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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 12, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. george allen tries to regain the virginia senate seat he lost in 2006. what are the voters saying? we'll have the latest from the polls. >> also a 74-year-old d.c. man remains in the hospital after a horrible dog attack, how neighbors jumped in to help save the man. >> but first chaos at a local high school graduation, rain forcing the ceremony inside leaving some parents outside missing their child's milestone moment. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. some parents are outraged after they say they were shut out of their child's graduation ceremony from beleau high school. it got so heated police had to cool things down. >> fox 5's karen gray houston joins us from the newsroom. you were there. what happened? >> it was a fairly boisterous
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situation. graduation was supposed to be on the football field at beleau, but the venue was changed to the nearby temple of praise church indoors due to rain, so a lot of angry parents missed out on a once in a lifetime chance to see their kids graduate and they were really mad. it didn't take look at the temple of praise in southeast to reach capacity. police and security guards turned away parents, other relatives and friends clamoring to get inside. >> we're just trying to get in. i thought there would have been enough room. >> it's a sad day for me. didn't get to see my daughter graduate, walk across the stage, it hurts. >> reporter: many were especially upset because they had paid dues for the graduation program that included tickets. >> they're no good. >> reporter: did you pay for them? >> i guess it was included in the class dues that you have to pay. i don't know. >> reporter: so why are you guys hanging around? >> because we want to see him
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come out at least. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray had made remarks to the 2012 class. we asked for his reaction to the chaos when commencement was over. >> the administration of beleau made the decision to do this and i know the ceremonies were held as long as they could, at least an hour before it started, to try to get everybody in. >> the mayor didn't know how many parents missed out seeing their children graduate, but however many it was he doesn't feel good about it and we just received a statement from the d.c. public school system and it states that we deeply regret any confusion or disruption to the graduation which should be a joyous and celebratory occasion. once the ceremony began many of any remaining attendees were escorted into the overflow room and the ceremony continued as scheduled. the statement says that we are immensely proud of all d.c. ps graduates and apologetic for any frustration that was felt. >> any sense from the school that they're going to change
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anything or is this just going to be the deal if there's perhaps a chance of rain in the forecast next time? >> i don't have the answer to that question, brian. i did talk to some people who said they felt cost was probably a concern even in their planning for the backup plan in case the weather was inclimate and transportation, they wanted to make sure the venue was close to people in the neighborhood so they could get there. so those were two things that had to be factor in. i'm sure they'll be thinking about all that in the future and what happened tonight especially. >> from a soggy day to a few scattered storms roaming around tonight, here's a live look outside. i don't know if it looks like it, but it feels a little steamy. sue palka is in the weather center with what to expect the rest of this evening. >> a steam bath, it's tropically humid, almost as humid as in august and we had a rainy day with a good 1/2-inch to an inch across the area and
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we still have some showers and thunderstorms around. it's going to last a few more hours. straight to radar to see where we still have action. i would say there are two a man spots probably in our region -- two main spots probably in our region, heaviest just south of fredericksburg in. these regions it was sunnier today and warmer, so it was a bit more unstable as we had ome through. to our north we have weakening showers. i'm not seeing any lightning in the frederick area, but here in garrett county there's a severe thunderstorm warning. this goes until 10:30. this storm could produce 60- mile an hour winds and some hail moving southeast at 25 miles an hour. what is ahead the rest of the night? we've got a front that has to move through. there are still a couple showers and storms with that. still very warm at 76, but even more so than the temperatures, the humidity is really uncomfortable and we're about
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to do something about that, too. that muggy air will get pushed out of town by a cold front that will move through overnight. so tomorrow, bottom line, not so humid, a little breezy and we'll chase some of these showers out of town for a bit. i'll let you know when our next chance of showers is, but i think that tropical feel you're soaking up tonight will be long gone by the time we get to 9:00 tomorrow morning. that will be a big improvement for a lot of people. >> good riddance. thanks, sue. all eyes on virginia tonight, the first step in the path back to capitol hill for george allen, a former senator who won today the virginia republican primary to take that seat back. this time allen got 65% of the vote. the closest competitor was tea party leader jamie radtke with 23%. let's bring in fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin now to look at all things related to virginia. we'll start with this race. was there any way that george allen could have lost this primary?
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>> well, if you made a really fans. fancy scenario where the die hard showed up, the most committed, you could make maybe possibly a theory by which allen who has been a house member, a state legislator, a senator and a governor and where money doesn't really mean that much, could have been dethroned, but in a primary i offered on sunday to eat the microphone if he lost. i actually thought his numbers would be even a little better than maybe the mid-70s. radtke does have some support. she got 25% and it shows the tea party, but those tea party people, if it's a choice in november between allen and kaine, the former governor and lieutenant governor, they're going to choose allen. there's going to be no decrease in his support. >> yet another high stakes
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election in a swing state to begin with and it's going to be expensive at the very least. >> i say 50 or $60 million for a u.s. senate race. that's what they're both going to end up spending aggregate and with the electoral votes, 13, it's a swing state for romney and obama. obama carried the first democrat since johnson in 1964. you're going to see and the entire united states senate can turn on who wins, the democrat or republican. you got to hand it to george allen. after the mccaca episode everybody wrote him off and it will probably be the most watched race in the united states. >> at the bottom of the ticket, connolly moran, no problems there. >> no. connolly even got help redistricting the last two times, a close race but not this time and moran the same thing. >> fox 5 political analyst mark
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plotkin tonight. to the district now, a man in his 70s remains in the hospital after two dogs viciously attacked him. his neighbors heard the man screaming, ran outside to fight off the dogs with bats and shovels. fox 5's paul wagner picks up the story. >> the dog was like mauling him in the face. >> reporter: just after 6 a.m. this morning neighbors in this river terrace community awoke to sounds of trouble. >> sounded like two or three dogs fighting. >> reporter: mike johnson heard a cry for help, grabbed a ball bat and headed for the door. >> he was chewing him up. i mean legs, head, arm. i put a blanket and stuff on him, a towel somebody give him. he was just saying my heart, my heartbeating so fast, so fast. i said take it easy. you're going to be all right. >> the guy had been bitten all over. the dog ate him up. it even pulled his shoes off biting on his toes. >> reporter: then his next- door neighbor came out with
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evolve and a very large dog which seemed to scare off the cane corsos which looked similar to this, but the dogs had not been secured by the time police arrived. >> after the gentleman was on the ground and they were tending to him the dogs came out again later in the morning and three of the police officers got behind. they said everybody stand back, drew their weapons pointing down this alley here. >> reporter: neighbors say the dogs are used to guard this lot which is used by a tow truck and limousine company. a man whether or not answered the phone at towing pros said the dogs are owned by the man who owns the american d.c. limo company identifying him only as zoo. just before 2 a.m. two men police identified as the owners arrived at the lot where they were issued two citations for having unleashed dogs. the men left without answering questions. although neighbors say they have complained about the dogs in the dot, d.c. police say they have no complaint -- lot, d.c. police say they have no complaints on record. >> i've been commander in the
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6th district for five years and have not received any complaints. that's not to say there have not been some instances, but i have not received any complaints from the police department about dogs at this establishment. >> reporter: the commander contee said the owners do not face criminal charges, but the investigation still is not complete. a spokesperson for the d.c. department of health says the two cane corsos are being evaluated at a northeast shelter. they could be given back to their owners or they could be euthanized under a number of different circumstances. the owners have been identified as steve garibe and yassir azubati and have a right to a hearing, but if they abandon the dogs, they will be put down. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. several bladensburg firefighters nearly lost their lives on the job, but four months later the scars are healing. see how they're being honored tonight. >> plus day two of graphic testimony in court as an alleged sex abuse victim breaks
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down in the jerry sandusky trial. >> and mcpherson square downtown d.c. no longer occupied. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 we're looking at what members of the occupied d.c. movement left behind. 
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it was a terrifying fire that turned out to be arson. seven firefighters rushed into a burning riverdale, maryland house thinking someone may be trapped inside and almost didn't make it out. fox 5's wisdom martin reports six of those men are now back at work. >> reporter: it's firefighter kevin o'toole's first day back at bladensburg volunteer fire department. >> it's a great fee. >> reporter: 21-year-old o'toole and a group of fellow firefighters nearly lost their lives in the line of duty back in february. now congresswoman donna edwards is recognizing their sacrifice. >> it really moved me when i read about the incident in february and moved me enough to say you know what? we just need to value these men and value their service. >> reporter: it was february
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24th. kevin and six other firefighters rushed into a burning house in riverdale heights. >> we pulled up and thought oh, it's another basement fire. we just saw in a marty seconds it changed. >> we went in -- matter of seconds it changed. >> we went in and wanted to make sure nobody was in there. >> reporter: seconds after they got in a torch flame engulfed the group. all seven were taken to the burn unit at washington hospital center. kevin was one of two firefighters with critical injuries. >> imagine the shock when we saw him the first time. he had about 50% of his body burned. >> reporter: kevin spent almost two months in the burn unit with severe burns to his arms and hands. >> he's going through hell. he's still going through some tough times. we'll get him through it. >> reporter: get him through it trying to get back to normal, they continue to rehab and recover mentally and physically. >> i owe everything to the fire department. >> reporter: the firefighters are glad to be alive to tell their story and after all
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they've been through has the experience changed their minds about risking their lives? >> laying in the hospital you're thinking do i want to do this? but then you actually get back to the station and you start hanging around the guys. this is what i want to do. this is what i was meant to do. >> again one of the seven firefighters from that night remains in the hospital in the burn unit. congresswoman donna edwards said this is about a team of professionals who helped keep the county safe. a virginia teacher will spend another three months behind bars for the sexual relationship she had with a student. tina omada of charged in both prince william and stafford counties because the sexual activity took place in both counties. today she was sentenced in stafford. she'll serve three months there when she finishes the same sentence in prince william. day two of former football coach jerry sandusky's child sex abuse trial, graphic testimony from an alleged victim and witness.
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fox 5's laura evans has the developments. >> it was a very emotional and even rivetting day in court today, the 2nd victim known as victim no. 1, crying on the stand as he recounted the alleged sexual attacks that he endured. jerry sandusky leaving a pennsylvania courthouse tuesday afternoon. earlier prosecutors called a key witness to the stand, a teen identified as victim no. 1 by a grand jury. now 18 he told the court sandusky sexually abused him during numerous sleepovers in the basement of the former coach's home while his wife was upstairs. sandusky's defense attorney asked the teen whether there were financial motives for the accusations. the alleged victim answered no. a reporter later asked the attorney for victim no. 1 if it was fair to accuse his client of being in it for the money. >> i think it's fair game and i think it's fair game for cross- examination, particularly when the evidence is so stacked against the defendant.
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he denied it. it's not why. he's telling his story. he has a duty to law enforcement and to serve the end of justice to tell his story about heinous crimes. >> reporter: also in court today assistant football coach mike mcqueary. he testified that he saw sandusky naked in a campus shower in 2001 with a boy who appeared to be between 10 and 12 years old. the former coach told the jury he saw sandusky standing behind the boy who was propped up against a wall. he describes the act as something that was more than his brain could handle. the pair he said were as close as they could be to one another. mcqueary says they all made eye contact and he then slammed a locker shut trying to stop the encounter. sandusky is facing 52 criminal counts for alleged sexual abuse of 10 boys over 15 years. the 68-year-old continues to deny the charges. if he's found guilty, he faces potential penalties that could result in an effective life prison sentence.
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texas father took matters into his own hands. he's accused of beating a man to death after he says he caught that man molesting his 4- year-old daughter in chino, texas over the weekend. a grand jury will decide if charges will be faced. a florida man survived after a horrific attack on his face, an updates from the doctors. >> also george zimmerman is not the only one in his family to be arrested, why his wife is in trouble with the law now. 
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a homeless man who had most of his face chewed off in a bizarre attack is finally making progress at a miami hospital. ronald papo was walking along a miami causeway last month when rudy eugene attacked him. police shot and killed eugene to end the attack. today doctors say the victim lost his nose, left eye and much of the skin on his face. doctors are hopeful he will
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regain some vision in the future. new developments in the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman's wife is now charged with perjury. police arrested shellie zimmerman today. prosecutors say she and her husband lied to the judge about their finances during his bond hearing, specifically money raised from a website. she is now out on bond. the judge, however, revoked george zimmerman's bond. he remains in jail charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. if you are middle class, chances are you're more broke now than in 20 years. a federal reserve study says the recession hit middle income families so hard their net worth is about what it was in the early '90s. most of that drop comes from the collapse of the housing market. >> if you're between the ages of 35 and 44, you had a 53% loss in your net worth and most of that came because of a massive collapse in the value of your house. >> the federal reserve estimates americans lost $7 trillion in home equity in the
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last three years. the demographics in three d.c. neighborhoods are changing quickly. the shaw and columbia height and mt. pleasant and logan circle are among the top 20 fastest jump in white population in the last decade. a top lawmaker is caleing for eric holder's resignation -- calling for eric holder's resignation and the d.c. council tries to replace kwame brown's chair. who appeared to have the votes next. you see a story we should look into let us know, 202-895-3000 or fox5tips at
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight the senate majority leader is dismissing calls from his republican colleagues for the ouster of attorney general eric holder. he says republicans are trying to undermine congress by falsely accusing the attorney general of wrongdoing. holder was back in the hot seat over the botched fast and
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furious gun program. >> mr. attorney general, it's more with sorrow than regret than anger than i would say that you leave me no alternative but to join those that call upon you to resign your office. >> i'm also the attorney general who made personnel changes in the atf and attorney general's office that was involved. i've overseen the chains of processes and procedures to make sure this doesn't happen ever again. so i don't have any intention of resigning. >> the committee says next week it will consider holding attorney general in contempt of congress for withholding some documents. it appears phil mendelson now has the votes to become the d.c. council's interim chairman. the vote is less than a week after former chairman kwame brown resigned after pleading guilty to bank fraud and campaign violations. we'll talk to mary cheh in a few minutes, but first fox 5's
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matt ackland with more on the vote. >> it's time for a new picture that hangs near the entrance of the wilson building. that one is take thed, two elected -- dated, two elected officials gone and tomorrow there will be a new temporary chairman that will take the middle seat. >> i think most of the members are pretty unhappy with the events that have happened not just last week but this year. >> phil mendelson appears to have the votes to succeed kwame brown. michael brown will become speaker pro tem. sources say mendelson is favored because he is not likely to shake things up too much, instead offer stability. >> we really need to try to settle down and get back to the business for which citizens elected us. >> i represent all d.c. residents and we have to figure out how to move on in a positive way. >> reporter: although council member marion barry didn't voice his opinion on the chairman vote, he did issue a number of messages on twitter this morning including this one. let your council member hear
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your voice. the vote is tomorrow. do you even know what they are planning to do? do they hear you or the lobby? meanwhile council member vincent orange had hoped the council would vote him in of into the chairman's seat temporarily. >> i offer myself to provide that good strong-leadership. >> but now it appears his only chance to become chair is to win the special election in november. matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> current acting d.c. council chair mary cheh joins us live now on the eve of tomorrow's vote. thanks for being here. >> sure. >> you have already proposed that phil mendelson become the acting chairman and michael brown his backup. people ask why approach pose this resolution before the vote tomorrow -- propose this resolution before the vote tomorrow? >> we did it in '97 and '93. i'm simply following the practice of the council in the past. why those names? after mr. brown resigned there
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were inevitably hallway conversations and people talking and it seemed to me a consensus had formed around phil mendelson. what people have to understand is that the charter, the home rule charter, says that we must pick the acting chair and the acting chair pro tem from among the four at large members. so there's a very limited pool here. >> speaking of at large members as we saw in matt's story there, councilman vincent orange released a press release today saying he opposes this resolution saying it's not only bad for the council but for the city, the people that you guys represent in the city of washington d.c. what's your response to that? >> well, he's obviously vying for the spot, so he would take a position in opposition to what's being proposed. he'll have too make plain what his argument is. i think choosing mr. mendelson now as chair is precisely the right thing. >> let me ask you this. clearly we know that councilman orange would like to have that
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seat and he is opposed to councilman mendelson having a seat. you said there's been talk and consensus phil mendelson will become acting chairman. do you know if there's any support for vincent orange other than himself? >> he may have one or two votes. i'm just not sure. i haven't really treated this like the whip of the senate to count votes and set it all up. i was just doing it based on first it's a happy coincidence those would be the two people i would pick myself who are available. there are really only three people available -- only two people available for chair and michael brown was willing to put his name in for pro tem. i think that michael brown as chair pro tem and mr. mendelson as acting chair, i think that's a good combination tore what we need now. that's -- for what we need now. that's what i proposed. >> they will remain in that position until the november election. >> then there will be two
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elections on the same day, two ballots. at that time we'll elect a chair. when that person is actually elected and comes in, that person will propose to the council who he as it turns out will want as pro tem. >> i can't let you go without asking have you talked to kwame brown? >> the only communication i had with mr. brown was after he had resigned he sent me a text asking about his staff and i want people to understand that we've taken care of all of our business. i sent over the budget, the emergency resolutions and i had to deal with his staff. i've offered them all letters of reemployment. so he wanted to check and make sure that was done. >> mary cheh, acting d.c. council chair. >> till tomorrow. >> until tomorrow, thanks so much for coming in. we certainly appreciate it. >> you're welcome. things are looking up for the georgia woman with the flesh eating bacteria.
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>> and thinking about getting a spray tan for summer? you main want to hear this report next. the government taking in -- may want to hear this report next. the government taking in more in taxes, 5% more, as the slipe uptick economy helped bring those in, but even with the increase wash still on track to wrap up another trillion dollar deficit, its fourth year in a row doing. so investors also in a spending mode, stocks rising in hopes of still more stimulus from the federal reserve and verizon wireless is rolling out a new shared date plan. it allows customers to connect to multiple devices to one verizon plan for one flat monthly fee, but you have to pay extra for each device you add like a tablet or laptop. how about a slice of bacon with your sundae? it's one of the items you'll soon find on burger king's new nationwide summertime menu. the bacon sundae treat reportedly comes packed with 18
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grams of fat. bon apitite. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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we all know the dangers of too much sun, but now there are concerns about the safety of spray tans. a new report shows dha, the active chemical used in spray tans, has the potential to cause genetic alterations and dna damage. dha was approved for external use in the 1970s, but never for tanning booths as an all over body spray. >> the major concern about them is the fact that they're inhaled. the fda approved this active ingredient dha for topical use as long as it's not involving the mucus membranes and around
10:41 pm
the eyes. >> doctors recommend people who use spray transprotect their eyes, nose and lips. lady gaga still isn't 100% after getting hit in the head during her concert in new zealand sunday night. she suffered a concussion when a backup dancer hit her with a pole while he was moving it off the set. last night lady gaga tweeted this photo saying i feel a bit woozy but a little better every day, very happy to be in beautiful australia. gaga is scheduled for shows in brisbane tomorrow, thursday and saturday. relatives say the woman battling a flesh eating bacteria is improving, should be out of intensive care soon. amy copeland's condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. she cut her leg in a zip line accident and fell into rave last month. her left leg, other foot and both hands had to be amputated. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 new details about an accident that left a metro worker critically injured. >> and occupy d.c., not
10:42 pm
mcpherson square anymore. so what now? we'll take a look. 
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roger clemens fate in the hands of a jury. deliberation began today after a day of closing arguments. the trial's key witness was long time strength coach brian mcnamee. he testified he injected clemens with steroids and hgh. clemens lawyers spent much of the trial attacking mcnamee's credibility. clemens was charged with lying when he told congress in 2008 he never used steroids and human growth hormones. floyd mayweather jr.'s lawyers filed a motion to get him out of jail. his doctors say his health is deteriorating being restricted from working out. lawyers say the undefeated champ may never fight again if he's not released. mayweather was booked june 1st i for attacking his ex girl -- june 1st for attacking his ex-
10:46 pm
girl friend in front of two of their children. today was the second day of minicamp in ashburn and the skins have been putting their new indoor practice facility to good use. how is this minicamp shaping up? >> reporter: so far so good, not to mention it's been spirited. the team has two more practices left, then a break before camp begins in late july. some players will stay and others will take brake and get away. either way robert griffin, iii says he plans to get together with his receivers to continue to throw and work on team chemistry. rg3 has not signed his contract, but both he and mike shanahan said they are not worried and it will get done. griffin is doing everything right, hasn't missed a workout, arrives early, stays late and not to mention works really hard shanahan says. there is some reason to worry about his safety, but it sounds like all is under control. >> i don't play with fear.
10:47 pm
that doesn't mean i'm going to try to run over linebackers and safety and especially college guys try to take you out. it's no different in the pros. just these guys are a lot better at doing what they're trying to do. i'll be smart. if i need to slide, i'll slide or run out of bounds, i'll run out of bounds, but by no means i'll play with fear. >> i think he's got a natural feel for that even in the open field. he's 225 pounds, strong, very athletic. a lot of times he'll outrun people, but when he doesn't have that angle, he's very smart when to make the decision to slide and in this league, you have to learn to do that. >> reporter: coming up at 11:00, a look at pierre garcon. i think a lot of fans would like to put him in a bubble and make sure nothing happens to him. >> keep him perfect and healthy. see you later. >> there's plenty of humidity out there for everybody.
10:48 pm
>> it's in here, too. >> kneel enjoy it a lot more -- they'll enjoy it a lot more tomorrow. the steam bath is grueling out of town and tomorrow it will be a lot less humid and you'll notice a breeze tomorrow, too occasionally gusting to 30 miles an hour out of the northwest. that almost gets into the slightly annoying territory, but when we think about the fact it's taking the humidity out of town, i think we'll enjoy it. that is a good trade, no doubt about it. around d.c. at the moment we are dry, but there are some areas of showers here and there and that's what we're going to be looking at in radar here as we give you first the wider picture and diminishing showers across montgomery county, a bigger batch to our south, but we'll start with what we see here in montgomery county and our approaching cold front triggering that. just a little south here between gaithersburg and rockville right on 270 looks like we're getting a good downpour. you can see it affected laytonsville over to darnestown. that is one area.
10:49 pm
it will probably head into bethesda. keep that in mind as this moves south. looks like there's a heavier patch in here. perhaps you'll pick up another good amount of rain. it looks deceiving with the bigger picture. you get in fighter and see there is actual -- tighter and see there is quite a bit going on in montgomery county. everything else is south of fredericksburg moving away. our frontal system which is just to the rest of ourself region will begin the process of sweeping these showers out. we think it's a little farther west than this and one or two more thunderstorms to come behind the front, some stragglers, but overnight all these showers will be shutting off. let's give you a bigger view with everything in motion on our satellite and radar. batches of showers, more widespread showers and rain earlier today that produced a general 1/2 for a lot of areas. these have added to it as we watch these coming on through. thought i'd give you an idea how much rain fell. this is a doppler estimate
10:50 pm
based on 24 hour rain totals, the heaviest to the north and west and sort of a jackpot across northern delaware. we found a couple spots pushing 2 inches through frederick county, about an inch there, but lighter amounts in the d.c. area, between .2 and .4-inch of rain and this jackpot of 2.3 inches up through northern delaware. rain will be shutting off. here are the weather headlines for the overnight hours. scattered showers and storms winding down, morning rush hour dry. it's also going to be less humid wednesday with a noticeable breeze from the northwest, again occasionally gusting to 20 to 30 miles an hour, maybe a spotty shower or two thursday, i think best chance of that might be east of the bay. temperatures will certainly stay comfortable for the next several days. high temperatures today 77 degrees, but again it was so humid that it was almost lard to notice the fact the temperature was -- hard to nope the fact the temperature was significantly below -- notice the fact the temperature was
10:51 pm
significantly below average. wednesday 81 degrees, average 83. we'll be a little by low it thursday and a little cloudier at 79 degrees. friday and saturday looking very nice, about 81 degrees and it's mild out there now, still 76 degrees, 79 for quantico. it's rain cooled in fredericksburg at 69, also in hagerstown, 72 cumberland. when we talk about the dew points, this gives you an idea how tropical it is. any time it's above 65 you really notice it. when it's above 70, it's very uncomfortable if not oppressive and our dew point in d.c. is 73, but we start looking west and we find lower numbers and beyond that i saw some dew points in the 50s. that's the good stuff. that will get in here tomorrow with a breeze as an area of high pressure begins to build in. that is going to chase that frontal system off the atlantic coast. it keeps the good stuff moving in here. as that high moves off the coast thursday, it might be able to get more of an east wind which is why we cloud up a bit and have a spotty shower.
10:52 pm
five-day forecast, time to sum it up, and i think it's a real nice day tomorrow, less humid and a bit breezy if not occasionally blustery. thursday is an increase in cloud cover and a very slight chance for a spotty shower, again best chance east and south of d.c. i'm liking the looks of friday, saturday and sunday. could that possibly be award winning? let's hope. so have a good night. slow progress for crews battling wildfires in new mexico and colorado. one person has died from the smoke. her remains were later found in her burned out home. there are more than 500 crews on the scene near ft. collins colorado. more are still on the way. the fire has burned up to 68 square miles. a west virginia woman is on a walk to remember. annie wisegarver is hiking the entire appalachian trail all with the help for others. when she's done, she will have walked more than 2,000 miles through 14 states. fox 5's photojournalist lance ing had a chance to camp up
10:53 pm
with her passing through from -- catch up with her passing through frederick county. >> always enjoyed hiking, camping, backpacking. i sold my truck. i left my truck. i gave up my apartment and i had a little apartment, so i just put a few things in storage and gave a wavering else and i just left. away away left -- away everything else and i just heft. i'm annie wise-- left. i'm annie wisegarver and i'm hiking the trial in baxter state park in maine. i wanted to do something big when i turned 50 and i love to hike the trail, but i thought while i'm hiking it i'm going to probably have, i should blog it and then i thought if i'm blogging, why don't i do some awareness for some things i think are important. very this intention for peace and every day when i get up and
10:54 pm
start -- i have this intention for peace and every day when i get up and start hiking, i have that intention that every step i take maybe that will bring more peace into my minds and into the minds of other people and into the world. that's just my faith. i don't want to let that go. it's march 18th and i just climbed about 1,000 feet. wow, look at that. you have to sit right on this ledge because way down there. i often, often think about seeing that sign at the end of this hike and i get very emotional and just wonder what it is going to be like when i get to the end? i don't know. it's just amazing. it's an amazing journey. >> you could say it's like the ultimate swear jar. find out in which city you can be fined for cursing. >> and the kkk has a request for georgia lawmakers, why they want to be recognized like everyone else. 
10:55 pm
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the kkk is fighting for a right to adopt part of a georgia highway claiming it wants to help the community clean up. fox's paul yates has more. >> reporter: the state's adopt a highway program allows any civic minded organization to apply. volunteers agreed to periodically clean up litter. their work is recognized with a roadside sign. in this case the georgia d.o.t. form lists the applicant as the international keystone knights of the kkk. state representative tyrone brooks heads the georgia association of black elected officials. >> they don't qualify as a civic minded group. civic minded groups don't destroy people based on the color of their skin, based on their religion, ethnicity. civic minded groups work for the common good of all of us. >> reporter: he says the state should never have considered
10:59 pm
the clan's application. in a statement bill nigut of the anti-defamation league said, "it is ironic that the keystone knights of the kkk proposes this civic minded activity where territory where once klansmen terrorized african americans and others." one african american we talked to supports the clan's request. >> i think we should do it. it ain't going to hurt nobody or hurt nothing. it ain't going to do nothing but help this road and the community, so i don't see no problem with it. >> reporter: members of the georgia clan group would not speak on camera but denied filing the application to enhance their image or recruitment. georgia's adopt a highway program began 23 years ago. in union county paul yates, fox 5 news. if you ever visit the town of meadowbrook, massachusetts, be prepared to watch your mouth. last night residents voted


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