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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  June 14, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. it is thursday, june 14th. pretty pleasant outside or as you step outside later this morning to take the kids to the pool. it looks like a nice day. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm will thomas. looky, looky, looky, who came in at 4:25 this morning. it is my friend gwen tolbart in
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for tucker. >> i actually arrived at 3:30. if you liked yesterday, you will like today. just a couple of degree cooler. here is a look at our max hd satellite composite. not much to show you. we'll have a few high clouds into the course of the day. other than that, you will see some sunshine. 82 at national yesterday. dulles and bwi marshall, both 80 degrees. humidity at 55%. a light north wind at 10 miles per hour. winds will be fairly light throughout the day from a northeasterly direction. we have a little bit of onshore moisture. partly sunny, light winds, our high at 79 degrees. the five-day forecast isn't looking bad either. >> thank you. our top stories, d.c. police on the hunt for the driver involved in a hit and run that sent an elderly woman
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and two children to the hospital. it happened yesterday afternoon on kenilworth and eastern avenues in northeast. witnesses say the suspect took off from the scene after crashing into the victim's car. as there is a new lead are at the helm of the d.c. council. phil mendelsohn was voted chairman filling the chair left by kwame brown. matt ackland has a close are look at how it all went down. >> you are now the acting chair of the council so i would ask to you come forward and take the charity seat. >> reporter: before phil mendelsohn took his seat as chairman, the discussion was full of insults, interruption and the ego. >> i'm the best. i'm the best.
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today, vincent bernard think, sr. is best candidate for chairman pro tem. >> reporter: vincent orange knew he didn't have support so he went off the number two position. during his fight, he held up a media report criticizing michael brown. >> this is about michael brown, not vincent orange. >> reporter: council member and former mayor marion barry said this about the crimes commit bid two council members and two of mayor gray's campaign workers recently. >> this has been the most serious governmental crisis since home rule. most serious and shutdowns. only thing i can think of that is more serious than this was 9- 11. >> reporter: councilmember jack evans fired back and even alluded to barry's arrest after smoking crack in the 1990s. >> if anyone was here during the vista hotel type situation, you would see a turbulent time. >> reporter: butt tone of
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meeting seemed to change when yvette alexander spoke. she scolded the bickering members as she fought back tears. >> and -- i'm sorry. please forgive me. we have to stay together up here and stop fighting. we can agree to disagree but i'm sick of t we work hard for this city and please stop all of the backbiting and foolishness and let's move forward. thank you. >> reporter: from that point o things seemed to settle down a bit. brown was selected as pro tem and councilmember orange accepted t mayor gray said this about mendelsohn. >> he is a hard-working, smart, very committed, dedicated public servant and i have every
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confidence he will lead the council in a very constructive manner. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. ts right now. it is thursday, june 14th. a live look outside courtesy of our tower cam. that is the washington monday thnt there to the left. seems like a mrs. apt start to the day. we'll find out from gwen in just a moment. check this out. folks talk about it last night and they are talking about it this morning. these are pictures from twitter of what many saw on the beltway last night about 11:00. it looks like a ufo on the back of a flatbed truck. people would called us and treated say they began seeing it on 270 and got on the play before getting off and heading east on 210. so destruction roll, what is it in maryland state police say it is a drone aircraft made by
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northrop grumman that was being transported from west virginia to patuxent naval air station in maryland. there have been numerous sightings of similar aircraft in on states all headed to to pax river. the defense tech web site reported last december engineers practiced aircraft carrier takeoffs and landings with the drone on a strip of runway at pax painted to resemble a carrier's flight deck. i'm will thomas. let's get you started with some weather. it seems like a pleasant start to the day. >> it will be nice today. yesterday was a very nice day as well, very pleasant. not too bad with the humidity. a little bit of it kicked in. the sun will be out there in full force. >> we like that. >> nothing to show you on the
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satellite-radar. we don't have any clouds really. we'll see a few clouds into the course of this afternoon because we have a little bit of moisture flow kicking its way across the region. temperatures pretty close to where we should be yesterday for the highs. 82 at reagan national airport. right now, it is 07 degrees at reagan. 61 at dulles and 68 at bwi marshall. -- it is 70 degrees at reagan. we'll have more details a the bit later. >> julie wright is off on vacation yet again today. lauren demarco standing by with your on-time traffic. >> good morning. all week. she has a nice week for herself this week because the weather has just been great as gwen is talking about. we have a pretty nice trip on
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the roadways right now. nice, light volume out there. i do want to talk about the beltway as you travel around through montgomery county. we can take a live look at that. we've got the overnight construction in stretches but that should be wrapping up shortly and isn't tying you up at all. things look good as you continue into virginia. 270, 66 running incident-free. 95, 395 in virginia. hooking god past seminar you up to the 14th street bridge. in maryland, i-97 northbound at route 32 shut down with an accident investigation. southbound lanes are open. you will be diverted onto 32 if you are headed north. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. will? >> thank you. making headlines this morning, d.c. police on the hunt for the driver involved in a hit and run that sent an infant, a child and an elderly
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woman to the hospital. it happened yesterday afternoon on kenilworth and eastern avenues in northeast. witnesses say the suspect took off on foot after crashing into the victim's car. all three victims are suffering from serious injuries. forensic dna is helping prince william county police make strides in a decades-old murder mystery. back in 19 # 0, 18-year-old cynthia gas attempt l went missing from her home in takoma park. two years after her disappearance, police found skeletal remains in virginia. they are now able to confirm the identity. police now say they are in fact cynthia's. they would leak to talk to her former boyfriend who is not considered a suspect. anyone with information is asked to come forward. there is a new leader at the helm of the d.c. council. phil mendelsohn was voted in as interim chairman. it comes less than a week after
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the resignation of kwame brown. council members argued over the number two vacancy chairman pro tem. councilmember vincent orange put himself up against michael brown and during the fight he he held up the media report criticizing brown. we spoke with the new chairman on fox 5 news at 10:00 last night. here is what he had to say about people's concerns with the recent drama concerning the council. >> there is not a dramatic step that can be taken that just wipes away all of the concern. we'll-- it will take time. we'll have to work at rebuild the people's trust in the government. >> the council selected michael brown as pro tem. a fairfax county elementary school took placer is facing child porn charges. 26-year-old robert fenn is charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography. he is a special education teacher at poplar tree elementary school in shan tilly. a school spokes certain says
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this was husband first year teaching in the county. he was arrested at school tuesday afternoon. a handful of graduating seniors in fairfax county will not be allowed to participate in their graduation ceremony today because of a senior prank. school official are standing firm behind the decision after they poured baby oil in the hallways of the herndon high school. three of the six teenagers were involved were suspended for three days. the other three for seven days. chris schumacher is one of those teens. >> i realize now it present awed dangerous situation -- present ad i dangerous situation to a lot of people. it was just a silly mistake, i guess. >> chris' family fought to overturn the decision for a lesser punishment but fairfax school official denied the appeal. more disturbing testimony in the jerry sandusky child sex
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abuse trial. coming up next, more of the victims, at least alleged victims, took to the stand wednesday. we are checking more headlines as we continue. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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another emotional day in court as sever new accuseers took to the stand to testify against jerry sandusky. yesterday, one witness who was in the foster child phenylpropanolamine at the time of the alleged abuse told the court sandusky threatened him saying he would never see his family again if he told anyone about what happened. another witness said he stayed quiet because he didn't want to stop getting tickets to penn state's football games. sandusky is charged with sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period. he has denied the accusations. on the campaign trail after crisscrossing country, president obama and mitt romney found themselves just a few
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blocks from each other in the district. romney pounded the president's economic policies while speaking at a lunch of business ceos. late are, the press president made a surprise visit to a family business in northeast saying small businesses are important to communities struggling in the town economy. >> we want to work with barbershops to figure out how to get better information to fathers about resources racial to them where they can find job training programs. >> he said -- >> romney is giving a speech today billed as a major address at a community college in cleveland, ohio. john edwards is officially off the hook. federal prosecutors have dismissed the remaining criminal charges against him. edwards was found not guilty of one charge in his torrential trial. the judge declared a mistrial on the rest of the charges. this means edwards will not be retried on accusations of using donation money to hide his then
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pregnant mistress during the 2008 presidential campaign. the u.s. antidoping agency has filed formal charges against seven-time tour de france champ lance armstrong actually letter from the agency accuses armstrong of using a blood booster called epo along with other performance enhancing drugs and even blood transfusions. the accusations are based on evidence from an investigation of his team including interviews with unnamed witnesses. armstrong continues to deny the charges. dream of being a millionaire. up next, the $241 million jack po. there was one winning ticket in last night's drawing. get out the tickets. we'll tell you if you are holding one of the winning numbers. we can only hope so. >> i didn't check my tickets. this could be it, will. we'll see. we have definitely winning weather for you today. it will be a pleasant day with just a few clouds. i'll have your full forecast coming up just ahead. stay with us. ♪
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a live look outside right now. there is the washington monument. seem like a pleasant day so far. one person, very, very lucky. waking occupy a whole lot
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richer this morning but unfortunately, that person not in our area. gwen, together with me. not us. someone in iowa won last night's powerball lottery drawing. the grand prize $240 million. these were the winning numbers. you were just one number off, right? >> just one number off. just one state off. >> there you go. >> the forecast not that far off today. sound like it is shaping up -- sounds like it is shaping up to be a pretty good looking day. >> satellite-radar composite showing you nothing because we don't have any clouds right now. we will see a for you high clouds build in as we move through into the course of the day. we'll see a little bit of moisture flow coming through. other than that, not bad. we have a ridge of high pressure totally in control and that will be the story as we
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head through into the next couple of days as well. let's take a look at yesterday's highs. we have 82 degrees at reagan national airport. pretty chose to where we should be temperature-wise. 55% humidity at national airport. wind are from the north at 10 miles per hour. so fairly light and that light wind flow will continue. we'll see a little bit of a north-northeasterly flow later on in the day. 72 in annapolis this hour. 68 at baltimore. dulles at 61. 62 at martinsburg. 54 for winchester. that rim of -- that ridge of high pressure still keeping the skies clear. to the northeast is a little bit cool are and it will be just gradually a litcooler in t next few days or so. just a few clouds today. not bad. we have a low pressure system off the coast.
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that will gradually move its way out but this ridge of high pressure will really benefit us as we move through into the weekend and that is when we are areally going to start to see the sunshine. we've got plenty of sunshine for you for your saturday and your sunday. so for today then, we are talking a high of 79 degrees, partly sunny. light wind pushing in from the northeast. and for your weekend, look at saturday and sunday. no shortage of sunshine here. temperatures at 81 and 83 degrees. tomorrow will be pleasant as well with just a for you clouds and we start off the beginning of the week the same way. so a fairly nice weekend and a fairly nice start to next week. let's check in with lauren demarco with a look at traffic. >> things looking very good on the roads other than the one incident we've been following in maryland northbound 97 at route 32. northbound lanes are closed due to a deadly accident there and there is an investigation under way. so it will be closed for some time. southbound lanes of 97 are open but northbound, you will be
4:48 am
diverted onto route 32. no problems to report on 270. things looking pretty good right now. so far, so god as you head out of frederick past 109 and conning off and on past rockville to the split. nothing in your way. 66 also looking good right now out of manassas. no issues heading through centerville. of course returning at speed this. construction should be wrapping up on the beltway in the tysons area. 95 northbound, no issues for you. 395 also checking in incident- free. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. let's stay on the roads for a moment. is and 58-mile per hour speed limit too fast? transportation officials in texas are looking to raise the speed limb. a stretch of highway 85. if approved, a portion of -- the highway is 130-6789 it is in and around also tip and would have the highest speed limit in the country.
4:49 am
officials hope that will attract more drivers to the toll road. sky fox on the scene as a plane with an engine problem came in for a landing. it is a united flight turboprop plane. you can see that one of the props wasn't working. airline tells us the plain plane had just taken off from dulles and had to return. it landed without any problems and no one getting hurt fortunately. prince george's county executive rushern baker is creating an education commission to advise him on ways to improve the county schools. he made the announcement wednesday saying the group will provide him with recommendations on how to move the school system forward. the panel will include parents, educators and business leaders. >> i have tapped 12 individuals of these innovative, bright, problem-solving, hard charging, hungry, ready to get started individuals to be a part of a commission that i am calling
4:50 am
the commission for education excellence. this commission will be composed of -- >> baker also announced plans to work with the board of education to expand the county's science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs. the count you executive will give us more details about his efforts to improve education when he joins us in our studio during the #:00 hour. a hiding place for his money that was perhaps just a little too good. he hid his cash in his computer and than nearly lost it all thanks to his parents. we'll explain. first, neil cavuto has this morning's business news. busine >> attention shoppers. where are you? a double downer. retail sales slipping and april sales getting revoiced down. the first monthly drop we've seen in two years. very troubling news when you consider the consumer accounts for about 70% of t meanwhile, j. p. morgan ceo getting grilled in washington over the
4:51 am
company's big trading loss. at one point protesters interrupting about the $billion trade gone bad. but jim demint repuget soundingen at the hearing that congress loses twice that amount every day. another car recall from honda. the automaker pulling back about 50,000 civics for this year's model for drive shaft problems that could cause the car to lose power. the airlines hit hitting more trouble can must merz. they are i saying that customer satisfaction is down from last year. the fees for checked bags continuing to tick off a lot of folk flying. that is business. i'm he neil cavuto. -- i'm neil cavuto.
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you'd agree we have all hidden things for safekeeping, right? what happens when it turns out those spots aren't so safe after all? before a story of boy who found
4:54 am
out the hard way. >> he was stashing his cash in what he thought was a safe place inside this old computer. but when his parents-to-s it -- tossed it in the trash, he thought his life savings were gone. >> he screamed. >> reporter: he had been saving every dime for years. >> sometimes at school, my parents give knee $2 to buy a knack. if i don't spend, it i save it up. >> he had been stashing it here in his old computer are, a big chunk of change in a cup and a wallet, about $300 total. >> i was hiding the money from my sister. i don't really trust her that much. >> reporter: but then last month, his parents decided to recycle the old cpu not realizing max was using it as a safe. it ended up here at similar recycling solutions in edison where workers spent four days
4:55 am
searching through boxes and stack of computers looking for max's life savings. >> they were upset and they were just excited to find this kid's money. >> i think this company is amazing. i'll recycle everything. on bad days, you might even recycle one of them. >> reporter: max finally got his money back and held onto it tight as he toured the recycling plant. he plans to use his savings to go to boy scout camp. >> what are you going to do with your money from now on? >> i'm going hue-to-hide it but probably not in the cpu. >> >> reporter: from now on, he will be saving his cash in a much safer place. >> i'm going to hide it but probably not in the cpu. history on the baseball diamond. up next, a first for one legend arrestery franchise. we'll show you. plus bryce harper doing all the right things and saying all the right things. hear how he wound responded to one reporter's question about alcohol as -- hear how he responded to one report are's
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it took some stellar defense but in the en, history in the city bit bay. matt kaine is the 22nd player in baseball history to much a perfect game. it is also the first for the san francisco franchise. that is 27 batters up and 27 batters down. the giants won 10-0. chris davis connects on a pitch deep to right for the two- run homer here. davis shattered his bat while hitting the homer. and the barrel flies into. on thes dugout. the birds went on to defeat the pirates 7-16789. the nat in toronto looking for their second consecutive sweep on the road. tiger moore drives it deep left center for his first major league home run. he would add another homer on
4:59 am
the day. the nats go to sweep the blue jays 6-2. stephen strasbourg picked up hisating win and heses the first pitcher to top 100 strikeouts this season. nats rookie star bryce harper has already proven he can hit one out of the park. that is for sure. that is true for his media interviews as well. listen to bryce harper's response earlier this week when a reporter from canada asked him what kind of beer he likes. >> i'm not answering that. >> that's a clown question, bro. >> that was the highest trending topic on twitter for a while wednesday. harper is only 19. that is too young to have a celebratory beer in the states even if it is legal in cast good for him. weather, traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 news continues right now.


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