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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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with fear. >> give instill hasn't signed his contract with the redskins. both he and coach shanahan say no need to worry, they're going to get it done. ate live look outside for your wednesday, june 13th. traffic moving. guess what, melanie? the roads dry this morning. >> that is good news. >> we are hoping for a break in that humidity. we'll see as tucker joins us in just a moment. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm melanie alnwick in for sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we've made it halfway through the week. yesterday as with a washout for sure. >> did you feel it as you got out of your car, headed to work today, the humidity not so bad. not so muggy today. >> all right. it is getting better. >> a little improvement every day. >> by this afternoon, it will be gorgeous. >> love it. >> a little breezy.
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we're done with the rain. mentioned the humidity is on the way out as well. sorry. we are looking at a lot of sunshine the next couple of days. we'll start with a look at your radar. shower activity done and the blue you see, we have a couple of cold fronts coming through. in steps here, we'll lose the humidity and lose the very mild temperatures that we've started our day with as that cooler and drier air starts to work in from the north and west. let me mention the winds will be out of the north at about 10 to 15 gusting to 25. humidity still up, 84%. it will be improving this morning. winds out of the north appear west at six. it does feel a little better than it did during the day yesterday. today, mostly sunny skies by the affect. 08degrees your daytime high. 81, 82 in a few spots so low 80s. >> nice start to the first day of summer break for a left kids. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> you mentioned you saw things moving nicely on the roads. >> so far, so good. we'll go to lauren demarco to
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check on your wednesday morning commute. >> no rain to deal with today which is making things very nice. no real issues to report on the roads right now if you are heading out of route 50 onto new york avenue. you are running at speed. can you take a live look at traffic lapped right now. traveling the beltway into montgomery county. no problems on the outer loop heading around towards new hampshire avenue. no delays to speak of at this point. 270 is where we watch the slow traffic begin to build out of frederick down towards 109. look luke everybody is of monthing right now. further south, you are in good shape heading down towards the split. 95, no issues leaving dumfries heading up to dale city towards woodbridge, across the occoquan. the lanes are open and running well. 395 looks good from the beltway up across the 14th street bridge and on to the freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. george allen wins the virginia republican primary as
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expected. the former senator beat challenges from three other candidates. he got 65% of the vote. his closest competitor tea party favorite jamie radke won about 23%. the other two had less than 5%. allen now faces democrat tim kaine in november. the d.c. council, of course, big day for them, will take a vote on an interim chairperson. >> at least one member as the upper hand when it comes to replacing the disgraced kwame brown. sherry ly has the new developments. >> reporter: that vote for the interim chair for the d.c. council will happen at 10:00 this morning. it be filled by an at-large councilmember until the special election is held in november. right now, it seems that phil mendelsohn has the vote. the upheaval comes on the hoop dreams of two resignations. first, harry thomas rezoned,
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convicted on corruption charges in recent months and then kwame brown resigned and pleaded guilty to criminal charges last week. phil mendelsohn is expected to succeed brown as the interim chairman. sources say he is seen as someone who can bring stability and won't shake things up on the council. brown is awaiting sentencing for felony bank fraud and a misdemeanor campaign violation. currently, mary cheh is filling in but she is not in the running for the chair. >> we did this in '93. we did it in '97. i'm simply following the praft council in the past. -- the practice of the council in the past. why those names? after mr. brown resigned, there were inevitably hallway conversations and people talking. as a result, it seemed to me that a consensus had formed around phil mendelsohn. what people have to understand is that the charter, the home rule charter, says we must pick the acting chair and the acting
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chair pro tem from among the four at-large members. >> reporter: councilmember michael brown is expected to take the pro tem position. a special election will be held in november to permanently fill the chairmanship. councilmember marion barry has been tweeting about today's vote. one said let your councilmember hear your voice and asked do you even know what they plan to do? vincent orange had hoped to get the votes for the chair today. but it appears his only chance now will be in november. right now, it seems that this vote is phil mendelsohn's to lose. back to you. >> thank youen. making headlines ache vicious dog attack that sent a 70-year-old man to the hospital. it happened early yesterday morning in the river terrace community in northeast. neighbors say they heard the man screaming so they ran out
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with bats appear shovels to fight off two dogs that are called cane corsos. neighbors say the dogs guard a parking lot used by a tow truck and limousine company. police issued the owners two citing as for having up leashed dogs but they are not facing criminal charges. the d.c. department of health says the dogs are being evaluated at a northeast shelter. maryland police have arrested two teenagers accused of throwing a bottle bomb at a little girl. it happened at sunset elementary school in pasadena monday night. police say two boys, ages 13 and 15, threw a bottle bomb at a 6-year-old girl on the playground. it exploded but fortunately she was not hurt. police found the tamers behind the school an arrested them both. this now facing felony charges. and some of the big stories we are keeping an eye on today, more testimony expected in the jerry sandusky child molestation trial. yesterday was a big day. former penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary testifying
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he saw sandusky having sex with a 10 to 12-year-old boy in a campus locker room in 2001. an alleged victim also took the stand and recounted alleged sexual attacks during sleepovers in sandusky's basement while his wife was upstairs. sandusky we're told did not show any visible emotion during the testimony. a little closer to home, the president and ceo of j. p. morgan heading to capitol hill. jamie dimond will testify at a senate hearing today regarding the botched trades that lost the bank $2 billion. his prepared remark appear to include a couple of defenses as well as an apology for the trading loss. he is expected to tell lawmakers the bank is sorry it let people down. republican nominee for president mitt romney will be in the district this morning. he will be at the newseum. he will be speaking to about 100ceos from as. >> the country about the economy just before noontime. usually the business round table meeting are not open to
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the press but the media will be allowed into this morning's meeting. and president obama holding three fundraisers in baltimore yesterday. he spoke about job creation at one stop at the hyatt regency. today, he will be at a campaign event at the w hotel in the district. he is also hosting shimon perez at former ceremonies at the white house this afternoon and later tonight. in a new interview, casey anthony admits to past mistake but she still maintains she did not kill her daughter. we'll have more on when she did reveal after the break. 
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after being stolen from a bookstore in phoenix ache rear first edition of the copy of the book of mormon turns up in washington. the book was prip back in 1830 and worth $40,000. yesterday, federal authorities in d.c. arrested the man accused of stealing it after finding it, they say, in his apartment. the opener of the book says she knows the suspect and he is being held on a $40,000 bond
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and could be extradited to arizona. a three-day manhunt has ended in alabama for a man accused of killing three people at a weekend party near auburn university. a lawyer says the suspect surrendered to police last night. he was taken into custody by u.s. marshals at the federal courthouse in montgomery. an admission of sorts from casey anthony. she said she was a stupid kid who looked horrible during interviews and she lied to police because she didn't trust them. anthony still maintains she did not kill her daughter. she has been in hiding since being found not guilty of murder last july. coming up, more support identify proposal to spruce up the national harbor with a casino. >> plus the line-up is set for this year's capital 4th celebration. we'll have a look at what
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celebrities will be on hand. i can't believe we're talking about fourth of july. with can he just get through june first. >> i think you'll like the forecast. i have it for you. willmar has a -- lauren demarco has a look at traffic. we'll have that right after of the break.   -- right after the break. ♪
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oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like. and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality.
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. headlining at the nation's fourth of july celebration on the mall, matthew broderick, josh turner. >> i got him on the iphone
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right here. >> a dozen u.s. olympic athletes. performance as for a capital 4th will take place on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol ahead of the fireworks display. >> you can put me in the front row for josh turner, no doubt. he is a total cutie. >> have you heard him, tuck officer. >> i don't know who that is. >> i don't either. >> the ladies know. you guys are missing out. >> if he wasn't on american idol, i've never heard of him. >> why are you surprised we are talking about it already? i mean we are less than a month away. >> i think because june as just like lightning has gone by and july 4th is really like the year is half over and next thing you know, we'll be buying christmas presents. >> melanie, it won't go that fast, i promise is. >> let's enjoy the moment. >> i feel like this has been a very long moment. >> it has. >> moving along then. >> this is usually the time
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when the producers go move it along. >> the radar is looking clear at the moment and it should be a nice-looking day today as the cold front has now passed to the east. you can see we're very quiet. about 1/4 inch of rain at reagan national. there is your front. you can see it. still some cloud cover, southern maryland, leonardtown, st. mary's city. for the rest of us, we are clearing out. off to the north and west, clear skies. that will start to work in today. it will be a breezy day today. we'll have a pretty good pressure gradient around here behind this front. plenty of sunshine today. it should be a mostly sunny afternoon and noticeably less humid than what we had around here the last several days. 69 now in washington. that is a little better than yesterday. 64 in gaithersburg.
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let's see. hagerstown, 65 degrees. leonardtown, good morning, 6 # for you. the bay temperature now in the upper 70s holding your temperature up a little bit. 73-degree in annapolis. let's do wind. not much right now. there are -- they have shifted out of the north and west so there you go, current will you out of the north appear west at eight here in washington. your forecast, officially bountiful sunshine. winds will be gusty at time. high temperatures, we'll go around 08 degrees. winds out of the north here gusting to about 25. later tonight, no problems. mostly clear and we'll see a for you clouds overnight. notice how cool it will be, 61 in town. 50s north and west of the city. your five-day forecast, that is what you call a nice-looking five-day forecast for the middle of june with high temperatures in the low 80s for your weekend. lots of sunshine. friday-- we'll call friday a weekend too. friday, saturday, sunday, sunshine, low humidity. that's weather. let's do traffic and lauren demarco has got your latest. >> it certainly fields like
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weekend to me. i approve of that. if you are traveling the beltway in montgomery county, want to take i look from waze really quick. we are getting a report of a wreck. it occurred on the outer loop just prior to 270. can't get that to come up. won't refresh for you. that is what i'm seeing from one fox 5 wazer. keep that in neighborhood. if there is an incident there, it is not causing much of a problem for you but do watch out for that and be alert as you travel the beltway. inner loop looking great as you leave the american legion bridge around to college park. 270, no accidents reported for you. 66 running well. 95 seeing some volume build here past the farr faction county parkway through newington as you head up through springfield. 395, you have the all-clear.
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no problems to report as you leave the beltway continuing to the 14th street bridge. four businesses in the district now officially eligible to sell medical marijuana. here is a list of the shops, three in northwest and one in southeast. they were approved by the department of health after meeting several criteria. now, the applicants have to apply for licenses, building permits and other requirements. it is not yet clear when they will begin selling the drug for medical purposes. another step forward in the push to build a casino in prince george's county. experts are telling state lawmaker the state can handle a sixth casino. maryland live opened in anne arundel county last week. the thunder casino operating in the state. there are already plans for two more. analysts and consultants say there is enough interest to justify adding another place to gamble but it will be up to you, the voters, to decide come november. apparently, it is time for d.c. to man up. a new study has named the city as one of the least manly in the country. >> what's up with that?
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topping the list, let's talk about that, oklahoma city, columbia, south carolina and memphis, tennessee. maybe it is because they say ma'am all the time. d.c. came in 43. the 14th annual study measured manly city data like number of home improvement stores, steak houses and motorcycles. by the way, san diego was the least manly stow. >> brought to you by the people who make cheesy pretzel snacks. so consider the source. >> combos. there you go. an expensive prank call is costing taxpayers big time. still ahead, what the coast guard is saying about a hoax off the jersey coast. we have and hon heir for several local firefighters who fear i had lost their -- we have and honor for several local firefighters who nearly
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lost their lives battle a fire earlier this year. 
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. a plaqual joke is costing new jersey taxpayers more than $300,000. the u.s. coast guard says someone called in a yacht explosion on monday afternoon saying dozens of people were on board or in the water. three were dead and nine others hurt. the call prompted an expensive rescue operation that lasted about five hours. they even create a treable in a nearby parking lot. in the end, officials located nada. the call was a hoax and it was made from land, not water. hope they catch that guy. >> someone will have to pay up for that one.
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it was a terrifying fire that turned out to be arson. seven firefighters rushed into a burning riverdale, maryland house thinking someone may be trapped inside. >> the firefighters almost didn't make it out. wisdom martin reports six of those men are now back at work. >> reporter: it is firefighter kevin o'toole's first day back at the bladensburg volunteer fire department. >> ments a great feeling. >> reporter: 21-year-old o'toole and a group of fellow firefighters nearly lost their lives. now, donna edwards is recognizing the sacrifice they made. >> it moved me when i read about the incident in february and mover me enough to say we just need to value these men and value their service. >> reporter: it was february 24th. kevin and six other firefighters rushed into a burning house in riverdale heights. >> we pulled up and saw another basement fire. it was just a matter of second
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that it changed on us. >> we went in, expected that there were people trapped in the house so we went in, we wanted to d to make sure there was nobody in there. >> are. >> reporter: seconds after they got in, a torch flame engulfed the group. kevin was one of two firefighters with critical injuries. >> imagine the shock. we saw them the first time. he had over about -- about 50% of his body was burned. kevin spent almost two months in the burn unit with severe burns to his arms and hands. >> gone through hell. still going through some tough times. we'll get him through it. >> reporter: getting through it and trying to get back to normal. they continue to rehab and recover mentally and physically. >> i owe everything to the fire department. >> reporter: the firefighters say they are glad to be alive to tell their story and after all they've been through, has the experience changed their minds mind about risking their lives. >> laying in the hospital, you're thinking do you want to do this? then you get back to the
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station and you start hanging around with the guys. this is what i want to do. this is what i was meant to do. >> that is just amazing heroics. >> yeah, good to see them back at it. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, we'll have something about anger at a local high school grad waight. >> the ceremony going on but where were some of the parents? we'll explain. a big vote on tap in the d.c. council. >> good morning. the games manship is on to fill the interim chairman position for the d.c. council. the vote scheduled for today. who is vying for the position, who is the favorite and why. we'll have it all for you coming up. 
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. welcome back for fox 5 morning news. it is we had, june 13th, half way through your week. bright and early on the morning. look like there might be some sun peeking through the clouds today. am i right? >> i'm hoping so. >> i think it will be much better than yesterday. more and more sunshine. we'll start the day way little bit of cloud cover. but by this afternoon, mostly sunny skies and high temperatures about 08 with less humidity. >> that sounds like a perfect day. >> a little breezy though. >> not bad. if you are hanging out at the pool, you are starting to sweat, you get the breeze to cool you off. >> the right attitude about this.
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>> the rain shower activity, the rain we had yesterday, out of here. we'll take the quiet conditions. he have we have a couple of cold fronts coming through. second one just off to the north and west will start to bring in the cooler and drier air. winds will pick up when it moves through a little later this morning. look for the wind again gusting out of the north. gusting to about that miles per hour. temperatures are a little more comfortable than yesterday. forecast for today is a good one and to be honest with you, the next five days are all good ones. more details on that in a minute. highs in the low 80s. about 80 here in washington. >> let's get a check of your on- time traffic. >> a good weather report to wake up to. we have a good traffic report as well. pretty quiet out there on the roads right now. we can take a look at waze. we did have that one report after wreck on the beltway.
5:32 am
we were trying to get that to work last time. when it doubt, must restart because it is now back up to speed. someone is reporting this accident on the outer loop just prior to 270 in bethesda. they are describing it as a minor accident. you can see this is really no delay to speak of thank you point as you travel the beltway. here we are just west of connecticut avenue. effect running at speed. so if you are passing anything there, just be alert. maybe a quick tap on the brakes but it shouldn't slow you down too badly. continuing in towards virginia across the people, no problems to report. outer loop is running well at this time. really, no issues from prince george's county heading into montgomery county past college park. in virginia, traveling the beltway, the inner loop leaving the mixing bowl. 66, we are starting to see that volume build as you head inbound out of manassas so watch for that. 95 northbound slowing through
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dumfries. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. d.c. council members will take a vote on an interim chairman today following last week's resignation of kwame brown. >> good morning. in the past week since kwame brown's resignation, the at- large councilmember have been jockeying for position to see would will hold the position. the votes seem to be stacking up for councilmember phil mendelsohn. today's vote continues to shake things up for the d.c. council. first, harry thomas resigned followed by kwame brown last week on bank fraud and campaign violation. sources say mendelsohn seems to have the votes to succeed brown
5:34 am
because he would offer stability. brown pleaded guilty last week in federal court. the chair pro tem spot is expected to be taken by councilmember michael brown leaving out vincent orange who had hopes to get chairmanship. >> we tried to settle down and get back to the business for which citizens elected us. >> i'm an at-large member. i represent all d.c. residents. we have to figure out how to move on in a positive way. >> reporter: marion barry has been tweeting about the imbeening vote telling people let your council members hear your voice and do you know what they're planning to do? at this point, it appears based on sources that the votes are going to go to phil mendelsohn. it is scheduled to happen at 10:00 this morning. and whoever is chosen for fill the chairman's seat would still have to survive a special election in november if they
5:35 am
wanted to take the seat permanently. back to you. >> thank you. a solid win for george allen in last newt's virginia primary. the former republican governor easily beat his closest challenger. he won 65%. tea party favorite jamie radke came in second with 23%. allen now faces another former virginia governor in november and that is democrat tim kaine. we'll be speaking can tim kaine live in the 7:00 hour of fox 5 morning news. there were a couple of other races of note in virginia. republican chris perk ins won in the 11th district. in the eighth district, it covers arlington and alexandria, democrat jim moran is set to defend his seat in congress in november. and house majority leader eric cantor won the primary race for his district near richmond. in phoenix, arizona, gabrielle giffords helped her former aide win the remainder of her term in the u.s. house
5:36 am
of representatives. democrat ron barber defeated republican jessie kelly in tuesday's special election holding on to the seat has been a priority for democrats as they seek to regain control of the house in november. d.c. police called in to calm down angry parent at ballou high school graduation yesterday after some of them were shut out of the ceremony. they were out raged over missing the once in a lifetime chance to see their child graduate. >> it is a sad day for me. i didn't get to see my daughter graduate, walk across the stage. it hurts. >> because of the weather, vice president use change from ballou's football field to a nearby church and that venue quickly pulled up forcing police to turn away relatives and friend. a virginia teacher will spend three months behind bars for a sexual relationship she had with a student. tina amato is her name. she was sentenced in stafford
5:37 am
county yesterday. she will serve three months there when she finishs the same sentence in props william county. george zimmerman's wife is out of bail on a $1,000 bond. shelly dimmer man was charged with one count of perjury. she is accused of lying to the court about the couple's financial situation. meantime, a task force has been established by florida governor rick scott to refute the controversial stand your ground law. george zimmerman says he shot trayvon martin in self-defense which is allowed under the law. >> this is so serious we all need to look within ourselves and say we need to at least review this law again. >> basically this, laws telling us that it is okay to be a vigilante in our society today and that is wrong. too many innocent lives are being taken. >> george zimmerman faced second degree murder charges. he is behind bars with another bond hearing set for june 29th.
5:38 am
his wife has an arraignment set for july 31st. in the jerry sandusky trial, mike mcqueary testified he saw sandusky having sex with a 10 to 12-year-old boy in a campus locker room back in 2001 and eventually reported it to then head football coach joe paterno. an alleged victim also took the stand and recounted alleged sexual attacks during sleep overs in sandusky's basement. an unusual discovery at a horse racing track out west. we'll tell you why the feds say this is related to drug cartels. cartels. . later this morning, investors will be watching to so how lawmakers treat j. p. morgan ceo jamie dimond who will testify on capitol hill
5:39 am
about losing more than $2 billion. it is 5:38. we'll be right back.
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south syria is now in a full- blown civil war. that is the assessment from the united nations this morning. the u.n. is also condemning the use of children as human shield and the targeting of children for torture and execution.
5:42 am
clinton is accusing russia of he is chatting the violence by sending attack helicopters to syria. this morning, syria is lashing out at her accusing the united states of interfering. seven people are behind bars accused of running a money laundering operation connected to one of mexico's most powerful drug cartels. federal authorities say the suspects useed a horse breeding operation to launder the money. yesterday, officials raided their horse ranch in oklahoma and a prominent stable in new mexico where workers say they often saw people show up with bags of cash to buy horses. still ahead, he stands alone. a local student is the only person in his class who hasn't missed a day of school since, get this, kindergarten. >> we'll have more though guy's bright future as fox 5 morning news continues after the break. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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♪ . a live look outside as our tower cam pans across the skies of washington. the sun is out and hopefully a more comfortable day. certainly a drier day, right, tuck officer. >> a drier day and a more comfortable day and much brighter day today. today will be gorgeous. in fact, the next five days will be gorgeous. this weekend looks just about perfect.
5:46 am
>> i want to duplicate that for next week when i'm on vacation. >> oh, good. where are we going? >> i don't know yet. i like to wing it. >> you should be driving because gas has gone down. >> you never know. >> it is all relative. >> remember when gas used to be a dollar a gallon. right now, we're like it's only $3.75. we needed the rain. we take every develop because we'll be dry here not next -- for the foreseeable future, at least the next several days. not expecting much in the way of rainfall. much opportunity for rainfall. we are quiet right now. you saw in the live shot, we still have some cloud cover. still plenty of humidity. that will be trending downward during the day ads a little cloud cover will be decreasing here. general improvement expected in the forecast. you can see baltimore,
5:47 am
washington looking nice and quiet at the moment. there you go. cloud cover still hanging tough here across the lower eastern shore. if you are down at the beaches, you will wake up with cloud cover. hang in there. i think by mid-morning you too will be get in on the sunshine and it should be a beautiful day. you can see it is still raining here into southern new england including boston, new york on the become edge of that rain shower. out to the west, high pressure will build in. that will deliver a couple very nice day around here starting this afternoon although let me mention the breezes. it will be a little windy around here at times. 69-degree in washington. 64 in gaithersburg. -- 69 degrees in washington. here is your forecast. lots of sunshine today, gusty winds. breezy conditions, a little gusty at times with winds out of the north gusting to about 25. highs about 80 degrees or so so a nice afternoon. 61 the overnight low. some 50s if you are outside the beltway. just a company of clouds overnight and a gorgeous five-
5:48 am
day forecast next several days. lots of sunshine with temperatures just a degree or two below average. highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. and the best part, humidity level will be tolerable here as we get into the weekend. it will be really nice. that is a look at your weather. let's see if traffic is looking really nice. lauren demarco has your traffic. >> great news about being able to open the windows overnight. i thought about it last night but it was a little bit too wet. so some good news there. things looking great on the roads right now. no major accidents or incidents to report although we are starting to see the volume pick up as we approach the 6:00 hour. so let's take a live look at traffic land as you head northbound 95. things getting heavy here as you leave triangle heading up through dumfries. you will find you are off and on the brakes on get across the occoquan and the volume is building leaving newington to head into springfield. 395, a little bit of volume building here at duke street. no problems to report heading up past the pentagon towards the 14th street bridge. 66 looking pretty good right
5:49 am
now out of manassas. watch for the volume for build as you head into centreville. leaving route other fair oak, you are wide open past waffles mill and 123 in toward the beltway. new york avenue slowing approaching bladensburg road and again at florida avenue. no problems to report on the route 50. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> ever miss a day or work or school? >> i to say i have a missed a few. there is a young man who magged to make it from kindergarten all way through high school without missing a single day of class. >> like bubble boy. he never goes outside. >> and as fox 5's beth parker shows us he is just getting started. >> reporter: this is more than just a photo of a smiling five- year-old. this is a part rate of the american dream. -- a portrait of the american treatment. seth has never lived in this place on the map.
5:50 am
but it's place that has shaped who he is. now, seth has managed to do something that very few people have. he went from kindergarten to middle school and all the way through high school without missing one day of class. >> my parents were both born in ghana. they didn't have the chances i had to succeed here. i thought that i owed to them to do the best that i k by he shog up every day, i think i did that. >> reporter: seth just graduated from ors borne park high school in manassas with a 3-point # gpa. heather davids is his teacher. >> seth is one of those kids who you only get once in a career really. >> i'm part of the school news paper, part of the invisible children club, part of the soccer team. >> aren't out the editor of the newspaper. >> the editor in chief. >> aren't you the captain of soccer team. >> one of the co-cap tapes.
5:51 am
>> reporter: seth's dad lives most of each year in ghana. >> seth respects me. >> reporter: she made sure he always went to school. >> there was one week in the seventh grade when i was just so sick. >> reporter: he will try to keep the streak going when he heads to william and mary. >> we joke that we will become president one day. >> a lot of people have said you could be president and can you do this. i think more than anything i want to be happy. >> reporter: seth willing interning for the obama cam pap and on capitol hill over the summer. >> i want to sleep. my teachers can attest to that. >> reporter: do you fall asleep in class in. >> not going to answer that question. >> he is smart. but he won't rest for long. >> he will help the world. that he is. there is no way around that. >> reporter: beth park are, fox 5 news. >> great.
5:52 am
let's make sure we archive that story because i have no doubt he is going places. >> we are going so ehim again. game one of the nba finds plus the wizards are looking for pick up new talent. the facebook fan. day coming your way next. who will it be? stay with us. 
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. to the basketball court and game one of the nba finals. it was lebron james and the
5:55 am
heat against d.c.'s very own kevin durant and the thunder. durant scored 17 of his 36 points in the fourth quarter. russell westbrook added 27 points and 11 assists. oklahoma city rallied from a 13- point did he have at this time so beat miami 105-94 last night. >> a game of runs, man. you one of the had to make sure that every time we got a good shot on the dafsive wend and we got to contest up and just play hard. we've got to continue to do that. >> whatever the case may be, we had a good game playing the start of the game. that third quarter hurt us. >> lebron james ended with 30 points but it just wasn't enough to get past the thunder. game two tomorrow night in oklahoma city. ahead of this month's nba draft, the wizards hosted a workout at the verizon center. they are evaluating talent for the next two and a half weeks. some familiar names and faces
5:56 am
on hand such as kentucky's darius miller, duke's miles plumly, scoop jardine from sir cruise and jason clark from georgetown. the nationals will be looking to complete back-to- back sweeps on the road today in toronto. they won yesterday. bryce harper knocked his seventh long ball of the euro. jonathan solano hit his first major league run in the seventh. the nats are now 14 games over 500. 500. . adam jones had his 18th home run of the soap. the bird go on to beat the pirates 8-6. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, a. under i can't mcmillan.
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she has been watching for more than 20 years and she can't start her day without coffee or fox 5 morning news. good-looking family there. thank you for your loyalty. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, log on to our facebook opinion and post a comment right under the gorgeous family picture. >> that is very nice. >> straight ahead after 6:00, verdictize op makes a customer friendly move to save you some money. will other carriers follow suit? >> we are checking your morning commute. fox 5 morning news is coming right back.
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homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city.
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i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.


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