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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 13, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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without insults, interruptions, and some very strong emotions. fox 5s matt ackland has the news edge on d.c. >> you are now the acting chair of the council. i would ask you to come forward and take the chair seat and the gavel and to preside and offer congratulations to you. [ applause ] >> reporter: before phil mendelson took his seat as chairman, the discussion among council members was full of insults, interruptions, and ego. >> i'm the best. i am the best. today, vincent dippard orange senior is the best candidate. the best! >> reporter: vincent orange, who originally wanted the chairman spot, knew he didn't have support and went after the number two position. during his fight, he held off a media report criticizing michael brown. >> this is about michael brown, not vincent orange. >> reporter: the council be member and former mayor marion barry said this about the
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crimes committed by two council members and two of mayor gray's campaign workers recently. >> this has been the most serious governmental crisis and more serious than shutdowns. the only thing i can think of that is more serious than this is 9/11. >> reporter: council member jack evan who was a long tome d.c. leader fired back and alluded to barry's arrest after smoking crack in the 1990s. >> and if anyone was here, you would see a turbulent time. >> and that seemed to change when alexander talked. >> she fought back tears. >> i'm story. -- sorry. please forgive me. we have to stay together up
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here and stop fighting and key agree to disagree. i am six of it. and we work hard for the city. and please stop all of the back biting and foolishness and move forward stu. >> reporter: from that point on, things seemed to settle down and she seemed to accept it. meanwhile, gray said this about mendelson. >> a hard-working, smart, you know, very committed dedicated public service and i have every confident the couple will on and constructive. >> reporter: once again, someone who changeed the tone of today's meeting was ward seven council member yvette alexander and she's nice enough to join us today. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> watched, i was in the room today and i could feel things change. i could feel your sadness and
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frustration as well. talk me through what you were seeing and why you got excited? >> and when we're trying to move the city forward, and trying to move the council together, it was frustrating some of the remark and that some of my colleagues were, you know, were targeting towards one another and that should had to end. >> and you told me before you had a friendship with kwame brown and you know harry thomas jr. well and how well is this? >> and that is difficult. i think a whole, you know, a whole load of emotions was coming out personally and that is really hard when we're working hard for the city and for these things to happen and that we have to let the citizens know that we are still moving forward. i have to admit. >> and you talked about your worry about what is next. how you said one thing's for sure, you won't see yvette
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alexander in handcuffs and you worried about others and is your concern for the mayor as well? are you concerned about what is going on behind the scenes into the investigation into the campaign? >> i don't know anything for sure. we have to end the cloud in the scandal in the district and i have a positive outlook and we don't know what is going on top -- to happen. i was shocked at last two council members and i am going to keep positive. >> and has chairman mendelson the man to lead the couple in the right direction? >> i am confident with him. he's a fair thinker and a consensus builder. i confident. >> and you showed some leadership today and that you're about to be renamed and
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re-elected to the prc and would you think about become the chairwoman of the council? >> after today, i can say new york city no time soon and who knows what the strict holds. ward 7 is my priority. >> and we appreciate you very much. and stay with fox 5 for the latest developments in the d.c. city council and as always, can you go to our website, after criss cot crossing the country on the campaign trail, president obama and mitt romney found themselves a few blocks away from each other and for romney, it was another chance to pound and an inn tended visit and those were two clear pictures of where each side sees the support coming
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from. >> and on the one hand, you had mitt romney and the president highlighting a father-son barbecue in northeast, a restaurant there and both sides are clearly identifying the jobs in the economy as the issue in this race and they're approaching it from different angles. addressing the business round table luncheon, mitt romney dug in. >> and the president and his people don't understand how the private sector works. >> and romney hammered the president. >> and he said a few days ago, the private sector is doing fine. the incredu lity that came back from the american people caused him to rethink that.
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>> and on wednesday, he hit it into d.c. and highlighting the importance of businesses. >> and that is where they are to come. >> the president said that small businesses like barbershops and restaurants are important to communities struggling in the down economy. >> and we want to figure out how to get better information and to find some training programs. >> and he offered clues as to where each sees their support and they're the political analysts. >> is it going be mitt romney with his policies and taxes? >> and there is some head
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winds. >> while the competing presidential campaign chris crossed d.c., and that is likely to send them underneath further a part and that is a major address tomorrow and white house officials will make a declarative statement and against those ideas george and thank you, tom fitzgerald. and prince william police asking for your help and that is when cynthia disappeared from tacoma park. two years later, prince william county police found some skeletal remains in hey market and went unidentified for 30 years until last month and her
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murderer is on the loose. they believe he may have information about the case and hear from anyone who knew gastell. straight ahead on the news edge six, what is in a name? apparently a lot. a major change coming to a popular metro stop. dozens of wild fires are scorching the west. i'm anita vogel in los angeles. i will have the the latest coming up. and that is a disaster out there. the rain is out of the picture and, boy, nice low humidity and we'll let you know how things are looking closer to the weekend and i'll bet the redskins appreciate the drop in humidity. >> and it's been nice out here, sue. coming up, leonard hankerson's hips don't lie. an update on his injury and the nationals, boy are they on a tear and tyler moore have a day. the rookie fire. those stories coming up in sports. laura. 
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. a small passenger plane request sky next on over the scene as the plane touched down. it's reported there was an engine problem. not clear how many people were on board. and we are monitoring metro tonight as the agency changes the name of a popular metro station. and the new york avenue, gallaudet u station will be known as the noma gallaudet station. today, signs throughout the system were changed. vincent gray said the name change is just the beginning of a budding revitalization effort in the city. >> and this is absolutely phenomenal meta morphosis and taking place here and you look at the office building and the residential development, you look at what happened and what is happening on florida avenue. >> the old name of the station, new york avenue, will stay up for a year to help customers during the transition. a meeting on the second
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phase of the dulles metro rail project gets underway in a little less than a half hour from now. they will discuss the environmental impact of the construction and can you voice your opinion. phase 2 runs from wheelie avenue in restin and to dulles international airport and to route 772 in ashburn. the meeting takes place at herndon high school in herndon and starts in a little less than a half hour. the washington metro area is home to some of the richest counties and that is where can you find some of the most people in debt. and an independent credit company found people in maryland and virginia have the highest student loan debt. maryland ranks number one w people owing more than $30,000 virginians owe more than $30,000, putting the state in sixth place. nationwide, the average is more than $20,000 owed. coming up on the news edge tonight. >> it's going to be a cool moment. a really cool moment. >> and it really, really was.
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why a young man's high school graduation was a milestone he will never forget. and a mother in boston got an ice cold reception from referees at her son's hockey game and walked out on the ice during the game when the players got into a fight and were roughing up her son. it appears that the refs were taking their time to break things up, so mom walked up to them and told them to do their jobs. some of the fans watching the game yelled at mom to get off of the ice. of the ice. 
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. continuing tonight with the raging wild fires out west, nearly 1,000 are combating the little bear fire and there is some good news. officials plan to lift evacuation orders for several areas. >> and in the top few fires in colorado the last few years. >> reporter: the massive high
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park wildfire in colorado continues to spread, growing to more than 72 square miles. the blaze is 10% contained and one of the more difficult fires they have encountered. >> and i would say the last few days have been not great but pretty good. if we're making progress and we are, that might be the best to expect. >> reporter: around 1,000 firefighters, 100 fire engines and 30 aircraft are working to douse the blames -- flames and has claimed one life and forced hundreds from their homes. >> and this is not kind of fire. you will see them in this community until they get rain. >> reporter: in new mexico, two major fires are scorching the state and one is the biggest in new mexico history and this fire damaged or destroyed more
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than 200 homes and officials say although the 56 square mile fire is about 35% contained, it's burning out of control. >> and this is volatile and dangerous. we need people to listen to the evacuation orders by the sheriff's department when they told to evacuate. >> reporter: the colorado governor signed a disaster declaration freeing up $20 million so far, battling the high-park blaze alone has come in with a $3 million price tag. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. and it was a memorable graduation for many seniors. take a look. >> patrick iveson took the first steps before the entire student body and he was paralyzeed during a childhood
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accident and that he always dreamed of walking and he underwent intense physical therapy to get a diploma. >> how about that? >> i need to know about the stories before the weather. that is beautiful and emotional. >> that is great. it is. congrats. >> yeah. >> and he's going to do cartwheels across the stage. >> he will. the mind is incredible. >> yeah, yeah. today was a gorgeous day at home. >> such a contrast, isn't it? last night, it was 73 and that is the dew point in the caribbean, you know, during hurricane season. >> right. >> and that is 48 and that is a gorgeous day. breezy and a live look outside. we're not chasing storms today and we have a few breezes around and with that really dry air, the dew point of 48, look for temperatures to be really comfortable tonight and if you haven't already, can you check that off and that is on the
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warm side and we'll talk about that in a moment and not chasing storms and let's talk about the sat right and radar and the overnight showers and that cool front came on through and we want to show you a lot of clear skies to the west and a little area of low pressure is cooking off of the coast and that is not a big on deal for us and that is going to travel southbound, that is going to nick us with cloud cover and some sprinkles and that is going to keep on to the south and thursday is not as burble and some more clouds and the temperature at 79 and some spotty sprinkles. don't think of it as a rainy day. friday's temperature, 81 and saturday, about 81 degrees and
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that high temperature, 82 degrees and with the nice low humidity, you don't notice it so much and the temperatures around the region, certainly very comfortable and that is near 80 and a lot of places to the seven days and that is where why that is helping our temperatures and that is not so much and catching a gust of 24 and tomorrow, more clouds than today and into some warmer air on in and that is very comfortable, the dry pattern and this is that fore cast here. friday looks great and on to saturday and father's day and this is almost better weather for mother's day and monday, about 85 degrees and that is a nice looking run we're on. >> and good to get some rain. >> yeah.
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>> and do not want that. >> thank you very much, we'll be r b
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. >> hello from redskins park. mike shanahan caught an audible and has cancelled for the redskins and with the workout, run, and do some meetings. they won't be together until the end of yell. -- july. one player is leonard hankerson. he was a rookie last year and who made his debut in with week 7 and week 9 and three months of rehab and that is is not enough. >> and this is tough emotionally and i want to be out here and i can't and today was tough for me and to -- and very frustrating, you know. i want to be out there and compete with thegites and run
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around and stuff like that and i can't. i have to continue getting better. >> and last night, harper against the blue jays and that is to right center field. after the game last night, he proved he can answer little league questions. >> and in canada, a legal drinking age and that is make sense. >> not canada. >> and i'm not answering that. >> that is a question, bro. >> the nats and jays this afternoon, and that is tied with two and the nats leading 4- 2 and strauss bug on the hill and with two earned runs and 6
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innings, struck out 8 and the nats sweep the blue jays 6-2. and game one of the nba finals and with some heat. gives it the okay and with that first lead in the game and off of the field and that local product with the in-style and thunder beat the heat and with game two of the nba finals and some meetings and workouts for the players. >> and thank you very much, let's go to sue and another look at the five-day forecast. >> and that is sweet, laura and that run of beautiful weather is affected tomorrow and some sprinkles around here and there
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and you may not need your sunglasses as on friday, saturday, sunday father's day and with that 83 and that climbs, the temperature and up to 85 degrees on monday and rot now, not much in the way of rain and some sprinkles are sys some carolinas, bypassing us. >> and that is some good stuff. now you have the news edge. the news is always on keep it here. tmz on tv is next. we'll see you tonight. u tonigh
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