormous charring 1,000 acres an sure and those dry conditions could be hatchling independence day celebrations across wildfire prone areas this year, colorado's governor trying to ease disappointment warning the state might not see the skylight up on this july 4th. >> it didn't take long for anybody who headed outside todayton it was going to be something -- today to know it was going to be something different. >> and humidity was a huge factor. hopefully people took my advice yesterday and stayed hydrated and protected from the sun because it can be very dangerous out there. let's take a look outside, a
10:48 pm
beautiful shot of our national cathedral. skies fairly clear, a few clouds rolling in later. we are still under that influence of the ridge of high pressure today. so that is still affecting us as we move into this evening. let's begin with a look at weather headlines. the week will start a little cooler. we'll get a little reprieve from all the hot weather we've had, not that much, but at least a little bit. unfortunately the humidity will stick around like an unwanted houseguest. it's not going anywhere. it will be a little uncomfortable. temperatures stay being into the 80s on the five-day forecast and some -- staying into the 80s on the five-day forecast and some rainstorms as well. we hit 92 degrees today at reagan national airport, 90 at dulles, 94 at bwi thurgood marshall, temperatures eight to 12 degrees above the seasonal average and as far as current temperatures, it's still mild and warm outside, 72 gaithersburg, 80 degrees this hour at hagerstown, 73 cumberland, same at martinsburg
10:49 pm
and winchester and fredericksburg, 81 quantico this hour, 80 baltimore at annapolis and 79 at d.c. so it's still very warm outside. as far as national temperatures are concerned, you can see the dividing line here where we've got the warm air before we hit the great lakes and pushing its way through the east and there's a frontal system here. behind that cold front we have an influx of cooler thayer will gradually make its way towards us. in the meantime along the atlantic seaboard we're getting this influx of warmer air streaming its way up. that will continue into the course of the week. not a lot of clouds as that ridge of high pressure stays in control, but we will see a few increasing clouds. it will become partly cloudy into the course of the overnight hours. so we've got the ridge that will move its way off and then as we move into tomorrow we have the backdoor front and out to the west that other area where there's a cold front i showed you the difference in temperatures. that's going to set us up for tomorrow night to see a chance of maybe a pop-up shower or
10:50 pm
thunderstorm. it's very possible to see it happen. for the greater part of the day, it will be very nice and sunny but hazy, hot and humid. i just want to reiterate some tips. drink plenty of water, stay hydrated, use sunscreen, even a sun hat, lightweight and loose clothing. check on your elderly neighbors. don't leave your pets outside without shea or water. if you can -- shade or water. you can bring them in, do so. never leave children or pets in cars in this kind of weather. it's deadly. mostly clear tonight, becoming partly cloudy, support of 2 degrees. we'll see the winds shift from the northwest to southwest but very light, 72 the overnight low. then tomorrow a little cool than today. we're talking 88 degrees. now a lot of places to the south of d.c., they are definitely going to be into the low 90s tomorrow. we are talking humidity sticking around, a little breezier. wind will pick up in the south 10 to 15. it was a little breezy today,
10:51 pm
kind of helped with the humidity. let's take a look at that five- day forecast. looking at those frontal systems coming into this wash stable air mass, that cold front will -- warm unstable air mass, that cold front will be responsible for triggering a few rain showers and even a thunderstorm or two. tuesday is a day we'll definitely see that action. wednesday some showers, pick it up again on thursday and friday starting to dry out. if you look at temperatures, they're gradually sliding down into the low 80 where's we should be. tomorrow will still be another scorcher day. pump up the ac, lots of water. >> even though we work late tonight we have to get up early to beat the heat and work out early. >> there you go. >> that's just not fair. an ohio man is dead following a drag racing accident. officials say the 56-year-old was traveling at more than 150
10:52 pm
miles per hour when he lost control and slammed into a guardrail. fox ace jack shea has -- fox's jack shea has more. >> reporter: friends of 56- year-old richard moore say when the cleveland man got drag racing into his blood, it became the passion of his life. moore was doing what he loved to do saturday afternoon when something went wrong. witnesses say moore's dragster was traveling at 151 miles an hour on the quarter mile track when for some reason he lost control of the car and slammed into a guardrail. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> everybody knows it can happen. everybody hopes it never happens. today is one of the days it just for some reason happened. >> reporter: the other dragster on the track also crashed when the driver swerved to avoid richard moore's car according to the sheriff's
10:53 pm
department investigating the deadly crash. >> we all know what it like to drive down the road at 55 miles an hour. picture doing it over 100. that's what these drivers are doing here. 2nd go by even faster. -- seconds go by even faster. >> reporter: richard moore was recently named driver of the month by the coalition of drag racing association. >> this type of accident is almost nonexistent and especially when it's someone so close to you. it's just devastating. >> reporter: moore's friends and fellow racers say he was very safety conscious. they theorized the crash was the result of some kind of mechanical failure. >> i know he was experimenting with some new parts and all i can think is something failed, locked up or something. that's all i can say. he's an excellent driver and entertaining driver at that. >> reporter: as the investigation into the accident continues, out of the respect for the victim and his family, the raceway canceled the rest of the races on saturday. not all of the stars from
10:54 pm
the battlefield are external. a group of veterans is getting some healing for internal scars, how getting in front of the camera may help them overtime ptsd up next. >> also ahead on the news edge, a manhunt near auburn university, the bloody showdown that left a football player with serious injuries ahead at 11:00. i hate getting less. but i love getting more.
10:55 pm
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studies find that one in every five military personnel returning home from duty overseas suffers from ptsd or post-traumatic stress disorder. to treat the psychological damage of war some veterans have turned to a new film making therapy. it puts them in front of a camera telling their own personal war stories through a movie. fox 5's allison seymour has the story. >> reporter: jason gallegos is
10:58 pm
quite literally watching the story of his life. >> the army is coming to an end and take a lot of pride in what i did over there. >> reporter: it's a video he created, part of a program designed to help soldiers cope with post-traumatic stress disorder. the u.s. army first sergeant deployed to iraq three times and has nightmares including one involving a young soldier who died while under his command. gallegos is one of about 20 iraq and afghanistan vets who have participated in a film making program called i was there. >> making a videoor movie is not going to cure anything. i think it's an outlet to put your emotions out there, your experiences so people will understand. >> we stat with the power of story -- start with the power of story and we talk about the soldiers being uniquely qualified to tell their story because they're the only one
10:59 pm
living it. >> they're not just able to think about this happened, this roadside bomb, did i this, i did that and -- i did this, i did that and it has had this effect on me, they can actually put that into a videotape on the screen and then that can have a very powerful positive effect again when done correctly to help the soldiers to be able to move forward. >> reporter: major christopher ivonni approved the program as a supplement to more traditional forms of therapy. >> the whole series of programs that have been around the longest, some of those are the ones that focus on sports and exercise and wellness and those ideas were relatively new and seemingly out of left field probably eight, 10 years ago. >> reporter: for gallegos' part his film is called hero to zero, anode to a different challenge he faced. >> -- a nod tie different challenge he faced. >> when i


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